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Pedogate Facebook Page.  "Pedophiles are the next gay"

       Note:  I am not supporting this social engineering concept. I am just informing you of the manipulations that are out there - expanding what should be deliniated as simply right or wrong!  Pedophilia is wrong!  One who is a pedophile is someone who has engaged in the act of abusing children.  This BS about being a pedophile in one's head makes no more sense than being a murderer in your head!  



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This blogpost is centered around circumstances which seem unfathomable.  This is not for the light-hearted.  Articles on the above website are quite graphic at times.  Yet this is the reality of our country, USA.  And we need to fix it.  



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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!!    

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

  • Reference to the other America Talks  blogpost in this blog:  www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/06/the-bundle.html


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                NOTE, it should be “delay in providing notes”

    First blogpost


    These articles are not meant for children or anyone who cannot process these stories. There are many layers here, since none of these stories are actually verified.  Yet our country is going the wrong direction and we need to demand action by Washington! And those who fail to do their jobs need to be ousted! 

    This blog appears to be a compilation of articles and videos as reference – decide for yourself on what you believe. It is created to engage the public – take interest in what is being reported.  I just wish the dishonest reporters would be held accountable.  President Trump made this promise and others which he fails to keep because he obviously one of the Illuminati. Our country is being run by the Satanic Underground!  Secret Socieities and Cults should be criminalized! 
                Mind Control
                Satanic Underground

    Other factors include
    Poor economy
    – much lies about the economy being great yet people are dying, people are homeless and this is a secret genocide to reduce the population! I know from a personal standpoint, believe me!
                            No Justice
    The courts are more corrupted in some states than others. If you live in a state which has reputable judges for the most part, that is great.  Yet Obama has raped this country from justice. Trump could have fired all the federal judges Obama appointed, just like Obama fired all the judges appointed by the Republicans.  He didn’t. He also refused to fire James Comey when Jeff Sessions recommended it.  Eyes Open, people!  The Federalist Papers were written to emphasize that a government’s purpose is to keep those in government in check.  Whether it be from errors or deliberate dishonesty or incompetency.  If they are not doing their job, they need to be sited and removed!  If their activity includes criminal intent, they need to be prosecuted.  Look what is going on now!  Look at the delays, look at the many who are still at large – even the ones who committed the September 11 mass-murder! They were Americans, people – not Muslims!  Saudi Arabians who were involved with this planning, I think are all unseated from positions of responsibility. Some have been executed. Some in prison.  The Neom Project (see Tweets by @Thomas Wictor) was designed to ensure the corruption in Saudi Arabia is taken down.  Yet the corruption in USA definitely needs to be taken down! www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/06/dahboo.html  
    God bless.
    Lack of Education or Poor Education
    America’s Promise is doing all they can to fix this. They identify problems, to engage the educational systems to make improvements – for the sake of children who should be considered our most precious commodities!  Do what you can to be involved with America’s Promise.  I created a separate blogposts on America’s Promise yet there is more work I need to do on it.  Like with all blogposts, I do my best to keep up with them yet have to contend with internet problems.  They have webinars, they have people you can contact to get involved.
    Charles R. Swindoll 
    The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me is more important than facts.... We cannot change our past...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our attitudes.

    Jeff Sessions asked for military backup to make an arrest sting of tens of thousands of defendents.  The sealed indictments have been waiting for over a year!  Trump refused military backup because the last thing he wants is fix this nation, so understand that.  The Republican drama that is going on right now regarding Vladimir Putin has got to be fake or illicitly reported by Operation Mockingbirdbrains!  Keep that in mind when you read or hear news – oftentimes we are deceived! 
                The child sex camps have been recently taken down by Volunteers – why didn’t Trump order the National Guard on the borders to do this the safe and legal way?  Who is he helping?  Our Veterans On Patrol (esp Team Pulaski) have been in Tucson, AZ doing a massivle cleanup of the woods which border Mexico and USA.  The mayor of AZ is Jonathon Rothschild.  And he let this go on right under his nose!

    Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe
    See my recent blogpost titled John F. Kennedy.  They were transgenders!  Did we know this?  Did we realize that Jackie Kennedy was the real murderer of JFK?  And Washington pedophile liars just sit back and laugh.  We need professionals in Washington!  Ones who will not be parasites, soaking money from the government!  We need justice!  Jeff Sessions has accomplished much, including taking down of Alpha Bay, yet he is more than happy to put the crooks in prison and make them all face justice yet Trump is stopping it! Trump erroneously accused Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, and Rex Tillerson of being pedophiles – the accusations were ridiculous and unfounded; something a sociopath would create.  The Satanic Underground teaches people how to be sociopaths! 

    Know the Ledge Show on YT – 17 min commentary on the haneous murder of a 29-yr old man’s mother; he confessed. He decapitated her with a butter knife.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC7psfPzbl4
                My opinion is that Mind Control is getting people to become Savages.  The Satanic Underground is running this nation! 
                Thank you for your attention.  I will add what I can when I can. - @BaiAnNa2014

    Illuminati 1967 Film

    Illuminati Secrets – The New Atlantis – FEA

    Plato is mentioned
                       Solon returned to Egypt – counsel with priests of Assais
                       “You Greeks are just like children!” says the priest
    Lost City of Atlantis     
              Theory:      Anti-deluvian world destroyed by Noah
    Manly P Hall – claimed Atlantis was a mighty empire that extended to the whole world.
              (he seems like another fiction writer; both the Mormon Church and Church of Scientology were created with leaders who wrote mythology)
    Rebuilding  Atlantis
              Manley P.Hall, Freemason, accultist. Authored over 200 books
              Death 1990
              Considered to be “Masonry’s greatest philosopher”
    Secret Societies are considered:
              “enlightened democracies all over the world”
                       (note, Richard Goldberg apparently manages a blog titled Right Web. He wrote an extensive, questionable article on John Bolton – which the MSM kept referring to as Michael Bolton as a deceptive  Mockingbird tactic.  He was a foreign policy aid to former Sen. Mark Kirk, R-IL – which no doubt was following the Freemason/Illuminati agenda, because he is senior advisor to FOUNDATION FOR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES.  We are NOT a democracy and we have a serious internal war going on because traitors like him are trying to collapse our government!)
    17th Century
    Sir Francis Bacon – “The New Atantis”
    Bacon and others believed  Atlantis was America
    William Still:
              “Bacon was fundamental to the American Colonization Scheme and its connection to the New Atlantic Concept
              Trying to lay a foundationof what could be accomplished in the New World
    Scientific Achievement
    Weapons Of War
    Francis Bacon outlined the course
              (By what power/authority?)
    Bacon is considered to be real and true founder of America’s Freemasons
    Many early settlers believed in Freedom of religion, etc.
    Yet Secret societies came shortly after
              (a sort of social  wedgy)
              Including Sir Francis Bacon – secret orders, occults
    America was settled by Christians after the Native Americans – which had no social structure for the country and fought bloody battles among each other, yet secret societies wanted to subvert their efforts, to use USA to rule the world. Bacon considered himself the Herold of the New Age, promoted a New World Order.
              Novis Ordis Seclora
    “When our founders created a New Order for the Ages, they created the hope that is meant to be fulfilled.” – GW Bush
    Is USA promoting freedom or takeover?
    Can America be the new Atlantis?
    Role of Freemasons in the founding of America
              Shadowy organization with hidden agendas. Masonry was often portrayed in a positive light. What’s behind it? The all-seeing eye – protecting “secrets” and “treasure”
    Screen writer Jim “Kowth” wrote “National Treasure” starring Nicholas Cage
    -      He denied Masons were involved
    -      Bill Still objected to that denial
    The Treasure of Masonry:  book. Esoteric wisdom, eternal life, mortality
    (note, President Trump claims he wants Taiwan for intellectual property – could that really be a child trafficking business?)
      (note, President Trump claims he wants Taiwan for intellectual property)
    14:04 min
    Masons have been desperate and taken a lot of hits, including my books – Bill Smith
    The movie misleads the nature of Masonry. Guarding for the last 3,000.
              Biblical origins including Cain – buiders of the Great Temple of Jerusalem
    (note how President Trump says he will move embassy to Jerusalem)
              Albert Macke:  Nostasim is where masonry gets the mysterious letter “G” – placed in the Masonic square and compass.  Often adorns Masonic toubstones.
    Gnostics – claim to be the real Christians – an issue the apostles spoke vehemently against in the New Testament
    Elaine Pagels, writer of “Gnostic Gospels” . Also, Jane Fonda wrote them
    These Gnostic teachings formed Dan Brown’s  book, “Da Vinci Code”
    Gnostics claim they had “humanistic view of Christ” – to justify their debochery of women. Tales of Jesus and alleged relationships with Mary Magdalene
    Books by the Knights Templar
    Born in Blood, book
    Holy Blood, Holy Grail, book
    Located in Scotland’s Edinborough Within – The Secrets To The Founding Of The New World
    But whatever the connection or controversy, most Masons trace their craft back to Ancient Egypt
    Egypt was heart of all esoteric teaching – hidden from society
    Iann Taylor, author, Professor
              Churches of particular historical fame
              --------I missed this one
              Notre Dame – Paris
              Salisbury Church – England
              Were all built around 1200’s and 1300’s and these Masons who knew their business and wanted to keep their skills secret
              William Schnoebelen, Former Mason speaks in the film
              Author, Masonry Beyond The Light
    These cathedrals were built by stone masons, who had an understanding of esoteric lore. The built riddles in stone
    (riddles are what QAnon uses, yet many consider it a source of trust
              I don’t!  If someone wants to tell you womething they care about, then they should use plain English!  Not freaking riddles!  That is why we have a Second Amendment! )
    5 Great Revolutionary Cities, where Masonic-built churches are:
              Washington, DC
    All are built in perfect alignment of Eastern Seaboard
    Researcher, Jim Allison
              This alignment may be part of something greater
              “It’s very unlikely that the alignment is coincidental”
              (Note: Rothschilds are rooted in Ohio)
    Alignment of ancient cities and sights are part of the “great circles” that encompass the earth
    (I wonder if they include Taiwan. Yet I think dirty Americans want Taiwan for child trafficking)
    It is important these circles meet at the center of the earth
    Easter Island – one of the places built on these great circles
    American Revolutionary War mentioned
              Alfred Watkins
                       Notice a series of straight tracks or lines upon the workers surface
                       “The Old Straight Track” – by Alfred Watkins
                                 (consider what Donald Trump used for campaign, The Trump Train)
                                 These are grid lines – “lines of energy or magnetism”
    The builders of these sites were aware of these lines
    “Ley Lines and Earth Energies” by Alfred Watkins
    Ley Lines – lines of force, like the “acupuncture points of the earth”
    You always want to build things on a Ley Line
              Currents of power are believed to exist there
              Cultists believe they act as portals for spirits to travel
    Were such power lines important to builders of American cities?
    (I wonder if the Kushner Building is on a Ley Line)
    Secret Purpose In Mind
              Pyramid of  “Pufu”
    There are several great circles that ancient monuments are aligned with. 
              Ancient and modern development is aligned with the circles
    Boston – Europe – over Atlantic – England – aligns with Stonehendge
    Washington is located at 77 Meridian West – considered to be a sacred location:  God’s Longitude
    Book:  “Marking Time” by Duncan Steel
              The epic quest  to invent the perfect calendar
    Sir Walter Raleigh and Roanoke, VA – was not quite the failure it seemed to be. Raleigh’s intent, according to Steel, was not really to establish a colony, but rather to capture God’s Longitude at the 77 Meridien
    Concept was defended as to have things exist within the
     Sacred Harmonies Of The Earth
    If they believe the 77th Meridien was somehow very sacred, then it would be incredibly important for them to plant their flag there
    There is a Meridien Hill in Washington, DC
    Raleigh was a member of the Secret Society of England
              Mystical journey – so America would be designed according to esoteric priciples
              How many others as a result came ashore of the Baconian influence?
    Rosicrucians, Masons, Knights Templar (?)
    “This Cartell of various groups had it as their goal to establish a society on this continent that was wholly given over to esoteric goals”
    Rosicrucian Order
              San Jose, CA
              Linked to free Masonry for Centuries
    Dr. Stan Monteith
              Author, “Brotherhood of Darkness”
              (Note!  QAnon blurbed about having “Ten Days of Darkness” – when most of us thought  the arrests would start on March 11 because of this magical BS blurb that nobody should pay attention to)
    16th Century – Sir Francis Bacon became High Priest in England
              First building of his order in USA: built at this time.  Africa, PA
    Francis Bacon is everywhere, says Buff Parry, expert on this history
              (I bet “Barack Obama” name came out of a Satanic Computer!  And they probably use this computer for much esoteric decision-making)
              Not confined to just Rosecrucianism
              He formalized the teachings of  Modern Masonry – still used today
              (note, Rev Wright, Oprah’s and Obama’s “minister” of Trinity Church in Chicago, lived in Pennsylvania for years.  Benjamin Netanyahu attended college in Pennsylvania, then returned to Israel)
    Peter Dawkins, author
              Francis Bacon, Herald Of The New Age, book
    Designs in Washington, DC reflect FreeMasonry. Every major building in Washington, DC has Masonic Designs
              “Secret Architectures Of Our Nation’s Capital”, book
                       By David Ovason
    George Washington was involved with occult practices
    Senator Strong Thurman was a FreeMason cultist and attended ceremonies
              Charles Leonfant – look him up! 
                       (I consider it no coincidence that James Alefantis has that name – which means ‘I love children’ in French)
    The Great Seal of US
              They say this is a Christian symbol
              The all-seeing eye is the Eye Of Taurus, Egyption God
    37:08 min
    Statue of Liberty – taken from the Collasas of Rhodes – combined with the imagery of the goddess of ancient Babylon, Queen Semeramus
    Founding Fathers of America – characteristics
              Diests       - Christians
              Free thinkers
                       Or a mix of them all
    Ian Taylor, author,  Christian Radio
              Puritans were coming over seeking life with freedom of religion
              They wanted to settle the land, worship God  as a Christian Nation
                       Versus – Secret Societies, especially FreeMasonry
    Christians were becoming esoteric
              Both sides are in full play
    World Revolution is launched by FreeMasons
              1776 – 1959, when the Cuban Revolution occurred. Castro came into power because of CIA!
              Secret Societies played major roles. Means of maintaining their secrecy by propaganda for revolutions
              To foment revolutions!
    Masonic Ingenuity
              Boston Tea Party
              William Still: Masonic Lodge, Masons perpetrated this revolt. Paul Revere and his followers were dressed up like Indians and threw the tea in off the ship in the ocean. “The British Are Coming” – said Paul Revere.  He was a prominent leader in the Masonic Order.
              (no mention of James Madison, yet I believe he took part in the propaganda scheme leading to the Boston Tea Party and war with the British.  He printed the propaganda and it was delivered, I think by Paul Revere)
              George Washington and his generals were all FreeMasons
    Source of Washington Letter:
              New World Order:  “The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies”, by William T. Sill, p 60, quoting John C. Fitzpatrick, ed….. Writings of Washington (Washington DC, US Government Printing Office, 1940)
    He says in his letter:
    I must correct an error, you have run into of my Presiding over the English lodges in this country.  The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice within the last 30 years.
                                                    George Washington, 9/25/98

    (it was about this point when a facebook account with first name of “Kat” told me that he/she was a teacher of “critical thinking” for 30 years as argument when I suggested this moron to use critical thinking. No doubt this was a stupid CIA psy op who captures a lot of my activity on internet and tries to turn it against me.  Probably to help Donald Trump remain President and support their Satanic FreeMasonry Cult. I just responded with BS. This moron was making things up as “it” went along)
    Ian Taylor – when they approach a man to be a member, they cannot tell them all they do – why – they have to prove faithfulness
    Washington was very active in the craft.
     England and France Secret Societies were paradoxical to the war
    Benjamin Franklin  - he was all these combined (below)
    He was ambassador to the EU and became a member of the Hellfire Club – a Satanic organization active in the 1700’s. Francis Dashwood was the leader.
    (ever wonder where you get the phrase, “You look dashing” comes from?)
    They had orgies, worshipped the devil, got intoxicated and used whatever else available to do what they wanted. They were forced to go underground – West Wickem, London, England
    The Church had a golden ball with a cross – to allude Christianity, and probably the ones who attended Sunday services knew nothing about  what was below them - inside was a cave. The Luciferians gathered together for meetings in the cave. 
    Ben Franklin, a Rosicrucien and member of Secret Orders, would consult with Dashwood.
    In the portrait, we see a young, Francis Dashwood with his hand posed in a fist-like position – known as the Lion’s Paw, and is used in the Masonic ritual.
    Satanists call it the Devil’s Claw.
    Ben Franklin was a playboy, lady’s man, drinker
    Francois  Rabelais, author
              “Gargantua and Pantagried”, book
    “Do What thou will shall be whole of the law” – Luciferian
    He promoted immoral lifestyle
    Alister Crowley – the most evi l man in the world
    L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Church of Scientology
    Timothy Leary, Harvard Prof and Drug guru
    John Lennon
    (I wonder if the creator of the Mormon church was also a follower)
    Crowley sparked the cultural revolution of “Do your own thing” mentality – dedicated to sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll
    The Modern Legacy Of Franklin, Dashwood, And Hellfire Club – book
    What was Franklin actually doing? 
              Here he invented electricity (though I believe Nicola Tesla invented a way to make FREE electricity and his patent was stolen and this was thwarted in USA)
    Franklin spent his time in New England getting drunk and seducing women.
    (So how could he have had time to invent? Says the video)
    Franklin was known to be a crafty fellow
    What was the Greater Agenda since he was a part of the Hellfire Club, etc?
    Dashwood was a member of the British Parliament and close friend and advisor to King George III – who was leader when the American Revolution was spurred. American colonists REALLY rebelled against  a law which King George passed, devaluing the American dollar. The Hellfire Club encompassed the English Nobility.
    1758 – Occult Conspiracy, book  pg 182; 79-81
    Someone came to America to discuss the future of  American Colonies (Maybe it was Francis Bacon, I am not sure)
    The Occult Conspiracy was written by Mike Howard
    History Of The British Secrets, book by Deacon
    Franklin may have been a covert spy for British, code name Moses; #72
    Were secret powers in the King’s own government working with Franklin for the ancient plan of all secret societies? “The New Atlantis”
    Why would British Intelligence refer to Benjamin Franklin as Moses?  Would they not consider him a suspicious person since he lived in US? Or was he really working with them to manipulate the government of US? Who are them?  Certainly not the Crown. 
              Normally, enemies are given names like Carlos the Jackel or the Butcher of Baghdad (Saddam Hussein)
              Was Moses a cypher – or secret code?
              Had they already determined that as Moses led the children of Israel from Egypt – Franklin would lead the colonies from King George?
    King George
              Franklin would lead colonies as ambassador – for King George
                       (anybody hear of the “Franklin Coverup” – on pedophilia trafficking by a banker who sent boys from Boystown Orphanage even to the WhiteHouse – for money his bank captured)
    Edward Bancroft, English “spy”/agent
              Cecil B. Curry, Historian speculates Franklin is a covert spy. His spy name was Moses and his British Intelligence number was #72
    Great Seal of US includes that of Moses with the motto:
              Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience To God
    America’s Secret Destiny, book
    Used by White House, Dept of Interior
    British Intelligence to undermine King George? 
    “Everybody’s doing it” concept
    CIA lied to JFK
              Cuban Missile Crisis – but this was 200+  years later
    Reagan & Kennedy
              Unaware of what the hidden powers of their own government were up to…yet later it was revealed that Reagan was aware. 
              Time article:  “Reagan Knew Everything”
    After all, his VP GHW Bush was former head of CIA (for one year) and lifetime CIA man. Also member of Skull & Bones
    Iran Contra Affair
              Denied by President Reagan. “I knew nothing about it” he says
    Reagan was made an honorary 33d degree Mason
              They promote leaders to lie
              GHW and GW Bushes are Skull & Bonesmen
    All US Presidents were members of Secret Societies
              Bush’s “war on terror” was used to spark a WWIII. Bush claimed it was CIA who provided information on WOMD – that led to the war in Iraq..
              (actually, I know Bush’s book blames Colin Powell on the alleged false reporting of WOMD….yet Saddam Hussein was making WOMD. He sold them to a faction in Syria and much was found and placed in a sealed Navy container on a navy ship and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in an undisclosed area. I think it was 2013)
              “As of the making of this film, that info has turned out to be false”
    An intelligence error?  Perhaps the same powers that were working the days of Benjamin Franklin had never really ceased to function.
    War On Terror
              Used to spread democracy to all the world
    Dr. Stan Monteith:
              Why doesn’t he want to bring a republic to the countries? 
              We were never a democracy
              It is only the people from the mystery religions of the Secret Society who are pushing this idea of World Democracy or NOW or this combination of “enlightened nations” or “democracies” to rule the world
    (Meantime, President Trump hires former undersecretary of Arms Control and INTERNATIONAL SECURITY (John Bolton) – and lets Pompeo steal Rex Tillerson’s job to protect both – who helped massacre over 3,000 people on September 11!  That’s why the fast and furious action had to occur – and President Trump has facebook handlers to lie and scheme for him.  I just discovered one and hopefully she and her bandwagon will be held accountable.  Ask people why. I suggest this because people are just making random statements which have no basis, and will lie about who they are, what they do to be morons lying for Trump. I supported Trump with the Truth.  This is a game of chess, people!  John Bolton and Mike Pompeo obviously helped Hillary Clinton plan and execute the largest mass murder in our country, September 11, 2001. I bet Bolton was also involved with the Iran-Contras and also involved with the illegal gun dealing done for Clintons, by Steven Paddock, who was murdered in Las Vegas. )
    We are entering a WWIII today. Our founding fathers did not believe in a democracy. 
              (Free online courses on US government www.hillsdale.edu  @hillsdale)
    Could this be the Secret of what’s happening behind the world today? Was this the underlying motive for American Independence? To wrestle the “New World” from the power of the old?
              The Great Atlantian Plan, book by Sir Francis Bacon
    Bacon and Franklin both were involved with printing, cyphers and secret codes, Masonic & Rosicrucian Movement
    England – France – US --- Revolutions
    “Legend of the 9 Sisters”

    I will resume this but want to share what I have so far on my blog 3/26/2018
    I’m back
    Franklin went to France to ask Louis XVI to finance American Revolution
    Franklin was preaching radical ideas which inspired the French to overthrow Louis XVI
    Their new monarch helped fund it
    1764 Currency Act – outlawed American Printed Money – Americans had to pay in gold or silver.  This caused a deep depression
    King Louis financed the American Revolution
    Lafayette mentioned
              Voltaire, 1778
                       Initiated by Benjamin Franklin 
    Thomas Payne – member of Lunar Society
    Common Sense, book. By Thomas Payne
    Not all Masons agreed   ie, Benedict Arnold, sided with British
    United Grand Lodge of England
              1717 Mother Lodge
              Seeds of masonry was sewn by Sir Francis Bacon
    Manley P. Hall
              They received aid from a secret body in EU
              “Secret Destiny of America” – by Manley P. Hall
    1626 – death of Sir Francis Bacon
              Draconian Societies existed since his death
    Bacon is known as Father of Modern Science, Masonry
    Mankind could transform itself to its highest state of enlightenment
    Birth of England’s New Rule Of Thought – because of Bacon
    1662 – Bacon named as their Model Inspiration
    Thomas Pratt – supports Bacon (I think that is what my note says)
    Will Durante – Bacon’s Philosophy
    Encompassed British rule of thought and was brought to America
    Thomas Jefferson ( teachings he followed)
              Francis Bacon – considered himself the new “Jesus Christ”
              John Locke
              Isac Newton
    New Atlantis – Jefferson claimed he fulfilled Bacon’s Dream
    Prince Edward, Duke of Kent
              Head of Masonry
                       Lord Northhampton – acting head of all FreeMasonry
    Canonbury Tower is run by Lord Northhampton
    Sir John Spencer, Queen Elizabeth I
              Owned Canonbury Place
              Embellished all rooms with Masonic & Rosecrucian themes including carvings
    Francis Bacon took over this house the rest of his life
              Invisible College
              Secret Scientific Experiments
    Symbolism reflected Dawkins
              Some believe he is Elijah reincarnated
              Christ of the Bible vs Christ of Masonry
    Pathagrium the Secret Teachings of All Ages
    Divine Child – Masonic Christ
    Six Days Work Concept
              Imitates the Bible
              Adam & Eve
    Dawkins admits
              Caballa was largest inspiration through Egypt – Enoch
              Caballistic Principles mentioned
    Famous followers
    Roseanne Barr
    Jeff Spears
    Barbara Streisand
    Jeff Goldbloom
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Paris Hilton
    Demi Moore
    Winona Ryder
    Madonna – principle spokesperson (that is when she isn’t busy sucking someone off!)
    System of Concept of Building a Paradise On Earth
    Method of Science
    Socrates concepts/hands-on
              Aristotle method not favored. It is too theoretical
    Church was in control – leaders were not real Christians. They were corrupted.
              Deductive Reasoning
                       ie, Book of Acts – The Gospel was “preached to the whole world”
                       This was questioned when taken literally since it would have been impossible at that time
    Knowledge is achieved through science
    Overcoming Stubborn Traditions
              He wanted to relieve poverty and sickness by starting experimental method – to bring forth a light on what is hidden and secret in universe to eliminate debates – concentrate on hands-on approach to remove the mystery
              Had he promoted this method in his day, his teaching would have been proven to be unchristian and most likely he would have been executed
                                 (So Muslims have been greatly criticized for having Shariah Law when we, as Christians had a similar society and Catholics were worse than Muslims back then, I would presume)
    Physics – metaphysics
              Landed him in trouble with churches
    Rosicrucians – bordered on witchcraft.  Communicate with angels or demons.  Church would have put them to death if they had known about this cult –
              Forcing Knowledge underground
    Cult Practices
              Summoning Spirits
              Conjuring Demons
              “Practicing Angel Magic”, book
    Concept:  establish a friendship with the enemy
    Kelly was greatly troubled when angels said Jesus was not God
              It was thought that they contacted evil spirits which gave him knowledge
              (yet the Adam & Eve story clearly distinguished the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Evil, doesn’t it?)
    Dr. John D. – passing lamp to Bacin (pic shown)
    America was lost continent of Atlantis
              John D. Concept
    Queen Elizabeth –Dream of colonizing. This New Atlantis
    Coronation of Queen Elizabeth
              She called up Dr. John D as astrologist
              This impacted New England
                       “Ancient knowledge would unfold”
    Queen Elizabeth was considered VERY smart
              Rome made her their enemy
              Pope Pius Excommunicated her
    The English protected the Queen
              They set up a spy agency
              Sir Francis Wallinger, was a spy
              Sir Francis Bacon was a spy
              Esoteric Agenda – links with wisdom; inner program to raise consciousness
    Land Of The Rosicrucians
    Decipherment of the Rose
              Symbol of Secrecy
              Latin: Subrosa, meaning secret (orders)
    Ancient History/Mystery and Religion
    Was this fusion of beliefs in part of Bacon’s Plan?
    Was it a blessing or curse?
    Bacon reformed the English Language
              Saxon – Daner – Galls – etc
              Mixture of languages, dialects in England due to being a Melting Pot
              Writers, Poets, Artists – brought more clarity
    Writers of books
    Ben Johnson
    Sir Walter Ralleigh
              Francis Bacon Paid writers to write for him to translate them in English. Used a printing press and factory. Created by Francis Bacon.
    To prepare people of old world to colonize for new world
    Early age – he was inspired by French poets
    Shakespeare – got his name from shaking a spear
    Gray’s Inn – London (Law School)
              “Knights of the Helmet” – they wore masks. These were the attorneys
    Shakespeare writings were acclaimed to have been inspired by the lawyers
    (Palic) Athena, Apollo
              One who wears the helmet of Ethena are enlightened
              Immitate the work of God
                       Solomon mentioned
    Bacon created theatrical works which could one day dominate the world
    Athena dominated Bacon’s imagination
    Shakespeare – born in Stratford, a simple man. Topics of his writings include:
              Christopher Marlow
              Queen Elizabeth
              Francis DeVere
    When you look at the plays – you do not align with life of the actor
    Five Documents – how can this guy write the greatest literary in the world?
    They believe Francis Bacon did the writing and just used Shakespeare’s name
    The cults took homosexuality oaths
    Bacon wrote the Shakesperian play because:
              No legal errors
              Jargon is like those of a lawyer
    Plays – poems – sonnets – all written by Bacon or most likely his literary society?
    Town of Stratford. Birthplace of Sir Francis Bacon. Shakespearian Trust – strongly support Shakespeare as the genuine writer
              Dr. Edmondson defends that belief on this film
    Mark Twain believed Shakespeare was not the writer
              “Is Shakespeare Dead?”, book by Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemmons)
    Ben Johnson, poet-given recognition after he died
    Shakespeare = Rosicrecian Mask?
    Shakespeare’s signature reflects unfamiliarity with the strike of a pen
    Edmonton argues his being son of a glove maker as justifiable
    Code System of Writing filled hundreds of books
    Bacon’s writings were provably those under Shakespeare
    The Ancient Hope
    Knights Templar
              Became dominant financial Force of Europe
              Many were tortured to death
              Yet some escaped and found refuge in a Masonic Lodge
    Roselyn Chapel
              Built by William St. Clair
              Knight Templar  1446-1492; Scottish Masons did the building
              Concept of “removal of all boundaries” in belief system
    Dan Brown’s Davinci Code book refers to it
    The green man – representative of the ancient fertility god
    Overarching messages of the chapel
    Masonry’s doctrine
    One World Religion Concept
    Jane Henson:
              Evaluates structure – I think she may be a tour guide
    Trefoil plant
    Arrest of Templars
              Many escaped in ships – may have made it to the New World, aka America,  before Columbus
    Columbus’ wife was daughter of a famous Knights Templar
    “America BC”, book
    America was known by the ancients (concept)
    The end




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