Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray is NOT a real Man! Probably Transgendered by CIA
to help the Clinton Crime Syndicate
Murder Michael Jackson!
Implant in forehead
small hands
small mouth
small ears
no Adams Apple
small woman's neck 

Due to not having a domain for almost two years and just getting a domain from Google FINALLY (they refused all this tiime, telling me "you don't need one") I am now recovering the blog.   4/29/2020


This is a SATANIC CULT which the CIA obviously fund!  That includes allowing companies to be their fronts for CIA criminal operations!

See for yourself!  Research!  Prosecute!  Seize Assets!  Get our country back!  We lost a very wonderful, warm, loving, genious!
Michael was murdered by the Satanic Cabal - the Temple of Set may have originally established itself to kill Michael!  Hillary Clinton was the Grand Dame of the Temple of Set! Mike Aquino, former military intelligence and I think he contracted with CIA - created the Temple of Set! 

Do your own research!
This is just to get the professional profilers to investigate, please!!  


Conrad Murray called one of the Jacksons as he was murdering Michael!  An official stated it in one of the videos I watched - I hope it is noted in the blogpost on Michael Jackson, 

Date of this article is almost TEN YEARS past Michael's Death!  

Again, Date of article is July 2018!!  They are rolling out the lies as those who have done follow-up investigations on heros like Ted Gunderson - closing in!  No doubt without Tranny President Trump!  Our country is being attacked by the Satanic trannies - NOT space aliens!

Guilty Verdict for Conrad Murray Ends Latest Saga for Michael ...

Nov 8, 2011 - Here Are the Lyrics to Chris Lane's 'Take Back Home Girl' feat. Tori ... Ne-Yo Responds to Transgender Model's Removal From Travis Scott's Album Art: 'They ... Guilty Verdict for Conrad Murray Ends Latest Saga for Michael Jackson ... Dr. Conrad Murray was going to jail for involuntary manslaughter.

HAVE MOUTH WILL TRAVEL - MONICA LEWINSKY....NOTICE HOW SHE SAYS, "1500 MILLION PEOPLE", all BS - people are herded in; aka sheeple!  WAKE UP!

Update Homeless Trans women Brenda Bostick, 59 ... - YouTube

May 21, 2017 - Suspect Arrested in Beating Death of Trans Woman in New York ... Conrad Murray -- I Didn't Kill Michael Jackson, Blame His Other Doctors

Michael Jackson: Major events in his career, recent developments ...

Oct 28, 2013 - Oct. 28, 2013: Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of killing Michael Jackson, is released from jail after serving almost two years of a .

'Conrad Murray claimed Michael Jackson was fine as he lay dead ...
Sep 19, 2011 - 'Conrad Murray claimed Michael Jackson was fine as he lay dead', reveals ... Shocking: Dr Conrad Murray's defence team will claim Michael Jackson ..... Caitlyn Jenner reveals she's been fighting Trump ontransgender rights and ...... into her house · EXCLUSIVE: Thank you Apple, Facebook and YouTube!

          Fighting???  President Donald Trump and Melania Trump are obviously Transgenders just like the Obamas - and they no doubt belong to the same Satanic cult!  Decide for yourself! 

That Antartic story about space alien bodies found is a farce, I bet! Created by Clinton Crime Syndicate shills who many are Hollywood Hangouts! 

This is two years after Michael's death - Murray only gets four years in prison for murdering Michael Jackson!  

I would certainly have more Questions!
How did this slip through everyone's hands?
Clintons Pay to Play Scheme?  
Using Saudis to go in for the kill? 
It should all be unravelling FAST!  

Where is the Truth Kitty?

Seize Assets!  Tell Michael's kids the truth!  I just saw a video which is supposed to be Paris Jackson directing a film telling the women to show more homosexual  passion for eachother.  We need to fix what is broken, people!  

I hope the Fullerton Informer, Joe Imbriano, can take a look at this!  
I hope Hudna1 will comment on this!
I hope Real Gem Studio may have time to take a look at this!
I hope Dahboo77 takes a look at this! 
I really hope any of you who have the professional skills to research and conclude and report - please do so!  

Michael Jackson
Most Beloved Entertainer Ever! 


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