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Holocaust Jewish Experiences

  Holocaust   Jewish Experiences TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS BLOG, ALPHABETIZED:   Due to not having a domain for almost two years and just getting a domain from Google FINALLY (they refused all this tiime, telling me "you don't need one") I am now recovering the blog.    This is a new blogpost, created 4/28/2020 - wanted to share videos with a few notes from each video I watched - I will post a picture here once I can get my laptop to function properly. I am now watching this one but I will be alphabetizing the names:  MURDER OF CHILDREN AND BABIES @psychedelhic They say that Hitler and his family escaped to Argentina. Narcissists have no feelings, explains @samvaknin #Holocaust #HolocaustJewishExperiences The Secret Diary of a Polish Girl Murder of children and babies EVA BRAUN What got her through life was love "Jewish Survivor Eva Braun Testimo

Lorena Bobbit Story is FAKE!

MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;     Under reconstruction since I have a new domain.  I only USUALLY  have time to post notes from my device Re: Lorena, Season One This Lorena Bobbit film is on Amazon - I hope you can watch it. Here are my notes so far. I sent you an email. Don't know if you got it. People, please use critical thinking - apply what you know about Ciphers and Codes through Gematria. Check out Zachary K Hubbard"s channel. This is how the OLIGARCHs play society! We need to call them out! June 23, 1993 So lying Lorena is Venezuelan! But this is the current actor, the first Lorena doesn't have an accent yet the second one does. Is anyone paying attention? She also looks like the woman who runs a Whitehouse   The pi Monkey Paw Productions created this "Amazon Original" titled "Lorena" Executive Producer,  Jordan Peele Amazon Studios Who has a


TABLE OF CONTENTS    MY OPINIONS ARE MY OWN This is just a short message to explain things.  I removed those things.  Just refer to the Table of Contents I created.  You can toggle back and forth.  The links are after each blogpost.  I have to do a test-run yet so there may be a frew "kinks" but will fix it.  I also need to add the Table of Contents reference to all the blogposts yet.  It's about half-done.  Cheers!   My blog disappeared after I sent a tweet to the Senate Judiciary shills the Fall of 2018, from the month-      someone altered this and said I provided "long BS about the Kavanaugh-Ford case) That tweet was about Brett Kavanaugh and  CIA operative Christine Ford at CIA controlled university - Stanford.  (Harvard is another  CIA controlled university) Microsoft or an intruder in my apartment or CIA's magic remote agenda  Someone remo

War Castles

MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;       War Castles Is a series of CRAFTED expert historian videos on British-American history. BEWARE OF THE DECEPTION. This YouTube channel should be taken down; my opinion.  I am recently watching one and taking notes, shared by someone on These can be found on YouTube on War Castles channel, I think This is the video I am now watching yet hope to start streaming my handwritten notes once I get themi typed...stay tuned I need to get back to taking notes, but here's a little somethin' somethin' : @dking36729 @freetofindtruth Once Upon A Time, Nazi Jerald McGuire, backed by Nazi Prescott Bush, et al tried to force Roosevelt out of office via #coup but #Whistleblower Gen Smithy Butler, USMC informed POTUS  #HappyQuarantine2020 #BedtimeStory Posted notes from my phone 4/19/2020