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Notes From My Phones

I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:           NOTES ARE ADDED, BEGINNING WITH 2/17/2022 - ALL IN RED  6/5/2020 Due to internet problems, I decided to just paste every thing here, other than "pitstops"...researchers can copy and sort out. Hope it helps. Start time 4:10pm. I hope I don't have any problems. Check back and see if I added more. I got lots of notes.  🎡🎼🎢🎼🎧 lalala... In  6/16/2020 - THIS BLOGPOST WAS MARKED AS A DRAFT BUT I DID NOT MARK IT THAT WAY. ALSO, I HAVE HAD A VERY DIFFICULT TIME ADDING MORE NOTES. GOOGLE CHROME SHUTS DOWN INSTEAD.  I WILL KEEP TRYING. SO PLEASE REVISIT THIS.   Secret War- NWO 2019 and more  1969 NWO - Illuminati Notes Secret War - NWO     16 min video  Watch "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" on YouTube Zeitgeist - A