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Jake R. Morphonios - Rothschild - Soros - McCain ...
Nov 05, 2017 · Jake R. Morphonios is a Republican libertarian conspiracy theorist and I had to think twice about putting this one out because it's all here, the Rothschilds, Soros, John McCain, and the Khazar Jews, but leave that aside and I think he has researched his facts quite well for …

US Family Court 

Complicit in the Deaths of Three Children
Jake Morphonios is a civil rights advocate and North Carolina State Coordinator for Fathers 4 Justice – US. The political opinions of Mr. Morphonios do not represent those of Fathers 4 Justice. Neither Mr. Morphonios nor F4J-US provide legal advice or assistance with individual cases.

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Short Course on the Secret Bohemian Grove by Jake Morphonios › Kakistocracy
Jake Morphonios reports that the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove retreat in the California Redwoods for men-only who are in leaders in politics and industry. The members network and are known to engage in drunkenness and orgies. The annual Cremation-of-Care ceremony is a …

Investigative News Reports | Blackstone Intelligence Network

Investigative reporting by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence on Syria, Pizzagate, US Politics, Child Trafficking, and the Las Vegas Shooting
                Pizzagate info on my blog is reported by David Zublick.  See - I hope I provided the other associated links on that one.  Also check
      FYI, David Zublick seems to be manipulated by CIA psy ops, which seems to be an irreversible condition at this point, so I recently stopped following him. The report on.Trump issuing Martial Law "with good intent"  was unbelievable. already abusing the power he has. 

Published on Nov 9, 2018
Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
 I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 

Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - 
In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  

It takes a coward to push buttons!  They never sent me a letter telling me what and why they did!  SOCIALISM IS RAMPANT IN THIS COUNTRY! 10/31/2021

My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

 Note, my comments are indented with the notes, they are not part of the video notes.  Please take that into consideration. 
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Sorry, I did not provide the dates of these videos.  They are 2018. Not sure of months: 

Trump talks with Polish president about putting "Fort Trump" military base in Poland to counter Russia; Timeline of Israeli strike in Syria that downed Russian plane; Are Bert and Ernie really lovers?     9/18/2018
            “The Warmongering in the Middle East does NOT serve the interests of the American people!”

Trump talks with Polish president about putting "Fort Trump" military base in Poland to counter Russia; Timeline of Israeli strike in Syria that downed Russian plane; Are Bert and Ernie really lovers?

Voice of God technology is real. Mind control is real. In this livestream, we go through the verifiable evidence, including patented technology, news reports, government claims and statements by victims.

Out of Darkness Into Light

There exists a terrible scourge that infects not just the United States, but the whole world - a global network of human trafficking operations, some of which are controlled by rogue elements inside the Central Intelligence Agency. The US State Department estimates that today there are between 20 to 30 million slaves in the world. Government statistics indicate that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children. This video series will expose some of these operations – bringing these sick crimes out of the darkness and into the light.

Horrifying Stories of Satanic 

Ritual Sex Abuse of Children in 


Published on Feb 19, 2018
This video details the horrifying experiences of a group of children in Omaha, Nebraska who were caught in web of exploitation and satanic ritual abuse. The purpose of this video is to educate the public on a very real terror with the hope that increased awareness will lead to prevention.

Out Of Darkness Into The Light #1

Out of Darkness Into Light #2 – The Horror in Omaha

Out of Darkness Into Light #3
            Franklin CoverUp Story, King wanted sex with young men, etc.

The Bride Of Lucifer #4, Out of Darkness Into The Light. 

Boystown child sex trafficking, #5 Out Of Darkness Into The Light 

The Vatican Takeover #6, Out Of Darkness Into Light. 

#7Out Of Darkness Into The Night - I don't know what this one is...I missed pasting it here

#8 Out Of Darkness Into The Night
The Knights Templar

Why the Trump Presidency is a Sinking Ship
Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen & impeachment concerns. North Korea, Russia, Israel. Bolton, Pompeo, Netanyahu.

posted 10/22/2018 on Blackstone 

Insert 10/18/2018:   
APlaneTruth channel 
Project Blue Screen
        My comment:  Great! Thanks! Because the technocratic morons have obviously been mimicking the Bible! See what Blackstone Intelligence Network says. A very intelligent man who is a Christian yet is fed up with how often people allow themselves be sheeple!

10/21/2018 (insert) 



PART 2      Ancient Mystery Schools

PART 3    

PART 4  Egyptian Mysteries

PART 5  The Dark Ages and Rez Deus

PART 6  The Power Of The Knights  

PART 7  The Secrets Of Sacred...

Blackstone Intelligence
How the jewish Rothschild Zionist took over Isreal

The Truth about Deep State. Part 1 of 3
The Truth About The Deep State 

Part 2 of 3

Truth About Deep State Part 3 of 3
   We have a Post-Constitutional Cryptocracy - defining structure of current government. This is due to the stuggle of the Constitutionalists vs NWO ILLUMINATI.

          10/20/2018:  Royal News reports Trump claiming his catch and release of migrants as viable = WTF!

The Truth About Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia, and The CIA  

   David Icke enhances Blackstone's video, discussion about the Saudi psychopath journalist, Jamal Khashoggi 22 min  -I can't recall which Blackstone video this is 

Historical dispute between Germans and Jews WWII 

4/25/2018  what is the New World Order? 
Trump bombed Syria 59 times when he knew the chemical attack was a false flag! A year later, he did it again and this time people were more aggressive about exposing the evil plotting and planning! The chemical attack was fake! Trump didn't even bomb the Isis HQ! And Iraq's President sent bombers and successfully bombed Obama's ISIS! And what does Trump do? He bombs Iraq, lying about why! Claiming he had to kill Abu Bakr Al Baghdaddi, who was killed by US-led operatives in Pakistan in 2016! 

FBI Anon and Clinton Foundation   

    My comment:  The photo that was plastered on internet  showing a man that was tortured, burned, and dragged through the streets is FALSELY representing Ambassador Stevens. That was a local man who committed a serious crime, I think he was a rapist. A serial rapist. This was fully explained to me by people who knew. My computer hard drive was destroyed three times since 2012. Clinton-Obama shills did it to cut my connections. I'm sure. Ambassador Stevens was shot in the head by one of the Clinton-Obama paid mercenaries. Maybe even Blackwater. Why didn't even his sister, a medical doctor in Seattle speak out? Her cancer Dept was getting big bucks from Obama administration! She even publically said to leave scumbag Clinton alone, she had nothing to do with it! If a journalist interviewed her and asked if she examined his body, she's bound to say no! Good thing Lavena Johnson's father, a med Dr. examined HER body! Obama lied about what happened to her! She was raped and murdered by an insider! She was from St. Louis. MO 

August 28, 2018
Russia Deploys Warships 
in Response To New False Flag

            The total Western Media Blackout on this story is clear evidence that US Gov is in bed with Media Intell and hides crucial info from American Public
            CIA is in Joint Operation with Israeli Mossad to overthrow Syria’s President Assad – US is now arming even the most dangerous terrorist groups in Syria. This includes al Qaeda former affiliate al “Neusrafa”
 (Merged in 2014 to form ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and al Shad, he says.  I’ve herd Islamic State of Iraq &  Syria, so al Shad must be more specific area of Syria. Obama tried to rename them ISOL, which really flopped and proved Obama is 100% terrorist since he was the one who created ISIS, which is the name of an Egyptian goddess from hundreds – probably thousands of years ago, yet decorated on buildings in Washington – they also claim that the Statue of Liberty is ISIS, the goddess of fertility which has both sexes and probably cannot even procreate, which is equivalent to the transgendered population.  Obama claimed ISOL meant the Islamic State of The Levant.  Now a twist to this is the very fact that Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that ISIS was created by the Palestinians and he had nothing to do with ISIS – that was early on and he proceeded to explain that they, too, used ISIS goddess in their religious history, etc. So it baffles me that the Mossad is actually involved with these CIA illegal operations – CIA is thoroughly criminal and should all be imprisoned as far as I am concerned!)
US, Israel, and Saudis back terrorist groups. Syrian army struggles trying to “liberate” Syria from its captors.  And they have made great progress at a great price! 
CIA helps the US-backed mercenaries rape women in front of husbands and cut the husbands heads off in front of the women! 
CIA helps coordinate selling their children in sex slave trade – also use these people for organ harvesting in the black market to make money for CIA, which instills fear into the hearts of the people.  This group of ISIS managed to take control of a large part of Syria which sent millions of its citizens fleeing into other countries which created an unprecedented immigrant crisis.  But Vladimir Putin sent in Russian forces to try to pop up Assad Regime.  Over 63,00 Russian troops have actually participated in the flight against Syria, as Syrian ally – Iran – also sent its Revolutionary Guard to defend the Syrian Gov as did the Lebonese Hezbollah. 
Syria, Hezbollah, Russia, Iran – have fought relentlessly against these Saudi terrorist networks to keep us from overthrowing them.  The CIA and Mossad with the help of the British Versian of the CIA (MI-6) along with their al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets – have staged multiple chemical attacks that justify a massive military response by US and our ally. Trump has twice attacked Syria with cruise missiles, air strikes, etc.  Israeli Air Force has relentlessly invaded the Saudi-Syrian territory to carry out their own air strikes to keep ISIS-controlled cities from falling.
4/7/2018:  Duma, located outside of Dumascus.  Primarily controlled by Saudi-funded rebels.  They held the residents hostage for years.  They used them as human shields, including caging hundreds of them and positioning them around Duma. They actually were brought to their knees – negotiating a surrender. 
MI-6 helped carry out fake chemical attack in Duma. Filmed by the White Helmets.
Trump used this to blame Assad for Chemical attack.  Trump refused to investigate, refused to wait for the results from the Watchdog Group privately funded!  Trump wanted to use it as a reason to attack Syria. They then carried out a massive bombardment of Syrian sites all around the country (8:09 min) 
            Remember the 59 bomb attack?   It was an obvious Satanic ritual against Rex Tillerson since his corporate office bldg # is 5959 in Texas – where Trump went and personally pleaded with Rex Tillerson to be his  Secretary of State if he won the election – all part of a  plan of deception, to later fire Rex Tillerson and replace him with Crook Mike Pompeo, who may even be a transgender from the looks of some of his features, including small hands.  I don’t give a crap what Harvard says his record is – Harvard lies.  Harvard should never get funding from the US gov, but the shills in our gov now are a not only a threat to our security, they are perfoming constant crimes against humanity throughout the world! 
Western Media remained silent about all of this! 
8:50 min – CNN hates Donald Trump remained silent
            Yet Donald Trump contracts CNN for his hotels and other businesses, so this “hate” has no weight because money is thicker than water in this country.
This could have been reason to impeach Trump; yet Washington does nothing!
The Media are controlled by the Intelligence Community!
The last major holdout is in “Aleb” – and on verge of defeating US-backed forces – which would mark victory for Assad.
Syrian army sought out a chemical attack to slaughter the very people they were trying to liberate. (10:26 min)
Russian Intelligence claims another false flag attack is immenant – which would be a fake reason for Israel and US to attack.  Given Russia had identified false flag attack in Duma, Russia’s credibility is proven. 
US Gov is not silent. 
The NSC spoke to CNN: “The Syrian Regime contains chemical weapons and could use them again” – a lie!
I think it was 2015 when Colin Powell was given 5 min on PBS, reporting the WOMD were found in Syria, tons of WOMD.  US placed them in a multi-ton naval sealed container and sunk it on a retired naval ship. I later found out that GW Bush funded the US-backed mercenaries to purchase the WOMD.  Obviously to make Hon. Colin Powell look like a fool.  Hon. Colin Powell resigned and retained the integrity of the office despite the fact GW Bush should be hung for treason!  That is how loyal Colin Powell is to our country!  They are murderers and will start a civil war – a world war – if they have that inch!  Colin Powell did not give them that inch so they could take a mile!  Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, and now Trumps –are all part of the Satanic cabal which need to be arrested and put to justice!  We do not even have the NRA we can depend on to stand up to the shills in government!  Obviously Attorney Chris Cox, who was President of NRA, was blackmailed by Trump to get Oliver North to replace him – Oliver North, the cocaine trafficker during the Iran Contras, who also helped spur the Iran-Iraq War which lasted ten Clinton-glorious years so they could continue to make their $100 million a month on cocaine, and also make money on sex trafficking!  They all need to be arrested and put to justice!
----The notes will resume but I had to recharge the phone I was listening to

Stopped at 12:12 min

August 29, 2018
The Dirty Little Secret About Why the USA is in Syria

Seeking to Destroy Syria
            Israel Land-grab project
            Both Israel and Saudi Arabia  
                        Consider Persian Iran an enemy
                        Iran is a strong ally to Syria
Neocons in US – want to overthrow Iran
            PENAC:  Project of a New American Century
                        Some members are:  Rumsfeld, Richard Perl, Paul Wolfowitz, Bush, James Woolsey (a very evil man, former CIA Director), John Bolton, Dick Cheney (who obviously used his daughter as a Satanic sacrifice by getting her to be transgendered)
Rothschild Corp Oil Syndicate resents President Assad for saying No, they cannot run a pipeline through Syria.  This would have been a US-backed oil pipeline going from Qatar – to Syria – to Turkey – to Europe --- all to destroy Russia’s economy.
CIA goes in using ISIS –but carves up sections of Syria – letting Assad to have part of the country with no natural resources.
CIA changed control of power from ISIS – ISIS handed over what they controlled in Northern Syria over to the Kurds and ISIS backed out mostly over into Iraq.
My question is, how does this fit in with when Iraq recently bombed ISIS HQ in Syria – and then Trump bombed Iraq in obvious retaliation – yet Trumpty Dumpty claimed he went there to kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdaddi who had already been killed by US-led operations in 2016 and when Dr. Seb Gorka tweeted it, Obama obviously fired him as an anti-terrorism expert at Quantico for FBI.  Dr Seb Gorka began working as a consultant with Fox Media – just like when Trump ran Congressman Jason Chaffetz to the ground, squeezing him out because he was doing such a great job.
Kurds, backed by US, now control a lot of Syria.  They annexed much of N Syria. 
            Aug 8, 2018:  Assad has retaken control of much of the country, Jake explains @ 11:12 min
            Netanyahu gave rights to Rothschild – Cheney Oil Company (11:42) in the Damascus area
            Northern Section shows Turkish and Turkish-backed rebel forces
Assad is getting ready to reclaim the area controlled by rebel groups (which Jake names specifically)
The black patches on the map are remnants of what ISIS controls. The yellow area is large and is controlled by US-backed Kurdish forces.  Euphrates River is what divides that portion of Syria – and is known for a lot of battles in history. 
Also to note, Russian-backed Republic Leader was Murdered in the Ukraine recently, Sep 2018
Utter destruction of Damascus is predicted – in the Bible, requiring complete evacuation
CIA was making millions and millions on black budget projects and continued funding ISIS  (13:50 min)
Erdogan of Turkey is like a mafia thug
            Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not well-known outside of Turkey yet. But he is becoming notorious for his violent and radical actions as leader as well as for his increasingly bellicose nature on the world stage.
US rushed in via convoys – supporting Kurds and kept that area from Syria and has developed aggressive measures to keep Syria from taking back their land in the North!  (North of Euphrates)
Kurds plan to permanently steal Syria’s land and create their own nation since 2012 – they’ve had pushed political control. 
Polyethnic groups exist.  Political Division is very complicated in that area.
The USA is helping Kurds including heavy persecution of Christians whose communities have existed for thousands of years – they’ve been locked out of their schools! 
Trump funds in Syria:  back Kurds, Crushing Christians!  And this is the land where Jesus lived!
---I’m not sure if these are all my notes on that video---forgive the error if not. 
BTW, US is claiming again that they expect a chemical attack by Syria on the civilians – further evidence the US is trying to carry out another one of these attacks a third time! 
            I recall Trump saying this which was most bizarre! He admitted that Syria did NOT use chemical weapons before he attacked Syria the other two times, but his intelligence failed.  And then he turns around and says that this time, he really really really believes they will use chemical weapons – (even though he knows that the WOMD that Saddam Hussein made and were purchased by Bush’s mercenaries, were all signed, sealed and delivered to the bottom of the ocean = wtf)

# # # 

Resume 9/22/2018

Video:  How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Isreal

#Isreal   #Zionism
Says Jake:  “Do your own research if you don’t like what I say”
My opinion:  Jake would be an excellent lecturer for higher education, especially universities and other professional settings

Winston Churchill
            1920 Article:  Zionism Vs Bulshavism; A Struggle For The World Of The Jews
            Jake read portions
                        “Some people like Jews, some do not…..most formidiable and remarkable”  (4:30 min on video)
                        ….whose Supreme manifestation –
both for the Divine and the diabolical….
Adam Weishaupt was a Jew.  (He founded the Illuminati) He was a Jesuit and part of the “Society Of Jesus”  Their oath is in my notes in APlaneTruth blog post. If I am smart enough, I will remember to plug that oath in here for your quick reference, yet I do recommend you go to APlaneTruth’s blog post.
Winston Churchill mentioned specifically Hungary and Bavaria, tying this to the Jewish heritage
An effort to stand in solidarity was emphasized
I Disagree:    Jewish conspiracy is contrived
Churchill:  Support opposing faction
                        Zionists to fight against Bulshaviks
                        The Jewish State was established under the British Crown
                        Zionism has become a factor in Russia
                                    Struggle with Zionism and Bulshavism
                                                There is a negative resistance to Bulshavism
Jewish Center in Palestine is Proposed
Conclusion:  Churchill was an obvious Zionist
            Rothschilds were behind the Zionist Movement
                                    Yeshun (settlements)
            1905 – I think Jake mentioned this was when the NWO plan was established and it was Jewish-based due to the Rothschilds
            Bulshaviks followed Marxism
            Zionism was most popular
                        George Soros is anti-Isreal
            Former Secretary of State Kissinger is a Zionist, Emma Goldman is a Zionist...
Churchill engaged in promoting Zionism because he favored it
Papal Treasure – the Catholic Pope needed money. Rothschild became trustee of the Vatican Wealth
Adam Weishaupt – was “commissioned” by Rothschild to start Bavarian Illuminati
Rothschild sold their petroleum company to Royal Dutch and Shell Oil
            This engaged the Rockefellers, who are related to Rothschilds
Schiff Family
            They have an inseperable relationship with Rothschild
            Jacob Schiff is considered to be the single most economic influence by many
                        He created a financial crisis to help the rich get richer, poor get poorer
Magazine:  Truth (mentioned at 30:08 min)
Standard Oil was owned by Schiff
            Woodrow Wilson was a bad President
                        He got blackmailed – they used his past extra-marital affair as bait
                        Note, Titanic sank in 1912 – see my blog post on The Titanic
            1913 – Jacob Schiff set up the ADL (Anti Defamation League) to demonetize social media – suppression of public discussion of Rothschild’s Zionism
Sir Charles Lindberg – to be resumed…..

9/23/2018 - I do have several pages of notes I need to type out. I will try to get them done today.   I am also watching videos on EMF Protection -- to share what I can in my blog post I named "EMP" for no particular reason
I had a bad night's sleep waking up in terror that President Trump was trying to arrange for people to murder me.  I will continue to stand up against his agenda of deceit!  

 Resume 9/24:  
Sir Charles Lindberg – to be resumed…..
Sir Charles Lindberg claimed the Fed Reserve is volatile, giving all this monetary power to the Rothschild-controlled Central Bank establishment
They then spurred war to make money off countries thru issuing loans to US companies and other countries.
Rothschilds continued to control the economy.
            Reuters is owned by Rothschilds
Lewis D. Brandis – in charge of Zionist Affairs. Newest SCOTUS supported Zionism
World War – was Germany’s offer, to make money  (Rothschilds fomented it)
Brandis sent a Zionist delegation to Britain.  “We will bring USA into WWI and we’ll help you to defeat Germans -  in exchange, the Zionists wanted something in return. British Gov should give Palestine to Zionist overlords/Rothschilds
            British agreed – in writing:          Balfour Declaration   11/2/1917
At the time this December was made, 3%-5% of the population were Jews in Palestine.  Israel wanted Palestine to protect their investments using media; and banks for power
When Trump goes and strikes Syria – you would think they’d hand over the Russian collusion story, yet –
            Media control of masses was why the collusion crap was used! 
Sinking of Lucitania
False Flag to get US citizens angry, want war
WW1 resulted in 41 million casualties, about 23 million of them lost their lives
Hitler’s own words were in line with Winston Churchill – potential peace by Zionist interlopers
Mass Enslavement of People
Was Hitler wrong to have concerns with Jewish threat?
Hitler was popular before WWII extremely popular in US – Bush family bank wanted to fund the German War but was later shut down because they began funding it.
WWII is not what you learned in school!
1914 – 1918  was WW1
            Everyone’s in debt 
            1921 – Churchill goes to Palestine to survey and consider displacement.  Abdulla, Arabian Sheek, promises  to keep West Bank in check and East Side ¾ to Palestine. Zionists wanted everything. Defacto Arab State of Jordan.
Arabs sent letter to Churchill
Ottoman Turks governed it Palestine until Churchill cut it up. Time has proven that didn’t work out.  Fight going on for a long time.
            Native Palestinians have been suppressed for  a long time by the British, et al.  Churchill helped harness the Jordan Bank for Jewish settlements electricity.  Deprived Palestinians of their 2,000 year old water source. 
            Some Brits resented this
            Balfour Declaration – knowing it was a dirty deal.  Oppositions were submitted in Parliament.
            Anti-Zionism law was passed.  160-29 in favor of abolishing the Valfour Declaration in House of Lords.
            House of Commons
                        Churchill influenced them to vote down the motion.  He succeeded.
15 years go by – still no Jewish State! \
1937 – the British Peel Commission. Two – state solution. One for Palestines. One for Jews.
            Some wanted to hold out so Jews would win everything.  2 yrs later, a British White Paper banned ongoing flood of Jewish immigrants flooding into Palestine.
            Deadly Terrorist Network was created by the Jews
                        To drive out Natives off their own lands – into Palestine
            White Paper placed limits on Jewish immigration. Also put a total ban on future immigration.  Complete end to Jewish immigration.  That was going into effect in 1944.  This white paper was staunchly defended by the Prime Minister, Nevil Chamberlain.  Rothschild-owned state concept was fizzled.
So, what do Rothschilds have up their sleeves because of this?  They start a war!
WW2 – Nevil Chamberlain, chief opponent of Israel, was removed from Office and Zionist puppet Winston Churchill was brought back.  His seat was most powerful in the nation.
WW2 came and went.
Churchill lost his position as Prime Minister.  Rothschilds sink their teeth even deeper for establishment of a Jewish State, despite the best and complete census of records.
250,000 to 300,000 Jews died in concentration camps in WW2. 
            (I wonder how many were killed by Nazis at their homes, etc – which also happened.  Orphaned children were put in the child trafficking business which funded the Nazis)
But Rothschilds used media – they inflated it from ¼ million to 6 million (6 is a favored Satanic number) as Holocaust of Jewish people – a means to create a homeland in Palestine – just for them.
Rothschild-backed terrorist groups funded attacks on Palestinians and British who were also there in the way of Jews taking control.
Irgun – means the carrying out of terrorist attacks
They raped, plumaged and pillaged homes, families.  Murdered fathers. Trail of blood and horror that would make ISIS envious! 
            Wives raped in front of husbands
            Husbands decapitated in front of wives
By 1946, Irgun had displaced nearly 300,000 native Palestinians from their homes – roughly the same number of Jews who died in concentration camps.  Their operations culminated on 7/22/46.
British Maintained HQ at King David Hotel in Israel.
Operation Agatha – raids on Jewish agencies to fight terrorism.  In retaliation a terrorist operation took place
            Operation Ergonna
                        Disguised as waiters, they planted a massive bomb in the main building of the hotel to destroy British Intelligence as well as records – especially from Operation Agatha.
            The Explosion didn’t just destroy the hotel.  It massacred 91 people, including Americans. 
                        It was a bloody, horrible massacre
1947 – the British withdrew from Palestine
May 14, 1948 – Rothschilds got their victory. Jews moved to Palestine to declare their independence.
            Britain refused to acknowledge Israel
            Eventually, British warmed up to it and recognized them as a government.  Churchill’s close friend Kheim Weitzman became Israel’s first President. 
# # # 
I have more notes – but I may have to run an errand before I can type them and post to the blog, to prepare for an appointment tomorrow. 
Today is 9/24/2018 @2:15 p.m 

Now it is 9/26/2018 and I am sorry I have not gotten back to this. I have shuffled so many papers - I need to even find the notes sorry...I will type them!

....and the Kavanaugh hearing took place and I am working on sharing info about that because the CIA are a horribly corrupted, organized crime - yet agency of our government and the Senate just paid homage to them by their lies and deceit at the Kavanaugh hearing!   

Here's something that surfaced on my facebook:  

William Michael Mott
October 5 at 8:44am · 
Hey, remember that time that the U.S. government sank its own battleship, the Maine, in order to start a war with Spain by blaming it on them? Remember the Tuskegee experiments in which innocent black men where infected with syphilis without their knowledge, so they could be watched for decades as the disease progressed? Remember that time that MK Ultra hearings were held before Congress and it was confirmed that the CIA have been manufacturing mind-controlled murderers who could be triggered by a voice command?
If you want to scoff and jack your jaws about how ridiculous conspiracy theories are, you might want to first check on the fact that conspiracies are on the record, including many others I did not mention above. Or just put on your pointed hat and sit in the corner and learn something. Don't believe everything that you read and hear, but don't discount everything either.

i am continuing to write the transcript notes and I scan them and share them with Jake and others.  I hope  Jake can meet with Hon. Colin Powell!  1000% patriot!  - I hope he is able to do something.  This is all I can do.  

I am behind on things on my blog because of this. it is hard to stay focused, so I am trying to restrict myself so I can get this project finished.  Internet LIES!  

Have a blessed day.  
FIND HIM ON FACEBOOK - NASA serves Satan, derived from.Nazi 

Has Khashoggi been brutally murdered and does Pompeo use his reported brutal death - reason to go to Saudi Arabia for secret nefarious activity ?  

More links to follow.....

Posted 10/21/2018
I suffered an injury and have been home healing since October 16. I have spent little time on Facebook, primarlily messaging people.  


Posted 10/21/2018




POST~  yet even if I had shared my 

blogpost titled Tranny Watch - I was 

exercising Freedom of Speech!  

I have not been on Facebook more 

than 10 minutes total for the past 

FIVE days because I have been 

healing from an injury!  

I did NOT post the Tranny Watch

 blog post recently - they are 


 They just want to manipulate me, 

keep me from saying something 

more about Pompeo using the 


Saudi journalist who also has 

American citizenship - to go to 

Saudi Arabia to obviously plan 

nefarious activity! 

    Mike Pompeo was obvioulsy one 

of the September 11 planners, 

MAKING the explosive filled drones

 that mass-murdered 3,000+ 




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  • 10/25/20`18: 
  • Video:  Live Book Reviews
    (These are my notes on the video)
    – Bankers, Mortgage Crisis and Holocaust Industry
    A lot of Buddhism exists in Asia.  They have spirit houses in which they claim spirits can help or hurt.  They are small birdhouse-size when they are inside the home.  About gazebo-size when on the lawn.
    Book: History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Steven Midford Goodson.  We’re in a new recession, he says.

              A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of ... › Books › Business & Money › Economics
    A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind [Stephen Mitford Goodson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many acute observers as the Hidden Hand.

    Mortgage-backed security investment packages – many were toxic assets
                Credit default swamp – insurance
                The creditors/investors will get their money back on their investments with this insurance
                They saw a collapse coming, so they contacted AIG to cash in their insurance.  There were other companies providing this type of insurance also, in the banking industry.  (ie,  Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, others)
    Jake says:  Money is not the root of all evil; the love of money is the root of all evil
    They were set to collapse. The US Treasury was headed by Hank Paulson (2006-2009; before Timothy Geitner) who was a former Goldman Sachs Exec.  He crafted a scheme to screw American people.  We faced becoming a Third World Nation. “The Hidden Hand”, book donated by David Reynolds, who has generously sent Jake several books. 

    Book:  Inside Job: The Looting of America’s Savings and Loan
                Jake read the back of the book. Shared this description:  chilling account of greed and criminality. 

    Book: the Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein
                “Yes, there was suffering, yet the suffering being unique to Jews is misrepresentd, it’s bunk”
                Fake Real Estate.  Agencies in CA – covers for child trafficking; he did trafficking investigations in Thailand (wow,this is where the man by the last name of Karr fled after he raped, tortured Jon Benet Ramsey. He was there for 14 years and when their govt changed to an elected President, Obama stood up for Karr, literally. He made a deal with the President who was set to prosecute him because he was a serial pedophile and may have even killed children there. But the President agreed to drop all charges and Obama “assured” him he would fly him to Colorado and face justice.  He flew him in FIRST CLASS, full luxuries, and when he got to Colorado the charges were dropped even though they never matched a finger print. The prosecutor even said it was a butt print and that it did not match! I do not know where Karr is now; probably back in Thailand since Obama has a mansion there)
                Jake was sometimes in fist fights for defense purposes; he would be attacked.   They (a gang) were trying to kill a woman and Jake stepped in to save/protect her. 
    Is Antartica where the Luciferian angels reside? (asked in a comment on the live broadcast)   I think Jake said he would make a discussion of that in a future video.
    Sex Perversion is heavy in Israel.
    A missing reporter (columnist for Washington Post, who was probably a CIA op) – not found yet
    Book:             Beyond Chutzpah
                On the misuse of anit-semitism and the Abuse of History – by Norman Finklestein
                New Anti-Semitism Concept
                Adam Green’s Channel is recommended by Jake
    Some Books Jake is reading now
                The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine – on audible
                Himsler Arabic – language tutorial
                Fear by Bob Woodward
                Rise & Kill First – about Israeli Mossad
                The Devil’s Chessboard – by David Talbott
                            About Alan Dulles and creation of CIA
                Operation Mind Control – the Deep State
                Holy Blood, Holy Grail
                Secret Empires
                Spy Secrets that can save your life
    Question on chat:  What do you think about Ivanka Trump running for President?
                Answer:  If Ivanka Trump tried to run for President – it would be horrible
    Real Estate Market is cooling;  prices going down.
    Jake looks forward to an Economic Reset
                Collapse of British Empire because of greed, bullying, violence, fraud
    Bring us back to our roots!
    The strongest leader in the world is still the USA
                (but I think: Rothschilds owns much of us)
    98% of what Congress passes is unconstitutional
                This is a wretched two-party system
    I took more pages of notes yet cannot find them at the moment …I will share them when I find them and type them….  10/25/2018


    The Damage from False Child Abuse Allegations - Child Custody Podcast 1 of 4

    The Great Child Support Scam - Child Custody Podcast 2 of 4

    And how many of the real pedophiles get away with it? I know one who did for decades. And he stalked me at my apartment and even got the management to let him use THEIR phone to trick me. That was a relative. And Trump got men who I have known and some who harmed me, to also stalk me where I live. Anyone who you haven't seen for years, who just comes to your home without previously informing you, should not be trusted. They may not even be that person though may look like them. However you decide to handle it, proceed with extreem caution. This is a very dangerous world. There are cloning clinics right in the USA - even though illegal. Trump will just keep them hidden. The transgendering of children is massive also. They created false flags to snatch and grab money to pay for more building of those clinics. After the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax occurred, MANY transgender clinics sprouted in 2013. I created a blogpost about this yet you may not be able to access it because Senate resented the TRUTH about Kavanaugh I shared in a blog post. Kavanaugh is a Devils' Triangle perv, a liar, a fraud. He frauded the Vincent Foster murder case records to help Bill Clinton, GW Bush's half-brother, to get off. And Kavanaugh married GW Bush's "personal" secretary. It all just gets creepier and creepier. The sex charge on Kavanaugh was just to get the public to rally behind Kavanaugh - The CIA scripted it after a video on Kavanaugh frauding records went viral. It was posted July 4, 2018, warning the public about Kavanaugh. Chris Ruddy, Journalist, kept after the Whitehouse. a CIA front, was obviously cloned, tortured by CIA, or a fat look-alike took his place and they murdered him. the one who owns Newsmax is the opposite of the Real Ruddy. Here is my blogpost yet again, I will say, that my blog was disabled after I tweeted my blogpost on Kavanaugh. Fascism is what is running our nation - wake up and stand against it!

    Parental Child Abduction is Kidnapping - Child Custody Podcast 3 of 4

    Series #4    Hope for Men Falsely Accused of Abuse - Child Custody Podcast 4 of 4

  •    – updates are shared here
  • Free Palestine! A New Series on Zionist Oppression

    10/31/2018.  Episode #1             

  • September 11 Mass Murder Attack

    Follow up on WTC 7 and Silverstein’s involvement:

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    I would like comment about Netanyahu, Isreal, and alleged dependence on Germany (some experts have claimed). What puzzles me is Obama's deliberate hate for Netanyahu.He, even as President, engaged in interference with the election in Israel to make Netanyahu lose! His pay schemes with media were unsuccessful.

    If Germany has so much control over Isreal, it must be officially made public. The truth sets us free!
    AnneMarie said…
    This comment was altered, I stated

    I would like to comment

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