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They registered their company as non-profit and part of the church community; yet Bozzuto has them "manage" the building, collect payments, and even issued an illegal eviction on me, which I won.  I paid my rent timely yet they filed for nonpayment of rent.  I told the court the case had no merit and they shouldn't have even docketed it.  If you don't see anything new on my blog posts for more than a week, rest assured, I may have "disappeared" OMG. I never thought I would post this statement but Agent Aldenburg is missing.  The FBI will not even tell me he is safe!  😊😊😊I don't have a picture here but the TECHNOCRATS SHOW A FAKE US FLAG PICTURE AS A BLOG PICTURE!  2/9/2022  I replaced it. April 2022 INSERT 1/1/2021 COWARDS WHO ILLEGALLY ENTER MY APARTMENT COMPROMISED THIS BLOG       The photo that was used at the top was a high-rise, which is what this building is, one of a set of twins they built in New Haven, CT.  Their "financial funding"

Section 8 and MTW

-       I provide updates when I can . FYI ROD SOLOMON AUTHOR OF MTW DEMONSTRATION NOT PROGRAM!  DOES IT PROMOTE TRANSHUMANISM? MTW TRANSGENDERING?  I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   @bobforgovernor @funder @freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report Meet #RodSolomon - "AUTHOR of most HUD Laws" AND he created the MTW program. Majored in History at UC/Berkeley, where CIA recruits,as at Harvard Univ. Majored in History "But he pd someone" to do his homework! @bobforgovernor @funder @freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report Meet #RodSolomon #2 Try to find his bio or CV - does he even know what. CV is? To say he's #outoftouch on HUD would be an understatement. He's no attorney & has no legal right writing laws, let alone reg's! WTF @bobforgovernor @funder @freetofindtruth @Corbett_Report Meet #RodSolomon #3 No

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I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;       Title: The Futurists (1967) Scientists Predict The 21st Century (shared by Ted Irwin, Facebook - send him a friend request, he's a wealth of information)  The Futurists (1967) R. Buckminster Fuller, Engineer  Atoms have frequencies - we will be able to transmit ourselves The future will be like invented, not predicted Dr. Peter Brian Medawar, zoolologist Dr. Dennis Gabore, Univ of Science in London. Author of Inventing The Future Daniel Belle, Chairman of Sociology Dept, Columbia University. Head of The Commission For The Year 2000. Walter Sullivan, Science Editor of The NYTimes Gerard Peel, Editor of Magazine, Scientific America Lord Richie Caulder, Prof of Scientific R