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The Committe Of 300

MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;      Note, the author did not even provide a list of the alleged Committee of 300   4/7/2020 repeat update since my prior one is gone. Reminder: Needing leaders is a part of life It is my conclusion that so called Dr. Coleman, who doesn't disclose what his degree is in, is a fraud and was a threat to both the Monarchy and United States.  He has deceased and frankly, I believe he was a CIA operative. It is very difficult to work on my blog using a phone so I must leave it at this until I am either able to recover my computer or feel patient enough to work on my blog here. Book by Dr. John Coleman Please recheck this post More notes to follow Past and present institutions/organizations UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300     In other words, these are the hotshots, the decision-makers. They are probably NOT a conspiracy, in my opinion. Yet some may engage i nefari

Coronavirus Notes

-  TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;       Under reconstruction since I have a new domain. Make sure you refresh the page because I may have added more notes Coronavirus Notes Sources and comments THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. May 1, 2020 18-min video by Joe Imbriano .-aka  Fullerton Informer   Go to the Table of Contents and Find my blogpost on Wiki Joe/Fullerton Informer Hidden In Plane Sight is the ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONRY IN SCHOOLS AND ALL PUBLIC PLACES                                 THE TRUTH ABOUT CELL PHONES AND WIRELESS URGENT! Watch this video before they take it down to cover up murders at NYC hospitals!               HARMONIZING WITH THE INCONVENIENCE @FallonTonight @OfficialSting @theroots No stinging, ju👎st singing #socialdistancing #coronacircus #A