Edward Snowden

Citizen Four Documentary 2014
Edward Snowden
Trailer:  https://citizenfourfilm.com/

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I may need to rewatch the video to validate  notes, but the link for the full documentary seems to have been wiped off YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKkF-X4QLB4 
Do NOT purchase this film - it is not worth it.  The filmmaker got her awards just like Obama got his undeserved awards - through his Satanic, NWO connections  
If you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, I know it was there last time I looked - for free on Kindle 

And there seems to be more resources here.  I just dug this up out of my closet. lol 
I will add notes when I can 
Amazon Description of the film:  
Citizenfour uncovers the secret and illegal practices of the U.S. National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programme using classified documents revealed by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. It aims to shed light on the indiscriminate invasion of the privacy of American citizens as well as those of other countries carried out by the NSA in a case that the shocked the world.
The film follows award-winning documentary maker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald as they receive unprecedented access to Snowden and classified evidence of the government’s spying. The events covered in Citizenfour occur over an intense eight-day period in a Hong Kong hotel room in 2013.
Poitras had been working on a documentary about the extent of the government’s surveillance for two years when she started receiving encrypted emails from someone claiming to have proof of the shocking and illegal practices of the NSA. Five months later after the email correspondence began, Poitras convinces Snowden to let her film their encounter in Hong Kong after Snowden made it clear that he intended to use his real identity as the source of the classified information.
Citizenfour manages to put the audience in the hotel room with Snowden showing them his motives for blowing the lid on the government conspiracy. It also takes them through the intense eight-day period where Snowden, Poitras, and Greenwald were forced to make important decisions about the story that would change the world. Lastly, it warns of the extent and dangers of unrestricted government surveillance.
Edward Snowden stole ONE MILLION Top Secret Files!
No doubt he's selling them. 
DOCUMENTARY - Edward Snowden – Terminal F (2015)

Radio:  Edward Snowden is a traitor and should be extradited
He had a plan getting on flights – either it would work or it wouldn’t
Snowden was waiting for journalists he thought he could trust. He had a MILLION files which he stole from the US Gov.  He met with the journalists in Hong Kong, China.
“We had no idea who we were about to meet” says an AMERICAN journalist who met Snowden in China – and of course, he had to have known that Snowden was a fugitive from justice. But oh, don’t mind him, he is a typical liar like Snowden is.
“Snowden was about to fall into a trap” – Snowden laughs and said he had fallen into a trap
After getting the top secret documents from  Snowden, The Guardian publishes two articles right away and did not disclose the source.
Snowden was paranoid and put pillows in the door jump, to keep people from eves-dropping
NSA had a very good idea what he had done – says prior NSA
          He doesn’t show up for work and all the files are missing = wtf     
          They don’t investigate Snowden’s bank accounts to see if he left the country?
          They don’t ban his passport so he could not flee?
          I remember this, Snowden fled when they were on to him
He was scared he would be seen through a window or someone had a hidden camera
Snowden: could the govt feel that a copy of all this material be stopped? He says laughingly (he must at least smoke pot to be so psychotic) … and I considered they could even kill me.  (so he knows he committed treason and who cares, right?  He doesn’t care he could be shot and killed for committing treason because he was doing this for CIA scum Obama!)
Snowden was nervous.  A fire alarm went off – was this a tactic to get him out of his hotel room?
This guy, they must be hunting for him
Snowden laughing again…what would you do if someone would use lethal force looking for someone…
We gotta make the most of this because we may not get a chance to speak to him tomorrow
Snowden worked outside Wash, DC for many years. The Snowden family has many years of service collectively.
“It was not the Ed that I knew” – says his father
His father knew he stole documents
“We make decisions that departed from the Rule of Law”
Snowden loved Lindsey Meal, his girlfriend
NSA:  Snowden didn’t reveal a bucket of water, he revealed the plumbing
General Michael Haden was key figure, NSA – appointed by Bush and Obama let him stay NSA
His legal and ethical judgement Trumped the ethics of his co-workers, his leadership, the American President, the American Congress, and the American Court System. 
Snowden:  Michael Haden ran a program called “Steller Wind” where anybody could be called in America – on mass under the pretense to prevent terrorism
How can someone justify the rights of an entire nation?  -Snowden
Snowden would have have to believe his judgment Trumped all of those…that’s pretty arrogant – Hayden
This is the most serious hemorrhaging of information in the history of our country – Hayden
As soon as Edward Snowden REVEALED himself as “The Whistleblower” he proceeded with his “catch me if you can” hunt
          Guessing game for the media
Snowden always relaxed and thinking he is funny
Consequences of the media finding out Snowden’s location….”Everyone in journalism was desperate to find Snowden and get the files”
You can’t come forward against the worlds most powerful agencies and think you are free from risk. They are the most powerful adversaries – Snowden
When I went to Hong Kong, I didn’t intend to get out of this safely.  – Snowden
“Several knew Snowden was leaving China but nobody found him”
“Julian Assange was NOT involved in the Snowden revelations”
29 yr old man. Subject of the largest files theft – “ he was going to be smashed” – Julian Assange
“Snowden was hiding in the apartment of local supporters”
At that moment he reached out to us for help – Julian Assange
Wikileaks Sarah Harrison was contacted and she spent four months with him in Hong Kong  “Operation Asylum”
“Actually this was the calm moment” – Julian Assange
Until Snowden, Chelsea Manning’s leaks was the largest in public history
Incredible torture simple for communicating to the media – Julian Assange
And you were willing to put you yourself in that same position?  Snowden doesn’t answer
I did have a discussion about what we could do for Snowden (sounded like an Australian)
Sarah Harrison – he was right on the ground of Hong Kong
US Gov Filed criminal charges on Snowden and Snowden CLAIMS it was on his birthday, laughing
They knew I was working with journalists….not the public at large…- Snowden
Snowden took the risk of leaving his hide-out and met his lawyer..
(how the hell could he afford all this?  No doubt he was selling files to China!)
“Hong Kong citizens were in the streets calling him a hero”
          How much were the actors paid, that’s what I would like to know!
Rather than arrest Snowden, they decided to wait for the proper paperwork to arrive. Omg
A Whitehouse Task force was working hard to track Snowden before he left China. Yeah, right
Chinese have a wonderful intel service. I would lose all respect if they did not have knowledge of what is going on – wtf, says Hayden
The border is open, we gotta go…
The request for his extradition to the US was served/issued
The clock was ticking
Snowden could be arrested at any time
He agreed that he should leave; but was aware he could be arrested – JA
White House issues a statement:  AG Eric Holder pressed Hong Kong to honor our request –BS, I am sure!
It was the end; he couldn’t wait; he had to decide – JA
That was the moment where it would all come together or it didn’t – Harrison
We have been locating a number of channels to find out what country he could possibly go – WH
He bought a ticket to India
Wikileaks put a dozen flights in Snowden’s names
Harrison is laughing while discussing how she helped sneak around
His lawyer kept calling; he was worried the whole thing would collapse- Harrison

WH: There have been repeated engagements….=BS!
How can people even use tickets that are in Snowden’s name?  They would have to have ID! 
Ultimately I walked up to the checkpoint counter and the only thing I could think of is I should remember to smile – Snowden
The guy took our passports, which is the normal thing they do.  Little bit of noise and they made a sound, see what was forward.  – Harrison, laughing
WH:  Hong Kong said there was a matter of review…the State Dept got Snowden’s middle name wrong – it was not James, but but Joseph, but all the other information was exact…yet this filmmaker claims he was passed because of an error – which was obviously deliberate and the person who processed it most likely was indicted but does this film talk about that?  NO
All people are meticulous in processing documents – says a female Chinese citizen/official
Apparently Snowden made use of these few days to make use of his escape
Hayden says:  “We made it easier for Hong kong to help Snowden to escape, due to a delay”
Chinese sources say Snowden The Whistleblower is on his way to Moscow – news on TV
What is unclear, at the time he left, the State Dept did NOT cancel his passport.  Instead they issued it and the requested papers – says this same Chinese female official
Hayden admits the US gave Hong Kong the info to allow him to flee – so why the hell didn’t Hayden request they cancel his passport? 
No wonder Colin Powell resigned when Bush was in!!!
Sarah is the most incredibly brave woman I know – Snowden
Paul Scott, journalist – is waiting for Snowden in Moscow…but his final destination is not thought to be Moscow, he says
We put out in airspace that he left Hong Kong so this flight path would not be interfered – JA
The plane believed to carry Snowden is enroute to Moscow
Snowden seeks asylum, cannot go to his desired destination
American govt cancelled his passport before he got to Russia
Snowden calmly said it surprised him, again, like a game
Former CIA rendition plane took off VA. Mission, to transport Snowden, a fugitive. 
Snowden wanted to go to Cuba
Diplomat offered Snowden asylum in Ecuadore
JA attempted to find Snowden. Put out a loud
Snowden did not have a valid passport to go to Cuba so the diplomat could not offer him asylum through Ecuadore in Cuba
Just a few hours later, the US plane arrived in Copenhagen
The FBI contacted Snowden’s father – “I wanted to help” yeah, he wanted to help his crooked traitor of a son!
Vladimir Putin refused Snowden entry
Snowden remained in the airport transit zone
These were reps of FBI in the DC area, they just wanted to talk  Asked if I would consider to fly to Moscow and meet with my son. I said yes – Snowden’s father
They said they would need to ck Snowden’s health, and I thought that was wacky and would not agree – Snowden’s father
They were expecting my father to go along with them…and then get me and slam the door of the airplane and you know, fly back to DC – Snowden
Throughout Western EU, popular support was created by influence of public opinion.
The State Dept was making calls with every agency in EU…
Matt, journalist  put heavy pressure on the State Spokesperson.  She scoffed at what he was saying and thought it was all a game! 
Several plans of getting him out of Moscow – JA
Snowden remained stuck in Transit Zone
Bolivia offered Snowden asylum! 
They believed Snowden was escaping on that President of Bolivia’s jet
Meantime both the government and media let the public believe Snowden was granted asylum in Russia
I was in my room, looking at my laptop and at first I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that the US Gov would go so far to search a jet – just for me.
          Yet the bastard admitted he was facing death penalty – even immediate execution since he admitted he stole all million documents!
We consciously laid false trails to the Moralis flight – JA
Hayden nonchalantly admits that Snowden was cleverly taken out of Russia, even smiles like it was a game!
Is this the kind of action that good guys take?  - Snowden referring to FBI searching for him
Federal Migration Service allowed Snowden to leave the Airport – obviously when the public was informed he was granted asylum in Russia
“Mr. Snowden is not a Whistleblower” – radio voice
Hayden says more BS….
To be struck with a completely perfect day, you hear the birds, insects, traffic – I feel like they stole my poetry to characterize themselves!
Woman says: I want him to get caught and brought back and have him go to trial
End of film
Another film begins but I can’t stomach to watch
“Edward Snowden – Latest Interview Russia – Donald Trump Pardon” – NachdenKen channel
          Still claiming Snowden arrived in Moscow, never says he went to Bolivia
Katie Curic secretly meets with Snowden and helps delusional Snowden appear to be a hero!
Edward Snowden is the primary individual interviewed.  “Laura Poitras” is consistently sent emails by Snowden – encrypted. NOT in a transparent way. 
Note, Snowden has divulged government secrets, more than any other US traitor.  What perplexes me is why Julian Assange backed crudball Snowden
William Binney @HOPE conference on using metadata
He then says “they decided to begin spying on everyone in this country”…my presumption is there was money being made by him by using this pomp and circumstance
Hayden, Tenant, DOJ – stellar wint, the program William Binney emphasizes Nancy Pelosi was minority leader, so he…
“We were raided, four of us..the NSA has built the world’s largest repository for intercepted communications in Buffdale, Utah. I started filming the site in 2011 when construction began.

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