Section 8 and MTW

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Meet #RodSolomon - "AUTHOR of most HUD Laws" AND he created the MTW program. Majored in History at UC/Berkeley, where CIA recruits,as at Harvard Univ. Majored in History "But he pd someone" to do his homework!

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Meet #RodSolomon #2
Try to find his bio or CV - does he even know what. CV is? To say he's #outoftouch on HUD would be an understatement. He's no attorney & has no legal right writing laws, let alone reg's! WTF

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Meet #RodSolomon #3
No CV, No Bio. ❤ to flex his muscle πŸ™‹, CEO of #GoFundMe, which pd #ChristineFord $1million for her CIA-scripted BS at the Kavanaugh hearing #WastingGovtMoney But that's okay, says #DevilsChessboard 

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Meet #RodSolomon #4
Born in NYC yet oddly "grew up in South FL w parents"-maybe adopted. Obv obsessed w controlling HUD πŸ’° w MAJ in History, degree unk! He calls himself "The Borrower's Counsel" & I'm Queen of Sheeba-WTF

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Meet #RodSolomon
To be is 3:30 am. Try to wrap your head around this $hit! HUD has a huge budget  Dr. Carson's  problem is there are are tons of holes in the bucket!
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Meet #RodSolomon #5
Based on 90min of searching on manipulated internet, which picks up your face to decide what it feels like informing you, Rod Solomon cb a tranny& the MTW program is a cover to pay for operations! 

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Meet #RodSolomon #6
So does MTW have a double meaning?
like Oprah (Oprah got millions of dollars in grant money from USGov, and didn't have to pay anything back)
Move To Work
Which makes no sense!

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Meet #RodSolomon #7
I'm just posting this one today bc I needed a break from all this Corruption! Not only does he obviously not have a history degree, but he hides everything else about himself, incl juris No.

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Meet #RodSolomon #8
BTW, my HAP contract has nothing about MTW, & is only  3 yrs in duration according to the laws they keep breaking! No damn history major who was an obvious partier has credentials to write a law!

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Meet #RodSolomon #9
I'm sure @VladimirPutin24
@vesti are interested - THIS video is a #Demonstration! #Section8 #MTW can't have a demonstration &pay freaking #Transgendrification operations!

I expect to add more here at some point yet meantime, look at images of this person and look up the "MTW Demonstration" if you can stomach the fraud. A THREE YEAR something- they deny it's a program so they aren't obligated to follow a structure of a program. And Demonstrations are either used to reference a teaching circumstance or protest. Try to wrap your head around that. 


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