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Due to not having a domain for almost two years and just getting a domain from Google FINALLY (they refused all this time, telling me "you don't need one") I am now recovering the blog.  4/29/2020

I will be sharing videos on a wide array of projects, including Dollar Tree and General Dollar supplies  -.  these are videos I come across on YouTube


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This is another Crackle Project 

Crackle craft on glass objects   
     Elmer's glue for crackle, Mod Podge for applique 

      I wonder if this would work on plastic. The results may be different yet still fun. I should add a new blog post, Crafts, on my ad-free, unmonitored blog.   
LOL, just goofing off here: 

Bloom Where You're Planted -

      But Just don't lose your bloomers

          while trying......... 

Crafts 9/23/2018

Floral Arrangements

            Please visit our website, and choose one stamp set and ink pad of your choice!  Then send your address and selction to with “WINNER” in the subject line!

            What interested me was its functionality for people who have scars

10 Amazing Craft Projects
            1.        Dog-shaped pencil/marker holder made out of cardboard
            2.        The Letter D – made out of cardboard. Used as a table enhancement, next to a bottle made from crackle process – painted the same colors
            3.        Hashtag Panda set – poster board, matching containers
            4.        Paper flowers – can be used as refrigerator magnets, etc.
            5.        Decorative Child’s school supplies “notebook” that is transportable.  Has roses on the cover, but use what you would like. Closes with a Velcro strap
            6.        Decorative arrangement made inside top and bottom half of coke bottle, which is glued together after arrangement is made
            7.        Container made out of toiletpaper rolls, paper – has a lid
            8.        Vase, container made from glass jars using thin decorative tape
            9.        Peanutbutter jar made into a coin bank
            10.      There were nine crafts; not 10

21 Magical DIY ideas\
What to do with LED bulbs you shouldn’t be using –
1.        turn into Christmas ornaments
2.        mini terrarium
3.        homemade “snowball” you can shake and flip over
4.        cover with twine and place several in a bowl for arrangement
5.        Stencil that broken shade
6.        or – take that shade off and color the lightbulb and it will glow up your room with rainbow colors
7.        Color Canvas with water soluable markers, then squirt water on canvas, dry, frame for wall
8.        Candle holder with sticks arranged around it
9.        Pillow cases dyed using ice cubes to give tie-dye effect without the hassle
10.      Decorative ball to hang using balloon to shape it and pop at end
11.      Fun playmat for toddler using old pillows
12.      Clay containers for small cacti – use clean, empty milk or other containers as molds and cut away when clay is dry
13.      Wiremesh a picture frame and create a tabletop menagerie of live small plants
14.      Operation Crack Pot: use the pieces as part of the arrangement, fill with soil and live plants
15.      Magic wand using a magnet
16.      Tatoo using eyeliner, hairspray
17.      Butterbeer to drink
18.      Glow in the dark “fake” candles which seem to be dangling in the air when lights are out
19.      Brick Illusion for wall, which you can go through
20.      Bake rocks, while still hot, decorate with crayons – for decorative purposes. Not to eat, LOL
21.      Poke eggs for baking, etc – to save for eggshell project. Use as molds for candles
The End
No it ain’t!!! It is only at 11 min and this is a 30-min video
22.      Gift topper – melt wax, crayon and place a flat object on it while still hot to create a funky flower illusion
23.      Melt crayons into molds – placed in oven at 200 degrees.  They can still be used as crayons
24.      Crayon jewelry
25.      Crayon Confetti background; cover with stenciled objects, like dancers
26.      Polymer clay bowl. Roll out with rolling pin; stamp it with a design from a detailed stencil you can get at an art store; shape in a bowl that can be placed in oven; bake and see how nice it comes out
27.      Pencil holder made of clay. Roll in a ball and depress pencil in it in various spots. Use a craft knife to give it a cube-like shape, with a flat bottom.  Bake. It’s done.
28.      Soap holder. Twist strings of clay, then roll in a ball and roll out. Place in a bowl to bake – comes out with a marble effect. 
29.      Small heart cut-outs, poke holes for jewelry.  Use for earrings, necklace…
30.      Decorate foam shapes
31.      Make soap an easy way.  Place small toys in each bar to make it interesting for your kids.
32.      Slice a stand-up toy and glue to bottom of dish; place other part on top of dish to make it appear toy is poking through dish
33.      Fill balloons with water and a dinosaur toy. Freeze.  Kids like to watch them melt. 
34.      Dinosaur wall hanging using wood, nails, string, stencil for pattern
35.      Dinosaur frame for mirror
36.      Framed pictures – take off wall and make cubes with a small light inside
37.      TV tray using leftover parts
38.      Key holder
39.      Washable message board
                        Family Memory Ideas
40.      Family member Hands gripping eachother in (mix of 5 packs of hydrogum and 1 ½ liters of water in a plastic container), creating a mold to pour gypsum in. Let dry and break away the hydrogum – result is a beautiful model of hands holding each other to spray with gold or silver.  (located at about 21 min)
41.      Interesting fold-out cube with pictures on all sides
42.      Scan and print (on transfer paper) child’s painting or crayon coloring. Iron on a T-shirt. Make T-shirts for parents and child – all with the coloring projects of the child
43.      Flour, starch, water – recipe to make molds for hand/foot – to bake and display
44.      Use conductive material for this project!  Cut flowers and use masking tape to arrange on the cloth, pound with a hammer to cause the natural coloring to adhere to the cloth (I suggest you try a patch from the cloth to see how this works out; you may want to use a Q-tip painting process to ensure the colors are vivid) – make a versatile scarf which can be worn different ways – AND protect you or/and your child from radioactive rays! 
45.      As roses from an arrangement begin to wilt, cut them one inch from the buds and stick them through plastic ring cut-outs, to place in a see-through glass bowl of water
46.      Place cut fresh lemons to line the outside of a glass vase from within before putting arranged flowers in it.  FYI:  Lemons repel bugs and can also be used as a surface cleaner, so when they start to dry out, take them out and use them for cleaner. They won’t go to waste. 
47.      Using adhesive tape, arrange small square openings at top of bowl with water. Place flowers that are cut with 1” stem.  Serves as a decorative and aromatic arrangement.
48.      Homemade flower arrangement if you have flowers at home. Use brown paper, syran wrap, dampened heavy paper toweling or  the strips you use for waxing off hair if you have them. They don’t have any harmful chemicals and are durable. 
49.      Make a colorful rug from cut out circles with cotton batting inside before they are gathered, sewn.  Great idea for people with feet problems, too! 
50.      Pom-Pom rug
51.      Snaked cording makes a great “coaster” for large plant
52.      Cement and Sock – dip the sock in mixed cement and place over an empty bottle. Let dry.  Results: Vintage look! 
53.      Coffee cup and evening drink holder
54.      Clock made of coffee cups and lots of color!
55.      TV tray with sides made of wood hangers

56.      The end!  

Next ------- 

100 Best 5-min crafts – hour video

1.        Flower candy holder using the same exact folding used by kids in my days – which you played a game with when it is made of paper and you can open and close it  and select what the secret is when you stop. 
2.        Papercraft:  candy/cookie house for gift-giving
3.        Plastic bottle:  cut up; used as container for candy/food gift. With decorative paper edge for bottom, if square, and paper rolled if round – see video
4.        Cell phone holder using a man’s old tie
5.        Card-making.  Special envelope which opens into a heart and has a photo in it.
6.        More papercraft:  scratch and win card; fish; card opens up with 3-d flower made from a heart shape on post-it-note paper
7.        Diamond Cut-Out. 3-d when the card is opened.  (9:27 min)
8.        Hanging “Chrysanthymums ”
9.        Envelope-flat giftwrapping for a photo, money
10.      Another version of the No. 9
11.      I Love U card which changes from white to red
12.      Playstation for a child
13.      Candy bowl made of foam-fabric; also used to put jewelry in, etc.
14.      Novel Coca Cola bottle made with melted chocolate, filled with m&m candy
15.      Two-colored plant pot; marbalized effect using this easy method
16.      Match box crafted to appear to be a camera
17.      Milk or juice carton with cap; turned into a wallet for a little girl
18.      Snaked rope to make different shaped baskets with
19.      Checkered cover for personal notebook using ribbon (21:25 min)
20.      Pomp oms using a fork; used for collages for chair seat, wall hanging, more
21.      Bunny covers for table legs, to protect hardwood floor
22.      Durable labels for boxes, containers in the kitchen – write on white paper, cover with clear packing tape, cut to size, then soak in water to remove the paper and the tape adheres to object, and writing cannot be washed off.
23.      How to make Yarn Star Ornaments
24.      Balloon filled with confetti which will blow confetti all over when popped
25.      PVA glue project.  Place picture face down, let dry 24 hrs. Sponge with water and remove excess. Picture comes through and you can use Mod Podge for finish.
26.      Tennis ball cut for mouth; happy face. Use for mail, leaving notes, bathroom washcloth, etc.
27.      Cornstarch, baking soda, water: mix and use as mold for baby’s foot, hang on wall.
28.      Hashtag Panda cups.  Use Ceramic paint.  To set paint: bake in 180 degree oven 30 mins
29.      Ceramic white cup, decorated using ceramic paint, ceramic marker  
30.      Baking soda, vinegar, water: mix for sneaker project. Apply on white sneakers to clean them. Let dry and shake off excess.  Ready to paint. Use glow-in-the dark paint for fun
31.      Glowing paint for moons on shirt
32.      Geek shoes using Mod Podge to apply the paper comics, etc
33.      Screen print using embroidery hoop, hose.  Create your design. Modpodge area you do not want to show and the screen is ready to apply to shirts, etc.
34.      Mittens made from an old sweater. You can make them his and her mittens, so they have to hold hands. 
35.      Cover cardboard box with an old shirt; tuck in the sleeves and tie the back. Cat can use the neck opening to get in and out.
36.      Dog bed from an old sweater. Place pillow in torso, sew around. Batting in arms and neck area. Close all seams with sewing.  Pull arms together.  Dog bed is finished.  (34:30 min)
37.      3-D snowflake just from folding and cutting the right way.
38.      Tree ornament of paper; from folding and cutting paper, using gluestick
39.      3-D Ballerina Decorations; using wire, paper
40.      2-D ballerina decoration
41.      Photo refrigerator magnet using jar covers
42.      Decorative jar top; use for bathroom, etc.
43.      Water, glycerol, sequins:  for a snowball.  Glue figurine to inside of jartop
44.      Recycling broken crayons
            a.         Chop up, fill plastic molds with bunnies or whatever
            b.        Bake in oven at 200 for unspecified time.  They melt into the shapes and can be reused.
45.      Create a movie on the wall using convex lens on shoe box and place cell phone in shoe box. 
            For those who want to use the EMF Protection paint *which comes in black only, you can use that room to watch movies.
46.      Create this for your charger and you will never lose it.
47.      How to make giant bubbles
48.      Recycle old towels – using Velcro, make a mop for your Bissel Steam cleaner or other cleaning device!
49.      Paper flowers – to use in your hair, as gift decorations, etc.
50.      Magnetize your makeup and place on a frame that has metal underneath the cloth!
51.      Beautiful flower wall decoration using toilet paper rolls! 
52.      Hair bun using an old sock!
53.      Make a duplicate key using top from a can
54.      Many cleaning uses for toothpaste
55.      Make compost at home using your blender
56.      2-D dancer shown again
57.      Memo holder with adding machine paper
58.      Dye your white flowers by splicing the stems and putting them in water and food coloring
59.      Create a cardboard device which will automatically  fold clothes  evenly – even your child can use it!
60.      Homemade deodorant which you can pour in a deodorant container to roll on.  It looks like they used equal parts baking soda and cornstarch and water.
61.      Homemade snow
62.      Umbrella for icecream
63.      Simple picture frame using a straw to hang it
64.      Patterns made by melting candy
65.      How to preserve candy
66.      Office space-saver
67.      Using the same cardboard container, make space savers for all rooms
68.      Super easy night light:  Hydrogel, water
69.      Oil, water, coloring and ASPIRIN!  - see what it does!
70.      Freeze flowers in icecubes to arrange with champaign bucket for special occasion
71.      Tattoo with eyeliner, baby powder, lotion
72.      Wall assortment for kitchen
73.      Braided rug from cut up towels
74.      How to make beautiful decorative ball-shapes of all sizes
75.      Improve radio reception using a coke can

76.      Either I missed some or they didn’t count right – no biggee!! 


Make a Spooky Tree! All you need is aluminum foil, masking tape, glue or modpodge, a small battery operated tea light, orange or yellow tissue paper. Check this video out! 

Update 4/25/2022

I've been crocheting
Both afghans are C2C stitch 

Fabulous sunrise this morning. 

Now my phone is being hacked - They won't let me enlarge this one. 


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