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First, to get you to understand just how deceiving, and creative  man is capable of:

Please watch and share these two videos.
Dead Men's Secrets, over 5 hrs

1969 Dr. Donegan relays what the New World Order Agenda is

MEPT Chapel Street, LLC claims to own the $2billion building I live in. They "purchased" it in a Quit claim for $1. They claim to be nonprofit. They don't have a tax ID number.

And I could be murdered for sharing these truths to you but the builders of this building, Bozzuto, Inc, hired an attorney who flip flopped with the title of his law office and the housing court allowed it even though I brought it up as fraud.

They have been charging me over the capped rent and the Housing Authority won't do anything about it, including meeting with me, and I was not allowed to file a counter claim when they tried to evict me.

"They" are not MEPT. The plaintiff was non appearing, yet the judge only cared to illegally evict me as they have done before - a Marshal smashed in my door. I paid my rent into court in another case that had no merit.

I almost died. I flew to MN to get legal help, using the money the court refused to take for my rent. Reason was not untimeless. It was "Because we're evicting you"

I've been treated like shit all my life, when the town was unsuccessful killing me after I told an obvious sex trafficker to leave me alone, you're a pig. I was hospitalized 3 1/2 months, on crutches for another 3. My relatives would twist stories around. My father was glad I survived and knew the attorney who took my case  was out for himself when I was in a coma--typical back then where I lived. Rothschilds were prominent, having the largest plaza, and so on.

I shared info on a few other blogposts, I believe.

MEPT Chapel Street, LLC vs Anne Bradley is the housing case.

I tried to get them to erase it, pointing out how illegally it was handled by the court. It should have been dismissed immediately for numerous reasons. They had no legal reason, they just wanted to get away with not following HUD laws which coincide with the HAP contract.  THERE WAS NO MTW reference on the HAP Contract.

I will continue this later. I have so many problems, so little time.

My father was murdered and I severed contact with my relatives. They abandoned him, and the brother who went over my head to get him killed bragged about it, saying it was a spiritual experience to torture Dad, to get the nurse to collapse his lungs so he gasped for air, and more...he even criticized me for giving water to Dad when Dad used what little strength he had to ask for it.

That was the worst trauma in my life. That brother owed me $250 for taking a solid wood kitchen set out of my building since he failed to do the work he promised in return. He had the audacity to give me that exact amount after he killed Dad, no thanks to my mother, who could have stopped it! Instead, she threatened to have security throw me out if I didn't shut up. Last thing she said to my father was that she was looking for a boyfriend and my father burst into tears, already sick in a nursing home. My brother said he would come down to help me get him transfered to a decent nursing home, he was abused there so much. Relatives pulled strings to keep me from getting unemployment. I was overdrafting my account. I didn't want to ask my father for money and not once did any sibling offer to give me anything. They hated my being there. I hate putting all this in a blog because I'm a private person. But the Corruption in this society has to end!

I decided not to post any records here.  This society has become so corrupted and no doubt it will defeat my purpose.  Just look up the State websites for Deleware, Maryland, Connecticut for starters.  Very likely they will do more cover up.

Yet I shared this with some really forthright hotshots and I see many improvements when I check those sites now / 13May2020

This country has been rittled with corrupted attorneys, politicians, and the Elite.  The idiots call the shadow government - the Deep State - and vice versa.  Nobody really understands the labeling, The Chaotic activity is costing much money and yet who cares.  Thousands were mass murdered at Paradise, CA - using Boeing Lasers.  They were burned to ashes and right after that Franklin Graham distributes mailings with "The ashes were beautiful", referring to the horror at Paradise, CA.

Take down the Secret Societies!  Take down CIA - we are supposed to have a free country, not one where corruption rules.

I may add more to this at some point. 


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