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Notes From My Phones

6/5/2020 Due to internet problems, I decided to just paste every thing here, other than "pitstops"...researchers can copy and sort out. Hope it helps. Start time 4:10pm. I hope I don't have any problems. Check back and see if I added more. I got lots of notes.  🎡🎼🎢🎼🎧 lalala... In  6/16/2020 - THIS BLOGPOST WAS MARKED AS A DRAFT BUT I DID NOT MARK IT THAT WAY. ALSO, I HAVE HAD A VERY DIFFICULT TIME ADDING MORE NOTES. GOOGLE CHROME SHUTS DOWN INSTEAD.  I WILL KEEP TRYING. SO PLEASE REVISIT THIS.   Secret War- NWO 2019 and more  1969 NWO - Illuminati Notes Secret War - NWO     16 min video  Watch "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" on YouTube Zeitgeist - Addendum 2hr video  Notes from 16 min video  Secret War - NWO     Revised notes: appended comments by viewer of the film  Illuminati Members Search


REMOVE TRUMP NOW TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS  BLOG l  Family Survival Services ph 877-695-8362 453 E Wonderview Avenue Estes Park, CO 80517 June 2020 Pitstop Notes Was added to May 2020 Temporarily – Table Of Contents will have corrected link when fixed Note, Second Petition to Forego Election is placed here because Blogger gives me no recourse, having blocked my ability to create a new post. 6/16/2020 FINAL Petition to Forego Election has been submitted to Congress{%22source%22:%22house-communications%22,%22communication-code%22:%22PT%22}&searchResultViewType=expanded   Note, I hope to return with more notes regarding these issues,  yet the petitions have been submittind and I would greatly appreciate what