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Ruth Ginsberg Had a Great Fall

And don't forget "beloved Lois Lerner" who enjoyed FRAUDING IRS RECORDS and getting away with it - with Jay Sekulow and others' help!    MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;       Did US Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg really have a fall?        Is this smoke and mirrors?  Note, this blog is Volunteer, no money involved except what I pay for to preserve my domain.  Copy what you want and share - we have to get rid of the ENEMIES WITHIN!        The Deep State        The Shadow Government My TABLE OF CONTENTS are all here: Was this an attempted murder?  Did Kavanaugh set up her fall like he may have poisoned Vincent Foster at the White House before his body was taken to Fort Marcy Park? What about Justice Scalia? Murdered and case was closed - that is how expendable a Supreme Court Justice is!  Someone indeed had poison

Sam Vaknin

Table of Contents to my Blog can be found here:    A Narcissist is attracted to VULNERABILTY   THE NARCISSIST DOES NOT KNOW LOVE THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE - THEY FEEL  THEY ARE ENTITLED  Dr. Sam Vaknin  Topics he has written about  Narcissim Obama  Trump  GW Bush  Many more.... I wasn't going to create this blog post but I just have to make the time to share some things anyway....and it will set you on a research path at least.   "Narcissism results in a "forced self" - and there is no telling what he will do"           I  hope he has analyzed/considered the probability they may ALL be transgendered when children - BECAUSE THEY WERE DEFINITELY FORCED TO BE A DIFFERENT SELF!                 I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE: