National Memorial Day Concert 2018

National Memorial Day Concert was found here on PBS: 

You will be able to find it archived if you missed it live.

Enjoy this site, Memorial Day Poems: 

I tried to find the Memorial poem I wrote for my father in 2000, yet apparently they only archive the ones who donate.

NASCAR Beginning Ceremony was performed by USMC in Charlotte, NC:

Sorry I didn't get to this timely. I am a serial cooker. I made spaghetti sauce and stuff. 

I took a break. I'm watching  "Columbo"

That's all I'm doing for tonight. I want to finish watching Columbo ๐Ÿ˜Ž

My blog was being hacked when I used Google as the search engine. I'll get back to this tomorrow. Ima Sicka This is visiting me. 


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