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Due to not having a domain for almost two years and just getting a domain from Google FINALLY (they refused all this tiime, telling me "you don't need one") I am now recovering the blog.   

This is a new blogpost, created 4/28/2020 - wanted to share videos with a few notes from each video I watched - I will post a picture here once I can get my laptop to function properly.

I am now watching this one but I will be alphabetizing the names: 

They say that Hitler and his family escaped to Argentina. Narcissists have no feelings, explains @samvaknin
#Holocaust #HolocaustJewishExperiences The Secret Diary of a Polish Girl
Murder of children and babies

What got her through life was love "Jewish Survivor Eva Braun Testimony" on  https://youtu.be/HApWi_Bmgmk
   Her father was taken to a Russian Nazi camp where he was killed.
   The Hungarian Revolution occurred about then. Hungary broke from Soviet Union - or tried to.

 "Holocaust Survivor Helen Colin Full Testimony" found relative who was professor at @nyuniversity Original last name was Kolin but changed in USA - approx 2 hr video  https://youtu.be/gqLjAP5cUOY 

Almost 4hrs long; I will post a few notes in my new blog domain asap #JewishHolocaustExperiences http://www.PubliusRoots.com * "Jewish Survivor Joseph Hausner Testimony Part 1" on YouTube https://youtu.be/DEDDUwcV13M
        Like most of the above, he's Hungarian


HITLER DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE *Stalin and Eisenhower worked together (OMG) *Stalin wanted that narrative to continue yet they knew Hitler was probably in Argentina.
Hitler was found alone in Argentina. Did he murder his family and run like cowards do? You decide. #JewishHolocaustExperiences "The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Documentary" on YouTube https://youtu.be/uANesju1B58

Watch "The death of Adolf Hitler | DW Documentary" on YouTube https://youtu.be/2QSXKDCFh7o

1 1/2 hr video:  "GREY WOLF: Hitler's Escape to Argentina | FULL MOVIE | ALTERNATE HISTORY COLLECTION"  https://youtu.be/NdFMuhd2CJg
posted 10May2020

At 2hr 07min she begins saying the best advice to give people is to hold hate accountable, don't let it grow. (Just like Story of Two Wolves by #NativeAmerican)   "Jewish Survivor Elisabeth Mann Testimony"  https://youtu.be/kFDShNH_Kfs  


She wb 91 yrs old 2020; birthday 5 days after my father's but his real yr of birth was 1928. He entered USMC when 15 bc  his foster father was physically & emotionally abusive. My father was a good man. "Jewish Survivor Eva Schloss Testimony"  https://youtu.be/rdrtor-N6iE
   She grew up in Austria. Relatives fled to England. Her family fled to Holland. 

Notes, Tweets
@VladimirPutin24 @brElizabethII
At 1hr 28min he said "all the Russians were dead" so whatever Nazi camps that were in Russia, the Russians must have been made slaves.
"Jewish Survivor Abraham Secemski Testimony" https://youtu.be/echUqImqB9c
@ColinPowellCCNY - at 2:54:00 he says "I pity them" which is just what #ColinPowell  has taught us to do in his books #MyAmericanJourney "Jewish Survivor Abraham Secemski Testimony" on YouTube https://youtu.be/echUqImqB9c 
      Comment on this same video:
It's pathetic that TECHNOCRATS alter the sound of this video to make this more difficult to hear when each #Holocaust survivor deserves much more voice than all TECHNOCRATS combined!
    Tweet:  @YaleCMES @HassanRouhani @brElizabethII - At 2hr 55sec, "Compare:
Take the deaths of all Muslims.." It's wrong against Humanity, he says.
"Jewish Survivor Abraham Secemski Testimony" https://youtu.be/echUqImqB9c
What do you suggest for this #Holocaust not to happen again? VIew at 3hr 48min "Jewish Survivor Abraham Secemski Testimony" 4hr 3min video https://youtu.be/echUqImqB9c

Holocaust Survivor Frank Shurman Testimony

You will see Mr. Shurman become very emotional as he relives loss, pain Almost 4hr video #JewishHolocaustExperiences "Holocaust Survivor Frank Shurman Testimony"  https://youtu.be/n83DET7gN-k

  My comment on the video: At 2:54:45 Mr. Sherman gave credit to Winston Churchill for stopping the war. Yet I believe he's na├»ve to the fact that Churchill was a war monger and helped craft this war. Anyone following the historical facts and idiopathic strategies would realize the war was centered on Hitler yet Hitler was protected by the evil bankers , beurocrats, politicians! They wanted as many people dead as possible - that's why the US gov liked Stalin so much, even though he slaughtered millions more of his own citizens than Hitler killed Jews. Yet, as Mr. Sherman emphasizes, they were not just killing Jews. This was a sociopathic agenda all for money - taking assets of the good, hard working people, all for themselves - and this is clearly the characteristics of the evil Technocrats! And the dirtbag politicians who got filfthy rich from the evil technocrats - greatly enhancing the power to fraud and more! 

GLORIA UNGER TESTIMONY     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3svueoIkB8


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