War Castles


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War Castles
Is a series of CRAFTED expert historian videos on British-American history. BEWARE OF THE DECEPTION. This YouTube channel should be taken down; my opinion. 

I am recently watching one and taking notes, shared by someone on FreeToFindTruth.org

These can be found on YouTube on War Castles channel, I think

This is the video I am now watching yet hope to start streaming my handwritten notes once I get themi typed...stay tuned


I need to get back to taking notes, but here's a little somethin' somethin' :
Once Upon A Time, Nazi Jerald McGuire, backed by Nazi Prescott Bush, et al tried to force Roosevelt out of office via #coup but #Whistleblower Gen Smithy Butler, USMC informed POTUS  #HappyQuarantine2020 #BedtimeStory

Posted notes from my phone

War Castles series
Reno Conference ~1
@TDBank_US @StateFarm @ViviBubbleTeaNY
"SERGEANT ROBERT HORTON - WAR CASTLES  Overview" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
       My comment to danny....
Leave out Windsor! Do you realize Diana was a Rothschild transgender, programmed to take down the monarchy? Diana got a gender transversal @brQueenElizabethII is a very caring leader whose need to be guarded for PEACE' SAKE, is the real picture.
Once Upon A Time, Nazi Jerald McGuire, backed by Nazi Prescott Bush, et al tried to force Roosevelt out of office via #coup but #Whistleblower Gen Smithy Butler, USMC informed POTUS  #HappyQuarantine2020 #BedtimeStory
FYI, under Eisenhauer's watch,
The Five Star Trust was set up by CIA
1. GHW Bush
2. Richard Armatage
3. Gen Edward Lansdale
4. William Kolby (WTF, Koby Bryant ritual may be linked?)
5. Gen. Robert L. Ferrara https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
MY comment on https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
Kissinger was a plant in our government since DAY ONE. I'm sure Colin Powell, former Special Forces, among many other positions knew all too well that there were many unpatriotic people in government and he had to stay to prevent WW3 and mass murders as they planned. He thwarted a lot of very evil plans, I'm sure! And he and his wife were almost killed in a charter plane crash yet Hon. Powell made sure he knew the pilot and the pilot was competent before they took off. Both engines failed, yet that pilot LANDED the plane manually and all on board were saved!
Michael Powell was almost killed in a jeep accident in Germany in the early 80's. He was an army captain. By 1989 he had 16 surgeries. When I met Colin Powell, I said, "I bet they cut the brakes of the jeep, Sir!" The driver lost control and plummeted down a deep cliff.....During that conversation, Colin Powell asked me who I voted for. I said I was hesitant to say because the full bird colonel I worked for even told the soldiers to vote for Bush. I said I didn't vote for Bush because they all knew Bush wanted a war. WANTED. Colin Powell said to me, "That's okay. You voted for good reasons!" I'll never forget that. Colin Powell has to limit what he says in public because of the oaths of intelligence he's taken. Trust me, he's a true hero and patriot! Read "My American Journey" for starters. He wrote a short Book on "The Powell Principles" - a great book for students to follow, just basic guides on how to succeed in life, be self-actualized.
This push to remove all generals is a deceptive tactic for Trump to excuse why he removed great generals he begged to join his cabinet, erroneously fire them as a social weapon to bring discord to our country, which these Luciferians consider made up of stupid ppl. #WeShallOvercome!
MLK devoted his life to this! https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
Although this video is packed with good info, the tail end is off kilter. There WERE WMD. Obama only gave Colin Powell 5 min on PBS flash report to tell ppl they WERE found in US-pd mercenary occupied Syria. See my comment on video. 4/15/2020 https://youtu.be/Qv0QG63ORkA
1hr video ":WAR-CASTLES-~ROCKEFELLER'S" FYI, Colin Powell was REQUESTED to attend the Bilderberg Group meeting. He's not part of the secret societies, etc.  https://youtu.be/vQPh3_6iFQs 
So please tell me why you jump from 2000 to 2002 and don't give a shit about the attack on America Sep11, 2001,  yet claim you have all this damn power!  @freetofindtruth @mediamonarchy @bobforgovernor
#WARCASTLES -~2 https://youtu.be/V-BBqpdYVCM
War Castles ~ 5
My comment:
Speaking of fiction, there's no references here and I consider it all pomp and circumstances. He's not a freaking judge, he said in a prior video that he was a postal clerk. The Supreme Court does not follow the law of the land, it follows its culture! I know all too well! I filed a proper emergency motion for stay of execution on a housing case and Judge Ginsberg would not rule on it and I was illicitly evicted by a crooked marshal who smashed in my door and when I refused to turn my ADT system off, he used a code and turned it off! That means I paid for nothing! And they charged me $100/month for my small apartment, even though I knew people who paid $50 for a whole damn house! STOP THE LIES! Probably Queen Elizabeth told the Supreme Court to allow Mr. Gould to play house because she probably didn't care about the headache of ruling USA, most likely concerned a civil war would break out. They don't do as they say. They follow a script! That's why Brett Kavanaugh was considered a perfect candidate. He's a career criminal!
Posted on blog 4/19/2020

War Castles
War Castles ~ 6
Had Gould mentioned September 11 and the depravity of American politicians plotting, planning and carrying it out - his story would have value. Yet at this point, I can't say I even feel sorry for him, let alone consider him a hero. This country is NOT a free country! It is a bullying country! Force makes worse; Might equals Right. https://youtu.be/yb1LSVnBmgk
War Castles - 7

My resp to Dawn Marie Mary, whose grandfather wrote a Civil Defense Manual, ready to publish and it was stolen from him and he was deported to Canada.
What you share could very well be true since the Underground has been running USA. Yet I just want to point out we communicate English, not Quantum Grammar - which is really nothing more than a psyop. Mr. Gould can't just access the US Supreme Court. He's not even an attorney and not once have I heard him explain his educational or expert background. His splitting up words and claiming they mean something else is outright bizarre. 'Re' is used to mean REGARD. His jibberish about a ReCeipt not meaning it is a RECORD of a transaction is outright bull deposit! He may have even been hired by the CIA. Another couple  flakes floating around was "Dr" William Pepper and "Dr" John Coleman. They tried to convince the masses of lies about MLK's death, among other things. Coleman is dead and Pepper should Bevin prison. Spending one's life talking BS to the public is DESTRUCTIVE (and no, Mr. Goulish Gould, just because portions of the word mean other things in other words, doesn't mean it's definition is wrong. Mr. Gpuld is not the word police. CIA love to mess with people's heads and no doubt use riddles and codes like they use Gematria for letters and numbers - which are actions of a cult, not profession! Zachary Hubbard explains how embedded it is in society. He's a certified teacher and has had work experience with Wall Street companies, etc. He's pulled the experiences he's had to engage in being part of the solution. His website is tremendous. Freetofindtruth. com Find him on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Posted 4/19/2019

Social Engineering and Hollywood: Gould says "I can't be mad at it because I'm a part of it" ...Could is not even an attorney so he can't freaking be a judge! He's no word police! He's a CIA psyop, obviously!

Posted 4/20/2020


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