Mother's Day

My sister Kathleen Marie (Bradley) Davis 9/18/1952 - 4/23/2018

She was the beautiful one 💜💚💙💛💝

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Here is a great video about a black-hair anonymous story, LOL - I may create a post for Real Gem Studios. She is spot-on, God is blessing her work! It's  fun to watch her videos.

This poem may seem out of place, yet despite my disappointments and bad experiences, I believe this:

Poem by Anne Bradley
They Didn’t Win
Those who tread on us will most likely do it again
But they didn’t win

This world is on loan from God – that’s why
and when we see our brother cry
from pain or sorrow – we should help their Tomorrow
be brighter and better – we should Love

Love can be good or evil, depending on the Wolf.
Feed the Good Wolf always and all ways
the jealousy which abounds is found
to help – not harm – to set a seal on your arm

You will feel the calm; not storm
You will feel the warm comfort
Not the hurt by lovers
who feed the Bad Wolf – they will never Win

Love is what fills the cracks; love attacks
what is wrong like controlled fire, its flame
takes claim to deceit, its Kindle
will dwindle problems with solutions

Love is not the pollution – nor will it tolerate
Pollution – love omits confusion
through checks and balances and obligation
Our mythical facinations omitted by real Love.

They didn’t win – when our lives battle the
Trickery – like a hickory tree ignited with lava
Controlled love gently helps in moulding
Love empowers us to Stop The Wicked from holding the Bad Wolf.

Satanic Cults, Deceitful Cultures,
Secret Societies, and lies love Lucifer
Because they are not controlled – they
Fission, they fester, they shake and make a Maze

Love is simple, not a maze, it is fueled
by God’s Word, which we have heard
growing up and living up to morals
which society constructed as Standards.

Yes, we Stand. We Stand for each other
When we see their need and feed it
as a Good Wolf, and starve the bad one.
It’s no fun to hate, to deceive. It’s not genuine!

It’s not a diamond but a Fake
And will keep taking if the Bad Wolf is fed
Love builds when it’s controlled
with God’s help. Yet the World is in ruins if the Bad Wolf is fed

Our Federation was founded by fathers who
Loved morals – not tricks
Yet the bad wolves have been growing
by deceiving and showing a fake allegiance!

These Bad Wolves didn’t win!
If we can determine and call for God's Wrath,
We then can take a new Course, have a new Course.
Justice is what elects the right path –

It’s pathetic when we close our eyes to this
and allow the lovers of Corruption to grow!
and we wonder what caused the Volcano
to erupt, the microwaves to obstruct, the earth to be disturbed.

They didn’t win because “We See” inspite of Deceit.
We complete the earthquake Equasion of Ruination
by solutions – expose confusion – and
Real Eyes – realize we can’t engulf (or wolf-down) - sumination

Our emancipation needs moral love from above
For the Luciferians destroy people like toys
They didn’t win, because we are standing
and taking Command of our ships!

The evil storms shipped by evil geo-engineers
Have not used their eyes to see or ears to hear
Justice detaches from this evil and is applied like a Blanket
of fairness, impartiality, detachment, fair-mindedness

And once this mess faces Justice
The Controlled lava of Love which erupts
will feed not the Wolf that corrupts
but the one which gives heed, loves what is Good.

They didn’t win and never can!
Their love for studying war
Will collapse on their laps!
Time may lapse and they will keep trying
To terrorize, yet our eyes are on the prize!
As we take the Stand and let them implode on themselves!

As our heels take the Bold Stand
And our hands reach out as God’s Hands
Are our moral commands – our fire
Which makes us tirelessly tarry
For that which helps Mankind,
Rather than destroys minds and lives.

Love controlled this way calms
The Evil Wind that tries to attain
By taking instead of making
The sun comes out again – because they didn’t Win!

Amended 6/17/2018 - for clarification

 While many others celebrated Mother's Day. I deliberated on whether I should share this.  My parents were married over 50 years. My father was obviously poisoned over a long period of time as well as more aggressively when he drove to New Mexico, expecting to stay at the Bishop's rectory, since that Bishop invited him there to write his book.  But that Bishop sabatoged my father and changed his mind only when my father arrived.  He may have been like Fr. David Bentley from Albany, NY - a pedophile whose veins reaked with evil.  The nursing home and hospice tortured my father. That is how I describe it. Because he wasn't dying "fast enough", my Satanic brother said, "If the nurse just holds him on his sides for a while, it will make each lung collapse and he will die faster."  I reported this to police after my brother left that morning. I wasnt going to leave my father's side because my brother may have suffocated him. My mother didn't care. She threatened to have security throw me out "if you don't shut up".

The last thing my mother said to my father before my Satanic brother and pedophile priest from Albany, N.Y. (David Bentley) said to My dad, who loved her, was "Im looking for a boyfriend" and Dad cried, while sick in his bed. He handed the phone to me to hang up and because she made him cry, I would not speak to her and hung up the phone. One of my sisters just passed away and I've had no communication with relatives since my father was killed Jan 2000. The NWO is doing this to families - yet the family members who allow it - do it by choice!  My scumbag brother was calling medical staff lying about my father  being a pedophile.   My brother offered to fly down to help me get my father to a good nursing home because my father was greatly physically abused by the one he was in. Instead he did something to Dad to make him unable to talk and lied to me that his lungs were bleeding and the doctor ordered him to hospice. I was shocked! But I didn't expect this evil. spewing out of him! The pedophile priest was there even though my father ordered him not to go near him or me and he knew about that priest breaking into his home because management saw him in there. Yet even though this scumbag Satanic brother knew how evil that priest was, he invited that priest to see my father. That scumbag priest walked right up to me fast and kissed me on the mouth! If my father wasn't so bad off, I would have punched that priest till he had no breath! My father's eyes were opening and closing, he was trying to say something. The doctor came in and said nothing to me, even though I went down to New Mexico because that priest was trying to kill him and my siblings ran my father out of town, rather than get him medical help! They all sold themselves to the devil! My dad loved them and they murdered him, treating him like a piece of broken furniture! And a sister recently died, who I haven't seen in 20+ years, except for a brief time at the hospice my father was FORCED to by my brother and mother. I told her he that the evil priest, my brother, my mother, and the Lockheed Martin couple were killing Dad and  she would not do anything either. She was confused. **She spoke to my mother and decided to follow my mother's wants.  She just wanted to see Dad die at that point, as I thought and resented when I thought about it, refusing to call anyone for help.

I wouldn't let go of Dad's hand while he held mine. My sister complained about me not letting her hold Dad's hand.  It bothered me so much that she did not care about getting help to save him because my mother told her not to! She knew I called police, etc. I just thought, She should have tried like I did, but no, she just seemed to want to watch Dad die, and my other siblings who ran him out of town in Upstate NY didn't even go down there when I advised them to (except for the brother who conspired with the pedophile priest David Bentley to kill my father.) The couple who had Power Of Attorney were Lockheed Martin people and treated my father badly. They refused to turn over POA, and my father told me he wasn't going to ask because he didn't want any trouble from them, since they argued with me about so much - even getting my father his Breath Right strips from home. Dixie Zumbrunnen, the wife, grabbed them in his room and snapped at him saying, "you don't need those!" obviously anxious to make my father die faster.  I had to purchase more. That was an example of how intimidating they were to my father.  A muslim doctor saved my father's life after I called police and asked them to  check on my father after I spoke to him on the phone. The priest was forcing my father to stay home as he was bleeding so badly, they had to give him three transfusions! Police called for an ambulance! And my damned relatives STILL defended the pedophile priest!   My scumbag brother told staff while he was there at the hospital that I had a sexual relationship with my father and that's the only reason I was there! All my relatives sold themselves to the devil! My father was a good man, a hard working man, and raised us right. THEY did the most evil thing one can imagine! I don't care WHO persuaded them! It was their choice! It hurts alot not to have seen my own sister before she died. I cleaned her filfthy house many times, and would have helped again if I could. She had three kids and I knew she had a hard time getting motivated and I wanted her to be happy and healthy.
**8May2020 - my blog was hacked here. Part of the sentence is gone to allude I had an unkept store, which was the farthest thing from the truth. FYI

 Her landlord strangely came to my store and told me they would be evicted if they didn't clean the place up. **it waslike she was comparing my store to her home, expecting them to be the same.  (My cleaning habits from my father.  Not my mother.)  Her husband is still alive to this day, according to a stalking brother who I told management where I live I want nothing to do with and yet the management kept meddling, including letting him use their phone so he can leave me a voicemail telling me I am mean. I don't expect anyone to fix this hell I have gone through. I would leave this place if I could. I explained more about what that brother said to my voicemail in the following paragraph. I encourage you all to have a word with family members because the NWO satanists will divide and conquer any family they can. Know the enemy!  It may save relationships and also help you get your rights.  I would refer you to my "TootsFromTootsie Blogspot" blot, which is just a commentary - but it was altered. Apparently the Trump technocrats "needed" to use this as a means to market Trump because he is right at the beginning of the blogpost.  That was a specific date in my life in which I wanted to do just one thing, give tribute to my father.  I was grateful for the way I grew up.


My sister was only 66 when she passed away in April.  (I couldnt help if there was a Satanic plot involved, to cause her to die)  I had a brother stalk me at my apartment complex telling me she was still alive and I needed to go to Upstate NY.

My sister passed away in NC before that. I am glad I would not return his call.  She was the most beautiful of the four of us females in the family. She would make me laugh till I cried.  I wished I had enjoyed more fun times with her, yet was always struggling to get financial stability in my own life, struggling from corrupted job environments, corrupted everything, it seemed.  Kathy showed me how she made bread from scratch. I still could not make it as well as her and tried to get her to make bread for me at my store on a regular basis but she wasn't interested.   I had not seen her from the early 80's to 2000 and saw little of her that partial day when my father died.   This picture is only when she was 18.  She was a grandmother when she passed. The "v" covering was a requirement for high school seniors back then.  Even though we were not a Catholic School, this "v" image was a Catholic tradition.  I have read that it was a Satanic symbol (for Vulcan, also used by Pizzagate, representing the genetalia area.)  I never paid attention to that since nobody ever talked about it.  The picture is enlarged so you cannot see the black "v" covering which all high school girls were supposed to wear when their picture was taken for the school album.

She Belongs to Jesus
My sister Kathy died on April twenty-three
I wonder why it wasn’t me
I wonder why a mom with a family
Can be taken from the world so mysteriously
I wonder why our society fails
I wonder why our sobriety is not hailed
I wonder why our world really has the answers
Yet cause the pain, cause the destruction cause the cancers
I wonder why we cannot correct
I wonder why they claim to just forgive and forget
Her husband, a Vietnam Vet
Wondered why soldiers are sold to die
Why men’s cries don’t matter
And yet my sister tried to bring meaning
To his time, she could find his heart
As her heart met his
I remember when she wrote Eddie
And would give the letters a kiss
I remember her excitement each time
When his letter arrived in the mail
Meaning is what flushed her pale face
And created her life, her blessing was Eddie
I wonder why Kathy died so young
You just think the youngsters in her family
Feel so much need, so much warmth when
They can be with their Grandma Who Achieved
The Greatest thing – Love
Muskets must get their purpose
From politicians addicted to power
Rifles and Snipers pair when they care
To take their talent to shower
Our country with Love
By Protecting – forgetting
Their own selves
And Unifying the Will
Which turns out to be
Political cancer – can our
Society survive with
This demeanor? Mean is
In the word “Meant” –
Yet it is not meant to mean
That Attack, aggression is
The solution. We have Defense
Yet the dirty politicians create a fence
Of Force they prostitute
From the lives our few good men
And women who devote
Who dedicate, who follow
What turns to be a Beast
That seeks to curb an endless hunger
By war-mongering for power and control
They will never succeed this way
Said Buddhist Dalai Lama
Whose religion’s first monk was born in a manger
Like Jesus – who as a child even corrected behavior
By following instincts from God
I wonder why I did not make my way
To connect with Kathy yet
I am human; I hurt; Death
Lasts forever. Dad’s death was
Caused by an evil endeavor
Rather than one of Love
Yet Dad belongs to Jesus
And so does Kathy –
Both left this world too early
When we start each day
Let us pray, let us praise
Let us raise our eyes
To our Highest power and Guide
And thank God
Because we can never control
We can only Serve
We cannot save
We can only have
What God gives us
Let us use these these abilities
To Facilitate Peace
To thwart Demise
To uncover Disguise
So our Eyes can be
Turned on Truth
Kathy belongs to Jesus
Kathy also is our Truth
And she watches over Every one
In her family, embracing them
With her promise, the price
Which she gladly embraced
When she married her Love
Which is, “I will never leave you”
I wonder why she reached this dimension
Still so young – yet your family has won
Because her life has spun
A reassurance that Love has won.
Annie – Psalm 17 


AnneMarie said…
5/19/2018. I recently learned that President Trump may have made an economical weapons deal with Lockheed Martin, he has been paying them for surveillance equipment installed all over Washington, DC and more. This equipment scabs all devices and stores it in metadata.
AnneMarie said…
5/19/2018. I recently learned that President Trump may have made an economical weapons deal with Lockheed Martin, he has been paying them for surveillance equipment installed all over Washington, DC and more. This equipment scabs all devices and stores it in metadata.
This comment has been removed by the author.
As you may notice,some words are deliberately altered - most likely through the CIA-concocted virus - which was probably created by Robert T Morris who is probably ska Mark Zuckerberg. The equipment SCANS - not scabs.
I copied and pasted my comment to delete the first one and correct "through the" it has changed aka to "ska" - just be aware of these tricks as you communicate with people you do not know because it's most likely not their fault. Now watch, there will probably be typos in this after I post it.

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