Michael Shainblum, Astrophotographer 


Due to not having a domain for almost two years and just getting a domain from Google FINALLY (they refused all this tiime, telling me "you don't need one") I am now recovering the blog. Hopefully the Table of Contents will be finished by May 1, 2020 but my computer gets hacked and has other technocratic struggles. 

This blog post will be on subject matter of astronomy as we are informed TODAY.  This will include the Flat Earth Concept for your consideration.

My personal conclusion to date is that the earth is egg-shaped. Not quite oval, not quite flat.  Do your own studies.  I'm not finished.  There are too many fires in the pot to find time for more consideration.  

10/18/2018:   Email

Flat Earth I - The Biggest lie of all EXPOSED
Flat Earth II - The Biggest lie of all EXPOSED. - NASA serves Satan, derived from.Nazi

Flat Earth Fully Explained (over 2 hr video) 

Thank you to Michael Shainblum for allowing me to share your work. I have been your fan for years now.  You're awesome!  

Many contributions will be coming from APlaneTruth, YouTube Channel - Your're awesome! 

For Starters, "A Beautiful Awakening To Flat Earth Truth by Martin Kenny" - 11 min video. 

I'll be back! 


Google's Space elevator image......

     Supermoon, Fullmoon, total lunar eclipse - all in one night

I need to return later..bye :)

Ref: Flat Earth blog post also
40 min video, I need to transcribe, it's just that important
Mike Peters videos
Earth Changes videos
Rubin Ruiz - subscriptions
Comment to xpjv:
They are ancient stories, beliefs, and mores. Congratulations, glad you know more than they do. Just keep ignorance at Bay or you're bound to sink. P S. I presume you are a Christian. So am I. My dad became a police chaplain after he retired. My father was killed by my brother, who said he went to New Mexico to make him due, bragging - though he deceptively told me he would help me find a good nursing home to transfer him to because he was so abused where he was. That brother conspired with a pedophile priest by the name of David Bentley, from Albany, NY. I tried sharing my story on a blog but President Trump's shills alteredd it to puff his ass up!.( and I created another blog which has over 150 blog posts, and I need to include Flat Earth as one.  PS. I tried to pay the $12 required to save my domain, which was due Sep 11 yet Google deceives and tells me my blog is on auto pay yet the transaction has not been entered - as a means to steal my domain to smear me in searches, I presume.(ie, search appleofmyeyes Illuminati) - I will check my accounts until they take it out.  I'm disabled from almost being murdered by a 20-ton town truck at the age of 18 - same town a man my father's age was stalking me - an obvious sex trafficker. I verified his name with my dad and  he confirmed that this man was the spoiled evil son of the foster father he and his  three brothers had - they were forced to sleep under the porch on straw even in the winter, couldn't take showers in the house even. Could never go in the house. And they were beaten. My dad was a good man and gave his all to raise his family, only for my siblings to give themselves to Satan, run  Dad out of town when Dad was sick, and then have him killed in New Mexico claiming he was better off because "he's with Jesus now" - my brother had him cremated right away. I was the caretaker, having been there a month, proving relatives didn't give a crap, because they did nothing as hard as I tried to involve them. And they got away with murder! Clinton and Bush GAVE millions to Oprah through grants, qualifying her show so she could become a billionaire, as part of the Illuminati BS.
APlaneTruth shares amazingly more on the Galaxy:
 A Beautiful Awakening To Flat Earth Truth by Martin Kenny. 11 min video   


"Who put the camera out-who?who-who-who?" Was the space shuttle accompanied by a satellite? Read the comments! They are priceless!

Project Blue Screen
My comment:  Great! Thanks! Because the technocratic morons have obviously been mimicking the Bible! See what Blackstone Intelligence Network says. A very intelligent man who is a Christian yet is fed up with how often people allow themselves be sheeple!


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