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I had to add this again since my blogpost was altered.  Probably a CIA hacker 

Colin Powell passed away October 18, 2021
Edited 11/6/2021



 My Testimony Honoring Colin L. Powell
I struggle with the concept
It's not how a man dies, but how he lives
When their death is untimely and they are so beloved by so many good people - and so lied about by so many evil people who don't care - never cared about us.  
When I found out Colin Powell died on October 18, I searched to verify - and to my great shock it was true. I hoped he would live long enough for more people to realize the truth - what a great commander he was, always expecting the best out of soldiers and anyone else he spoke to - like me.  I was secretary to the Division Artillery Headquarters, paid low wages as a GS-3 clerk with absolutely no assurance that they even cared about my seeking permanent status either there or another office on base.  Instead, I was treated like I should be grateful they tolerate me and was told, "You're a part of the family here" which meant I could only eat my lunch at  m and had to work extra my desk and had to work extra jobs first to survive and had absolutely no chance to travel or anything, 
Colin Powell said he wanted to talk to me after he got through with meeting with the Colonel.  Instead, he left with a sad face, glanced at me.  I was already very proud to have him converse with me and realized the colonel knew I didn't vote for Bush because I did not want war and the buzz was if he became President, there would be a war because he wanted one - to feed the Military Industrial Complex.  On the other hand, Hon. Colin Powell told me I had a right to my opinion. The one who hired me became the S-3 in charge of NBC, which is nuclear, biological, chemical weapons.  The highest casualty rate of the Kuwait war (Operation Desert Storm) was FRIENDLY FIRE of the Division Artillery.  They bombed themselves due to wrong calibration of the bomber's set target.  
Recently I think this S-3's mother approached me in public and told me her son was an officer at Divarty and is now a General and "he makes a lot of money".  I said, "That's nice', figuring she was planted there to approach me like his father did at a railroad station some time ago.  Yet neither acknowledged who I am 0 as if to allude I'm brain-dead and don't know who they are.  After all, that would excuse why they paid me low wages and why I didn't even get comp time the first year.  I found out that I could have received comp time on my own and prepared my time cards accordingly.  Not once was I offered any correction on prior ones and I was never offered any day off even though I put in at the least one month's worth of comp time that year because they had much processing to do - in order to be activated on post, plus be war-ready for CIA man Bush.  Colin Powell could have made millions a year in the private sector. He was offered CEO jobs by large companies.  He made his choices based on need - and had to confront very nasty people in Washington every day, in hopes that they may even turn around or he could at least head them off at the pass.  
September 11 occurred and he obviously realized it was a Secret Society scheme.  Americans mass murdering Americans. He staved-off a Middle East War because he did not approve it.  Yet the malicious and vexatious propaganda about "No WOMD in Iraq" to justify the Gulf War, was thereafter spread by GW Bush, who couldn't have it any other way to have Colin Powell as Secretary of State.  So why was it he would claim failed intelligence AFTER begging him to join his cabinet? And Colin Powell and his wife were almost killed in a plane crash - yet he made sure the pilot who was flying the charter plane was someone he knew was well-qualified.  Despite both engines failing, that pilot succeffully landed
 with no fatalities and minimal injuries of the passengers. 

Colin Powell was greatly loved by real patriots in this country and his death was untimely. 

It is my opinion that CIA killed him at the will of  sabatoging Joe Biden 

Despite the fact that Colin Powell publically and emphatically 
supported Biden for US President!

Biden obviously poisoned his wife in 1972, as a mafia payoff.  I shared my opinion with Colin Powell.  Certainly as just an average citizen, yet hard worker, It would take some time to determine this, if it could be determined at all.  It may be they exhumed his wife's body - and maybe they replaced her body!  Certainly that would profile him for cover-up.  Nevertheless, only a professional profiler on criminal behavior could ultimately make a good call on this.  Yet, Biden probably framed himself because the crimes of Clintons are the same way - they aren't prosecuted 
because of the corrupion in Washington, DC using #PayToPlay politics.  
And they get the money from committing crimes! 
Biden was cheating on his wife with Jill Biden. Based on what I learned it is obvious he was willing to make a Satanic Sacrifice of family so mafia would rig elections and even make him President
 like they did for JFK and probably others..  
Hopefully my #SunriseCT posts are not intercepted by Twitter.  Yet Twitter nefariously locks my accounts to keep the truth from being exposed.  We all have a right to our opinions.  I never threaten or encourage violence.  I am against violence.  I encourage DEFENSE, which is contrary to the Secret Society's agenda of bullying.  
Processing the loss of Colin Powell in our world hasn't yet fully hit me, due to all the stress I have -- particularly a landlord and housing agency that constantly obsess with ways to set me up for an eviction.  I pay my rent.  I won a prior case they nefariously entered and their attorney (Robert Chessen) is no longer marked as active in Connecticut - which probably means he still gets his bucks. Former long-time embezzler and document frauder Prosecutor Supervisor Lawrence Mark Hurley gets big bucks!  The lies never end here.  Yet despite all this and more, I know it would have been much worse if Colin Powell was not here - affiliating with great people who care about accountability and checks and balances.  
I feel like I'm in a black hole now - domestic terrorism most likely will be on the rise unless we stand up to it in our own capacities, as Colin Powell did and was an example for us.  
I can't even say the words, Rest In Peace, Sir.  For it angers me that he was obviously medically murdered like my father was.  It is a blessing his family supported him and stood up for him.  My father didn't have that.  My brother conspired with a paedophile priest from Albany, NY and the couple from Lockheed Martin (wife was a veterinarian assistant - and my cat was poisoned after returning to Connecticut!) that obsessed about this killing agenda.  My father worried if he argued that I should get POA, since they would not just give it to me, that they would give him trouble.  My job was to help my father and I respected what he wanted.  Yet I wish I had made a copy of the letter he wrote that priest, to stay away from him and his home and me.  That evil priest broke in to my father's apartment when I was at the nursing home with my father.  The management told me.  I delivered that letter to the church at my father's wishes.  I feel like I wasn't protecting him at his weakest time by not making a copy of that sealed letter.  

Colin Powell probably had to get the jab so he could go overseas and work on peace projects since our depraved government was run by blood thirsty war-inciters. 

And there were WOMD made by Saddam Hussein in Iraq! 

By the way, the WOMD that CIA asset, Saddam Hussein, made were found in Syria, as Colin Powell suspected, in 2014.  Obama would not give it any media air time but Colin Powell was able to get a 5-min newsflash on Public TV.  I was fortunate to have my TV on at the time, recovering from a Grade 4 torn hamstring caused by a man in front of me as I was getting on the train.  He obviously didn't expect me to grab the handrail, which I did when I didn't have my cart with me.  I would have had a broken neck and/or back if it wasn't for that. He obiously dropped silicone beads or the like on the floor. I had absolutely no grip and 30 people ahead of me had no problem.  That guy just stood there and watched!  I didn't dare accuse him while he was standing there incase he had a knife or gun on him to use as another attack.  
I was proud to call the building to attention when Colin Powell entered the DIVARTY HQ, accompanied by soldiers.  The DIVARTY soldiers assigned this task failed to and not even anyone in the command staff would when arrived.  I stood up and saluted and said, "DIVARTY Headquarters, Ten-hut!" The colonel was the full bird for the Signal Battalion and I found it curious no one radio'd him when Colin Powell was approaching.  Maybe Hon. Powell wanted to make a somewhat surprise visit to see what was going on.  
This concludes my testimony in Honor of Colin L. Powell, to the best of my ability.
God bless.    

inserted in my blogpost on Iran today, 10/12/2018:

Field McConnell EXPLAINED WHY explosive-filled drones were what hit the WTC bldgs, not real Boeings.  I emphasized to Field that Mike Pompeo's company, which was probably a CIA front, MADE drones and John Bolton, who was Undersecretary of Firearms and Weapons in 2001, OBVIOUSLY SUPPLIED THE MILITARY EXPLOSIVES.  Yet Field claimed he was being loyal to President Trump no matter what.  So I unfollowed him, after realizing that Trump was a fake, a fraud, a bully. 

Political shills from both parties were trying to blame Colin Powell for bringing in military explosives on 9/11/2001.  I was very angry!  Colin Powell would have been our best President ever, and they want to blame him - who no doubt kept our country from going to war after the Americans who mass-murdered 3,000 people on 9/11/01 - tried to get us to go to war with Middle East, when they did not plan this mass murder - Americans did!  And that includes the Jewish Zionists who were a big help; Hillary Clinton is a Rothschild Jewish Zionist NWO Illuminati, and milked our country for everything she could!  Bill Clinton is the half brother of GW Bush, born a month before, illegitamate.  That is why GW is not "Junior".  There was social media info that reflected GHW Bush actually impregnated a woman as  a Satanic Ritual.  Trying to have twins in and outside the marriage.  Early pictures of Bill Clinton are more reflective of the similar appearance with GW Bush.  Such as when he was at Moscow University during the Vietnam War (a tactic to dodge the draft - GW dodged it because Daddy flaunted political power and he was in the National Guard, not Vietnam)

I am so sure USA would have gone to war with the Middle East in 2001 - had it not been Hon. Colin Powell confronting the ones who probably ordered this mass murder in NYC and at the Pentagon.  So the smear campaign on Colin Powell became more and more aggressive!  Colin Powell submitted his resignation in 2003 and GW Bush ASKED him to stay until he won the election for a second term - fully knowing that if he had not, most likely he would not have won the public support to make the rigged election more believable.  

Update 10/31/2021:  RIP COLIN POWELL.  I HAVE HAD TO WORK ON THIS BOGUS HOUSING RECERTIFICATION, USED AS A WEAPON TO TRY TO GET ME EVICTED, AND MY APARTMENT WAS INVADED THE NIGHT OF OCTOBER 27-28.  I Woke up on October 29. I thought it was Thursday.  I was devestated to realize it was Friday, and I was obviously burglarized again, like I was in July 2013 - yet that time I had a large contusion in my back - like a man kicked me.....

So I have been struggling with this attempted housing eviction and then find out Colin Powell died - the medical frauds said from COVID - or media lie.  Both are likely.  I cried that night, the 19th of October - and had to forge ahead with this weaponized housing corruption..They stole keychain when they did this!  I have a spare key for my apartment but nothing else.  I called the FBI agent and left him a voicemail explaining and that is all I can do because I have to finish the supplement I wanted to add to my housing recertification. They broke my bread machine and my carpet cleaner- both were purchased using the money I got from the stimulus package.  I live within my means.  I cannot even take them back until this supplement is delivered UNTIL I GET MY KEYS BACK. 

I haven't even mailed a sympathy card to the Powell Family yet!  This disruption in losing a full day, just like what they did to me in 2013 - ransacking my apartment that time, though - is all so overwhelming.  Hopefully he-they will get my keys back from the invaders!  My landlord never changed the lock to my apartment when I moved here.  


Thank you, Hon. Colin Powell, if you see this!  I knew you were a great man since the day I had the pleasure to meet you when I was Secretary of the Command Staff of the DivArty HQ!  Several NCOs and officers said that they wanted you to run for President.  I would have loved to see you and your family at the White House!  It's okay, I am sure we are all in agreement we are glad you and your family have survived the political criminals in Washington.  How disgusted I was when Hillary Clinton tossed away your great Doctrines you set forth when Secretary of State.  I also know you would never say anything publically which would bring disrepute to the Office of President and uphold the many oaths you have taken (including administering the law, since you have a J.D. on top of everything else!)

Colin Powell is why education and affiliation are the key to success.  Have a good support system at work; and know what you are doing.  inserted 10/12/2018

Under Construction, but here it goes.....


America’s Promise Documentary 

Do you know a young person who is passionate about education or youth development? Is there a young adult at your organization who inspires and motivates others? Have you come across a young man or woman who wants to sharpen his or her leadership skills?  
If so, they may be a great candidate to become one of our America’s Promise youth leaders!
We’re looking for two young people, ages 16-22, to serve a two-year term on our Board of Directors or as a member of the Alliance Trustees. They’ll attend annual meetings in Washington, act as a full voting member of the leadership body, and play a valuable role in shaping our strategic direction. Those selected will serve through spring 2020. 
Here’s what a former youth board member had to say about the importance of youth leadership: 
Too many leaders, teachers, and politicians don’t know what we actually go through, what we’re actually up against, or what we need to succeed in life. They don’t know what we’re feeling or what our dreams are, that we may even be afraid to dream. I want more people in power to know what it’s like to walk a mile in our shoes. Maybe then they would know what direction to take us in, how to help us find a different path in life.

Recommit to Kids Summit

Excuse poor quality! They actually let you do screen shots, and put it on your computer, for you to file where you want.- I have typed what is on these below them, so you could copy and paste if you like.


Professional Development & Training for Educators
       Utah HB (460) 

Encouraging the use of PBIS, Restorative & Trauma-informed Practices 

     California AB 1014 (2016) 

     Study Committees 

         Maryland HB 1287 (2017) 


ECS - 50-state comparison coming soon

ECS Policy Snapshots

    Suspension & Expulsion
    Alternative School Discipline Strategies

National Clearinghouse on Supportive School Discipline

Council of State Governments Justice Center

UCLA Civil Rights Project

Disciplined and Disconnected:

How Students Experience Exclusionary Discipline in Minnesota
And the Promise of Non-Exclusionary Alternatives

Elizabeth Pufall-Jones
Research Scientist


* Traditional systems emphasize student removal at a primary approach to managing behavior

* Students who are removed from school are less likely to graduate which threatens their ability to succeed later in life

* Very little is known about how students experience school discipline 


CLOCKWISE, starting at top

*Special Services

CENTER: Individual's Strength's and Capacities


*Decrease of Negative Behavior
*Increase of Indicators of Thriving


Removing a student from class or school entirely as a response to their behavior is called "exclusionary discipline" 

*Worse academic performance
*Lower Levels of School engagment
*Greater chance of leaving school before graduating
*Increased likelihood of future involvement with the criminal justice system 
*Higher levels of school violence and antisocial behavior

(graph shown)

Native American 56%
Hispanic 69%
Black 68%
White 88%
Asian-American 86%


Overview and Goals

*Understand students' expeiences of exclusionary disciplines 
*Understand educator experiences implementing supportive disciplinary approaches

Our Approach 

*In depth group interviews
*38 MN middle and high school students
*Individual interviews with high school administrators
*3 sites across MN, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul
*Open coded interview transcripts for common charters
     (note, I am not sure if that is exactly what the slide shows)

......I will return to finish this asap.....

America's Promise Alliance -  this is an all-day summit; over 7 hrs long.

Streamed live on Apr 18, 2017
On April 17-18 America’s Promise Alliance marked its 20th Anniversary in New York City with Founding Chair, General Colin L. Powell (Ret.) and Chair, Mrs. Alma Powell. Recommit to Kids | The Summit for America's Future honored progress that has been made in delivering the Five Promises and saluted the champions who have been on the forefront of seeing that our country’s underserved children are a priority. We called on all adults and the nation to recommit to the critical work that remains, which we articulated in a new youth framework laying out all that we must do to help every child realize their American dream, Our Work: A Framework for Accelerating Progress for Children and Youth in America. Weren’t able to make it? Watch the full day’s performances, remarks, and panel discussions.



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Align & Act
The Need To Invest And Align. General Powell Makes his case!
What We Do Next, Alma Powell Makes Her Case!
Hon. Arne Duncan, Secry of Dept of Ed (2015)  Listening to Young People:

                Harvard has a discussion with General Powell.  1 hr video

                                Our Dirty Forefathers (what can I say, that’s what it should be described! Not “human”) 1 hr, 26 min --

2012 -- 2012 100 Best Communities for Young People Webcast

God Bless the Powells and their whole family!  Thank you so much!  


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