Pitstop Of Information May 2018

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NASA’s warning – what is going to happen May 7.  Marshal Law?  Arrest of Illuminati?  Why are they disclosing this to the public?  Wouldn’t that ruin the operation?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbawsG8cago

11/10/2018 <INSERT>
Published on Nov 9, 2018
Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
 I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - 
In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

·  We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! <END OF INSERT>

Decide For Yourself if You think this is credible: 

YouTube channel:  HerbsPlusBeadWorks

Removing Nano From Your Food:  https://youtu.be/xgnv7oJsCuk

How To Build a Repulser you can wear
when you are outside
To Protect you from Microwaves

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The Royal Wedding was today, May 19, 2018 - maybe it was the 18th in Britain. Beautiful wedding! I will be transcribing the sermon and posting it. 

PitStop Of information May 2018 

They play back an SGT Report video. It is NOT Clintons being indicted! https://youtu.be/w1TkmC1hJOg 
My comment: SGT is relying on QAnon BS psy op. Showing a picture of Clintons yet some slimeball that was their crime slave gets arrested is ridiculous! Of course Trump had enough to arrest ALL the criminals of Clinton Crime Syndicate since Day One! Instead he kept Comey on to aid and abet! He hires son of Heimlich Himler, Rod Rosenstein, and refused to fire him at Jeff Sessions recommendation! There is so much more! I'm not wasting my time with click bait and fake news. 

US has kept 30,000 Troops in South Korea for many years, Dahboo. Check it out. https://youtu.be/ouyiK8L5Wnc 

Dahboo reports Goldman Sachs is fined $110 million  - no arrests! https://youtu.be/c_xWJ7Iisc8 
This may be a money shuffle, and it may all go back into Goldman Sachs....
My comment: Paul Pike I commented "Nice!"

(6/2/2018: hacked) Because I thought this would be about the $110 million fine. 

I thought it would lead to arr
ests. The courts are the Problem! They are Quasi-judicial, which means they can arrest anyone anytime, as long as it's legit. They are so Unconstitutional. Notice how Trump kept all Obama federal judges!  Trump's promise has nothing to do with Justice! I've lost all confidence Because of that. He's playing tricks. So what's next? 
I will not be subscribing to Cambridge House, and this is why: This video is no longer useful! Thanks to Rex Tillerson's Accompishments, Zimbabwe has overthrown the Fake President of 37 years - which greatly crippled their country. Then Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson so Mike Pompeo and John Bolton can get emergency immunity, obviously. Both are no doubt a GREAT Security Risk to us!!! https://youtu.be/5zD7xR0DGuE 

StopTheCrime.net - watch and read the comments! https://youtu.be/_NZo86TGDxg 

http://youtu.be/CuFvaSriWck  Jason Goodman and guest protect Michael Horowitz for what? For protecting the Clinton Crime Syndicate? 
Gee, they can use it to spy on crooks - but when the NSA is a Security Risk, like John Bolton - it doesn't matter, Does it? This agenda about protecting everyday Americans is BS! Pedophilia, Embezzlement, Murder - even cannibalism has increased Because of this guise that "we have to protect everyday Americans" BS! I have a right to be angry! Did this man do or say anything to appose the erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson? What about the fact that John Bolton probably made the drones that were operated to fly in the WTC bldgs??? Oh, not a big deal, right??? Thayer was probably involved with alot of criminal activity. Just before Bush left office, the business was sold AND the name was changed and no doubt records were fudged and/or destroyed! That's why the had the Murrow bldg blown up in OK City! To destroy the records that AG Jeff Sessions was
investigating! The crooked FBI Director moved them all there so they could destroy they building! What better distraction than to murder as many as they could!!! That's why Clinton Crime Syndicate did it when people just got  there - same way they planned 9/11!!! So I'm tired of this BS! We are now at great Security Risk Because the enemies within are getting away with their crimes, and they will keep getting away with their crimes while Trump is in office! He's doing what THEY want, not what he's promised! 3500 arrested for PEDOPHILIA - did they all get their cases dismissed? As punishment, Trump joined the coup against Flynn and Jeff Sessions! Do the math!

What lying BS!  They should all be arrested for this propaganda! We all know Americans attacked Americans on September 11! Assad does not attack his own people with chemical weapons! These lies are now coming out of the Trump Administration! The real problem is the Secret Societies and Cults are running USA government! They are nothing more than organized crime! https://youtu.be/xAqkfbGJhhI 

Ariana Grande visits Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show https://youtu.be/rXqh6AcIb-c 

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon visit singer-fans https://youtu.be/i7IjiJes1x4 

Steven Crowder on Boy Scouts being eliminated - all part of the NWO Plan!  Chaos and confusion! Boys should have their separate organization in Boy scouts!  WTF They get the chance to talk about growing up! Same for girls! I agree! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. https://youtu.be/FaXrYPQFlKc 

Evolution is a religion. https://youtu.be/z-ldcmMw3fM 
Celebrate Truth I have yet to find the wonderful lecture by a microbiologist at a PA State University. I think this lecture was made in the 70's and it was created for YouTube. He went through the whole scientific process on whether we developed from evolution or were we designs by Intelligence.

His conclusion was:  We are Designs by intelligence; not Evolution. 

49 emergency packets hidden on Oregon. https://youtu.be/ptqoeDPE5OI

Truth Factory reports Hollywood celebrity cult Nexium.  Meshell A I did not hear they were not involved. Of course they are, unless Clintons consider them as competition, since Clintons have the largest child trafficking business in the world.
Thank you, Truth Factory ❤ www.appleofmyeyes.org ๐ŸŽ

Doug Skoog, criminologist
Michael Illis murdered a man and chopped him up and only gets 25 years in prison.

Thomas Dillon was a lone serial killer on Ohio. FBI had his truck, his ID, and yet he still killed more people and a detective claimed it was hard work surveilling him 16 hrs straight, bla bla bla. He probably milked it (the case) for what it was worth!


Mary Greeley reports details on Hawaii eruption. https://youtu.be/Hqt7V0A7TNg
    Mary says entire island evacuated.

A volcano Odessy, documentary.  https://youtu.be/tagg8Hxion0

Posted 4May2018++++++++++

Mendoh!son won the 2018 Kentucky Derby race on The Late Show - Kentucky was purchased by a judge during Daniel Boon days.

Laugh while they wax! ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜. https://youtu.be/tZkHVYLUBo0

Mary Greeley reports Detroit garage floor collapses. My comment:  I bet a device caused it - just like the obviously deliberate collapse of the Florida bridge that was just finished and people were using it - just after Trump gave hs 3-month pay to DOT. https://youtu.be/NGoFiFTlxMY

Jimmy Fa!lon placing his bets on Kentucky Derby. 1-2-3 picks. https://youtu.be/Od4RpirZy5c

Dahboo reports updates on Hawaii. 490 quakes so far. Fissures opening. High alert. https://youtu.be/9wG1uP4-DFQ
John B Wells interviewed General Flynn in 2016, and this is my comment: My other posts should have gone on a different show. Today, 5/5/2018, is the first time I have even seen this Radio Show! I didn't even realize that John B Wells interviewed Mike Flynn!  And consider this interview with what Trump was a part of - a coup to get rid of Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions - all because they nailed 3500 Pedophiles and had many more to go - and Trump STOPPED it! A great leader, Mike Flynn, is greatly threatened with death threats on him and his family members. And Trump did not once step up to the plate to DEFEND General Flynn! So what does that say??? It's time for Trump to step down! Christopher Steele was no dossier! He wasn't even a registered Foreign Agent and Queen Elizabeth had him fired! Yet Trump does nothing! And Trump was trying to get rid of Jeff Sessions! When he was unsuccessful, he flip flopped with how he was treating him!  Gen Flynn did nothing wrong yet Trump got his kicks pardoning him, just like the game he played with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Justice is taking a back seat in this administration and it should be first and foremost!    https://youtu.be/kdVuTAyc_jo

Children of the sex trade. Phillipines. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qxQm6xyDGdo

Ukraine is heaviest sex trafficking place in the world! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4ydmpSw-pmM
I don't agree with Stefan, BLAMING who pays the teacher for accountability for teachers' corrupted behavior. They CHOOSE to break the law! Call a spade a spade! They need to be held accountable, which is James O'Keefe's message. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vDAO0Mxx1XQ
Funny, funny kids! Jimmy Fallon and his wife having fun with his daughters ๐Ÿ˜‚. https://youtu.be/ixO-oBCkvic
From People's Choice to Copy boy...a walk down memory lane with Jimmy Fallon. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xoqvo41JSzw
Dahboo77 reports earthquake at Gulf of Mexico. 4.9 on Richter Scale. https://youtu.be/Fczm9mUlFpg
And CA to require solar panels on new homes being constructed.  https://youtu.be/6wbiigLmdvA

Joe Napoli, a regular on Crowdsource The Truth with Jason Goodman
Attorney Jim Breslo also joins. His website is The Hidden Truth. http://hiddentruthshow.com/in-the-media/2703/

These notes seem to be strangely inserted. I will verify. Meantime, skip over them if you'd like:
They discuss the Las Vegas Shooting (https://youtu.be/X1xxTw5zo6E)
   More than one shooter

   Only one comment now, fyi

  My comment  about Jim.Breslo interview with Crowdsource The Truth:   Frankly, this is nothing I am interested in. I have no ability to verify another story coming out of Las Vegas and don't care to listen to National Enquirer stories.Nor do I care to listen to a probable Pedophile talk about anything!  Decide for yourself.

Here's a solution to lowering cholesterol, healthier brain, lowering sugar level, more: eat oatmeal every day. https://youtu.be/7uJLXIdvs40
Rebecca Fournier Add some flax to the oatmeal you eat. It's great for IBS. Also, if you know a good chiropractor, get evaluated. The IBS may be cured from a few adjustments. That's what happened to me. Yet I still need to maintain my health. I was hit head on by a 20-ton truck. My experience has proven, don't expect the Medical Industry to care about you.
Barr Barr That's not necessarily so. There are many causes for weight gain. Medicines, for instance, can make hormones go haywire. Lack of sleep. Trauma. Stress. Bad people in your life. It can be quite complex. Yet exercise can actually empower one to make good decisions as well as help their bodies. No matter what, the fact you need to feel safe is of most importance and to hell with those who meddle and criticize. Stay away from them. I'm not kidding.

   Lemon + baking soda; lemon + olive oil - good for health inside and out!  Use lemon to clean with. Lemon is good for your teeth. Hot water, lemon, honey = great treatment for colds, allergies.  https://youtu.be/8ZeZtyYrQWw

Posted 6May2018 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

@JeffSessions -  #GeorgeTrepal belonged to an elite Secret Society bc of having top 2 % highest IQ in the country. So please thoroughly investigate #DonaldTrump.  Also #MikePompeo bc he probably made and operated drone-bombs for #September11! https://youtu.be/7nHbw_UZzn0   

Pitstop of Information for May 2018

Mike Pompeo BS speech with just pomp and circumstance.  http://www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/04/mike-pompeo.html

NASA’s warning – what is going to happen May 7.  Marshal Law?  Arrest of Illuminati?  Why are they disclosing this to the public?  Wouldn’t that ruin the operation?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbawsG8cago
James Witt, headed FEMA in 1990's; started EB5 - permanent exchange to foreign nationals. They are harmonizing the rebuild - behind the scenes.  Trump has him tapped for a position!
Book:  James Trafficant, author and former Congressman.  Illicitly arrested and convicted. Sentenced to 7 years.  His book is titled  “America’s Last Minuteman”
YouTube:  StopTheCrime.net

The Rothschilds control both the Weather and GeoEngineering!  That includes the volcanic eruption in Hawaii, in my opinion!

Dahboo77 gives update on the damage done in Hawaii:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufRpor-sHYw

Hudna1 – explains on YouTube how this geoengineering is placed with her faith in God:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aXA0e7k87Q

Part of this document is missing now.  I posted some on my blog but I will just post what is all here because where I indicated I had posted information is also gone.  So there may be some repeats above this comment. 

Dahboo discusses Foreign Policy regarding Isreal, Iran, and Syria.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcRd2UeCOoQ 
This is my comment:
I have had high regard for Benjamin Netanyahu but the only thing I can see is he is getting really bad advice.  Obama planners are using reverse psychology.  Assad has not been attacking his people with chemcial weapons.  Trump needs to get his nose out of Iran!  Trump wants war!  He attacked Syria last year and had no professional basis; he attacked Syria this year and had no professional basis.  FACT:  Obama CHANGED ISIS to ISOL in midstream, remember?  And that pretty much proved that he created ISIS, yet Netanyahu claimed that Palestine created ISIS.  No doubt Palestine participated.  Obama has hated Netanyahu and tried to get him to lose the last election with pay to play schemes in Media in Isreal.  Yet President Rouhani also resented Obama and even told him to go to hell.  Netanyahu actually admitted he would do peace talks with Iran, since President Rouhani also did not trust Obama.  But Netanyahu obviously has his OWN enemies within - probably part of the Illuminati plan.  We don't have a government that is administering justice.  Thank God for Jeff Sessions.  But if they backed him like they should be, he would be able to clean house.  Maybe Trump resents the attention - yet this is not about attention for Jeff Sessions.  This is about love for his country and eradicating the ones who have been crippling it for years - so who will win here?  This is the place we are at now.  Is Trump going to shed the Illuminati Secret Societies and Cults and be a real President - or just make us drift and let people die and continue to have broken lives all because our Constitution is not being upheld?  Iran may still have some bad apples in their government also - which pacifies Obama and Clinton crooks.  Every country really needs to purge themselves from having enemies within.  CFR has a notorious reputation - they took part in creating the CIA.  What is it like now?  And by the way, what is going on with the Rand Paul bogus message about Congress seeking to grant unlimited powers to President Trump?  What is their motive?  To finger people they want to get rid of so they don't have to be accountable themselves?  Our government has some specks of goodness in it - yet much of it is organized crime. 
BTW, ISOL is supposed to stand for “Isreal Syria Of Levant” – I am sure about the Levant – which is what a certain section of land had been called in Biblical days.  Obama’s Cult renamed them.  Obama is probably son of Malcolm X, who was assassinated just after he left the Nation Of Islam – so he could form his own cult. 

Short, 10-min video on Nikola Tesla. Really good video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpZL9WCvuTI

Documentary on Nikola Tesla 1 ½ hrs:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpZL9WCvuTI

Secrets of Nikola Tesla, 46 min:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IWqPV9p0pk

Nikola Tesla and the hidden powers of the Universe, 34 min = YUCK Cultist talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olHsobVItrs

Someone’s Comment I liked on David Zublick’s Channel.  Video: 

Eternity, It’s Your Choice, YouTube comment:  The Freemasons are in every city. They are in law enforcement. That’s why we never see anything being done to the corrupt politicians.  They’re a Satanic network across the country and entire world.  I’ve spoken to one of these people and he let me know the ONLY thing they fear and what is We The People putting on a massive march in DC & on every courthouse throughout America. And I’m not talking about a million or two million, but what happened in Egypt. Their population was 84 million, 14 million marched and that’s what persuaded their military to oust Morsi.  We’ve needed to do that for a long time. Preachers should have stood up 60 years ago and started this march against all the wickedness coming into this country.  Charles Finney was right when he said, “The Condition of the world lies at the pulpit” it’s the preachers job to equip and protect the flock.  

Posted 5/9/2018.....more to come.........
Posted 5/9/2018:
David Zublick is going after Rex Tillerson again, and I claim he is lied to. Please God, show him the Truth. Rex Tillerson is a profound leader who made many accomplishments as Secretary Of State. He also told Trump he would quit if Trump fired Jeff Sessions when Trump was caught up in the fake coup against Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn.  https://youtu.be/g1MvHjo7W-w

David Icke explains the real terrorism, the real enemies within.14 min.  https://youtu.be/j_CQK8ZjW2I



May 2018 #1

Lousy report on "the real culprits causing Russian Collusion story" 

My comment:
This is BS, Operation Mockingbird. This channel is probably paid for by MSM!

1.  Christopher Steel was NOT a registered foreign agent! Case closed!

2. Trump hired son of Heimlich Himler, Rod Rosenstein.

3. Rod Rosenstein hired Mueller, who no doubt was on the 20,000+ indictments list that need to be served, but Trump won't provide the necessary military support to carry out the sting - he's too busy using his military slaves (which Obana organized, including ISIS)  to attack Syria, which has not used chemical weapons on its own people! Not last year, not this year! 

4. Jeff Sessions recommended Rosenstein be terminated last summer. Trump refused, gave Rosenstein a slap on the hand.   Jeff Sessions accepted that and continued to struggle with his efforts since Crooked Comey was FBI director and would undoubtedly destroy any prosecutions he could - including the 3500 pedophiles arrested through the help of Mike Flynn, NSA. You see what is happening?

5. Trump threw Flynn under the bus using an inside coup and just standing back, watching! Not one moment did he defend Flynn UNTIL he got what he wanted, which was 

to get rid of the pedophile police! 

6/2/2018 <insert> My blog gets hacked. The one getting rid of pedophile police was Hon. Mike Flynn - not Trump ##

Not one freaking once did he commend them for this! He also tried to get rid of Sessions, but Sessions recused himself.  It was only months later that Trump complained that Jeff Sessions recusal caused Rosenstein to hire Mueller, which is BS because he had hundreds of attorneys who already worked for Jeff Sessions and would accept the duty of investigating the baseless Russian Collusion. President Trump did not complain that Mueller was suggested for appointment and did nothing until a Satanic strategy erupted. Complaining about it then would pull the public into hating Jeff Sessions, using Operation Mockingbird!     


6. He's now pulling similar Satanic crap with North Korea dealing - one hope is to make it seem Mike Pompeo was the hero, since Pompeo needed emergency immunity, which is why Rex Tillerson was fired out of the clear blue! Obviously money exchanged hands! Pompeo owned and founded Thayer Aerospace in 1998, no doubt making the drones that looked like Boeing planes. To fill with explosives obtained by undersecretary of firearms and weaponry - JOHN BOLTON. So wake the heck up people! Tump has sold himself to the Devil and these secret societies and cults are telling him what to do - to cause a genocide. To help the rich get richer. Trump should step down!

Mark Dice reports. Girl's prom dress is racist, and media target her as if she deserved it! https://youtu.be/homtQ43rY18

Jeff Sessions increases prosecutor and judicial forced to beat the unlawful immigrants on New Mexico border. https://youtu.be/IcoLm1gp-kE

Mary Greeley updates Yellowstone shake, rattle, and roll:  https://youtu.be/gkjuxpEANLY

My comment: A lot of these shootings are HOAXES. Like Sandy Hook was a hoax! Why isn't NRA TV doing anything about that? And why is NRA teaching children how to use guns when they can't even learn to drive? I'm an NRA member, but I was devestated recently to find out CHILDREN are being taught how to use guns. I need to vererify.
Update by Dahboo77. Hawaii has another earthquake, possible more volcanic eruption.  https://youtu.be/uvwKD6iymyM

Reminder about UFOs - - I wonder why NASA isn't reporting! Dahboo77 -Aug 2015 https://youtu.be/QCKX4Ir7m9U
Yellowstone has had no real signs of the Super Volcano erupting. But obviously Rothschild scientists are interfering. Who knows what tomorrow may bring Because they play god. https://youtu.be/6w4HHRrBHBo

I just stumbled on this. I don't agree with the QAnon crap, but her message is a reminder that the crooks are frolicking and not worried about facing justice Because Trump will keep evading justice for them. https://youtu.be/0MIkJU_4nSo

We'll be used as an excuse to drive us into a New World Order... documentary.  https://youtu.be/oaL3E0KNxN8

AG Sessions expresses gratitude to Tom Holman for his upstanding career. He's retiring. AG Sessions goes on to firmly speak on his no exceptions immigration policy. Tom Holman then speaks, elaborating on controversial issues to set the record straight. https://youtu.be/rmMtyUaBJ4A

Mary Greeley reports 12 fissures opened, 35 structures destroyed, and more in Hawaii. https://youtu.be/6yzRV3tAIfI

Dahboo77 says Turkey will retaliate if US halts weapons sales over purchase of Russian arms. https://youtu.be/L-dgYXE8uPM

 Mark Dice didn't hit me too well in this video, but I think he's talking from a parent's standpoint and wants to get in the heads of parents to take responsibility. My comment deserves criticizing, I confess. I had a great dad, no doubt. Yet the scars of his childhood were always something I wished I could have fixed. He worked so hard to raise his family, being partially disabled from WW2. His childhood was raped from him!     https://youtu.be/q-HeLZ-QIFk       My comment: 
      Baron Mรผnchhausen  Good point! And nobody cares how this Social Engineering is affecting society! This is what I just commented: I disagree GREATLY on what you say causes mass murder and the bullshit about growing up without a father. Mass murderers are caused by mind control! They are drugged with LSD -invented by a HARVARD grad - unless they are a HARVARD grad like Mike Pompeo who obviously made the explosive-filled drones that killed 3,000 people....Oh but that was okay because this HARVARD grad was a pedigree with a father - bullshit! My father was an orphan! And abused in a foster home! He was the best dad ever and my brother killed him and got away with it because the pedophile priest - WHO HAD A PEDIGREE FATHER  - had been trying to kill my father and my brother didn't do like I told him, to keep the priest away! We are all born with a conscious (should be spelled c o n s c I e n c e)! There is no excuse! People take drugs because they choose to take them, 

Thus was hacked in <insert> 6/2/2018: 

unless some moron who obviously has a father poisons them, and that happens a great deal! 

   I has one brother who was out of control, violent. Despite being poor, my father spent thousands of sollars on that brother until he committed such a horrible crime, my father had him.arrested. Most likely my blog is hacked to still help that brother.  And my other brother killed my father and got away with it! 

I believe in family units but you fail to identify the real Problems! It has to do with mass Social Engineering by Satanic people! It has to do with Secret Societies and Cults which should be criminalized! The Church of Scientology should be criminalized! It hasn't been because our Presidents have been part of the Cabal
 (See Jesuit New World Order post) 
 that have ruined and ruined this country!  (Also, The Mormon church is a Cult - yet they control a large portion of the economy) ....What he had said was, "Obama's played the race card, Hillary played the woman card, and America plays the Trump card"......NO MORE CARD PLAYING!!! This country is set to fall! Trump has put Justice on the back seat! 
(The Problem with replying to comments is - they can alter their comments, depending on the type of phone they have. And that screws up conversations more - but the NWOs don't care - they WANT to confuse the masses anyway. Be aware of these tricks!)

Jimmy Fallon announces taking over GQ, and more importantly, why he needs four buttons on his tuxedo cuffs...https://youtu.be/uQd5OPA4oBs 

 comment: The 4-button explanation makes clear sense. You never know when it's gonna get too hot in the kitchen. LOLOLOL! ๐Ÿ˜…

Dahboo77 reports:  Connecticut lawmakers pass ban on bumpstocks.  https://youtu.be/B9jazfnTPeo 

Dahboo77 reports more fissures erupting from Hawaii volcanic activity.    https://youtu.be/rbX1fTcCY2A 

Documentary on Portugal. You'll love it! https://youtu.be/8-_3wOKXzWM 

Update on Hawaii by Mary Greeley. https://youtu.be/54Gw18QWr0k 

Truthstream Media documentary about the Antarctica. Really good to see! US and Britain have permanent stations there.    https://youtu.be/237F1_aLXZ8 

Posted 5/9/2018************************************************************

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I just made my windowsill a lot more cozy.




This material is very versatile and economical. I have a lot left from the roll

CON-TACT makes Grip Prints liner/placemat/etc.

Good night๐Ÿ˜’
Trump is not who you think he is!
We are at great security risk and frankly I am grateful that Russia is posturing itself on our shoreline because Trump will cause our country to fall! Thank you for the website reference www.apple666.org - forcing people by the NWO Satanic pedophiles and murderers which Trump is protecting! 

    GW Bush made his big wealth on the Baseball league through crooked dealings, says CNN in 1999.  He also used Crony Capitalism to help investors in his oil business to get wealthy off taxpayer backs.  http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/stories/1999/05/13/president.2000/jackson.bush/

       Trump is not who you think he is!
We are at great security risk and frankly I am grateful that Russia is posturing itself on our shoreline because Trump will cause our country to fall! Thank you for the website reference www.appleofmyeyes.org - forcing people by the NWO Satanic pedophiles and murderers which Trump is protecting! 

    GW Bush made his big wealth on the Baseball league through crooked dealings, says CNN in 1999.  He also used Crony Capitalism to help investors in his oil business to get wealthy off taxpayer backs.  http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/stories/1999/05/13/president.2000/jackson.bush/

          The Center For Public Integrity reports The Buying Of The President:  https://www.publicintegrity.org/2000/01/18/3313/how-george-w-bush-scored-big-texas-rangers

         ….. But his father’s connections were instrumental in helping Bush overcome that perception. Back in 1973, when the senior George Bush was the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Bush befriended one of father’s assistants, Karl Rove. Rove cut his teeth alongside the senior Bush’s chief political strategist, Lee Atwater. Rove would become George W.‘s own Atwater, helping to run his 1978 bid for Congress and laying the groundwork for his 1994 run for governor. As the Rangers deal got under way, Rove told Bush that baseball was his ticket to the big time. “It gives him . . . exposure and gives him something that will be easily recalled by people,” Rove said.
Rove’s calculation turned out to be right on the money.
It all began in fall of 1988, when William O. DeWitt Jr., Bush’s partner in a Texas oil-and-gas exploration company called Spectrum 7, called to let him know that Eddie Chiles, the owner of the Texas Rangers, was looking for a buyer……
          Answer is:  Yes, and why in article
          This article was to Bush’s advantage – promoting the September 11 attack by Middle East when it was really planned by his half-brother, Bill Clinton’s, wife and cousin Hillary Clinton – and John McCain.  Yet about 125 people were directly involved – including, I believe, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton and very likely Donald Trump since he is covering for the September 11 killers.  That is why nobody is arrested!  He refuses military support to Jeff Sessions to ensure no civil war breaks out – and this delay has enabled them all to build their own army!  Especially since the delay of the Wall on Mexican border is not taken place – EVEN though Trump gave his quarter earnings to DOT, yet conveniently got a brand new bridge in Florida to collapse just after he gave DOT that money – most likely because high profile diplomats asked why they don’t use that money to start building the wall.  That is what  I suspect.  Almost all Journalists are not doing any real investigations.  They just lie to serve their sponsors.  And US Gov fails to hold them accountable. 
          Absolutley strange Newsweek article to infer Bushes did not have a home in TX before they purchased this house – yet they frequently vacationed in Texas when Bush was President.   http://www.newsweek.com/president-george-bush-buys-new-home-dallas-83139
          George W. Bush is no longer home on the range.
Residents in Crawford, Texas, say the former President is rarely spotted at his nearby ranch since exiting the White House — with a cardboard, life-sized cutout of the 43rd President among the few remnants of the famous local landowner.
During his administration, Bush often held court with world leaders at his Texas getaway, dubbed the Western White House, turning the sleepy town of 700 into a tourist destination.
….yet the article ends with this:  Architectural Digest recently profiled Bush's Texas retreat, reporting that the couple "regularly" make the trip to Crawford "where the former President is just as likely to be found handling a fishing rod or paintbrush as he is a chain saw."
"The ranch remains an essential getaway for the couple, a place to unwind," according to the Digest article.
Dallas, located 100 miles to the north, is home to Bush's presidential library center and is the capital of the Texas social scene.

Lord Jacob Rothschild admits his NWO plan is collapsing. Video is 3:42 min, very short, watch!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY8QvQd4dl4
The Rothschild TRILLIONAIRES  documentary   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXcISAkFa6Y

Stop the Crime.net – warns on 5G, EMP attack, earthquakes, etc.  45 min:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NZo86TGDxg
The Jesuits of the NWO, 2 ½ hr documentary   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhqEE3SjFuQ

One thing I would like to say is Obama hated Benjamin Netanyahu.  And President Rouhani of Iran told Obama to go to hell.  Iran has sentenced to death their richest man, a multibillionaire - for his organized crime.  And they have sentenced to death other corrupted officials, such as Babak Zanjani March 2016 - when Obama stole $1.4 billion in cash from USGov.

This is what ivy League Business geniouses do!  Michael Marin, wall street investor. Grad from Yale. Probably Skull & Bonesman   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWO_O4ScAsg

I recommend you subscribe to Jamie Lee @Tabublog.com Aplanetruth.info and AVVI.info - on YouTube - this guy must be a teacher as a profession!  Just like @TruthFactoryCat  TruthFactory YouTube is a former professor - who recently retired because his account is doing so well.  But he has also expanded into Periscope, has a store online now, etc.  YouTube is jilting everyone, we all know that. 
Excellent half-hr video on what Washington DC is as far as gov’t is concerned.  Formed as Corporation in 1871!  That is unconstitutional!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxcQmUwJWo4&t=803s

5/18/2018:   BTW, our Phonecian-based words of English are crypted: https://youtu.be/yE3zdcehe-g

Posted 5/11/2018---------------------------------------------------------
Russia postured when Obama was a threat to our Security and now they posture while Trump is. That's how I see it. Pompeo and Bolton are nothing but trouble! They obviously took part in 9/11, making the explosive-filled drones that bombed the WTC bldgs. If Russia did that to its own people, US would be bombing them with Trump in office. Trump has attacked Syria TWICE. Russia is letting Trump know he's gotta back off. What the hell is Bolton and Pompeo stirring while they galavant to other countries. I hope they resist these bad leaders' efforts to INCITE war and tell Bolton and Pompeo where to go! We probably don't even have money in Ft Knox! https://youtu.be/o8FObIH_qYM

UN making  Mt Hermon as a contested zone - as a threat to Lebanon as well as Mt Hermon is certainly bad foreign policy. https://youtu.be/5ZQbXWq_chw
All  Secret Societies and cults should be criminalized! This is a great video by Truthstream Media - at least 100 Secret Societies run USA.. Thank you! https://youtu.be/ON8xq0djCRk

Jimmy Fallon idiot Boyfriend performance. Lol! https://youtu.be/W7iQWqHEG6A
Mary Greeley reports burglar caught in Hawaii. I bet the reason for the eruption is n part to steal from people and feed the pockets of dirty beurocrats eventually. https://youtu.be/o8_DOUajRrc

Arial view of Hawaii volcano erupting May 9, 2018. Time Magazine 2min: https://youtu.be/ETWDk-UaRFg

Dahboo77 explains current dilemma involving Russia and  Trump - who wants a war to make money, my opinion.   https://youtu.be/SdFNgxJyHjg 

 Awakened According to Trump, we do. But I believe you. Today's military rely on computers, I expect. Frankly, Russia should focus on assassinating the real  problem, yet United Nations is probably set up to help Trump. So that may not work. US used chemical weapons on the Boeing passengers on September 11.Those planes were taken off course with transponders off. They flew to an island. People found the bodies stacked on top of eachother like Hitler did when he mass-murdered. The ROTHSCHILD's NWO plan may be falling, but Trump is helping with a Plan B, obviously. Mike Pompeo and John Bolton probably bombed the WTC bldgs September 11 with drones Pompeo made! Now they are up to no good, abusing power, and getting emergency immunity by stealing Rex Tillerson's job!

The real story of Washington, DC. Columbia is another word for ISIS, the pagan virgin mother of the all-seeing eye as a mimick to the Bible. Another video which may interest you is Zeitgeist and whether it is true or untrue. https://youtu.be/cxcQmUwJWo4

Watch replay of Dahboo77 - it was live Friday 9pm EST - https://youtu.be/JPfNdMVlz7w

Posted 5/12/2018++++++++++++++++++++++

"This is a race against time! Toxic gases, danger threat to power plant in Hawaii" www.undergroundworld.news.com
Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson. So why did he? First thing I thought of was he wanted to steal his job like he did to Mike Flynn, and tried on Jeff Sessions. My blog shares issues on Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. www.appleofmyeyes.org Big Points:
Pompeo owned Thayer Aerospace when September 11 happened. John Bolton was undersecretary of firearms and weaponry when September 11 happened.
It's pretty obvious to me that THEY made the explosive filled drones that murdered 3,000+ people!
Trump is not who you think he is!
We are at great security risk and frankly I am grateful that Russia is posturing itself on our shoreline because Trump will cause our country to fall! Thank you for the website reference www.apple666.org - forcing people by the NWO Satanic pedophiles and murderers which Trump is protecting! 

"Is this evidence that we're trapped in a time paradox?" https://youtu.be/8lPrFrG29lU
I never wanted to take physics because I never heard anyone be so great at teaching it as this man on this video. He is an example to follow! Yet society in US tends to emulate rather than act. One who successfully prophecies the future may be able to skip over time and if so, is there a physical activity which is unique to him or has physics become inaccurate by not considering our spiritual dimension?

David Mosel You ruined your message by adding "I'm Christ" - in what time warp are YOU in, then? You defeat your message. I am a Christian, I am not Christ nor is anyone else. Otherwise, Christianity would be just a myth.  Not a way of Life.

Posted 5/12/2018. 12:00pm +++++

Video about Yale genius, Trepal,  poisoning neighbor, Peggy Carr:  https://youtu.be/7nHbw_UZzn0
       My response:

The fact that Trepal did not take the stand to enable him to counteract the circumstantial evidence is a result of either ineffective defense that may have been malicious and vexatious, or the plain fact he knew he was screwed because he did it and his social tricks he learned from his secret societies were not working.  Because I claim all SECRET SOCIETIES and Satanic Cults should be criminalized, I believe his defense attorney was just a player with no purpose. When did he file appeal? AFTER HE WAS SENTENCED OBVIOUSLY! Yet he could have appealed upon the jury's verdict of guilty. Did he canvass the jury because of their verdict? Was Yale university only following the money and screw their motto, "For God, For Country, For Yale"....The fact he was clearly obsessed about CREATING crime, and not FIGHTING it is an undeniable characteristic as strong as a fingerprint. Again, I emphasize: SECRET SOCIETIES and Satanic Cults should be criminalized!!! Raymond Clark is obviously innocent and I hope people are researching this! I mailed him letters at the Cheshire Correctional facility and told him the investigation was a huge, deliberate botch and and innocent young man, a Yale scholar, who was NOT a Skull & Bonesman, was not even capable of this Satanic murder of Annie Le. MSM failed to disclose real facts! She was  in a maintenance toolbox, not inside the wall! So why didn't police find her in a matter of hours--not days? She was chopped up, significant to a Satanic Cult, which PROBABLY wanted to drink her blood because she was getting married the next day and her "adrenachrome" was a great moneymaker. ...Raymond Clark lost a friend, Annie Le, yet the Satanic Underground got away with deceiving the public and framing him as the murderer! He was sentenced the same day Steven Hayes was sentenced to death by Judge Blue! Raymond pleaded not guilty all that time - over a year, with an a$$hole for an attorney in Connecticut - all because the Bar Association is maintained by organized crime, which stems back to the Rothschilds, who have tried to overthrow the Monarchy. No doubt they supported the erroneous creation of CIA, and shortly after they were "deployed" by the US President, King George had an untimely heart attack that was massive. Do the math! 

Posted 5/12/2018....2:50pm.....

Mark Dice explains Starbucks attorneys are nuts.  https://youtu.be/sxZlCzkpic0
It's Okay to Eat Mayo Exactly. I have had great Service at Starbucks, I love their sandwiches.  But at this local one,. Familiarity breeds contempt. They are moving to a new location, which I look forward to. As far as Mark Dice's situation goes, it would behoove Starbucks to get a new, COMPETENT team of Attorneys. If they have filedsuit, counter sue them, Mark Dice! No cost for filing! But may be too late now. Check it out. It's a way to make them pay for YOUR costs, for one thing. A simple Motion To Dismiss won't do that.  

Have a plan! What happens to you if EMP attack occurs. Dahboo77 lays it out: https://youtu.be/VTb7og3t-rY


5G Satanic agendas are exposed. https://youtu.be/XlLOBGz-2TU
My comment: Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are IMMEDIATE security threats! Frankly, I think Russia bringing it's Navy to our shorelines is probably to protect us from a new tyrannical ruling, as they did when Obama was President. The evil people are USING the Revelation stories to stage circumstances to scare us. Our God reigns. And like he's saying here, we need to understand and take command. My father used to tell me, "You're the captain of your ship" 

Update on Hawaii. Steam is another problem.  Dahboo77 reports. https://youtu.be/8eCvMIsA_-A

Dahboo77 reports China is building an accurate earthquake detector. https://youtu.be/xd1_eIVAFWI
My comment: Awesome! I think it was you who reported when China was able to save thousands of lives one time because they successfully predicted an earthquake off over 6 on Richter scale. They must have used that success to build this prediction detector. Super! Rothschilds can go to hell with their geoengineering! 

Dahboo77 reports US F-22 escorted Russian planes from airspace. https://youtu.be/U8K_tF7hxTg
My comment:  Stac Stevenson Trump is planning something diabolical! Russia can come over whenever they want, I feel safer! Mike Pompeo probably made the drones that looked like Boeings; John Bolton obviously got the military explosives to bomb the WTC buildings! A real Boeing 707 or 747 (who knows which it really was because the stories change) is wider than the WTC buildings were. Pompeo's company Thayer Aerospace was probably doing criminal ops since Day One in 1998. www.appleofmyeyes.org - share whatever you want 

Posted 5/12/2018+++++++++++

David Davidoff must have had a hard time finding a wife that works with his name-swinging. I guess her name would have to be Mavid. He visited Jimmy Fallon  https://youtu.be/5DazTOJAJlI 

The story of Jeffrey Dahmer. His father fails to understand that his family was socially engineered. My opinion. https://youtu.be/Xe5OixqeLVw                  5/13/2018. I 'll give you MY take - t was MIND CONTROL! The mental health idustry was devised with an evil plan to Control people, for one thing! Dahmer's mother gave up her freedom unknowingly by seeking help, most likely from social pressure! Dahmer's shyness made him vulnerable to people! His going out in the woods was  obviously to meet someone - and yet somehow he/she/they convinced him he could not tell anyone. I bet he was brainwashed/Put in a trance/hypnotized. Maybe including being drugged! 

@TruthFactoryCat @RoyalFamily @DahBoo777 - #PaulWellstone was beloved, planning to run for #USPresident. He was probably poisoned causing MS & family mass-murdered by #planecrash 2002 - when #MikePompeo's #ThayerAerospace existed. Has anyone investigated or did Crooked beurocrats cover it up? 
"Ted Bundy In His Own Words" - fake documentary by MSNBC                           https://youtu.be/h-Mc048HVvs 
My comment: Serial Killers Documentaries  The pictures of the governor as if he's Ted Bundy is demented! Also, I just watched a documentary on Ted Bundy. They said he got life in prison, though his attorney claimed insanity as his defense! I thought this documentary was going to be Ted Bundy talking - more click bait! Ted Bundy died in prison. First attempted murder by inmates landed him in the hospital. Second was successful. MSNBC should be shut down, but we don't have a President who really cares about the truth. I see that now. He just wants people to believe he is the only one who tells the truth.  He's already proven by his own words that he lies. Trump needs to step down. 
     My third Comment (second one not copied) Scott Smith This documentary has only one purpose! To glamorize these murders! This is obviously a CIA project! Bundy was a victim of mind control and this film is false! Notice how they make Bundy look like his attorney?? He did not look like his attorney! And Bundy was murdered in prison when inmates knew who he was. Bundy's first experiences we're going into the woods by himself - no doubt a CIA operative was there and mind controlling him. THAT is why the murders we're not successfully investigated! CIA was tripping up investigations! CIA has to be taken down for our government to survive! We do not need DHS or JTTF either - all are criminal in nature! www.appleofmyeyes.org 
     Fourth Comment: Excuse me, I was thinking of Jeffrey Dahmer! 
     Fifth Comment:.  Notice how this film makes attorneys, Bundy and officials to look all the freaking same? This film itself is a CIA job! And Mike Pompeo knows how much CIA gave media money! But did Pompeo do anything? Of course not! And his CIA offices were raided and his opium factories were bombed! Pompeo obviously made the military explosives filled drones that bombed the WTC bldgs! He started a plane parts, drone-making company that was no doubt a freaking CIA operative! Thayer Aerospace! Shut down, supposedly resold and renamed just before GW Bush left office! Who killed JFK? GHW Bush led the mafia team of 8 that killed JFK! Who killed JFK Jr? No doubt That Aerospace as a CIA Operative! Who killed Senator Wellstone and his whole family? Suspect: Mike Pompeo's That Aerospace! And Wellstone was probably poisoned also, causing his MS! Maybe Jennifer-Hawk Petit was poisoned, causing her MS also! 
Ted Bundy, described as "The Devil" in this film.    https://youtu.be/_jttAd4iMUk 

        Watch for Modis Operandi of film makers and officials who may just be part of a CIA operative of mind control! I think PROFESSIONAL Profilers should really review murder cases - assigning them individually to certain cases, such as all serial killers, all "deaths of spouse", all "elderly", etc - Because society needs to stop the mind controllers and other causes! The Enemies Within include CIA, DHS, JTTF, and dirty officials! 
There are sometimes when I can't help but wonder how investigators get their jobs, they are so incompetent! I shared some of my thoughts on a string of cases on Facebook. I've watched many more on Amazon and still am as a concerned citizen. But I don't usually take notes. I probably should - to find out if any of these murderers got early releases or even escaped, or won appeals. 
I found out about a case involving a man in CT who was supposed to be sentenced to 40 yrs without parole. Here it was only a few years later and he was no longer an inmate! I can't think of his name how. Maybe his first name was Eric. He was a boxer. And when I made persistent searches, it was obvious to me that he had just committed a robbery with "friends" in Philadelphia, PA. They simultaneously shot a man, killing him. A federal law states if a group of people are committing a felony and a death results, and it cannot be proven who did it, THEY ALL GET CHARGED for murder! Most courts do not appear to be following it! The state of Connecticut judges claim they do not have to follow federal law. That federal laws are for federal court anyway. How ridiculous! How Criminal for judges to say this! 
The court system is nothing more than an extension of CIA anymore since Obama has completely disrupted our country, including stealing billions of dollars from us! Yet Trump does nothing more than act! Using media for drama! Wake up, people! Trump needs to step down! 
   Posted 14May2018±+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


     Researchers, do you know of this occurrence in history – and the events that occurred during this time?  Would you not wonder if this was part of a huge CIA operative to take down USA? This was when the Clintons were making $100 million a month on their cocain trafficking – through the Iran-Contra affair, etc.   See my post on Robert Snogress
FYI:  https://twitter.com/i/moments/993397761100804097

Do a search on “Satanic Panic of the 1980’s”
and also search:  “A document from the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s is bringing back memories for some”

Posted 5/14/2018  5:45 p.m. 

In case of emergency:   BugOut Bags  and what about a Bomb Shelter?  Are you prepared?  

The way things are going, be prepared as much as you can be.  

Richard Marshall richard@aliveaftercrisis.net via moon-ray.com 

6:56 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Hi Anne,
The topic of survival in a radioactive environment is a very broad one. You need to know how to shield yourself, how long to stay inside, when to eat and drink and how to hunt and eat animals safely after the blast. Here are a few basics to remember:
  1. Nuclear blast, leak or other event cause 2 types of radiation effects: initial and residual. You need to know how to reduce your exposure to minimize both effects. Initial radiation is radiation that occurs between the time of explosion and 1 minute from the time of explosion. During that short minute, the most intense gamma rays are produced by the explosion and they usually cause fatal exposure.
  2. If there is a nuclear blast, you may be injured by the blast itself, thermal radiation and nuclear radiation (including nuclear fallout). If you are too close to the blast, you are unlikely to survive due to the direct injury from explosion or due to receiving a fatal dose of radiation, so hopefully you have protected yourself by not living in large urban centers or close to nuclear power plants. Other injuries can be avoided or minimized by hiding in the shelter, shielding, washing and first aid.
  3. When talking about explosions, we can name 3 kinds of nuclear bursts: subsurface burst, surface burst and air burst. Each of these has very different effects and therefore your chances of survival and actions you take under each circumstance vary. Learn about surviving each type of burst.
  4. Shielding is the easiest and best protection against penetrating radiation in a survival situation. When shielding, keep in mind the half-value thickness rule: if a shelter of prescribed thickness reduces the radiation by 50%, adding another layer of the same thickness will reduce the remaining radiation by 50%. For example, if 9 inches of wood reduce radiation by 50%; this means that adding another 9 inches of wood educe the remaining 50% of radiation by another 50%. Essentially, this means that 19 inches of wood will reduce the original radiation by 75% and your exposure will be limited to 25%.
  5. Other very effective protective measures against penetrating radiation are time and distance. A couple things you need to know about time. First of all, radiation effects are cumulative and the longer you stay in the radioactive environment, the more it will affect you. Secondly, the longer the time from the initial nuclear event, the less radiation remains in the area. General rule concerning distance is that radiation intensity decreases by the square of the distance from the source.
  6. Radiation exposure alters your blood chemistry and makes you susceptible to infection. Make sure you wash all wounds and burns to rinse off radioactive particles (even washing with contaminated water is better than not washing at all) and cover wounds properly. Do your best to practice good hygiene and prevent colds and flu.
  7. If you are sick to your stomach, it is likely from radiation sickness and there is no treatment for that. However, you should get better with rest, fluids and food.
These are just a few facts about surviving the initial few hours. Your life after the blast is a whole other story.
Will you be ready? One little item you can add to your EDC and bug out bags is goggles. They will protect you from particles entering through your eyes.
To your survival,
Richard Marshall

-----I just thought  would share this letter I found on my email before closing my computer, which I will resume later.  5/14/2018

I agree with those who claim scientists are working on creating Frankenstein humans. A great waste of Money!  Thanks, Dahboo777 for reporting this! https://youtu.be/FCE8CK0RHDQ 

David Zublick reports on NEXIVM child sex trafficking. https://youtu.be/b6jRMGQu3TA 

Notice how Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn arrested a record number of pedophiles the first 100 days. All for the mission to eradicate child sex trafficking!   Trump fails to give them any accommodation and instead becomes part of the coup against Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn!  There is so much more! Trump is part of the Satanic Underground! Soros wrote off $315 million financial aid to Trump Tower during the campaign for President. Trump needs to step down! The erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson and hiring Bolton and promoting  Pompeo for being a lousy CIA Director only reflects they needed emergency immunity! Son of Heimlich Himler,  Rosenstein, obviously leaked they were on the sealed indictments list! Over 20,000 indictments to be served but Trump is keeping military from backing up the Sting Operation in order to prevent a civil war! Trump failed to pink slip all federal judges.Trump REFUSED to fire Comey or Rosenstein, even though it was recommended by Jeff Sessions! David Zublick is being advised by dirty, corrupted people. No doubt they were the ones who deceived David Zublick about Ted Gunderson. And somehow his Google searches were manipulated so he could not see the videos made by Ted Gunderson, obviously. Otherwise, he would have realized sooner that Ted Gunderson had lost his life investigating the  Pedophiles. I Ibelieve Trump is pulling Stormy Daniels into this NEXIVM story as a smear campaign. Meantime Trump needs to step down because he's obviously a cult member of the Satanic Underground and belongs to Secret Societies such as FreeMasons, Scottish Rite, Rhodes, and probably others. And notice how David Zublick has all this information which would alone be enough to indict Clinton's, yet Trump blocks the indictments, and instead conspired to use military to arrest anybody he wants for PEDOPHILIA! What a very criminal use of our government, and no doubt a reflection the Secret Societies are running US and Trump is as much of a puppet as Obama was! They do it by choice!  
Posted 5/14/2018 11:25 pm +++++++++±+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mary Greeley reports 3.5 earthquake in CA.  Apparently on Mother's Day. https://youtu.be/icci8niDWZI  

Ariana jams with Jimmy and the Roots. So my question is, with such great talent, why does her agent take part in the shooting scam in Manchester? She obviously has her own Security on top of the guaranteed Security for her concert contract. Ariana needs a new Agent. He's exploiting her.  My opinion.

Follow/subscribe to the Corbett Report! He's a good channel! My newest find. Here, he talks about the Iran Deal Backout and real consequences:  https://youtu.be/xrfzvv6vKhM  

Ampex reporting: Alex Collier explains what the geoscientists that work for ROTHSCHILD's are doing, including blackmail - extortion!  https://youtu.be/Ka9Me-aOYL0  

Posted 5/15/2018************************************1:38pm EST****************

https://youtu.be/Ka9Me-aOYL0  Ampex Report on Illuminati Weather/Geo weapon. My comment: 
rod powers I agree! Why are not these evil people being arrested? Trump will not even give Jeff Sessions the military support he needs to arrest over 20,000! There were 18,000 sealed indictments last year! He's blocked them for this long! Here 3500 Pedophiles were arrested the first 100 days of Trump Administration, so what does Trump do? Forms a coup against Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn! and Pompeo was promoted from being a Lousy CIA Director (his offices were raided and opium Factories were bombed) to Secretary of State, stolen from Rex Tillerson so he and John Bolton could get emergency immunity, obviously! No doubt son of Heimlich Himler- Rosenstein - leaked to them they were on the sealed indictments for masterminding the attack drone weapons used on September 11!  And instead of giving Jeff Sessions military backup to do the arrest sting of over 25,000 - Trump abuses power by claiming he can use military to arrest anyone he wants for PEDOPHILIA!  Trump is obviously a Satanic Underground member! What he's doing is clearly unconstitutional! He needs to step down! www.appleofmyeyes.org 

David Icke on The CIA/USGov Culling the population. https://youtu.be/ruj77zbqqQc 

My comment: CIA should be destroyed! Trump's using them to his benefit - not USA benefit. Just like Clintons did and Bushes did, and Obama did! DESTROY CIA! Take down DHS! JTTF is not needed either! 
Mary Greeley reports the Hawaii volcano is still active, shooting ash up to 30,000 feet. https://youtu.be/s7xfP1pUL2g  

aplanetruth.info Thanks to Pompeo and Bolton, our national security has increased in risk by 1,000%! https://youtu.be/PbUKK-8vZGI 

 FEMA preparing for nuclear war, so Trump and Jesuits can keep their wealth and genocide us? WTF - does anyone even care? Or has the marijuana and mind control fried everyone's brains? aplanetruth.info Thanks to Pompeo and Bolton, our national security has increased in risk by 1,000%! https://youtu.be/PbUKK-8vZGI
Seventh Ozark UFO Conference-Arkansas. LOL, what BS! Dr. Karla Turner speaks  . She mentions she will keep it short since everyone is tired from partying. Her two books:I Taken, Masquerade of Angels.   httpsutu.be/95srMCSHPhg  

bernard wilson Exactly! First mentioning Everyone was tired from partying in the infamous state of Clinton cocaine trafficking ($100 million/month) and sex trafficking especially of children -- she een looks like Hillary Clinton. Jesuit BS! www.appleofmyeyes.org   https://youtu.be/95srMCSHPhg 

Mark Dice Dr. Mark Dice explains the pathogenic people problem that's going on all over the world. https://youtu.be/KVyOE4vaU30  Decide for yourself. 

Mark Dice saying Social Justice wankers over cartoon on reality - man Michelle vs woman Melania - OMG. https://youtu.be/U1LfLuHkes4  

Squatting Slav TV, on white genocide quietly happening. John Professional scientists have proven the super volcano ๐ŸŒ‹ is no worry yet Yellowstone is being attacked by the Rothschild geo-engineering. Trump is allowing it by getting rid of Rex Tillerson and replacing him with September 11mass murderer Mike Pompeo! Thayer Aerospace obviously made the military explosive-filled drones! No passenger planes hit, they were  drone-bombs! My opinion!  https://youtu.be/v26rPIeZop8  

Like Dahboo says, pay attention, people! Catch his live broadcast at 9pm EST Fridays - yes, that's tonight! https://youtu.be/qP70sWR2c1s 

Posted 5/18/2018++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Update on Volcano in Hawaii. https://youtu.be/9SzPcdVWtyE

Indonesia volcano just erupted! 5/13/2018. https://youtu.be/-YboreKWTH4

Truth Factory mini lecture on The Truth About Culturalism. https://youtu.be/-3rudjXkVK0

Is it true that the volcano eruption is getting worse in Hawaii? This YouTube Mania channel claims it is: https://youtu.be/5x5sbjSQBT8

Tariffs and Trade Wars: Catching Fish while waters are being stirred - 
Report by Newsbud. I recommend you subscribe to this channel. https://youtu.be/-iLoMRfl0yU

Dahboo reports this particular gueyser isn't supposed to erupt but has 5 times in months, which is spurring the Supervolcano. The Technocrats, the geoengineering fir Rothschilds are doing this - this is not God, this is man mocking God, mocking the Bible.  https://youtu.be/DsRPoyl2_ZY

     But does he ever say Bush, Clintons, and their cabal CAUSED the mass murder of September 11? CIA was greatly involved, just like when they caused the OK City bombing. Timothy McVay was a Patsy. 

These lava eggs that Dahboo shows are baffling. https://youtu.be/yxbVk_HTwAo

Mike Pompeo is a piece of $hit! N Korea violated the nuclear arms agreement made when Jimmy Carter was President! USA gave them about $500million to adhere to it! Pompeo wants to make nuclear bombs and God knows what else in N Korea! Pompeo probably made the explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC buildings! He owned #ThayerAerospace! 

Facebook comments 5/18/2018:

Is Trump really removing the MS-13 Clinton Crime Syndicate militia? Why aren't Clinton's - Soros - Obamas - all the September 11 planners, etc facing Justice??? Deporting murderers only gives them a free pass later, so please keep that in mind! 

Ben SHOULD say he's sorry because Trump L O V E S the media! Operation Mockingbird is in full force for Trump, so wake up! Trump contracts CNN for his hotels - I saw it one if Gary Franchi's videos - about staying at his hotel. No doubt an "honest mistake" sharing it. Because Trumpers are supposed to be covering up for Trump now, not being Truthers. That's why Trump gets MSM to keep replaying the Stormy Daniels crap, etc. 


Javier 86 They all want war because they make money on it. Wall or no Wall still, only his hairdresser knows for sure. https://youtu.be/NU0Yv5NE-zA

52 min of Trump Mafia..oi vay.
Samurai 215 I agree, the government is greatly lacking in checking of powers. Trump put Justice in the backseat. Won't give Jeff Sessions the military support to make arrests... erroneously fired Rex Tillerson and gave his job to unqualified Pompeo who didn't even clean up CIA. His offices were raided and his opium factories were bombed when he could have taken them down himself. But What Difference Does It Make, right??? WTF https://youtu.be/G19WSW-S58I 

lXXl ! A teacher raped and tortured and killed Jon Benet Ramsey. His last name is Karr. He flew to Thailand and continued attacking children. When the Regime Change occurred, the President's Administration arrested the dirtbag. Obama made a deal with him and said if all charges are dropped, he'd fly the fugitive to USA, and have Justice work its course. He flew the ba$tard FIRST CLASS, sent him to CO, and the prosecutor dropped the charges saying his freaking butt print of 14+ yrs before didn't match! It was a finger print they had which they never had identified. That's what smoking marijuana is doing for Colorado! These surveillances are getting worse since Trump has taken over. And Justice gets a backseat. Trump should be tapped to step down. https://youtu.be/kBZedA7-t1Y

I need to type notes on this report. It's 1 1/2 hr.  Fullerton Report in 5G threat. Very Serious! https://youtu.be/XlLOBGz-2TU

This may be a repeat. Full 5G Satanic agendas exposed urgent download - B4 it is removed-Joe Imbriaro    https://youtu.be/XlLOBGz-2TU

This YouTube channel uses clickbait saying Trump bombed US. I don't subscribe to it. What it says is Trump bombed Iraq - Trump is provoking war! Iraq just blew up ISIS HQ! Abu Bakr Al Baghdaddi was killed by US-lead operatives in 2016! India reported it! Antiterrorism expert Dr. Seb Goka tweeted it! 

Janet Jensen Try MISINFORMATION! Abu Bakr al-Baghdaddi was killed by US operatives and a few days after that Obama obviously swindled the Orlanda shooting at his LGBT Pulse Bar, martyring people like him!  Antiterrorism expert Dr. Seb Goka tweeted the accomplished kill and Obama gets him fired as antiterrorism expert for FBI (easy to do since Comey was a freaking criminal pawn for Clintons anyway) - see what's happening? Trump is part of these Satanic Jesuits - Secret societies! He complains about MSM lying and could give a crap about their lying! He contracts CNN at his hotels and I am sure he contracts others! 

SUBSCRIBE to Newsbud! The Hidden Pentagon Budget Deal & The Traitors in Congress - Newsbud Reports. https://youtu.be/jGrkKPe_oec
Progress Holistic Here Iraq just bombed the HQ of ISIS in Syria (we all know USA created ISIS - Obama was no President! He was into organized crime and violated the Logan Act many times but Trump is protecting him and Clintons!) Rand Paul is a liar and traitor too! I am glad Sibel reports this to Newsbud here. Egypt are the evil torturerers, not Assad. Am so glad she emphasized this. Trump wants to impede war to make money! He just bombed Iraq! For what? Bombing the US-funded ISIS HQ in Syria! People, please subscribe to Newsbud! 

A 52 min economic report by Mike from Newsbud. Excellent reporting! We need to know these things!  https://youtu.be/FhcNgEzr5BA

The Great Decoupling: America Sidelined (Thanks for nothing, Trump) report by Newsbud. https://youtu.be/x0qFih_nvk8

Newsbud with Sibel has a meaty interview with Whitney Web of MintPress News. 52 min. "How The Media Works With The CIA & NSA To Intercept and Censor"   https://youtu.be/P27kDuNPvoM
      BTW, I am sure the number of files is one million which Snowden stole. Maybe he only sold half of them to Len Greenwald. 

Dahboo77 reports military munitions missing. US Air Force offering $5K award. 
My comment: John Bolton would know how to swipe it, I bet. He was Undersecretary of FireArms and weaponry. Seems to me someone may have stolen it before the truck was loaded, out of "the cage" but they should inventory everything that is on the truck. Which means that ain't no accident! 

Dahboo77 reports, This is why we need to have our own plan if the lights go out from EMP attack. https://youtu.be/Qb8qLZawgpk

Leo Ruocco Well said! Freaking Trump just bombed Iraq claiming they were looking for a dead leader - Abu Bakr Al Baghdaddi! He was killed by US-lead operatives to n 2016! Dr. Seb Gorka tweeted it, and Obama got him fired as antiterrorism instructor for FBI at Quantico! Syria had not been attacking it's people with anything, and that includes chemical weapons! Trump is trigger happy to impede war so they can make money! Also Iraq blew up the Headquarters in Syria - and Trump is pissed because ISIS was formed by US/Ocraphead - and Trump is just like Obamas, Clintons - following the Satanic Underground: FreeMason, Jesuits, New World Order. So Iraq destroys the ISIS HQ in Syria and Trump bombs the embattled Iraq, which list tens if thousands of people from ISIS beheadings! TRUMP needs to step down! Mike Pompeo and John Bolton probably made the explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC buildings! Pompeo owned Thayer Aerospace. Neocon Bolton (who was an ambassador to UN just for a year, probably to case the joint) was then Undersecretary of FireArms and weaponry. Do the math! 

Second comment: SMELLY DARKIE HINDU INDIOTS COWPISSDRINKERS They are impeding war! TRUMP just bombed Iraq right after Iraq destroyed the ISIS HQ in Syria, which TRUMP never destroyed - after all Cultists Obama formed  ISIS, which also means Columbia. 59 bombs dropped on Syria last year as a Satanic curse to Rex Tillerson because his corporate office Street number is 5959! Yet The Truth prevails! Assad did not use chemical weapons on his people and Assad does not kill his people! Can you imagine the hate they feel for USA  there? USA is going to quickly rank last in trade if Trump keeps gambling with people! Deal-making successfully has to be done by someone they trust. I've lost confidence in Trump and said that in the Easter card I sent to President Trump at the Whitehouse. I don't like how things are going . Law & Order was promised to be first and foremost. Jeff Sessions has had to work around his failures to cooperate. Jeff Sessions recommended he fire Comey last Spring.Trump refused. He also recommended he fire son of Heimlich Himler Rod Rosenstein, who Trump hired. Trump refused. TRUMP never disputed Rosenstein's hiring Mueller, yet BS'd his way by complaining Jeff Sessions recusing himself CAUSED the hiring of Mueller. NO IT DIDN'T. They could have assigned one of the hundreds of Attorneys working for DOJ! Trump fired Rex Tillerson and hired the probable bomb-makers of September 11! They were explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC buildings! A Boeing passenger plane is wider than the WTC buildings were. 

posted 5/20/2018+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Some of my posts are missing. I will try again tomorrow.  5/27/2018     National Memorial Day Concert was live on PBS.  They archive these if you missed it.  http://www.pbs.org/national-memorial-day-concert/watch-2018-show/ 

I hope your wonderful event goes off without a hitch! And the weather is great!

Anne Bradley

On May 22, 2018 1:34 PM, "Paul Chevalier" <info@nhgop.org> wrote:

We are going to have a great time with New Hampshire GOP Vets at our FREE EVENT as we celebrate Military Appreciation Month! 
Details are below:
Who: Veterans and their families are invited from across New Hampshire - numerous veteran leaders and elected officials

What: Military & Veteran Appreciation Event and BBQ!
When: Thursday, May 24, 2018; 6PM-8PM
Why: Celebrate May as Military Appreciation Month with members of the veteran community!
Join us as we grill and celebrate Military Appreciation Month - don't miss out!
Link to register here: nhgopvetsbbq.eventbrite.com
New Hampshire Republicans are committed to advocating for and celebrating our veterans. Join us this Thursday to show your appreciation.
Paul Chevalier
Sergeant Major, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
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May 2018 #3
End Times Prophecy reports Mike Flynn never lied. My comment:
nofly 28 Yes, get rid of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo! Both are security risks! I strongly believe they made the explosive filled drones that murdered 3,000 people'on September 11! They were not Boeings! A real Boeing is WIDER that the WTC buildings were. Yet what hit them were drones the size of a charter plane that carries about 20 people.
Absolutely, Benedict McShame, who is no hero. John McCain is topic by Dr. Savage. https://youtu.be/ECgHutQkO7s
Bringing home The Bacon! On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. https://youtu.be/KQw0K13hVio
Interesting repertoire on AI - watch https://youtu.be/zyLWGUUkSJ0
6 min video, Jimmy Fallon reads his children's book, Mama. So cute! https://youtu.be/_p5VY0VJpi4
David Icke. "people are buying the globalization tactics anymore" https://youtu.be/CnXAEDfli3s
Gary Franchi on obvious paid trip to one of Trump Hotels. https://youtu.be/9ukcDPvbX7Q
My comment:  Trump proves the media drama with all stations, that's why none of them are being held accountable? At 19 min on this video proves it, CNN is contracted with Trump Hotel. We have another President Deceiver who stole Rex Tillerson's job from him to give to the man who probably made the explosive filled drones that murdered 3,000 people on September 11! 
She's feeding the ILLUMINATI desire for WW3! https://youtu.be/JTjvDEyOZGk
FBI???? How about Clinton blood-sucker C O M EY???? Not Jeff Sessions!! So this deserves a trip to the BS trash can! Devin Nunes would not say something like that!
Golden State Times relays President Trump giving tribute to police who have been murdered.   https://youtu.be/UsFsk5NX6q4 Beth Myers QAnon was probably created by Mike Pompeo while he was busy not doing his job as CIA Director! His offices were raided for the same reason a babysitter changed the baby's diapers! His opium factories were bombed because he was too unprofessional to dismantle them himself! So wake the freaking up! Obviously Pompeo and Bolton needed emergency immunity, and Trump stole Rex Tillerson's job to satisfy the Satanic Underground! Trump went to Rex Tillerson's corporate office, street number 5959, to plead with him to be Secretary Of State. Rex Tillerson wasn't even seeking any involvement with government. Yet as a true leader and patriot, he accepted this what turned out to be a diabolical plan to hire and fire and waste $hitloads of money in the economy. Trump.kept changing his reason for firing Tillerson, and a week later tries to pin on him that he's a pedophile, using the magical moron.power of technocrats who inject internet with backdated BS to.frame both Mike Pence and Rex Tillerson. Trump needs to step.down. We don't need anymore game players! Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn were able to lay out cases for the 3500  pedophiles arrested the first 100 days - and rather than award them, he forms a coup to get rid of them on a baseless case! Using the Christopher Steel dossier when British Agent Christopher Steel was not even registered as a Foreign Agent and that alone would make the case baseless, yet there are many other loopholes as big as an embroidery ring - very easy to notice! This is more than nonsense! It is unethical, unprofessional, unconstitutional, and unAmerican. Trump needs to step down. 
A humorous interactive talk about John Oliver - with Steven Crowder, aka Louder With Crowder. LOL https://youtu.be/pRahnxKXyOM
The Annunaki creation story_listen and decide how that fits with your belief system, especially if you're a truther. 
Truth Factory cat:        https://youtu.be/ooFzxqbdDUQ   CONSIDER the probability that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton made explosive-filled drones that bombed the WTC bldgs on September 11.  The bullshitters are murderers, but what difference does it make, kitty. OMG Thank ypu for this video. I need to add this to mini lectures  on my blog. But Trump bombed Syria illegally and recently Iraq bombed the ISIS HQ in Syria (Trump did not bomb it, WTF) and Trump bombed Iraq as punishment, saying instead he did it to kill Abu Bakr  al Baghdaddi = WTF 
A GOD FOR THE ATHEIST The baby boomers were a deliberate result of the Jesuit planners also. They fed off it with deception, VIOLENCE, and more! Abolish the SECRET SOCIETIES and Satanic Cults!  https://youtu.be/HEd0WrZCvWQ - Savid Icke's YouTube

Dahboo77 reports USGov employee suffers brain injury from most likely being a victim of experiments - and my opinion, Trump considers all of us supporters as a blank check to experiment in without our knowledge or permission! This is more of the Satanic Jesuit way - and believe you-me, we will have war if Trump succeeds with iciting war, so the Military Industrial Complex can make money! Pompeo offered US Military to North Korea! WTF Here N Korea broke the Nuclear Arms Agreement and Trump wants to create a new one as if Jimmy Carter never existed. And Carter gave them $ 

Posted 5/23/2018 4:26 EST

There may be some Petes and rePetes, lol. I will have to tweek this later and don't have time to make the links accessible right now. Sorry. 

Dahboo Reports: ammo dropped in Texas! What are they planning? https://youtu.be/ejQguFuzESk
Trump is pulling a fast one again! I don't know if Zerohedge gets it, but I appreciate their reporting!  https://youtu.be/5p5sUTuJ3OY
Add to Jimmy Fallon post: Twas the Night Before Wells - and Jimmy was wasted- this year Wells was well though. - No beer was tasted.- Not a creature was stirring-they were all up to bat-and Wells said, "hey buddy, Take that!" - bat away, bat away, bat away all! ๐Ÿ˜ https://youtu.be/WuY78q0J6nc 
The Germans at its beginning with the Ottoman Empire (King Henry passed the crown to Otto, who formed Deutchland, which became Germany. The Magia's were their biggest enemy, considered Heathans). https://youtu.be/9a96c4FZvng

Bill Smith Just like all religions, they have certain factions that are troublemakers. That's my opinion. This is a good reminder about where Zioniism comes from, by Bill Smith. https://youtu.be/bR9Cd0veAhw
This video SUCKS! ( He's a race baiter! ) I love Queen Elizabeth! See my post, "The Servant Queen" - who paid for the wedding, moron? www.appleofmyeyes.org  All you're doing is race baiting, moron! The British banned slavery a month BEFORE the civil war! The ones who wanted war were the FreeMasons/Jesuits!  https://youtu.be/t1bvmL88OZc 
Next News should get a star for being a defender of Trump when he doesn't deserve it:   Of course Trump paid for many abortions!  He donated  much money to Planned Parenthood! They make millions  to billions on nbaby parts! Including harvesting collagen, selling blood for andrenachrome. https://youtu.be/da-TxyT-iI0
Growing snkhole on Whitehouse lawn, Mary Greeley reports. https://youtu.be/3P9LSk-vFB8

APlaneTruth explains the new CIA Director and how our national security is at risk.  Trump needs to step down! He had a great cabinet but replaced them after he got what he wanted out of them - votes! He wanted to get rid of Mike Flynn, for helping Jeff Sessions arrest 3500 Pedophiles. He tried to get rid of Jeff Sessions but it failed. So he starts playing the Rosenstein string on his violin even though the string was available when Rosenstein proposed to hire him. Trump didn't complain then, so understand he has a whole lot less sincerity than I thought he did. As long as he can get crooked Maxine Waters to file impeachment, the filing will get nowhere. Having a torture specialist, and two who probably made the explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC bldgs  (Pompeo and Bolton) is no promise for Justice or Law and Order - they should be in prison, probably!       https://youtu.be/IZeL9w27fY4 
Danica Patrick visits Jimmy Fallon - first woman to host the ESPY's. https://youtu.be/x3ax5WM-BBU
Being King requires such a Divine element. The shock which Queen Elizabeth had to take over resulted in a victorious reign - yet it seems Parliament began taking more power in decision-making and I truly resent the propaganda about her being a Satanist, a "camilian" - making a mockery of her leadership rather than really enjoying what a wonderful person she is! What inspired me to want to follow the Monarchy more, and learn about them, is Hon. Colin Powell's affiliations with the Monarchy. Sometimes Prince Harry chats online with me and even has prayed for me on chat. I believe these two brothers have proven their genes in being shock-resistant and great leaders in today's chaotic world. They aim to encourage peace and tranquility, for it's there which talents are fostered. God bless Prince William, the Monarchy. God save the Queen. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ https://youtu.be/7CQeVLDs8m0 
Prince Harry looks more like Queen Elizabeth than Prince William does. 
Community leaders above the law in Hawaii. Refusing to evacuate! Mary Greeley Reports. https://youtu.be/SAz4O7UsxL0
End Times Prophecy reports Facebook wants to take naked pictures of you "to protect you" - does anyone else worry they invade our homes doing that already? https://youtu.be/UFUxUfS-FeA
British Winter documentary https://youtu.be/ozCVTbkEG1c
Corbet Report on Amazon Creepy Facial Recognition. See the useful links they provide also. https://youtu.be/Kv96lelMnCs







A Message from Anthony Colasanto

Anthony Colasanto
The Way I See It

A Bag of Tomatoes

One day, a school teacher asked each of her students to bring a plastic bag of tomatoes to school with the number of tomatoes equaling the number of people each child dislikes. Some children brought a bag of two or three tomatoes, while others had up to 20 tomatoes.

The teacher then told the children they had to carry the bag of tomatoes with them everywhere they went for two weeks. As the days passed, the children started to complain about the awful smell of the tomatoes, and some also complained about the heavy weight of the bag.

The teacher explained, “This is similar to what you carry in your heart when you dislike people. It makes your heart bitter, and the effects of negative feelings get heavier and stronger every day.”

Here’s the way I see it: Every time you let go of negativity in your life, you make room for positivity. Let us know if we can help with any upcoming printing projects so you can focus on the more important things in life.



Idea of the Week

The Difference Between CMYK and PMS Colors


The complexity involved in color and how big of a difference various color profiles can make on your print project is something you'll want to pay attention to. Is there a specific shade of orange or blue that is included in your logo? Depending on who created your logo, your color scheme may include CMYK colors, PMS colors, or both!

CMYK Colors

The term CMYK refers to the four ink colors that make up the schema: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, which is considered the key color. This particular model mixes together the three primary colors and includes black to produce darker shades. To create an image, printers define four separate plates that make up a full image. One plate is used for each of the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and is designed to lay down a very specific amount of pigment on the image. While this may sound like a simple way to print, it has worked effectively for hundreds of years.

leaf circles cyan+magenta+yellow+black, and below that 4-layer leaf green

PMS Colors

PMS (or Pantone Matching System) colors are slightly different than CMYK colors because they are mixed before they are applied to a surface. The pure spot color, or PMS color, is a mixed ink that allows for a wider range of reproduced colors than the CMYK spectrum. Each PMS color contains a unique hue, which can be matched by a number that is associated with the Pantone Matching System of swatches. PMS inks are not laid in a dot pattern but can be screened in a halftone to produce a variety of shades.

Pantone 362 C

Viewing Colors

Viewing either PMS or CMYK colors on a computer screen is a challenge due to lighting changes and the display variation. Fortunately, Pantone LLC provides a printed color chart for PMS colors that allows anyone to see the exact color that will be printed on your project. A unique set of numbers allows printers and customers to communicate effectively about what can be a challenging and variable subject: color. What looks like magenta to one person could easily be described as a red-purple by someone else -- making it tough to describe specific colors without the common language available with PMS standards.

Color Chart

Ready to get started on your next printing project? Our color professionals are experts at matching current color schemes or helping you find just the right shade to communicate your brand. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your next project!

See more great ideas like this! 
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Marketing Tip

Create Your Own Vanity URL


While many people use popular URL shorteners (like bit.ly or goo.gl), did you know you can create a short vanity URL that is specific to your company or product name?

A custom vanity URL provides consistent branding, no matter where your content is shared. It also creates link trust, meaning readers will feel more confident sharing your content from a source they trust. Examples of vanity URLs include: nyti.ms (The New York Times) or huff.to (The Huffington Post).

Here are steps to create your own vanity URL:

Choose a vanity URL that resembles your regular domain name and is less than 8 to 10 characters. Consider abbreviating your company name, removing vowels, or using initials. Domai.nr is a popular domain suggestion tool if you need ideas.

Choose a hosting service, such as Bit.ly – which offers very detailed stats about link sharing, clicks, and more.

Buy your vanity URL using any domain registration site, such as GoDaddy or iPage. For convenience, consider purchasing your vanity URL from the same place your website is hosted.

Set up the shortener. If you are using Bit.ly, go to “Account Settings” and then “Advanced." Select either 'Personal' or 'Business' under the “Custom Short Domain” header and enter the vanity URL you purchased.

Create a DNS record for your new vanity domain. If you need help with this step, consider asking your domain registrar.

Verify your tracking domain to ensure all click traffic will appear on your dashboard. To set up your tracking domain in Bit.ly, go to the “Advanced” tab in Settings. Enter the domain name you want to track (your site’s long domain name) and verify that you own the domain.

Share! As long as you are logged into your Bit.ly account, any URLs from your long domain will be automatically custom-shortened.

If you’d like ideas or samples for creative print marketing tips, contact us today. We’d love to help. 

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Uncommon Product

Leaf Business Cards


Leaf-shaped die-cut business cards are a memorable, attention-grabbing design that is great for florists, landscaping, or any environmentally focused business. To add to the green appeal, the backside can feature a leaf graphic.

While the leaf shape is great for eco-friendly brands, they can also be used for any company looking for a simple but unique shape. In addition to using leaf-shaped business cards, you may consider increasing memorability by creating matching save-the-date cards or appointment cards.

Our print shop offers environmentally friendly options like recycled papers and soy-based inks, so you can rest assured that you’re doing your part for the environment with every printing job you do. And remember, other print shops may be nearby, but no one comes close.

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Tech Tip

Moving Facebook Pictures to Google Photos


If you are a Facebook user, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated a considerable amount of photos on your Facebook account. Whether you are considering closing your Facebook account or simply would like to backup your photos for long-term storage, here is how to easily move your photos from Facebook to Google Photos.

Log into Facebook and click "Settings." Navigate to the “General” tab and choose the small blue text that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” In addition to photos, this download will include a .zip file with your posts, photos and videos you've shared, your messages and chat conversations, and information from the "About" section of your profile.

After you unzip the file, you'll see files labeled “Photos” and “Videos.” Be aware that your downloaded photos are heavily compressed and downsized to about 800x800 resolution, which is likely much smaller than the original files. Also, the downloaded photos do not retain EXIF data –meaning they will not be organized by date or in the same order they appeared in your Facebook account. Before backing up your photos, you may want to review this folder and remove any duplicates or unwanted files.

If you haven’t already, install the Google Photos Backup app. Select the "Photo" and "Video" folders in the Facebook file. The desktop app will also automatically back up photos from your Mac or PC, connected cameras, and SD cards.

If you need tips or advice on an upcoming printing project, we’d love to help! Give us a call or stop by today.

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Turkey repatriates all good in attempt to ditch the dollar, reports Dahboo77.  https://youtu.be/T7g-pUjqFbs
Dahboo77 reports giant canyons in Antarctica. https://youtu.be/OvkYos3u3IY
Posted May 24, 2018 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Do any of these news stations contact the Environmental agencies or public utilities or water departments? Of course not, because they don't care or are lying. No reports they actually do something proactive rather than have affairs with eachother.   https://youtu.be/lzChQDWmElY
Wounded only means you have battle scars that are your trophies in the military. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Never Give Up is their theme. The workouts and competition are more exciting than a professional football game any day. https://youtu.be/WmpVOORh3d4 
Dahboo77 reports on radioactivity in water particles. 
My comment:  For the non-believers and idiotic jokesters, the radioactivity comes from particles in the water. It's already been admitted that water has contained various prescription medicines so listen-up! He has no agenda, he's just reporting the reality!    https://chem.libretexts.org/Core/Physical_and_Theoretical_Chemistry/Nuclear_Chemistry/Radioactivity/How_to_purify_radioactive_materials 
Economies world-wide are crashing. Thanks Dahboo for reporting this trucker's strike, which is making gas stations crash also in Brazil. Let Marshal Law fix it at this point. And cost of the Marshal services go to the trucker's union!  https://youtu.be/B8GNBKkWhKM 
hudna1 believes Meghan Markle is a tranny. In fact, she believes the Monarchy  I are marrying trannies as a "new swing" - She's wrong, but listen to her underlying concerns with the Satanic Underground (Cults, Secret Societies) trying to manipulate us, Because that is a real battle and we need to be vigilant. I am a fan of Elton John and would not seem to do anything to discredit him. He evolved and has a real heart-felt life story. So keep that in mind. The best witness is by example. Yet I do agree that we have a battle with Satanic Cults. Barbara Bush was daughter of Aliester Crowley! https://youtu.be/aPECK7If0SY
Tewdy Quew Look up the history of where trains and veils come from! Just because I ride a train, doesn't mean I am a tranny, so she needs to think about what she said and is processing in her head because she is receiving herself. Yes, Satan is alive and kicking. The Satanic Underground needs to be dismantled because that is our biggest war. See my post on Jesuit New World Order. Copy what you want. My notes are not finished,either. www.appleofmyeyes.org  ☺  https://youtu.be/aPECK7If0SY 
 Testimony of former cultist. www.theothersideofdarkness.com - https://youtu.be/NHBB-4CENJo - 1 hr 7 min long It started with her grandparents, who followed a Mormon leader who practiced the most horrific things, such as child sacrifice! That's MURDER, PEDOPHILIA, folks! WTF, her grandfather was a well-known psychologist! He was getting power, money through this church. Her grandfather had an untimely death before she was born. She claims that the Mormons killed him for "slipping up". She was sodomized, tortured, raped. She was pregnant, they forced an abortion as a sacrifice. 
Here's an 18- min look at Women Freemasonry in England. https://youtu.be/xyyLdfH6XBA
Deep secrets from FreeMasonry Occult world. William Schnoeberly interviewed  https://youtu.be/mV4ZRAQdUno
They walk Scott-free because the system is rigged! Dahboo77 - Eyes Open    My Comment:    mary ellison USA has to put their big pants on and administer real Justice, have real checks and balances! Trump has received us and tried to blame Jeff Sessions as why Clintons and Obamas and all their Cabal are not getting arrested Because Trump is tricking!!! Like Dahboo77 says, it's rigged! Trump belongs to these Satanic Cults and SECRET SOCIETIES! Listen to Dahboo here because this is a tremendous commentary! 1,000% true!   https://youtu.be/omttdYOMKlo
Dahboo77 reports on STORM ALBERTO 5/26/2018:. https://youtu.be/oeGw3KkQ8PM

A PlaneTruth shares SAGE OF QUAY radio. Excellent show - listen to it when you can! They introduced me to ConTrail - excellent resource! Topic is the Jesuit Society and it's grip on USA. Part 1 of 2. 1 1/2 hr in length 
  https://youtu.be/3enxUEcPKIo  My Comment:  Lee Stephenson Obama was doing that for years in his second term - his objective was to make USA fall, issue Marshal  Law, and become the tyrant ruler he'd been yet yet be much more evil and get away with it. I shared this audio on my blog post. Anyone can copy, share what they want. I don't make money on this. I hope it saves others time to discover reality. (See Table Of Contents link on this blog post)

Posted 5/27/2018 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Update on volcanic activity, threats to Hawaii and world. By Mary Greeley

Mysterious Toxic deaths


@JeffSessions #GeorgeTrepal belonged to an elite Secret Society bc of having top 2 % highest IQ in the country. So please thoroughly investigate #DonaldTrump.  Also #MikePompeo bc he probably made and operated drone-bombs for #September11! https://youtu.be/7nHbw_UZzn0  

#GeorgeTrepal belonged to an elite Secret Society bc of having top 2 % highest IQ in the country. So please thoroughly investigate #Mike Pompeo bc he probably made and operated drone-bombs for #September11! https://youtu.be/7nHbw_UZzn0


SNAP = Student Nighttime Area Patrol for Florida State Colleges, Universities (ie, Gainesville) Obviously Obama used his #SatanicComputer to rename FOOD STAMPS. 

Dahboo77 reports an angel image in the sky. It's beautiful. Looks like St. Michael.  https://youtu.be/Kg6DMHups5Q

Eyes Open. I am glad to know N Korea will dismantle its nuclear test site. One theory I have is Xi Jin Ping people had a serious conversation with Kim Jong Un and frankly he came to realization that he was not being practical. It may be also that he expects USA to collapse under Trump, who tends to run his business until he files bankruptcy, makes inside deals and comes out smelling like a rose yet most likely causes small guys to collapse because the court said he didn't have to pay his bills. I hoped I could trust Trump, but the erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson opened a huge can of worms. Two of those worms are Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. BTW, I bet Robert T Morris(who I think is Mark Zuckerberg) is a decendant of the man who invented the Morris Code.   ๐ŸŽ  https://youtu.be/6RQU11yOgwU 

Good for Iran to say they will start naming names!  Trump reflects the Jesuit wants - he wants war to make money!    https://youtu.be/_jWBtattUps

The truth should come out anyway. God bless Iran if they reveal the truth. Much of It has been shared anyway. But if they confirm it, great. Your "behind the scenes" is BS! Trump is deceiving us and Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are ticking time bombs! Stealing Rex Tillerson's job was just for emergency immunity because there are probably sealed indictments on them for taking part in September11! Trump is lying to us and doing all he can to help his Satanic underground friends to stay out of prison! After Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn got 3500 pedophiles arrested and said many more to come, instead of giving them awards, Trump formed a fake coup to get them both fired! Trump is a puppet of the Secret Societies, Satanic Cults! Wake the freaking up!!! We need to have those groups criminalized, taken down! If Trump helps us do that, THAT will make America great again! 

Mark Dice But you MUST know that Trump doesn't give a rat's a$s about what media report. In fact, he contracts CNN for his hotels. I just saw Gary Franchi go to one of them. https://youtu.be/rVBNqmHSGms 

 I'd say she hasn't been getting her apple ๐ŸŽ a day, but decide for yourself. She seems to be fighting rigamortis with her dancing moves. Chvrches on Jimmy Fallon looking for a Miracle instead of a McIntosh-hmmmm. 

Mary Greeley reports harmful affect a of ashfall including loss of power. https://youtu.be/V1EuMvQk3ho

Dr. Savage brings up questions about the timing of the embassy moving to Jerusalem and is aggressively attacked by callers.  https://youtu.be/spczSCampxo
 It only strengthens why he questions it! My comment:  William Casadone You're wrong. This is a life and death matter. The embassy us very likely a deceptive distraction to impede war. So yeah, I'm with Dr. Savage. Be a human and consider his question!

Mark Dice talks about the GA Deportation Bus.    
My comment: My concern is Trump is letting the Clinton Crime Syndicate bring them right back in to use as their militia/army in case they get arrested, which Trump is blocking! The Jesuits are running Washington, DC! www.appleofmyeyes.org 

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi successfully destroyed current ISIS HQ in Syria. I hope that's true. Trump isn't doing anything bc Obama formed ISIS.  https://youtu.be/FrDKnMT6icc

Thank you's by Jimmy Fallon and dialogue with Higgins 

More Thank you's and "would you like some crap with that"? Says Higgins  https://youtu.be/Z7xPcJJpwtM

More thank you notes ala cake balls...https://youtu.be/rAip5gNqUA4

An impressive interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. https://youtu.be/LQicq60aJaw


Whitehouse Press Conference with Sarah Sanders 5/17/2018 https://youtu.be/pIzKDmfVHLk
Trump gave his paycheck to DOT, then a new bridge collapsed in Florida. Trump giving his paycheck to VA better not be a free access to war. Bombing Iraq after Iraq destroyed ISIS HQ in Syria is wrong! And why didn't US destroy the ISIS HQ? Because US created ISIS and has been like pyromaniacs - funding terrorism and fighting terrorism. And the ones who benefit are the Military Industrial Complex. 

End Times Prophecy claims only half the story, not the other side: https://youtu.be/XuOAfVD0ZTU
 Is real made extensive attacks on Iranian Revolutionary Guard on May 9 - so that doesn't count? Iran fired FIRST EVER rockets from Syria. Israel would not accept peace talks from President Rouhani when he requested it in public. YET he said he would at some point.  I saw him ask PM Netanyahu. Most likely these attacks came from Revolutionary Guards al Quds, or most likely - U.S.-backed ISIS- since Trump wants to incite war and he bombed Iraq this week after Iraq destroyed ISIS HQ in Syria! See where this is going? He's a warmonger for the Satanic Jesuits who run this country.  

My comment on Bare Naked Islam:   http://barenakedislam.com/2018/05/25/welcome-to-the-british-police-state-where-muslims-are-fee-to-break-the-law-and-british-citizens-are-arrested-for-pointing-it-out-to-police/#comment-787098

The Jesuit New World Order planners have been attacking Britain for decades in particular. Queen Elizabeth's father had an untimely death in 1952 - same year the Satanic CIA were created!....Princess Diana wanted to marry Suni, Saudi Arabian Dodi al Fayed. They found out that her title and power would be relinquished and it took all the "fun" out if it. Most likely Princess Di and Dodi al Fayed were killed by Muslims, including poisoning, which may be the real reason her driver sped up since they were used to paparazzi tailing them, not that it was a pleasant experience. It may be the reason why they took a different route from the hotel to the flat, was simply because both were poisoned and the driver needed to rush to the hospital. She was still alive and paparazzi interfered, costing her chances for survival. Neither had seatbelts on, which they could have easily clipped Due to high speed if they were not ill. The fact she was bleeding from her ears and nose leads me to believe it was a lethal dose of Coumadin/arsenic. Another drug, fentynol requires such a small amount to kill someone - may have been the drug also. If they were having seizures, that would explain why the ambulance stopped for a while...Their deaths were used as a Muslim Political motivator to infiltrate Britain....Queen Elizabeth is doing all she can to keep peace. Thus, explains why we don't know the real cause Rest assured, this is not the doings of British Intelligence. They would not have engaged so many people and risk the lives of others.  They would have done something in the flat they planned to go to - and kill them there with no one else around, and make it look like an accident. Yet I do not believe the intelligence planned to kill either of them. Problem would be solved by relinquishing Diana's title- let her connect with the Muslim factions without understanding their motives. They could only advise her for her own good, which I'm sure they did. Not a Muslim factions are bad, obviously. Yet the NWO Jesuits found Muslims to be easier subjects to socially engineer as they do all they canto create chaos and confusion. That's my take on the matter. 

The real name of Rockefellers is Rockenfelder + Rothschilds + Weinsten + Epstein + Silverstein (who owned WTC) + Vatican = JESUIT NEW WORLD ORDER. ๐ŸŽ

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Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense,
who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old
he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic
red tape.  He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable
lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird
gets the worm, life isn't always fair, and maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend
more than you earn) and reliable parenting (adults, not children, are
 in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned,
but overbearing, regulations were set in place.
Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing
a classmate, teenagers suspended from school for using mouthwash
after lunch and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student,
only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents
attacked teachers for doing the job they had themselves failed to do in
disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools
 were required to get parental consent to administer paracetamol,
sun lotion or plaster to a pupil, but could not inform the parents
when a pupil became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.
Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became
contraband, churches became businesses and criminals received better
treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you
couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home, but the
burglar could sue you for assault because you protected yourself and
your own.  Common Sense finally gave up the will to live after a
woman failed to realise that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She
spilled a little in her lap and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.
Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust,
his wife, Discretion, his daughter, Responsibility and his son, Reason.
He is survived by three stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else
is to Blame, and I'm A Victim. Not many attended his funeral because
so few realized that he was gone.
If you still remember him, pass this on.
If not, join the majority and do nothing.
Author Unknown

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     Researchers, do you know of this occurrence in history – and the events that occurred during this time?  Would you not wonder if this was part of a huge CIA operative to take down USA? This was when the Clintons were making $100 million a month on their cocain trafficking – through the Iran-Contra affair, etc.   See my post on Robert Snogress
FYI:  https://twitter.com/i/moments/993397761100804097

Do a search on “Satanic Panic of the 1980’s”
and also search:  “A document from the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s is bringing back memories for some”
Posted 5/14/2018  5:45 p.m.
Female British police officer was raped when attempting to arrest a rape suspect!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roGAZ1MBRes

 Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James on ADAPT Protest and Meeting

May 15, 2018 2 min read
This morning, members of ADAPT – a leading grassroots disability rights organization – held a “Free Our People!” protest at The Heritage Foundation. The objective of the event was to call attention to the need for people with disabilities to be able to receive the quality treatment they need in the dignity and security of their homes and communities, as opposed to institutional settings.
Heritage President Kay Coles James, who has worked closely with the disability rights community for many years, invited leaders of the organization to her office. There, Mrs. James and senior members of the Heritage team met with Mike Oxford, Dawn Russell and Anita Cameron.
The following is Mrs. James’ statement about her meeting with ADAPT’s leaders:
“ADAPT’s message is a message for us all: ‘Free Our People’ is, in fact, the principle upon which this nation was founded. That’s why I was proud to tell Mike, Dawn and Anita that they are among friends here at Heritage.

“The Heritage Foundation has long supported health care reforms that empower individuals to control health care dollars and decisions. Our patients-first philosophy emphasizes the vital importance of enabling patients – not government officials – to determine where they can receive the treatment they need. This philosophy applies to all Americans, including people with disabilities who depend on the Medicaid program.

“Heritage has long believed the Medicaid program is in need of modernization. The program’s demographic, structural and fiscal challenges threaten its sustainability, now and well into the future. For example, when it was created in 1965, institutional care was made a mandatory benefit because few alternative options existed. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Thanks to numerous advances in the delivery and management of care, highly-skilled caregivers are serving millions of Americans in the security and dignity of their homes and communities.

“This patients-first philosophy is not a new position for The Heritage Foundation – it’s one we have developed and supported for decades. And the reason is simple: it is 100% consistent with our mission to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish! Like ADAPT, we believe all Americans – regardless of disability – should be free to live independent lives, age in place, and realize the gifts of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“I look forward to meeting again soon with ADAPT and other advocates as we explore common-sense reforms that will replace government-dictated with consumer-driven healthcare. And, as I told Mike, Dawn and Anita, there is never a need to block Heritage’s doors. They’re always open, and a meeting is just a call away!”
Following the meeting, Mike Oxford made the following statement:
“We appreciate the courtesy and understanding of The Heritage Foundation to facilitate a meeting with Mrs. James and the senior staff. We discussed the shared values between ADAPT and Heritage, which include independence, freedom, self-sufficiency, and better outcomes for disabled Americans. We look forward to working with The Heritage Foundation to craft policy and research that moves us to toward a solution.” 

Sometimes the investigators just don’t get it right…
Here are is a Pro-bono professional organization that I am learning of and will add more when I learn of them – please pick up where I left off and share more through your own networks.
The Vidocq Society
          Book:  The Murder Room, by Michael Capuzzo
This is a case that the Visocq Society took on.  They are a pro-bono society – NOT secret like ABC morons report.  Typical MSM social engineering.  Nevertheless, if you have time to watch all five parts, comprising of 10-12 minutes, it may interest you. 
This is part 5: -- I missed this one but you will find it easy on YouTube after Part 4 is watched
@Colonel_Ted @RoyalFamily @Plaid_Tillerson @netanyahu It doesn't matter that Isreal attacked @HassanRouhani's country1st? Plus-The bombs probably came from ISIS terrorists ! READ pls: Did Iran fire missiles at Israel from Syria & why did they do it? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-israel-attack-why-syria-golan-heights-war-air-strikes-rockets-a8345406.html  
Frankly, I think Clapper is being a strategist with what he is saying but they fail to show us the whole video.  Look as his gestures at the beginning - like he is not even taking himself seriously.  These people are part of the Shadow Government. https://truepundit.com/clapper-fbi-was-protecting-trump-campaign-not-spying-video/
@tedlieu - you r blocked bc you fail to see what is going on.  #AllDeceitMatters  @gen_flynn  was clearly innocent-he&Jeff Sessions were part of a Trump witch hunt after they nailed 3500 pedophiles #First100Days & planned to arrest many more! The courts are not about justice!
Love of Country should surpass the ursurping Presidents of the past.  #Progressivism was initiated by Roosevelt so he could win the Presidential Election; just like why #TeaParty was intended.  Dark Secrets in Politics www.appleofmyeyes.org Criminalize #SecretSocieties #Cults
Trump could have fired Mueller, so #WakeUp pls!  He refused to fire son of #HeimlichHimler when Jeff Sessions recommended it last summer. We are being deceived! USA is run by #SecretSocieties #Cults and Trump should step down!
Use some common sense, pls!  Trump is not doing his job!  it is not @JeffSessions fault - it is Trump's deliberate deceiving! Trump wants a WW3!  Erroneously bombing Syria when @presidentAssad does not use chem weapons; would not kill his own citizens www.appleofmyeyes.org

Trump funded Planned Parenthood and is still helping Clintons and Obamas to stay out of jail – probably in a pay to play scheme!  Wake up, people!  Stand up to the deceit because #Satanic #Cults and #SecretSocieties are running this country!  https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/trump-quotes-bible-at-pro-life-event-before-i-formed-you-in-the-womb-i-knew-you/
If this is the TOP CNBC reporter, which is actually reflecting the bottom of the barrel, it is obvious that Trump is doing nothing to Media to make them shape up or ship out – because he is using OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD for what he construes as his “advantage” – Our country was founded by truthers and though we have struggled with Satanic Jesuits since Day One, we have also defended the Truth.  We don’t defend liars!  https://www.mrctv.org/blog/cnbcs-john-harwood-doubles-down-ms-13-gang-members-are-human-beings
          The article begins with the infamous “animal” line by Trump:  President Donald Trump referred to violent members of Salvadoran gang MS-13 as “animals” Wednesday during a press conference after a local California sheriff complained her department wasn’t allowed to turn these vicious criminal aliens over to immigration authorities thanks to her state’s sanctuary city policies.
FACT:  Clintons support MS-13 and they are probably their militia!  Consider what they are up to since they should have been arrested last year but Trump blocked it by keeping Comey, hiring democrat Rosenstein (who is son of Heimlich Himler, who was not only Hitler’s right-hand man but also the Jesuit Pope, aka The Black Pope) as Deputy AG, etc.

SGT Report is on their Q kick for the last time I care to hear it.  I stopped following them and will take them off Patreon when I get into my account.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GDP_EwNaxc
My comment: I will be removing you off Patreon.  You have turned into a shill.  the Q crap is juvenile!  QAnon is a psy op.  Q stands for Quantum, but it also reflects the new Q in LGBTQ - which has been tacked on this past year apparently.  Trump has been President now for 1 1/2 years and none of the high profile criminals are in custody.  I was getting cloud popup messages "explaining" why "I did this now  becasue less people will be hurt and nobody will die" and so on...It is FAKE.  So much for Trump being real!  Pompeo owned Thayer Aerospace and was probably the weapon builder for the September 11 massacre - since they were explosive-filled drones that hit the WTC bldgs.  It is like you are being drugged.  How can you keep saying over and over that Trump is getting close to arrest people?  He had the evidence the first week he was in office - enough to convict!  This delay process, and keeping crooked Comey to help Clintons and Obamas - is all so damned obvious and I cannot believe you promote Q as like your fairy godmother.  It has really boiled down to heresay journalism and nobody cares as long as they can go oooh, ahhh - as if something was real. You want real?  How about the real massacring murderers on September 11?  Oh, is it too soon yet?  It's only been 18 years!  Pompeo made the drones and John Bolton filled them with military explosives since he was undersecretary of firearms and weapons and had access.  Yet Trump stole Rex Tillerson's job from him so he could give it to Pompeo so he could have emergency immunity to save his ass because Rod Rosenstein leaked to him that he and Bolton are on the sealed indictment list.  With over 20,000 indictments, no doubt the September 11 planners would be included!  I am a Christian - I do not believe in cults!  They created the Q phenomenon as a cult - using riddles.  Mark Twain said, "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled" - I suggest you correct yourself.  Assad never attacked his people with chemical weapons.  Trump bombed Syria 59 times as a Satanic Curse against Rex Tillerson because his corp office street number for Exxon HQTRS is 5959...We do NOT have Law and Order...we have chaos and Trump does nothing to Media to hold them accountable for lies.  I feel sorry for you that you don't care about reporting facts. 

Post on 5/28/2018+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The Family International is a Cult!
8-min video on The Illuminati and the Family International   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mCgy9FosRg    The Illuminati was created by a Jewish Jesuit.  http://www.illuminati-news.com/adam-weishaupt.htm  - Look for "Jesuit New World Order" on my my ad-free, solicitation-free  blog. www.appleofmyeyes.org 
There is a reason why The Family International aka Children of God have been allowed to exist for so long, and their leaders never caught. They could have been arrested eons ago, but never did. They likely never will be either. It was an MK Ultra linked project for the purpose of research.

Good point about the Family International being created by MK Ultra/CIA.  No doubt they were!  Look at how much pedophilia is going on - and when Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn create cases on  3500 pedophiles, and have them arrested - does Trump give them commendations espeically since it was successfully done the first 100 days in office?  NO!  Instead he forms a coup against both of them!   Jeff Sessions recused himself, which saved his job, thank the Lord because we absolutely need Jeff Sessions as Attorney General!! I am so grateful to his strong family for their dedication and supporting him!  Both Jeff Sessions and Mike Flynn were getting death threats constantly!  What really made me realize that Trump is a very bad person was his erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson while he was in Africa, yet Trump made up one lame excuse after another - one of which was something to do with Iraq.  Get this, Iraq bombed the ISIS HQ in Syria recently and  Trump bombed Iraq in retaliation, lying that he had to kill already-dead Abu Bakr al Baghdaddi!  Baghdaddi was killed by US-led Operatives in Pakistan in 2016!  Obama got pissed and obviously organized the mass-shooting at the Pulse Bar!  People obviously really died there and Omar Mateen was drugged obviously!  Law Enforcement  knew he only had two guns on him, no explosivles.  They used microcameras. So why didn't they just enter from all sides - they had SWAT gear, for God's Sake!  Yet remember when Paul Ryian spent millions to fly to Florida and give them commendations - for getting over 50 people murdered?  This happened a few days after Baghdaddi was successfully killed.  Obama created ISIS!  ISIS is another word for Columbia and it is is even on statues/carved stones in Washington, DC.  See my blog on the Jesuit New World Order.  http://www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/05/jesuits-of-new-world-order.html
“the Love Prophet And The Children Of God” – they are the same as the Family International, wtf:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poPisCJjxog
never saw this documentary. very weird to hear music from my childhood and see the faces of elders who ruled my teenage world. i imagine the truth does this to folks. my parents joined this group and created 13 children... my paternal grandparents tried to rescue my father and uncle but were unsuccessful.

I was a member of the Children of God from 1972 to 1979. The leaders had a very good life -- but the rest of us went through HELL! We had to go out and do what was called "litnessing" -- witnessing through the selling of Mo Letters. There were times when you had to bring in so much money or you stayed out litnessing until you got it. I remember having to find someplace that was open all night because I hadn't made enough money yet to be allowed to come in. We had to turn our money over to the "Colony" and they in turn sent to those higher up the chain than them, eventually reaching "Mo". He lived like a KING with multiple women while guys like me slept in a sleeping bag on the floor. And I could go on and on . .
He was allowing children to be molested as young as 20 months old. He married wives in the church by having a sex ceremony in bed. This girls were 10 to 13 years old. He molested Mene his granddaughter at age. 12. He married her in his sex ceremony that is listed as above. This is sick. I don't know if there is a hell but if there is, he is in it.
If you guys look up Ricky Rodriguez, which was Berg's son, it's a very sad suicide video that he left expressing all the rage he felt growing up and the perversion he lived through as a child. He eventually left the cult but the demons of his past haunted him and was what eventually drove him to suicide. It's very sad to hear his story and the stories of other survivors.
My father was born into Children of God, separated from his mother and father. He left when he was 13, when he begged his grandfather to take him away from the cult. Most of my life, he told me stories of his past and, to this day, I can see the pain in his eyes from it. It has damaged him so badly that he cannot escape it. All these children are brain-washed. A little kid can't think for themselves, that's why they take advantage of them. All that they know become these teachings from disturbed, Christian-based fuckers. My father raised me so that I develop my own opinions and my own faith. I could not be more thankful for that. He was abused everyday, physically by his "step-mom." Any opposing words that he said, they would beat him senseless. With 2 by 4's that had nails in it, with belts, any object that could use before it broke. He was abused mentally even worse though. They locked him in a room for 6 months. No one to talk to, nothing to do. They starved him, feeding him one meal a day, if even. The restrictions that ex-members (who are forced into it) face, are created by these monstrous beings. (I don't even want to call them people.) I carry my father's past on my shoulders, because it helps me understand him better, and where he comes from. The damage that these people cause in the name of God, doesn't just sicken me, it terrifies me. My father didn't deserve this and no child does. Christianity religion is the most fucked of all of them. They image God as a man, which makes men feel like God themselves, which they then abuse greatly. I have a hard time learning the truth when the "truthful" people speak nothing but lies to manipulate others, to control others and to brainwash others. The impact of the family has greatly affected me and I wasn't even in it. I believe the number one destruction of humans, is religion. This needs to become known. This needs to stop.

Bunch of swingers and child rapists masquerading as disciples of Christ. Christ and the Apostle Paul specifically warned of these "false prophets." Cults all have one thing in common, they take The Word of God, twist it just slightly, and take credit for its Truth
River Phoenix's family was involved with this group for awhile.

Interesting how so many ex members gravitated to Hollywood ,which is a den of pedophiles ..
Its just despicable how he defended child molestation for hes own pleasure. Religion is nothing more than stupidity, people.
          Anne Bradley
The Children of God/The Family International (which probably is involved with child trafficking all over the world) - is no religion! It is organized crime!

On many levels this is beyond belief, but on other other levels completely not! Tragic, sick and disgusting! I've often thought that in our so called modern and enlightened age the timeworn idea of a crazy and charismatic cult leader can always find an audience. How truly sad no one was ever brought to justice over this horrible cult.

I read a book about this a few years ago, called "Not Without my Sister" it's about 2 survivors of the cult and their journey to freedom. Had me crying most of the time, but really good book.
I was born into this, we left thankfully.
the way is wrong you must find another path the family cult is the way to hell
What the hell? Acquitted? Because they say that the child abuse no longer takes place. Even if that was true, which we know is a big, fat lie now, it had happened. Where's the justice?
The video clip at 22:26 is from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, Northern Europe You can clearly tell by the Danish Flag flying above the main square. I am disgusted at the thought that this blasphemous, perverted religious group had reached so far from the US of A, at some point. But most of all I am disgusted that this could go on for so long!
this is one of the sickest cults ever in this country,in Jesus name they defiled Jesus.What could be worse that.Jesus weeps.

The leader was messed up since he was young. Clearly there was some kind of mental illness since his mother thought he was some kind of prophet or messiah. And he had sexual deviancy from an early age. I cannot believe this people would just go along with this. It must have been so degrading to watch your wife go out & be with strangers. He first emphasizes sexual purity. Then suddenly the women are prostituted out for money. And what was wrong with the guy that was justifying this behavior? Creepy saying the man was a sexy guy. And describes it as sweet. What a weirdo. Now I get it, he is a sexual deviant too, because the children are brought into their sick twisted ideology. They needed to read what Jesus said about hurting a child. He says if you want to harm a child it is better to put a millstone around your neck & drown yourself in the ocean. Too bad they did not follow that recommendation. "Suffer ye not the little children." I cannot believe they continued on after his death.
I actually met some members of the Family in 2000 on a train in India. They had a teenage girl with them who was pregnant and in rather revealing clothing for that environment. It was weird to say the least, I wish I would have kept the paper the guy gave to me but I got rid of it. 

I first watch th doc on Netflix it was very interesting. So I researched this is a church that is still running today just with a different leader this is crazy

this is just prostitution & stripping. this man is no prophet he is a pervert & exploited ppl & children for personal sexual use. sicko!
watch The Children of God: Lost and Found.   made by one of the survivors.

I can't believe I uses to be part of this cult. I didn't know it was a cult cause I was stupid and naรฏve but oh my god was I oblivious. I literally found out the family international today.
the family the children of god is the mostly dangerously cult of all cults right now only the can comepete whith the scenetilogy cult

David Koresh and this cult leader messed up so many peoples heads
I was one of the Lawyers who became involved with The Family during 1992, when all their kids were being ripped off by the Governments around the world, in particular in Sydney, Australia. I went on in 1994 to work on the U.K. case in London referred to in this vid. The movement started off with a real - if geeky - message of Salvation by Grace through Faith alone. I believe that this was an important message for its time - still is - in days where, let's face it, no-one much likes Church or 'Churchianity', as the COG used to call it. So in this sense, the movement was a revolution. Almost all the 'rank-and-file' members that I met - those 'grassroots' people actually getting out there and sharing this message seemed genuine. I think that one can look back through History - including Bible History - and identify corrupt religious leaders/kings of God's people when, nevertheless, God's purposes for His people were being accomplished. They say that 'a fish rots from the head'. This was true of the COG. My involvement as their Lawyer did disclose rottenness at the top. Lord Justice Ward was right about this. Most people can be right about some things and dead wrong about others. In a sense - and not in any way condoning what went on in front of children and the mandated adultery and prostitution - maybe God chose the 'foolish to confound the wise' in putting out the, IMO, important message of Salvation by Grace through Faith alone, without the alleged 'need' to belong to any particular denomination. Y'Shuah didn't start any new religion nor mandate church attendance. The rest of Christianity is corrupted also. There is, e.g., no Scriptural authority for the proposition that the dead speak to us or, indeed, are conscious of anything. They are 'sleeping.' Christ is the 'first fruit' and only One who has risen from the dead. All the rest of us will rise as one at the last day....

.Peter Amsterdam is Berg's spiritual heir.   I'm sure he'll get the same reward.
This video was far far far too sympathetic to Berg.  Most of the dialogue actually came from Berg's own writings.    He was evil incarnate. Faithy was a chip off the old Berg.  For anyone to repeat the old lies about the early days is pure hypocrisy. Now that we know what Berg was really up to from the very beginning these people should be ashamed of their involvement, not glorying in it.

David berg has got to be the sickest piece of shit that ever lived.
Anne Bradley
CORRECTION: the ones who allow that piece of shit and this group to continue are the sickest.

Why does society tolerate these filthy paedophile cults?  Time for the vigilantes to bring back the lynch mobs

how very sad to think groups of people like his still operate world wide , destroying families by the thousands , it is certainly worth watching this video to see how easy it is to get sucked in by these religious gurus .
His mother forces him to finish masturbating in front of his father?! No wonder he’s twisted and disgusting. His parents were freaking gross.
Anne Bradley
Adult Secret Societies and Cults do that also - ie, Skull and Bones Society at Yale University - which Bushes and Clinton and others belong to. Masterbate in front of eachother. They are demented, deceivers, NWO Jesuits. Secret Societies and Cults should all be shut down! Bush participated in planning and carrying out the September 11 attack. Americans killed Americans that day!
Leaders of Cults are mostly criminals and pedo's..!!!And..it's like in every society..only leaders have the "best" lives..?!!and "the members" are there too serve the leaders!!!Cult's should beeing banned from country's to save those poor peoples...!

thanks for sharing i was a part of them too
Ezekiel 34 is talking about Jesus, the son (as in, descendant) of King David. Mr. Berg was deceived by a demon or the devil himself, or by his own flesh. Evil is attracted to people whose lives are being transformed by the True Word of God (Jesus), and so that is when you most need to stay on guard. You the leader will be more susceptible than any of your followers, because you have the most influence, to either bring life or to destroy. Jesus only brought Life. And King David called HIM his Lord! (Psalm 86 I believe, quoted by Jesus)
I am so sad that so many children and youth were sexually and mentally abused, and especially that it was done invoking the name of Jesus Christ! These are the depths of evil. I believe sexual abuse is worse than murder, because it kills a soul, and yet the person has to go on suffering through life. I pray for healing, for someone who knows the real Jesus to come into each of these lives and that they will know it's Jesus reaching out to them, to heal all the hurts and restore everything stolen from them.
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I'm intrigued by the transforming power of the scripture shown here, before Mr Berg let his selfish ambition and power take over, and added his own (that is ALWAYS the pattern of false religions/paganism, even for those who don't know the Bible). He was using scripture to deceive people. But the true Lord says, through Isaiah 55:11, "so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it." I believe that those who came out of the cult and developed a holy relationship with Jesus Christ were spiritually transformed by the power of that scripture in their minds.
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Faith is deep in denial. And if you know anything about body language and lying language you can see she lies we often where her father is concerned. There's a special place in hell for the leaders. A very special place.
Nailah Washington
Stalkholm syndrome most if these cases.
Great documentary, thanks for producing AND posting.
I was (Daniel Lionhearted) member of the Family between 1988 and 1990,in Hungary.I was eighteen.I would like to get contact other ex-memebers from at that years.

Anne Bradley
Hungary is where George Soros lived without his father so he could learn where the Jews put all their money and he could tell Hitler and make 10% from everything Hitler stole from them. Which was funded by the USA. Not that most of us realized this. Bushes were a big part of hijacking USA.

Tom Jacobs
look up david berg, mo letters, flirty fishing, rick rodrigueck son of Karen Zerby

It still amazes me what one sick person wil do today just to get what whey want in life.

David Berg, David Koresh, Warren Jeffs, Joseph Smith, Ted Haggert, Dino Cardelli....... see the pattern? The bigger religious nut you are, the more likely you are to be a sexual freak. When fundamentalists rail against sexual "sin," methinks the lady doth protest too much. That said, the cults that seek political power are much more damaging than the ones with weird sexual mores.

Well, I was kicked off that YouTube site so I can’t share any more comments…..POSTED 5/28/2018
April 23,2018 - quick howdy-doo with Jimmy Fallon. https://youtu.be/as73XAKLtUQ
Jeraldo Rivera Show with Ted Gunderson. Satanic CIA, Illuminati 1 hr long    https://youtu.be/JMDblL1_cbU
Illuminati Exposed 45 min Created in 1990's or earlier.  https://youtu.be/U_Sbmc0oMy0

Her Majesty The Queen's Coronation. 1952.   https://youtu.be/9WVQz-ExT00
Diana in her own Words film. My impression, I don't think she was mature when she married Prince Charles.  https://youtu.be/bDjFiN9U0mg
www.geoengineeringwatch.org - CIA whistleblower exposes Shadow Govt (if he's CIA, I don't believe him) https://youtu.be/XHbrOg092GA     My Comment:  Say a few truths to book the fish, then say BS like Snowden is a hero and Trump is taking down the Deep State because he makes faces at him...oh sure, CIA psy op Kevin Shipp! Once a CIA man, always a CIA man - otherwise they die! This video is not reliable! BTW, the geo-engineering watch is probably another distraction, to keep you both ROTHSCHILD's backs as they mass murder and destroy property, land, etc! 
CIA man Michael Scheuer is still loyal and obviously psy opping to a degree, yet listen to this 17 min video if you have time. I was irritated by the BS about Washington is not the enemy!!!! Americans mass murdered Americans on September 11!!  And he and all people know this! So shame on him!  Because Justice is not served! The  a mass murderers are still at large! Mike Pompeo is probably the one who built the explosive-filled drones that flew into the WTC bldgs!  He owned Thayer Aerospace, funded by Washington billionaire politicians like Mitt Romney, Koch Brothers, others.   Boeing passenger planes are WIDER than the WTC buildings were! Wake up, people! The SECRET SOCIETIES and CULTS are running this country!   Syria is no threat, he admits that, but he fails to claim Trump is ATTACKING Syria, not defending anything. He also says Isreal relies on Syria's existence, yet Netanyahu claims Syria is an enemy, Iran is enemy. Iran is cleaning up their country a great deal! The richest man was sentenced to death and executed. Also, Babak Zanjani, billionaire friend of Clintons and Obamas was sentenced to death March 2016, and that's when Obama stole $1.4 billion in cash to give Iran for an obvious pay to play scheme to get Zanjani out! Yet Obama claimed it was random money for the criminally accused cases which, since Hassan Rouhani became President, were re-reviewed and dismissed! Hassan Rouhani told Obama to go to hell once! President Rouhani is a good man!   https://youtu.be/cLjZoA3GaVE 
David Zublick reports on MaraLargo Trump Mansion https://youtu.be/NiU_3pFurJM
My comment:    President Trump's MaraLargo Mansion/island has been determined to be a Pedophile factory like Epstein's island! Only it is referred to as "child slavery" which ironically is Ivanka Trump's line on a fake mission to stop child slavery/child trafficking. See where this is going? The Trump's only care about money in their pockets, screw Everyone else! 
My sister just had an untimely death at the age of Satanic 66! Plus they got the Catholic Church to schedule a "memorial service" on the day I was illicitly arrested in 2006 - illicitly forced in a psyche ward by a relative of then-politician Joe Lieberman (Dr. Ryan Lieberman, who slandered me with staff saying, "Look at her! Look at her!" Because I refused to do anything but sit Because they love to kidnap harmless people for the scumbag crooks who do not like being held accountable! And I was drugged and raped there also! ) My sister was probably poisoned! And the Society Of Satanic Jesuits no doubt has everything to do with it! I couldn't talk to my sister anymore after asking her to call law enforcement to save Dad, but she wouldn't Because my mother told her something. It was my father's last chance to get saved from being murdered and she was affixed on just watching him die! This is what the Satanic Jesuit Society is doing to families! Wake up, people, before it's too late! The war we have are The Enemies Within! The CIA people are psy ops! They don't care about Truth! They care about the criminal agendas! Mike Pompeo was rewarded with stealing Rex Tillerson's job when he didn't even purge his own offices or take down his opium Factories! The offices were raided, and his Factories were bombed! So what, it's only money, and it seems like Trump thinks USA can file bankruptcy too! 
That's my impression anymore because our economy is NOT getting better! And people are dying! 

Posted 5/28/2018  10:52 pm EST ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

May 2018 #4
Don't go nuts game with Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/KC3MutXeqHc 

This video validates more that Saudis poisoned Diana, her driver, and martyred Dodi Fayed. Most likely they were copy-catting Anericans who used it in USA. They knew they caused it and no doubt they would not dare try to war with Britain because THEY caused it and I am sure The Queen, Prince Phillip, and their higher intelligence officers let Saudi Arabia know they wouldn't dare. (CERTAIN SAUDIs funded the September 11 attack in part. This evidence presented was strong, they even had an estimate. This helped Americans kill Americans that day.)  The excessive bleeding could have been from the same kind of poison that killed the US-famous journalist Breitbart. He, too bled out. It's a fatal dose of coumadin!   Also the same thing done to retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, who survived the lethal dose but died a few months later from the heavy damage to his internal organs.  https://youtu.be/4r1h_pT2Spg 

Giancarlo Stanton is guest on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Check out Epic baseball Songs on YouTube. His friend is Niroki itisme on YouTube. https://youtu.be/6gHOTxlPRSo 

Meantime The oil tycoons who are having tantrums that they can't incite war with anyone, are doing this to keep the billions they have, while destroying societies.  

Mary Greeley reports updates on volcanoes and earthquakes. 
https://youtu.be/FHgDLZVB7gQ       My comment:  Child of Christ Experts have affirmed that the sypervolcano shouldn't erupt for centuries, I think - at least several generations from now. But what's speeding things up are the NWO  Rothschilds geo engineering.

Dahboo77 reports on the strict issuance of a credit system in China:  https://youtu.be/73OktepQ878 

Teenager talks about growing up never knowing his father, who abandoned him and his mother.  https://youtu.be/cS_WtQbkY8s 

Now these are the Royal "secrets" I like to learn about! https://youtu.be/did6mMxAI6U

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - video clips, but there are alot of repetitions. FYI  https://youtu.be/y9Wbvjg4HTE 

OMG - Tropical Storm Alberto. STATE OF EMERGENCY in FL, MS. Happy Memorial Day. https://youtu.be/Y4V4_MDtROs 

Mary Greeley reports updates on volcanoes. Complete evacuation ordered. Liani School https://youtu.be/WmjI9Vn2ibI 

Tracy Tondro Why don't you ask him about the Trump DOJ tweet - why the hell he waits 18 months to ask FBI if "they" spied on him because Trump had refused to fire Comey when Jeff Sessions recommended him to be fired last year. Are you just a yes-man and can't think think for yourself? Look what Trump is saying here! Because Trump has also said he "cannot" involve himself with DOJ issues and he's mad that Jeff Sessions hasn't arrested Hillary and others - when Trump refused to give him military backup to make the 25,000+ arrest sting! Then Trump attacks Syria lying about Assad using chemical weapons. And by the way, Trump used his Mansion in Florida for pedophilia, child trafficking. Oh, maybe he says that's before he became a Christian. Trump's buildings probably are all susceptible to child trafficking, his secret business most likely. See www.AmericaTalks.com or David Zublick on YouTube. Trump should have been thoroughly investigated anyway! The BS about FBI doing their jobs is nonsense. Does anybody think Trump ever had a top security clearance? Well I for one do not think he would pass it! Pompeo is the same thing. Many claimed he didn't even have a clearance as CIA Director. WTF - Pay attention, friends. I sure as heck am very worried that neocon Pompeo has only one goal as was his goal September 11 - kill alot of innocent people. This stupid moron claims Assad murders his people with chemical weapons when Americans REALLY murdered Americans with bombs plus airline passengers were all gassed so when the planes went off radar they flew to an island eith transponders off and all passengers were dead Hitler style when the planes landed....Trump criticizes people as an act of deception. Why is it a brand new bridge in Florida, paid by DOT, decided to collapse right after Trump decided to donate his quarter salarary to DOT? Is it because people are criticizing him for not building a border wall that he never planned to build anyway, it seems? After all, that money could have been used for that.       SGT Report on defending Trump when I believe he doesn't deserve defending. My opinion. I never issue any complaints on SGT Report yet am very disappointed with their going down a rabbit hole, it seems. I really liked his reporting but it's like Mark Twain said, It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. https://youtu.be/6GDP_EwNaxc

Dahboo77 reports Brazil's  gas shortage update...getting very serious!  

Jimmy Rants Well said! This is Pompeo inciting war with schemes, I bet! If Rex Tillerson was Secretary of State, it probably would not have even happened!++++

Posted 5/29/2018+++++++++++

I posted this on facebook 11/27/2015. What I would like to say now is that AMERICANS killed AMERICANS that day.  If USA saw a country do that to its own, we would attack the regime!  Trump is lying about the Assad Regime, to use as a distraction – which is backfiring.  He should step down now while he has some dignity because when he fired Rex Tillerson, I did a complete about-face on my support! 
Anne Bradley
Facts about Bin Laden. His daddy made his billions in CONSTRUCTION industry. (Don't you think he could have found someone to wire the WTC bldgs for Demolition, particularly since they had a chance to scope the joint when the bombed the WTC in 1993 during Clinton's Reign, and the one who planned it was released thru the Clinton administration, after all, he had alot of work to do, to.plan 9/11!) His daddy was a Saudi-Yemeni
2. His mama was Syrian.
3. Bin Laden offered PRIVATIZED VIOLENCE for sale, thru Al Qaeda
4. His brother Salem was marked as successor to daddy. He died in a plane crash
5. The SOVIET-Afghan War was Bin Laden's entry into the global stage. (Those who say President Putin helps terrorists are not caring about the truth. Obama lies on the news, critizing Putin for bringing weapons to Syria. That's because Obama want to help terrorists yet Russia is fighting terrorism)
6. The more Syrians that leave, the easier govt takeover will be. After all, Bin Laden's mama was Syrian and they want to claim It's all theirs now.
7. Taliban were controlled by Pakistan.
8. Bin Laden was an unemployed hero. Never fought. Always told his followers to. Prince Turki SafISIL said Bin.Laden could not be trusted. "He.may have been a good fighter with methods he undertook against Iraqi invaders but he can't take any credit in Saudi Arabia.
9. Bin Laden created a Fatwa (Muslim against Muslim) using propaganda, and he recruited nonmuslims. He accused other Muslims of being " You non-loyal Muslim Umma, you have betrayed the Umma and I'm gonna call you out! " He targeted Saudi religious authorities. Saudi Arabia expelled him from the country.
10. Bin laden's first public statement was in 1996. Clinton administration was disinterested in Afghanistan. Let Bin Laden return to his obscurity in the mountains.
11. Taliban was Bin Laden's "soulmate"/
12. Dr. Imini Sawadi-regime with Sadat and Mubarak. Good with counter attackmovements. IInfluential in joiningforces devt--thus formed Al Qaeda.
13. Their propaganda claims the world is divided into two groups: Muslims vs Enemies. Bin Laden extracts part of the Qur'an to use as reason for war.
Well, that is a synopsis up to Chapter 5. I get tired from sharing this. Emotionally drained. That's the only reason I stop. I have many more notes. Source: www.911memorial.org. Search Middle East History and Security. The end.
17-min on Clinton Crime Syndicate:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNuhxVefWQg
Resolution BS – to attack the ones who are saving this country.  Comey left, they blame FBI for Comey’s illegal activity! He event cites Comey!  https://www.facebook.com/679725848/videos/10155417673420849/


Wayne Wurster shared a post.

So let me get this correct, you're going to boycott Publix because they contributed $310,000 to Adam Putnam?
Well guess you are also going to boycott Disney World, they donated directly to Adam Putnam too. Also, time to boycott Universal Resorts.
No more sweet tea for you, why, because U.S. Sugar (donated $200,000 to Adam Putnam), No more beer for you either because Anheuser-Busch (donated $147,000 to Adam Putnam), Hungry for dinner after all this boycotting, well OSI Restaurants also directly supports Adam Putnam, who is OSI? Well they own Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Better get boycotting.....
Awe can't find anything good to eat because all the good restaurants are also indrect supporters of Adam Putnam and the NRA, you better skip dessert, Blue Bell Creamery directly supports Adam Putnam.
Don't drink any Pepsi Products, no Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Lipton Tea OR Aquafina water. And for those that are quick to forget, Pepsi owns Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Doritos, Lays, Ruffles and more.
Still driving around, don't stop at WaWa or RaceTrac.. Got to boycott them too. Got into a car crash on you way home from boycotting? Make sure to ask your Ambulance crew to take you to a non HCA Hospital (donated $125,000 to Adam Putnam), oh you have a non HCA Hospital in your area. Cool..
Anyone in Central Florida has heard of Lakeland Regional Health (LRMC) actually LRH is very well known, because it is the busiest SINGLE Emergency Department in all of the United States... You're in luck... LRH is not an HCA Hospital... Cool... Nope sorry, you have to boycott that place too. The newest wing there is named after Carol Barnett, and she too is a Putnam, supporter.
Do you have Humana Insurance? Well if so, there is no need to go to the hospital. Humana directly supports Adam Putnam... Let me guess you have Florida Blue? Betcha got Blue Cross and Blue Shield sorry kiddo, time to boycott them too. So get off that stretcher and walk your broke ass home.
Need an attorney after the car crash, check the list, make sure you get one that didn't donate Adam Putnam.
Hot from walking home after your car crash and you have Humana Insurance or only HCA Hospitals in you area... Well don't even think about reaching up to drop the temperature on your thermostat, there's about a 50% chance you have a Honeywell Thermostat.... And Honeywell is a direct supporter of Adam Putnam.
Darn, can't touch the Thermostat... Grab a fan..... Just plug it into the outlet... Nope can't do that either. It's time to turn off your power, boycott Florida Power & Light (donated $300,000 to Adam Putnam), I hear it now, I don't have FP&L, well are you a TECO customer? How about Duke Energy, Time to boycott them too. They donated to Adam Putnam.
Oh you got a generator.. Perfect flip on the TV and just rest for a bit. What's on cable... Well it depends, do you have Comcast Cable? If so, ....then not a damn thing is on. Cause your going to have to boycott Comcast, they are a direct supporter of Adam Putnam. Okay, turning your TV off, you will just use the internet, sounds legit, quick side note, did you know that Xfinity Wi-Fi is owned by Comcast..... Don't have Comcast... Cool... Remember NBC Universal. No NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Hulu, E!, The Weather Channel , USA Network, Golf Channel, Telemundo.
Since you're at home with nothing else to do, you know what else you need to boycott (because Publix supports Adam Putnam and he supports the NRA) , no more Amazon for you, Amazon supports the NRA. Need to ship a package, better call UPS to move your packages, because FedEx supports the NRA. And no more YouTube either... Own any Apple devices? Chunk them Apple supports the NRA.
But wait there's more... as if we need it...
At work do you use any computer programs from ORACLE...... well guess what? You don't have to go to work anymore.
Do you shop at Macy's?
Do you have a Master Card?
Do you use CellularONE or ClearTalk?
Need to send money fast.. Western Union... Because all of those companies work with Syniverse Technology.... And our good friends at Syniverse donated directly to Adam Putnam......
Seriously people grow up. I bet every single person inside the store yelling "Boycott Publix....." uses or has used products, services, food or entertainment from one of the companies above that has directly or indirectly supported Adam Putnam and or the NRA .
Please share this for the fools laying in the isles at Publix. It will give them something to read while they are on the ground pouting like a 2 year old.
To all the Publix Managers and associates. Print out this list, and ask the cry babies if they can leave to boycott all the other places that need boycotting too. Remind them if they have kids to trash any Disney products they have at the house....
Another Facebook user said it would be funny if all the loyal Publix customers had a hand full of sugar packages with them.. Open one up and let it spill on every person you have to step over.... He called it "sweet payback"
It is funny, but not worth it.
I also added coverage maps for the lazy ones who don't have time see how truly pointless this is....
Don't take my word for it. Look for yourself. #SupportPublix

The TV Queen of Repulsiveness just got booted from ABC.  She probably went to the porn parties and engaged in child sex trafficking http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/05/29/abc-cancels-roseanne-after-barrs-racist-tweet.html
Incase anyone is interested in the
June 1, 2018 at 9 a.m. – you need to sign up before hand

Posted 5/30/2018**************************************************

@Dahboo77 – Geoglyphs in Peru  https://youtu.be/HXBEHJddoBY

POSTED 6/1/2018++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

May 2018 #5
A Plane Truth on YouTube shares what the vaccinations are doing to kids today - contrary to what Trump promised = another really big lie he advertises. Reminder: we are not getting Law and Order, the September 11 criminals are still at large and by now, most of us even realize who they are!  https://youtu.be/VFyZD_FbGg4
This is BS! The man is just marketing books and is not reflecting the whole truth. For instance, Americans killed Americans on September 11! https://youtu.be/_d7qVDNo-T0
The Battle against child pornography/paedophilia in Manilla, Phillipines - rooted in.Germany.   https://youtu.be/zXd3rxLEzMs
*Avengers Infinity War - entertainment film
ILLUMINATI are coming after your kids! AMPLEX shares Ted Gunderson. ILLUMINATI were 1.5% of population when Ted Gunderson was still alive. No doubt it has at least doubled by now, they poisoned him with arsenic!  My father was probably poisoned also. Yet my brother conspired with the peadophile priest from NY (David Bentley) to make sure he died!  He admitted to me that's why he flew to New Mexico, not as he assured me of (that he would help me find a good nursing home for Dad since the one he was at was abusing him)   https://youtu.be/uj2sBp3ib0E
Added comment to this video:  https://youtu.be/GgpTpaNzaTE
spirituallyours64 R China is their own nation with their own problems. All the tremendous work they did for Olympics was little appreciated and Obama was snubbing them too. They are strict with their people. Yet they see the USA out of control, face it.  US citizens are not standing up for people who are violated, not even standing up for themselves! So if this country is so free, why is that happening? China created Haweii line puposely to compete with iPhones. Yet their systems were hacked by an unk source. (My opinion, Apple did it!) Still, they are recovering from this. My Huawei phone was stolen from me at the courthouse here (- oh, no, I still have that phone. It was a different phone that was stolen from me. Maybe I should create a post in.my blog about cell phone service.)  They've done this to me before but the FBI agent I leave messages for (a very professional, dedicated agent) was always able to get my phone or other stolen property back.....
I had that Huawei phone  at a Starbucks in the Yale University area, brand new phone. I went to the counter to order my drink and an IT moron got his kicks by making my phone vibrate off the table!  So the cover has always had a crack in it because their floor is brick. I've also had many things stolen or damaged at Starbucks, a different one. Starbucks refuses to check their videos to determine if it was there. They say police have to request it. So I will not go to a Starbucks in this town anymore...   

Scotty Kilmer, car expert. (Almost as proficient as Queen Elizabeth ;) - alot of people don't realize this but Queen Elizabeth could take a car apart and put it back together! She is not some evil Satanist that propaganda described as a camillian - which only came out when Prince Charles married Camilla = wordplay, not truth) https://youtu.be/sDFOr68dziY

P.S. - DocuprintNow can teach you how to save your Facebook - so anything you have on it will be backed up.



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