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The very important thing 

about this is MANIPULATION.

These Satanists obviously use a 

computer app which has the 

letters and numbers which can 

configure people, places, and 

things.  So what if they show Jeff 

Sessions to fit their "47" 

agenda...Hon. Jeff Sessions had 

NOTHING to do with it!!! 



Jeff Sessions is NOT a liar!  

No one should be overwhelmed 

by the Letters and Numbers 

agenda - SO WHAT?  The ones 

who make it all fit are the 







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9/7/2018 <insert> additionally,

 please call the DOJ hotline if you

 believe, as I do, that Gematria's

 creator should be used as a 

consult for DOJ 


I did not identify myself, but my 

phone was not blocked so they 

will know who I am 

The time to leave a message is 

so limited.  

Letters & Numbers

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775 pages - only $5 through Etsy

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   This is an example of what Satanists do.  In my opinion, Dr. Oz is a Satanist.  Oprah Winfrey is a Satanist.  Deception is their mission!
Frontier is an internet service which is lousy.  So they need to come up with some "revelation" to get Frontier back in our heads. FACT:    Whoever does not realize that pepper is good for you has been living under a rock.  

Pepper Your Meals as Medicine
By Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, MDs
Sgt. Pepper may have led the Lonely Hearts Club Band for the Beatles in 1967, but we're promoting him to major general and spreading the pepper around as much as possible.
It turns out this spice contains an ingredient called piperine that has amazing powers. As a study in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology points out, it’s an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory, anti-asthmatic, anti-convulsant, anti-mutagenic, anti-mycobacterial, anti-amoebic, and anti-cancer dynamo.....

Letters & Numbers

Will George HW Bush die September 4, 2018…..  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Nuop5DnkU&t=629s
Lia Machel
1 day ago
George Washington was bled to death with leeches, by his "doctors".

Good call. I was thinking a few days ago, it would be Sept 3rd. But I think you're correct. Tuesday the 4th. Wonder what happened to the $240 Billion USD GHWB borrowed from US Gov't, to collapse the RU Ruble in 1991, that money was to come due Sept 12, 2001?
Barbara Bush = 93

Not everyone believed that crap, as the buildings were coming down I said this was done by Bush and I was right!

Bush41 11th CIA director
Cabalah is a satanically based abomination. It goes back to satan &his rape of Queen Eve, &yhe rapists, murderers manEaters, that were Cain, &his offspring. They are manBeast. They are not Man&Woman &Humans. They are not 100%Humans, they are not 100%Caucasian, Asian, African, Indian, or anyone who is any combination THEREof. The lines of Man&Woman, &Humans, are recorded in the books of KingAdam&Queen Eve, Abel, Seth, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, ..but satan &his minions have satanically desecrated The Old Testament of The Holy Bible &have left out the books of The Gentiles, the Humans, the pure-bred descendants of King Adam &Queen Eve; Man&Woman, Humans; Caucasians, Asians, Africans, Indians, &anyone who is any combination THEREof. Cain sleu lambs. Cain was offspring of serpent-satan’s RAPE of Queen Eve, not King Adam &Queen Eve. Abel was 1st born son of King Adam &Queen Eve, &it is Abel who tilled soil &produced vegetation as per Father God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ’s Genesis 1:29-30 Direction. This right here PROVES, The Holy Bible is incredibly satanically/meat-industry (same thing) descectated. Cain MURDERED &ATE his 1/2 brother, Prince Abel. CainAbel; Cannibal ; manEATER. If you were a real Jesus Christ Christian of Father God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ, you would not want to eat meat. You wouldn’t require a life be slaughtered every time you need to full throated fill your stomach. You would want to follow Father God Almighty’s Father of Jesus Christ Genesis1:29-30 Direction, to be VEGAN, &EAT VEGETABLES &FRUITS, &HERBS, &VEG-BASED SPICES. (Obviously babies need breast-milk). No one wants to talk about how the Holy Bible is satanically desecrated because they don’t want to tame their snake-tongues, they want to keep being meat-blood-suckers, &eating “meat”, dead animals, murdered animals, all because they are lazy, and stupid, &careless, even careless that meat causes colon-cancer, disease, &aging. Also “wheat” is an ancient gmo-grain. Gmo’d TO KILL YOU. To cut 9/10ths of your life from you. Man’s life went from 1000 years to 100 years RIGHT AFTER “satan’s ark”, satan’s theft &kidnapping of all of Father God’s Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ’s biological creations, including Man, or manKind, as satan’s cattle /goyim, notice meat eating went rampant as soon as “Noah” got off of satan’s ark. Bym, Father God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ DID NOT suddenly say, that obscene rancid putrid-stench bloodshed “meat”, smelled “sweet” after the flood, THAT IS CLEARLY SATAN LETTING NOAH OFF OF THE ARK, letting Noah off, to fatten Noah up for satan’s new launching of his Prion-disease Human-flesh industry.. Also “wheat” (gluten), was genetically modified, is an ancient-gmo’d grain, (ancient-gmo, as in right around the time Man’s age went from 1000yrs to 100yrs), which FLATTENS THE NUTRIENT RECEPTORS of YOUR INTESTINAL LINING, causing mal-nutrient absorption, aging, premature (1/10 of lifespan) aging, &wheat ALSO SCARS YOUR NUTRIENT RECEPTORS THIS WAY, (where the word SANDwitch comes from). Sand sanding flattening, smoothing, GET IT? & “which” which is actually WITCH. Wheat has been made into an intestinal SANDING WITCH, to anyone who eats it. Here are healthy-to-eat gluten-free grains &flours: Brown-rice. Millet. Quinoa Buckwheat (soba). Lentil (Dahl). Channa (Chick Pea or Garbanzo-bean). Potato. Corn. HAARP is satan, Hurricane Harvey, satan, etc. etc. Father God DOES NOT DO THESE TERRIBLE THINGS. Father God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ arrests &places into Life in Solitary Confinement Prison cells, anyone who incurs The Death Penalty upon themselves, &breaks the Omniversal Laws of Father God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ. THESE ARE THE crimes that incur The Death Penalty: upon ANY BEING WHO COMMITS THEM, (not any being who is found guilty ofcommitting them, ANY BEING WHO COMMITS THEM). Any being who commits incest, (incest is RAPE), or who abducts, rapes, mames, injures, tortures, drugs, poisons, enslaves, terrorizes, tortureographs, rapeographs, murderographs, murders, terror-blood drinks, Man-eats, (Homovore), Woman-eats, infant-eats (Pedovore), Child-eats, Human-eats, manKind-eats, adrenochrome-heists, body-organs-heists, dna-heists, dna-develops, Man/Human/or manKind -flesh sells /trades /trafficks, ETC., ANY Man or Woman or infant or Child, or Human, any Caucasian /Asian /African /Indian /or anyone who is any combination THEREof, or any Jesus Christ Christian, or any Jesus Christ Christian manKind, or any manKind. List also includes beastiality. Beastiality is rape, animal-rape. &all who commit this crime also life in solitary confinement prison. These beings have incurred The Death Penalty upon themselves, &are to be arrested &placed into Life in Solitary Confinement Prison cells. #NOimmunity. #NoStatuteOfLimitations. None at all.
People might want to read up the Fred Leuchter Report.
Okay Mister Gematria, I'll bite. What if the opposite happens? What if they off Trump that date? Did you note this? 22.12.2017 - The Pentagon Black Budget: $21 Trillion Dollars Gone Missing I was searching for the Rumsfeld admission on 9/10 they had lost how much money? 2.3 trillion.
Yet another Big Hit added to my playlist! 9/4/18 (= 31, 11th prime) is also a "Tuesday" ( = 94 and 23, the 9th prime). I like 9:11 in the morning. It should be a lovely, balmy day in New York! ("Balmy" not "bomby". They´re gonna take a day off!)
Anne Bradley
Biden's son was running for senator and died of - guess what, Brain Cancer! I sure smell a Modus Operandi here. I don't even think McCain had brain cancer. I bet he used it as a cover up. He knew he was being held accountable.
Read more
Rodney Leon
Sounds like a good bet. The 9-04 date brings to mind Paddock's 4-09 bday. Bush41 would be 34,417. His wife died 4-17. I have my own personal reasons, but if he does go anytime soon, like in the next 6 mths, I'd bet on 9-06. I think 9-04 is good but after looking at that date I kept getting hits on 9-06-2018. One thing, Bush will be 4917 weeks on 9-06-2018. Paddock final bday was 4-9-17. Lot of other stuff that connects that involves my own personal life and others in my circle. I bring up Paddock because Bush41's bday was the date of the previous deadliest mass shooting. The most recent is on Jimmy Carter's bday. They're the two longest-lived presidents. And we have in office the oldest person to become president. Carter and Bush age difference is 111. Carter was sworn in 111 days after his bday, Bush41 111+111 days after his bday. 9-06-2018 will be 29 yrs 229 days after Bush41 was sworn in. I have a ton of personal connections with leap day digits 229. For one, Paradise Paddock killed 58 people 580 days after leap day. The first use of the word HORSE is in the bible in Gen 49:17 vs Paddock last bday 4-9-17. And paddock is a word often connected to horses.
George P. Bush and several other big Titans of business Financed Hilter, with his war machine. how could Hilter, build autobond and other necessities after massive hyper inflation. FDR and his "Soviet's first policy" lend -lease . Gulag Archipelago look it up, folks. also the Japanese banned free Masons 1926 and kick them out. the two cities that, held the largest Christian Cathedral has in Nagasaki and with Hiroshima a close second. these cities were chosen as pay back.
I say September 7th or 8th, 2018. The day JFK Jr. introduced his magazine George. Suicide weekend. No name was on Saturday so I'd say it will be on a weekend again. 4 Booms in all. That will leave 2. Clinton and Obama.
Maybe John McCain went to live out his golden years on Fantasy Island, with Ken Lay and Aubrey McClendon.

And all the numbers in 2018 equels 11
William Huntington Russell founder of Skull and Bones died of an Aneurysm= 322 rev Primes. My friend was found dead in Chicago. His name Brian Scott Denney = 223 lch Kabbalah. 322 rev francis bacon.

Filthy pig=58

George Washington wrote 2 Historic letters warning us that the Illuminati were starting to infiltrate the Freemasons.

Check out Serial Brain 2 Germantria decodes of NONAMES death. Q predicted 30 days prior to the minute. It might explain the anger of NONAME'S death

Hi Zack one part (just one of them) that I need to ask.... when I've played with the calculator I didn't know that it "the number" doesn't have to be under same category to be a match FLORIDA Reverse Full Reduction = 43 YALE English Ordinal = 43 Barbara Bush English Ordinal = 43 MASONIC Full Reverse Full Reduction = 43 same number using different calculation reduction is still connected by the number??? I agree about Hitler he wanted good for his people but became a puppet. Prescott Bush was one of Hitler's handlers, their last name is really Scherff George Bush Sr.(Scherff) - bibliotecapleyades.net The "Bush" family was created to destroy America. ... Last Residence: Hamburg. ... was the real identity of Prescott Sheldon Bush ... https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm

years ago I listened to first-hand stories of WWII prisoners who survived the Batan death march. These atrocities weren't made up. These guys were there and lived it. I also saw WWII film of US soldiers liberating the death camps in Europe. I don't think they had photo shop at that time. I saw the personal testimony of soldiers who were there, retelling what they saw. Was that faked? Was all the newsreel footage faked? Were the piles of starved bodies stacked like cord wood faked? For me to believe that all this was fake, you're going to have to have a better story than what you are telling. I believe the other stuff you are telling.

I have questions, please, I'm hoping somebody would answer... 1. After a particular "death-date" is determined for a member of this society, do other members believe it is their "duty" to help execute the plan? 2. Who performs the actual action? I believe you mentioned that sometimes Jesuits perform the action against the person who is to die. So, is the person always murdered, and does the person know what's going to happen to him? And, if desired, does the person have the option of saying goodbye to his family and then taking care of the action himself? 3. Finally, I understand you showed us a significant number of words and correlations between dates and events to support your best "prediction," but I am wondering if you selected almost any other date that you might be able to... A) almost certainly find a similar number of words and correlations between dates and events to support that "new" prediction? And... B) therefore, if true, would that mean the process is to determine the "death-date" with the greatest number of words and correlations of SIGNIFICANCE pertaining to that particular person, family, the society, or to the society's overall objectives? I hope my questions make sense, and that they do not take too long for someone to answer. Thank you. 🙂
Are you crazy!?!? Which planet are you from?? Sorry, but you are totally wrong about the 2nd WW. How can you say there is no evidence for the holocaust and the gas chaimbers and all the rest? 6 million Jews and a whole lot of gypsies and dysabled people died only from starvation and sickness in these camps?!? Yeah, right.... WRONG! Yes, a great number did, but these gas chaimbers were there and were used! They are still there to be seen! Have you ever been in Auschwich? Or any other camp? Go and see for yourself! Do you think all the Jews and other people lied when they were writing down their experiences in their journals? About their traumatic life there? They had to help take the gassed bodies out of the so called ‘showers’ and throw them in mass graves which they were forced to dig before! Fiction hey? No! fact! Have you spoken to survivors of this really true happened holocaust? There are still a few alive! Haven’t you heard the witness stories of the American and Canadien soldiers that freed the remnant of the prisoners that were still in the camps at the end of the war? I can go along with your gematria and conspiracy facts very far, but you are wrong about the wwII thing!! WRONG!! https://youtu.be/gdgPAetNY5U
They both was suppose to be arrested. This was planned to zip the truth from the world along with the Clintons. Trump is with all them, this is to make Everyone follow Trump like Bible says. Follow Trump for he is cleaning the swamp its planned. But the real Bush and McCain is under ground and the clones are being barred.( You need to watch Naughty Beaver) people for real will answer a lot of questions. 5th demintion video and the antichrist video is unreal. Need to find out who the china red dragon is. that's putting up the gold back money. The highest one is called GRANDFATHER guess what he is not a man. He is the Antichrist for real the new money and the 5G is the Mark of the Beast. Please go watch his videos please. Time to wake up and get out of the Matrix Wake up call for we are in the 1st year of Tribulations Sept. 23 2017. The great linement in the stars happening first sign. This is happening people We only have 2 1/2 years left till satan will be here. I challenge everyone to watch his videos.

My father , served as a Major in WWII, came in on DDay 17, up through France and then onto Germany. He saw with his own eyes a death camp. The starving, nothing but bones people. The piles of dead bodies. I'm not saying,Governments and nations don't twist the truth to served a purpose, because yrs later my dad was also a very strong believer that Pearl Harbor was set up or allowed to happen so America could enter the war. But my point is , you may be able to say some twist of truths were used in some case ,but you can't dismiss, peoples actual testimony, and experiences as false. My dad had no reason to lie to me about it.

Lincolm was not killed by John Wilkes Booth-he was the Oswald-Lincoln-a Rothy-was killed by his Rothy wife-with her pearl handled derringer. JWB yelled from the stage-"it wasn't me"---he was set up by his employer JPMorgan. He was not just an unemployed actor like i was told in grade school. Made no sense to me then-which got me searching. Finally got it. Afterwards, Mary Todd was declared mentally ill and sent off to europe to a Rothy mansion for protection.

Obama Satanic Cult Clone: The Renegade President
And that’s BeyoncĂ©’s birthday. Joan Rivers died on her birthday a few years ago.
Ever notice rosh Hashanah ends on 911 this year?

Ariana Grande Groped at funeral of Aretha Franklin – was this a dramatized set up?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aesy2EgiIeo
Taxation is theft, never ratified. Read The Creature from Jekyll Island. Zach, try not to get upset at the stupid sheeple. IQ is genetic and you have a higher IQ and will get frustrated with those with lower but it is not their fault. You can't raise IQ but many ways to lower IQ with poor food, alcohol, drugs, concussion, lack of sleep, stress, chem trails, fluoride, vaccines. Just ignore them.

A Thousand Points of Light - Trump made reference to G.H.W Bush not long ago - though Bush is not their real name - its a reference to The Grace of God like the video Fireworks think its called or the scene God is in the Rain from the movie V this doesn't mean they aren't Evil, like anyone else they have to answer to The Saints who will Judge the world including every Angel - its right at the beginning of the movie Silent Hill. - 1 Corinthians 6 ..2: Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? ..3: Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!…
Why did “W” and Laura Bush recently announce where they will be buried?
187 is the number denoting assasination.

During mccains funeral just now they said he was a Jesuit and he converted to Judaism. They said there was no better place on earth than Jerusalem and he will be going home for eternity to that most amazing place or something like that.

R U aware That The alliance is doing what many could not. The Q movement is The Great Awakening
Anne Bradley
QAnon is BS!! Gematria is confusing himself! Trump supports Q! QAnon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4w7Y9duuC0&t=47s&app=desktop – Though this Anon channel claims they are real, they are full of BS! See my blog post on QAnon www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/04/qanon.html
I know about Gematria. I follow your reasoning, but what you don't say is the significance of those specific numbers. I know about 322, but what is the significance of 144 or 37, etc.? Are these numbers part of sacred geometry? Why are those specific numbers chosen by the so called elites? Have you seen the video about the numbers 3, 6 and 9? Interesting stuff. It's here on YT but I don't have a link.
A 19th century US President had two non-consecutive terms. Trump is the 44th person to officially be POTUS.

The contract has been signed by all necessary parties specifying the date of GHW Bush's death. But 9/3/18 is not it. Close though. Keep trying.

From the day the Titanic sunk to the day the Fed Reserve did something, he says it was 113 days – WTF there was no Fed Reserve back then, from what I have been informed. 
          What I do follow is the fact that JP Morgan obviously sunk it to collect on insurance. He tried to do that with his other ships.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out his intentions. 
Skull & Bones> 322 My take is, take the 32 from the year Skull & Bones was founded. Then take the second 2 from the two founding members, William H. Russel and Alonso Taft simply creates the 322.

sorry dude, but I will believe the hundreds of accounts from survivors of the gas chambers, etc over you saying it did not happen. Also there were 3 camps that were only for execution, and testimonies from the few survivors from those camps and I saw docs on Triblinka and Sobibor, it happened
uh-if you REALLY want to know what was going on with the 322---look up Poppy's and Shrub's Skull and Bones names are. IT IS A HUGE TELL

Many black SUV at Bush home Saturday 9 /1! Yes, the pharaohs live on .

-----sorry, I was falling asleep.  Feel free to find them yourself on the link.

Did Mac Miller OD (Overdose)? or was it a svengali / kabbalah based murder ritual for Ariana Grande

Did Mac Miller OD (Overdose)? or was it a svengali / kabbalah based murder ritual for Ariana Grande (link is above) 

Posted 10/21/2018
I suffered an injury and have been home healing since October 16. I have spent little time on Facebook, primarlily messaging people.  


Posted 10/21/2018




POST~  yet even if I had shared my 

blogpost titled Tranny Watch - I was 

exercising Freedom of Speech!  

I have not been on Facebook more 

than 10 minutes total for the past 

FIVE days because I have been 

healing from an injury!  

I did NOT post the Tranny Watch

 blog post recently - they are 


 They just want to manipulate me, 

keep me from saying something 

more about Pompeo using the 


Saudi journalist who also has 

American citizenship - to go to 

Saudi Arabia to obviously plan 

nefarious activity! 

    Mike Pompeo was obvioulsy one 

of the September 11 planners, 

MAKING the explosive filled drones

 that mass-murdered 3,000+ 




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