Vincent Foster



My THEORY:  Hillary Clinton made a "love visit" to Vincent Foster and poisoned him!
Then her hired thugs shot him in the mouth and took his body to the park! 

The Clinton Crime Family: The Vince Foster Cover-Up 

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  • My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war!  <END OF INSERT>

  • President Trump claims he "needs" to investigate Vincent Foster Death - but oh, we gotta fire Jeff Sessions first because Jeff Sessions is TRUTHFUL!!! 
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    Trump Propaganda vs TRUTH 
    Five Facts about Kavanaugh and so-called Investigation (which was a deliberate cover-up) on Vincent Foster's Death: 

     Trump is deceiving us! 

    Who or what is Our Voice PAC?

    I found this:   OUR MISSION AND PURPOSE
    These following words actually moved up to the main picture and cut it off, even though I pasted all of this at the same time. I have to remove and add the picture again since someone caused that to happen. I will show you a picture of it, yet before I thought of taking a picture I cut and pasted these below words where the belong.  I do NOT recommend anyone to purchase that Trillogy BS unless they are a researcher and can determine the lies and truths and the manipulated intent.  

    Work for a smaller more accountable government that serves the American people. Remove the Establishment machine on both sides of the isle in the 2018 elections and deliver a Constitutional Conservative House and Senate that will back President Trump's agenda and
    Advocate for Constitutional Conservative Supreme Court Judges.

    Put America first!

    Trump just tried to implement Martial Law Oct 3!
    His agenda is far from being an Advocate for anything but his MTF

    FTM tranny self! 

    He's just following the Tranny Obama Plan

    That is why Clintons and their kabal have not been arrested - it isn't like Jeff Sessions has not tried! 
    18 months ago they had tens of thousands of sealed indictments and Trump refused military support to prevent a civil war!  His puppetteers obviously said, "Civil War? That's a great idea...let's spur one!" and when that didn't work, they went back to trying to spur a World War, and Poor Pompeo just can't get it up because the other countries are building more and more support which boxes USA in with little support!  So Trump can't go around attacking any more countries like he did to Syria and Iraq! 

    Get Trilogy

    The first of its kind in a lifetime. A video trilogy specifically for American citizens who want to be well informed about the greatest acts of betrayal in modern history. Learn about the corrupt and evil winners that are responsible for our country’s downward slide into the abyss and the clarion call for U.S. citizens to take a stand.
    The first video, “Not On My Watch”, exposes real and growing election fraud. The second video, “Fake News Kills: Did The Media Let The Clintons Get Away With Murder?” reveals the news censorship of apparent murders. The third and final film, “Who Wins When America Loses?”, uncovers America’s hidden internal “Evil Entity.”

    Election Fraud was also caused on Trump's Watch - especially when it came to Roy Moore of Alabama!  
          First plan:  Accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Assault
                  (Modus Operandi - the Sex thing is an obsession of Transgenders because they cannot procreate from having their genitalia mutilated)

                     That plan failed even though the Senate was in on it!  They did not even get a list of classmate names.  Someone else did OUTSIDE Trump  kabal and exposed it! Exposed lying Gloria Allred!

          Roy Moore gained much more support because of the lies!  He surely would have won if it was not for ELECTION FRAUD

               So Kavanaugh wanted to use the fake Sex Assault scenario (first saying it was rape, but altering it because they knew they couldn't get away with that) figuring HE, the liar, would gain just as much publicity as Roy Moore, who is honest.  

           Smoke and Mirrors!  Wake Up!! 

    Ambassador Stevens sister is a Dr. in Seattle, WA.  Her dept received a hefty grant from Obama Administration after her BROTHER was murdered! 

    Vincent Foster Was Murdered!

    Trump's BS about "needing and investigation" is a deceptive trick!

    He knows damn well that Brett Kavanaugh was the one who frauded records!

    I have copied and pasted from the Kavanaugh blog post and don't have time to do anymore on this post - I really wasn't planning on making one with Vincent Foster's name

                             BUT THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP!  

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    The Corbett Report
    Goes through the Vincent Foster Murder in professional detail  

    Modus Operandi

          The Political Social Engineers did the same thing with Ambassador Steven's Death - got his sister to say the same damn thing to cover up Hillary murdering Ambassador Stevens!  #ClintonDeadPool 

               Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson to give Mike Pompeo "emergency immunity" because Pompeo is obviously a CIA operative who made the explosive-filled drones that were actually "mini Boeings" in appearance.  A real Boeing 747 is WIDER than the WTC building was!  See my blog post on September 11

         Trump gave John Bolton, another September11 planner - emergency immunity!  Bolton was the Undersecretary of Firearms And Weapons!  He got all the military explosives to mass murder over 3,000 people!  

           Hillary Threatens that if she is arrested, she is going to name names in Washington - so the career criminals in the Washington, DC  are covering up for her!  




    This video is about Brett Kavanaugh FRAUDING RECORDS

    My comment:  Here it is July 4, 2018 when you report this. You obviously had no knowledge of the fake sex assault claim by CIA operative Christine Ford!  Yet she reported that RIGHT AFTER TRUMP ISSUED HIS SHORT LIST, SHE JUST HAD TO DO SOMETHING - BULL SHIT!  The CIA scrambled when YOUR video here was released!  They are a cesspool of corruption in the Senate - few are honorable!  Most of them should be in prison! The Short List was released November of 2017!  

    The Vince Foster Cover-up, another good video to watch, for additional info!

    The Clinton Crime Family – 

    the Vince Foster Murder 

    Coverup –

                And this what the Senate uses to qualify Kavanaugh!  Being a career Criminal – a FRAUD for CIA – for Clinton Crime Family – which is RELATED to Bush Crime Family!  GHW Bush is Bill Clinton’s real father!  Hillary Clinton is cousin to GW Bush!  They probably are the ones who inspired “I’m My Own Grandpa” 

    Can the Real Chris Ruddy Stand Up?
    or - did CIA kill and replace him?  

    Fornshill, Security Guard for CIA testified because he was there - why was he there?  location:  about 18min on this video: 

    Ken Starr's father was an OSS agent. OSS was replaced by CIA! 

    Before picture in 1990's (to be posted)

    Chris Ruddy had constant death threats and more -
     for seeking the TRUTH! 

    CBS used shadowing and probably other camera deception to alter Mr. Ruddy's look - most likely PLANNING on replacing him!  This is certainly a great concern of mine.  This man went through tremendous stress from CBS smear campaign and the Clinton Crime Syndicate - AND DID NOT GAIN WEIGHT!
    He had a girlfriend; he was not homosexual.  Nor did ANYONE report it. Wallace would surely have said something if it was even a minor concern, since CBS was on a smear campaign of Chris Ruddy.

    After picture as Newsmax founder-CEO (to be posted)

         This is either a different man, maybe even a clone - or he was heavily tortured by CIA.  

    Chris Ruddy was MORE bald in the early 1990s - do you really think he would have gotten a hairjob?  It seems out of character of who he was and THIS Ruddy is completely out of character!  

    Also, there is no "crease" over his lip in the 1990's - that is like adding a dimple - it just doesn't happen.  I am sure he would not have had that deliberately done by a plastic surgeon.  I presume most people would agree that would not be logical. 

    My Notes on The Clinton Crime Family - The Vince Foster Coverup
    (Video is 2 1/2 hrs)

    10/15/2018:  Note, Brett Kavanaugh is now getting people like US Survival channel on YouTube to spread that Mr. Knowlton AND Christopher Ruddy were homosexuals - this is PROPAGANDA, PEOPLE AND ONLY FRAMES KAVANAUGH MORE!  Not one time was there info on this - Hillary Clinton is a lesbian, most of us know that!  If she managed to have an affair with Mr. Foster, I am sure things unravelled in Washington.  Yet my impression is that they wanted Vincent Foster for image and dang - he really doesn't like crime and they had to get rid of him.  Marriage scandals bring business, that is why National Inquirer made so much money!  Decide for yourself. 

    An error I had made regarding Jeff Sessions was I thought he was the one who Clinton fired at this time - it was William Sessions, FBI Director, who was doing the Clinton probe. See my blog post on Robert Snodgres if you have time. I typed a transcript of the video.  He tells who, what, why the OK City bombing occurred - ordered by Bill Clinton. A CIA job.  


    The 60 Minutes Deception [Vince Foster: The cover-up, the FBI & the Press]

    2:44:43 min THE 60 MINUTES DECEPTION”
    Hopefully my hand-written notes are in order….here it goes!

    Vincent Scalise
                NYPD Investigator speaks of the crime scene being botched

    Kevin Fornshill
                Says no blood at the scene except for blood coming out of mouth
                            (reflecting of poisoning)
                Kevin emphasized that there should have been brain tissue, lots of blood, etc – which would indicate a real gun shot to the head. 
                Neighbors across the street should have heard the gun shot.
                Clinton “investigators” claimed his head muffled the sound, which is preposterous since the sound comes from the part that was not put in the mouth. 

    Cory Ashford
                Didn’t see any blood.  He put his hands under Foster’s upper torso and head.  He saw no exit wound even.  No blood.  He didn’t even wash his hands after moving the body.

    Wound on Foster’s neck – covered up by the Medical Examiner
                The suicide was a hoax

    Robert Fiske
                He was required to investigate the death of Vincent Foster. Media reported he was fired, aka “He got caught and Clinton had to hide him”

    Liberators – the story had been fabricated, they report
    Article:           The Exaggerators, by Jeffrey Goldberg
                            Ref to Black Soldiers and Buchewald
    Simon Sebag Monetfiore is the author of the novel Kings Parada (Penguin)
    EG McConnell, WWII Vet, 761st All Black Tank Battalion. 
    Chris Ruddy spoke to me, he read books. “Liberators was a camouflaged Lie”
    “Ruddy was persistant, he got to the bottom of it”
    6/1994 – Vince Foster’s death was a suicide. Fisk engaged in a cover up
    Ambrose Evans Pritchard, Journalist – critical info was simply deliberately left out!
                Robert Fiske was systematically altering evidence
                Secret Ties to Clinton and including Whitewater scandal – and underhanded plan to fire William Sessions, former FBI Director. He was investigating Clinton
                Sessions’ investigation was seriously complicated; he was committed to it
    Article:           Fiske Ousted in Whitewater Case; move is a Surprise – by Sara Fritz
                Three judge panel fired Fiske and replaced him with Kenneth Starr
    Article:           Foster Eyewitnesses Ignored – by Christopher Ruddy
                Cover up – criticized by law enforcement experts.  Fiske’s actions were deporable
    Dec 13, 1994 – Secret WH conf memo drafted detail and myriad of scandals facing the Clintons along with the attorney trying to diffuse each scandal.  Foster’s death was primary issue. Chris Ruddy had been singled out for neutralization.
    Reed Irvine
                Chairman, Accuracy Media
    The Whitehouse prepared a task first – all these problems were popping up
                Scandals, etc.
                The only journalist named was Chris Ruddy
    12:30 min (location  on video)
    The Whitehouse was “concerned” about journalist Christopher Ruddy and what he was doing.  They planned to smear Ruddy using other media.  Attorney Hamilton, Foster Family’s own attorney, was in on it.  Ruddy got a call from 60 Minutes – Mike Wallace – to produce a segment on Vince Foster case.  Ruddy was told it was to get to the Unanswered Questions.  Ruddy agreed, unaware of the secret WH memo and didn’t realize he was being set up.  10/8/1995:  Mike Wallace uses Jim redding to report he took his life – all set up to destroy Christopher Ruddy. Destroy Murdock.  They spend half the time attacking Ruddy and not looking at the facts of Ft. Marcy Park.  Deroy is a Syndicated columnist. They didn’t want to get to the bottom of this. They just went after Chris to attack Chris Ruddy, a hard working journalist.
                They went into it with the idea of showing Foster committed suicide in the part – just like the Park Police and Fiske Report said, “Rather than get the fact from Ruddy, they went on an a characterization attack.”
                The interview made Ruddy believe the facts he presented would be aired by they weren’t.  They cut them out. The interview was 3 hours.  It was obvious, Ruddy had been edited out of context – cut off at mid-sentence.  In an effort to make him appear coherent. 
                It’s par for the course for 60 Minutes to do a hatchet job!
    Article:           Was CBS Killing The Messenger
                                        Investor’s & Business Daily
                On The show:  “They barely let me speak at all, and most of the time they wouldn’t let me finish a sentence.”  - Ruddy
    Thomas McArdle
                Reporter, Investor’s & Business Daily
                “You can take…short answers and put that out of context to the segment and again make the interview look extremely bad..That is exactly what’s done to Chris Ruddy”
                Very shortly after this 60 Minutes aired Chris Ruddy, Accuracy Media aired “The Other Side of The Story” that was live.  In that case, Chris was extremely sharp.  He obviously knew that Vince Foster case inside and out.  Ruddy referred to the botch job made by 60  Minutes – Mike Wallace.  He quoted Sessions about it being a compromised investigation – faxing Mike Wallace the very statement made to prove it – 60 Minutes only wanted to help the compromised agenda.  Thereafter, people refused to go on 60 Minutes because they proved they were dishonest. 
                Citizens For Honest Government – videos
                            1.        The Death of Vincent Foster – What Really Happened?
                                                    NOT produced by Jerry Falwell, erroneously reported by 60 Minutes Mike Wallace
                            2.        Unanswered:  the Death of Vincent Foster
                                        Mike Wallace Agenda: to dismiss Video No. 1 through lies, as “Out to Get Bill Clinton”
                                        Video 2:  60 Minutes did the same thing to “Strategic Investment” which sponsored the video.  Deceptively failed to show Jim Davidson’s real background.  They claimed Davidson was a big time contributor  to Bill Clinton 1992 campaign.  In communication with Bill Clinton for years.  He was NOT out to get Bill Clinton.
                                        (the reverse was true)
    The Western Journalism Center
                Sold only 1,000 videos and made $30,000. 60 Minutes falsely reported they made $1/2 million!
    James Davidson, Editor of Strategic Investment
                Detailed Ruddy’s reporting.  Also detailed story in Boston Globe by Charles M. Sennot, that Vincent Foster was left-handed (and the gun was placed in his right hand – and why would the gun even be in his hand if he blew his head off?)
    The Boston Globe was similarly-situated with Chris Ruddy. 60 Minutes pinned someone else’s mistake on Ruddy
                60 Minutes reported Foster was right-handed
                            But idiot Mike Wallace failed to explain why the gun was even in his hand since he was supposed to have shot himself! 
                            He inflated that Ruddy acknowledged the error and tried to distance himself from the tape.
                            LIES BY 60 MINUTES
                                        No fingerprints
                                        The Gun was not even registered by Foster
                                        No evidence it was shot, though they reported it
                                        If The gun was shot in his mouth, as reported
                                                    It would be in close contact with his skin
                                                    Should have been blood all over it
    Dr. Haut reported to Wallace significant quantity of blood was at the scene to validate  Foster died there. 
    By getting FBI Director William Sessions fired, Clinton could hide all the evidence!
    Additionally, the OK City Bombing of the Murrow Bldg was set up because Clinton got Janet Reno to order all Clinton Investigation files (several boxes) to be taken there and they blew up the bldg using CIA operatives – to cover up his files.  Clinton deliberately wanted as many people killed as possible to distract the public! See
    Typical Mike Wallace ambush journalism
    27:37 min
    Tape recorded statement from Dr. Haut
    Wallace was on a smear campaign against Christopher Ruddy
    Haut had no legal standing to rule on cause of death
    Ambrose Evans Pritchard, journalist, was astonished on how they treated Chris Ruddy
    60 Minutes REFUSED Ruddy’s tape of Dr. Haut
                Dr. Haut said blood was in the back of the head, matted (contrary to the guy who said he didn’t even see an exit wound – several others who had seen the body said the same thing) Emphasis of little blood.
    Kevin Fornshill was used as an expert witness.  He did not investigate murders. He was security.
                Falsification of records!
                Fornshill filed lawsuit against Ruddy. Wallace failed to admit that the judge  threw the case out – only claimed the lawsuit was filed!
    Patrick Knowlton – first witness at the crime scene.  Suspicious man seen.  He reported it.  FBI documented it but Fiske removed it!
    Article:  Foster Case:  Witness “Treated Like a Suspect”
    36:33 min
    John Bates and Brett Kavanaugh only were interested in discrediting Mr. Knowlton’s testimony, to help the Clintons get off.  “They gave me very little time to focus in on my testimony at Fort Marcy Park”
    Article:  Missing Briefcase Could Be Key In Solving Vince Foster Mystery
    Ambrose E.P.: They did not seem interested in what happened at Fort Marcy Park. Instead they only seemed interested to discredit him as a witness.  His whole experience changed my view of this investigation until then – I’d been willing to give them the benefit of doubt.
    Kenneth Star, Independent Counsel Who Replaced Fiske
                Brett Kavanaugh worked under Kenneth Star
    Mike Wallace deliberately neglected:
    1.        article :           Missing Briefcase Could Be Key in Solving Vincent Foster Mystery , by Christopher Ruddy
    2.        Foster’s eyeglasses were 19 feet from the body
                Reed Irvine, Chairman, Accuracy In Media
                            Shares what Mike Wallace said:  “Maybe he threw them away, decided he didn’t need them anymore”
    o   But Mike, what about the gunpowder on the glasses?
    o   There were homes across the street – no one heard the gun shot
    o   They never found the fired bullet (38 calliber,gun no registration doc)
    Article:           Forensic Experts Doubt Foster Suicide Finding
                Totally inconsistent with a real suicide by gunshot to the head

                Dr. Henry Lee stepped in to “investigate”
                            The funny thing about Dr. Lee – he made his claim to fame on UNSOLVED CASES – NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING!

    Article:           More Questions About Foster’s Suicide
                Ruddy’s statements of facts were clipped out of the 60 Minutes episode
                            Mike Wallace even mimicked Ruddy on the 60 Minutes show
    Dr. Donald Haut
                Medical Examiner
                Told Ruddy there was not blood behind the body
                            Yet Haut claimed to 60 Minutes that there was no suspicious lack of blood and denied he told Ruddy there was an unusual lack of blood.  Chris Ruddy said Haut changed his story. Haut denied he did.
    FBI Statement:       “Haut did not recall seeing blood on the decedent’s shirt or fact and no blood was recalled on the vegetation around the body”
    Excerpt from 60 Minutes
    Wallace:        Oh, was there gun powder?
    Irvine:            Yes. They showed that they’d been near his face or on his face when the shot was fired.

    Vincent Scalise, Investigator/Expert: Any way those glasses could have flown 19 feet is if they had wings
    Article:           Police Failed to Find Keys To Foster’s Car At Park, by Chris Ruddy
    There was no dirt on Foster’s shoes:    …Managed to transport himself telechanisus through a dusty field in the middle of the drive…sometime about 750 feet…there’d be chemicals and dirt on his shoes…
    Scalise:         The FBI report indicates there were no TRACES of soil on the shoes, even. They performed three separate tests.  Soil would have been on his shoes walking that distance, yet FBI reported not even a trace. 
    Why was there no dirt on the shoes? Says Irvine
                Conclusion:  Evidence was moved to the park
                Conclusion:  Mr. Scalise says, “It’s my conclusion after thorough investigation that the body undoubtedly was transported to the park”
    40:14 min
    Mike Wallace tried to evade the question
    Irvine:            There’s more evidence that the body was moved than there’s evidence that he died in the park because there is no forensic evidence that he died in the park – contrary to what you said.  You said that the forensic evidence shows that he pulled the…etc. etc.  There is no evidence to show that.
    Wallace:        Well.
    Irvine:            You name me one piece of forensic evidence that proves that he died…
    Wallace:        Reed, all I want…
    Irvine:            One piece, one, tell me one piece of forensic evidence that proves he died in the park.
    Wallace:        I will, I tell you what…
    Irvine:            One, one
    Wallace:        I, I, I will.
    Irvine:            One, just one
    Wallace:        You know what?  (Wallace laughs and it pisses off Irvine)
    Irvine:            Name one
    Wallace:        I….
    Irvine:            One, just one lousy piece!  I mean, you studied, you said you examined all these, all the questions…
    Wallace: it (laughing)
    Irvine:            Yeah. (Confirmation he has nothing)
    Wallace:        You know perfectly well, Reed, that no matter what evidence – forensic or otherwise, that I…
    Irvine:            Mike, try me.  Name one!
    Wallace:        Alright, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I won’t do it on the telephone. I’ll put it on paper.
    Irvine never got anything from Mike Wallace in writing.
    Same Evidence bag from the house?  WTF
    The clothes were covered in carpet fibers because the park police placed them in the same evidence bag which resulted in cross contamination
    Wallace defends:    “And since all of his clothes were put into one bag, his clothes would probably have carpet fibers on them”
    Scalise:          Mr. Wallace’s statement about carpet fibers being cross-contaminated because everything was placed in one evidence bag simply does not hold water.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  Because Mr. Foster’s jacket (#10) and I believe his tie (#11) were found in the auto and they also had carpet fibers and not in the same bag.
    The so-called suicide note, found without fingerprints and torn, in the bottom of Foster’s briefcase had been ruled to be forged by leading experts
    Article:           Experts Say Foster “Suicide” not forged, by Christopher Ruddy
                                        This title seems inconsistent with the film, so I may have written it down wrong.
    42:37 min
                Expert further explains in detail on this film
    Scalise:          The note or piece of paper can be ripped up in 28 pieces, leaving NO FORENSIC EVIDENCE of a person unless obviously the person wore gloves or took other precautions not to leave fingerprints
    43:39 min
    Another man, maybe A.E.P.
                “There were no fingerprints on the note, which you’re to believe, I suppose.  Foster sat down in July, put on gloves to write a suicide note but then ripped the thing into 28 bits and kept one of them, which had his signature, I presume.  The fact that people can absorb this nonsense is dangerous.  We’re becoming more non-sensical by the moment.  As we put up with the cover up and crime they decide to hide.”
    Article:           Foster’s Death: What and When Did the WhiteHouse know? By Christopher Ruddy
    44:10 min
    Wallace also decided to refuse the descrepancies regarding when the WhiteHouse was notified of the death
    Ambrose E.P.:         I believed for a long time that the WhiteHouse got an early tip-off of the death
    Article:           Time Riddle in Foster Death, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
    The official time of notification was 8:30 (p.m.)  I think that there’s a lot of evidence to suggest a new probability by 7 o’clock.
    In which case, why did they falsify the documents? There must have been some purpose behind this.  What did they do in that window of time?
    44:42 min
    Article:           Congress Eyes Motives In Foster Office Search
                Delayed discovery of note puzzling
    Did they examine Foster’s office in that period? Rather than rely on investigation themselves, 60 Minutes relied on Rep Congressman William Klinger falsely implying that Klinger conducted a thorough homicide probe with a full committee.
    Wallace (on 60 Minutes):            Congressman Bill Klinger, the Republican leader on the Gov Oversight Committee, launched his own investigation into Vince Foster’s death – after several months, Klinger and his oversight committee staff concluded that Vince Foster indeed killed himself
    Wallace:        You’re satisfied that Vincent Foster killed himself?
    Klinger:          I am. I really feel that
                            I’ve had more exposure to examination involving the death than any other member of Congress
                But Klinger is no expert!
    Dan Burton, R,  US Congressman
    Burton:          Congressman Klinger who is the Chairman of the Gov Oversight Committee told 60 Minutes that he knows more about this subject than any member of Congress.  And although I have high regard for Rep Klinger, he never interviewed the confidential witness, although he had an opportunity to do so and he never read his sworn deposition which was also verified.  And Mike Wallace went into great detail during this interview about the gun was found in Foster’s right hand. He said the critics of the investigation incorrectly stated that Foster was left-handed. Well, that misses the point entirely!  When the confidential witness discovered the body – he looked very carefully, within 18  inches of Mr. Foster’s face. He looked very carefully and he saw no gun in EITHER HAND
    If the confidential witness was Knowlton, this is not true. Knowlton testified right even on this video that he did not know someone died until he watched the news on TV and recognized the car
    Had Mr. Knowlton seen a dead body, he would certainly have called it in!  He saw a suspicious man who scared him off. He only went there to pee and leave anyway, as reported. 
    Klinger signed off on Fiske Report and became Mike Wallaces’ “authority”
    Claiming Ruddy who did an investigative report, must be wrong.  This is reasonably typical of a lot of work 60 Minutes does.
    Jon Benet Ramsey case, CO:  botched investigation.  Fingerprint of Karr, a school teacher in the area, was on evidence.  14 years later, Karr is found where Obama has a mansion – Thailand.  The President of Thailand was holding him for numerous child sex assault charges, maybe murder. Obama cut a deal with him, “Drop all charges and he will face justice in USA” -  but he did NOT!  Obama sent him first class, pd by USGov, to LAPD, then CO. District Attorney/Prosecutor DROPPED CHARGES, claiming his BUTT PRINT DID NOT MATCH! It was a fingerprint! Nothing of which 60 Minutes gave any attention to!
    Klinger defined an indentation in Foster’s thumb as evidence of recoil
                (The gun would NOT have remained in his hand if he had shot himself!)
    46:54 min
    Scalise:  You would not get a mark on the thumb simply from pulling the trigger.  That’s not going to leave a mark on the thumb.  What might leave a mark on the thumb would be the fact that the gun had laid in that position and in that area on the thumb for a certain amount of time.
                “The Park Police indicated Foster’s thumb had rested in the trigger for several hours prior to the body’s discovery
                            Some sort of a mark or indentation
                But certainly simply from not pulling the trigger. I’ve never seen anything like that. 
    Klinger has no experience with homicide investigations.
                He purposely refused to interview key witnesses
                            Park Police Officer/Security
    Dr. who never conducted an autopsy and without legal and professional standing was used as a witness
    Jim Hamilton, Foster Family Atty
    Attorney who was identified as a WhiteHouse Surrgate
    Hamilton: “They would all have to be incompetent or they are all engaged in a conspiracy – makes Watergate look like a minor shenanigan” (no relevance)
    Hamilton was given positions by Clinton which made him money, gave him status
    Kenneth Starr was on a “massive hunt” for the missing bullet (two years later!)
    Ambrose E.P.: “60 Minutes failed to inform the American Public that this investigation (for the missing bullet) was going on.”
                Mike Wallace’s “job” was to deceive the public; and if it passed the “litmus test” (aka successful deceit) , then they wouldn’t proceed looking for the fake bullet!)
    Congressman Dan Burton: 
                Mike Wallace claimed every member of Congress agreed with the conclusion (not true)
                He did not mention that the independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, has re-opened the investigation.  Mr. Starr’s attorney, 
    Miguel Rodriguez, Assist US Attorney
    Spent this summer questioning – and this was before a Grand Jury.  The FBI’s back at Ft. Marcy Park – just a couple weeks ago
    More than two years after Vince Foster’s death – looking for the bullet that killed him. #UnansweredQuestions
                            (Wallace is a liar!)
    Article:           Ex-Prosecutor Can Show Apparent Cover-up in Foster Death Probe
    Starr’s lead prosecutor
                            Miguel Rodriguez, Assist US Attorney
                                        Claims forensic evidence that the FBI deliberately distorted photos of Vincent Foster’s neck
    Article:           Foster’s Death Discrepancies Are Abundant: Did His Neck Suffer Trauma?
                Concealing the neck trauma contributed to the suicide agenda
    Article:           Prosecutor’s Resignation Comes At Crucial Point  In Foster Probe
    Mark H. Tuohey – activist Democrat, Chief Deputy In Charge of Foster Probe
                Close ties to Clinton Administration
    Prof Marrs  (Marrs is the man from TX who did much investigation on JFK murder, yet failed to determine that Jackie Kennedy, a MTF transgender, was the one who blew his head off, smearing the blood on “her” dress by saying she had to look for his scalp) said that we should seek a more representative jury – a jury that looks like America.  I’m not sure what that means.  But as an advocate, I don’t want a jury rammed down my throat that thinks like America.
    Tuohey saught to close down the Foster inquiry and was later allowed by Starr to join Hillary’s former law firm, the Rose Law Firm – before Starr’s very own office.  Starr then brought in Dr. Henry Lee (famous for NOT solving crimes = WTF)
                (Henry Lee was OJ Simpson’s CHIEF DEFENSE EXPERT)
    to close down the Foster Case. Mike Wallace had been given permission by the WhiteHouse to work behind the scenes with Dr. Lee to help  discredit Ruddy.
    Article:           Foster’s Death: Lee’s Findings Questioned
    Prior to the 60 Minutes Broadcast –
    Wallace:        You know I want out at the park while – as a matter of fact, I was out there with Harry (sic) Lee
    Irvine:            Well, that was some…that was before they started this hunt
    Wallace:        uh-uh
    Irvine:            No?
    Wallace:        No, no
    Irvine:            How long ago?
    Wallace:        About 10 days ago
    Irvine:            Oh really?
    Wallace:        Yeah
    Irvine:            Well, you see, you see You’re privileged. They won’t let anybody else across those…
    Wallace:        I know it. I know it.
    52:54 min
                In light of 60 Minutes inability to provide one piece of evidence that Foster committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park and despite their refusal to examine any evidence to the contrary, Wallace’s astonishing introduction in the July 19 (28 on 1996 rebroadcast to the Segment, on screen – same number of pieces the note was ripped into, strange) was especially dishonest.
    Wallace:        Foster’s body was found three years ago in Ft. Marcy Park outside Washington and a few right wing groups still contend ________ evidence to the contrary that Foster did not commit suicide – that he was murdered.  And that 60 Minutes was part of a coverup when we failed to confirm foul play in our report last October.
    Wallace began his career in entertainment and as a product-pusher on commercials.  ie, Peter Pan Peanutbutter Game Show host also.
    Michael Jackson’s face was mutilated by the plastic surgeon who Pepsi Co. paid to do reconstructive surgery on his scalp, from the Pepsi attack – when his hair was set on fire.  Yet this scumbag mutilated Michael’s nose especially – and Michael said, “They wanted me to look like Peter Pan”
    Pepsi paid for the murder of the President of Chile, just because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country.  My father told me this story in brevity in 1978 because the attorney who took over my case, which I was almost murdered in, was relative to Donald Kendall, the CEO of Pepsi.  My father said, “Don’t expect them to ever be your friend” and told me brief details of that murder.
    Executive Producer Don Hewitt  claimed that Wallace’s gruff demeanor made him a natural for the type of show-boat journalism he quickly perfected.
                60 Minutes raked in 100’s of millions of dollars in advertising
                Established Wallace as one of America’s top celebrity journalists
    Article, 1994:          Producer 60 Minutes Tears Secretly Taped Writer
                By Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
                Wallace secretly taped a fellow journalist in his office.  60 Minutes producer, Robert Anderson, the same man who produced the story on Vincent Foster, assisted with the deception.  Both were sharply criticized by CBS News President (whatever that means, could be all show) – Eric Ober
                “Wallace and Anderson had violated CBS News Standards and journalistic ethics” – Eric Ober
    Wallace admitted to Washington Post that he had used unethical tactics in his quest for ratings. “You don’t like to lie baldly, but I have, it depends on your motive”
    54:45 min
    Articles:   *60 Minutes Controversy
    *CBS Rebukes Wallace, Producer
                Washington Post
    Wallace:  Malpractice?  Absolutely.  We had lied to an interviewer
    Article:           Tort TV.  CBS Legal Guarantees to 60 Minutes Source Muddy Tobacco Story
    Wallace Attempted to attack the Brown & Williams company. Attacked credibility of an employee
    Article:           Muddy Tobacco Story Subject Was Given Indemnity Against Libel Lawsuits
                Veto Power Over Report
                A $12,000 Consulting fee

    Mike Wallace, National Press Club 3/14/1996
    Woman:        Why did you hire the source from BMW, Mr. Weigan as a $12,000 consultant and do you condemn paying sources?
    Wallace:        No, we do not condone paying sources
    1981  Preparing a program on insurance fraud
                Wallace said:           Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print and the phony insurance policies
    Wallace later apologized but received no further reprimand from CBS
    Deroy Murdock, Syndicated columnist
                Disgusted with Mike Wallace
    1992 – Clinton asked press a favor regarding Jennifer Flowers affair
    Don Hewitt:             And they came to us because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to lose right there.  And they needed some first aid.  They needed some bandaging. 
                What they needed was a paramedic.  So they came to us and we did it and that’s what they wanted us to do.  When I told him…
                Jennifer Flower Interview
                Wallace said:  Why?
                He said:         You got him the nomination
                Hewitt:          I know that
                                        Berny Nausbam knew that David Gergen knew that Lloyd Cutter certainly knows. Lloyd had a hand coming on him that night.  It was a strong medicine, the way I edited it.  He was a very sick candidate.  He needed strong medicine.  And I’m not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination. 
    57:47 min
    Clinton:         That allegation is false.  Hillary proceeds to lie and a light smashed on her. I presume someone got pissed and pulled the cord probably. 
    More info regarding the Clinton liars/Clinton Crime Syndicate.  Ties with 60 Minutes and dirty Republicans
    April 1997 – Wallace portrays extremely “honest image” of (Chelsea Clinton’s real father, who just got out of prison from committing one or more felonies)
    59:09 min
    Webster Hubbell, AG of US (?), who had just been in prison 17 months for  mail fraud.  Close friend and confidante of Clintons.
                Renigged on his plea agreement with Kenneth Starr, refusing to cooperate with the Foster investigation.
                Hubbell gave two completely opposite accounts of Foster’s last days to the FBI and Senate investigations.
                Hush Money – and Resignation from DOJ
                Wallace had delicate treatment of this convicted Federal felon
    1:00:04 min
    Hubbell Interview clip
    In a recent PLAYBOY interview, Mike Wallace had admitted he sexually harassed his female co-workers at CBS
    Playboy:        MIKE Wallace smoked dope?  That’s pretty hard to fathom
    Wallace:        I remember one time with my daughter Pauline.  We were with friends of hers from Haiti. They were her age.  When we went to her apartment after dinner, I didn’t know what the hell they were smoking, but it wasn’t just pot.  I think it was hash or something. I took a drag or two, to be a good sport – and I really got –
    Playboy:  A rush?
    Wallace downplayed Clinton drug charges
    Article:           Clinton Took Cocaine While In Office  by Anderson ---
    Article:           Whitewater probe leads to coke dealer
                                        Clinton’s association with drug traffickers
    Anybody else wonder how a Bush shill decided on naming his company Blackwater? Bush is half-brother to Bill Clinton; cousin to Hillary

    60 Minutes produced interview with Don Tyson, President of Tyson Foods – to boost Tyson’s image – omg
    1:01:04 min
                Wallace covered up crime syndicate!
    Article:           Tyson: Questions Raised About Clinton Alliance
    Pay to Play
    Wallace also blatently ignored reems of drug files from DEA and Arkansas State Police documenting Tyson’s involvement in narcotics trafficking and murder for hire. 
    One document revealed that Tyson had been kept above the law for nearly 2 decades because of his connections to Bill Clinton.
    Wallace was well aware of the existence of these documents prior to the broadcast of Tyson
    Robert Anderson – again creates coverup this time for Tyson
    Article:           Reno calls on doubters to let Foster rest in peace
    Mike Wallace achieved cover up, not truth!
    I slowed up taking notes but this video proceeds with still important recaps
                Unchecked powers
                The Government is corrupt
                The FBI engaged in coverup
                            (once Clinton fired William Sessions, that is!)
    Wallace is a pseudonym! 
    It’s hard to have a free country if you don’t have a free press!
    “We are surrogates aka Operation  Mockingbirdbrains  - chosen representatives – for the audience in the broadcasting that we undertake to do” – Mike Wallace
    Possibly you can still obtain the book on his death:
                The Death of Vince Foster; What Really Happened?
    1:08 min
    Documents are shown
    Foster’s wife Lisa did NOT want him to go to the WhiteHouse, she wanted to stay in Arkansas.
    Article:           New Doubt On Foster Suicide
                Responsibility for the investigation was turned over to the Park Police, who were NOT qualified to do investigation, let alone have the legal right.  This fell under FBI jurisdiction.
                6 months later, FBI was engaged (obviously Janet Reno replaced William Sessions)

    Little blood – confirmed by Sgt George Gonzales as in consistent with reality
                He was hired to investigate
    Gene Wheaten, Special Agent, USArmy CID: “The events clearly represent coverup”
                Gunshot to the mouth results in blowback of blood, brain tissue, from mouth, nose and ears – there was none
                Back of skull (exit wound) – did not exist
                38 caliber results in gases in head when fired and causes it to blow up
    Dr. Richard Mason – opposed the report
    EMF Tech Cory Ashford said he didn’t even see an exit wound and there was no blood
    No box of bullets for a 38 caliber in Foster’s home – he couldn’t have just purchased a few bullets
    Classic assassination scenario!
    “Don’t believe what you hear. It was not suicide”
                Says Web Hubbel years later
    Pillip Carroll, Sr.  Partner of Rose Law Firm, godfather to Foster’s children says two years later, Nov 1993:  “There had to be foul play involved”
                Note, the Rose Law Firm laundered the drug money for Clintons. They made $100 million a MONTH selling cocaine!
    Since August of 1991, 26 people connected with Bill Clinton have died unnaturally
                8 of these deaths have been ruled suicide
    26 were reported murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in Newtown, CT – where the Church of Satan is.  Nobody really died that day but dirty politicians still pushed the agenda even though it is in the FBI report nobody died, reported by the Special Agent In Charge! 
    Still, Gov Malloy plays the murdered string, when Adam Lanza probably was not even an existing person!

    BOOK:  The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, 

                  by Robert Ruddy


    The Vince Foster Cover-up: The FBI and the Press
    Eddie Clever Channel:

    The Clinton Crime Family - The Vince Foster Cover-up 

    Brett Kavanaugh & Vince Foster: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Dean Arnold discusses Vincent Foster Murder, 2 hrs

                Book, Hillary and Vince 


    AnneMarie said…
    This page was hacked and as I try to fix it, I am prevented! An obvious hacking by Google! I did not first claim that Hillary Clinton poisoned Foster, then claim she got thugs to shoot him in the mouth! How stupid!

    He was poisoned with arsenic or something else that made blood run out of his mouth. There were no entrance or exit wounds. The video that was disabled by the crooked technocrats AFTER I shared it with the Senate Judiciary - was taken down! They don't give a damn about justice-they just cover up crimes and nobody holds them accountable for the jobs they are paid by US Gov to do! Most of their time is spent on taking money! 4/10/2020
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