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This is just a short message to explain things. 

I removed those things.  Just refer to the Table of Contents I created.  You can toggle back and forth.  The links are after each blogpost.  I have to do a test-run yet so there may be a frew "kinks" but will fix it.  I also need to add the Table of Contents reference to all the blogposts yet.  It's about half-done.  Cheers!  

My blog disappeared after I sent a tweet to the Senate Judiciary shills the Fall of 2018, from the month-

     someone altered this and said I provided "long BS about the Kavanaugh-Ford case)

That tweet was about Brett Kavanaugh and  CIA operative Christine Ford at CIA controlled university - Stanford.  (Harvard is another CIA controlled university) Microsoft or an intruder in my apartment or CIA's magic remote agenda 

Someone removed Microsoft Word from my computer.  This country is being run by cowards who abuse their  - Problem solved now. 5/20/2020

power, who like to bully and the last thing they like to do is make money.  They would rather TAKE 

I had to fix each line above and this last one I have not fixed, also the one below. I am trying to get my TOC on all blogposts now and don't feeling like racking my brain about what I REALLY said and was altered by a hacker.  

money.  I've been violated and deprived all my life and have few victories.  I hope to at least fix the 

TABLE OF CONTENTS tonight and go one from there.  Share what you want.  Sorry about this text but it is the best 

I can do without Word - a program I paid for since the school I attended would not download it 

on my computer even though it was supposed to download.  Even the librarian tried to get it to work on 

my computer yet they rigged it to keep it from me while I was on my student account.  So tell me, what 

kind of society has this become?  Does anyone even care?  How could they get away with having a fake 

pandemic and ruin many small businesses and get this society to be enslaved - so the rich can get richer.  

Yet we, the poor people who still work hard and get little benefit - don't give enough. Stop being a sheeple!

May 1, 2020
I'm sorry I did not meet my goal. It is very frustrating to use internet where I live. With so many places shut down, I don't think I have any options. As a reminder, Microsoft Word was taken off my computer plus my battery was drained to nothing - obviously reflecting remote tricks were done while my computer was off! This has not been my computer since I bought it! The internet Society does nothing to assure they hold people accountable. They are just a facade to let the corruption continue. I'll do my best with fixing my blog as soon as I can. //5-1-2020 



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