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June 2018

Detained girls and toddlers missing in a country run by a known child abuser 

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  1. ‘Mind-blowing’: Military contractors making tens of millions helping Trump tear families apart [Julia Conley]
  2. Trump further escalates trade war with China [Stephen Lendman]
  3. The Republican Party falls apart, the Democrats get stuck [Lawrence Davidson]
  4. On the road in a time of global disaster [Howard Lisnoff]
  5. Violence in Nicaragua: US-orchestrated coup attempt? [Stephen Lendman]
  6. Israel’s solution to global condemnation of war crimes? Punish anyone who documents them [Jake Johnson]
  7. Egypt surpasses US and UK in safety rankings [Linda S. Heard]
  8. US acts as world’s cop making others comply with its national laws [Peter Korzun]
  9. Monstrous AT&T/Time Warner merger [Stephen Lendman]
  10. States struggle against disease outbreak at commercial deer farms [Martha Rosenberg]
  11. Reclaiming the UN’s radical vision of global economic justice [Adam Parsons]
  12. The military-industrial drain [Robert Reich]
  13. Postliterate America [Linh Dinh]
  14. Caging children, separating families: Has the war on immigration gone too far? [ohn W. Whitehead]
  15. ‘Madness’: In effort to revoke citizenship, Team Trump combing through decades-old [Jessica Corbett] fingerprints of immigrants
  16. Beating the US ‘veto’: Palestinians need urgent protection from Israel [Ramzy Baroud]
  17. Why Republicans always win, even if they’re called ‘Democrats’ [Jack Balkwill]
  18. Freedom Rider: A tale of two summits [Margaret Kimberley]
  19. Jim Crow Supremes enshrine voter lynch law and may have stolen the 2018 election for Trump’s GOP [Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman]
  20. Media scoundrels urge coup d’├ętat in Venezuela [Stephen Lendman]

  21. Is Trump giving Amazon the Postal Service? [Jim Hightower]
  22. Is Europe too brainwashed to normalize relations with Russia? [Paul Craig Roberts]
  23. Pence’s hypocritical speech to the OAS [Jacob Hornberger]
  24. The view from Singapore [Stephen Lendman]
  25. News organizations challenge Facebook over ‘dangerous’ effort to categorize political journalism as propaganda [Julia Conley]
  26. More humane approach to refugees needed [Linda S. Heard]
  27. The constitutional crisis is now [Robert Reich]
  28. Postcard from the End of America: Callowhill, Philadelphia [Linh Dinh]
  29. Net neutrality ends, battle to save it continues [Stephen Lendman]
  30. Are you brainwashed? [Uri Avnery]
  31. Aging paperless voting machines in hotly-contested districts stoke fears ahead of midterms [Julia Conley]
  32. Nevermind the wall, they’re building warehouses [Peter Certo]
  33. ‘American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family’ by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [Edward Curtin]
  34. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and his ‘island fever’ [Wayne Madsen]
  35. Senate hearing on proposed new AUMF [ Stephen Lendman]
  36. Psychiatric drugs for kids—a Big Pharma revenue stream [Martha Rosenberg]
  37. Obstruction of logic [Frank Scott]
  38. The U.S. at war with itself [Lawrence Davidson]
  39. Forever AUMF stalls at Senate Foreign Relations Committee [Renee Parsons]
  40. Despite right-wing fearmongering, experts say now is the time to expand Social Security [Jake Johnson]
  41. When it comes to the economy, Trump keeps two sets of books [Michael Winship]
  42. There is no ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for the president [ohn W. Whitehead]
  43. The colonization of Palestine: Rethinking the term ‘Israeli Occupation’ [Ramzy Baroud]
  44. The Boston Globe’s hit piece on the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy [Edward Curtin]
  45. Fabricated report accuses Russia of full spectrum war on Britain [Stephen Lendman]
  46. The absence of diplomacy is isolating Washington [Paul Craig Roberts]
  47. A second American civil war? [Robert Reich]

  48. Veterans’ group says ‘no’ to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War series [Mike Ferner]
  49. Is Donald Trump a new Herbert Hoover with his policy of isolationism and protectionism? [Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay]
  50. Three of Trump’s horsemen of chicanery at the State Department [Wayne Madsen]
  51. Why America’s allies are angry [Linda S. Heard]
  52. No Ambien does not make you a racist but it does a lot of other concerning things [Martha Rosenberg]
  53. Freedom Rider: When Uncle Tom falls [Margaret Kimberley]
  54. Democracy is fighting to survive the rise of Western authoritarianism [Paul Craig Roberts]
  55. Trump taxpayer-funded coal and nuclear bailout decried as ‘breathtaking abuse of authority’ [Jessica Corbett]
  56. Whose country is this? Is the US Constitution even welcome here anymore? [John W. Whitehead]
  57. My interview with The Peace Mom [Jack Balkwill]
  58. The social disease menacing humanity and its cure [Frank Scott]
  59. The winning war the NRA is waging on American kids [Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay]


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