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Lois Law used to be the search engine for cases that was primarily used - WestLaw was insufficiant, a Clinton Cabal creation.  Well, they stopped Lois Law a few years back.  I found a couple searches which managed to not be deleted from my flash drive  This first search is 250 pages long.

These are Connecticut Cases.

My point is - the case information has changed in the files = fraud!

Even back then the case information was fraudulent because when I pulled up cases on microfiche,the judges' opinions were fraudulent oftentimes.

I took a Business Law class where the teacher just told us to "analyze" cases.  One of them involved the Connecticut WineGrowers Association.  I did share my findings with them since they obviously got snowballed by the attorney who represented them.  I printed the documents on microfiche and proved it.  And where did that land me?  I was hit with more corruption than you would believe!  Additionally, someone was entering my apartment whenever they felt like it.  I purchased a door alarm, installed it and after that while I was taking a shower someone literally unlocked my door and apparently was startled when the alarm went off - it's a wonder he didn't call police for breaching his peace!  It was either maintenance on site or from the main office in NYC.  The company was owned by a Weintraub.  When I filed a small claim to get my $1,600 deposit back, they had comedian Barry Weintraub represent them. He refused to tell me who he was even and I demanded he show me his credentials.  He refused.  The magistrate said too bad, he didn't have to tell me anything, it was his court not mine.  I persisted and finally was told his name.  Case was dismissed.  I was denied anything.  I looked up images and his name and discovered he had no credentials. He was just a two-bit comedian who probably frauded his way through "daddy's" company which had been fined for hiring illegals and was also sued for causing employees great harm to their health by not telling them they were exposed to asbestos and there were no precautions taken.

When I moved from that place - which Yale Univ leases in part for their foreign students - I was greatly cheated by the moving company. I rented a 15-ft truck and when I got home found out they did not even give me a ramp!  Many other bad things happened as well!  I was cheated over $1,000 just to move less then 2 miles away and so much more! 

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I ordered more paper and toner and will print it all and scan it all in - incase another try at this proves unfruitful.

8/2/2018 - I will get back to this...please bear with me. I just have to get so many other things done.

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