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My Opinions Are My Own

The following are my favorite resources for news: 8May2020 - the ones marked with ** I no longer follow.  I stopped backing Trump in 2017 - when he erroneously fired great people in his cabinet. Those marked with *      are those I watch less of    Newsbud comments  later on this blogpost **  - i DO NOT TRUST SYBEL AND PROVIDED REASONS WHY.  AFTER THIS, PATREON GAVE ME A VERY HARD TIME REMOVING THIS CHANNEL and WILL NOT LET ME CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. SO WHO IS PATRREON SUPPORTING?  HAVE THEY CHANGED SINCE THEN? THE LAST TIME i TRIED TO GET ON PATREON WAS ABOUT A MONTH AGO.  IT IS A WASTE OF TIME TO TRY.  Dahboo77**  Intrepid Report Truth Factory Cat*  Open Your Eyes  Mary Greeley David Zublick Channel (though I disagree sometimes but he corrects things as he discovers more)* Amplex The Black Banner  - see comments later in this blog post Contrail John919 - VOP Updates* DarkSkyWatcher74 - VOP Updates