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Pitstop Of Information
April 2020

https://rebelhealthtribe.com/  - Health Info, Store, Blog DECIDE FOR YOURSELF
@HassanRouhani @YaleCMES
- good idea! #coronacircus can't result in #MedicalMarshalLaw bc  VP Pence wb in charge. He's going for the economic jugular now! #WeNeedAnswers!
@brenkav & @johntourupdates & #TerryMiles #ElsieMiles #AnthonyMiles of #AcousticMilestone & more play the piano that Sir @eltonofficial Elton John donated, bringing much pleasure to the public. A loving, talented man who wants to be part of the solution when problems arise!
Trump only fires ppl who are responsible, like
@RexxTillerson @jeffsessions
@realjohnkelley bc  TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS 

Great advice for Achmed! "The Hidden Secret to Boosting Your Immune System - Dr Alan Mandell, DC"  - Keeps your bones from drying up! #ItsGreatToBeAlive bc
@FallonTonight requires that to be a guest on it.
#coronavirus is just the flu. Trump probably funds you, promoting that coronacircus as a distraction to roll out 5G and ruin businesses as well. Don't be a puppet for anybody.  
Watch "Easy CRACKERS Anyone Can Make! Simple, Fast and Crunchy!"  https://youtu.be/vIgoAg9821I 
@samvaknin - I hope Justice will have a chance like never before #SealedIndictments in #USA were in tens of thousands bc Trump refused military support to AG Jeff Sessions The Queen’s broadcast to the UK and Commonwealth https://youtu.be/bP_hNq6-0S8 
Watch "๐Ÿ”ดSUNDAY PIANO SERVICE LIVE - EP 14๐Ÿ”ด" #HappyQuarantine2020  https://youtu.be/xyC7TvsHRgw 
@VP should be in charge if #MedicalMarshalLaw is implemented bc  Trump was impeached! #PresidentPence2020
Bloomin' hell it's @TinyHouseNZ  "Tiny House Life in Lockdown ๐Ÿ”’" #HappyQuarantine2020 https://youtu.be/oJrrfcRdXCg
SaveYourMoney @StateFarm
Don't damage your car!

says @Scottymechanic  "If You Use an Automatic Car Wash You’re Stupid"
Gary on @FallonTonight has been writing lovepaw letters to Sexy Rexy, @brenkav's new puppy. Gary knows if the male isn't honed early, he will not be good marriage material. (Ha!) #HappyQuarantine2020 
@joeimbriano777  "How to Make Worlds Best Pie Crust Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe" Lots of fuss; not for the weary homemaker, but for the healthy one.  https://youtu.be/QUg0WpFNvI4 
Watch "COVID-19: Sheeple, Pandemic, and Medical Coup Power Grabs" copy: @Suckitbackrow @funder #UseYourHead  https://youtu.be/hGM-qP89-Q4 
     @samvaknin quotes: Everyone is an idiot believing If you can't beat them, join them #corinavirus #COVID19 - I hope #APlaneTruth4U and others upload some of his videos. Thank you! 
@XiJimPing The USA is lying about @President_of_CN manipulating insiders who are being held accountable. @samvaknin @joeimbriano777 @freetofindtruth
@brenkav Boogie Woogie updates  "Livestream from home" #HappyQuarantine2020 #HomeEdition  https://youtu.be/xgI2rRL6PqI 

@onepotchef  "3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies | One Pot Chef" YUM!!!  https://youtu.be/zU6SnkNIdrw

April 2020
Video by A Plane Truth 4U
My comment: WTF - Penetration experts? Why don't they just say rape, molestation, paedophilia? I've noticed other companies which have been around have underlying meanings to their titles, especially internet companies. How many times do we have to remind them that they're a freaking service, not a retarded new world order? ..SCSU uses the owl for their mascot. Christine Ford, CIA shill and fake teacher at Stanford Univ went to SCSU. The fake attorney who wrote the MTW program attended Stanford Univ, got no degree. His major was History and I found an article that was about him paying someone to "type' his damn homework because " I'm not a good typist " - people are getting positions they are not even qualified for! The MTW program in HUD is utter bullshit! Obviously a way to launder money to pay for transgendering, especially men to women. Only focusing on children, I bet! SCSU was involved with the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax. All or most of the claimed dead adults were alumni of SCSU! I went to SCSU - they freaking kicked me out and there was no incident! I requested a hearing with the student admin. THEY REFUSED, saying the VP of Student Affairs told them not to! Police bullied me and I found out Mark Deleito"s father was a prior mayor of New Haven or maybe state governor, I forget details of the tangled web. I filed suit for forcing me off campus, assigning three different advisors who had schedules which directly conflicted with my schedule so they could excuse why they wouldn't see me! My major was Business Administration. I submitted my application for discharge of loan (being erroneously charged $30,00 for one year at Albertus Magnus and a semester at SCSU, which should have resulted in $5,000 cost HAD I been able to finish the semester, but they kicked me out for no damn reason! ...And NELNET  fails to process me, Fed Loans will do nothing about the fraud - they just say "You signed, you pay"..I felt like saying, " You don't think, therefore you aren't! " ...I'm disabled from being hit head on by a 20 ton sander truck... So I have the automatic right to have those frauded charges from both schools written off. But do they? It's been 7 years and they don't do a damn thing! ...They probably have me marked to kill, I've had some really close calls. I'm so sick of this psychopathic BS! ...And I've been researching MLKs death. Zachary Hubbard mentioned he wanted to do a documentary so I've shared my notes with him. William Pepper, who refers himself to Dr. Pepper (Pepsi named a drink after him probably, filled with more caffeine than coffee, and was taken off the market) is probably a CIA operative, or agent if he's an attorney. I have my doubts and don't believe he has a real PhD either. For instance, I tweeted something today about what a fake he is... Probably a CIA operative who is trying to take down USA and British Monarchy, British Government. They've been attacking the Monarchy for decades at least! I think King George III was poisoned. Edward was marked successor yet he proved to be deviant in every sense, including in his sexual behavior. "Wallis" was obviously a man in women's clothes, which attracted American Elite. J Edgar Hoover dressed in women's clothes. Jackie Kennedy was an MTW transgender....What a racket!
@TechDeals_16 @brenkav - FYI, this is the Internet crap I deal with! Hacking, harassing! I can't even complete a printing project and they may be getting it to print elsewhere, which is theft and invasion of privacy in this bldg bc I have to rerequest!
@samvaknin @QueenElizabethII
Career CIA criminal testifies to feed the pockets of crooks! Congratulations ITNJ! No wonder so many children are trafficked and murdered! "Emergency 5G: Coronavirus Hearing" on YouTube https://youtu.be/bAPPFOWrHTg
#AcousticMilestone #HappyFriday  #HappyQuarantine2020
"YOUR LIVING ROOM - LIVE! 10.04.20" on YouTube https://youtu.be/-9UNaGk1oTM 
#TerryMiles tears up the piano! ๐Ÿ”ดAROUND THE PIANO LIVE - EP19๐Ÿ”ด" #HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles  https://youtu.be/-6mZVYXyKIk
Think Spring! Says @PAllenSmith "Ultimate Spring Planting Guide | Vegetables, Herbs, Annuals (2020)" on #MossMuntainFarm  https://youtu.be/xKtb68aRKbk
"What’s in the Box for Jack and James? | @jeffdunham Dunham" in the warehouse. Those boys were a hoot!  https://youtu.be/DywrY3oC98Y 
Watch #ElsieMiles "๐Ÿ”ดDAILY MUSIC LIVE - DAY SEVENTEEN๐Ÿ”ด"  #HappyQuarantine2020  https://youtu.be/zG1vvXOkn88
This is why gaming can replace fear with fun; can turn war weapons into a light activity rather than fight activity. @jeffdunham ; copy @TechDeals_16 @Scottymechanic @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon
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War Castles: 1hr, 5min https://youtu.be/baIATjHDuBQ - covers same time frauds Dr John Coleman and Atty William Pepper, aka "Dr Pepper" reared their ugly CIA heads (probably CIA

 April 2020
Replying to
War Castles: 1hr, 5min  -
There are many videos under this topic yet pls use critical thinking.
  A diff video - 1999
covers same time frauds Dr John Coleman and Atty William Pepper, aka "Dr Pepper" reared their ugly CIA heads (probably CIA ops, my opinion) FYI
Video on Psyops #WarCastles
My comment to danny...
  Leave out Windsor! Do you realize Diana was a Rothschild transgender, programmed to take down the monarchy? Diana got a gender transversal @brQueenElizabethII is a very caring leader whose need to be guarded for PEACE' SAKE, is the real picture. 
This genealogy expert organization was created in 1826 in Britain: https://www.burkespeerage.com/search.php
1hr 18min video on Depravity
of monsters in US Federal Gov, especially CIA #Torture #MindMapping #MemoryErased
"If You Were Not A Truther Yet...You Will Be After This Excellent Compilation" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Q0ICvGIcOWk
@VladimirPutin24 delivered med supplies to USA and they were turned down immediately, as if to say, "We don't want you to see what we're doing" @XiJimPing @brQueenElizabethII
#ElsieMiles #MilesOfSmiles  "๐Ÿ”ดDAILY MUSIC LIVE at 1pm EST  DAY NINETEEN๐Ÿ”ด"
Please read this book
#Tavistock #Oligarchs #KnowTheEnemy #StanfordUniversity #RandCorporation #MITSloan #UnivOfMichigan #WhartonSchool #HarvardUniversity 
Watch #WarCastles series on YouTube or Bitchute #KnowTheEnemy #coronavirus #HappyQuarantine2020
FYI, under Eisenhauer's watch,
The Five Star Trust was set up by CIA
1. GHW Bush
2. Richard Armatage
3. Gen Edward Lansdale
4. William Kolby (WTF, Koby Bryant ritual may be linked?)
5. Gen. Robert L. Ferrara
#ElsieMiles - that is what I looked like yesterday . One of my better days. Ha! @FallonTonight @brenkav @bobforgovernor
#BoogieWoogie #HappyQuarantine2020
@FallonTonight #Homeschooling #HappyQuarantine2020 #LessonsLearned
Eisenhauer watch:
#FiveStarTrust set up by CIA
1. GHW Bush
2. Richard Armatage
3. Gen Edward Lansdale
4. William Kolby (WTF, Koby Bryant ritual may be linked?)
5. Gen. Robert L. Ferrara  https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
@freetofindtruth  "@HighImpactVlogs | How to help the Qs see through Donald Trump's role in the "coronavirus pandemic" https://youtu.be/tK1jUdpaOaE 
My income is only social security disability. I was almost killed by a 20ton truck. The driver deliberately ran head on into me. The multimillionaire attorney Frederick Kendall  took over my case while I was struggling for life in ICU. They apparently felt I wasn't dying fast enough and pushed me out of ICU when I was unconscious. I then began screening from a blood clot they caused to move to my head! Fortunately the dirtbag neurologist wasn't on call. They did an artiogram and I never got a straight answer how they treated the blood clot. That's how they did things in the 70's. Passify the Atty! His brother Donald Kendall paid a hitman to murder the President of Chile because the President refused to sell PepsiCo in his country! The President was trusted and a good leader! ...My medical problems worsened over the years. That attorney was abusing power, a coward for truth. I told an obvious sex trafficker in that town to leave me alone, he was a pig, just before I was called into work. My mother WANTED me to go, saying "they need you" yet I was on vacation. Exhausted. I still went. The sander truck even had a spotter! So he could serve in my lane as I was coming down a hill on a double lane highway! And Obama cheated on records, destroyed Labor records to make a low calculation of my social security, even saying I didn't work some years, a lie! My annual income is less than $13,00 and I was notified I don't qualify for the stimulus because "Your income is too high" yet they are giving single ppl with $75,000 income the stimulus!  This probably gives #DumpTrump a chance to ask for even more to pay for his damn coronacircus! And launder half of it or feed the companies owned or vested in by the Washington politicians!   https://youtu.be/ZKedDmlxaL8
@TechDeals_16  "Complete Guide to Installing Windows 10 — USB Thumb Drive to the Windows Desktop" #HappyQuarantine2020  https://youtu.be/wtZkm89y2dw
  This reflects @TechDeals_16 #TechDeals saying it's #HumanMalware #coronavirus #COVID19 Reporting scholar @joeimbriano777 #WikiJoe and guest "BOMBSHELL REVELATIONS****STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS"  https://youtu.be/TLScfYI7jOw
50min video w #WikiJoe @joeimbriano777 and his excellent guest Danny "BOMBSHELL REVELATIONS****STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS"  https://youtu.be/TLScfYI7jOw
@XiJimPing @ViviBubbleTeaNY
Meantime they are trying to rollout 5G in Britain despite the fact it was made illegal - usi

April 2020
@XiJimPing @ViviBubbleTeaNY
Meantime they are trying to rollout 5G in Britain despite the fact it was made illegal - using this China dynamic as a distraction.
@Scottymechanic - The engineer went hog wild #timingchain #waterpump "A Serious Warning to All Ford, Subaru, and Nissan Owners (This Fatal Flaw Can Destroy Your Engine)"  https://youtu.be/fYWGA_zBulo
Written by a former CIA Director, which results in psyop, disinformation! CIA is a criminal organization which PAID for that moron's salary with crime money! They sold drugs, they trafficked children! 
Written by a former CIA Director, which results in psyop, disinformation! CIA is a criminal organization which PAID for that moron's salary with crime money! They sold drugs, they trafficked children!
This is what happens when she wears her shirt that says "Wanna Make Somethin' Of It?" @TinaFeyNet @jimmyfallon 
@jeffdunham should enter @Scottymechanic #CarOfTheWeek
"Holy YouTube Live, Batman! Which Batmobile Should Jeff Drive? | #JEFFDUNHAM" https://youtu.be/ElGvBAUl6-E 
So please tell me why you jump from 2000 to 2002 and don't give a shit about the attack on America Sep11, 2001,  yet claim you have all this damn power!  @freetofindtruth @mediamonarchy @bobforgovernor
#WARCASTLES -~2 https://youtu.be/V-BBqpdYVCM
Half hour of music fun #AcousticMilestone #MilesOfSmiles Super Friday
"YOUR LIVING ROOM - LIVE! 17.04.20" on YouTube https://youtu.be/JgMFan4QVRA
#ElsieMiles music ENJOY!!!!
"๐Ÿ”ดDAILY MUSIC LIVE - DAY 23๐Ÿ”ด" on YouTube https://youtu.be/UUnKb99UXbI
B4 #EndHumanTrafficking can occur, make sure the nonprofits ate not serving the traffickers, like The Finders did for CIA!  "Unchained: The Scourge of Human Trafficking - Narrated by David Strathairn - Full Episode" on YouTube https://youtu.be/TuyiZ-9SnpY
Trump SUPPORTS #sextrafficking BC all crimes feed his business and #WallStreet! #VOPTeamPulaski had to clean out child sex camps in #TucsonAZ BC Trump REFUSED in 2018!  "Sold For Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska"  https://youtu.be/etao-pHnjUs
#CorbettReport @Corbett_Report 4/17/2002 "Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics"  https://youtu.be/k1trzdmwR2M
#APlaneTruth4U 2min video The Oligarchs caused the Holocaust, now history is trying to repeat itself! "MTV Airs Ad Showing the Round Up Of American Citizens" @joeimbriano777  @freetofindtruth

1hr video: "HD Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett & Lucie Arnaz 1971 Interview on "The Dick Cavett Show""  https://youtu.be/2-jISMlgOFU

April #5 and #6 were deleted out of my phone by someone - or should I say some THING because the evil technocrats are not human.
April 2020
War Castles ~ 6
Had Gould mentioned September 11 and the depravity of American politicians plotting, planning and carrying it out - his story would have value. Yet at this point, I can't say I even feel sorry for him, let alone consider him a hero. This country is NOT a free country! It is a bullying country! Force makes worse; Might equals Right.
@RealDutchsinse reports "4/18/2020 -- Deep large M6.6 Earthquake below Japan -- M7.0 did NOT hit Pacific NW Warning CANCELED" @CorbSportReport @mediamonarchy  https://youtu.be/8YsxyrAhmRo
Tweet response
#APlaneTruth - why aren't farmers brokering out their food, even to nonprofits and they can use it as a write off. To hell with Dept of Ag that tells them they can't be compensated unless they prove the food rotted in their fields! Commercial farming is rigged!
@FallonTonight charities
Probably fires are caused by Boeing lasers, like Trump used at #ParadiseCA, incl burning people alive to ashes! The depravity in this country has reached an all-time low! #coronavirus #foodshortage #HelpFarmers #SignPetitions #DontWasreFood 
Trump pushed for Quarantine, pushed for vaccinations, pushed the #coronavirus is a pandemic. @VP said nothing to worry about. NOW Trump says, I told you so, stop all the pomp and circumstance, #COVID19 is NBD - good grief! He issued XO788 requiring all citizens to wear masks!
Power Grab
Prime Minister - I hope not!
Queen Elizabeth - NO, never.
She's endured many social attacks by the power grabbers, incl her home fires, more. #GodSaveTheQueen 
Followup on #BillGates - Illuminati puppet
"I was too easy on Bill" on YouTube https://youtu.be/LBVYcLi1gSM 
@XiJimPing @HassanRouhani @VladimirPutin24 Trump has pushed the #PanicButton on Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, and others! These are all treasonous acts! He murdered thousands by burning them alive to ashes at #ParadiseCA! 
5min with Dr K, Irish Music at an almost vacant station
My comment to an Irish citizen: Only 12? He has plenty of time to learn boogie woogie  on Dr K's website. Greetings from an O'Broughlin - that was my ancestors' original name. My father gave me the family crest, and I had it professionally framed and gave it back to him for Father's Day. When he passed away (my brother arranged for him to be killed and bragged that it was a religious experience. My father didn't want to die but my brother lied to me, saying he would help me get him to a good nursing home because he was physically and emotionally abused where he was, and they stole anything they could grab, including my watch I let him use so he could see what time it was at night)  so he could make him die.  My father died 1/14/2000. He was born 5/6/1928. Loved his Irish heritage. USA is filled with corrupted politicians, including the Liar-In-Chief, Trump.
To hell with Trump's Fake Quarantine, that began in Seattle-not China! Enjoy outdoors if you can!  "Garden Goods: Drought Tolerant Grass & Soy Bean Benefits | Garden Style (715)"  https://youtu.be/GqUKoO_T0II
@RobTheKwikEmart You'll like this! BTW #MilesOfSmiles are every day! This is #TerryMiles Around The Piano at noon on East Coast USA #HappyQuarantine2020 @dirtyoldtownent
#AcousticMilestone #MilesOfSmiles #HappyQuarantine2020
"YOUR LIVING ROOM LIVE! 20.04.20" on YouTube https://youtu.be/KdUWyli8VKk
@QueenElizabethII @ColinPowellCCNY @RexxTillerson
@YaleCMES @VladimirPutin24 - From what I understand, #Preta is Holy City for #Islam; not #Mecca
Saudi Arabia gets physical with Russia in underground oil bout https://finance.yahoo.com/news/saudi-arabia-gets-physical-russia-145123667.html 
@FallonTonight @JoeImbriano777 - Today was when #BillClinton planned #WacoTX #FBI botched event involving murder of certain FBI agent and #DavidKoresh murder of his cult members AND children!
Is #BorisJohnson taking down the ones who are illegally rolling out 5G?  An official announcement that Britain would not have 5G due to insufficient pretesting.
#ElsieMiles #TerryMiles @desk_nhv @livingwebfarms @SandorKatz - I used half of my cabbage to make Sauerkraut by chopping salted cabbage, turnip, carrots - added 3T vinegar to ea jar. I may add distilled water like I did for @PAllanSmith's recipe.
@freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report @mediamonarchy
#HolyHexes #WACO
Today is "anniversary" of WACO TX massacre rigged by #BillClinton #HillaryClinton #Illuminati #SatanicUnderground - no doubt this is a ritual for these evil bastards!
@carolburnetthq  read a letter that should NOT go viral LIKE  @Corbett_Report's today  20April2020  "Carol Burnett Show 10SEP1977  Guest: Jim Nabors" on YouTube https://youtu.be/nQm22l3QAkw

#DoNotConsent - that's the quickest and most efficient way because #coronavirus isn't half as bad as the flu #NoPandemic #PLANdemic - get the sociopaths out of Washington!

April 2020
Happy Birthday Her Majesty @BrElizabethII  "๐Ÿ”ดAROUND THE PIANO LIVE - EP 30๐Ÿ”ด" with #TerryMiles  https://youtu.be/U_mePTw2SfI
What are you doing? #HappyQuarantine2020 I'm painting roses with @AngelaAndersonD tutorial!   "Easy Palette Knife Floral Acrylic Painting LIVE Tutorial" @FallonTonight #WinnieRoseFallon https://youtu.be/OrI74aN8c3U
@samvaknin  "Where are All the Aliens? Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Future of Mankind" - 
Thank you for this excellent lecture of reasoning on life, humanity and why aliens intrigue society so much despite being fictitious.
@samvaknin explains, We are individuals. That's what makes our existence important to thrive. If this ability to be an individual is severely violated, it bc a natural tendency to withdraw or simply lack feeling a void when alone.Yet one could develop unhealthy social behavior.
@gpovanman @freetofindtruth @joeimbriano777 @Corbett_Report - Meet MO's Gov, Suing #China 4 #coronavirus - replaced the Gov who resigned in 2018. Supports Mitt Romney #Mormanism  Former Sheriff-Polk County, created a "law enforcement' law #JustForVets #DevilsChessboard 
@FallonTonight #HomeEdition
"Halle Berry rฤ“•spins Everything You Knew About Wellness with an App" Charity: jenesse.org  https://youtu.be/mB9nnAyTEf0
Commented to
 _xo.honestlynot mohit.ox_
 @_xo.honestlynot mohit.ox_  Coronavirus started in Seattle Washington. Yet Trump got media to switch it to China, naming it after China's Wuhan, following profits because of being involved with Olympics, etc. I just tweeted this because now, @gpovanman says Missouri is filing suite against China, BLAMING China for the virus! A virus is NOT contagious! I even learned that as a child! The Media are such liars! Why do people even watch them? Here is my tweet: @gpovanman @freetofindtruth @joeimbriano777 @Corbett_Report - Meet MO's Gov, Suing #China 4 #coronavirus - replaced the Gov who resigned in 2018. Supports Mitt Romney #Mormanism  Former Sheriff-Polk County, created a "law enforcement' law #JustForVets #DevilsChessboard
  PS - besides this message about Missouri suing China, I want to emphasize how aggressive and depraved Trump.is. His tactics are dictated by the underground that runs this country. The Devil's Chessboard is a book about the evil tactics. I have some other books also. 1. Tavistock Institute - Social Engineering the masses. 2. Afghanistan Rising, by Faiz Ahmed (very nice man, I attended his lecture open to  the public through Yale CMES 3. Devils Chessboard by David Talbot . I got some books by Dr. John Coleman but he's an obvious CIA man - liar, fraud. So is Attorney William Pepper, who referred to himself as "Dr. Pepper" - like Pepsi's drink called Dr. Pepper, probably to sooth his conscience but also maybe a secret way to manipulate Britain and USA. He worked in USA but raised a family in England at the same time. And where was James Earl Ray arrested for supposedly killing Martin Luther King? London! Zachary Hubbard will be issuing a documentary or some kind of video about the mysteries about MLK's death. There are many liars including black people like Jesse Jackson - who called MLK out to the balcony to obviously set him up to be killed. Mike Aquino, former military intelligence, AND Satanist/Luciferian  created the Satanic Temple Of Set  in San Francisco. Hillary Clinton is "Grand Dame" of it! That is a British title attached to the monarchy, so they mock the monarchy. And the Mormon Church runs by the dictates of its President. It's all social engineering which is evil. FYI. God bless.
Trump is probably a transgender like Barack Obama. The Two Party System is not working! They see us all as stupid sheeple when THEY are the stupid ones! Dems supporting #Pedophile #SexOffender #Illuminati #NoBiden = WTF
#CriticalThinking #CommonSense 
They won't let you comment. FYI, Hitler was part Jewish! Not blond, blue-eyed! This was all for money, power! The Ends Justifies The Means! They are doing this in USA! #coronavirus   "CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich"  https://youtu.be/Rz8ge4aw8Ws
FYI, Hitler sold most children thru #ChildTrafficking to help pay for the war, which USA financed!  "The kidnapping campaign of Nazi Germany | DW Documentary" https://youtu.be/2GLsM169izM
How the hell does this country qualify Presidential candidates? None of the prior presidents but Jimmy Carter would have passed an FBI background check! 
FYI, 4/24/2020 is "Flash Day". Trump's ExecOrder 788 requires you to wear a face mask; US citizens can watch #AcousticMilestone in their birthday suit, just wear the mask. LOL my bad
#HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles
"YOUR LIVING ROOM-LIVE! 23.04.20https://youtu.be/XHwC-iW_wnA


April 2020
This reminds me of Captain Hollow, who was assigned to the HQ  office I worked at. He would even leave an Article 13 on the copier and walk out of the building! "Carol Burnett Show - Royal Family - Carol Cracks Up" on YouTube https://youtu.be/yf8xQk9PNKo
@NBCNews @maddow
That's because Trumpty Dumpty wants to give more biz to AMWAY since Secretary of Ed can only spread what she has, soap #NotIntelligence #DopeOnARope
Listen to 1st 3min! #coronavirus agenda is a MOCKERY to the Monarchy! GW Bush said @BrElizabethII was around when Jamestown was settled, laughing in her presence in 2004!  "Decline Of British Dukedom | The Last Dukes | Real Royalty"  https://youtu.be/SBQXrhd7Cf0 
This film is very informative "Queen Elizabeth II & Princess Margaret | A Tale Of Two Sisters | Real Royalty"  https://youtu.be/PavzagKeQKE
1ofThe Sec8 tenants complained I wasnt wearing a mask. I said, "viruses are not contagious." She said, "What about the cats giving it to people?" I said, "You can't get sick from an animal ! They don't have the same germs! She didnt believe me. She'll prob tell Sec8 now!
Block the Mockers! For instance all the CONSERVATIVE crap - it echoes Britain because one of their political parties is Conservative. The underground satanists mock bc they are personality parasites! 
Beware of channels like this! 5Min video. Fact: Illuminati is a cult that was devised by those who only want to prove #CrimePays #AdamWeishaupt probably replaced George Washington, secretly murdered. "The REAL Virus" = Luciferians! #Deception https://youtu.be/G_q8HnfVCZQ
    YouTube blocked comments!
Meet the phone Troll, by @jeffdunham  "Episode 6. LIVE (and self-isolated) in my shop and making the new troll character type on his phone!"  https://youtu.be/Dzt04jZGiw8
Meet the phone Troll, by @jeffdunham  "Episode 6. LIVE (and self-isolated) in my shop and making the new troll character type on his phone!"  https://youtu.be/Dzt04jZGiw8
How Lucey got the 's' at the end of her last name: " @carolburnetthq  on @LucilleBallsy  — Diva on Diva"  https://youtu.be/H1CvzkWssd4
This is why I suggested #OreganoOil to #ElsieMiles #MilesOfSmiles  "1 DROP A DAY WILL CLEAR THE LUNG AIRWAY - Dr Alan Mandell, DC" https://youtu.be/9u-H2SWzJdE
Anthony Miles
You only need to wear a #coronavirus mask to watch this 30min music video, lol! "YOUR LIVING ROOM - LIVE - FLASH FRIDAY! 24.04.20https://youtu.be/nXTK0r0GWI8
"Holocaust Survivor Helen Colin Full Testimony" found relative who was professor at @nyuniversity Original last name was Kolin but changed in USA - approx 2 hr video  https://youtu.be/gqLjAP5cUOY
@Corbett_Report @freetofindtruth @joeimbriano777 @samvaknin @BarhamSalih @VladimirPutin24
@BrElizabethII @HassanRouhani -please download before they remove it. Share as much as possible! #coronavirus #COVID19 #PLANdemic #WeDoNotConsent! https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
Gov source is USA,Trump, not Britain! Attach says "Greetings From The President" Mass murder at #ParadiseCA using Boeing Lasers! @BillWeld @XiJimping @samvaknin @BarhamSalih @VladimirPutin24
@BrElizabethII @HassanRouhani  #PLANdemic #WeDoNotConsent! https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
@TheGoToSite Are you holding your Governor #Parsons accountable for filing an erroneous #coronavirus law suit against #China?  @President_of_CN China @XiJimPing - Bill Gates created it and has a patent plus 1st case was in Seattle! https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU 
"Where Is Kim Jong-un? How Experts Track North Korea’s Leader | NYT News"  https://youtu.be/RO4MSOJqdtw 
Am glad to know they're exiting oil business.  Aren't #Rockefellers contributing to #Vaccinations also?
At 2hr 07min she begins saying the best advice to give people is to hold hate accountable, don't let it grow. (Just like Story of Two Wolves by #NativeAmerican)   "Jewish Survivor Elisabeth Mann Testimony"  https://youtu.be/kFDShNH_Kfs 
Real Economy vs. Capitalism.
And the bottom line is, there is no pandemic. Viruses are not contagious. They are lying and stealing and collapsing economy. Dr @samvaknin said "Expect social violence... Hitler came to power from a deflationary economy which caused collapse of banking system.
https://youtu.be/2zYQy2HARGc - #OppenheimerRanchProject @DiamondTheDave
#NoBiden and #DumpTrump We need @BillWeld2020 or @VP to replace Trump NOW! Only reason no Martial Law took place was obviously BC Mike Pence would have been in charge BC Trump was impeached! #coronavirus is not a big deal, said @VP
Watch this video ASAP: https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU 
@Diamondthedave SUPPORT #BILLWELD! @BillWeld2020
@TheGoToSite R-U holding Gov #Parsons accountable 4filing erroneous #coronavirus law suit against #China?  @President_of_CN China @XiJimPing - Bill Gates created it &has a patent...

April 2020
Cheesey Weather forecast 4/26/2020 by @Diamondthedave  "Comet Atlas Is Shredded - Winter to Strike Back At Northeastern U.S. With Another Dose Of Snow"  https://youtu.be/LEQB0FE57Os
@faizahmed186 - author of Afghanistan Rising
How about the ones the medical ppl are murdering? And how about the FRAUDULENT DEATH CERTIFICATES bc Faucci orders them to declare cause as #coronavirus? @VP https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
What got her through life was love "Jewish Survivor Eva Braun Testimony" on  https://youtu.be/HApWi_Bmgmk
   Her father was taken to a Russian Nazi camp where he was killed.
   The Hungarian Revolution occurred about then. Hungary broke from Soviet Union - or tried to.
U S FP is HORRIBLE! WeStarted recovering when #ColinPowell bc Secry Of State. He had very little time w his wife during that time &atleast 1obvious attempt on his life when their charter plane crashed. Yet pilot's mind was over matter! He saved everyone on board.
@FallonTonight - so it wasn't just @NicoleKidman - Time to go in Ellen Degenerous' confessional! #IHadACrushOnYou  " #KateHudson Confronts Jimmy About Almost Dating During Almost Famous"  https://youtu.be/ut5VJdOCkVA 
USA farmers are being told to #StandDown with their crops, their cattle, their produce, and more! 
Tweeted response
It will recover when the dirtbag politicians admit they are lying, get @VP to take treasonous Trump's place, and #StopMurderingPeople #StopTheBullshit! https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
My Corbett Report tab is missing in my notes. Wouldn't be the first time my work gets deleted! Sorry Corbett Report!
   @freetofindtruth - second @joeimbriano777 - first
mentioned this!  Now @Corbett_Report, et al concur "A "Second Wave" Is Coming . . . And They're Going To Blame It On YOU!!"  #coronavirus  https://youtu.be/kpZinAjbxAY
If you Wanna See Me Do My Thing, Baby Pull My String #Clickbait @Scottymechanic   "Never Buy a Used Car Without Doing This Test"  https://youtu.be/PTTGUzfJkys 
Seems like all we have to look forward to is empty, unless @BillWeld2020 stays in the race or @VP replaces Trump in Washington!
History of the #Olympics  "DORF And The First Games of Mount Olympus" @Corbett_Report @mediamonarchy @Diamondthedave @AngelaAndersonD @StaticInThe570 @reallygraceful
@VladimirPutin24  "BREAKING! Putin: All That We Planned In Honor Of The 75th Anniversary Of The Victory Will Take Place"  https://youtu.be/tZu9i72Aug4
How to #SocialDistance on a date  #coronavirus #HappyQuarabtine2020 "Jerry Lewis and Carol Burnett on The Garry Moore Show '61"  https://youtu.be/zocsFWwNCW8
This half hour discussion about AI is the new God is indeed one we need to understand because the technocrats are the #EnemyWithin
@VP is criticized for not wearing a mask by "Dr. LaPook" https://youtu.be/NzJh9Z4AAfU
You people are EVIL idiots! Liars! You should all be in prison for being frauds and if you contributed to the medical murders taking place, be executed! And how about the FRAUDULENT DEATH CERTIFICATES bc Faucci orders them to declare cause as #coronavirus? @VP https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
@Scottymechanic "Here’s Why Hondas Aren’t Reliable Anymore" on YouTube https://youtu.be/R67sngkKxjs
@Corbett_Report shares:
Drs claimed there's no need for #HappyQuarantine2020 but YouTube took the video down!  "Can You Find This Video?"  https://youtu.be/C_dqjNXq6pI
Watch #TheBestInTheWest @Dutchsinse "4/29/2020 -- Earthquake activity West Coast USA -- New volcanic unrest in W. Pacific spreading"  https://youtu.be/iQJUcegKh0o 
@freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report @joeimbriano777 #APlaneTruth4U
US President engages in mass Arsen &murder at #ParadiseCA using Boeing Lasers.Did Gov Parsons' lawsuit against China dissolve & he's cooking up another scheme to TAKE money?Whats Gov Mitt Money up to?I mean Romney 
@samvaknin @Corbett_Report @joeimbriano777 @mediamonarchy @ReallyGraceful @freetofindtruth  #coronavirus #COVID19 #PLANdemic #WeDoNotConsent! https://youtu.be/9XJ1ojCDLYU
Watch #ElsieMiles #MilesOfSmiles #MilesMusicManiacs
"๐Ÿ”ดDAILY MUSIC LIVE - DAY 34๐Ÿ”ด" on YouTube https://youtu.be/KwB0NAyqgRQ
Watch @VladimirPutin24  "BREAKING! Putin: Russia Is Not Sparta! We'll Not Abandon Old People, It's Not In Our Genetic Code!" on YouTube https://youtu.be/9_R9cyx2G2E
Please share! Dr. Erickson explains the lack of science and abundance of corruption, conspiracy behind #Coronavirus #COVID19 and YT can't take THIS video down! https://lbry.tv/@COVID-19:0/Dr--Erickson-COVID-19-FULL-Briefing-AUDIO-FIXED-VERSION:8

April 2020

3:16 a national holiday (3/16) by Steve Austin who has no power to say that but WTF. Seek ye first Steve Austin? For God so loved the world? Reporting: @freetofindtruth https://youtu.be/GKOg2wcZQZ8

ARRESTED. This show starts with a bang gang! #HappyQuarantine2020 @JeffDunham https://youtu.be/L-LSITHEhc4

Day 11 on
#Happy Quarantine2020
With musician #TerryMiles
#DontBashThePiano #BoogieWoogie https://youtu.be/O5CfYNgXF18

@joeimbriano777 @funder @desk_nhv @bobforgovernor @CornerBrunch - the #coronavirus is a political agenda, so evil they cb setting us up for #massmurder like Trump did at #ParadiseCA using Boeing Lasers! Thousands Burned alive to ashes! #APlaneTruth4U.

Blocked @SarcasmStardust
That's total BS and if I see another dumb tweet like that, I'll know you don't care about truth, probably FAKE account, and will block you. Trump is a democrat in Republican Clothing. TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS.

@JoeImbriano777 @bobforgovernor
I can't find the logic with  advocating smoking pot and using WiFi. WTF sure fits here! And consider the lifestyles...  #HappyQuarantine2020

My father from NY was murdered by my brother &paedophile priest David Bentley of Albany NY!  Siblings claimed it was all for the best& "he's w Jesus now" - I was almost #murdered Jan78! NY uses #coronavirus to excuse evil, planned deaths  !

FAKE Pandemic, FAKE Deathes, FAKE Doctors...All a SIMulation feat....

The US politicians and other dirtbags who planned this fake pandemic (Sandy Hook was fake, nobody died!) used willing Chinese who sabatoged
 @XiJimPing and US sabatoges China!


With a little magic, the fairy ๐ŸŒผ
godmother changed the Prince๐ŸŒน of RockNRoll @eltonofficial to a square๐Ÿธ diggit-diggit. And he didn't even do anything wrong. WTF

@bobforgovernor @freetofindtruth
We're supposed 2believe "us against them" bs proves Pelosi &Trump dont conspire -we know damn well they are! Like Hitler,Trump changed parties 2take down Republicans; #TeaParty bs failed. #JusticeAmongUs or #NoSurvival!

Children of Darkness - victims of #MKUltra Reporting @TruthFactoryCat #WhereAreTheyNow #WeNeedAnswers https://youtu.be/N_PXI5Ba1Ak
Is there a cost? How do we sign up for this Thursday? I'm sharing this with @freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report
@Diamondthedave @FallonTonight
#ScottJacobs is holding a Virtual tutorial this Thursday 4/9 ❤๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ❤ #HappyQuarantine2020

Death of MLK was 4/4/1969. Listen to this 37min video. I know from comparing with other videos that Atty William Pepper is an outright pathological liar! No doubt his strategy had everything to do with money for himself.

     Correction, his death was 1968; others said it was 1969 but majority say 1968. Nevertheless, this Dr. Pepper is a fraud in my opinion. I have many reasons why!

@brenkav @bobforgovernor @gpovanman @ColinPowellCCNY @Corbett_Report @mediamonarchy @Diamondthedave @StaticInThe570
Thanks for the share, @TechDeals_16! botsentinel.com #CleanYourMachine #HappyQuarantine2020.

@mediamonarchy @Corbett_Report
Except for the #minordetail of when Boeing lasers pulverize people, burning them alive to ashes like at #ParadiseCA - Jaimee Lee tirelessly reported on this, interviewing survivors!

DarkMaterial101 by #APlaneTruth4U https://youtu.be/CihXjrPaJGk

@gpovanman @bobforgovernor
- The US brought it on themselves #WhatGoesUpMustComeDown ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต - let's change our tune before it's too late!  #WorldPeace #AllLivesMatter

19 min video. Try enriching yourself with truth. The two party system is bull$hit. Trump was a lifetime Democrat who switched parties like Hitler to divide and conquer. What's next? Nazi party? Wake up! ⏰

What happens when they're all out to get you?๐Ÿ˜ฑ Insurance was difficult to arrange๐Ÿ˜– @carolburnetthq https://youtu.be/uyc1BzlDaaU

Boogie Woogie Self Isolation Blues ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน by Dr K ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š❤๐Ÿ˜Ž

#Acoustic Milestone ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽปis livestreaming every day at 11am EST, 4 pm in UK - ENJOY! 4/7/2020 #HappyQuarantine2020 https://youtu.be/t0VJvwfS6AI

@freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report @mediamonarchy
The #coronavirus pandemic has been planned for decades. They just had to decide when to pull the plug - this greatly harms small business firms!


The British Monarchy News 4/7/2020. https://youtu.be/M6IJgY4_Uvs

@Corbett_Report @bobforgovernor
#Dump Trump
Is it too late to support your campaign?My life has been rittled by so many corrupted actions. @JenniferHorn had #RickSantorum speak 4/2011 - a month later her son was arrested 4pot, alcohol. WTF #sabatoge in politics is nothing new!

Except Warren is a pathological liar who destroyed all possible justice from #Sep11, protecting guilty American Beurocrats! #WarrenCimmission lied about JFK murder. Jackie Kennedy was a CIA transgender operative, shot him in the head, smeared blood as cover-up.

@vp #PresidentPence2020
Here's a current example of Dr.@samvaknin 's sound explanation of #coronavirus 30 min video: https://youtu.be/fYWWvSTQkNI

Fox News cannot define #FashionedIdeology as necessary! MSM is bull$hit - they love fake #coronavirus agenda! Is it too late to support #BillWeld?
Only choices are perv's!
#DumpTrump was impeached! #MassMurder at #ParadiseCA using Boeing Lasers #APlaneTruth4U

USA Elite target ppl as cowardly way to boist power! I turned down a #sextrafficker when18,told him he was a pig,&his town's 20 ton sander truck hit me head on! Hospitalized 3 1/2 mo.My atty's brother had Prez of Chile murdered bc he wouldn't sell Pepsi there!

Obama supports Trump, WTF
TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS. That's easy enough to figure out why Obama endorsed The Democrat in Republican clothing - Trump!

Coping with #COVID19 - subscribe to @JeffDunham
bc He's got lots of friends who will entertain you ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

It's nice to have my
#BoogieWoogie leader @BrenKav
 play music while finishing my mail project ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ #Happy Easter

WAR CASTLES, 1hr 5min
https://youtu.be/balATjHDuBQ.     (If this doesn't open, look for my other notes on the blog; I shared another link, War Castles - The Bushes....on War Castles Channel)

@freetofindtruth RIP #MartinLutherKing-he was murdered like Jesus, died for humanity encouraging equality and peace.His face was shot by high-powered rifle,NOT James Earl Ray! His tongue was blown to bits, jugular was lacerated! His so-called friends set him up! #JusticeAmongUs

Why the hell do we have a Dept of Agriculture? Are they more gov parasites, serving themselves? This was downloaded by #APlaneTruth4U https://youtu.be/Uo85iXgL1Xg.

@reallygraceful reports who #JeffBezos is, and taking part in control demolition of #smallbusiness @bobforgovernor @BillWeld2020

@reallygraceful Introducing: Bill Gates. 15min video #PayToPlay #Philanthropy #PlannedParenthood #FamilyManufacturing #Depopulation = #MassMurder plans #Coronavirus is a Circus https://youtu.be/2wuMkShZ42o

Most shrinks suck! Not giving the name of the shrink makes your tweet suck! BTW, a little birdie ๐Ÿฅtold me.

Response to John Ziegler@zigma
Trump is the sabatoger! And what about #Mass Murder at #ParadiseCA using the Boeing Lasers he got through Pentagon after he erroneously fired James Matt is and Rex Tillerson? Is life a game to you, too? #DevilsChessboard

@freetofindtruth explains the #COVID19 agenda, patents Bill Gates registered - to roll out NWO plan! This video is well worth watching! Just over an 1 hr https://youtu.be/W8LxQU-WgVg

@samvaknin @JoeImbriano777 @ZacharyHubbard #APlaneTruth4U - The first equipment they need is a brain!

    Jeff Dunham

A Plane Truth 4U
Apparently you didn't follow Martin Luther King. His peaceful protests lead to THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. LBJ signed it for publicity - then got MLK murdered thru CIA! You used to say pro ppl should stand up, be counted, speak their mind. Lately it's like you've become Luciferian. Excusing the evil. I'd grab your shoulders and shake you if I could. Just sayin'

I had an x-boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law live in Great Falls, MT. By the time we got there, I stopped talking to him. His sister kept telling me to break up with her brother because she could not understand what kind of relationship we had...so weird, but she used drugs and Jack didn't care even though he helped pay for 4 abortions. I loved the Midwest once I split up with that guy! Yet his brother had to impose his power, as part of the culture he was part of. Resenting my enjoying volunteering at Mary's Place. I didn't even have a bed in my apt for 6 months, sang in the choir, and when asked by members said it was a rough and painful breakup because he took as much as he could from me. Nobody offered to go to court with me when I tried to get my possessions back. I began working at a mtg place as an accounting clerk, they said they never had someone so fast and accurate as I was. Yet after I went to court, the fat rich slobs needed to move in to destroy what little happiness I had. The company was sold even though it wasn't up for sale. And I was fired even though I was told I was the best A/P clerk they had! The choir was ashamed for not giving a shit about my not even having a bed to sleep on even though I mentioned it but nobody cared about knowing and I didn't make any issue of it. But after a year things wore on me, especially when an obvious selfish, always spoiled rotten nurse obsessed about my not wearing my glasses at practice one night, just because I forgot them. I only had to drive a half mile. Wasn't a safe place to walk and I didn't feel like going back for my glasses by the time I got in my car. So what. I could see. My phone just powered down to 8% so I have to stop. https://youtu.be/9PxpWXbP4Mc

Some states like Connecticut claim a car is never considered a lethal weapon, which gets state police like John Naples of Southington, CT, off the hook murdering - and he was the one who came to my home, lied, assaulted me, and illicitly arrested me. A very painful time! #NoJustice!

#TerryMiles Episode#25 Around The Piano #HappyQuarantine2020

There's no pandemic. #coronavirus Anyone who wants more info can find @samvaknin @ JoeImbriano777/ Wiki Joe on YouTube, @freetofindtruth #CorbettReport @mediamonarchy @TruthstreamMedia
To name a few


I thought it became a museum, ๐Ÿ˜ฎ:
 The Queen Elizabeth was retired in 1968 and sold for conversion to a seagoing university, but it burned and sank in January 1972 during refitting at Hong Kong. says @Britannica.

Your Living room Live! ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท #ACOUSTICMILESTONE
Every day #HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles. 18Apr2020 ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน  https://youtu.be/qCAQNHFduf0

Thank you, Hon. @VladimirPutin24 ! This message is meaningful, empowering! ❤๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™❤๐ŸŒน #Easter2020 https://youtu.be/lkhNaayKHAc

Why not mention the fact President Dip$hit issued illegal Exec Order 788 requiring all citizens to wear facemasks - AND also claiming the Governors who he ordered to have Quarantines are overdoing it bc Trump claims no pandemic = WTF @JoeImbriano777 @ZacharyHubbard

#TerryMiles Piano Preaching Sunday 19Apr2020 Part 2, 15min of church music๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ https://youtu.be/b5jvKM8C6po

This is a comment I made and may not be in with my April notes: Tweeted
Trump SUPPORTS #sextrafficking BC all crimes feed his business and #WallStreet! #VOPTeamPulaski had to clean out child sex camps in #TucsonAZ BC Trump REFUSED in 2018!  "Sold For Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska"  https://youtu.be/etao-pHnjUs

Fox News cock-eyed reporting
They first report Trump wants to change election to write-in votes, then complain that write-in votes are invalid!
VOTE FOR BILL WELD - Not Trump, who is a Democrat in Republican Clothing, making his way into Republican Party same way Clintons and Bushes navigated: Pay To Play!

#ElsieMiles is going live in 15min 1pm Eastern Standard Time 20Apr2020 #HappyQuarantine2020 every day ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽป for half hr #MilesOfSmiles video is her dad #TerryMiles.

#TerryMiles ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน A Closer Walk With Thee - from the ❤ heart https://youtu.be/7Wo0WQB5WIE

How much of that symposium is helping crook-infested CIA? @reallygraceful @dkinge6729 @Corbett_Report

Connecticut just had an obvious man-made storm bc sociopathic scientists are still trolling around. I agreed w a tweet, that the clouds actually look normal since the #HappyQuarantine2020. Today's sky is different.Manipulative technocrats removed my 'b4 pics' of normal clouds!

! @joeimbriano777
Why are these rich politicians not holding Trump accountable? Exec Order 788 is ILLEGAL! POTUS has no jurisdiction to tell ANY citizen they have to wear a face mask!  I realize it wouldn't matter to him if they walk naked wearing one!

I hope #TerryMiles #ElsieMiles sees this @CarolBurnetthq skit because it's about the microphone when livestreaming
#GetSomeLaughs #HappyQuarantine2020  https://youtu.be/bnedjMXc4bQ

#NoBiden! Get the paedophiles who conspire with other criminal activities, like blowing up OK City Murrow bldg to help Bill Clinton cover up his crimes since he had Janet Reno take FBI records on him to OK, and more! #TwoPartySystem is used as a political weapon!

@wealthsurgeon Do you realize Trump has your governor, who is buddies with Mitt Romney the globalist sheeple herder, filing a #coronavirus lawsuit against @President_of_CN @XiJimPing and I hope like he'll they countersue this political bafoon #GovParsons

@joeimbriano777 4/23/2020 The War On Oxygen #coronavirus #NOprah Magazine.https://youtu.be/6T1IUCd54kw

#FishAndWhistle by #JohnPrine sung by #AcousticMilestone
Join him every day at 4pm British Time, 11am EST My video started off awkward, sorry. #HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles

Hello Sgt Psyop, probably pd a second income by CIA like Ltc Oliver North and others,

We've had Banking war problems since this country was settled and JP Morgan ramped it up when he got Bruce Ismay to sink The Titanic he just bought so he could collect on insurance and get fat off looting, money laundering, etc and 6 satanic years later create the nefarious Federal Reserve. Your CIA psyop spin is not appreciated! It is unpatriotic! You sabatoge the country!

Jeff Dunham - his act became fact but it lacked....his realizing the satanic planners used it
My comment:
Ooh. Somehow I think the satanic underground used you unknowingly as predictive programming in 2016 due to #LasVegasShooting during Trump administration #TwoPartySystem is used as a political weapon

Oppenheimer Ranch Project
US Investigates WuHan Lab theory- Death Toll is REDUCED-WTF.Get N1oil for a multitude of uses?If you use Murphy's oil soap, you'll understand how good it is! Safe when using it - yet tremendous cleaning product!Good things DO come in small pkgs! https://youtu.be/mb1Z8L4kRpE

@AdonRising Wake up! Trump WANTED democrat #Rosenstein, who he hired as deputy AG to conspire w McCabe &accuse Trump of #RussianCollusion @JeffSessions  & Trump refused to Fire Rosenstein! Jeff Sessions recused himself bc he said the case had no standing.Trump complained! WTF

#ElsieMiles ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ Music Diva๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ Day 30 #HappyQuarantine2020 Daily Music Live https://youtu.be/XrLC596FIwE

How to draw Goku & Vegeta by @ArtSimple ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒธ❤๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›https://youtu.be/vO3NjIA_tBo

@FaizAhmed @YaleCMES
@JoeImbriano777@Corbett_Report @freetofindtruth
ER doctors even specializing in immunology, endocrinology are being fired due to lack of business #coronavirus #NoPandemic Reporting #APlaneTruth4U https://youtu.be/kujBoz23pYc

#BlancolorioReport on YouTube also explains #SouthwestAirlines is losing its financial altitude.

My phone was disconntected from this video replay! WTF I was sending Joe aTweet from my WiFi phone when that happened. These cowardly shills need to be taken down!

Stay at #HappyQuarantine2020 Part 1 of 3 by #TerryMiles 4/27/2020 #MilesOfSmiles

 concurs and warns USA we are allowing the Corporations to take complete control to strangle us! #Illumicorp @samvaknin https://youtu.be/Dx9elN7WG44

YouTube CEO Admits to Censorship of Scientific Facts https://youtu.be/HaqSf52sOFI

USA Farmers are going broke from the PLANdemic - and the government is ruining farmers!
I have just started adding my coronavirus notes on my blog, since I got a new domain. The dirty senators got Google to swipe it from me because I tweeted tjlgose dirtbags my blog post on Brett Kavanaugh WITH SOURCES, citing the hearing also! And they didn't like the truth so they erroneously got Google to take down my blog, my crooked landlord also tried to evict me when they are the ones who break housing laws. I've written many letters to Dr. Carson and not once did he respond. I sent them priority mail. Instead this state's crooked FIELD office (NOT district!) sends me a bogus letter claiming Dr. Carson told them to RESPOND when their letter did NOT respond, nor did they enclose a copy of my letter or proof Dr. Carson told them to do anything! The landlord also got me illicitly arrested also! My father was murdered in New Mexico - through conspiring by paedophile Fr David Bentley from Albany, NY (the church was hiding him in NM because 26 victims came forward charging him for molesting them - he'd been molesting children forv19 years and most likely killing patients he "visited" as well to steal money and other assets like he tried with my father. My own mother GAVE him the unopened box with a computer in it, which cost me over $200 to mail to him - rather than get UPS to return it to me - they said they would have! UPS is a big mess now, though - all franchised out and this local one is nasty. I locked horns with the manager for not giving me my package back, which my 35-yr old nephew returned to me because my sister told him not to accept anything - after all, it was no big deal she refused to help iDad in anyway and said it was none of my business when the only thing Dad was guilty of was loving her! ) I drove back to Connecticut penniless driving from rest stop to rest stop in the winter, having stopped only at a cheap hotel in Gereford, TX by the train tracks and heard the train every time it went by - but I cried all night anyway. My brother killed my father and he enjoyed and bragged about it saying it was a religious experience! My uncle is probably a CIA man and not worth the ground he walks on! My Twitter address is @BaiAnNa2014 and my blog which I finally got my domain after 2 yrs (Google kept refusing to let me pay for the $12/yr domain! Satisfying dirtbag senators!)  and I struggle to fix it because they hack my laptop to keep me from succeeding. My blog is PubliusRoots.com I am sharing your video and petition now.

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@Scottymechanic #Tech and #Rogue of @Tech__Deals @joeimbriano777 @freetofindtruth @Diamondthedave. @StaticInThe570 @reallygraceful @Corbett_Report
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USA farmers are being told to #StandDown with their crops, their cattle, their produce, and more!

Asuma looks like @jimmyfallon - @artsimple can show you how to draw him now https://youtu.be/PlAHHX5WuM4

@FallonTonight #TerryMiles #MilesMusicManiacs #MilesOfSmiles
3min video. Cowboy walks into the bar. Crazy cowboy tells every cowboy to dance using his gun for fun. Next thing you know their buns are dancing like show girls. #GoOnGit

Speaking of ๐Ÿ”ฅ, how about adding fireflies to your painting? @AngelaAndersonD shows you how. This tutorial is 1hr 40min https://youtu.be/0mpiCciLxeg

The mass murder of September 11 made the nefarious rich get richer! Bush's 10 yr investments matured that day and relied on that event to make tons of money. They also made tons of money on mass murder at #ParadiseCA ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒบ #NeverForget #MemorialDay is in May. #Holocaust

Oppenhiemer Ranch Project
My comment/response to James Dorschemer: Distinguish people apart for what? Are you saying they can identify them if no one is less than 6 ft from them? Is this a data collection? Frankly I don't think they know their a$$ from a whole in the ground. Last year Trump was planning a Martial Law. If Martial Law was implemented now, VP Pence would be in charge and Trump would have to take a back seat, I speculste, because he was impeached. The Senate is a circus. So many of us in live chat kept saying "He's already impeached m-f'rs! You're supposed to decide on the conviction, which should be "You're Fired" ...but it wasn't because the batturds were obviously paid off! Crooks in Washington and the public should be in outrage for stealing, lying, murdering, deceiving! They are nothing more than financial parasites feeding off the government!

I read an article about Steve Manuchin being put up in a hotel with Secret Service Secuiry for 127 days costing USA a whopping amount for the hotel alone! Equaling THREE YEARS of the Social Security I live on! I'm not expressing anger towards you. I'm just emphasizing your point. I created a blog but the Senate cowards and crooks got Google to take it down. I was greatly upset. I told some good people and several months later Google put it back yet they stole the domain so had and literally refused to give me a new one = double whammy. I just got a new domain. Some good people gave them a hard time again obviously.....Manuchen was probably busy cooking books! Obama hired him and Trump kept several crooked insiders. Trump hired Democrat Rosenstein to be Deputy AG!...See my blog post on Jeff Sessions...My laptop is not working properly and I just have one problem after another. But I hope to get back to finishing my Table Of Contents tomorrow in spite of it. Too many trespassers on my devices, my laptop!


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