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Title: The Futurists (1967)
Scientists Predict The 21st Century (shared by Ted Irwin, Facebook - send him a friend request, he's a wealth of information)

 The Futurists (1967)
R. Buckminster Fuller, Engineer
 Atoms have frequencies - we will be able to transmit ourselves
The future will be like invented, not predicted

Dr. Peter Brian Medawar, zoolologist
Dr. Dennis Gabore, Univ of Science in London. Author of Inventing The Future
Daniel Belle, Chairman of Sociology Dept, Columbia University. Head of The Commission For The Year 2000.
Walter Sullivan, Science Editor of The NYTimes
Gerard Peel, Editor of Magazine, Scientific America
Lord Richie Caulder, Prof of Scientific Relations, Edinborough University
Herman Kahn, Director of Hudson Institute, author of Armed Thermo-Nuclear War
Isaac Asimov, Science and SciFi writer. Prof of Biochemisty, Boston University
Harrison Brown, Prof of Geochemistry, CalTech; author of The Challenge Of Man's Future
Bertraud DeJeuvenel, French Economist and Journalist. Director of a group about Future of the World

What do we want in the 21st Century? Human happiness? We've become an intellectual society; theoretical knowledge, push button society based on gadgets; fractional horsepower. Knowledge of the universe, atom-smashers, medical priviledges will be extended world wide "due to threat of overpopulation", feeding mankind - need for industrial revolution, economic aid, black boxes and self- sufficiency, RALPH accounting system supported with Law of Conservation. Each use of Ralph, improves more.
   Soviet Union
  West Germany or France
  Followed by China (greatest power for 2-3,000 years. If you took Japan away, they would be the greatest power)
     Italy, India, Canada (smaller powers)

We have the fiscal capacity to be a ONE WORLD ORDER. We need to get rid of our habits of thought.
Common Action - " we need the heart to do so"
We will destroy ourselves if we don't
Free, abundant, creative live
We must take a long range view
Power to work, put it to work rapidly enough

Narrated by Burton Benjamin ###

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Walter Lipmann, 1922

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