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Letters & Numbers

Gemetria Affect News TABLE OF CONTENTS ALPHABETIZED        The very important thing  about this is MANIPULATION. These Satanists obviously use a  computer app which has the  letters and numbers which can  configure people, places, and  things.  So what if they show Jeff  Sessions to fit their "47"  agenda...Hon. Jeff Sessions had  NOTHING to do with it!!!  I have NO TOLERANCE TO  LIARS.  Jeff Sessions is NOT a liar!   No one should be overwhelmed  by the Letters and Numbers  agenda - SO WHAT?  The ones  who make it all fit are the  manipulators.  THERE IS  SOMETHING WE CAN DO - THIS  IS OUR COUNTRY.  STAND UP TO  THE LIARS.  REQUEST THEY  BE HELD  ACCOUNTABLE!  TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS BLOG, ALPHABETIZED: Due to not having a domain for almost