Emergency Supply List

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Supplies For Emergency

These are my collected notes from various videos. You may want to alphabetize, to eliminate repeats and also manage your plans better. My computer has been down but I have solutions from Tech Deals Channel. I just have to learn, which takes time. Search Windows 10 Tech Deals. If you're a member, you get more resources. I'm a $4.99/month member.

Supply sources:'Home Depot, Army/Navy stores, Amazon, Grocery, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Store


Hand crank radio
HAM radio, such as Baeofeng
Water purification cups
Water purification/ionizers for largescale/community use
Amoxicillin for fish tanks  on chewy.com - make sure only  ingredient is amoxicillin
Coloidal silver
Cipro & Avelox - use with caution. Can cause nerve damage
Cod liver oil 
Baking soda
Baking powder
Petroleum jelly
Essential oils - people who use them now understand why
Distilled vinegar
Chapstick, lip balm
Salt - kosher, sea salt, Himalayan, Morton with iodine, even plain for industrial purposes
Boots to wear - get at Goodwill
Mylar blanket
Old towels
Saved nylons - cut up for many uses
Clothes pins
Dawn dishwashing liquid
Liquid handsoap, for when water is available
Syran wrap
Styrophome containers
Honey - pure, raw only
Masking tape - easy on skin as well as other uses
Camper tool - only $10 on Amazon, everything is right on it - handsaw, knives, can opener, hammer, corkscrew, more! Search Stansport Emergency Camper's Multi-tool
Murphy's Oil Soap
Gluegun, gluesticks
Charger, solar powered, durable - ck out 4Patriots.com
Distilled vinegar
Distilled water
Boulion cubes
Aloe Vera - comes in container, get on Amazon
Cayenne pepper
Faraday material incase of excessive microwaves
Trail mix
Napkins, they are cheap
Scott Towels
Superfood powders
Oregano oil for immunity
Ovaltine or the like
Kleenex - repack to fill boxes to max capacity
Dental tool kit, dental supplies
Exacto knife/knives
Box cutter, extra blades
Cordage, esp paracord
String, twine
Put together a bugout bag
Dry milk
Seeds to plant food
Propane tanks, camper size, for fuel
Pure vanilla extract
Coconut oil
Coal powder - used for dentistry, yet can absorb poison. Search "Squeaky Clean" on Amazon
Dry pasta
Instant coffee, postum, tea, cocoa, whatever you like. I recommend TEA - it is the healthiest. You can use tea leaves left from making tea - in recipes such as scrambled eggs
   Coffee can be made using grounds if you just have an.alum/steel filter to put over a cup. They make rhem, Starbucks uses them
   Coffee grounds are great for composting, wigglers and more
Hard liquor - "to wash and wear", LOL, old fogies understand
Consider community emergency project: tools, construction supplies, broken down cardboard boxes, etc
Sewing supplies - put together pill bottles which can be strung from clothes or bugout bag, etc
Petroleum jelly
Hydrogen peroxide
Empty jars, plastic containers
Medical, first aid - incl women's napkins - to use for bleeding wounds
Hunting/fishing supplies
Socks - esp wool, cotton
**Concentrate on dried foods incase there's a power outage. Trail Mix is really good for now and then. Keep a running supply.
Beef and turkey jerkey if you need your meat.
  This video list
Soap bars
    Zote soap is cheap, 2/$1
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Olive oil, Crisco oil
Medications for first aid
Put together or buy a bugout bag
Gloves, esp chem resistant type
Medical gloves
Black Mechanic Dispisable gloves ~recommended by.comment 
Duct tape, esp Gorilla
Alum foil
Baby wipes
Rubbing alcohol, spray bottles
Coffee filters
Trash bags, incl very thick, compactor type
.....This should be alphabetized...take this and improve the list
  Place supplies in heavy duty garbage can with plunger - to wash clothes if needed
Bright Side thinks this is how millionaires live. https://youtu.be/VzJiHhzgtas
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Fullerton Informer, YouTube
    grindall61 on YouTube, has some really good videos. Others, I'm not so keen about, esp attacking Jeff Sessions, who took down Alpha Bay and more...
I still talk to God, and pray when Joe Imbriano says a prayer on his videos. Joe is a very smart man. I may not see eye to eye with him at times,but I've learned a lot from him and he has a big heart to be using his talents and making these videos.I disagree with those who have a religious formula that is required before God will answer.Religion is for enrichment, not manipulation.


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