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This text book is by Joel Skousen.

He could be a psy op, so keep that in mind

 I am perplexed why there is a class on being prepared for a terrorist attack - when he teaches the war on terror is fake.  It is like he is saying, "OK, this is what I am telling you but there isn't anything you can do about it" - USA is starting all this and of course there are things we can do about it!  FYI:

My conclusion after this Joel Skousen  with Jeff Rense: Skousen is a CIA psy op! 
David Ryan - John Bolton probably got the military explosives for Mike Pompeo's company Thayer Aerospace - to make the attack drones that bombed the WTC buildings! Skousen is a psy op. That's my conclusion! Real Boeing passenger planes are WIDER than the WTC buildings were! See my unmonitored blog, copy what you want!  This is the interview: 

Decide for yourself 

My opinion, don't take Skousen's word for anything. Psy ops tell truth SO they can gain trust and tell lies, manipulate. 

  2. Skousen says Bolton wants to bomb N Korea, and supports Bolton's policy to wipe them out if they don't disarm. 
  3. Russia, on the other hand, said they would wipe out Now Korea if they attack. See the difference? Vladimir Putin offers to protect USA, Then Trump deports all Russian diplomats! 
  4. Trump wants war to make money! Bolton and Pompeo were successful attacking the WTC buildings AND getting away with it. They did it for Hillary and John McCain - Bushes are a part of that crime Syndicate! Bill Clinton is illegitimate son of GHW Bush, born one month separate from GW Bush. Guess who was born first? Things making sense now? 
  5. Listen to this audio of the radio show. I need to get my notes typed on Joel Skousen, as I promised. I've had to juggle alot of issues lately. 

Another video I found. Joel Skousen's review of 2017:

And compare it with Joel Skousen's review of year ending 2016:

And compare with
Joel Skousen End Of The Year Report 2015:

Contrary to what Joel Skousen says, Barack Obama is a Muslim! "Rev Jeremiah Wright" is a lying Muslim! He was a full blown practicing Myslim in PA. Must be PA is the headquarters of the ILLUMINATI because alot of things stem from PA, like birth of son.of Heimlich Himler - Rod Rosenstein--and the ROSEcretions (Jesuit Secret Society) is HQ'd in PA.  Someone needs to investigate Joel Skousen. He's obviously a CIA psy op! Barack Obama was indoctrinated as a full blown Muslim in Indonesia! He belonged to a weird sect up there,  as his step father adopted him. His step father, Soetoro, was most likely a CIA operative. And frankly, I believe Obama is son of Malcolm X.  Not the Kenyan. Not Frank Marshall Davis. Joel Skousen obviously has an agenda and is not a researcher. Alex Jones is obviously a CIA  operative also. Copy and share anything you want from my blog.

And here is this video.
  I only have time right now for one comment: The biggest thing Trump is used to is being a deliberate deceiver! Skousen says nothing about Soros giving him $315 million by writing off the financing of Trump Tower to make sure he wins the primary so we have two choices: ILLUMINATI NO. 1 or ILLUMINATI NO. 2.

Anyone who is antiglobalist wants SMALLER govt, not larger unlike what Mr. Skousen says...Joel Skousen says HRC doesn't know who runs ISIS. OMG, of course she does!...He says Mitt Romney is not a globalist, then throws in the dagger by admitting that Mitt Romney does what the Mormans want him to do. The Mormans are globalists! And I for one would not want someone in the White House who is a puppet for a special interest group. Trump is   being that way, and that's their  common bond. Both do what others tell them to do. 

Joel Skousen claims a WW3 is at hand....
       He's prostelytizing the Military Industrial Complex. My opinion. 

Joel Skousen interview on 9/11. It's very weak!
My comment: Watch out for the deceivers! OK City bombing was a CIA operation. Bill Clinton got the FBI Director Janet Retarded Reno to move the investigation files on him all the way to OK City. He fired Jeff Sessions, then USAG, because he was  investigating him. No doubt he tried to get Hon. Sessions to be in OK City when the Murrow bldg was bombed! Many were killed, hundreds injured. So why this guy is spending lits of money on investigating the OK City bombing is beyond me. Does he have an agenda? Also, Americans murdered Americans on September 11. The 9/11 Commission Report is one big freaking lie, but Joel Skousen fails to call it as it is!! Elizabeth Warren was on it!  Do you know of the Warren report? No doubt that lying Judge Warren was related to Elizabith Warren! A Boeing passenger plane is WIDER than a WTC building was! The passengers were taken to an island, and by the time the planes landed, they were all dead from being gassed to death = chemical weapons in their own people! Which Syria does NOT do! See who the players are now? Trump is one of the players!   

I watched part of this video of Joel Skousen in it and it seems quite compelling - decide for yourself - because overall, I think he is a psy op  for CIA.

Strategic Location, full interview with Joel Skousen.
"No Financial Crash Until Nuclear War" says Joel Skousen

Get this! This radio show is 
named "Living Outside The Q"'
Anyone who believes the psy op QAnon is a fool!
Interview with Joel Skousen

Here is his own website, with his bio: /
And he claims his bread and butter is his blog - newsletter (probably where CIA stashes money for him as a CIA operative)

Coast To Coast is a pretty good radio show in my opinion. They posted his bio here:

This is a synopsis of their bio, yet they provide more detail which should interest you if  Blogger doesn't make it impossible to read.  I will give it a go:


Joel Skousen is the publisher of the World Affairs Brief, a weekly news analysis service found at Mr. Skousen is a political scientist by training and speaks multiple foreign languages which he uses in accessing information here and abroad. He specializes in helping readers understand the hidden agenda of those that secretly control both political parties and the US government. He also has a second career as the Chief Designer at The Secure Home Design Group which specializes in helping people design and implement high security residences and retreats. He has written several books in that field of security architecture: Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places, The Secure Home, and How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home. Joel was a fighter pilot for the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era.

Wiki has him categorized in a few places, which seems odd: - use your curser if the words are not visible. It will highlight them.

Joel M. Skousen is an American conservative political commentator,[1] non-fiction Survivalist author, and retreat consultant who specializes in preparedness topics, particularly survival retreat and fallout shelter design and construction, as well as in what he calls "strategic relocation."

When I search  on Images, I see that InfoWars promotes him all the time.  I consider InfoWars to be a CIA psy op.  So I am now wondering if Mr. Skousen is a psy op for CIA.  We know schools have been dumbed-down and quality of teachers has taken a nose-dive also.

Yet Joel Skousen emphasizes that we have a phoney War On Terror

     So I think,  How can he say this and not blame Bush and Clinton for September 11?  Please keep that in mind.  He said the moussad were the ones who caused September 11.  And the moussad trained Obama's ISIS.

      Obama hates Benjamin Netanyahu and tried to get him to lose the last election! And look at the smear campaign on Benjamin Netanyhu - charging his wife of fraud, etc.

By placing my notes here, it gives you opportunity to really digest what he is saying.  I hope to even watch other videos of his.

I began my notes on this video and will type them when time permits.

the Video link is here: 

posted 6/2/2018++++Updated with added videos an a few notes 6/5/2018+++++++++++++++

 2:23:30 length of video

2016 Year End Analysis     12/20/2016

Here I go again with my notes.  Some were missing, based on what I recall creating.  But I only have tuped first 35 minutes because Skousen is one of the polluting psy ops, my opinion.  

 Date of speaking:  12/20/2016

Yuck – this is not the same video – Alex Jones is on it.  BTW, someone claimed Alex Jones is owned by Time Warner.  Makes sense, since last time I knew, Time Warner was owned by Ted Turner, who was married to Hanoi Jane – jane Fonda who failed to save any US Americans when they gave her their social security numbers.  Instead, she turned them all over to the N Vietnamese and they were brutally tortured, some died. 

I begin where I left off, I found the right video.  24:20  italicized words and letters are MY opinion. 

Mitt Romney “had to go to bed with all these globalists”  - Michael Chertoff was put in charge of his campaign…to fight cults…wtf
Do you believe that? 
            Mitt Romney is a “good Latter Day Saint”; he is a good man.
            Darth Vader of the Dark Side of Government is what Chertoff is, says Skousen
            Mitt Romney said some bad things about Russia – multiple warheads on missles….Hentry Kissinger is blamed…”The Secretary of State is always the handler of the President, except when GW Bush was President.  Dick Cheney was his handler” 

BTW, Joel Skousen is politicizing for Mitt Romney. 

                        Cheney began making underground bunker at the Naval Observatory, Washington, DC
                        On September 11, “we found out about another bunker in Washington
                        Denver Airport project went $2 Billion over cost because they were building an underground bunker. Masonic symbols all over the airport…
                        It is the second HQ of the Dark Side of Govt, says Skousen
                                    I don’t recommend Colorado for relocation
                                    Hundreds of Black helicopters are owned by CIA, Coast Guard, etc. 
Kelly Ann Conway  (mentioned)   Vs  Reince Priebus, who is chairman of the Republican committee AND Trump’s Chief of Staff. According to this video, there is a war going on between them.  I suspect the video was altered, frankly.  No “War” or conflict was mentioned by the Trump Admin, here it is only Dec 2016. Trump did not get inaugurated until January. 
People are susceptible to this. Who are not only conservative, They are the neocons.  Neocons started with James Kilpatrick, William Crystal – whoever the heck they are….They were for abortion and homosexuality, and all these other things – but they decided to support militarism as a form of patriotism. 
            “The VietNam War was the last war against communist expansion” – Skousen
                        And that’s why the establishment sabatoged that war….My squad could not aim missiles unless there was a missle heading towards you.  It’s just stupid and you had all these safe havens (29:26 is time) Military hierarchy were the rules of engagement.  But after the VietNam War, The reason they allowed all these protests was to embitter Americans against any engagement of war. And it did so, didn’t it? 
                                    Now they have wars of intervention with a trigger event
                                                [that was what Vietnam was! Trigger event was caused by President Johnson after he killed JFK]
                                                9/11 was used for a Govt Operation
                                                            Trump’s Best Friend was Rudi Juliani
                                                            “Juliani was in bldg. 7 and he told all firefighters to evacuate, but he didn’t tell firefighters to get out of 1 & 2”
                                                                        Wtf, the elelephant in the room is – Juliani knew that all the buildings were prepped to be imploded! 
                                                                        “That’s why the NY Firefighters hate Rudi Juliani, they know he betrayed them! So you can’t tell me Donald Trump knows something…He knows something about it, but he reads it all superficially and he reads alternative news media. He’s not smart enough to make an intelligent statement so he can’t be crucified by the press!”
                                    Trump referred to something as if he was Christ, recently. working in common Bible verse segments. The Order of Scottish Right believe they are gods. 
                                                            “When he got involved with Bush and Osama bin Laden people – they just crucified him over there. Even though generally what he  said was true. And what happened to the Saudis in San Diego – they were caught feeding money from the Saudi embassy through One of the major sons of ambassador -to keep these San Diego 9/11 hijackers in their apartments while they were going to flight school in San Diego.”
                                                FACT: Hijackers had no control of the planes. They were operated by Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilots, aka BUAPs, which Hillary Clinton and John McCain ordered through the SES.  Joel Skousen is feeding a line of crap, mixing it with half-truths to get you to trust him, my opinion.
                                                “And that’s the reason the CIA kept the 28 pages hidden. Because they – you know, the whole media only gets half the story. The alternative media only gets half the story:  Saudi Arabia is guilty for fomenting 9/11. That’s not true at all!”
                                                I’ll say it isn’t true because Americans murdered Americans on September 11! Trump knows it and so builds a deceitful story about President Assad killing his own people! 
                                                They’re puppets for the US Government!  Saudis were doing it at the behest of the government.  And that’s why they were protecting the Saudis so the Saudis wouldn’t be compelled to say, ‘Hey we’ve been doing it because the CIA told us to’ That’s the secret they didn’t want the Saudis to reveal. That’s the reason they had to protect the Saudis” 
                                                            He said this word-for-word!  Think about the rhetoric he is spewing out of his mouth!
                                                And that’s why they are not going after the Saudis, even after Clinton knew – knowing what they said to Podesta – the Saudis and Katar are condescently funding ISIS, an army ISIS.
                                    Operation flip-flop there!  He was just talking about September 11 – there were no ISIS back then! 
                                    “Why aren’t they cutting off aid?  Why aren’t they selling arms to Saudi Arabia? Why are we continuing even after the bombing in Yemen – the killing of all those civilians? It’s because Saudi Arabia is the No. One Puppet of the United States and the Middle East and check the puppet. Look at Erogon, Turkey.  I mean, this is just a disgrace! I mean this guy is really off the map and I don’t know who’s gonna kill him first – either the Russians or the globalists because he is really playing fast to lose. He has now said, “the only reason I invaded Syria is because we are gonna take down Saud” “
                                                By jumping from one time to another, one subject to another, this psy op is just babbling and why does no one stop him?  They are submitting to him instead. 
                        The Russians, who just made peace with Erogon said, “That’s news to us” This loudmouth has just revealed that he’s gonna do something that we’re not gonna allow- they won’t allow. 
                                    So what the hell is it?  We or Us?  He just keeps babbling. Or, as the favorite word of the courts say, ‘ramble’ – which the judges are notorious for but nobody cares about their insanity because they all feed the one who steals money from innocent people, who harms the innocent people because THEY don’t know how to make money. Since they believe it is human energy that makes money.  That is the culture we are living in now!
                        There’s just so much of these foreign issues that Trump can’t possibly understand.  You have to remember that intelligence briefings are disinformation briefings. There’s a whole system in the military – that’s why there is so much competition!
                                    Defense Intelligence Agency
                                    CIA  - The most controlled
                                                They give briefings to the President
                                    Defense Intelligence Agents can also give him briefings and that is why General Flynn got kicked out of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Because he didn’t like what the CIA was briefing the President, which was soft on ISIS.
                                    LOL, but I am so disgusted!  I wonder if Gen Flynn knows what shit Skousan is flying about him?  ISIS is an American-made militia and the insiders all know it! ISIS is funded by USA.  Created by Obama. Originally had 60,000 troops yet since Abu Bakr Baghdaddi was killed by US-led forces in 2016 – same year he is so-called analyzing, ISIS lost its footage and began to decrease in size.  In fact, they separated into cells and the jihadists claimed they did not need a leader anymore, they knew what they had to do. But does Skousen say this?  NO! No wonder he sleeps with Alex Jones! 
                                    “They’re telling them we’re attacking ISIS and we’re degrading them, etc. and the DIA knew that we’re not hitting any decent targets of ISIS; we’re hitting into buildings. We’re warning them in advance so that nobody is in there when they do hit these strikes.  I mean, the pilots don’t know this! All they know is there’s a target and I hit the target – a success, right? Then they realize the target is empty, because they were warned in advance to skedaddle out of there. (34:18) The DIA realized that they were not hitting the oil convoys that were going into Turkey. And Turkey was marketing the oil to Isreal.  Cheap oil for Israel.  Coming directly out of ISIS.  This is proof of the allusion between the West and ISIS. And so he was demanding, Look you gotta hit these oil convoys before the US succumbed to them – Flynn, The DIA (he’s making no sense)  the Russians went in there and bombed one of these oil convoys. Why don’t they blow up Turkey? And they did that just to embarrass the United States. 
‘You see if he was serious about ISIS, you’d be bombing his oil convoys’  ISIS is not a ‘him’!  the him is Obama – since Obama started ISIS and the Baghdaddi was dead.  Tweeted by anti-terrorism expert Dr. Seb Gorka – who Obama had fired from Quantico as an anti-terrorism teacher for FBI, etc.  But Skousen doesn’t say anything about this!  I have to stop listening to his BS – have fun trying to make sense of what he is saying. He is a freaking psy op, my opinion! 

I am not typing anymore  

Ended:  35 min.  of this 2:21:49 video titled “Joel Skousen: 2016 Year End Analysis”

posted 6/11/2018 


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