Insert 10/17/2018. I have been delayed making this blogpost better due to an.unexpected injyry to my leg.

Meantime, I share this video, because it does NOT reflect my viewpoints. Unfortunately, he's changing his reporting style.
 Dahboo 777

10/17/2018 - he's doing more fear mongering than anything else. I doubt I will continue listening to his videos if he keeps this up.  What's all these "support Trump" stories?  Trump is being a freaking bully and ruining Foreign Relations. Well, they aren't taking his shit anymore and forming a new trade alliance to PREVENT war. Meantime more people in USA are dying DAILY than ever before!

Insert 10/9/2018:

Mossad is pushing an agenda, claiming China placed chips in devices MADE THREE YEARS AGO. That alone proves the story has no ground because nothing with chips have been made since - because I Obama was pressured not to order them like that anymore! 🍎

   Trying to blame China has no logic!

🍎 🌹 🍎 🌹 🍎 🌹 🍎 🌹

I love China!  I had the best friends who live in China yet were in New Haven, CT because the husband was doing a post doctoral project on making electricity.  He teaches at Beijing Univ.  We lost touch with each other because Yale University has blocked my email address and they make all our emails go through their server.  We emailed each other for a few years, but Yale did this.  I think the legal culture at Yale is rooted in the Skull & Bones secret society and they have done many evil, satanic things.

I have had some very bad experiences and it is not China's fault. But it is why I hesitated to create a blog post. I was taking Chinese and my Chines teacher was my favorite teacher. I was on my way to the cafeteria and the administration had taken me in custody, which was illegal, lying about my Chines teacher requesting it.  I demanded they show me the documents and they would not.  Everything they did was illegal. I was never expelled from the school because they did not want to be accountable for their crimes.  They instead just threatened to arrest me if I go on campus.  I am sure they are the ones who planned or they at least took part in the plans of the FAKE Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting!  FAKE!  And they helped loot the economy from an estimated ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! Even though the FBI Special Agent in Charge recorded that nobody died, the dishonest Governor of this state and many others followed the criminal Obama plan - and claimed 26 died and they had fake funerals, and took many gifts and money from the public, including myself!

I will need to get back to this.

This will be a nice blog post.  I am ashamed with the Foreign Relations of the Trump Administration. They are deceiving, they lie to China - and I claim the accusations of China stealing intellectual property is secondary to the USA stealing intellectual property FROM EACH OTHER HERE IN THIS COUNTRY - and I am sure they steal it from China and whoever else they can.  Trump has no logical right to accuse China publically for this!  And Trump should face the consequences of being a deceiver on many issues!  He should leave Washington and if he does so promptly, he would be doing himself a favor.  This country is run by fascists - and until the politicians in Washington actually join forces and remove the bad ones who commit crimes, our country will continue to be a fake democracy!

# # #

I will need to get back to this tomorrow, 9/24/2018

My comments were deleted.  I explained there is a delay.

Today, 9/27, I spent all day watching the FAKE hearing on Judge Kavanough - who  is just trying to build a public popularity - so they created this fake accusation which came out of nowhere - all to give him popularity. It obviously is not true.  And Kavanaugh is in on it!  After all, Judge Roy Moore became very popular from the lies Gloria Allred produced and the Senate failed to even investigate - not even getting the list of her client's classmates, which included Roy Moore!  NOT Judge Roy Moore!  He was not the one who signed the yearbook and this lying attorney, Gloria Allred should be disbarred but nobody cares in Washington because everything is FAKE!

Towards the end, a woman  who asked Kavanaugh questions seemed to be spot-on  - yet the bottom line is, she wasn't able to ask the Senate the $100 question!  WHY EVEN HAVE THE HEARING?  Using a fake polygraph on the accuser AND not even issuing a polygraph on Kavanaugh just makes it even more dishonest!

I will be back.  This will be a very nice, meaningful blog post.  You will see....

I will be removing these other messages soon but I am still working on taking hand written notes of the Kavanaugh hearing, to share with professionals.

There is so much internet so dishonesty! I would like to see them held accountable!   Here are a few pictures

My friends from Beijing gave me this beautiful hand made satin dresser scarf/table runner - I will share a better picture soon

They also gave me many hand made, embroidered decorations, which are all missing except for this one. I have not had time to go through all my boxes to hopefully find them, but they were altogether and I think they were stolen from me when I moved to my current apartment. Many things were stolen from me. Many things have been stolen from me my whole life!

Here is a picture my friend's daughter drew for me. She is ahead of me! It looks like she was trying to tell me the world is flat! 

Next, I will show you my father. He was badly treated at the nursing home and my relative who said he would help me find a better nursing home, made my father die and bragged about it. This is what happens when society rewards evil acts! And the priest who helped him is a pedophile. Fr. David Bentley from Albany, NY. The Catholic Church was hiding him in New Mexico. 

His picture was ruined by someone and Docuprint Now Copy Center created a new one from the damaged one. 

I volunteered as a clown and face painted children until Obama ruined clown images so he could get popular as an evil "Jester Of The Royal Court" 
Queen Elizabeth had nothing to do with this
I don't believe Prince Phillip did either

These Jesters are like, or may all be, CIA assets, agents, former agents

I have to stop here now, to work on my notes..😍

10/8/2018 - I feel badly that I cannot do more on this blog post for fun but things are so bad!

Today I just responded to an email and saved it.


Russia was not the one preparing for war!  

Trump is!  And he's also trying to institute Martial Law in USA - career criminal Kavanaugh in US Supreme Court puts him just that much closer! 

Trump is the attacker! 

They are preparing for Defense!!! 

So wake the hell up if you care! 

Trump bombed Syria for no good reason TWO occasions! About 75 bombs!!!! 

Trump attacked Iraq after Iraq bombed the HQ of ISIS in Syria! Trump should have thanked him, but what's going on is DECEPTION!!! 

      Scumbag Obama and his Rothschild shills CREATED ISIS, Fund ISIS! 

         Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was killed by US operatives in Pakistan in 2016! I remember it well! Dr. Seb Gorka, antiterrorism expert tweeted it and it pissed off Obama! Seb Gorka was no longer teaching antiterrorism to FBI at Quantico! 

But do you people really care??? Fear mongering is probably your agenda! That seems to be making you more money! Well wake the freaking up! I hope like hell Russia and China and Iran and all the other countries will even get MORE countries to do military exercises! Trump is being boxed in and

 to hell with the dirty politicians in Washington! To hell with Trump! 


I have been taking notes on the FAKE Senate hearing, which humors Rothschild family....So I try to go back to it on my devices (two are Huaweis and I love them) and now get interfered with this:

"Playing on TV Samsung series" - and it is manipulating! I have to keep working to scan notes in to share because the hearing was FAKE. Very dishonest, very deceptive, but these politicians are VERY STUPID!


Mark Zuckerberg is not Jewish!

Just perform a DNA test! 

His real name is Robert T. Morris, who obviously destroyed tens of thousands of computers in the USA in 1989!  

My Opinions Are My Own 

That was a CIA job!

They obviously gave him a new identity!

He attended Harvard University

He got his PhD from Cornell

He changed his image to cover up for his crime!  

I don't care WHO asks - a crime is a crime!

Consider how many deaths resulted from the Zuckerberg crimes! 

Morris's ancester may have been the one who created Morris code, changed to Morse code

To protect his identity

Used for the first time when Titanic (or the like, since it may not have been the Titanic that sank and they saved the brand new ship and frauded insurance and got rich off it, and also had money to start the Federal Reserve, which most everyone in the REAL society considers to be nefarious) 





From: Anne Bradley
Date:   10/16/2018
Re:  My blog is not accessible to others - why?  Please respond this time. I have sent other messages.

I have sent other messages and do not get a reply.

Why is my blog inaccessible to others?  I share it on facebook or twitter,for instance and when I validate it by clicking on the link I typed correctly, I get message that the blog is incaccessible. WHY? example:



Flat Earth I - The Biggest lie of all EXPOSED

Flat Earth II - The Biggest lie of all EXPOSED. - NASA serves Satan, derived from.Nazi 

I suffered an injury and have been home healing since October 16. I have spent little time on Facebook, primarlily messaging people.


Posted 10/21/2018

SO FACEBOOK LIES AGAIN, ACCUSING ME OF POSTING SOMETHING I DID NOT EVEN POST~  yet even if I had shared my blogpost titled Tranny Watch - I was exercising Freedom of Speech!  

I have not been on Facebook more than 10 minutes total for the past FIVE days because I have been healing from an injury!  

I did NOT post that.  They just want to manipulate me, keep me from saying something more about Pompeo using the UNCONFIRMED DEATH of a Saudi journalist who also has American citizenship - to go to Saudi Arabia to obviously plan nefarious activity! 

    Mike Pompeo was obvioulsy one ofthe September 11 planners, MAKING the explosive filled drones that mass-murdered 3,000+ Americans! 


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  • 10/21/2018


    Blackstone  -  The Dangerous Alliance Between Israel and China

    Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.

    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!!

    Peace To The World, just like Michael Jackson promoted!  Just like Paul McCartney promotes!  Just like Jimmy Fallon Promotes!  Just like World Leaders Promote!  Just like great statesmen in US have promoted!  And many others!  

    No more war!  Washington is a cesspool of corruption!  


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