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I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   TABLE OF CONTENTS <INSERT 11/10/2018> 11/9/2018 Blackstone Intelligence Network Published on Nov 9, 2018 SUBSCRIBED  196K Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.  I stopped following Jake Morphonios after the Paradise, CA attack by the Boeing Lasers which Jake reported Trump purchased five months before the attack = yet Jake did not address this when Paradise, CA was attacked by Laser Weapons even though people were burned to ashes while alive = could be thousands based on the testimonies from many people Jaimee Lee Interviewed on his channel, A Plane Truth - which

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Pitstop of Information October 2018 I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS TOC UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   MY TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;       Prior Pitstops OCTOBER 2018 SEPTEMBER 2018 will not update with TOC note. I have to try later AUGUST 2018 JULY 2018 JUNE 2018 MAY 2018 APRIL 2018 MARCH 2018               JANUARY 2018 - missing link. Refer to Table Of Conte