Lorena Bobbit Story is FAKE!


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Re: Lorena, Season One

This Lorena Bobbit film is on Amazon - I hope you can watch it. Here are my notes so far. I sent you an email. Don't know if you got it.
People, please use critical thinking - apply what you know about Ciphers and Codes through Gematria. Check out Zachary K Hubbard"s channel. This is how the OLIGARCHs play society! We need to call them out!

June 23, 1993

So lying Lorena is Venezuelan!

But this is the current actor, the first Lorena

doesn't have an accent yet the second one does. Is anyone paying attention?

She also looks like the woman who runs a Whitehouse

  The pi
Monkey Paw Productions created this "Amazon Original" titled "Lorena"
Executive Producer,  Jordan Peele
Amazon Studios

Who has a birthday this day? Zachary Hubbard might. Somebody gots to tell him to check his family Gematria!

     (I was kidding, using Gematria for Jewels....and remember the Richard Jewel story? Obviously fake!)

Who has a birthday this day? Zachary Hubbard might. Somebody gots to tell him to check his family Gematria!

Now I need to impersonate Harriette Tub man except I need to be like Bobbit because In don't have that thingy...I sure hope Prince Harry was not named that by Rothschilds to humor themselves. I think Harriet Tubman was the first tranny in USA. Just sayin' not playin'

This is the face of a Bobbit breaker..After she dyed her hair and probably had plastic surgery with the money she made from publicity.

He's talking about the fireman who found his hose. Firemen have a nose for hoses. The witness was Willy Hurley - another soothsayer for Milford, CT Lawrence Mark Hurley, who needed to laugh when he says his name to profile himself as a good guy, I bet..... This is a job for Skull and @higbones! They can crack the case!

(Pic of Willard Hurley)
This is little Willy.

BTW, Bobbit said he had to hold himself (like the rappers and poppers who sing pop music) there to control the bleeding - I bet they said it was his time of the month too. I wonder what Maximum Morphonios would have said. I expect first, "Wipe that smile off your penis face!"

Hurley didn't hurl it, but he stepped on it...Gotta f*ing love those secret societies, huh?

And they make this dude look like a priest, good therapy for the pedo's..

At 14:56 Lorena Bobbit says "they found it in the grassy" knoll - I mean, area. WTF #JFK #JackieDidit #JustSayin #TakeDownCIA

She's holding her knees. I'm sure Christine Ford would know what that means....
BTW, I got a sister who's married name is Noll and my sister Christine was molested when she was little. My father had that brother arrested, cried in the bathroom...First time Dad cried only because he was too busy loving.

Lo - Rena ... Her name has gotta mean something, I'm sure. Low renal...Down low club...WTF

(Pic of Dr. James Sehn)
I wonder what school and secret societies he belonged to....This doctor..Says they found it in the grassy knoll-oops, area, and put it in a hotdog bag at the 7/11 (because the police had no supplies???) WTF

(pic of Dr. David Berman)
I bet this doctor was an Ivy League grad - maybe even Yale.

At 16:02...I won't share the picture because it's nasty and may be anatomy of another real victim, of maybe torture or forced transgender....

The Operation
(Pic of ____ Parrish - Perish?)
She called their work plumbing...

"The tourniquet came off" - and he got a hard on right away - "penis pinked up"

"It looked really terrific right from the start" - he's so excited, isn't he? Probably was cheating with McCain and McConnell found out...

Or if he's in Connection - Cut... Senator McKinney's father. WTF

I typed Connecti-cut...Thx  to the tech minions who want to put words in our hands...

Her name is Debra - Debra Parrish Perish ....WTF

Are Parrish halls meant for mass perishing?

The new show, The HERD, has ER in the middle...

So she grabbed his penis, and he figured she wanted to have sex, but Lorena Bobbit says her husband raped her...WTF

"I don't look like Christine Ford".... I bet she was a CIA asset like Ford.

"we were admitted to the same hospital"... Isn't that special?

I would have killed her, says Bobbit's brother, whose name is Biro = WTF, probably stands for some depraved secret society BS.

At 54 min the judge referred to "panties" - that's what Judge Blue said at the Petit case - only this time the daughters and mother were burned alive and they made $hitloads of money on the real murders. Hail Satan, no doubt!

Bobbit says at 1:05 he's treated like a rock star, and wears a rock sweatshirt - like Ba Ba Rock sheep used.. just sayin'

Bobbit says at 1:05 he's treated like a rock star, and wears a rock sweatshirt - like Ba Ba Rock sheep used.. just sayin'

Gee, Venezuela comes into the picture too! Don't that beat all. 16:05 min (other time should be a minute before, I was looking at the TOTAL mins of the film, I think, in prior comment.
So lying Lorena is Venezuelan!

At 43:59, "He punched me in the chest" - Rand Paul changed his story to from his neighbor punching him in the face - to the chest!

Apparently people were putting two and two together and realizing the Bobbit story was fake.
   Harding attack on Nancy Kerrigan occurred and the Bobbitt sope opera was history.


5/16/2020 As I view this,I notice pictures are missing and I don't say things like "someone gots to do this or that" this blogpost was altered! I also would not say anything about Zachary Hubbard's birthday. Most like derranged CIA psyops altered it. In order to be a CIA Psyop, the HAVE to be deranged sociopaths!

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