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While I'm at it, I want to create a post on Scott Jacobs Studio to liven up my blog


Please feel free to access my posts. Share what you want. This blog is unmonitored.

I'll be back...6/20/2018: I am back but didn't get to this. It's going to be really good, promise.  I had to add a few more new posts - they are really great news sources so I just had to take the time for that.

Scott Jacobs and Scott Jacobs Studio are on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Pinterest, probably YouTube...etc.

7/17/2018  - I got distracted with so many things, people.  Sorry about this.  I really want to make this a good blog about Scott Jacobs but need to give this a day's worth of time.  I just can't manage to do that now.  see my other posts, you'll see why....They are in the Table of Contents.

Updated confession: I've been spending a lot of time with Michael Jackson's videos. His birthday is 29Aug1958. I oftentimes wish they faked his death, but if they did, they sure didn't ask Michael how to fake it because he wouldn't have wanted his fans to commit suicide. Some young ladies did, from what I understand --  they were that broken up about the prospect of anyone murdering him.  I'll be back.

10/18/2018 - Quick note, my blog efforts diverted...This is a FAN PAGE...Scott Jacobs is awesome, and his daughter Olivia is a chip off the old block.  His family is a great family.  Follow them on social media.  Meantime, I am recovering from a knee injury and have a case of anxiety on new discoveries, like Flat Earth 

    and more....

God bless.


AnneMarie said…
This blogpost was updated with a lot of pictures and some comments and all reference info so you could just click on the links - now it is all gone. 8/14/2018

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