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America’s Book Of Secrets
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I wasn’t really planning on taking notes so I missed some information There are 10 videos

The notes are a bit “rough” but for researchers, I suggest you copy them all and use as a base when you watch the films. 

All my notes are here.  

Please feel free to access my Table Of Contents here and read, copy, share: 

Secret Spies
Eric O’Neill, Investigative Specialist, FBI, 1996-2001. Special Surveillance Group
100% undercover “ghost”
Robert Hanson
Spying for the Soviet Union
Seccretly supplied Soviets information on intelligence for 22 years
2-18-2001: caught in the act of espionage
          My question would be: was he caught or was he framed by envious cohorts? 
Joseph Koletar
Special Agent, 1969-1994
Considered to be the most dangerous spy
          (I would say Edward Snowden definitely -  possible Bradley Manning may have topped him)
Events of 9/11 began. Terrorism as No. 1 priority
Errol Southers
Spec Agent FBI
1984 – 1988

JTTF was created
-      The organization was greatly scrutinized
-      They are separate from FBI
-      There are men in every city
-      Fusion Centers in Every city
Symbol shown = Assembly of Islam
Criminals Noted
          Kevin James
          Levar Haley
              There were two more people in this “terrorist cell”
Hammad Ruiz Samana
Crypt Gang members
          Plan to attack Israeli Airlines and several Israeli targets
Flooding in Muslim terrorists (to attack the Jews, says the film)
Jeff Lanza
Special Agent
Job:  Blending in the community
Criminal vs noncriminal activity

16 computer crime labs throughout the US
“Cyber Labs”: computers, cameras, phones

Lt. Col Greg Cayon
Airforce One Pilot

Garrett Graff
Book: The Threat Matrix
Complains FBI has morphed to a global police force
          I do not have a good impression of him. It is obvious he is paid to fulfill a certain agenda – he is too rigid, like he considers all FBI to be criminals – when the problem has been the top management, yet he speaks nothing of that. 
          FBI is always first on the ground, he admits
          If there was a book about America’s Secrets, the FBI’s chapter would be one of the longest and richest in the country – Garrett Graff
Dr. Kathleen Packet
Special Agent
1978 – 2001
The FBI keeps a lot of secrets and we do it to keep the nation safe
Ian Ackerman
Auther, Book: Young J. Edgar Hoover
          Combination of NSA, TAC Ops – SWAT
                    Garrett accuses them of spying
Ronald Kessler
Author of  The Secrets of the FBI
          Whines about FBI secretly planting bugging devices without the agents being caught or shot as burglars (pretty odd that he compares an FBI agent to a burglar, so I presume his book is horrible)
Poney Traffic Accident
          The film oddly says that the FBI undercover agents created  a party orgy on a yacht. Having sex on the job? 
          While the businessmen were on the yacht, their offices were bugged AND THEY HAD NO CLUE THE WOMEN WERE FBI AGENTS – which means they must have had sex on the job!
          Agent Kessler outright claimed the women engaged in orgies.

Michael Chertoff
Secretary of Homeland Security
          “The strategy was to go after individual families like the Gambino Family to try to bring a case against the leadership for a whole host of criminal activities engaged in by the family.
John Gotti – head of the Gambino family in NYC
He was arrested 2-11-90  36922 183A-2507
He was sentenced to life in prison 4-2-1992

Jeff Lanza
Special Agent, FBI 1988-2008

West Point Military Academy
          These Generals attended
                   Schwarzkopf – murdered, I believe. He was recovering from pneumonia at home and died of a heart attack in his sleep
                             Robert Fumiatti died of a heart attack in his sleep

David Lipsky     Author: Absolutely American Four Years At West Point
Cpt Preston G. Pysh
USMA Class of 2003
Author, The Diary Of A Westpoint Cadet

Gen Wesley Clark  (Ret)
Supreme Allied Commander Europe
NATO 1997-2000

Sherman Fleek, Westpoint Historian

Bradley Manning began leaking data to WikiLeaks 2009. He was arrested 2010

Bill Murphy, Jr. Book:  On A Time Of War

MAJ Michael Burns
USMA Class of 2000
West Point Admissions Officer

Anastasio Formosa – Nicaraguan
Grad from West Point
(plant for terrorism)
Became a Dictator and was assassinated thru Operation Reptile

Richard Colvin Cox
Vanished Cadet when he was 21 – disappeared
b 1928  - J Edgar Hoover said he didn’t know anything
James Underwood said there were investigative citings – no confirmation
CIA connections?  Cold War espionage?
MP officer in Bamburg, Germany, 1946
He ranked top 20 of his class
*George (mysterious, German man)  became prime suspect
          So this makes me wonder if George Bush or George Soros
A woman was running drugs from S. America to Florida
          Mother and army believed he was dead

R.C. Mansfied (also strangely referred to as “Jason Worn”, which makes me believe the film was touched up) accompanied her
1960 – year before Bay of Pigs.  Mansfield said Castro won’t be in power much longer.  That led to the theory that R.C. Cox disappeared to join CIA to work in secret.
1957 – RC Cox was declared dead but a Mystery still
          Similar Circumstances:  Amelia Airheart, Black Dahlia murder, Jack the Ripper  (it is very puzzling they add a British serial killer to these and most likely Black Dahlia is from another country as well!)

2007          Afghanistan

MAJ Timothy Batlin
West Point Tactical Officer
USMA Class of 1999

LTC Robert D. Kirkland, PhD
USMA Class of 1989
Prof Military Science USC

Elizabeth Constantino
Class of 2012

Book shown on the film in the classroom:  Just and Unjust Wars

Gen Wesley Clar (Ret)

Dr. Howard Wasdin
Author:  Seal Team Six
“The primary function of black ops is to do something expeditionsly; it’s gotta be done right away without anybody else knowing what is going on.”
          “Nowadays we need a scalpel rather than a hammer”

Michael Hayden 
Former Dir, NSA and CIA
“That’s action taken on behalf of the US gov in which the hand of the US Gov is to remain hidden – which the US Gov doesn’t intend to acknowledge. It’s the world between war and peace.” – Hayden
          Note, Hayden was directly involved in convincing Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein was making WOMD; So who told Saddam Hussein that Hayden informed Colin Powell of this, to incite war?

Robert Baer, former CIA op
CIA works with Delta Force and Seals every day
Author:  See No Evil

Elite tier one units
          Army, AF, USMC, Navy
          The go anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice

John Jester
          Dir, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, 2002-2006

Shane Harris
          Author, The Watchers: The Rise Of America’s Surveillance State

Dr. Erin Mahan
          Chief Historian of the Office of Secretary of Defense 2010-present
          “There’s a drug store, there’s a Best Buy… hospitals, clinics, restaurants…..It really is a secret city”

“The Mayor” is hired by the Secretary of Defense
Steve Vogel
          Author, The Pentagon: A History

Construction of the Pentagon began September 11, 1941
          Three months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor

Roosevelt SAID he planned on using the Pentagon as archives when war was over
          Note, Roosevelt was a FreeMason and lying is one of their techniques – so consider this

Dr. Alfred Goldberg
Chief Historian Of The Secretary of Defense 1973-2007
          Patriotism and Panic
The Japs attacked. There was incredibly a sense of Patriotism to finish the Pentagon asap – it took 16 months
There is a GAZEEBO behind the Pentagon
“This area was named “Ground Zero” ….the hair on my back of my neck stood up. I was sure a nuclear bomb was going to drop at any moment” – Robert Delesandro

Rick Newman
Author, Firefight: Inside The Battle To Save The Pentagon on 9/11
          Clintons made $100 million/month on cocaine trafficking alone
                             I am not sure if this above fact is in the right spot here

John Yates
Security Manager, US Army
“One of NYC workers asked me if I knew what was going on in NY. I said No.”

Sajeel Ahmed
Director of Facilities, The Pentagon
“We were watching what was going on in NY, so we knew what was going on”
          My question is, So why didn’t he tell his employees or send out an APB, then? John Yates did not know.

American Airlines Flight 77
It was hijacked over Ohio

The Boeing 757 was headed straight for the Pentagon

Rick Newman
Author, Firefight: Inside the Battle To Save The Pentagon 9/11
“As it was getting close to the Pentagon, it actually did a 360. So it flew basically over the Pentagon, flew around once, and while it was doing that, it was descending”
          They also said it was traveling over 500 mph when it hit the Pentagon. 
          The plane would automatically stall if that happened
          The plane going off-route would make FAA emergency bells, lights go off
          The Pentagon had a sophisticated system to detect suspicious aircraft in the area; no mention of why it was not working
          Based on research I have made, I am convinced one of the Fighter jet pilots was ordered to bomb the Pentagon.  This plane went to an undisclosed area, off radar – just like the two flights that were supposed to have hit the WTC buildings
          So do I think this man is lying deliberately?  Yes

John Jester
Dir, Pentagon Force Protection Agency  2002-2006
“I just walked in my door. It was like a low, rumbling noise for a few seconds. And then the light fixtures in the room were just vibrating”
          And why the hell didn’t the alarm system go off? 
          And Nothing mentioned on what he did!
20,000 people work at the Pentagon every day
Dr. Eren Mahan
          “It’s not just an office building; it’s really a city. There’s a drug store, there’s a shoe store, there’s a Best Buy – it really is a Secret City.”

The Mayor
“When you have 23,000 people who come to work here every day – probably another 3-5 thousand visitors every day, you are essentially managing a small city.  We have hospitals, clinics, restaurants.  We have a Pentagon Conference Center and Library. We have a police force. A Fire fighting unit. This is quite a complex organism, as all cities are.”
          Yet Roosevelt claimed it was to be used for archives after war - - wrap that around your head

There are special EIP entrances for Military’s Top Brass
Five sides, five floors, five concentric rings
Steve Vogel:  “The initial intention of the spot of the building was up there – Memorial Bridge – (the land) was five-sided. So when they moved the building from the first site to the second site, they could have changed the five sides but the architects had come to realize a five-sided shape worked better than a rectangle.”
          So my question is, did he ever check land records to see what that parcel of land looked like in 1940, when the plans were being made? 
          My opinion is, since FreeMasonry cult is based on building construction, the architects had already designed the building before they made their pitch to Congress for paying for it.  Where the building was placed most likely had to do with their cult’s determination of “energy”, etc.  – just as with the White House. All placed in certain locations based on the FreeMasonry Cult’s wants which have to do with their weird and volitale belief system, rather than offense and defense purposes. 

“At 9:57 a.m. the plane carrying 6 crew, 53 passengers, 5 hijackers, hit the Pentagon’s Western Wall”
          It was really bombed by a fighter jet.  Believe it or not.
Ray Dubois
Mayor of Pentagon 2002-2005
This building shook!  This mammoth hunk of concrete and sttel – absolutely shook with the impact of the airplane

Allyn Kilisheimer
Chief Sructural Engineer
Phoenix Project
“There are guys that went in, got blown over by a fire ball, got up, burned, and went back in to drag people out.”

Secretary Rumsfeld was there
          Like the arsonist who likes to watch the building he set on fire – burn (my opinion)
This author returns on the video and says, “The fire was hotter than anyone could handle” 
                   That is because it was military grade explosives that bombed the building!  Not kerosene, which has a low burning rate and should have been poured all over the building but obviously was not!.  The hottest it could have been would be 750 degrees, yet due to the melting of steel, etc – it was obviously thermate and the heat could have been 2,000 degrees, even higher .
                   I cannot help but consider this all The Making Of Traitors – why does no one care?  This film is centered on pushing an agenda.  No doubt MANY did not go back to their jobs and many retired because of this!  Some may have been murdered – to silence the truth – just like when JFK was assassinated.  168 people were murdered over the years – to be silenced. 
          Another note I want relay, which is my opinion only:  GW Bush would have had war right away if it wasn’t for Secretary Of State Colin Powell being there.  So the people chess players had to create something to actually USE Colin Powell to make a pitch for war – and the WOMD Saddam Hussein factory – was their angle, most likely the US funded his factory!
          And GW Bush enjoyed pulling the rug out again to get rid of Colin Powell by accusing him of lying about WOMD
                   GW Bush ALSO made big money on Wall Street, by saying there was no  WOMD!
                   Wall Street is based on Scandal!

<insert>   I am not sure if this page of notes is in the right order

Critical missions around the world…

September 12
          Pentagon was still on fire, yet people returned to work
                   “Everyone came to work the next day!”
                                      I do not believe this!
          Rows C, D, and E wedge one – were destroyed
189 people died

Rapid Rebuild of the Pentagon
          “Make it Better than it ever was”
                             Note, Donald Trump also mirrored that concept about WTC buildings in NYC.  I now question his sincerity about that
          “Pheonix Project”
          “We’re gonna show the terrorists!”
                   The terrorists were Americans!  Not Muslims! Hillary Clinton and John McCain did much ordering through SES (Senior Executive Service, managed by Tracey Marcy)
The most significant breach of US Military networks occurred in 2008.
          Obama was President – anyone surprised? 
“A foreign intelligence agent inserted an infected flash drive into one of the government’s laptops in the Middle East.  The malicious code spread.  Undectected through classified systems; uploading itself into a network run by the US Central Command – and put its servers under enemy control
          Was this the Robert T Morris worm of 1988, used as Target Practice for CIA?
                   Morris went on to became a multi millionaire at the least.  MIT quickly hired him even though he used their lab to distribute the worm! Do the math! It all points to GHW Bush, who many believe towered over Reagan when he was President, because he had CIA power!
37:26 min
Unk:  “What we found in 2008 is that attacks can be launched even when an agency or department is off line and not on the internet.  It can happen through malicious software being carried from one place to another and inserted into an offline network using such technology as USB drive.
Shane Harris
Author, The Watchers: The Rise Of America’s Surveillance State
This is really analogous to the old days of the Cold War.  You would send a spy into a government facility posing as a visitor. He would then try to physically steal the documents.

Cyber Command
          To Protect Military Assets

Newman : We saw something very interestingly happen in Iran with Stucksnet virus – set. This apparently was able to shut down the nuclear program there and set it back by 1 to 3 years. That is a profound capability. In fact, we do have that capability.

          So why did they not do that with North Korea or others they felt were a military threat, rather than defense?
          Who are the hackers into US?
          Newman says:  Chinese, Russians, Allies
                             What about the Enemies Within, which indeed are our biggest enemies and who getting off scott-free – and not being arrested like Trump promised?

Site R, located in PA:
       “It’s a very sophisticated Big Cave that is built into the side of a mountain and this is the place where in the event of a nuclear war, our country’s leaders were supposed to go and continue, running the country regardless of what happened.  Designed to withstand a nuclear blast.

Robert Dalesandro
Chief of Military History
US Army
          He was one of the unknowns prior in the video

Quick Access
          This design allows anyone to get from any point of the building in less than 7 minutes.

# # # # #

10/10/2018   For all who read this: 

Mark Zuckerberg is not Jewish!

Just perform a DNA test! 

His real name is Robert T. Morris, who obviously destroyed tens of thousands of computers in the USA in 1989!  

My Opinions Are My Own 

That was a CIA job!

They obviously gave him a new identity!

He attended Harvard University

He got his PhD from Cornell

He changed his image to cover up for his crime!  

I don't care WHO asks - a crime is a crime!

Consider how many deaths resulted from the Zuckerberg crimes! 

Morris's ancester may have been the one who created Morris code, changed to Morse code

To protect his identity

Used for the first time when Titanic (or the like, since it may not have been the Titanic that sank and they saved the brand new ship and frauded insurance and got rich off it, and also had money to start the Federal Reserve, which most everyone in the REAL society considers to be nefarious) 






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