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Pitstop of information January 2019
Dr. Dunagin lectures on the New World Order ageda 1969 Part 1 to 3 https://www.youtu.be/Xos5IBrsGlU

Scotty Kilmer
The worst thing about being on YouTube: I can't answer everyone's questions https://youtu.be/Wz_kzMgQDrw
The New Official Sponsor of Scotty Kilmer and more https://youtu.be/LG0QmvHuvxc
The best spark plugs are NOT copper
Life hacks that will save you https://youtu.be/ZrXQ65v_WIg
Q & A 1/12/2019 https://youtu.be/REsZjqId3KU
Never Buy Car Parts From This Place (Internet) .....AGCs in deciding who to buy from.  https://youtu.be/tV8aV68UMEI
Why Luxury caes are designed tobe unreliable https://youtu.be/Kv48ZepwNio
Least reliable cars and trucks 2018 https://youtu.be/0pzdFAtukpw
Here's why people lift their trucks. Wacky Wednesday winner https://youtu.be/QJ0OM4BJcSs

Eat celery every day to boost immunity,energy ! https://youtu.be/0nGJ6sd2rxk
Eat a cucumber each day,lose weight! https://youtu.be/nW78YV1JVEg

The California Fires, The Shift With Jaimee Lee APlaneTruth  https://youtu.be/OJhrZM2LxrU
Advertisement: www.drawlucy.com
Privatization of government gangstalking. SIS is a contract service. Security Industry Specialists
Legalizing Pedos -- MAPS, minor attracted persons https://youtu.be/kNuYXsy_KG8 My comment:    Pedophiles ARE NOT Minor Attracted Persons ....they are evil scumbag sex abusers who should be taken outof society and this clickbait title is volatile for the algorithms. I'm discusted.
Baron Von Trump tobe the last President?   https://youtu.be/V9YJPkJj3F4
My Comment: Only way to stop the bleeding:  IMPEACH tranny TRUMP!!! The Satanic Underground ILLUMINATI are saturating the WhiteHouse and Houses! Stop the head messing, PLEASE. Just focus on solutions. IMPEACH TRUMP!

Super blood wolf moon will light up the skies in a few weeks. https://youtu.be/LpWuVWWtyFw
Russia has placed Whelan in custody, suspected of spyimg https://youtu.be/oIEZsM-tmz8
My comment: Whelan was probably spying. CIA don't care about  their operatives anymore than they care about following the law.
Chinese admiral wants to sink two USA aircraft carriers. https://youtu.be/wU6BE5nJFdw

Sam Vaknin
Malignant Egalitarianism and  technological narcissism https://youtu.be/j3F5AxU9Tro

President Putin gives New Year's message https://youtu.be/Y0ewPItiiQE

Zachary Hubbard
Paul McCartne's supposed death in 1966 https://youtu.be/UwI-vZT6pr0
Romney,Trump, Kim Kardashian https://youtu.be/l_wEBfuRFfU

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost video series
Paradise Lost #1 Setting the whirled on fire   https://youtu.be/qFG3ba7sXjY
Paradise Lost #2 Bread and Circus Predictive Programming https://youtu.be/MSeLPSiA0fY
Paradise Lost #3 Exclusive Interview with fire captain on Origin of CA fires https://youtu.be/yBb_QjkfMYo
Paradise Lost #4  What's their agenda for torching Paradise?
Paradise Lost #5 Must see! The Last Resort Indeed!  https://youtu.be/AOY5KS1RnDI
Paradise Lost #6  The Gold Rush Returns - No Humans Needed https://youtu.be/0C_M2nNRDi8
Paradise Lost #7  https://youtu.be/3C4YstL0IG8
What's going on?  https://youtu.be/3mDwxISF138
Paradise Lost #8 Lost Gen, uninsured, homeless and going mobile https://youtu.be/3C4YstL0IG8
Paradise Lost #9  Search For Missing and Unaccounted For https://youtu.be/zuY_693KXcI
Paradise Lost #10 Debra Tavaris (I'm not sharing this because I think CIA pays her!)
Paradise Lost #11 Forest Fire My Ass!! https://youtu.be/VqyPSOU5e1M
Paradise Lost #12 Grindall 61, Agenda21 caused many dearhs, diet lanes, Paradise  https://youtu.be/PHD5_jZHTAk
Paradise Lost #13  "I barely made it out alive"  https://youtu.be/UZso1OOQov0
American Intelligence Media
www.feandft.com - Robert Ortay
My comment:  MyEcoLife  Trump is a Satanist and has disconnected feelings -over 50,000 were incinerated! Both Boeing Lockheed Martin maje lasers,but Trump has the Mockingbirdbrains report 81 died! 50,000 not accounted for!
Paradise Lost #14 Acts Of Compassion  https://youtu.be/aXvnNBcO7D0
Paradise Lost #15 - Incredible aerial footage! This is not a forest fire!  https://youtu.be/nmlxcLKryl0
Paradise Lost #16 - This is Mass Murder!   https://youtu.be/a_vyg0JRhXQ
Paradise Lost #17 - Pets Left To Die, and more https://youtu.be/9UWksgc5CNQ
Paradise Lost #18 - "Campfire Survivor" Speaks Out https://youtu.be/DssQJzbx-rc
Paradise Lost #19 - Inside the CA firezone https://youtu.be/Jdc-4Ei8VqI
Paradise Lost #20 - 50,000+ Mass Murdered! https://youtu.be/onbseA3CrXo
Paradise Lost #21- Victims Speak Out. Debra Tavares. https://youtu.be/ugkzI_qGaTo
Paradise Lost #22 - DEW Documents and Full Graphicof Content https://youtu.be/lJZIin9L89Q
Paradise Lost #23 - The Killing Fields, CNN proning...  https://youtu.be/R7Yg2vUZptE
Paradise Lost #24 -CA? Why now?  https://youtu.be/DNdcLh0vDUU
Paradise Lost #25 - How The Houses were torched. https://youtu.be/3wJ4uNMSeqg
Paradise Lost #26 - No Way Out. https://youtu.be/fwi4apjiAH4
Paradise Lost #27 - DEW in your face! Make This Go Viral! https://youtu.be/wUXd9p3Anzw
Paradise Lost #28 - This Is The New Abnormal and WILL continue for ten to twenty years https://youtu.be/Cx1JMGluvHI
Note!  And THIS is why Bush created Homeland Security and ramped up CIA!!!
Paradise Lost #29 - CaliforniCremation - Agenda 21 Fake Utopia! https://youtu.be/gsCNyeZxHdo
Paradise Lost #30 (missing) Extremely Graphic (replacement) by Glamour Girls Channel https://youtu.be/6vND1aAiQKk
My comment: The laser attack, made  by Boeing and  Lockheed Martin, took 36 minutes!!!   Dead Voters added to stuff ballots, money to snatch and grab, and more!!! Congratulations to the scumbags stealing our Constitution and many Constitutionalists don't give a shit!
Sights And Sounds of Paradise https://youtu.be/3y5TJ-PXato
My comment: It's no F'ing campfire! Americans attacking Americans, just like September 11! They made trillions on a mass murder of 3,000 -this criminal profit will most likely be 100 times more - unless this  evil Satanic business underground is finally held accountable!  www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/04/table-of-contents.html - NO LONGER WORKS BECAUSE OF CORRUPTED POLITICIANS STEALING MY DOMAIN!  
Paradise Lost #31-  what we know so far  2helpfirevictims@gmail.com  or JME Lee on Facebook
Paradise Lost #32 - Victim's story from Inside The Attack   https://youtu.be/liv96-QztXw
Paradise Lost #33  -  convo with Richie from Boston   https://youtu.be/s-p3AWGrNtU
Paradise Lost #34 - Winds or no winds? https://youtu.be/jbCKBPw3H1Y
Paradise Lost #35 - Left To Campfire Hell. https://youtu.be/GDZwYup3TYI
Paradise Lost #36 - You will never go home,you will never rebuild! https://youtu.be/JwZqwLe4YHY
Paradise Lost #37 - Your Donations Delivered!  https://youtu.be/JwZqwLe4YHY
Paradise Lost #38 - another victim's experience https://youtu.be/wZyu_4FesuU
Paradise Lost #39 - Men In Black, Red Double       https://youtu.be/yl1xwSB_avc
Paradise Lost #40 - Visiting The Crime Scene https://youtu.be/uzZ1C1r8x6s

Paradise Lost #41-The Bilderbergs are coming;It had to be DEW

Shitlist of Advisors from this video: John Arnott, Carol Arnott, Kenneth Copeland, Thomas Schirrmacher, Pope Pedophile Fake Francis, James Robison, Betsy Robison, Geoff Tunnicliffe, Tony Palmer.  https://youtu.be/AJmjhHRD6Kg
Notice how Trump spread BS about Melania being his most important advisor - but isnt here on the list. Trump is a Satanic Illuminati Transgender! DECIDE FOR YOURSELF; SOME BELIEVE HE IS A CLONE 

Paradise Lost video https://youtu.be/7e-Vwxc0BlY
My comment:    First Amendment  Hey Moron, who calls itself "First Amendment" but doesnt even know what it means. Free courses on US Gov offered by @Hillsdale  www.hillsdale.edu - for those accounts that are real, ofcourse. A large number are fake, to help the Illuminati agenda.
Paradise Lost #43 = JME Lee on Facebook takes donations to help victims. He's interviewed on the Grenada Forum at Revolution Radio   https://youtu.be/wS8hy7AbprU  She says on this radio  show that  ETs built the pyramids? I bet she passed the buck when she did something bad as a kid....lol     Another comment:  Thermite has been used to repair rail ties - to remove portions and replace them. Thermite is used in certain construction projects. This is the first time I've seen it mentioned as fuel. Thermate is a much higher grade, which the military use as explosive materrial. That is actually the grade used at 9/11. BTW, John Bolton was Undersecretary of Firearms and Weaponry then. Jeff Sessions had tens of thousands of sealed indictments that needed to be served. Trump refused military support to prevent civil war, which destroyed Jeff Sessions Mission to arrest all in the same block of time. TRUMP is an Enemy Within, an Illuminati! Trump created propaganda against Sessions, and also tried to gobafter Mike Pence, when Mike Pence considered his nefarious firing of Rex Tillerson to be wrong. Trump got his internet shills to plaster fake news on Pence about being a pedophile. That was the ladt straw as far as being a supporter of Trumpty Dumpty. I sent him a letter telling him I had no more confidence in him. If that info on Pence existed during the campaign, Pence would not have been offered to be he his running mate - yet this crap is backdated to the 80's even! Lies DO Matter! And Trump is purely Satanic. He is also a transgender like Clintons, Bushes, Obamas. All FreeMasons.
Paradise Lost #44 Fire captain veterans speak out https://youtu.be/rIVeDyfmDZE
Paradise Lost #45 - can't find it. Substitute: Bluebeams in NYC and Louisiana Proofs https://youtu.be/uUMp9C9KQOE
Paradise Lost #46 = Music video "My Hometown"/by Tim Thurston https://youtu.be/PvPjZclte8g
My comment: WTF - "You can burn our things to the ground BUT I WILL SURVIVE back in my hometown" -tens of thousands were burned alive!!!  https://youtu.be/ugN07_tK3fk he ground
Impeach Trump for starters!! Mike Pence stuck up for Rex Tillerson and Satanist Trump got his underground to create lies about Pence being a pedophile! It only framed Trump! Mike Pence had a clean record and performed upstanding work, made upstanding accomplishments! Trump is a gun pointing at him all the time! Impeach Trump!!!

Paradise Lost #47 = Robert F Kennedy Jr goes to Paradise spreading untruths, lies! https://youtu.be/KxdqulADpXQ
Paradise Loar #48 - The 9/11 Connection 7 min very graphic https://youtu.be/ugN07_tK3fk
 Paradise Lost #49 - Cal Fires turned off campfire origins https://youtu.be/fRlehizFs10
Paradise Lost #50 - missing. Substitute, 22 sec video on Paradise landscape https://youtu.be/nVqaDHnizqw and Trapped In Paradise, WSJ 11/30/2018  https://www.wsj.com/graphics/trapped-in-paradise-fire/
Paradise Lost #51 - 52,000 missing vs 88 reported dead
Paradise Lost #52 - The Laughing Mayor of Chico https://youtu.be/zvER4ATXx3o
Paradise Lost #53
Paradise Lost #54
Paradise Lost #55
Paradise Lost #56 - Did Underground lightning torch the trees or homes? https://youtu.be/xn1o5Lc1S9c
Paradise Lost #57
Paradise Lost #58
Paradise Lost #59
Paradise Lost#60
Paradise Lost #61
Paradise Lost #62
Paradise Lost #63
Paradise Lost #64
Paradise Lost #65
Paradise Lost#66 - Don't evacuate, police dispatch https://youtu.be/XKwmfjUduUI


Tech Deals
Excellent, fun resource. Like Scotty Kilmer is with cars
Acers let you add a second hard drive. https://youtu.be/aOB_9dp9gUg
2 hr video on new innovations. https://youtu.be/oiGT7nYSxdw
My comment: I never heard of deep learning. He mentioned it about 1/3 way through.
Second comment: Let's hope that the RTX makers and those. In Silicon Valley will donate a Project to help restore Paradise. Maybe the US Freemasons have their treasure hidden there and want to retrieve it to prepare for the further destruction of US. Let's hope they can be stopped!  Thousands of people were burned alive, even up to tens of thousands. APlaneTruth Shares witnesses/survivors telling stories!
Paradise Lost #25 - How The Houses were torched. https://youtu.be/3wJ4uNMSeqg
Paradise Lost #26 - No Way Out. https://youtu.be/fwi4apjiAH4

Christa Coupons
Hot deals at Dollar General 1/3/2019 https://youtu.be/wN8oXcnBLxA
Family Dollar has $5 off $25 deal any day, I guess. Woohoo https://youtu.be/y4B0haK0NVk

Fullerton Informer - I blocked him, not following someone who encourages violent behavior!
Blue Light is blue death https://youtu.be/V3ZWY66_E_U 

Trump's Emergency Boarder Wall Deception is the Hunger Games Wall https://youtu.be/73F1h_D3Dqo

Trump Deception Part 2 - https://youtu.be/3fGG-ueT-fM
Fighting 5G Hermosa Beach City Council https://youtu.be/p3cSn1kr-8 At 1:12 min @JoeImbriano777 speaks to the city council. His talk is tremendously delivered! God bless him and family. Gary of @Grindall61 follows
Compliance is deadly My comment: The only way they can force vaccinations is to declare us all incompetent and we know the ones incompetent are the ones running US Gov! https://youtu.be/RDjsiZY9_9Y

Tranny Watch
Transgender Agenda Part 2 https://youtu.be/72i4r1beb6Q

Royal News
Secrets About Donald and Melania Trump's Marriage. https://youtu.be/KnAvefG0hsg
My comment:  Donald Trump and Ivana are transgenders. So is Melania. EVERYTHING ISA STAGE!  Most likely media mogul Marla Maples was contracted to marry Trump so it would create a social illusion that he was not an FTM  Transgender. All offspring are scientifically created.

Queen Elizabeth
Christmas Messages from 1957 to 2018  https://youtu.be/yu6ecLJgbfQ
Documentary on the Queen's Mother in law https://youtu.be/rqFlQxmdt_8
     My comment: Princess Alice was  probably drugged without her knowledge! The consequences of serving the people at their worst moments! That's what happened to King George when USA spurred an unnecessary war after the Parliament passed a tea tax - yet the Freemasons in USA. pushed an agenda against King George, referring to him as a tyrant! This documentary fails to report real facts. Most likely it's a reflection of dirty politicians. With dirty foreign policy fueling bad relations. That's my understanding......For God's sake, at 21 min this film even admits he food was poisoned with a drug!  This was obviously the method that  destroyed a strong woman who loved people ! ..... . Back in the 1700's they reported King George went mad for no reason. He was  obviously poisoned! USA created the first submarine (The Turtle) and used it to bomb the British navy, an unsuccessful mission. So it's obvious that they would stoop to poisoning the monarch.
Second comment: You fail to see reality.And that's the real pity The Nazis resented his loving mother and obviously drugged her.They did terrible things to people.Especially the kind and loving, like Prince Phillip's mother.His three sisters were enslaved yet at lest Hitler didn't murder them. The Rothschild family were part of the rise of Hitler, who himself was a Jew,most likely part of the Jacobian lbloodline. The Freemasons in US were in part  connected to the Jesuit Illuminati. Apparently they worked to fulfilling the Illuminati plan when Hitter came to power, yet were unsuccessful despite the help of the Bush dynasty in USA. We are at a severe crossroads in which, in 2019, this Satanic Underground must be taken down.

Twenty five unbelievable things in the world https://youtu.be/jpKjNgXf-YQ
New Ancient Artifacts documentary https://youtu.be/SAZMwilKAuY
The Widowmaker. Documentary https://youtu.be/f1dzECM5ZiA

He teams with B Rich, who pushes Trump Agenda. That's really huge BAD News now.

Gold panning tips. Getting down to black sand... https://youtu.be/gXPijLD8AGw
Blood moon pictures https://youtu.be/N_vkBmUBJpU

Tesla's tower found.in TX My Comment: Marconi was contracted by JP Morgan to run the wireless communication room of the Titanic and other ships.Marconi was obviously a better candidate for JP Morgan's nefarious activities thanTesla. Pretty shameful to think about, but true.  https://youtu.be/7ATzLkr9JXk

Jimmy Fallon
Andy Samberg talks about Roots and NBC shoots https://youtu.be/4L7HR1oQRHg
Trump cancels Pelosi's Afghanistan trip as Shutdown revenge, 30 min before takeoff https://youtu.be/XnlMt2F7FlM
Jimmy and Tarik talk about his awkward zipline fall. https://youtu.be/rLc99wNie4Q
Zipline adventure! https://youtu.be/1-A2Nv9fvaY
The only thing worse picturing your parents having sex is picturing them having good sex, says Ray Romano https://youtu.be/vfyRFN8Ri44
Ray Romano's son is pretty much an ordained minister https://youtu.be/vQw6WIGJvSI
Ray Romano's other son gets a date https://youtu.be/5uy0uoxScrA
Ray Romano and Jimmy share pictures https://youtu.be/2Da1b23uNmg
Seth visits Jimmy and they talk babies https://youtu.be/fxRu05RwpXQ

Great Wickedness within the Catholic Church hierarchy https://youtu.be/JIMSS2fPgDM
The story of the young Russian mistress and why Trump fears her - great video! https://youtu.be/k9hCbT7mZ5Q
Brexit Plunges UK into Chaos, 2 hr video https://youtu.be/X3V6taLPb7w
Good for UK breaking from the Obama-corrupted European Union! They will implode!
My comment: What needs to be enforced is checks and balances!  Judges make up their own laws and use FRAUDED records! And Fraud king Kavanaugh has his claws in US Supreme Court to not only work against the Constitution like Soto Mayer, but FRAUD records! If he can't get an employee to fraud, that employee will be fired!  Impeaching Trump will stop the bleeding right now.
Zionists are not the prblem! OLIGARCHS are! It's organized crime and they have alliances with mafia, kharzians, etc --- WAKE UP. Jake has wrong choice of words here. He's very informative, I email him a lot, but Zionism term is volatile because Zionism is about returning to Isreal. Jake really shoots himself in the foot by PROTECTING OLIGARCHS.They are the rich ones. Mitt Romney  protects them! Romney is Morman and his Morman Zionism was just achieved. - he's in Utah! Wake up!

Richie from Boston
Homeless Paradise victims living in Death Valley https://youtu.be/y4b2vespyI4
14 Jan 2019, headed for Utah https://youtu.be/EOOh9ifAh3A
I don't recommend this video since Americans mass murdered Americans on September 11 and at Paradise! Who's the Enemy?  The Satanic Underground Illuminati! Watch Ted Gunderson, RIP!      ---- I lost the link
This Congressman is right and why is Washington murdering us??? https://youtu.be/0MkQXQLPcQQ
Change of heart by Richie from Boston! AMERICANS ARE KILLING US AND PLANNING THE Man-made, mind controlled APOCOLYPSE! https://youtu.be/WeScvunuidA

Royal News
Biden wants to run for President against Trump. WTF https://youtu.be/5UKtY8Da_2k

Grindall61  - I don't expect to be following much, if at all
Thousands of miles of roadside walls yet Trump wants more money for Mexico wall. https://youtu.be/REWBd-Kvcf0

Prince Phillip car crash, Queen Elizabeth II, and more https://youtu.be/bLSIYCYibZ0

Jimmy Fallon
#Hashtag 7word superpower https://youtu.be/7iukQ1aEYsQ
Behind the scenes in Puerto Rico with Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/lJ9j-vKRwJw
You can't help but be happy when you're in Puerto Rico https://youtu.be/73I-bEgqlJg

Is 5G and Smart Meter Technology Safe? https://youtu.be/XCtYNNDslJk

Facebook comment on Connecticut-born moron's page: That's because the corrupted politicians have been supported and they only feed their crime syndicates! Comey and his brother have a law firm in this state, laundering all the Clinton-CIA crime money from drug trafficking, child sec trafficking, illegal arms sales, which CIA man Oliver North enjoyed being a part of and Brett Kavanaugh frauded records for them, including covering upthe Vincent Foster murder aspart of Kenneth Starrs team of criminals! Who in the White House poisoned Vincent Foster before his dead body was placed at Ft Marcy Park? Who murdered Christopher Ruddy and replaced him with a fat lookalike as a CIA shill CEOof NewsMax, which has absolutely nothing about what Christopher Ruddy was against - corruption! Wake the hell up! Bob Stefanowski had the legal votes and won! But it would be a miracle if the people in this state actually stood up for Justice. The courts are so corrupted here!
Seth Meyers
Trumpty Dumpty's wall fall https://youtu.be/byj85TQq6Yc

Elton John
Lying Australian Media.   Title changed before I finished watching. Title and video are good. If I could fend off Paparazzi for EJ, I sure would. The beast he posesses is struggle from celebrity. He's special, and should be treated special,not like trash! https://youtu.be/fVfRGPsawcw

Pushing for a Militia against Trump Administration, yet supporting Trump --- they are nuts!!! @Sandi C  I MP E A C H.  Tranny TR U M P!!! He's dishonest, deceptive - part of the Satanic Underground ILLUMINATI!!! Transgendered when a child, like themajority who became rich, as part of the OLIGARCHS!  It will stop the bleeding, at least!       https://youtu.be/0MkQXQLPcQQ
@blackstone  WtF! You have no brains of your own and that's by choice! NRA is now led by #IranContra  Clinton drug and arms dealer  Oliver North! He also ordered murder hits! #ImpeachTrump!!! No #5G! www.saveusnow.org.uk
posted 1/20/2019################################################


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