Father's Day

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8/4/2018 - pardon the poetry, but 
I get hacked!  

So I will be fixing things in red so you know what I have to change or clarify on.  I emphasized spirituality not because I think men are women and women are men.  My father's not alive, forced to die by a brother who claimed it was his mission, despite the fact he said he was coming to New Mexico to help me get Dad in a decent nursing home. I have nothing to do with relatives - siblings all claimed, too, it was a religious experience for Dad to die - they all sold themselves to the Satanic Underground - the handlers who will manipulate people who choose to allow them.  

             When I sent tweets to the Senate Judiciary members to give my blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh attention, instead they disabled my blog - THE BASTARDS - and I couldn't access it for at least 18 months and had to purchase a new domain!  I tried to renew my domain purchase when it was due, since it was September 11 - easy to remember - yet Google would not allow it!  
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Father’s Day
            Most likely I will be called a sexist by referring to the original meaning of “father” and how it is spiritually used.  Excluding the Satanic cults, of course (John Podesta kept yelling at a child he was torturing to “Call me Father!”  - see  my post “The Bundle” or go to David Zublick’s YouTube Channel.  Most likely David Zublick is on Periscope, etc.  I do not use them.  You may not want to read this and that’s okay.  But if you do, I hope somehow it may inspire you to enrich your lives by making each day count. 
          A father can be one who ascribes to one who is his offspring.  I found it curious when I looked in my old dictionary (1988 version) the meaning did not include “male parent” yet in the meaning of “parent”, it includes “father or mother” – so I guess it was just a gliche. 

           Curious?  OMG.  Yes it did include "male parent"!  This blogpost was hacked!  No doubt the cabal Zuckface is attached to!  Just remember, people - INTERNET IS NOT GOD SPEAKING TO YOU!  IT IS A TOOL.  The scumbags that change information are low-life people who only value self-serving desires, most of which involve money.  I looked through the rest of this post and this is the only spot that someone altered.  

This are the various/separate meanings my 1988 dictionary indicates:

      1. A male parent
      2. The first ancestor
      3. The first to practice any art
      4.  A Creator
      5.  A Name Given to God
      6.  A dignitary of the church
      7.  One of the early founders of Christianity
      8.  To become a father to, to adopt
      9.  To profess to be the author of
     10.  To ascribe to one as offspring or production

This is what happened when I tried to just make a clean visible copy on my scanner.  Do I think that foul play through technocratic tricks happened? My answer would be yes.  I knew where to move the book so it would capture the word "father" and yet it kept changing the image!  

I quickly reduced the size to 140% and copied it, hoping I could dodge another bullet and it worked, which is at the end.  

Only reason why I am sharing this is - nobody should internalize things when weird things happen on internet - it is a tool.  And the Technocrats have had an insaine amount of power - which feed their agendas:


ps - I also notice that the scanned document did not save as the scanned document that was successful in copying the word - rather, they made it a copy of a previous scan.  So I am rescanning it now and will add it.  These are the technocratic games.  Sure, we make mistakes also, but don't sweat it.
Try not to, anyway.  I get pretty upset at times. believe me.

And here is a larger version

      Our country has been manipulated for a very long time, and I even notice that these above, separate meanings have a Satanic twist.  My reference to Satan is a carnal decision to deceive!  Satan is not one who takes over people.  We decide, so wake up!  
                      I will continue this by end of day today.....
                     I am creating a new blogpost, Michael Jackson....

          In the aspect of propagating, a father may see himself as a “call to duty” more than anything else. He wants to do the right thing by the child he raises to make them ready for the world. This past Christmas, I was talking to a dad who was in the same layaway line I was. His personal belief was simple regarding his fatherhood and he even told his son that his duty was to bring his son up right, to make sure he stays out of trouble and to grow up with instilled behaviors that would empower him.  He even said, “I don’t see myself as his friend. I am his superior. He has to obey me and I have the responsibility of guiding him.” I am sure he loves his son, yet clearly he entered this chapter in his life as one who takes charge and protects. 
This is my father. 
His picture is larger than mine
Yet when I look at this blog in."view"  it is smaller. Hopefully what I just did will counteract tricks. 

This is me - no, I'm not a tranny
Nor am I going bald - just more technocratic tricks. I do what I can to.keep.up. Today I had to begin  fixing  my Table of Of Conte Contents - again this was altered! because of missing or altered blog posts. 8/16/2018' 

Dad was not a drinker, yet diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. He caught hepatitis from my sister decades ago when he drove out of state to take her home because of an abusive marriage. She must have had contaminated dishes or towels, something like that. He had a rough time getting well because he always worried about his business being maintained. My mother didn't know what to do and she habitually had temper episodes. He was heavy here (in the photo above) from ascites, fluid around the abdomen and was not getting the treatment he needed. And my siblings refuse to help him see a a good doctor. This neglect was what caused him no options. And a Pedophile Priest obsessed about making him die so he could steal his possessions. 

8/11/2018 - I just noticed some changes to above, so I will clarify. Fr. David Bently from Albany, NY was the scumbag paedophile priest. He had molested children for 19 yrs in Albany. 26 cases were filed, and lawsuits were filed. The scumbag Technocrats alter the spelling of paedophile because the US wordsmiths created the word paedophile yet said it was Greek - the Greeks did not use this word.  Paedo + phile refers to love of children!  #KnowTheEnemy and now they are changing the spelling to cover up their depravity!  

So the church hid him all the way down to New Mexico. My father joined that church, which Bentley was made pastor of. OMG My impression of him waz that he was a pedophile, yet ecen though I told siblings, they all sided with scumbag Bentley. 

My father had previously lived in NM with.My mother for four years and loved it. My mother was fighting with her brother and said she wanted to leave, so my father agreed to make her happy.  

That uncle worked at White Sands missile range, telling me they made space rockets.I was the only one from the family who wrote him letters.  I wrote him a few times a month. All my letters from Uncle Harold were stolen. By who, I don't know. 

I found out they were weapons he made when I worked for the army. This was more proof my relatives enjoyed treating me with no respect and apparently my being nice was perceived by them to be a weakness. 

Bentley was forced out of that church a year after my.father died. He was molesting children there also. They did not know the Catholic Church was hiding him there. But years later, most of it was exposed on internet.

Rather than have UPS return my computer to me, since my father was too sick to open it, they gave my computer to Bentley.

Bentley was telling my father he wanted that and all his posessions, and he actually broke into.my.father's home before I returned from seeing my father at the nursing home. The management knocked on.the door and Bentley turned off the lights. Rather than call police, they told me.    So I told my father and my father wrote him a note telling him to stay away from me, from him, from.his home. Yet my siblings still secretly conspired with Bentley and to hell with me. They wanted my  father dead!  

Most likely a hacker will change this again. 


Not one family member of a family of seven sent Dad a Christmas card or any gifts. Nor did they send me anything or ask me if I needed any help. They all wanted to kill Dad, and what they did was criminal!
I have few things to remember my father by. Yet in  1999 when my neighbor needed money to make her car payment  so they wouldn't repossess it, I asked my father if it would be okay if I give her the $500 I wanted to repay him (once I got my lawsuit settlement), for helping me out of a very bad situation. Her father molested her, even in front of her mother. She was greatly traumatized as a child. Dad said, sure, go ahead. I gave her that money, and she got angry Because I didn't give her more, even though my father had passed away.  I didn't even have employment at the time. Growing up with a dad who I always felt safe with and enjoyed working for, who loved me as the world's best dad, is the greatest gift of all. 💗💙💚💛💟💞💟
          My father had seven of us to raise with my mother. My father was a self-employed entrepreneur, I had quite a venture in my childhood. The only expectation he had was to be willing to work and take orders.  I got paid.  My siblings were all given the choice – there was always work they could do if they wanted it.  If they didn’t, fine.  My father would find someone else.  He believed that everyone has their own way of growing up and gave us that space.  And maybe, too, he just didn’t want to be arguing with obstinate children who did not want to work – especially since the likelihood they will complain to their friends at school for being forced to work.  And social aspects were always something my father was particularly sensitive about.  It sure makes sense to me.

Dad was a children's advocate in the court, as a volunteer. He collected stuffed toys from doners to take to children at the hospital. 

          Yet Dad was in an orphanage from the time he was four to 14, and then placed in an abusive foster home where they were beaten, forced to sleep on straw under the porch. Had to shower in the barn, and so on.  I am sure he did not get dental or medical care either.  Dad had a chipped tooth when I was growing up and all he said was that was an accident he had when he was a child.  It wasn’t until I was 16 or 17 when I found out what happened to him.  I was learning to drive then and also worked for him part-time after school, driving the car home each day.  I was greatly humbled to realize how tough things were for my father – but I probably did not even realize all he went through.  All I knew was my father was a stickler on right and wrong and he worked tirelessly, having few vacations all while I grew up.  The family would have day picnics sometimes or go to really fun events, including church activities.  We naturally learned if we are kind to others, they are most apt to be kind to us.  All in all, I thought my childhood was a safe and happy one.  My mother had her narcissistic moments, but I believe God doesn't give us more than we can handle.  I had siblings who at times painted a very dark picture of growing up in order to gain public attention, having disregard for our own father’s feelings.  My mother's feelings changed, so it was difficult to determine what her priorities were. The last thing my mother said to my father was, "I'm looking for a boyfriend" - here was abandoned in Upstate NY and drove himself to NM, despite the health risk, but nobody even cared.  They were all about themselves.   Making him die gave them public sympathy.  
          Society had begun breaking down the family units in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The LBJ-made VietNam War sure threw a wrench in things as well. (Some claim that this break down actually began with WW1, which probably makes more sense to acknowledge, since USA has engaged in war to make money - even when we had the Civil Revolution, a French/FreeMason agenda. The French funded alot of that, thanks to playboy Benjamin Franklin being the US ambassador and going there to finance a war which we didnt even have yet.) So when a father was able to keep his family together, it truly was a great achievement.  I saved many things from experiences. I had books I saved – and yet they were all taken from me.  Sometimes destroyed. The family picture was smashed in storage, despite my placing it carefully there when I was going to a school in Syracuse, NY.  I have little from my childhood, particularly when my storage unit was ransacked by the unit manager herself, no doubt a pay to play scheme for dirty politicians in this state I live in. I had rented that unit for over ten years.  They denied getting my money order. I proved I paid for it and sent it to them. I stopped sending them checks because they had played the game of cat and mouse with checks and said they did not get my check, and I would give them another and they would cash both and one time my account was overdrawn.  And there is so much about these struggles.
          My father loved me and believed in me, though struggled with the social lies about me, even coming from rivaling siblings.  As we grew up, competition set in and I never could understand that one. 
          My father had a good sense of humor and physically suffered to raise his family, with no regrets.  He always had a bad knee from being badly injured in WW2, which he got a purple heart for since he was looking out for the team he was riding with in that military vehicle. He was an MP and they arrived in Hiroshima three days after the atomic bomb was dropped. Though he was told never to tell anyone of the fighting still going on, I finally got more information on how he got that purple heart after I met Hon. Colin Powell and he told me to go find out what really happened because soldiers did not just get a purple heart for being injured. 
          We all have our own stories about our fathers and I hope yours has treasures in it, too.  Society has been aggressively peoplescaping to degrade the family and so much more.  Mind Control has been used so much more and we all need to be aware of just how much we are getting polluted with lies, deception.  Think for yourself. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You can correct it.  It is better that it is your own mistake rather than you allowing to be controlled. I am not referring to taking orders.  Of course taking orders is a necessary part of life.  I am referring to not allowing others to fool you.  We are born with instincts and when we foster them, they improve.  So use them. 
          I hope this Father’s Day is one which Society will have a special appreciation for.  Our world, our nation has been at great risk and it is because of deceivers, for the most part.  Please be vigilant.  Stand up for what is right as well as take action for what is wrong.  Family units need to be restored, our culture needs healing in many ways.  Justice needs to be an instilled part of government, rather than a constant struggle of  “can I do this, can I do that – do I have to wait to wait to arrest these people because I am not getting the support I need” – and so on. Stay in your lane.  Stay focused.  Do not allow people to confuse you.  Be willing to learn. Keep your heart open.  And if you are fortunate to have a dad, make him king for the day.  Get him his slippers.  Make him coffee. Take him to dinner.  Do whatever you can afford and give him a hug.  And remind yourself to be grateful for what you have.  The have-nots are nothingburgers.  Truth, trust, responsibility, and reaching out are all fulfilling parts of life in which the pleasure is everlasting. 
          I wish my life could have been different, I have had so many unfair things happen to me.  All I can say about that is just make the most of it.  Maybe what you do “during those bumps in the road” can be some of your biggest achievements and you may not even realize.  But that is okay. The important thing is, don’t let life get you down and do the right thing.  Love your dad.  Most likely, he had it much harder than you did as a kid.  Even if that is not the case, there is no special package or design regarding parental relationships.  Enjoy the experiences you have and always appreciate what you are given.  For those who lost their father, write a letter if it helps.  Maybe you don’t miss your father.  I am sorry about that.  Do some soul-searching on why that is and make peace with it.  Easier said than done and I don’t think there is any special magic that will appear in your life and make it all better. We all have our own experiences yet just remember.  80% of who we are – are based on our decisions.  Not the experiences themselves.  God bless. 

You can save the pictures below 
and print them as stationary if you would like 


AnneMarie said…
For anyone who considers on helping a single person out who is in financial trouble - try to find an organization that is reliable to donate to, one which can also provide the support one may need when they are having hard times. I say TRY, because we all pretty much know that many nonprofits have followed the Clintons way of doing things - embezzle, launder money, and just be outright slops when it comes to accounting for their money. They have been wiping out nonprofit Watch groups - thanks to pseudonyms like Judicial Watch and ACLJ - which care little or nothing about really solving problems since scandal brings business. Washington is a cesspool of corruption - and those who wallow in it like pigs are the ones who are trying to hijack USA.

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