UPDATE 3/18/2022
 I rarely check Zachary Hubbard's information because he flipflops with his views...The straw that broke the camels back was disrespectful, even rude description of Her Majexty Queen Elizabeth; followed by his claims that Martin Luther King, Jr was very corrupted and tied to the organized crime hijacking USA.  WTF!  That is pathetic, in my opinion.  Maybe he has toned down, corrected himself. I don't have time to monitor people. I don't follow those who I will disagree on very important issues with.  I leave this up because I found his information to be useful regarding the behavioral aspects of the Satanists who constantly harm this country to serve themselves. 

UPDATE 12/14/2021  




This blogpost was changed - there was a picture at the top 
Yesterday my phone was hit with a nefarious pulse twice while listening to Zachary and both times right after I corrected him. Zachary is defeating his purpose if he is getting people to do this to those who tell him he is incorrct.  

And that is just it, I say "if" - the technocrats may be trying to pit people against Zachary.  

If I consider a dynamic to be driven by money and not truth, I will close these blogpost down and stop following the channel.  That is my personal general rule.  I continue to watch Zachary yet only occasionally.  I just find the large emphasis on Letter and Numbers a bit daunting for me to take in.  I feel like I am being informed of his predictions fed more soap  out of shame and there is nothing I can do about it.  Note, this was corrected because I noticed my comment was altered by sociopaths.  


Zachary Hubbard started his channel and he has struggled with devoting so much time and sincerity in informing people. His channel has been taken down 20 times based on frivolous complaints.

 Zachary has a website now, titled - I did not type the above.

Here are some of my notes based on Zachary's videos. I hope you can copy this information and save it for your yourselves. I apologicmze for not making the links accessible so you can just tap them here. I hope to fix that problem but can't promise when.

Come back and visit because these aren't all my notes.

Zachary Hubbard
  Free To Find Truth
   Gematria Effect News
I posted his mailing address, but it is missing:   
PO Box 1967, Yakima, WA 98907

All wars have had no relevancy. They were undermined by plotters and planners. #ItsTime

Hey @freetofindtruth - Did you see this story? Three dead in home at #Whitehouse #WhiteSettlement  TX - if that doesn't Smell of illuminati, I don't know what would! John Todd explained the US President is automatic leader and get what he wants.

WTF, simultaneous LIVE Senate Media videos - United? We Stand? (Down, maybe!)

@bobforgovernor @ColinPowellCCNY @RexxTillerson @Corbett_Report
Sen Schumer claims in live video now, 11:30 am, 1/23/2020, that when you have truth on your side, you win "bc of God" - NO, you fight, dumbass! I had truth on my side in NY many times and lost! So this angers me.

#CoronaVirus is obviously made by the dirty scientist cult of #Illuminati Think of Smith-Corona, the Eye (cornea-corona in Latin I think) 16min video on 2019 facts about the Illuminati "Secret War- New World Order" KASKADIA channel #APlaneTruth4U

@freetofindtruth reports
38 confirmed cases of the corona virus (probably SARS, since Bill Gates didn't renew patent on SARS and voila Wohun/corona virus is born. Polio disappeared and MS appeared. Same idea)

Koby "Bean" Bryant
Kobe Bryant apparently was mending rift with dad Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant before death
By Kate Sheehy

January 27, 2020 | 2:40pm

View Gallery
Kobe Bryant and his dad appeared to be on the way to mending their years-old rift when he was tragically killed, a former coach said Monday.

THE JELLY BEAN IMAGE IS STILL BEING CURRENTLY USED.  SEE Ruger4Life channel - those who just liked jelly beans when growing up are in part, being mocked - and the satanists do like to mock!  

Wayne Slappy, one of the NBA legend’s ex-coaches and a good friend of his dad, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, told the Daily Mail that he’d seen Kobe recently hug his father at a basketball camp in California.

“I just remember being with him up at his camp in Santa Barbara and seeing him hug his dad. You know how they loved each other from how they looked at each other, how they smiled,” Slappy said of the two men.

Kobe publicly fell out with his parents, Joe and Pam Bryant, in 2013 when they tried to peddle some of his memorabilia, including two high school uniforms and a pair of Los Angeles Lakers championship rings from 2000, without his knowledge.

Kobe told ESPN in 2016, “Our relationship is s–t. I say, ‘I’m going to buy you a very nice home,’ and the response is, ‘That’s not good enough?’ Then you’re selling my s–t?”

Kobe also laid into his two sisters at the time, calling them “very smart, college-educated” women but adding that they had become too financially reliant on him.

Kobe Bryant and his father Joe "Jellybean'' Bryant
Kobe Bryant and his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant
Getty Images
Slappy told the Mail that while it appeared Kobe was ready to seriously mend fences with his loved ones, tragically, his death in Sunday’s helicopter crash brought a full reconciliation to a halt. Kobe’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, also was killed, as were seven others.

“Everybody’s family has issues, disagreements here and there. The healing comes, but this healing is going to be hard because he’s not here,” the former coach said of Kobe.

Witness to Kobe Bryant helicopter crash says victims likely ‘didn’t suffer’
Witness to Kobe Bryant helicopter crash says victims likely 'didn't suffer'
Slappy, 67, added — his voice breaking — that the 41-year-old basketball great “was starting to look so much more like [his dad] as he was getting older.”

Joe Bryant played in the NBA himself and later coached in the WNBA.

Slappy added that the Bryant family has to be reeling from its loss.

“Can you imagine a black hole? It’s empty, how do you fill it? They’re a close-knit family. He was 41 years old, and then his daughter dies in an accident with him, too. His family are going to miss him more than you can begin to imagine,” Slappy said.

Slappy said he learned of Kobe’s death in a text message Sunday and “I just sat in the parking lot at Costco crying for an hour.”


Touching photos show Kobe Bryant with daughter’s team on the day before their death


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Jessica Simpson captures photo from backyard of where Kobe Bryant crash occurred
Pilot, more victims identified in crash that killed Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant through the years
Tragic photo of wreckage from Kobe Bryant copter crash
He changed the game for sports dads
California radio stations honor Kobe with 1 minute, 8 seconds of silence
Inside the final flight of the doomed helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant
US Senate remembers Kobe Bryant at start of impeachment trial

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My question is, Is Koby Bryant's father an Illuminati member?

Some comments from the blog:
**It was right before the Grammys. They were celebrating in the same hotel and she was only a couple of floors up.

I wish people would stop being so damn obtuse and oblivious to all of this. My question is... why him.

Also, death comes in threes, so I wonder who else will be next this week.

Pictures/diagram are in the blog
**  We are in a matrix.

He was not murdered for a ritual. It was just his time and it fits in with a sequence of events concerning Italy, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Ethiopia, and of course the mutlicontextual symbolism in our upcoming Superbowl game, which is a ritual in itself.

Kobe means door of the gods in Japanese and it isn't a coincidence he died during this Janus time sequence.

Janus Effect

** wait so his father played ball in italy and that's where he grew up

i think his daughter have italian names

but after that im lost

**  Ujjnala said: ↑
The "conspiracy" has to do with this but you have to understand the mutlicontextual meaning.

View attachment 1319948

We are in a matrix.

** Ujiinda also made a comment and there are more. If you have reliable computer security, this is good research. Maybe Simple Truth can help you.
Kobe Bryant’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Planned to Take Over His Legacy Before Untimely Death
Stefanie Parker
This is absolutely heartbreaking. Just 24 hours after news spread of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter’s fatal helicopter crash, an old interview of the athlete has resurfaced that makes the horrific situation sting just a little bit more. In the clip, which took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live in October 2018, the former L.A. Lakers star opened up about his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant’s love of basketball, and how she had big plans to follow in her father’s legendary footsteps.

------shared 1/27/2020. I had to create a new folder on this phone because my other Zachary Hubbard file was deleted. I normally have this phone on me all the time so it must have been done remotely. FYI

Zachary Hubbard explains recent rigging? You decide. Wednesday night show early, I think.

4min video by @freetofindtruth - update on Corona virus, Dr. Li, and predictive programming

@Doubting Thomas - consider the invention of the gun. And Wayne LaPierre said, "Put a gun on the table. Does it kill anyone? Tesla was AGAINST war. His inventions were used for nefarious purposes .Pt1

Rent is $270 USD a month for 150sf apartment in Hong Kong. NOT the most expensive place in the world to live, as this film claims.

@freetofindtruth reports 15Feb2020 #CarolineFlack #MurderByNumbers

@freetofindtruth - another #MurderByNumbers #shooting 15Feb2020
and probably #MurderByLetters too. Son murdered mother #MindControl and sociopaths in Washington DC!

@freetofindtruth reports Luperchalia and deaths of Amir Harwick, et al.

Is Brian lyin' or does he need direction?

@funder That's a huge "Let's Hope" - no doubt #coronavirus is bioterror by the satanic underground illuminati. Find out what. @freetofindtruth shares, explaining the cult's codes through #LettersAndNumbers #ItsTime

@SimpleTruth. -  ST - you're in NYC? How about a bunch of us arrange a day event - we could get tickets to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Between times: share info, provide ppl some simple bookmarks w resources on best Gematria contact info, like yourself& Zach, Rambo.

Seventh Day Adventists
  From familiarizing myself with generalities of its history, I am more convinced that Gematria is a mockery of belief systems. Yet with a cultish flair, the have developed a sense of superiority, of OWNership as ONE in unity. What compels man to play Black Jack in life? "I see your $5 and raise you $10" ... Games can be therapeutic and even a method by which we have better understanding of ourselves.

The concept of 23, for emphasized by Seventh Day Adventists..

    Vs the concept of Illuminati Cult, the use of Gematria..who is trying to wash out who? It can't be purely coincidence. Illuminati was created shortly before American Revolution - a man made effort for war, not reform. But control.

From Wikipedia, on Adventists:
Certain individuals began to look at the 2300 day prophecy found in Daniel 8:14.[2] Interest in prophecy also found its way into the Roman Catholic church when an exiled Jesuit priest by the name of Manuel de Lacunza published a manuscript calling for renewed interest in the Second Coming of Christ. His publication created a stirring but was later condemned by Pope Leo XII in 1824.[2]

   Could the Adventists be a spin-off of FreeMasonry or Illuminati? Were the Illuminati so intensely into themselves that they believed to be the deserving of everything, including having a global right to murder people? Was Hitler an Illuminati member? Was he using The Code of Gematria? What causes this inclination in man to be this way and to gravitate to evil? Is it due to the social and political powers by evil people? An attempt to kill it with kindness? I tried to be that way myself. A driver trying to kill me, and no support for justice because the attorneys involved were self-involved, serving their own interests in money and power. I thought kindness would kill the evil. And then I began believing it. It's a strange thing, the word be-piece / be - leave - what do you have to leave to believe? In some ways our own language is a type of mind control.

As a result of a pursuit for religious freedom, many revivalists had set foot in the United States, aiming to avoid persecution.[5]

How do we fix what's broken? Isn't the Simple Truth a matter of understanding, that's all? "To know me is to love me" concept. There is also the concept of what you love determines how you love...and what is love? If we look to the Bible, the Greek version provides a more accurate portrayal of love because it gives love different words for different circumstances. The love of a child vs the love of God vs the love of a parent vs the love of possessions, and so on. And consider the attacks made on the Greek infrastructure - particularly causing financial collapses. There is Greek mythology also. Most likely the result of psychotropes primarily. Could that include fermented drinks? China actually were the ones who discovered fermentation - by accident yet realized this was a powerful way to preserve food as well. The US destroyed fermentation by altering food, such as "ionized salt" supposedly being better for us than other salts because we need iodine. We don't realize that they took out many important minerals '- and this disabled fermentation. My mother was unsuccessful with fermenting. When we lived in the country, Dad would argue with her, "In our day, all that was needed was salt to preserve food in jars" - my mother said for her to can food she needed this, this, and this. Fermenting was not working. Never were we fed anything that was possibly unsafe. My father would not compromise on that. Yet Dad was oftentimes completely selfless and would chomp on a hamburger while driving and consider that his lunch. The time he would take time to go home for lunch and watch General Hospital was actually a great time for him to relax and set aside stress of feeding the family. Yet my brother destroyed that, developing a narcissism that was volatile, manipulative. And that was the instilled "virtue" required to be endowed with money. Money was not really the product of hard work, diligence. If it was, Dad would have been a multibillionaire. For the most part, it was and still is issued to the "privileged" and those like myself who believe in living a truthful life, including being responsible for what I have, I am a castaway. Yet, what may be arising in our economy is a gravitation to the power of truth and accountability. This gravitation is also bringing people who are rich into a type of fold - yet by their choice, their desire to really fix what they know breaks the economy. Is it too late to fix? Have they lived too long being slaves to carefree lifestyles of "anything goes" or are they just plain sick of it and don't want to even look at themselves in the mirror?

Just some curiosities. I awoke at 3:15 am and had to empty my thoughts to be able to sleep again, hopefully. But it's 6am.  Go figure.
Interesting concept!  After all, Diversity Brings Strength

Host classroom debates

Create discussions for your students, where they can put their knowledge into practice, develop their own views on classroom content, and consolidate what they’ve learned. In a Kialo discussion, every student has a voice - there’s no talking over each other, and students have the space to explore arguments at their own pace. Kialo’s collaborative platform encourages students to work together to find the best way to express each idea.
See Sample Classroom Debate Assignment
See Demo Classroom Debate

@SimpleTruth emphasizes "Gematria always wins" #Sports #NBA

Zachary with protesters at Bill Gates Foundation #coronavirus #SleeplessInSeattle - see comments on video

  Zachary talks about his plans to protest Bill Gates Foundation  in this video.

Posted on Facebook on Ted Irwin's post
@Charles Schiavo - I hope you see this too. Note their reference Zionism, a which takes on two different meanings socially, maybe to deceive. I always perceived Zionism as a forthright pursuit to be joined with the Jewish Community, live in Isreal.
11 is a Gematria number - Hitler was an Oligarch himself, being part Jewish.
YouTube video: Albert Speer: The Nazi who said sorry ....bear in mind that 250 Nazi scientists were given reprieve because USA took them and used them as social weapons!

Other notes are missing ...


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