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  • We should all be tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! 

  • Transcribed: 
    Explosive CTM Full Interview – Robert Snodgres
    This interview took place on 12/17/2017

    Robert Cody Snodgres interviewed by John B. Wells

    Update 4/30/2018 – transcript corrected, more  typed.  Any errors you find at this point will have to be corrected in your own notes.  They should be minimal, but I know I still couldn’t figure out a few places what was being said.  I provided the time location in hours/min/sec. I will resume tomorrow and hopefully it will be completed.  See my comment at the end of this post regarding certain issues on this interview.  Thank you. 

    Update 4/29/2018 – the handwritten transcript is all set to type

    Update 4/18/2018 - I just added about 10 min of transcript. He really puts alot of dialogue in this but I am typing almost everything - only leaving out redundant comments.  I will return asap. 

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    Quote:  If I can live long enough – like Seth Rich, Phillip Marshall, Gary Web, Michael Hastings, Vince Foster,etc. – I hope to join with Patriots and Jesus Christ angels to bring down this evil demonic Satanic Deep State Shadow Government led by bankers, pedophiles, political criminals like the Clintons, that are ruining our country. How many murders by suicide or accidents will the criminals be allowed to get away with?  This is a spiritual war as much as it is physical.  My dad fought in WWII at Pearl Harbor and Guada Canal. My uncle fought the Great Evil of Adolph Hitler, the WWII Battle of the Buldge.  If we don’t stand up and fight now, we very well may lose the great Light of American Freedom forever.  Luke 8:17: 

    Luke 8:17 17For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    East Texas State Univ
    Physics major
    Recruted by CIA – but he said he wasn’t interested. But they worked it out to convince him to join. Promised he would work with Vietnam vets
    NASA Science & Physics
    He got his MS in Physics after joining CIA

    1999 – Operation Stingray. He was taped by hidden cameras after telling Blake L. Butler (undercover agent; he didn’t realize he was undercover) about Pedophile rings, and CIA sex ops involving George HW Bush.
    I liked Phillip Marshall’s book: The Big Bamboosal

    There were death threats, high level corruption:
    By:  Bill and Hillary Clinton
            IRS conspirators

    1997 – ATF and DEO       Operation Stingray
           “I was the biggest machine gun dealer in CO”

    Oct 1994 – offered a job to bomb Murrow Bldg as a CIA asset. Cody refused on moral grounds.  CIA turned him into a liability, a leak.  Once hired as body guard to Barry Sadler who was murdered in Guatamala City. 

    Sep 1991: hired as a Body Guard for SSG Barry Sadler, who was famous in 1965.  He wrote the Green Beret Song, 1965.
    Cody’s book:  What Realy Happened to Barry Sadler
    Duke Flagias
            Viet Nam Vet
                    Special Forces – Ft Benning is where they trained
    Project Slammer
    Assets  lost their lives and we were targeted after that. Cody had died twice in the hospital and was shocked back to life. 
    Cody was being marked for termination
    He was shot, beaten up several times
           Permanently disabled with PTSD, injuries
            Cody began drinking heavily

    1986      Barry Seal shot at when at a halfway house
    Pablo Escabar
           My book:  What Really Happened to Barry Sadler
    In Tulsa, OK – CIA projects (Amico Company)
    1986        Barry Seal was shot at when at a halfway house
    Pablo Escabar, others mentioned

    1982 – 1985
    J Ridge
    Screwworm – this may be a project like Robert T Morris bit on because he created a worm that destroyed tens of thousands of computers and I believe it was a CIA job.  In 1988, He went to MIT to distribute the worm in the computer lab. You would think they would sue him, have him arrested – yet instead, they hired him as Assistant Professor!  And I bet he is Mark Zuckerberg, or a relative thereof. 

    Santa Rose was the project he worked on. This had to to with the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas – where the Clintons worked and used as a political home base when when Bill Clinton became Attorney General.

    Bolling Amendment – passed 1984 – war in Nicaragua
    We were helping Contras, which was against the amendment, through request of President Reagan

    Santar Rose – moved arms and brought drugs back.  Barry Seal was the pilot

    Book:  Compromised by Terry Reed

    1984      Harold Lennard
                  He met with Harold in the woods
                  He had a purple and black pack w/ $500,000
                  Domestic Job      EOD
                                              “Explosives And Demolition”
                         Target:  Federal bldg. in OK City Murrow Bldg
                  He refused the job – said, “I’ll do it to another country but not American citizens”
                  Harold still made his pitch:  ½ million now, ½ million when the job is done
                  But he knew that Harold would kill him after the job was done
                  He turned the job down
                  He “went black” – when he saw the building was really blown up
           Duke Flaglier, his handler
                  Agent Orange cancer killed him. Flaglier told him to get out of OK City, but he said no, “I’ll just go black”  (false ID’s, etc.)
                  Stayed in OK – went overseas – returned.  Met Larry Nichols

    Larry and Tim McVay were indicted as patsies  1995

    1997 – ATF and DEO       Operation Stingray
           “I was the biggest machine gun dealer in CO”

    19:15 min
           Purpose was to build silencers, machine guns, etc.
    Undercover Agent like LT Butler
           Butler was in Waco, TX
                  6 Branch Dividians killed
    Real story is in the book
    4/20/99 Columbine high school shooting in Colorado
           Cpt Glen Wilson, DIA in Day County FL – with Janet Reno
           I drove down 4/22/1999.  I did not know they had hidden cameras.  They asked me what do you think about Janet Reno…Cathy O’Brien Story, to include Bill and Hillary Clinton having sex with not only her but her 7 yr old daughter Kelly. Told him about the drugs and arms dealings in Arkansas, the Branch Dividian Compound REAL story (cover-up) Highly inflammatory. Lasted 1 ½ hr. 
           Five months later (9-16-99) they planted me with false evidence and CIA came up. I was lit up like a Christmas tree. I was supposed to go to Cairo, Egypt the next day to pick up money from Blake B.  They knew FBI was going to talk to me and didn’t want me to talk to them about the covert ops.
    This was all to shut me up. Presented me to Judge Edward Nottingham, hired by GHW Bush Sr. recommendation in the 70’s.  CIA-appointed.  Promise Software was used in the Justice Dept – to make sure nothing was seen in records. 
    The fix was in.  Used Tom Strickland, who was hired by Bill Clinton.  Clinton had fired every US Attorney in the Country to cover up his crimes in Arkansas.  Strickland worked for Norman, Brownstein, Hyatt, and Favor. The principle in the law firm, Brownstein – worked for the CIA back when GHW Bush was was there.  The whole thing was rigged.  Judge Nottingham ordered him into solitary confinement in (FCI Englewood) Littleton, CO – in a supermax facility.  Three cells down from McVay.  I had to sleep on the concrete floor – 6 to 8 weeks at a time.  I was afraid to eat the food because they would poison me.  Cary J. Gagen was a CIA asset like me.  In Denver they gave him three loads of plastic explosive C-4 three days before the Building went off.   His job was to drive the explosives down to Trinidad, CO. where he was to meet his contacts.  He didn’t know who they were. They had codes and the contacts were three Middle Eastern men. And these men had copies of the Murrow Building blueprints in English and Gagen looked at them and got spooked. He got real spooked. He thought, I’m gonna be a patsy or something.  So he drove right back to the Secret Service Office in Denver and said he thought he was being set up. “I just took a van of C-4 and there were these Middle Eastern guys with plans of the Murrow Bldg. What the hell is going on?” CIA got wind of it.  So they planted explosives at Cary Gagen’s house, just like they planted me with them. And then they threw him in there with us.  So now they had in the 10th circuit: me, Tim McVay, and Cary Gagen altogether, and Terry Nichols. We were the four people that had operational knowledge of this stuff with the Murrow Building.  They took McVay out of there on June 11, 2001 and he was executed at the Terre Haute Lethal Injection Chamber. His attorney at that time was Nathan Chambers. And Nathan Chambers saw the execution and held McVay’s mother’s hand there. And I talked to Nathan about two weeks later at the FDC (Federal Detention Center) (Englewood) and I asked hin what was it like to watch McVay get killed. And he just put his hand up over his face and shook his head and walked out.  I knew there was a massive cover up.  So Nichols got 99 years in prison.  We can talk about the Muro Building for hours. I know so much stuff about all that down there – and the cover up. So McVay was executed in 2001; Larry had been given life without parole  (Florence FBI in Colorado) Also down there (in prison)  were CIA stations – Steven , and also Robert Hampton the 25 yr FBI antiterrorism leader – they were both  caught selling secrets to the Russians. They’ve been turned by the KGB, and that was all related to Project Slammer – we can talk about that later.
    So McVay is executed. Nichols now and me and  Cagen left.  So now we were all scared to death.  And we were in Super Max cells – in the worst place they had.  So Gagen was taken out of there (but that’s a whole nother story there) and Judge Nottingham who was nominated by CIA Director George Bush – he court-ordered Gagen to go to the Springfield Medical Facility in Springfield, MO. It’s a Maximum Security Federal Correctional Facility where they send the criminally insaine and there’s a medical facility. So he court-ordered a mental evaluation. And that’s where they stick you in the back room in a straight jacket and they give you the juice and no one ever saw Gagen since.  I don’t know if he’s dead or alive or if they scrambled his brain. What they were doing was making sure where he’d never be able to go court.  So I was the last one left up there, okay. With the Muro Building thing.  I finally got out on a short bond of 18 months and they let me out pending trial.  And so I went about four years and never even had a motions hearing.  Everything in my trial, every hearing, except the bond hearing, were sealed.   They kicked out the US Marshals, they kicked out the court transcribers. They played those tapes that were made about the CIA back on April 22 of 1999. The CIA took them from ? and hid them. And they played parts of them in front of Judge Nottingham in what they call an in-camera review hearing.  My attorney Henry Steinberg – he was a Denver Bronco’s football attorney at the time – they had sealed hearings and they heard all that.  They had Harvey Steinberg came to me and he says man, you’re lucky they don’t just kill you. He said you’re never going to trial.  They never ever will let this stuff in any court anywhere.  Well I was defiant, so we hired Williams, he was a digital electronics forensic (31:08 min) specialist. He did work for the Central Intelligence Agency at one time. He had coffee with three sitting presidents – Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. His job was to bug and debug the WhiteHouse. And I hired him to work and we had absolute proof that the ATF had tampered with the tapes and that I’d been planted with evidence, and so four years had went by.  And Judge Nottingham said that, “Look, this guy, we have to do something with him. We have to have a hearing. So on July 24 of 1999, he set a hearing and said that this is the last thing.  We have to do this.  And so on July 7, I was cleaning my window on a Crown Victoria LTD at a Walmart Parking Lot on 8th Street in Colorado Springs.  My wife was in there shopping.  And I was leaned over the hood cleaning the windshield and I never saw it but I heard it.  I heard a car approaching rapidly and then the motor floored and the tires spinning, squealing.  The next thing I remember, there was a crash. It knocked me back up into another car. I rolled over that hood, bounced off the fender of another car and hit a concrete lightpole. And I was unconscious. And I have proof of all this. I have all the medical records.  This was two weeks before the hearing that we were gonna get all this evidence – we had 100% proof, Valentine – experts—we were gonna take down the whole ATF office in Colorado Springs.  You got them with perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy to commit perjury, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and a whole host of other charges.  And he said they’re never gonna let you get this into court.  They’re gonna kill you. These guys were at Waco! These guys were Ruby Ridge, where Vicky Weaver got shot in the neck!  They were at the Murrow Building the day it was bombed – and called in sick! These are Shadow Government guys!  The judge was appointed by the CIA Director!  The US Attorney was appointed by President Clinton.  You’ll never gonna get a fair trial.  And so sure enough, they hit me with that thing and I spent a couple weeks in the hospital. My doctor told me, “You’re lucky to be alive. You’re lucky he didn’t kill ya.” So, I’m almost done and I was leaving physical therapy on a cane – two weeks later after being in the hospital, I was walking out to my car, and there was a Colorado Springs Police cruzer sitting on the street with the motor running.  And as I got around to my car to open the door, they floored the motor, they jumped the curb, there were sparks flying everywhere, and I thought I was gonna be crushed again. I started to roll back over the trunk and at the last minute this cruzer slid sideways and threw rocks all over me sitting in the cruzer was the Nation’s top cop, Blake Butler, dressed in a Colorado Springs uniform, and he shook his finger right at about 4 feet away from me, and he looked at me and shook his finger  - like, uh, ‘don’t go to court’ . So I was really shook up. I’d been hit twice now - almost killed twice. I drove home. I got here in my little cabin. I was sitting here watching a movie with my wife and young son (3 yrs old or so) and up pulls a car in my front yard.  I looked out and it was Harold Lenner.  The contractor who offered me the million dollar job to blow up the Murrow Building.  And I’d had it. I was done. I’d been in solitary confinement. I was just done.  And I didn’t want my son to see me get killed and carry that memory with him the rest of his life! So I went down there unarmed and I thought he was gonna kill me, I didn’t care, I was done, I don’t care. And he had his hands on the wheel with the motor running.  In his SUV. And he rolled the window down.  And I said, What’s up? He said, look man, me and Harold were friends. We done ops together. I mean, he was my brother. He said, look, he said, “They given us the order that if you go to court and you talk about the Murrow Building , we’ve been ordered to kill you and ordered to kill your family too”  who did the order? Bush?  He was CIA Director then  Harold was my friend, to warn me. He was about to cry and a deep breath. He said, “It’s nothing personal” I called my attorney Harvey Steinberg and said, Look I have had a change of plans. And I want to change my plea I’ll plead guilty to anything you want.  I’ll do anything you want. Just leave me and my family alone!  And so we had a meeting up there and we called ---10th circuit federal court and about that time they had a new US Attorney. His name was Greg Goldberg and me and Harvey had a meeting with him. And he said, Look, You’re on some kind of strange and sensitive case. We’re getting a lot of heat in the DOJ about this.  I don’t know what’s going on here and I don’t want to know.  You pick a charge, any charge, I don’t care which one and plead guilty to it.  So I pointed to the paper I didn’t even know what I was pointing at and it turned out to be dealing fire arms without a license.  A class4 felony.  I mean, I had the biggest machine gun shop in the whole state.  And I’d already turned all my licenses in to ATF I had a perfect operational record. No Parole violations. Everything was perfect. So I was just pleading guilty to anything to get these goons off my back.  And so I made up my mind that if I could ever get away from these people, - they gave me three years supervised release, they gave me 25 months in prison. I did all that I was perfect. I had a perfect record.  Not one traffic ticket on my whole record going into this thing.  They denied my bond – no bond – they violated every right I was, I had, and so this was the Deep State Cover–Up in the Murrow Building bombing.  The Question is why.  Why.  Why did they do it.  And this is pretty shocking stuff, John.  You guys ready for it?  I gotta go back to a little back to a background.  In the mid-80’s Saddam Hussein was a paid asset.  He was in the Bath party running Iraq and they got in the big war with Iran.
    US gov no doubt wanted again to make money on the Military Industrial complex – plus Iran lost most of the men who had earned college degrees in USA. 
    Iran had a 10-1 infantry advantage.  Donald Rumsfeld, our Secretary Of State, gave him a lot of intelligence and stuff. We were worried that they would overrun him. So we covertly armed him with three mainstreams of anthrax out of Fort Deitrich, MD. These were a weaponized grades of anthrax that – they have a small protein code so they are more easily absorbed and more deadly – so we covertly armed him with that incase they were over-run.
    After the war was over, Saddam invaded Kuwait.  And when he did, it pissed the Saudis off. They were afraid he was gonna hit them so they put pressure on the Bushes. And so the Bushes cooked up that Dessert Storm thing , Jan 1, 1991. Now they had a problem. American people did not know that we had armed him with biological weapons.  So they had to keep that all hush-hush.  Well, they didn’t have time to get our troops ready to go over there because our standard anthrax vaccine took a six-month course.  You take one injection a month to build immunity.  They didn’t have time. They were worried that Saddam Hussein would use these weapons that were not supposed to be there, on our own troops.  Then they’d have two things to explain. So they cooked up this new vaccine – it was a one-month up – one shot.  And they used Qualene – it’s an adjunct. It had never been done before. It’s an auto immune booster,kinda like the therasol that is in the mercury-based vaccine for flu or the alum adjunct that is used for flu shots. So this stuff was untested and they waived the  FDA approval and they gave it to our troops going over there. First Lot To Dover AFB.  In my book, I have all this detailed. – date, times, everything.  I took 4 ½ years to write this book. It is highly researched.  Anyway, to make a long story short, John,  Our guys were getting bad bum shots.  And it was causing auto-immune disorders which lead to what we call the Gulf War Syndrome.  Now when they got in theatre over in Iraq the second problem occurred. This was the use of deplete uranium munitions.  They’d been tested at the Dugway Proving grounds but they never been actually used in combat.  So the US used approx. 2 ½ tons of these munitions.  Now these were slightly radio active – mainly used in the A-10 work hog playing – the tank busters in the 30 mil machine guns. I know pilots there that use those and now they work for the special command nearby for the CIA.  However, they were also used in the M1-A1 socket rounds and attacks and Timothy McVay had confirmed kills there. He won a bronze star. But anyway, John, to make a long story short they come out with real high kinetic energy out of those tank barrels, 50 to 100 feet per sec.  They had enough kinetic energy to blow 11-ton soviet T-54 tank Turic clean up in the air, like a tumbleweed.  Stop at 41:46

    (resumed) So United States used approximately 200 tons of these munitions. Now these were slightly radio-active. They were mainly used in the A-10 Warhog, the Tank busters, and the 30 ml chain guns.  I know pilots there that use those and now they work for the space command here nearby for the CIA. Whatever. They were also used in the M1 A1 Sabbat rounds and the tanks. And Timothy McVay had confirmed kills there. He won a Bronz Star.  They came out with a high kinetic energy out of those tank barrels – 50 to 100 per second.  They had enough kinetic energy to blow a 11-ton Soviet P-54 Tank Turic clean up in the air, like a Tumbleweed.  These big gas explosions - - they made new compounds (41:53 min) --- and dioxide and these were a particular size of 4 microns.  Now a standard gear – all the NBC gear that were issued, John, they only went down to 10 microns. So now our guys on top of getting bad anthrax vaccines, they were breathing in this radio-active dust and crap and it accumulates in the thyroid glands and the testicles.  They were coming home from the war, making love to their wives. This stuff was being transmitted through their semen into the ovaries of their wives. Then from the ovaries to the children. The pentagon had this huge medical problem. They’d never done it before – no one knew this was happening. Until our soldiers started getting sick years later. So the Pentagon was possible on the hood of hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars for future medical costs.  Mother to son, son to daughter, grand-daughter, great grand-daughter. They didn’t know how far this was gonna go.  So Senator Chris Shays, the republican from Connecticut – he was on one of the armed services committees – he called for a Gulf War hearing and they told the FBI, “We want you to round up all the records of 480,000 of our troops so we can give our veterans some money and compensate them for all this sickness – just like the VietNam situation as you recall with the Agent Orange.  And Dupont made that big settlement.  So here we are in 1994 with Senator Shays ordering the FBI how to get the records.  So they went around gathering all these medical records and guess where they were stored?  The Alfred P. Murrow Building! When that building was detonated in 1995, those records were lost. And so, on September 19, of 1996  - a few months later – Congress was still involved in a hearing for the Gulf War Syndrome and during that hearing, I have the actual physical copies of that hearing in the appendix of this book. The Department admitted that over 400,000 Gulf War Syndrome Records had “disappeared”. And so  without those records to prove all these ailments – all the medical crap that was going on – the Pentagon was basically off the hook for literally hundreds and hundreds of billions, maybe even trillions, in long-term medical costs.  Now the second reason that Murrow Building was bombed was the office we were in – I was over there in Arkansas a lot, going back and forth from Tulsa. My job was to drive truckloads of ordinance. We had some associates who were in the Arkansas National Guard – and they worked in the Armory – supply sergeants.  Back then, things weren’t on computer. They had paper ledgers. And you can change a ten and erase it to zero and make it pretty easy back then.  And so they were taking loads of ordinance out of there and giving it to the CIA to arm the Contras. And so my job was driving things back and forth. A friend had a farm there and they’d steal the ordinance out of there  and hide it at the farm south of Little Rock. We’d cool it off for a while, then we’d bring it over to a budy’s house to OK City. We let it cool off there before we got our orders. My job was to drive this stuff back over to the Mena Airport where it was transferred to Nicaragua. And so, that was a whole nother story there. But anyway all these records – all these operations were going on and it brought the eye of the domestic law enforcement. The DEA, the IRS, the ABI –which is the Arkansas Bureau of Investigations – they all began investigating all this stuff in Mena.  Bill Clinton was getting 10% of the black ops money for running fronts for the CIA, by using his position as Governor.  And I was told by some of the higher up that the operation was bringing the Rose Law Firm $100 million worth of cocaine a month into Arkansas. Where it was distributed.  I  know all of it. That’s a whole nother thing. But Clinton got 10% of the black ops money, $10 million a month.  They washed the money through the Whitewater scandal, through the Worthington Bank in Atlanta, the BCCI Bank, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International in Cayman, and that’s some of the money they used to move up to the White House. But anyway, all those records of the investigations of the Clintons’ crimes and Whitewater and all that stuff – guess where that stuff was moved – just before the Murrow Building was blown up?  The reason we know this is because an FBI agent in the Little Rock Field Office – he called Craig Roberts who was a Tulsa Police detective there where I lived in Tulsa and told him – he said that he moved all these records out of there, all this Clinton stuff, I mean uh you know on August of 1994 – before Ken Star was appointed as the Whitewater Prosecutor. On July 6, 1994 the Whitewater Investigations began.  And here in 1995 , a few months later, they are all blown up!  And so these records all disappeared right in the middle of these investigations and Clinton’s future impeachment.  So, Paul Craig Roberts, he wrote pieces and said this occurred.  Now we don’t have any actual eyes on intelligence and I didn’t stand there in the Murrow building and watch these records, read them all, and make sure they were in there.  These were just things we were told.  So these two things point directly to cover up about a shadow government and the beneficiaries of that bombing were the Pentagon. So they didn’t lose a lot of that money, medical costs and the Clinton’s not being impeached or otherwise criminally convicted. 
    John Wells:  I want to catch up on a potential misunderstanding I had.  Did you – were you referencing Larry Nichols earlier in our chat, or was it always Terry Nichols?
    Answer: Oh, I’m sorry! It was Terry Nichols. No, Larry Nichols is the guy in Conway, Arkansas. I meant TT, Terry Nichols.  Yeah, I’m glad you caught that. I’ve been talking so fast I said Larry and I meant Terry. Terry was McVay’s Platoon Commander over there in Dessert Storm.  They were the Apaches – with the Standard rider trucks. I think that was about 9:03 a.m. on October 19, 1995.

    John:  You’ve blown up a lot of stuff, or at least seen a lot blown up…

    Cody: Yes, I have. I’m highly trained in EOD and we were talking on the Jeff Rence Show last night about all this and he was asking questions about the actual explosives and I talked to him for two hours and covered semantics and physics and we were talking about tank charges and spherical way diversions. I know a lot of stuff about that so – any questions you got? That right there is the basics and it’s here in the book, 850 pages, it’s called

    Choosing the Light, Dark Secrets of the Oklahoma City Bombing

     And I waited 22 years to tell this story. I made up my mind when I was in solitary confinement and when I finally got out of all that, that one day if the Clintons never got out of office, I had to wait til Bill was out of office, and I had to wait til Hillary was out of the State Dept – and I would finally come forward with this story. I know guys, John, directly at Benghazi – that night, when the fire fight went off, they told me right in my ear exactly what happened. They were in the fire fight for seven hours. They told me the who thing. That’s in the book. The assassination of Barry Sadler - that’s in the book. The thing with the Branch Dividian Compound is really amazing about what really happened there.  That’s in the book.  I got this stuff, like one step away – like you know Ron Cole, he was right there with Koresh one step away. And then I tell my story, you know the stuff that I saw actually, myself. So if there’s any questions that you got, I’m here. I know this is a lot to dump. We have been betrayed.  
    The Bushes and the Clintons are Satanic, evil – I’ll just say that right out there. I know that for a fact.  I have a lot of proof in this book. There are some things in the Black Ops world, John, that there is no proof of because the operations were highly sanitized  - and that’s …You know Phillip Marshal – they sanitized his office and his daughter and his son and it’s all cleaned up, sanitized and – we’re so tired of these cover ups! 
    John: Yeah, a lot of black suburbans were around his place after that murder.  I understand.  Multiple murders.  Let me ask you this:  I’m thinking that now I’m asking this from the standpoint of someone who has no idea what he’s talking about.  So I’m going to alledge which is to declare without proof that that was not potassium nitrate in the Ryder truck that destroyed the Murrow Building.  Yes or No.
    Cody: Oh, yeah, no-no-no – it was ammonium nitrate which is what they called it and when you mix it with diesel fuel, it does make an explosive compound.  However, the shockwave is a compression wave.  It’s an example of a longitudinal        wave, what they call it in physics when direction of energy propogation of the wave is the same as the motion of the wave.
    John: So these people that they saw dead core and everything else, -- correct, they did see death core (53:10)
    Cody: Yeah, here’s what actually happened.  They asked me how I would have bombed that building had I taken the job. And when you blow up a civilian building like that in America, there’s gonna be – the aftermath – there’s gonna be a lot of media, a lot of people.  There’s no way you can hide it.  So if you’re gonna run a black op, how are you gonna hide it. And the cover story was that McVay and Nichols were gonna come up there with the ammonium nitrate and diesel and there’s no way – absolutely no way you can blow up a building like that with a truck like that (53:49) That’s 100% bullshit. You have to have C4 with a detonation rate of at least 2,600 feet per second. That’s 92% RDX and 8% plastic filler.  Or you can use composition beam (54:05) or the composition of nanothermite which is very hot burning, military grade explosives which melts and cracks with the same C4, same time.
    John: They still using RDX, really?
    Cody: Yeah, that’s one of the basic compounds in a lot fo these explosions. They’ve got other stuff now, but what I would have done in that Murrow Building – there were three bombs in there and only one of them went off.  And what that was gonna do was McVay was gonna detonate and then there are ones that are gonna be prewired inside. (54:38)
            And so the whole thing went down and blew everything up – then, the of course, the Federal cover story would be just to look up the lone bomber and the Ryder Truck.  But what happened was two of those bombs didn’t explode and on that morning there was an Oklahoma City police officer named Randy Icke (54:56). He was down on Northwest 5th Street downtown Oklahoma city giving a traffic ticket to a guy and he’d been an (amputee – MP?) 55:06 in the military before and that building blew up down the street, so he just left his car and went running.  He was the very first responder of anybody there. 
    He rescued 4 people who were breating profusely from shattered glass. Then he went to the daycare center to try to find some children and the OK City PD gave him the Meritorious Award of Valor for helping the people and Randy Icke himself saw all that unexploded.  Bomb. Now the Fed had to go in there and get those bombs out somehow before – and hide everything.  Then, they had another team that came in and got the records out!  Because all those anthrax records and the Clinton records – since only one bomb went off – not all the records were destroyed – so now they had to cover two things, so Randy Icke tried to form his own investigation – he didn’t believe the cover story.  They put that bomb in the Daycare Center because the psy ops part of that bombing was to get civilian casualties of children.  That way it would withdraw heavily on the emotions of the indigenious population in the area - What’s happening the Americans! So, Randy Icke had 9 boxes of files after a year or two of investigating and talking to witnesses.  When it came out, there’s a massive cover-up in the OK City police department, cooperated with the federal investigation cover up – was because the Feds had infiltrated the OK police department. There was a lot of drug dealers in there. They basically used the blackmail and told them look, if you all don’t help us cover up this bombing up, we’re going to expose and prosecute all these dirty cops.  So the fix was in.  the cover up was on. Randy Icke was a good patriot trying to tell the truth.  And he had 9 boxes of files.  To make a long story short, he got the boot.  He went to move them up to storage in the King Fisher, Oklahoma (57:01). Later on, his body was found. It was away from his patrol car.  It was found by a Canadian county deputy sheriff, Mike Ramsey.  The patrol car was covered with blood.  This was 1996. His body was found out in a field.  He’d been beaten, cut, hundreds of cuts.  Broken bones. Contusions and one shot in the back of the head.  Now, Randy Icke wasn’t stupid. He was a cop pus he’d been in the military.  So he made two other copies (57:43) of 9 boxes – one of them went to Dr. Don Shumley, which was his friend and Shumley had a Cesna, single engine and he had got spooked as well.  The same exact day that Icke went to hide all those records, Shumley took off in his plane with a copy of them – will take them off to hide them and his plane crashed.  The same day they found Icke’s body.  So his wife  Tonya Icke got the call from OK city Police Department Senior Officer.
             He said, “Your husband has been found dead and they had to put those first copies of the records down at the bank building – in a safety deposit box. She went down to get them.  And when she got there, the girl at the desk told her that the FBI was just here 30 minutes ago.  They broke into your safety deposit box, confiscated all of those boxes under national security and warned us not to talk about it or ‘you’ll be prosecuted’.”  So Tonya Icke was was scared. She got back home. There were writings on the wall.  I’ve got the exact words in the book, like shut up or you’re next – or something.  A couple of weeks went by and her brakes went up on her truck.  All of these details and the cover up is massive – just massive. 
    John:  Cody, you talked about the Middle Eastern Guys that got plans to the building. 
    Cody:  Yeah, right.
    John: Very early on when the reports came in about a bombing having occurred up there in Oklahoma City, I heard the word Iraqi. Did you hear the name Iraqi? 
    Cody:  Yes, when the FBI – I gotta slow down, my palms are sweating here – on April 19th of 1995, about 9:03 a.m. that building was detonated.  Now standard investigative – there’s a lot of investigative things there that (59:48) the FBI took it all over – they – deposed a lot of witnesses and they saw McVay in in a getaway car.  There were other witnesses.  I actually saw an Iraqi – looking man in the Ryder truck with him.  But that didn’t fit the lone-bomber thing.  Now what the FBI did when it first came out and they were looking for McVay, they had the John Doe, too.  And they had those compositions. (1:00:15)
            And that John Doe guy – the witnesses that had been at the Murrow Building were still alive. They all said that a guy in the truck was an Iraqi – and so when “Cagan” told me this story years later when we were both inside Federal Prison, he said those guys were Iraqis.  He said I had a whole vanload of C4 and I didn’t know – you don’t ever know.
            Those ops where you’re going (1:00:41) you’re just told ok – point A, point B. Here’s the code and then you turn it over to whoever. And when he saw that they were Middle Eastern, he said. They were Iraqis. They were Middle Eastern guys.  And he knew something was up. That was three days before the Murrow Building blew up.  That was like April 16, 1995, so we think that Cagan/Gagan delivered him the C4 to Iraqis. They were probably foreign nationals brought here in a Black Op – their job was to run parallel op of planting the bombs in the Murrow Building – then the other parallel op was Timothy McVay in the Ryder Truck for cover.  Neither one of the participants in these parallel ops knew what the other one was doing.  That’s a classic umbrella op, we call it – in the Black Op Field.  There’s an umbrella op and the higher ops, you know what’s going on, but there’s multiple operations running parallel to each other each of the individual participants of which they do not know about each other.  See what I’m saying?
    John: Yeah, I do.
    Cody:  So that’s how you bomb that building and that’s how you cover it up with civilians.  Now what happened was two of the bombs didn’t go off.  They had to remove all those records and destroy them some other way. Then they had to cover up the two bombs that didn’t go off . And then they had to cover up all the stuff in the court.  They ram-rodded McVay when he was in Desert Storm. He had to get Anthrax shots and everything to go over there.  People don’t know this – got stuff in the book he was also given a microchip injection without his knowledge. This is part of a covert plan to monitor, field assets in a real time war situation. It was staged through the Lockheed Martin satellites – they were called “The Beast Satellites” – they were Battle Engaged Area Simulator Trackers (1:02:34) Their job was to set up in space and follow these microchips that were covertly put in soldiers in real time battlefield conditions like sand, wind, smoke, oil, and fire and so forth.  When McVay got back from Desert Storm, he started to get sores in his but and the protein codes on these things were being tested and his auto immune system rejected. So he cut it out.  He got mad when he discovered that he was used as a guinea pig and so he went to Special Forces at Fort Benning and said, “I want to join the Special Forces” and so there’s about 100 guys or so in that unit and after they did the psyche profile – the standard test McVay was singled out by the CIA.  Ten of them were pulled out of the Special Forces group and covertly had a meeting with CIA and they told them, “We want you to be CIA agents or assets in doing bombings, moving drugs, and assassinations.  What we want you todo is use a front of Special Forces as a cover.  So McVay said,  “No, I’m a Patriot. I don’t want to bomb buildings and I don’t want to kill and all this other stuff.”  So he he quit, and went up to “Calspan” which is in Buffalo, NY, which is a security job he had and Calspan – when you start researching that place – they were in the Redzone Program (1:04:01)
            They were in Electronic Intelligence, Electronic Counterintelligence, high level RFID tracking, Airborn Instruments Technologies, Radar Systems, Microchip – all kinds of heavy stuff. And that’s were we think he was approached by undercover assets like me and offered the job of bombing the Murrow Building.  Because he had – he was getting (1:04:28) pissed at what they had done to him and he also had been down at WACO. And the whole story is in the book about what really happened at WACO.  That’s an amazing story down there.  So anyway, all this is in the book and it’s the real stuff.  I mean, I got it like if I wasn’t there and saw it for my own eyes. I heard it directly from people who were there - like Ron Cole, or any other number – duke flag leader or all those other guys.  The book is highly detailed. It’s just the truth as high as I could find. ?? (1:06:02)  This is a hell of a story and I’m talking to you fast.  I could talk to you for hours and go into specifics. ??(1:05:07)
    John:  Cody, I have done probably 99.99% of all of the business I have donw with various people over telephone.  But I’ve gotten to where I can read people over the phone pretty well.  I’m picking up a little stress in your voice.  In fact, quite a bit.  So I mean, as long as we’ve gone this far – I should have told you this at the beginning of the program. But I presumed, which is not a good thing to do, you would know already, but you’re completely at liberty to talk about anything you want at whatever depth you want to go because it’s pretty much now or never.  We see exactly how controlled the media is. We see this whole thing with a special counsel, Mueller, and what he’s doing. I mean he’s even got Trump bashers and haters on his own staff.  So I say, okay, fine. We know that General Flynn’s career and pretty much his life has been – I’m not gonna say has been ruined but it’s taken one hell of a hit. Mr. Trump even said that destroyed his life – those were his words that he used (1:06:26) over something that amounts to far less of an infraction than anything that bag of piss of Hillary Clinton (1:05:31) ever did.  You know, we know that this lying B-I-T-C-H (spelled out using the military names for each letter) We know that she had – we know she’s a liar. We know that Bill Clinton is a perv of the highest order.  There’ve been rumors that she is too, and I’m over it.  We’re at the Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death stage again. It’s almost as though, really, do we want to be ruled by discusting excuses for human beings?  I mean, what are we supposed to make of this as far as a future for this country is concerned? Are we just going to just allow ourselves to be dragged down to the same depths that these scummy fish went in and just were stuck there? That’s our life now That’s our world.  That’s our country.  You know, to me, well.  I dare not say more but generally your options for dealing with people like this are usually pretty limited. However, because we have the internet and if the Lord God - praise him in the name of Jesus – is willing, perhaps just exposing these people will be enough.  You know that the Left Wing are statistically – maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. But it looks like the country is split exactly down the middle – which makes me want to ask people, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I mean, why would you continue to support a candidate like Clinton knowing what you do about that person? Well, we can say the same thing about George Bush. Yes, you could, but George Bush but George Bush is gone. GHW Bush is an old man – old man.  Oldest living President – there’s an irony there, you know. So maybe I should just ask you this, What do we hope to will come from your book and from these interviews that you’re doing?  I mean, I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna be on Fox News – just with us (1:08:43)  (laughing) You know what I’m saying?  So what are we hoping for? Is it enough just to get the Truth out?  And what about it – all the risks that you’ve taken to get the Truth out – if the populous sits on their backside and does nothing then what was it all for?
    Cody: Well, that’s a really good question and once more I’m speaking for Phillip Marshall. I’m speaking for Michael Hastings. I’m speaking for Seth Rich and Vince Foster and all the people that were murdered by the Clinton Crime Machine.  Because the day we see Truth and not speak is the day we begin to die.  And Martin Luther King said that a long time ago before they killed him, too. And the Shadow Government in here has been operating in our country, John.  I was in Dallas the day that Kennedy was shot.  I was a second grader at Cheney Stark Elementary School in Farmer’s Branch, TX. And when I was a junior in high school, we took a field trip to the TX book depository and we stood there.  There was a security guard – an old WWII guy and the class was there and they had it behind these coats and they all left and I said, “My dad was at Pearl Harber. I’ve been shooting guns since I was seven years old.”  And I stand where Oswald stood.  He said, “Come in, son.” And he let me took up there and I said before the TX Book Depository and I saw that big live Oak tree and I realized that there could never be a shot like that made – that whole thing was bullshit.  And that’s when I started really investigating things and I turned into a – what I was doing.  Look, to answer your question, John – what I’m doing with this book and why I’m coming out with this story – it’s a spiritual thing for me.  My mission is to basically put myself out in public with a horrendous story like this. This story is true. It’s all true.  And it was repressed heavily and I was threatened with death.  But my job, John, is to stand out here.  I’m not running. I’m not hiding. I’ve got my address of this house. I’ve owned it for 26 years. I’m sitting right here, right now. I want people out there to know that there is someone who can stand up to the fast power of the Shadow Government and the assassination team of Bill and Hillary Clinton and all this illegal dirt that there is.  Someone who will stand up and face them and look at them. Because I want to call all the other people of our military our fire fighters – all these guys who are suffering from breathing asbestos at 9/11. I want everybody who knows anything about these covert ops to being it out in the open now.  That’s why I call this book, “Choosing the Light”.  I’ve walked with the dark ones. We did a lot of dirty stuff.  Like I said, my girlfriend that was here last night. I had dinner with Pablo Escabar himself. We were operating at – seeing the light. (1:17:00) Enough is enough.  Hopefully I as I stand up and risk my life like this, that it will stir the spirit of Americans – will stir our spirit to George Washington  and Thomas Jefferson – they had to face the King of England tyrant. And we’re under a system now that’s horrible. We’re losing our country.  We’re losing our Constitution – criminals like the Clintons are ruining everything and I’m ready to stand up.  It’s time to rally around the Truth if that’s what you want.  You want a New World Order police state with your children being microchipped like McVay was in Desert Storm?  If you want Draconian Laws, all your guns taken away and all that, then you continue on this course.  We all have to stand up now. We all have to work together.  You’re part of it.  It’s time for us to get this out and stand up and I’m scared.  I mean, are you crazy? I saw what the CIA did.  I spent half my life wearing a black ski mask and plastic gloves. I’ve watched what they do and ---needle. I’m sitting here (1:13:24) sweaty with my palms and my stomach turns and I’m afraid.  But I tell you what, John, and I got to say this with all my heart. The fear that’s inside of me is not nearly as important as my love for freedom and my love for this country and my love for the good men and women verterans who have sacrificed so much like my dad did when – my step dad – did at Pearl Harbor.  And  so it’s time for me to stand up. This has been eating at me for years.  At any moment it eats at me, John.  And I wanted it out.  It’s like a cancer in my soul and in the back part of this book – the last part – the very last page it says “Fear of death is a strong enforcer of silence. But guilt, like heart disease, can be a silent killer for the guilty.”  So, I’m standing up right now and I’m speaking for all the people like Phillip Marshall – all the good people that were tricked and lied to and were given  bad vaccines and our Agent Orange veterans who were duped and tricked with that Dupont dioxin crap.  It’s time for us all to stand up and that’s what I’m doing.  If anyone wants to join, we have prayer groups for Donald Trump. I’ve got a guy in FL MN – all around the country.  There’s ministers that are down in Nicaragua – they’re praying – we have prayer groups. We’re praying that we can rid our country of this corruption and that we can stand up against the bankers – why should they get bailed out in 2008? ($50,000) and let all us guys suffer. I know, many who can’t even make their house payments.  I see groceries going up. And we’re all getting screwed while they get right….
    John:  It’s true.  You know my dad was at Pearl Harbor on 12/19/41 an anniversary just coming up the day after tomorrow.  USS Maryland. 
    Cody:  Nice.  Hey. We went to the Veteran’s rally here up in Triple Creek, CO this summer and John, you know who was there? There was a Lt. Commander James Dunning. He was 103 – the second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor and I’ve got a friend of mine that was shot up in the Gulf of Toncon in Vietnam and he’s highly disabled. I mean, he got crushed and everything.  But I went to James Dunning and I bought two of his new books about Pearl Harbor. He was on the US West Virginia during the attack and I got him to hand autograph those books.  He could barely sign them.  And then I took one to one of our veterans here. He was too disabled to go to the rally but I had him sign it “USS Warden. Thank you for your service” when I handed it to him he cried.  He was the second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor that – uh – I gave him a book, so – yeah my dad was in the 25th IDF Division – took hi sbasic down at Fort Hood and May of 37 Pacific Command sent him to “Sugar Barracks, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii”  So he was there. And he went to Guada Canal on Nov ’42…
    John:   ’42 – yeah – Nov ’42 was rough.
    Cody: Oh yeah, and after he got out of the army, he cam back and was a MO highway patrolman for 32 years and when he died – this book here, I’m looking at a picture of him, it’s with the Pearl Harbor stuff and the American flag – dedicated to all our veterans and when he died in 2003, May 26, we had his funeral and the National President of Pearl Harbor Survivors Association was there. We had a whole section of the church cordoned off and Pearl Harbor guys were the first ones, the governor’s office, the state of MO was there.  He walked up and said something over the open casket and I was sitting in the very fron row with my mom and the family and he walked over to me  and stuck his hand out and he said, “I’m sorry son” and I didn’t like people seeing me crying so I got up and went outside – so it’s a big church, great big – and there was a canopy and I walked out and there was truck blocking the way with a motor running. And I thought, what the hell? So I walked over there and there was an old man stumped over the passenger dashboard and I tapped on the window and his ear was gone.  His head was all white with tissue - no hair – this guy looked like death warmed over. He sat up, rolled the window down. He had an oxygen tube on.  And I said, Sir, what are you doing here? Are you sick? There’s a funeral here and people can’t come out cuz you’re blocking the way, and he looke at me and said, “Those god damned doctors at the VA.” I said, “What are you talking about?”  He said, “They told me I was too sick to come here today and I can’t walk. My brother stuck me out and they got me here and I got as close as I could to one of my brothers.”  And after 60 years, John, that bomb I could feel it from this guy. I mean he’d been burned up evidently and so I took his hand and it was shaking. And I just cried. We both sat there and cried.  I never saw that guy since. I don’t know his name. But I had all this pinned up inside of me and I balled like a baby.  And then when I got home, I wrote this poem.  It’s called
    We Loved Our Country
    I read it on Veteran’s Day. I read it at the VFW Post 1411 here.
    And if you can give me just a few minutes, I would like to read this for all our veterans out there.
    John: That would be fantastic.
    Cody: I’m gonna try to do it without crying, but here we go. They had a 21 gun salute when they buried my dad. They gave my mom the flag.  This old Pearl Harbor guy, he got down on his hands and knees – and color guards  - they had to crawl him- and (1:20:03) and he picked up all the brass and he carried it over to me and I said, “What’s this, Sir?” And he pointed at all the grandkids – the kids running around. And he said, “Sir, Jimmy told you those stories about Pearl Harbor?” And I said, “Yes, Sir, he did.” He says, “You give this brass to these kids when they get older and you tell him what these men did for our country because they’re too young to know.  And so I cried a lot and I wrote this poem, It’s called:

    We Love Our Country
    As our veterans Who have gone before us
    Have carried burdens for too long
    Down deep inside their souls
    We must stand up with them
    United as one People
    Afraid we are –
    For we know War’s Path
    Which made many before us have trod
    Courage under Fire we Pray
    Comes upon us from mighty angels
    Bringing Light into our hearts
    To Face Death once more
    If we survive – us, who ride the Storm
    A healing we will need
    After the years go by
    By telling our Truth
    A Soldier’s Bond
    Seeking someone to hear
    To really care
    We Loved Our Country
    Sacrifices of good men before us made
    God bless our country
    Our mother’s soul
    From when we fought, bled, paid
    Memories of my brother’s fallen
    Blood and luck the only reason I’m still alive
    You won’t be forgotten
    In the silence of our hearts
    Although most civilians
    Won’t ever hear your cries
    Tears for my men – God grant them
    My soul can’t stand much more
    Only angels’ love may one day bring us healing
    From the battle’s haunting roar

    So I wrote this book and dedicated it to all the firefighters and good people and so you ask the question why – why this?  Why did you do this – it’s to stand up for the Truth and Light. I’m 61 years old and 100% disabled.  If they wanna come kill me, I went to my doctor and before I did all this, John, and I told him I’ve had this doctor 26 years and I told him I’m doing this radio interview and if something happens to me, I want you to know I’m not taking any drugs or stuff you give me.  I’m not gonna commit suicide.  The Clintons’ favorite thing, you know.  I’m not gonna commit suicide.  I’m not gonna jump off a cliff. I’m not gonna have a strange car wreck or if they find –puncture needles and stuff on me. I want everyone to know that it’s the Shadow Government that murdered me.  And they did it to Phillip Marshall. I firmly believe that. And why do we American citizens have to put up with these people killing our own people? Why?
    John:  Here’s the thing.  I’ve said this many times, Cody. This is not the 700 Club. There isn’t anything wrong with the 700 Club. It’s just that it’s   Midnight To Caravan
            However, as time has gone by, it’s become more and more obvious that this is a ministry of sorts.  Irrespective of whether or not it’s like Sir Francis Bacon said:  A little philosophy, a dabbling in philosophy, inclines a man to atheism. But a depth in philosophy brings a man back around to religion.  OK, fine. He didn’t say Christianity specifically, but Thomas Traver did.  He said, “There’s a lot of religions in the world. Some of them benefit their people – but you’ll do no better than Jesus Christ”, and it’s true – and I live it. It doesn’t mean suddenly we’re believers. Oh- we stop singing and we wear frumpy clothes and we never have any fun and we never say a cross word and we – you know, that’s not part of it.  That’s just stupid propaganda that’s put out by people who don’t like Christians for some reason. The thing is, though the Devil knows that every man and woman is made in the Image Of God and he hates us – all of us, including the ones that do this bidding – he hates them. 
    Cody:  Yes, he does.
    John: And when you talk about the Deep State – all the young men and women too – their lives lost or ruined through grievous wounding.  Don’t you have to wonder if there really is a Satanic influence in this government? And I believe that there is.
    Cody:  There is, absolutely.
    John:  That means that the government actually hates us.  Isn’t it obvious that the government hates us? Or certain elements of it? 
    Cody:  Absolutely!  Yeah, that’s true.  They hate freedom. They hate people living with Liberty and Justice. That’s against every fiber of their body.
    John: Yup
    Cody:  And you know what this John – by me standing up like this. This is a reassurance of Jesus Christ’s Spirit.  What I’m saying that the prayer groups we know a lot of these guys are Vietnam Veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.  They saw the battles and stuff. What is going on right now is this big Wave of Light, John. There’s people from all over – I did an interview in the Netherlands this morning. We did another one in Ireland the day before. We have one in Spain with Ole Dammegard. His website is 

     – That’s a really good website. 
    John: We have Ole on all the time.
    Cody: OK, well anyway, there’s a Wave, it’s not just going on in America. There’s a lot of people who are getting beaten down by their government – who are tired of the bankers and they’re tired of all these constant wars and this is a spiritual battle we’re in right now between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness. OK, everyone out there – your pick – which side of the fence is coming to an end?  (1:27:14)

            I once was on the Dark – I admit that. I was no angel back then and we did a lot of dirty stuff. But when I died in the hospital, I had a spiritual awakening.  I had a near death experience.  And my guardian angel Ariossi, she was there with me and I died and I looked down at my body and she said Do you wanna go back? If you do, the Great Light work and I’ll come with you.  And it’s the Truth.  I swear to God.  And I’m here now as working in the Light. We do free healings on veterans. We don’t charge them nothing. We work on PTSD and all that for them. And so this is a battle for
    America’s soul – it’s a battle for mankind’s soul.  You can pick the Light or the Dark and Jesus Christ is making a Wave of Light and people everywhere are feeling this stirring that’s going on and it’s time for us to gather together in the Light as warriors of Light.
     The  Archangel Michael threw Satan out of Heaven – that’s what they say and so the warrior angels.  It’s time for us to rise up and stand for the Light. Stand for Truth. And demand goodness from our government.  And demand culpability.  And demand that Justice comes.  I don’t want to see no more Phillip Marshalls and his dog and his son and all of them found dead and they say a suicide job? 
    John: Oh yeah, sure

    Cody:  Oh, I’m sick of this!  How much of this is enough? 
    John:  And nobody heard anything and the neighborhood he was living in – you were packed in pretty close there.  And what got the – was his daughter the youngest of the two kids?  I think it was the daughter.
    Cody:  I think it was the daughter, too.  Yeah.  And then the dog – come on,  man.  I heard that and it just really lit me off. 
    John:  I think that’s just a hit man’s message.  Nobody shoots a dog. 
    Cody:  So anyway, how many  times has it been with the Clintons?  There’s been 121-130 people that have all committed suicide – did you hear about that Haiti guy – the Clinton Foundation went doin’ there and – the earthquake and he was in Haiti – one of the ambassadors or something. And he was gonna come up to Miami recently and tell me like a couple of months ago testify to (Ridge Arini) and he flies all the way from Haiti goes to Miami to go to court the next day and all to check himself in a hospital and he shoots himself in the head. That makes a lot of sense.
    John: Yeah, sure it does.

    Cody: So what I’m saying is I’m willing to step up and by doing that other people who are out there, that were like me and were black operators and like me and good things for years. It’s time to get them out – expose these criminals and fix our country because if we don’t what are we gonna hand down to our children, John?  What kind of place are we gonna give them?
    John:  You know what kind of place we’re gonna give them.
    Cody: Yes, Sir.  FEMA camps, microchips
    John:  One twitch and you’re in hell.
    Cody:  You bet, buddy, but I want to thank you, John  for all the work you’ve done – all the years we used to listen to Coast To Coast and I’d turn it on and say well, NASA on there and turn it off. Anyone that was on there we’d turn it off except for you.  And so it’s ‘John’s  on’ – and we’re gonna go get a cup of Joe and sit down. And I kept listening to you and I think. Aww. They’re trying to reign him in he wants to say stuff but you know, they’re not letting him. So I’m so glad you got your own field now where we can talk like this.   

    NASA’s warning – what is going to happen May 7, 2018.  Marshal Law?  Arrest of Illuminati?  Why are they disclosing this to the public?  Wouldn’t that ruin the operation?

    John: Me too.  I wouldn’t have it any other way and really I – it was a delight to go to work for Coast.  It really was.  But that was a great thing that happened.  The second great thing that happened was being fired from Coast.  The best jobs are the ones you get fired from Coast.  The best jobs are the ones you get fired from or the one you don’t take. But I’ll tell you, thanks for saying that.  That’s very kind of ya.  I’ve often wondered  “what the hell are you doing” the next moment is that I’m doing what I think I was supposed to do the whole time – there just wasn’t time for me to do it yet.  Now it is because if we don’t get this thing under control pretty soon – this isn’t just some idle, you know, repetition of something that many of us thought for a long time.  I’m serious about this folks.  If we don’t get this thing under control pretty soon – they wanna bring a duely elected President down, who’s duely elected by the people – we saw no votes flip from Hillary to Trump. Nobody saw as much as one vote where Hillary flipped Trump. 
    Cody:  That’s right.

    John: The democrats cannot win anything. Forget about the Bushes. There’s been some other ones there but really the – and George W – come on.  He’s just a kid – he just did what was already set up.  It’s his dad, the grandfather who are the problems. **this is not finished yet - I will continue tomorrow and hopefully finish it. 
    Resumed 5/1/2018

    We know this – we’ve heard allegations over the years about sexual misconduct from GHW Bush and you know how creepy Joe Biden is – he’s a democrat, not republican. But now we gotta get rid of Roy Moore.  No, actually we don’t because No. 1, the timing of all these sexual harassment allegations – sexual misconduct – they’re coming a little bit late in the game.  They had plenty of time to do something like this, so why now? We know CIA controls the media.  They do. They control so many things. And it’s a rough crew.  I’m pretty sure you’ll second that.
    Cody:  I second and third it.  I thought it first hand, John.  There’s a lot of stuff underneath this book that’s extremely sensitive. But they are the rough crew. You’re absolutely right.
    John:  You don’t want to mess with them because they’ll kill you – and there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do about it. Nobody can be brought to Justice over it.  But you know, people have to ask themselves, I’m pretty sure there are some spooks watching right now.  Here’s the thing.  I’m just like you.  I was just listening to Cody talk here and that guy – he just found the Lord.  Like me, I’m not the Apostle Paul who was a Chieftan among sinners. But I’m pretty sure I was a captain or colonel.  But when you don’t know any better – you get pulled into things.  If you don’t know any better, you would not think of doing something like that.  Well, when you’re young, look – marshal arts masters put it best: Good judgment comes from bad judgment. It’s just how it is.  I don’t see any way around that. So, look, right or wrong – whether you laugh at me, whether you mock me.  Whether you call me names of every description.  I’m asking the citizens this.  How can you support these criminals? What is it inside you that makes you hate so much? Jesus Christ?  God Almighty and doing things the right way  - meaning don’t do evil.  Meaning don’t inflict pain or distress on any other human being – on a mental, physical, spiritual level – just don’t.  The spooks, there’s security officers out there. I know damn well there’s good people out there. There are people with consciences that know this is wrong.

    Let There Be Light: Fusion 

    Eternal Christian TV. Full Movie: 

    Cody: Yes, that’s right, John.  You know why? I’m sorry to interrupt. But I’ve had some people from the IG’s office – CIA right here in my home.  And these people are some really good people. They are every bit the first class people. I mean they – they’re like the people you’re talking about.  And there’s a lot of good cops and good FBI agents and good ATF agents.  But there’s also that crew – these dark, these Satanic people like Hillary Clinton hiding begind the office of the State Department. Our ATF Agent Butler hiding behind the nation’s top cop award – and all of this stuff.  And what we have to do is weed out this darkness and keep the good people that are there.  So each – it’s like you said, each spook listening here, each of the guys like me that did all that stuff – look in your heart.  John, if FEMA declares Marshal Law here – DHS – a bunch of securities run around. They go in and confiscate the guns.  I’m asking all the police officers. I’m asking all the agents. Look into your own hearts. You are under no obligation to obey an unconstitutional, extra-judicial order like confiscating firearms! Turn your guns back around!  And tell these people, NO!  That’s not right!
    John:  There is such a thing as a war angel.
    Cody:  You bet
    John: They’re not all Fairy Dust-sprinkling little happy angels. Like the ones sitting on top of a Christmas tree – that’s just a decoration – there are war angels too.
    Cody:  Yes, there are, and they stand up for goodness and they stand up for truth and they stand up for The Light – just like the archangel, Michael. Who threw Satan out of Heaven.  He stood up and he was a warrior angel and he said, “No more. Stop this. This is the end of this and that’s what each of us have to do in our own hearts.”  There’s a spiritual battle – pure and simple for the soul of our country.
    John: You can’t run from your conscience indefinitely.
    Cody:  No Sir.
    John: Sooner or later it will catch up to you and it will destroy you. And you’ll know what it means when someone says it will destroy you. Being destroyed – you seen this before? Of course you have.  But you haven’t seen yourself destroyed but you will, unless you turn from what you’re doing.  Be quiet.  Be stealthy. Be descrete, but do what’s right.  And what’s right is stopping this.  This is not about people. This is not about flesh and blood. This about the Battle between good and evil.

      I wish I had better words.  I wish there were some other words.  I wish we had a new word for “new”.  A new word for “good” – something that has more flash. A little more stylish. But those are the words. And I’m talking of the security officers here – you’re very good. You’re brilliant people.  Yes, you will kill if it comes down to it.  You will risk your life.  And you probably have.
    Cody:  Well, John, at the very first part of this book, I have two quotes – 1) One’s from Thomas Jefferson:  “I have sworn upon the altar of God – eternal hostility against every form of tyranny of the mind demands”   2) Luke 12:27 – Everything that’s hidden will be found out and everything that’s secret will be known.  Whatever I say to you in the dark, you must tell in the Light. Don’t be afraid of people.  They can kill you but they cannot harm your soul. 
    John: So Cody, you’re absolutely right. I just want them to think about this.  Look at how they didn’t say a thing about the Kennedy Assassination – the 22d anniversary of last month (1:39:19) Nobody said anything. Nobody acknowledged 54 years since his assassination. Nobody said anything about it. Why is that?  Because there are a few people left over from those days.  Why can’t Mr. Trump release all the documents?  Oh, it might jeopardize national security.  Really?  54 years later, something in there is gonna jeopardize national security? Like what? Confidence in the government? That the reason John Kennedy, Jr., John-John titled his magazine “George” was because he was fingering the man he so truly believed was the mastermind behind his father’s assassination? That would be GHW Bush. 
    Cody:  Yes. Sir. The same criminal group moves from operation to operation. To 9/11.  You know, to Murrow Building – to the shootings and the Las Vegas thing, and the fires and all this stuff.
            I was there that day, John, in Dallas. I got relatives around there. I love Texas. I love the mountains up here (Colorado).  But I remember that day when 11/22/63 – I was there.  That, I believe was the day the Shadow Government Secret Coup took over our country and then they murdered his brother Robert – Sir Han Sir Han. He was a CIA mind control guy if I ever saw one. By the way, Dr. Jolene West, he was a CIA mind control specialist that worked with Sir Han Sir Han.  Guess where he showed up, John? After the bombing of the federal building – the Murrow Building in OK City, he was sitting down there as a special team to do psy ops and watch the emotional response!  Here’s the same players..showing up across the decades – Bushes, Dr. Jolene West, a Clinton – the same crime Cabals that have taken our country over secretly basically.
    John; And who do you think is funding and supporting  and arranging and coordinating the actions of the so-called jihadis?
    Cody:  Well, I’ll tell you this. I dropped this bombshell off – one of the programs over there in Spain – just real quickly. Uh, ISIS just appeared out of nowhere. And what was really happening was the Saudis had a big pack line they wanted to run across –Syrian go out that port where the Russians have a naval base and so Assad didn’t want to play ball with them.  So Saudis put pressure on the US and all so Hillary Clinton and Obama cooked up a scheme to have a proxy army and our guys were on the aircraft carriers – they were having bombing runs on them. And I talked to some of them.  And their planes had a clear view of a hundred or so Toyota trucks out in the dessert – no canopy, no jungle canopy. Clear visability from the air. And when they requested a green light for fire, they were told not to, came back and they have to drop an ordinance in the ocean.  That’s  standard landing procedure when you come to an aircraft, so there won’t be an explosion then.  They were made to sign a security agreement to shut up.  We had a clear site. We had a clear target and now we can’t do it cuz Obama ordered them all down.  Then they took the Russian wean camera footage of the Russian fighters that were tearing up those convoys and now they brought that footage over to our news medias and they used it to dupe the American people that we were destroying ISIS – the whole time we supported them! And that brings us to what happened at Benghazi, Lybia.  If you wanna hear that story.  It’s short.  A buddy of mine whispered right in my ear. He was a CIA contractor. He was there that night – and had been SQS Marine Corps.  And if you want, I can tell you that story.

    // 5/1/2018 3:21 p.m. – I will paste this on the blog and resume till finished 
    ooops...not finished!  here is another portion: 
    John:  Whatever you want, Cody. Just let her rip.
    Cody:  OK, here’s what he told me at the veteran’s rally. He won’t talk in public and I will not use his name. He was in the marines and like a lot of people do – I was making $20,000/month – that was my base pay. We got paid cash.  The jobs in Saudi Arabia. I was making $50,000 a month. But you know that money’s no good if you get shot at wearing high risk things.  So anyway, he got out of the marines and then he signed up with that “Eric Springs” Blackwater and then they got to be contracting over CIA.  So he’s a CIA contract asset. There-that night in Benghazi, and he said he was sitting there when the firefight started and they have a radio on and he heard that there was – they were all in trouble – and then he wanted to go, he requested permsission.  He was ordered to stand down.  This happened three times he was told to stand down, stand down, stand down. Meanwhile he’s listening to all this horrible stuff on the radio.  That air asset ready to go and Hillary Clinton had ordered it through the State Department to stand down.  You know why? It’s because when we went over and hit Khadafi in Lybia. Now I have a friend who had dinner with Khadafi in his presidential palace.  And I’m not mentioning his name.  But Khadafi had been buying large amounts of gold boullion and also weapons. He had his oil revenues. He was buying Soviet weapons to arm his army and he had a lot of gold boulion. Clinton and Obama knew about that. So when they threw Khadafi out and Hillary made her smart comment: “We came, we saw, we killed”  (it was actually, We Came, We saw, He died – but pretty much means the same thing)  She’s a Satanic witch!  But anyway, Obama and Clinton stole all that gold and they were getting rich while our Navy Seals were getting killed at that embassy. They ordered a stand down of all the assets and my buddy was one of them because they had taken the gold for themselves.  They took all those weapons to the Benghazi embassy and among ISIS covertly. They wanted to get rid of Assad and to get him out of there so those piplelines could go through.  And there was massive weapons coming through that embassy arming ISIS and they were tearing out the dessert out there, beheading people, blowing up the old Roman ruins just being slaughtered.  They were slaughtering people. And the people over there in Syria – insurgents – said you know we’re tired of this. We don’t want these weapons coming across here – that’s why they hit that embassy! And that’s when our ambassador was killed.  The Navy Seals were killed.  Well, my friend, he was Semper Fi, a Marine Corps guy and he could only take so much and he told me straight to my face, “I swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States and I didn’t give a damn about all my contacts with the CIA, Blackwater.  My men – Navy Seals – our brothers in arms, were in trouble! And I didn’t care what happened to me.”  And so he went. He grabed his guns and he got in a firefight for seven hours.  He told me that they blew the top of the embassy off with a Russian mortar to start with and then they collapsed the peramiter with small arms and grenades and stuff.  And those Navy Seals were outgunned. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and them were ordering the stand down of all our assets!  And let our guys get killed to protect their arms dealing.  Their covert was with ISIS. They substituted a camera footage for Russian strikes (1:47:51). Put it over our media over here and lied to our people and made us believe that we were actually attacking ISIS.
    John:  You know, it’s funny. I don’t know how really significant this is.  This may be trivia, but a caravaner brought this to my attention, that Toyota’s made a car called the ISIS for quite a long time.  I don’t know what that has to do with anything. But it just seems to maybe somehow be part of the giggling behind our backs.
    Cody: Exactly.  Do you know why, John, that they do stuff like that?  It’s because these New World Order Satanic people – the Illuminati and all these evil people.  They believe that if they do a terrorist attack, they kill a lot of people, that they’ll get karma from it.  But in their twisted thinking, if they leave clues to the next attack, then the way they look at it is, if the next attack occurs and people get killed – if they don’t get any spiritual Karma from it because they warned them – that’s why they leave little clues like ISIS – that’s a great point you made.  Because if you start digging around, this conspiracy stuff like Ole Dummagard are light on conspiracies – you’ll start finding little clues and little things like that but you gotta dig for it.  And these people are Satanic. They are evil. They are murderers. They don’t care.  How many of our soldiers die. They don’t care how many people suffer.
    John: No, they don’t.  You know, it’s interesting. Ole was the one that brought it to my attention right here on this program. This company called CRISIS-Solutions – so we look at this website and sure enough right down there at the bottom, the clue is in the name.  And you know what.  You can’t see that website anymore because very shortly after this upgrab was posted on the website – they took it down.  The whole look at the the website is different and it does not say that on there anymore.  It’s gone. They scrubbed it right after. Maybe it’s coincidence or maybe just happy timing.  But I don’t think so. Are patriots or about to be—or they know they’ve been lied to and are tired of it or something. But there are also some other people out there. That think the way you do, the way I do, and the way Ole does and some others, so..
    Cody: Take a breath, brother, because it’s so big. It’s such a big thing. It’s hard. 

    This section is being posted to the blog now because I am not feeling up to par and may not resume this until tomorrow.  4:31 pm. 
    Some references:
    Book:  America’s Last Minuteman, by James Trafficant – he was a Congressman, illicitly arrested and falsely imprisoned.  Apparently he had a bad attorney! 
    This is shared by Deborah Navaris with
    Their YouTube Channel is  
    IEEE = Technology World Death Trap!  Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
    What is a Minuteman?

    John: You know, after a while you have to ask the question what does the man on the street do? What is he supposed to do.  I mean, what – the answer to that one is, do we all mobilize? Well, no.  Do we all talk about it all the time? Maybe not. I do know what is supposed to happen except that if enough people know what the truth really is.  Sure, things will change without us actually having to put our hands in control and change it – you know, actually - like we’re gonna redesign society and everybody will act this way.  No. Once enough people know and they’re convinced…
    Cody:  And here’s what the guy on the street – the little guy. I’m nothing big – I am just a wore out operator.  But what each of us can do, John, I don’t care who you are, how much money you got. I don’t care if you’re black or white.  I don’t care who – what religion you are. None of it matters.  Here’s what matters.  As each and every day you hold The Light in your heart and if we can do that and we can choose good and we can speak the truth – and not lie – and not Darkness.  If each one of us every day can hold that.  That will make a ripple of light.  It will be a chain of light and if a thousand people do it, that’s great.  If a million people do it, that’s better.  If a hundred million people do it, we can sure change this country.  So that’s all I can say. 
    Finished to the best of my ability.  5/2/2018 1:12 pm

    Mark Zuckerberg is not Jewish!

    Just perform a DNA test! 

    His real name is Robert T. Morris, who obviously destroyed tens of thousands of computers in the USA in 1989!  

    My Opinions Are My Own 

    That was a CIA job!

    They obviously gave him a new identity!

    He attended Harvard University

    He got his PhD from Cornell

    He changed his image to cover up for his crime!  

    I don't care WHO asks - a crime is a crime!

    Consider how many deaths resulted from the Zuckerberg crimes! 

    Morris's ancester may have been the one who created Morris code, changed to Morse code

    To protect his identity

    Used for the first time when Titanic (or the like, since it may not have been the Titanic that sank and they saved the brand new ship and frauded insurance and got rich off it, and also had money to start the Federal Reserve, which most everyone in the REAL society considers to be nefarious) 



    THANK YOU!  


    AnneMarie said…
    Matthew 18:18: Truly I say to you, whatever you shall bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. The context of this above interview is reminiscent of faith. Cody's faith was wandering, due to a desire to place faith in those who he worked for. That's a pretty natural inclination - those who are our guidons are teachers, employers - so we think. But that doesn't work. We must be secure in ourselves, in our values and let nothing waver our principles. Easier said than done; particularly if you have a family to feed, and you know they are proud of you because your job is supposed to be protecting America. These horrific experiences go unnoticed since media really have little sense of values. Read this transcript; watch the full video - and keep your heart open. He wants to empower people on "Do not be deceived" - "Place your principles and value system first, for that is the Light in your life - in part. For our faith is also our light which shows us our way."

    Do not be afraid, for Lo, God is with you always. I do not believe only Christians go to heaven, yet I cerainly believe I would not want to be anything other than a Christian, for my father on earth has created this path to live out with strength in joy and wisdom in light. Satan lied to Eve when she was told the other fruit was the fruit of knowledge of good and evil - and she would be like God; even though God told her to not eat it because she would die - rather than have everlasting life. What God created was heaven on earth. God sent his son to experience the hell on earth and show what victory was truly about, and that is living in the Truth, abiding by his Commandments. This is what resonnates from this radio broadcast. Do not let your mind wander, as I had, wondering if the emphasis of Light and some other phrases were inferring the need of a New World Order. The concept of the Wave came obviously from Cody's own career as a CIA asset. Since explosions send shockwaves. I'll leave it at that. This is a great video to show to large and even small groups and have a discussion afterwards. I pray that Cody's life is protected by his community, and by God. It is pretty obvious what he is binding and what he has loosed on earth. God bless him for his message. He may just think of it as a mess, since he lived it all - but God has made it a message to us.

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