Of course, it was not just Taft - he made sure their plan had no interruptions.


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This was the song the Titanic band played as the ship sank after it blew up in the middle, then broke in two - the stern being pushed back 1/3 mile from the powerful explosion.  So who blew up the ship?  Where was JP Morgan?  Did he pay an explosives expert to do it? 

Nearer My God To Thee
Lyrics provided on this video


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Similar to Bush for September 11 - and Obama covered for him because he is a satanic transgender also - my opinion. Decide for yourself.  I will resume this later...No pictures are added

Correction, I added some to make a point I discovered.

    9/12/2018  - I notice some text is missing here now...it wasn't me! ...😣

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Same mustache-type reflects a secret fashion trend 

Twin Towers - Twin Ships!

Both had last-minute repairs
They "modified" the elevator shafts in WTC bldgs - obviously to line the elevators with the military-grade thermate explosives - obviously stolen from the government by John Bolton, 
Undersecretary Of Firearms And Weaponry! 

They modified the Titanic at Boiler Room Six - which is where the Titanic not only split in two, but that half went flying - 1/3 mile away form the other half of the ship, which had stopped traveling in the water
They decreased the power, so no time for a boiler room to blow up! 
The Satanic propagandists much later claimed the power should have increased to vear from the iceberg

I believe Queen Elizabeth made determinations based on her expertise on engines - and Rothschilds wanted to destroy the Monarchy to hide their crimes

The Captain's log indicated he ordered them to decrease power

What may have been a mistake in navigation, turned out to be evidence that JP Morgan and his shill Bruce Ismay  had plotted to blow up the Titanic to make it sink

Just like the Twin Towers
The Twin Ships were intended to collect on insurance - and they probably looted all the safes, etc. - enjoying millions of dollars more! 


See the similarity in images of them??? 
Particularly the mustache
Satanic Cult, wouldn't you say? 

Notes  on the
My Theory
Decide For Yourself

Bruce Ismay tried to sink the Olympic – to loot as many rich people as he could and also collect on insurance.  That failed.  It was heavily damaged.  Cpt Smith was the Captain.  Maybe JP Morgan was on that ship also when it had the wreck.  He was supposed to be on board but reports indicated he was not on the passenger list.
         1914:  JP Morgan built a bank in Chicago, “The House Of Morgan” – this bank’s HQ was the most important American address in finance.  Sep 16, 1920:  a “terrorist bomb” – exploded in front of the bank, injuring 400, killing 38.  Most likely Morgan either wanted to kill certain people or he created a another false flag event - as he dud did wTitanic -  for popularity, sympathy.
        JP Morgan Chase closes Vatican bank account  March 2012
        Search:  JP Morgan and The Vatican Bank, OMG
Cpt Smith was hired to navigate the Titanic.  Historians claimed it was because of his charisma.  I don’t know why the historians didn’t look into the circumstances more – or maybe they were too afraid to use freedom of speech. 
The other ship recently built and owned by JP Morgan, The Olympic, was navigated by Smith. I believe he tried to help sink it.  

Once Titanic was designed, MAYBE a fake scheme to make sure the ship would sink was devised – because they said the Olympic was damaged due to weak rivets.  So, in Jan 1912, they created a steel belt with more rivets (they weighed 1 ½ pounds each), to secure that section only – Boiler Room 6.  Boilers 1-5 were clustered together except for No 6 on the ocean floor. I BET SOMEONE PUT EXPLOSIVES IN THAT SECTION WHEN THE REAL WORKERS WERE NOT AROUND.  ONE OF THEM WAS INTERVIEWED AND HE ASSURED THE MEDIA THAT WHAT THEY DID WAS JUST TO REINFORCE THAT AREA.  AND THE EXPEDITIONS CONCLUDE THAT SECTION WAS INDEED STRONGER - YET THE EXPLOSION OBVIOUSLY OCCURRED RIGHT THERE - THAT IS WHERE THE SHIP SPLIT IN TWO.  
There was a hole caused from something yet the historians fail to indicate the hole was result of impact.  In fact, it is very likely that Lt who had no help from Cpt Smith (who probably refused to go up there when he sent someone to wake him) was even able to navigate around it despite the fact he made it harder for himself by backing up the ship when, since Cpt Smith probably ordered, the ship’s power was at its maximum, even though he knew the icebergs were everywhere.  Was there even a blueberg as people reported? The historians want to believe it, yet there is no evidence of one and probably no message indicating it was a blue/blackberg – maybe I missed something there.  Additionally, they said the crew “missed” the last morse code message – why????  If they had hit a blueberg, there would be no ice on the deck.  Bluebergs have deep roots in the ocean yet are barely visible on the water because not much of them is above surface. 

The person.who invented Morse code had the last name of Morris.

Find out who Robert T. Morris is - and what he looks like - because he looks like "Mark Zuckerberg" and Robert T Morris hacked IBM and stole $1million from.the company = returning the money snd basically got a hand slap.for it! I figure he was a CIA shill which fits Zuckface's profile. 

       Mark Zuckerberg claims to have been born in 1984, to further cover up the fact he was Robert T Morris, my opinion.  Because the incident happened in 1989.  

 Calling the iceberg - blackberg or blueberg may be a conscience-soother since it sounds like bluebird and blackbird. 

JP Morgan was a ruthless bastard. His style was seemingly imitated by Bruce Ismay.  They even looked alike, which may have been used as a means of deception.
What nationality was JP Morgan?
What nationality was Bruce Ismay?
          I am not referring to American – I am referring to the country they or their ancestors came from. Probably both Irish.  I wonder if they were both Catholic also. 

The ship split in half because it was bombed.  The explosion occurred before it sand, determined by the expedition researchers.  The explosion caused the stern to be pushed 1/3 mile from the bow and that is where the expedition teams found it - split in half and 1/3 mile in between.  

End of My Theory
(in raw form, just like these notes)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4eB2-sHZ8 – History Channel.  Most current video of the Titanic – you may want to watch it last, decide for yourself

More on the Titanic
            This short video shows the Titanic sinking in a created animation. Ship broke in half

I know from previous videos that 
            1.  People testified they heard explosions when they were floating away from the ship on the rafts (9/12/2018 - corrected due to some hacking scumbag or someone accessed it through temporary possession of  my device)
            2.  Nobody testified they felt the ship hit the iceberg; they only said there was ice on the top floor of the ship (I can’t think of what the proper term for that floor is -- deck, that's it) 
            3. It seems everyone was told to evacuate BEFORE the ship blew up. Mentioning of fires is sporadic. It has been theorized some kind of “zipper effect” happened due to extensive studies by experts. And the zipper began opening at Boiler Room 6, which is where there was a maintenance job to strengthen the ship prior to leaving the port on what turned out to be its last trip.  Yet it has been determined in extensive detail that the rivets were actually made with no flaws, that they could not have “unzippered” despite the appearance of an even cut of the ship. 
            4. I wonder if the ship was destroyed by a DEW, directed energy weapon - 
As sort of an experiment - – using what well-intended Tesla invented -- for nefarious purposes, maybe. 


Search on Bing:  Titanic Sinking 1912
The name Titanic was derived from Greek mythology and meant gigantic. Built in Belfast, Ireland, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (as it was then known), the RMS Titanic was the second of the three Olympic-class ocean liners—the first was the RMS Olympic and the third was the HMHS Britannic.

          Surviving Passengers are interviewed.
          The North Atlantic was known to be a graveyard for shipwrecks
          Racetrack for glory – Bruce Ismay, an ambitious rich person wanted to take the Lion’s share of travel between Europe and America – 14,000 men worked night and day to build this ship
          William MacQuitty, “A Night To Remember” film
          250 ft high, just one oar weighed 15 tons!
          Perceived as clumsy and less maneuverable
                   Hidden flaw – the ship was hard to start and slow to turn
          Don Lynch, historian – only ship that could deliver coal at that time
          Benjamin Gugenheim from NYC, a millionaire, went on the trip with his secret mistress
          George Vanderbilt mentioned
          Recalling of conversations, even with their children
          Titan’s dimensions were frighteningly similar to Titanic’s and sunk in the same area 14 years earlier
          Bruce Ismay’s hunger for glory resulted in the death of 1,500
                   I get the impression he was not liked
          Cpt Smith already put the ship in peril – it tore through the harbor, too fast – Another ship was in a crash course with the Titanic. Edith Heisman spoke of it.  The New Yorker had a close call. Just a short time before the Olympic had crashed with another ship and Cpt Smith was in charge – why would they hire him?  The historian said that Smith had such a likable demeanor.  Reflective of charisma. 
          Sudden drop in temperature just before families when to sleep
          10 pm – Crow’s Neck lookout . Temp fell to 31 degrees; Zero with windchill factor
          They were warned of ice dead ahead via morse code
          Smith or Ismay got the ship to speed up, to beat the record of the Olympic’s record
                   Was it that important to generate publicity for Ismay?
                   Flaw:  if enough compartments were punctured, the ship would still sink
          11:37. Iceberg is seen.  Cpt fails to reverse direction properly
(that's what the film said; actually, with all boilers running, it was nearly impossible to expect him to, yet it was the only solutions he knew and he may have dodged that bullet but someone may have bombed the interior in the boiler room, No. 6, making a gaping hole so the water came in even though they closed the windows with the steel which was to make the ship unsinkable. (I wonder if they were able to close them all) 
                   Edith Haisman hardly noticed anything and slept through it. Her father went up on deck and he said it was nothing, they struck an iceberg
                   Water was rushing into the ship. People were already dead and drowning on the ship
          Jon Thompson reported the lifeboat rescue was a sham!
          12:10         Cpt Smith asks crew to send out a distress signal
          DF Bristow – a message, YAFF (You are a fool) was relayed
                   Rescue responses said they would be there in the morning
                   Much too long of a response
                   The other ship was the Californian Was shut down for the night.
                             They saw the distress rockets and the Cpt of the Californian said:
                             Seems like competition was more important than humanity that day! Or someone was hacking the radio signals. Maybe that someone by the last name of Morris. 
                   During the chaos, many were separated from their loved ones
                   28 min: “By the time the life boats were put in the water, those left on board now knew for certain where the Titanic was taken them, and it wasn’t the New World”
                             “Suddently Titanic’s bow nosedived into the sea. It is believed ‘the cull had been damaged by the fire in a hidden way’ (not sure of this section) and there were only four lifeboats left. Over 1600 people on board”
                             John Maxton Graham – Oslow shot his weapon into the air to get people to obey commands
                             The stern began rising out of the water; amid the screems of terror and panic, the musicians played to make people stay calm – these musicians died
                             This film says Smith stayed with the ship and the people died with him
                             Titanic split in half.  Terrible explosion in the boiler room. I am not sure which came first.
                             They report that Gugenheim changed his clothes, into his tuxedo, to “go out like a man” – it may be he was feeling remorse, but I was not impressed he got so much credit. He was cheating on his wife 
          Women watched their husbands die
          Molly Brown threatened to throw someone overboard for not cooperating on the lifeboat
                   Movie:  Unsinkable Molly Brown
                             I remember seeing that when I was child
                   Two boys had been kidnapped by their father and left them on the ship; the orphans of the Titanic (last name Hoffman) Father’s grave was in Halifax, Nova Scotia
                   Families were apparently struggling back then. Maybe it was just with the rich ones
Who was to blame?
          Don Lynch, historian – people didn’t realize how slow the sinking was
                   Stories of people being shot on the deck for crowd control which are most likely not true
                   Dead bodies were recovered by undertakers and embalmers
                             Some were buried at sea
                             Souvenir scavengers were stripping the boat
                                      Cpt Smith made no attempt to escape – he stayed with the ship
                                      Ismay survived – symbolic to the empty lifestyle he was living
                                                Shocking disregard for emergency procedures
                                      The British hearing was questionable
                                                Board of Trade inquiry denied the ship broke in two
                                                          You can’t put Dracula in charge of a blood bank but that is just what they did, said the historian – the Board of Trade passed the ship for inspection, for being seaworthy – if they had not acquitted – their Board would be in ruins, the British trade would have been greatly compromised, particularly with the German competition
                                                The White Star of Flames was acquitted
                                                          They would have been bankrupted if they were convicted
                                      Cpt Lord of the The California completely disregarded distress calls
                                                Cpt Lord was convicted ?  Yet they said that he was there to testify..and a historian said he would live the shame for the rest of his life, whatever that means
          Molly Brown became a legend, as the Unsinkable Molly Brown
          Souvenir hunters scarved the coast for a long time – for artifacts, etc
                   Myths, controversies, conspiracy theories.
                                      Did the Olympic really go down? 
                                                Insurance claim collected for Titanic?
The lost liner
          Final hours were confusion, chaos
                   100-sq mile of open sea
                             Out of reach for explorers
                                      Until new technology enabled the exploration
                                      The crew that went to Mt Everest were involved
                                      1985 – expedition was negative until they found a portion of the wreck.  Film  was successful. First time secrets were revealed, including it breaking in half.
The “Norteel” was created to successfully descend.  At 450 feet the entire control had emergency – the crew was facing death’s door.  Batteries failed.  They had to abandon the Norteel but it was repaired and relaunched.  And the crew made it to the ship..  Ralph White was one of the oceanphotographers or THEE oceanphotographer.  Explosion theory was disproven.  Something made the ship crack, they said.  The inside of the ship even had preserved wood.  A remarkable circumstance.  Third car passengers were forced to stay on their floor.  This was proven – an obvious condemnation to death.  Small tears of rivets that gave way was determined to cause the ship to crack and break in two.  No. 401 was Titanic’s official number and that was confirmed to be Titanic. 
What about treasures/artifacts? 
          Thousands of artifacts were found in tact – they created a project to recover them all
2-square mile area was explored
          The long-lost treasures were recovered by hydraulic arms.  Divers recovered bags of recovered materials. 
          Engine telegraphs were recovered.  The officers on the bridge put the engine room on stop but the order was slow ahead Were the crew already dead?  Is that why they did not follow the order?
          Many of the dead passengers were not known, in the lower class bunkers
          Howard Irwing, Buffalo – his belongings were on the ship yet he was not listed as a passenger on the ship. Was he a card shark to play with the rich and famous?  His love life was an open book.  Love letters. Were they reunited? It is not known.

What if? 
          The ship’s log book could be found, says Mike White, historian
          Dan Lynch, historian, would like to know what their orders were

                   This parallels with September 11 massacre – the black boxes disappeared
                   Titanic’s fate was sealed by the iceberg no matter what other associated facts can be uncovered
                             Titanic, Inc – goes on in pursuit of the truth
                             I wish I could have captured the names in the cast for this documentary

Highlights of the Titanic Wreck, including footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h161-5Hnj8

Titanic – A Question of Murder – 1980s Documentary  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNYVxcjhaEQ

          This film begins with a woman summoning spirits
          Could it have been avoided?  This films says yes
                   Survivors gather in Phila, PA
                   Convention of Titanic Historical Society
                             Still on a Quest for Truth
9 am began a series of ice warnings
          Why were they ignored
1:42 the Baltic sent them a message about the passage of ice
1:45 pm the SS America warned
7:30 pm  and an hr before the crash from the SS California – iceberg
          Titanic response:  Shut up, I’m busy
7:45 pm The SS California messaged warning again
All they did was blame Cpt Lord of SS California for not responding to distress calls

Why not enough lifeboats?  The White Starline were the owners
          A senior executive apposed the lack of lifeboats – his views were ignored
          Cumber, Northern Ireland (shipbuilding was their biggest industry)

Sir John Andrews – recalls the Titanic
          Thomas Andrews, his father, was one of the designers – he was on the Titanic, yet he passed from the Titanic sinking

Rules were drawn up by the Board of Trade. 
1892, the City of NY was around 10,000 tons
In quick succession came the Tentonic, also 10,000 tons
1895 – the Campania  was 13,000 tons
1897 – the Kaiser Wilhelm 17,000 tons
1890 – The Oceanic 17,000 tons
1901 – The Celtic 21,000 tons
1907 – The Lusitania 31,000 tons
1912 – the Titanic 45,000 tons
     Any boat over 10,000 tons had to carry lifeboats for 1,000 people – even though Titanic was licensed to carry 3,500 people
          The Titanic only had room for 1 in 3 people in case of emergency
No boats were allowed to travel when there was ice in the waterway
          After the Titanic sinking
16 lifeboats were in the design; yet 16 more were added in the blueprints
          By Well & Dale for Harland & Wolf         It would have saved 800 more lives
Bruce Ismay retired from Whitestar and from public life after Titanic sank
          But he was probably filfthy rich, collecting insurance, like Silverstein did when the WTC bldgs. were attacked by Americans

1987, Return to the Titanic with Telly Savalas  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXaYW2JE8KI
          Paris, France
          @ 26:30 – a hole was discovered by an explosion . The rivets did not unzip the steel
The exposed decks may have contained the Titanic’s
Electrical wiring may have broken and triggered a boiler room to release gases and explode
          Mr. Diebel says the Titanic did not strike an iceberg, but there was an explosion.  A survivor of the Titanic shared the story with William Diebel’s father.  Purpose of blowing up the ship:  to collect on insurance.
          Dr. Esenhigh says the hole is out of line from the gas explosion theory and they would never have been able to blow out the plates.  There were 400-500 tons of coal.  The fire may have gotten out control The Cpt would have two problems:  fire escaping, and possibly hitting the iceberg.
          New information from Nautile, the deep diving


This video is much clearer than the one I had shared before. Much better streaming.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDn9ST4n1P4

          Actually, this is a different documentary – so please watch if you can
          Cpt Smith was responsible for many deaths, which leads to the conspiracy theory that this wreck was planned
          Smith survived, yet his second in command did not!  Think about that.
          Emphasis of unanswered questions

There was a trail of coal thousands of feet – leading to the stern, which is where the ship split in two – so it drifted for a long time – yet nobody came to help  I know other videos said the captain assured everyone he sent out distress rockets several times. 
          Simon Mills was one of the participants/team members
          There was very little wildlife there
          9/1 at 1:45, they began seeing remnants and came to the ship 1985 – first time it was discovered
          Russians were involved with this expedition also J
John Tindall, producer of this documentary

2 ½ hr documentary – Titanic Mystery Solved – this is most current, published 2015 or 2016  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPkAQ06yP5w

My Notes

Titanic – The Complete History
Death Of A Dream

The Legendary RMS Titanic

Jack Thayer, Titanic Survivor
David McCallum, narrator

400 miles off the grand banks of Newfoundland, lies the ship Titanic
Over 1500 died – First, Second, Third Class

People who believed the world was getting better.
Millvinia Dean’s family went 3d class – headed to Kansas
          They were going to open a business
Edith Brown Haismen, Survivor b 1898
Ruth Becker Blanchard, b 1899

Wyn Wade, Historian
Michael McCaughan, Curator of Maritime History
          Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Walter Lord – author, “A Night To Remember”
          “Nothing had really happened since the Days of Napoleon to destroy man’s faith in  continued progress”

“Unity of Mankind” – Prince Albert 1851
          Heaven on Earth concept
          Even “outdo God”
Technology was considered the Salvation, panacea

White Star Line – Managing Director was J. Bruce Ismay
          Recent rate war ruined wealth opportunities
          Thomas Ismay turned a bankrupt shipping industry to a passenger business, dominating the Atlantic Lanes

JP Morgan bought up several shipping companies, including White Star – consolidating into a monster trust, the IMM (International Mercantile Marine)  Ismay knew that Morgan wanted a heafty return on his investment. Ismay had inherited all his money from his father.  A cold, aloof person. Overexcitable.  A risk taker.  Meticulous.  Demanding. Good businessman.

The Dream:  envisioned the three monster ships to help Morgan take over the shipping industry.  Olympic, Titanic, and Gigantic (projected name)
Lucitania and Moritania were competition – fastest travel ships

Ken Marschall, historian, author
          The White Star went out for its spaciousness

John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas
Authors, “Titanic Triumph and Tragedy”
          Thousands of immigrants wanted to go to the “New World”, aka USA
Titanic was built just as much for the immigrants as the First class rich

Special Floating cranes to compensate for piers too small

Chain of events which would change history forever had been set in motion when they began to build the Titanic
          Francis John Parkison, Jr. – his father was one of the 14,000 Belfast workers to build both Olympic and Titanic.
Building a ship was a city event, says Ken Maschall, historian.  They worked all night and day –
Don Lynch, historian – emphasized same thing. They just didn’t want to leave projects unfinished.
They considered Titanic unsinkable
          Head on collision – ship would float
          All water tight doors could be closed to keep the ship afloat
                   Did they fail to close the doors? 
20 tons of taller was spread upon the waves – to prepare for oncoming Titanic

Olympic and Titanic were sister ships – very similar design

Room for more amenties
          Cigar holder in bathroom cabin
          Warm running water

More first class passengers by not having enough lifeboats but meeting the “legal” requirements
Private parlor suites – costing as much as $4,354. JP Morgan was scheduled to be on the ship

JP Morgan was on the first voyage
Owners decided to place enough lifeboats for 1,170 people
          One third the capacity  (1,138 people)
          Mr. Alexander Carlisle requested 48 lifeboats. Ismay denied. They had 20, legal requirement Then added 4 more to make it seem like they were generous.

2 April 1912, she eased out of Belfast for first voyage.  Took 4 years to build.

Liverpool, 3Apr1912.  Arrives Port Hampton, England.
Donald Hyslop, Sr. Oral Historian, First Southampton City Council
          Titanic’s arrival became a big public focus for the city – for people who arrived and departed
Brian Ticehurst, Historian – Titanic blocked everything up
Coal Strike in Southampton – every unemployed vied for a job on the ship
          Passengers from Adriatic were transferred to Titanic, due to coal shortage from the union strike
          Wyn Wade, historian says further some were warried to go on a new ship
          Titanic needed 650 tons of coal
Millivean Dean, Survivor, b 1912

Ruth Becker Blanchard
My mother was not happy to go on the ship because it was the first trip

Eva Hart, b 1905 – “my mother was suspicious; “flying the face of God” were her words”

Some of passengers stayed at Southampton’s South Western Hotel
          Millionaire tycoon from NYC (with his mistress) – Benjamin Gugenheim
          Bruce Ismay
          Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, rail tycoon/Pennsylvania
          Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon – rail tycoon
          Mr. Charles Hayes and his wife
          Scottland’s Countess of Roths
          Presidential Advisor, Archibald Buck
          George Widner, heir to the largest corp in PA
          Mr. and Mrs. George Strouse, co-owners of Macy’s in NYC
          Over 300 luminaries who paid hundreds to thousands
          Millionaire special totaled $500M – so this video says = WTF
                             It was probably $500,000

Don Lynch, Historian

School Teacher, Lawrence Beasley (passenger)

Many of the crew hired at the last moment were not sure of duties and responsibilities
2d Officer Charles Lightower was inexperienced

Cpt Smith completed several trips on Olympic

This was supposed to be his last trip
          I bet someone shot and killed him so he could not get off. Maybe Ismay himself did it to evade from paying him for conspiring to cause the ship to sink – and also “loose lips sink ships” concept

Lawrence Beasley’s notes were read on the video
Crowds waved and cheered as it left the shore
          New Yorker was being pulled by the Titanic – almost collided
Ken Marschall, historian
Cpt Smith gave last minute tugs
          Survivor said her mother said it was a bad omen
4/10 – arrival in Sherberg, France
4/11 – arrived in Port of Queenstown, Ireland
          Last photo record on ship was taken by a priest

Stories of immigrants @38:15 who boarded the ship

Titanic’s 3d class passengers and crew were singing on 4/12
For the first time ever, a ship had pools on board

Ruth Blanchard – her brother was 2 yrs old
Palm Room – The Titanic’s band played
          So many beautiful women on the ship

Eva Hart said her mother had a premonition and would sleep during the day but I think she shared keeping watch over their possessions and children with her spouse

Icerberg warning started coming

Edward S. Kamuda, Founder and President of Titanic Historical Society says it was the duties of the officers to get the messages across

Cpt Smith “was suspicious of the warnings” since it was unusual despite the fact the weather was extremely warm for that time of year

Titanic had no chance to beat the other passenger ship

Bruce Ismay made sure he had a conversation in front of passengers claiming they were going fast to beat the other ships and would get into NY on Tuesday, despite the fact the passengers had no hotel plans for that night and it would cost them more money

Historian only claims it was only important to Ismay to get their ahead of other ships

Walter Lord says Ismay went full speed ahead where the icebergs were
Another historian said more boiler rooms were ordered to load coal to give the ship more power

Sun, April 14 – beautiful sunset.  Church service, they sing “For those in peril on the sea” – they had the best meal ever that evening.

Iceberg notices – go unnoticed
Masaba, passenger ship – says ice were in a rectangle – but the bridge never got the message

Cpt Smith said if he spots an iceberg, they would deal with it

These historians must have written the Wizzard of Oz!  They keep excusing Cpt Smith!

Stories of what the passengers were doing shared…mentioned binoculars…(yet binoculars were supposed to be inaccessible because an employee missed the ship’s departure and had the keys

Historian says this was not just a typical iceberg, it was a blue or black iceberg.  Slowly turned turtling the water and virtually invisible.

Hard to Starborn – order given by Murdock. Reverse engines, slow down!  (Most likely Cpt Smith TOLD him to do that if they approach an iceberg! – all planned!)

Iceberg seemed to have been dodged, yet a grinding noise below was herd
          Murdock orders the doors to be shut
          George Behe, V President of Titanic Society says leading fireman Fred Barrett – seawater came flooding in – he closed that flood door in that area.  The 2d Lt Also made a brief inspection and it was later that Cpt Smith found out that
Iceberg ruptured the hull over all six compartments
          Did Cpt Smith do this?  He was not on duty. 
Dot Kendle, Titanic Survivor
Edith Brown Haiman, Survivor
Lawrence Beasley only noticed a change in motion
          Jumped out of bed.  A steward said not to worry about it

Ken Marschall – “Hey did you hear? We dropped a propeller blade”…

People were becoming more aware. 3d Class were being flooded

Daniel Buckley was ordered to get back in bed, “You’re not in Ireland now!”

Don Lynch, historian: shares loss of possessions “all they had” by 3d class

Waiting for official explanation

General feeling was not much was done to the ship

Swimming pool and Turkish baths were flooding. Mail room was flooded.

All passengers with life belts were ordered on deck

No sirens, no PA systems

Third class was chaotic because many did not speak English

Water was coming up three steps of the stairs – Daniel Buckley

We didn’t take time to get life belts

Women dressed and undressed – scared

Michelle A – was under guise of Michael Hoffman
More stories were shared

Distress codes sent out – passengers remained blindly confident
More passenger stories at 1:10:03
They thought all water-tight doors were closed
          The hole was open, says historian – who fails to indicate how the hole got there!
Notes stopped at 1 hr 12 min

To be continued……

I have to stop for the night, this has been exhausting to review – it is so obvious this was indeed a mass murder event – and September 11 was a copycat crime!  They made April 15 to be the day taxes were due as a satanic curse or something to sooth their evil consciences! Anyone looking up the history of why April 15 was set will most likely see the connection!

God bless.  I will be back – I have a lot of hand-written notes to type for comparison. 

There is a slight delay in typing my notes.  My get up and go has got up and went.

I have a lot more notes!  I should have them posted by noon today

Sorry - so much for being complete by noon.  I had some setbacks.

Video:  Titanic Words of The Titanic
They had an elevator
Floating town
Turkish bath
So happy and peacefull
Small Chairs
Gray skies replaced sunshine
          But it was all so calm
Over sea and glass
Furnished room, armchairs
The ship was steaming at 20 knots
Sudden vibrating jar
Titanic slowed and stopped after vibrating jar
Now I was nervous about the icy air
It’s mighty cold
Vibrating jar
People shaking
No sound of a crash
Huge Iceberg seen by chess players – out the window
          Yet clearly the ship was known to have hit blueberg/blackberg which is ice that cannot be seen
          The Lt Lightower must have successfully dodged the visible iceberg and it pissed of Cpt Smith and he probably got his and Bruce Ismay’s people to blow a hole in  the side of the ship, below the watertight doors, so it sabatoged the unsinkable concept.
“We can keep the water out for a while”, was claimed to have been overheard yet they said staff were telling them things were okay

At midnight the Titanic stopped
          Another video claims it was stopped at 11:39 but it ran into the iceberg at 11:40
          Official expeditions have proven that the “Titanic never stopped”
                             Ironically or deliberately, “Rev” Al Sharpton emphasized at Michael Jackson’s funeral that “he never stopped” – could be characteristic to the Satanic killing Michael Jackson was subjected to
                             Al Sharpton contributes to the distrust Christians have with Christian churches. Maybe he contributed to the murder of Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.

13:43                   The 4th officer opened my door and said, “It’s an iceberg”. I said, “I know”. He said,  “the water is up to f-deck (not sure of the word here)  in the mailroom”

14:44                   We saw a game of cards going on. One of them had seen an iceberg towering above the decks.
          Yet the ship was supposed to have crashed in a bluberg/blackberg which is invisible to the eye
          The ship had already stopped.

15:06                   My general impression was they had just scraped the iceberg on the side and stopped for precaution
15:32                   It was very bright overhead and there was a tremendous number of stars and there was also a slight mist on the water.  I did not stay on the top deck long, as I did not regard things as serious.  We all though she was unsinkable. 

15:48                   12:05 am – first distress call struck iceberg

16:26         Second Steward came in and said every man come on deck at once. Put on heavy clothing and life belts.

17:00                   “You know the ship is sinking” …Titanic could not be sinking – she was so perfect, so new.  Yet now she was so still, so inaniment.

17:10                   I read for ten minutes when I heard a large shout from above: “All Passengers on deck with life belts on”  - shepherded by the crew, the passengers came streaming up on deck. The rule, woman and children first, was to be strictly enforced.

18:07                   My God! Don’t you realize the ship will sink – that you have to go on deck as quickly as possible!

18:49                   We listened to a beautiful concert

19:14                   How different are those staircases now

19:25                   There was no panic.  No crying in fear. No running to and fro to discover what was the matter.  All the time, people were pouring up from the stairs adding to the crowd.

19:42                   Titanic Captain Smith says, Ask the passengers – we are putting them in small boats

19:48                   He says calm and clear – our distance from Titanic – 505 miles

                   Out of Titanic – 2,200 passengers – the ship’s lifeboats only had room for 1,000 – women and children were loaded first.

20:28                   There was not one woman who shed a tear or gave a shout of distress…There was not a man who --- the ship who attempted to escape with the women - - not a member of a crew (that wanted to leave their duty)
                    My proud Anglo Saxon race made me have a sense of control at this hour of trial

21:03                   We went onto the boat deck where we were already getting into life boats.  My father helped us into a lifeboat and then turned away – that was the last I ever saw of him. I saw him standing there with his back toward us.

22:27                   That cold, green water, coldly making its way up the staircase was a sight that --- indelibly of my memory….
                             No mention of seeing people drowning on the ship!

22:40                   Titanic’s passengers still had no idea what lay ahead for them

                   But her crew now knew her ship was doomed.

22:54                   Two hours after Titanic hit the iceberg, it was clear that the ship would soon sink
                   The freaking boat split in two at that time!

23:04                   In the rough, the remaining lifeboats often left half full
Our lifeboat, with 36 in it, began lowering into the sea. This was about the greatest confusion.  Rough seaman or getting different orders – as only one side of the rope worked was in time such a position that it served, it would capsize in midair.

24:35                   I went to fill up boat 13, got about 35 women and children into it.  We shouted for more women but there were none forthcoming. We had a few first class male passengers in.  An officer ordered two of us to get in and help row the boat. And I happen to be one of the fortunate ones ordered in.

24:48                   I reached out to receive somebody’s forgotten baby in my arms.

25:14                   The call for ladies was repeated again, but apparently there were none to be found

25:25                   “Any ladies on your deck?” No, I replied.  And he said, “then you better jump”

          Lawrence Beasley was one of the few male passengers who made it in the boats

26:00                   Imagine a ship nearly 1/6 mile long, with hundreds of portholes brilliant with light and all around her little boats filled – a few hours before had --- her deck – listened to the music of the band.
                   This dialogue humanized the boats, which is creepy

28:20                   - as she was sinking..

26:54                   There were only 5 decks now, then I counted again. Only 4 now. The sea level and river of lights should never have met.  Now they met at the black hull of the ship. There was nothing else to indicate she was injured. Nothing.

27:07                   But the apparent – of that simple geometrical law.
                   1500 people remained on board with no hope for escape
                   The dialogue proceeds to describe the full ship sinking, which we know was a lie. 

28:12                   - worked its way to the stern as the sight of the bow worked its way down.
                   Impossible!  The ship was broken in tow and ½ mile or more separate from each other!

28:40                   --driving instinct of self preservation…
                   Yet they claimed women did not want to get on lifeboats – obviously to stay together with their families, if this was true
                   This film is SOCIAL ENGINEERING

30:21                   She tilted slightly up and there remained – slightly flickered all night
                   Lights went on suddenly, came on for a single flash, then went out altogether
                   Thundering roar of underwater explosions
                   Cries of many passengers in the water
Charles Lightower felt warm water pulling him back up…
Archibald Gracey was being pulled underwater

34:13                   I raised my head above the water – no Titanic in sight
                   Names of historians were not legible in this video
                   7+ hours in the lifeboats before they were rescued

35:40                   We saw two large sailor ships near the horizon.  They stood as icebergs peaked in a way to suggest they were a ship

                   Carpathia – now began picking up bodies and rescued lifeboats – over 200 passengers of the Titanic had been saved

40:36         Archibald Gracey found an upturned lifeboat, half-sunken hull – to stand on, which was floating upside down.  And he was helped onto it.  Charles Lightower also was on this hull piece – the Carpathian rescued them
41:16                   711 saved out of 2,201 on board – 1,500 of their own ranks and classes had gone to their last count. I was the only survivor of 50 engineers who went down with her.
                   He was supposed to be the ONLY engineer according to this or another film, and I think there is a play on words.  I am referring to the engineer who was involved with the design of the ship.They don’t provide a last name here, so it is confusing. 
41:50                   After 2 days, Carpathia reached NYC

42:11                   Carpathia drew slow to her station in the QAnon pier
                   They found only the 1500 who died
                             FALSE statement because certain rich people and Cpt Smith’s body were not found
                   Charles Lightower was passed over for a promotion.  He died in 1952.
                   Elizabeth Shoots remained unmarried and died in 1949
                   Lawrence Beasely went back to work as a school teacher. Died 1967

49:50                   Archibald Gracey reunited with his wife, yet 8 months later died – 1953 ( CIA was established; most likely he was murdered by CIA to keep him quiet about what really happened)

I did not take notes of the remaining film -----------posted 8/28/2018----------

I have more notes 

Titanic sinks in real time 2hrs 40 minutes  https://youtu.be/rs9w5bgtJCB

11:39                   all Engines Stop
11:40                   Titanic strikes iceberg
11:40                   watertight doors are closed
11:56                   All engines were ordered to stop.  This was the last her engines would function.
11:59                   Boiler pressure and excess steam is vented to prevent boilers from exploding in contact with the cold incoming sea.
12:00                   Now it’s past midnight, Monday, April 15, 1912
12:06                   The First Class Lounge is opened for passengers and is designated the assembly point for the start of the evacuation
12:16                   The orchestra has begun playing in the lounge
12:17                   Titanic begins taking on a starboard list
12:22                   Thomas Andrews, the ship’s designer
                                      aka engineer, I presume
                   who is on board, confirms the damage is too much for Titanic to survive. He estimates 1=2 hours before it sinks
12:25                   First distress calls are sent out from Titanic.  CQD is the regulation call sent in the beginning
12:27                   Lights of another ship are spotted on the horizon off the bow.  This ship is close enough to help if Titanic can get its attention
12:30                   The SS Mount Temple receives Titanic’s position
12:32                   Most lifeboats are swung out to prepare for loading
12:35                   Fourth Officer Boxhall recalculates Titanic’s position based on the stars.  New position is delivered to the wireless room.
12:40                   Lifeboat 7 is the first to be launched from the ship.  With a capacity for 65, there are 28 on board.
12:42                   The SS Frankfurt responds to the distress calls
12:44                   Lifeboat 5 is the second lifeboat launched. It has 36 on board
12:45                   The Telegraph operators begin using SOS
12:45                   Att Watertight doors are opened to give access for the pump crew
12:46                   Lifeboat 5 encounters lowering difficulties with one side slipping
12:47                   Officer Boxhall launches the first distress rocket in an attempt to signal the ship on the horizon.
12:47                   A crew of stokers rush up the grand staircase, scaring passengers
12:48                   Two quartermasters on the poop deck telephone the bridge to notify   them of rockets and lifeboats in the water.  These quartermasters were not previously aware of the situation.
12:49                   The Carpathia confirms that it is on its way.  It is 58 miles, or 4 hrs away, from Titanic’s position.
12:50                   Lifeboat 9 is lowered to a A Deck by Chief Officer Wilde.  The other aft starboat - starboard boats will soon follow.
12:51                   Second Officer Lightoller (sounds like Lighttower in other films) officially adopts the “woman and children policy”
12:52                   The Starboard list is eliminated as Boiler Room 5 floods
12:53                   The Strauss couple famously refuses to part eachother at Lifeboat and Mrs. Strauss insists that her maid take her place
1:00            Lifeboat leaves with 27 people on board – over the course of the night, it rows over 2 miles away (most likely, not picked up by Carpathia)
1:14            Lifeboat 6 stops lowering after it realized that there aren’t enough sailors on board.  First Class passenger Arthur Peuchem volunteers to go, as he is a yachtman.  This is the only adult male passenger allowed into a boat by Officer Lightloller.
1:15            Water is up to Titanic’s name plate
1:20            The majority of the engineering and stoker staff is ordered to evacuate
1:20            Lifeboat 16 is launched with 53 people on board
1:22            Boiler Room 4 is forced to be abandoned
1:23            Titanic lists increasingly to port
1:25            Lifeboat 14 is launched with 40 people on board
1:26            Fifth Officer Lowe fires his pistol to scare off a mob of threatening men to jump into Lifeboat 14, as it passes the A Deck promenade
1:27            RMS Baltic confirms it’s coming
1:28            SS Frankfurt confirms they are coming
1:29            Revolvers are issued to Titanic’s officers
1:30            Lifboat 12 is launched with 42 people on board
1:31            Second officer Lightoller (in previous films pronounced “light tower”) orders men out of lifeboat 2 at gunpoint
1:30            Lifeboat 9 is launched with 40 people
1:32            RMS VA confirms they are coming
1:35            Water begins discharging through the condensers
1:37            Lifeboat 11 is launched with 50 people on board
1:40            Lifeboat 13 is launched with 50 people on board
1:41           Lifeboat 11 is nearly swamped by the bilge discharge
1:41            Lifeboat 13 is launched with 55 people
1:43            The Orchestra briefly disbands to retrieve their lifebelts
1:44            Lifeboat 13 is abruptly pushed aft by the force of the bilge discharge, jamming it on the falls
1:44            Lifeboat 15 is launched with 68 people
1:45            Come as quickly as possible, old man. Engine room flooded up to the boilers – the last legible message from the Titanic
1:45            Lifeboat 13 cannot release itself as lifeboat 15  
1:45            Lifeboat 14 is released and pulls out from under Lifeboat 15 as 15 lands in the water
1:46            Lifeboat 2 is launched with 17 people on board
1:46            First class passenger Benjamin Guggenheim and his manserver emerge from their cabins dressed in tuxedos. He gives his final words, “We have dressed in our best and are prepared to go down, Gentlemen”
1:47            The SS Frankfurt expresses confusion about the situation, and may not be coming after all.
1:48            The lights on the horizon disappear
1:49            The RMS Olympic, Titanic’s sister ship, confirms that they are coming – she is around 500 miles away
1:49            The orchestra reassembles on the boat deck outside the Grand Staircase
1:50            Titanic’s power decreases Olympic and the Mount Temple are out of range of the telegraph
1:50            Lifeboat 4 is launched with 30 people on board
1:51            Lifeboat 10 is launched with 57 people on board
1:52            Titanic’s power decreases – the SS Ypiranga is out of range of the telegraph
1:54            Lifeboat 4 rows for the open gangway door, but cannot find it as it is already underwater
1:55            Titanic’s power decreases – the Carpatia is now out of range of the telegraph
1:56            Cpt Smith gives the two telegraph operators permission to abandon their post and save themselves. They chose to stay longer, despite transmissions failing.
1:57            Lightoller fires his gun into the air to keep passengers from swarming collapsible boat D, now being loaded
1:59            Thomas Andrews, Cpt Smith, and Chief Officer Wilde make a desperate attempt using the Cpt’s megaphone to call back the half-full lifeboats to the strip to pick up more passengers
1:59            Bruce Ismay , the owner of the Titanic, who had been desperately encouraging passengers to escape the whole night, is ordered into Collapsable Boat C by First Officer Murdoch
2:00            It is now 2 a.m. Titanic has 20 minutes left
2:00            Collapsable Boat C is launched with 43 people on board. It scrapes the side of the ship the whole way down
2:02            The crew begin working on the final two collapsible boats on the roof of the Officer’s Quarters
2:03            Titanic’s power decreases. The telegraph no longer functions.
2:05            Collapsable D is launched with 20 people on board. This is the last boat to be launched by the davits.
2:07            Smith, Andrews, and Wilde abandon their hope to call lifeboats back to the Titanic
2:08            Last messages are heard from the Titanic. They are unintelligible.
2:09            Collapsible A is slid off the roof on ramps made of lifeboat oars.
                   The Wireless Room is abandoned.
2:10            Collapsible A is loaded on the deck before it is even ready to launch
                   Gunshots are heard from the First Officer Murdoch’s position
2:11            Collapsible B is thrown from the roof of he Officer’s Quarters. It lands upside down in the water on top of Junior Telegraphist Harold Bride.
2:12            Survivors distinctly hear four explosions from deep within the ship as her plunge begins
2:20            Titanic is gone. Rescue does not arrive for another hour and 40 minutes

I typed exactly what was on the screen for this video - fyi 
Note, the above notes are not in sink with facts 
I will try to mark up problems  in red when I am able  

Good night!  

9/11/2018 - a solemn day, indeed!  See what the Corbett Report shared on YouTube

Meantime, I want to share this comment based on the notes I am not taking about Who is really controlling all this mess in our society.  Source;  www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/08/aplanetruth.html

I need to add this out of order because it is significant to my blog post on the Titanic:

The Jesuit photographer FrancisBrown was on the Titanic and managed to get off before it sank.  The Titanic was switched with its damaged Twin Sister ship the Olympia which was intentionally sunk as insurance fraud.  

Now, I understand this theory is a strong one and indeed insurance fraud existed.  Yet the expeditions also knew this theory existed and claimed it was not the Olympia but the Titanic and they had manufacturing proof.  If the Titanic continued to exist, what came of it?  It really can't be hid in a closet - it was even much bigger than the Olympia.  They packed the Titanic with passengers.  

You decide.  

The only ship I personally know of that was huge and used with great popularity, was the Queen Elizabeth II.  So I compared pictures - not because I suspect Queen Elizabeth II - for I adore Queen Elizabeth II!  But could they have switched it - her father had an untimely death in 1952.



The ship was apparently launched in 1958. Could she have discovered that this adored ship was the Titanic and she lost interest in it yet did not want to inform the public due to security risks?

Yet now I discover this online:  The Queen Elizabeth 2, often referred to simply as QE2, is a floating hotel and retired ocean liner built for the Cunard Line which was operated by Cunard as both a transatlantic liner and a cruise ship from 1969 to 2008. Since 18 April 2018 she has been operating as a floating hotel in Dubai.

Why are there such conflicting years?  

Her ship was retired in the 70's or 80's.  I remember reading about it and also Queen Elizabeth spoke about it in a YouTube Video.  

The QE2 is now a Museum, so it certainly was not wasted and may be making money from visitors.  I would have loved to seen it!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FEQRJqb6ec 








This film I am watching:  Building the Titanic:  The Story of the “unsinkable ship”


       I also recently watched another video I had never seen:  Titanic, the Lost Signal 2015


Titanic was equipped with three main engines—two reciprocating four-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engines and one centrally placed low-pressure Parsons turbine—each driving a propeller. The two reciprocating engines had a combined output of 30,000 horsepower (22,000 kW).

Installed power: 24 double-ended and five sin...

Propulsion: Two three-blade wing propellers a...

Fate: Struck an iceberg at 11:40 pm (ship's time) ...

Titanic - Wikipedia

https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Titani



HOW MANY ENGINES DID LUSITANIA HAVE?  This is an example of the BS rigged on internet:

369 operating

Her crew comprised 69 on deck, 369 operating engines and boilers and 389 to attend to passengers. Both she and Mauretania had a wireless telegraph, electric lighting, electric lifts, sumptuous interiors and an early form of air-conditioning.


      369 engines vs 3 engines on a much larger ship, the Olympia?  The Titanic?  


Olympic was driven by three propellers. The two three-bladed side propellers were driven by two triple-expansion engines, while the four-bladed central propeller was driven by a turbine that used recovered steam escaping from the triple-expansion engines.

Installed power: 24 double-ended (six furnace) ...

Propulsion: Two bronze three-bladed wing pro...

Notes: Lead ship of the Olympic Class ocean li...



Did some or all of these builders of the ships, who lost their lives, consider flaws in the building - to make it sink - make it combust - or just simply cheapen the design because they knew the ship/s would sink?  This is a question for Architects and Engineers…did anyone prepare a thesis or dissertation on the building of ships?  


And this leads to the building of planes - for the same reason…were they made to fail?  Boeing can take control of its own planes now using UAP - they can certainly make them crash like what happened in China recently.  Yet can they get away with doing something like that?  Did they even care, considering a corrupted government will “protect” their crimes?


      My theory:

And they will secretly excuse it as a “national security issue” - to attack, to bully, to incite war - yet feloniously accuse the country of what?  Certainly nothing truthful!   |


This video:  Building The Titanic: The Story of the ‘unsinkable ship”  Our History Channel


China should sue Boeing and recover damage for the company, for the families of the ones who lost their lives!



WINSTON CHURCHILL WAS CONSIDERED A VILLAIN by the Irish.  He deprived the workers of their rights.  He was directly connected to the rise and fall of the Titanic!  


 Why isn’t AE911Truth even investigating other building failures or even reviewing papers published on the review of other building-failures?  I refer to transportation vehicles as well as buildings.  


I know what it is like to have a teacher resent you for actually using critical thinking.  This completely disrupts opportunity to learn from the teacher.  A chemistry teacher I had resented my conclusion that the tablets used to treat people for acidic stomachs was actually making it worse.  It hit home to me because I developed a serious condition, hiatal hernia.  The over the counter medicine was TUMS.  Spell it backward:  SMUT.  Obviously intentional that it PRODUCES INCREASE IN HCL in the stomach!  And the teacher told me I was crazy thinking that even though the very text book we had showed HCL was a product of the reaction to the stomach!  

And I had other teachers who treated me the same when I confronted CORRUPTION in the system - the teaching system - and the examples they used were proof of what they were trying to disprove AND GET PAID FOR IT.  




I wonder if any papers published by scholars or in other venues have researched the Modus Operandi of building transports and even buildings to fail.  To blow up, to implode later!  The Lusitania had war weapons on it.  Built before Titanic.  Some have claimed the Titanic also had war weapons and also she had an icebreaker in the front and should not have had any problem with ice!


Nevertheless, those who died while making the ships may have been murdered because they “knew too much”


And what about liar Rand Paul who is set for life as a senator because of RIGGED ELECTIONS?  






Dear Friend,
You can find my latest update below!
Dr. Rand Paul’s Effort to Repeal Travel Mask Mandates Passes Senate
Last Tuesday night, I forced a vote to repeal travel mask mandates on public transportation, and I am thrilled to announce the Senate passed it with bipartisan support, voting 57-40.
Since March 2020, unelected bureaucrats have incessantly declared that we should ‘follow the science.’ But the same bureaucrats continue to defy science by imposing an ineffective and restrictive mask mandate for individuals traveling on public transit and airplanes.
As the entire world is learning to live with COVID, the federal government still uses fear mongering to stubbornly perpetuate its mandates, rather than giving clear-eyed, rational advice on how to best protect yourself from illness. 
That is why, I forced this vote, and I applaud the Senate for rejecting this nonsense.
The Senate has spoken, and said enough is enough. We sent a message to unelected government bureaucrats to stop the anti-science, nanny state requirement of travel mask mandates. Now, the resolution will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration, where I hope Democrats and Republicans can come together in support of ending this theater.
You can read more about my efforts HERE, and watch my floor remarks on the vote HERE.
Dr. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Eliminate Dr. Fauci’s Position as Director of NIAID
Also last Tuesday, I introduced an amendment during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) committee meeting to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and replace it with three separate national research institutes.
We’ve learned a lot over the past two years, but one lesson in particular is that no one person should be deemed “dictator-in-chief.” No one person should have unilateral authority to make decisions for millions of Americans.
To ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again, I introduced this amendment, which will create accountability and oversight into a taxpayer funded position that has largely abused its power, and has been responsible for many failures and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
You can learn more about my amendment HERE, and read more about lessons learned during the pandemic in my column published in Fox News HERE.
Dr. Rand Paul Writes Column on Disaster Relief Efforts in Kentucky
Recently, I wrote a column published in the West Kentucky Star on disaster relief efforts in Kentucky.

As I said in the piece, this past December, Kentucky endured a series of tornadoes that proved to be the deadliest storms in the Commonwealth’s history.
I was at home in Bowling Green at the time, as 155+ mph winds whipped through the city and leveled full blocks.
The next day, I surveyed the destruction, overwhelmed by the scale and concerned for our city’s path to recovery.
The debris is now mostly clear, but lives are still damaged. Only through community efforts can we fully recover, and Kentuckians have shown their firm resolve. Over the past two months, I have witnessed some of the most heartening acts of compassion, grace, and resilience across our Commonwealth.
The unbridled spirit of our state is on full display.
During my recent visits to Mayfield, Princeton, Dawson Springs, Hartford, Bremen, Eddyville, and Pembroke among others, I have spoken with hundreds of community members and leaders, in awe of their acts of service.
Kentuckians, even from areas not directly affected, answered the call to rebuild homes and fix downed power lines.
The initial outpouring of support was amazing, but I know the road to recovery will be long.
In affected counties, my staff continues to assist with FEMA claims, Small Business Administration loans, and replacing lost or damaged documents such as Social Security cards, VA records, military medals and records, and tax paperwork.
But most recently, I have been working to expand access to disaster assistance in rural communities through my work as Ranking Member of the Senate Small Business Committee.
In meetings across Kentucky, I heard your concerns that some Kentuckians were not able to access needed SBA loans because they lived in a rural county.
For instance, even though some properties were damaged in Spencer County, the area did not meet arbitrary population standards to be eligible for SBA disaster assistance.
To fix this problem, I worked to strengthen legislation that would allow governors to request SBA disaster assistance for homeowners and small businesses in rural areas that incurred significant damage to one or more properties.
This legislation would allow a governor to request SBA assistance in rural areas with a lower damage threshold after a major disaster has been declared by the president.
During my time in the Senate, farmers, small businesses, and I have fought side-by-side to cut the bureaucratic red tape that impedes economic growth. This bill is no exception.
This is just one step on our full road to recovery, but through concerted efforts on my behalf and yours, I am confident in Kentucky, now more than ever.
You can read my full op-ed HERE.
Dr. Rand Paul Honors Seasonal Shoppe of Salyersville, Kentucky, as the U.S. Senate Small Business of the Week
As Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, each week I recognize an outstanding Kentucky small business that exemplifies the American entrepreneurial spirit. This week, I recognized Seasonal Shoppe of Salyersville, Kentucky, as the Senate Small Business of the Week.
Bekah Frazier Rudd, owner of Seasonal Shoppe will tell you herself that retail runs in her blood. Bekah inherited her knack for running a business from her mother and father, who owned Frazier’s Prater Drug Store, the longest continuously operating business in Salyersville.
Bekah’s mother, Patricia Frazier, started off with a little corner in her husband’s store selling arts and crafts items. Throughout the years in the drug store, the popularity of Patricia’s corner eventually led her to start a business of her own, just a few doors down from her husband’s pharmacy. Thus, Seasonal Shoppe was born, and has been operating since 1997. Eight years later, when Patricia left to take over Frazier’s Prater Drug Store, Bekah stepped in to fill her mother’s shoes as owner and operator of Seasonal Shoppe. 

Though Seasonal Shoppe has since shifted towards selling more clothes and general home goods than arts and crafts, little else about the store or its quality of service has changed. Bekah continues the same friendly atmosphere created by her mother, by bringing her family around to lend a hand in the store. Bekah works alongside her sister-in-law, as well two full time staff and two local high school students who work part-time for Seasonal Shoppe. And just how Bekah used to work inside her father’s drug store, her two children are common faces at Seasonal Shoppe, helping out with merchandise sales and with seasonal events.  

Bekah not only perpetuates the same family-friendly atmosphere created by her mother; she pays mind to the traditions passed down to her by her father. Mr. Frazier always said that it was their duty as main street mainstays to support the community. Bekah continues this tradition by sponsoring the local high school sports teams, community churches, and most recently helping out the local fire department with their annual fundraiser. This charitable spirit instilled in her by her parents comes in addition to the good business sense she inherited from them, and it is this special combination of devotion to the community and to the livelihood of the store that has kept Seasonal Shoppe running these past 25 years.

Small businesses like Seasonal Shoppe are the lifeblood of small towns across Kentucky, and they serve as an inspiring example of how the entrepreneurial spirit transcends multiple generations. Moreover, the story of Seasonal Shoppe illustrates that sometimes it takes an existing business to start a new business, in that Patricia reached her customer base through her husband’s drug store.
Seasonal Shoppe and their role in the Salyersville community demonstrates how small businesses are an integral part of the daily life of small towns across the country, and I am thankful for the chance to honor these entrepreneurs and what they represent. Congratulations to Bekah and the entire Seasonal Shoppe team. I wish them the best of luck and look forward to watching their continued growth and success in Kentucky.
You can learn more about Seasonal Shoppe HERE.

Media Wrap Up



 I apologize for including the Rand Paul info - this was a real pain just to post this update.  I "selected all" from a document with notes on it.   That is how it ended up here - but I sure do believe he was a co-conspirator to September 11 and everything he says has othing to do with Truth, it has to do with a narrative, which he will change with the blink of an eye.  He's a CIA operative FIRST! 

posted 3/22/2022

This sketch was shared by  

Titanic Films by. Mark

YouTube. #SetReminder 

 4/15/2022 livestreaming

Titanic Testimonies of Survivors: 

Comments turned off.  



Boilers, 25 cylindrical Scotch (23 double ended, 2 single ended) in four boiler rooms; 192 furnaces with total heating surface 158 ..

Lusitania was built 6 years before that;


Titanic had 3 ENGINES, one FAKE Funnel to allude 4 engines!

Lusitania had 25 boilers

Titanic had 29 boilers - FOR LESS ENGINES!

Lusitania had 182 funaces

Titanic had 159 furnaces!



MOST LIKELY THE PRIME MINISTER AND HOUSES CENSURED HER FROM TALKING ABOUT THE EVILS OF TITANIC! The original designer left because they refused to put on the proper number of lifeboats, claiming they did not have a legal need to do so. YET - if history is correct, he got involved with politics and helped incite a civil war (Catholics vs Protestants)


Posted 4/21/2022


The RMS Empress Of Ireland
- collision, gaping hole on the side. SANK like bag of Irish potatoes
Sank 28May1914 

Search: The Sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland

   Norwegian Storestep, carrying 400,000 tons of coal.  Storestep rammed into the RMS Empress. 1,012 people died.   FEW survivng passengers. Those lifeboats that were used CAPSIZED. As the ship's turn proceeded, lights changed, fog rolled in. Storestep was blamed and ordered to pay damages to Canada. 

There is concern that RMS was at fault. 

44min video on the Empress of Ireland LAST VOYAGE. SUNK ON THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER MORE PASSENGERS THAN THE TITANIC WWERE KILLED. Vital clues covered up.  

   The ship had been sailig for 8 years. Considered one of the safest ships afloat.  I wonder hoe many lifeboats it had. Whole families were wiped out in third class.  The CPT was CPT Kendall 

   (I was almost killed by a 20-ton town sander truck who deliberately slammed into me. The attorney who took my case when I was in ICU got my mother to sign papers, expecting me to die.  My father found out that this attorney, Frederick Kendall, had a brother Donald Kendall who became President of PepsiCo - and paid a hit man to kill the President of Chile!) 
At 11 ,im of this video, CPT Kendall admits he was steering the ship towards the Norwegian ship.  He also ordered FULL SPEED AHEAD. Yet the Storstad was accused of navigating off-course.  

11July1914, the Commission, probably American, ruled Norway was at fault. 

At 15:30 - he says "CPTs of passenger liners go down with the ship. This is making no sense.  (infers criminal intent)  Yet his basing this on the captain going down the ship, when Cpt Smith obviously escaped from Titanic, is pathetic.  They say, "There's no way that Kendall's testimony could occur"

Cpt Kendall never gave orders for watertight doors to be closed.  He also ordered FULL SPEED AHEAD. 
(had he, he would have locked all 3d class passengers in the lower floors, I would presume) 

Other ships that sank:  Derbyshire, SS Atlantic, Andrea Doria... Ocean Ranger (oil rig) , Steamboat Sultana,....

I can only do so much in collecting information.  

Posted 5/10/2022

I wish I could add more but I am quite tired.  I worked on this int he middle of the night 

I will be back, most certainly - but this should provide more reason to be concerned about MODUS OPERANDI. 

POSTED 5:10 am on 5/10/2022

    Professor Mercogliano's contact info at the university:
Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano ... Mailing Address: PO Box 356. Buies Creek, NC 27506. phone. (910) 893-1490. (work). email mercoglianos@campbell.edu.
      They also discuss the TRAIN, THE CANADIAN PACIFIC 

This week to mark the anniversary of the sinking of CPR's 'Empress of Ireland' I'll be talking with my friend Mr Thomas Lynskey of HFX Studios. Join us for a lively discussion covering the ship's life and eventual tragic demise on the St Lawrence River in 1914. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSBEyleczYk


They talk of their "admiration" of Robert Ballard, who I believe was either compromised or is deliberately following a nefarious agenda!

They even say,, "It doesn't have the romance of Titan ic" - WTF! titanic was and is a crime scene of mass murder! they are proving they can't think for themselves and adorn their heads with "fashioned ideology

Why did the Medical Industry echo this well=known acronym? Using CPR to refer to manual heart resuscitation,,,,why wasn't it MHR?

My first impression is wordplay/psyop

5/10/2022 - Both Titanic and Olympic went back to be reworked. Frankly, I would be surprised if they were NOT switched. CPT Smith obviously set the Olympic up to be hit on the side by a war ship - and managed to get away with it! Titanic had one fake funnel, to infer that the ship had 4 engines, when it had only 3. There are so many aspects of JP Morgan and Bruce Ismay's behavior and actions that convinces me they were CRIMINALS, MASS MURDERERS. Sinking a ship was not their first with Titanic. Ismay seemed to learn how to increase his wealth by destroying his own property! What does that seem like? September 11 - Americans mass murdered Americans then! And Obama, CIA, began making unqualified idiots MILLIONAIRES! Oprah giving them massive amounts also! The spokesperson for BLM just got nabbed
for fraud - she has a $6 million or more estate! She holds parties and other events there for BLM!

Eastland went over when just about to depart; boarders en masse crammed the shore side to wave goodbye, over-balancing the already top-heavy ship. Since it was a family picnic in preo, entire families were wiped out.

CPT GEORGE KENDALL - friend or foe?
navigated Lusitania
Known for "capturing" a murderous doctor - was he even murderous?
Kendall changed his story about Lusitania more than once - how did he even survive? Was he part of a secret society with CPT Smith? They probably faked Smith's death to resolve the public interest issue


and these young men are making excuses for them on the videoi!

@USCCA @mercoglianos @scotty_kilmer @TruthStream @reallygraceful @mediamonarchy @BlancolirioYT @MenTourPilot @ViviBubbleTeaNY - Part 1 #Titanic my opinion: #FalseFlag blaming another country! #Norway Thus the continous #ModusOperandi! Listen at 1hr 6min #RMSEmpressOfIreland

Part 2 ...discussion covering UP the ship's life and eventual tragic demise on the St Lawrence River in 1914. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSBEyleczYk

Part 3 ...I told a local sex trafficker years ago to leave me alone, he was a pig. Their town sander truck WITH A SPOTTER slammed into me and I almost died! My attorney, Frederick Kendall, defended the town! "You got in his way" rather than he slammed into you on a sunny day...

Part 4...His brother Donald Kendall, paid a hitman to kill the President of Chile bc he refused to sell Pepsi in his country! My father told me! My siblings and mother killed my father! Wake up, people! #WeNeedAnswers #OrganizedCrimeInUSGov

Posted May 10, 2022


My comment:
There was no "blast" as testified by survivors.

Yet indeed there were explosions thereafter - and CPT Smith locked all doors and made one thousand people disappear! They were burned to ashes! Possibly gased beforehand or killed from explosions which resulted in fires.

They said there was a slight bump! Consider the Modus Operandi of False flag events: ie. Transgender Jackie Kennedy shot JFK (gun flash on Zapruder film PROVED he was shot from very close range!) yet they used many distractions to confuse the public; the CIA pd operative Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot police officer Tippet, convinced he was seeking to kill JFK when in fact he was a lookalike body they wanted to switch! Oswald discovered this and wanted to go public! They arrested him and murdered him via MAFIA. Other examples: September 11 - Americans mass murdered Americans!, Paradise CA: Trump used the laser weapons he purchased through the Pentagon 5 months before that! Jake Morphonios reported it 5 months before that because an informant gave him the purchasing paperwork! Tons of lasers - obviously used at Paradise! And when the "campfire" bullshit didn't work, Trump blamed CHINA! Live People were burned to ashes! This was target practice! To see if there would be screaming, how successful, etc! Trump's wealth should have been immediately seized and he should have been imprisoned, along with his conspirators. Jen Pataki was still at the White House, along with many other Obama/CIA shills! Trump's uncle MADE laser weapons for CIA!

The lies about Titanic are proselytized to cover up CRIME, MASS MURDER.


Going full speed ahead was more opportunity to use up the coal, overwork the THREE engines!

Video depicting the Carpathia Rescue

Did they reduce RADIO OPERATOR hours just before Titanic was sunk? They knew no radio operator was going to be available WHEN Titanic was conveniently Sank - something CPT Smith had done before!

The US California is rarely mentioned and when it is, it was seen and people did not understand why it didn't help them! MY OPINION: THE CALIFORNIA SET OUT TO ONLY HELP THE TEAM OF CROOKS, WORKING FOR JP MORGAN AND BRUCE ISMAY - faking their deaths!

This video claims that US California decided to respond to the distress when morning broke. OMG! Its like telling someone who had a heart attack to "go "to sleep and see me in the morning"

Why was not the maker of this video angry about all the attrocities, including lack of enough lifeboats?

Why did no one research how many lifeboats other ships had?

They took pictures of the rescue - where are the thousand bodies which came up missing? Where are the 500 floating bodies?

Other comments:


So, I've heard that Carpathia was actually pushed so hard during this event that her engines were permanently damaged reducing her speed for the rest of her life. Also that, when someone pointed out to the chef engineer that one of the gauges was in the red his response was to put his hat over said gauge. Any truth to those?

Video: "Secret" Designs of the Titanic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNqSYJePcMk

Comment: April 19, 1995 was when the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred - CIA job to cover up the Bill Clinton investigations by FBI.  Janet Reno had the Washington DC boxes shipped to Oklahoma so they would be in the building when it was bombed by CIA

This film fails to indicate that Titanic had only THREE engines, that one funnel was FAKE - probably used to make the lower level have explosions to kill the thousand people MISSING, UNACCOUNTED FOR. At the end of this film, it begins with scrolling: All ship profiles rendered in UNREAL ENGINE 4 by Mike Bradey, Oceanliner Designs & Illustration...WTF - no big deal to mention?
Top Five 

10 Mistakes That Sank The Titanic | The History of The Titanic | Channel 5 #History


5000 BC - 1 BC - Ocean Exploration Timeline on Sea and Sky. Around this time, several coastal cultures like those in Greece and China begin diving into the sea to gather food and engage in commerce. Diving is possibly even used in warfare. The ancient Egyptians develop the first sailing
When did people start deep sea diving?
I recall watching Jacques Cousteau's exploration of Titanic....possibly at Queen Elizabeth's request. It was shown on Public TV - but Obama destroyed Public TV
1943: Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan invented and made an open‑circuit diving breathing set, using a demand regulator which Gagnan modified from a demand regulator used to let a petrol‑driven car run on a big bag of coal‑gas carried on its roof during war me shortages of petrol
Response to a comment: 
I agree. They seem to keep manufacturing information. Let's hope we really find out because Titanic was and is a CRIME SCENE just like September 11! Blaming someone else is a nefarious tactic which is commonly used also. Don;t expect Trump to help with Truth, either. He is a liar, a fraud, a crook! And provably one who shows complete disregard over dead bodies - the destruction of Paradise CA is proof! They used laser weapons. Trump purchased laser weapons five months before that! It was reported by an informant on a YouTube channel, who shared the purchase order, the shipping receipt, etc. - complete proof. Yet he went silient when Paradise was destroyed and live people were burned to ashes. Seemingly a Satanic preference, to burn people - maybe because it destroys the evidence. Bruce Ismay and JP Morgan had 1,000 people on the Titanic DISAPPEAR, NOT ACCOUNTED FOR.

I just watched a film about a previous ship or one shortly thereafter, which sank and yet DIVERS investigated in two weeks. Not with the Titanic, is anything mentioned. CONSIDER THE HUSH-HUSH!

History of Scuba Diving About 500 BC

There's another Mistake the documentary didn't mention and that was 2nd officer Lightoller's decision to open the D deck gangway door on the portside to use to offload more passengers into Lifeboats being lowered. Inevitably this evacuation procedure wasn't used, but the door remained open of which caused a noticeable list in Titanic halfway through the sinking and undoubtedly increased the rate of water. After water reached D deck she had less than hour left.

My great grandfather Albert Horswill was a crewman on the RMS Titanic. He survived the wreck on cutter lifeboat number one. He was ordered into the boat by Second Officer Murdoch, on the less populated Starboard side. The lifeboat held 40 but it was let out to sea with only 12, 7 crewmen and 5 first class passengers. He and the crew were accused of taking a bribe from Cosmo Duff Gordon and his designer wife Lucy Duff Gordon to avoid returning to the wreck to pick up passengers because they were worried the lifeboat would be swamped and sink. This was not true, they were given 5 pounds each by Cosmo as merely a kind gesture to compensate the men for lost wages. White Star quit paying the men as soon as the ship went down.

Bill Vose

I had the unique experience of testing samples of the Titanic's hull brought up by Dr. Ballard. He brought it to the Newport News Shipbuilding laboratory for testing. The tensile strength was reasonable for what was referred to as "free machining" steel, which contains a bit of sulfur. Unfortunately the sulfur forms strings in the steel resulting in weak areas similar to perforations in a cardboard box. The real eye opener though were the Charpy impact tests where a 10mm square bar is notched on one side to provide a weak spot. It is struck with a hammer in a special machine and can be heated or cooled for the test. I tested them at 30° F, the water temperature in the North Atlantic the night of the sinking. The specimens broke like they were made of glass. I do not remember the values, but they were low enough to be very alarming, in addition to the cold worked rivets with slag inclusions, the hull plates would have shattered rather then tear, needing little force to open a long gash.
My response: Dr Ballard just kept a fake spin going about Titanic, deceiving the public and we did not get what was paid for because of his odd accounts, which in my opinion, were outright fraudulent. Such as claiming everyone's shoes COMPLETELY INTACT were at the bottom of the ocean. WTF - 1,000 people were not accounted for. They obviously burned them. Maybe gased them to death first since CPT Smith closed all the sealed-tight doors and they could not go up to save themselves. No evidence of clothes or bodies. My conclusion is they burned the bodies. Gasing them first would decieve the public. There were still 500 people who drowned and certainly that number would be overwhelming to those in the lifeboats. Two weeks later, a boat from Halifax, Nova Scotia arrived to recover what bodies they could. Even though it was 2 weeks, about 370 were pulled out of the water. A certain portion were placed back in the water as "water burials" because they were unidentifiable and/or were 3rd class passengers.
Yet Dr. Ballard claimed the shoes at the bottom of the ocean, which appeared AFTER other explorations, is viable, not suspicious? He was pushing a narrative that was given to him by those who funded him. I watched an exploration which determined that the stern being a mile from the ship and other factors was determination that an explosion occurred as it was sinking. They keep changing their stories. it's all spin, probably, to make more money as a "tourist attraction" - rather than treat it for what it was, a CRIME SCENE.

Titanic had design flaws, poor shipping materials - deliberately set for disaster

Several other videos reported that Titanic was only to have been reported as damaged - not revealing many died to the public...Yet this video shows the articles dated April 16 - so may put spin on this to exploit and make money on their videos, plus deceive the public. They said Ismay died.
Regarding the Marconi Radio System, using Morse Code - I have read and watched videos which relayed that those messages could be intercepted using a similar method which Japan and USA were communicating. Japan sent US a message which was never responded to and Japan said, that's it, we are attacking. THEY WERE PROVOKED. US knew they would be attacked also. They should have alerted all bases, and the closest, being Hawaii, being the most likely. But did they? No. Because military are just SOLD TO DIE SOLDIERS. That is the mentality of psychopathic politicians!

Mark Zuckerberg is probably Robert T. Morris. No way in hell is he Jewish. His hair is a bright red. Robert T Morris created the Morris Worm, which was distributed at the computer lab of MIT - and he destroyed literally every hard drive except for Apple computers - so even back then, the TECHNOCRACY WAS ESTABLISHED. Bush made Bill Gates a billionaire from this tactic. Robert T Morris got a slap on the hand, and disappeared because Zuckerberg is probably him, I compared images and was amazed at the identical features.
There is also the issue of the missing binoculars and the bogus story about a crew member placing it in his suitcase. No, the ship was inspected and was supposed to hae passed inspection. This was AFTER the crew was selected. It was a last-minute inspection. Cpt Smith had that key, my opinion. He got the Olympic to run into a war ship as a test, to determine how to sink the Titanic.

And frankly, I am not even sure if that was the Titanic. Both Titanic and Olympic went back for rework - they said to make the Titanic stronger because of what happened to the Olympic. OMG, Olympic did not sink, so why did they say that. Olympic had 4 engines. Titanic had THREE. One of the four funnels was FAKE, to allude it had 4 engines.

Hopefully experts can do a study on this that will stand up in the court of law! The reports that have been made part of record are as insufficient as the ones made to justify September 11 - Americans mass murdered Americans then!

Titanic - "The Culprit are the Rivets" LOL! Who the hell made them? Who the hell ordered them? Modus Operandi with September 11 - Paradise CA - Oklahoma City Bombing and more! - FALSE FLAG EVENT MEANS THEY CAUSE THE DISASTER, THEY ACT LIKE HEROES!
Who Sank The #Titanic? - The Secrets Behind the History | Free Documentar... https://youtu.be/T2NFMzbt0FE via @YouTube - This video claims that the iceberg was as tall as the crow's nest but was the crow's nest knocked down? NO Did he even try to use binoculars? NO -WTF

I am not provided the edit option so I have to create yet a third comment. At 36 min, the Crow's Nest employee supposedly had said he did not tell CPT Smith that he did not have binoculars. Why would he even say that since the damn key was never handed over to him and CPT Smith would be responsible for that! No doubt CPT Smith had the damn key, yet they report the key was taken with the employee who was discharged. BUll shit! There are so many reasons why that story has no weight! There is so much coverup of the facts - and September 11 is Modus Operandi of cover-up like this! And why doesn't the general public even know about the RMS Empress Of Ireland that sank in the St. Lawrence River and over 1,000 passengers died? WTF! Was it a fake sinking? Fake deaths? Why did CPT Kendall survive? Why isn't anyone asking the right questions? Are they being supressed? Killed?
My man Thomas Andrews built a fine ship, he doesn't get enough credit. Most infamous ship disasters we hear about tilt so far to one side that the lifeboats become useless (Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, Andrea Doria, Costa Concordia, etc.) But the Titanic remained mostly upright for 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's no small accomplishment. If it weren't for his genius many more would have died.

5/11/2022 - THOMAS ANDREWS QUIT. He was made the Bruce Ismay was compromising the safety of the passengers, particularly with lack of lifeboats. One funnel was fake. The only had three engines, not 4. The funnel may have been a constuct to cause the ship to sink. Maybe drop a bomb in it! it was confirmed in an exploration that there were explosions. Now, I can't find it and the damn technocrats cover up what they want to cover up as if THEY have control of history. They do it for the depraved wealthy - so many fine people were killed on the Titanic including the wealthiest man in the world. Consider that. Yes, Thomas Andrews was underestimated because people only know half the story. I do not opine that he was really on the ship. Only on the roster. Same with Bruce Ismay, not that they were buddies - not by a longshot because of this. in fact, notice that Titanic had 1,000 less people to reach full capacity. Some have claimed that many loaded on secretly, snuck on to get a free ride. Thus reason they may not have gone to the deck at the time others did. Their emergency procedures should have been precise. They were deliberately sloppy. Obviously CPT Smith sank other ships he navigated and made a lot of money for White Star - an image which is used by Satanists. Not that I care to link those things together but the Satanic Underworld is real.

I agree. You are correct. They also changed other facts in a sleezy way. The California is mentioned in some videos, maybe this one as well. They claim now the California was "stuck in a bed of ice" BS! no mention of rescuing that ship was there? Also, in testimonies some survivors saw a steamboat go to the unlit portion of the ship and never came around to rescue anyone. Obviously the team of crooks help Ismay and Morgan to loot the ship as much as possible - including getting everything out of the safes! They keep causing false flags because of this! September 11 is one everyone knows about! No Boeing 747 could have hit the WTC bldgs! First, they have UAP, uninterrupted auto pilot, which automatically prevents the planes to fly below a certain altitude so it will never hit a city building. The planes are too light to penetrate 12 feet of concrete and about 6 feet of steel! it would have crashed and fallen to the ground. The scumbag Americans that planned this used drones the shape of a Boeing liner, filled with military grade explosives. The building was prepped to be imploded - all three were. The CIA detonated the explosions! The CIA bombed the Oklahoma CIty Building. Robert Snodgres explainee everything in a 3 hr interview with John Wells. John Wells or YouTube took the video down! Most likely John Wells, who supports Trump even now, even though Trump was impeached by Congress and Senate failed to fire Trump and not give him a pension. Trump did not set aside his salary! He used it in pay to play schemes, giving that money to whoever he wanted to in US Gov. And Nancy Pelosi and everyone else was in on it! This government is so far gone, in my opinion, the only thing that will save this damn country is for good foreign companies to purchase US companies - and that hits the greedy bastards in Washington where it hurts! Frankly, I think that is disgusting as well. I consider it to be the only peaceful and successful solution at this point because there are no checks and balances. US Supreme Court doesn't do their jobs to ensure the US Constitution is being upheld even in the most obvious ways, such as courtrooms! Judges rule by the seat of their pants - and the criminal Washington underworld have humored themselves by creating a "Seat of their pants" organization! Forget about being accountable!
CPT Smith had target practice with the Olympic when he put it in the way of the warship deliberately. Same side as the Titanic. Both Titanic and Olympic went back in for rework after that. WTF. The Olympic didn't sink so it proved that its built was strong. There is the possibility that the ships were switched. I haven't seen any evidence that proves the pictures of Titanic could not have been the Olympic. So when the rivets were replaced on the Olympic, they may have used a very weak material deliberately. As I recall these ships were sent to a different Irish contractor but maybe it was Harland & Wolf. After all, the designer walked off towards the last stage of the manufacturing. They reduced the number of engines, changed up the number of boilers and heaters - yet an expert should have observed that and determined that it was like making a bomb. Frankly, I think Queen Elizabeth II became a mechanic in WW2 to learn and determine if Titanic was really a crime scene, which many people like myself are convinced that is what it was - a mass murder. Why on earth would the CPT, fully knowing he had too few lifeboats, would actually short them 500 passengers? It is obviously because he had already activated the watertight doors, locking in 1,000 people to their death below, and needed bodies to float on the ocean, so if he saved 500 more, then there would be few, if any left. 397 bodies were recovered two weeks later by a ship from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Most likely they dropped a gas bomb through the fake funnel and gased everyone to death to keep them quiet and explosions that went off thereafter burned the bodies to ashes. WW1 Weaponry could have been used. They were close in timeframes of history.
My great grandfather albert horswill was a crewman on rms titanic and survived the wreck on lifeboat one along with the Duff Gordons who the press accused of bribing him and six other crewmen on to not return to site and pickup passengers in the freezing water. This was not true , it was a kind gesture to the men to compensate them for lost wages. White Star quit paying the crew the moment the ship went down.

It should be noted that a ship's bow is designed to survive the ship striking something. A ship's sides are designed to BE struck by something. Since theoretically a side crash would open as many as two compartments, the Titanic was very well designed to be able to survive a four compartment breach. Five or more were just too much.

posted 5/11/2022

Letters From a few Titanic passengers who died
How violent was the affair? I bet Titanic was bombed by a submarine, planned by Bruce Ismay and JP Morgan - WTC was a MODUS OPERANDI on #September11! #DecideForYourself!
What happened to Titanic's Grand Staircase dome cover? https://youtu.be/L4nAg8oozW8 via @YouTube

Preserve the past; &be aware of the future! I just read #JamesCorbett's article on the possibilty of #PrisonMonetarySystem-changing to #CBDCs - PRESERVING NEFARIOUS CENTRAL BANKS - created from the Titanic money! #Decide4U


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