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He belongs in Prison! See  VINCENT FOSTER   Table of Contents, Alphabetized, for all  blogposts: UPDATE Missing:  the link I provided which shows what a crook Kavanaugh is, covering up the  Vincent Foster Murder! I have to find it again to post!  I found it and I am reposting it This video is about Brett Kavanaugh FRAUDING RECORDS ON VINCENT FOSTER MURDER     My comment:   Here it is July 4, 2018 when you report this. You obviously had no knowledge of the fake sex assault claim by CIA operative Christine Ford!  Yet she reported that RIGHT AFTER TRUMP ISSUED HIS SHORT LIST, SHE JUST HAD TO DO SOMETHING - BULL SHIT!  The CIA scrambled when YOUR video here was released!  They are a cesspool of corruption in the Senate - few are honorable!  Most of them should be in prison! The Short Lis