Why Di?

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1. Diana was transgender and is alive and married to Elton John, as David Furnish.

2. This changes my theories a great deal.  See www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/07/tranny-watch.html

3.  Go towards the end of this blog - you'll see what I mean.

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I have always been curious about the real truth about Lady Diana's death.  I did not believe the Monarchy caused it.  I believe the Saudis who are now in prison from the regime change (and let's hope justice is really served) martyred Sunni Muslim Dodi Fayed and  here are the beginning of my notes.

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7/26/2018 - This film claims her death was a hoax...omg....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2USpYfnAtw 

Film: Diana, The Witnesses in The Tunnel.   Conspiracy Theory.  

My Opinion

The Saudis martyred Dodi Al Fayed who was a Sunni, and Lady Di, who lost her status as Princess. They got all the information they could from her, martyred Dodi Al Fayed and killed her to get rid of the evidence --

so the Muslim RADICALS could take over the British Monarchy. It's all so obvious!

Why didn't Dodi al Fayed have a personal Security driving alongside? Why weren't they wearing seatbelts? Dodi may have been brainwashed into believing he was selected to be martyred, so the Muslim RADICALS (many who are Sunni, like Bin Laden was) could gain control of England. His father's name is Mohamed al Fayed.

Look how London changed thereafter. London is no longer an English city, say many citizens on internet.  Because their society has been infiltrated through the help of politicians affiliated with the Parliament.

Consider other circumstances as well.

The film says Diana had two heart attacks. I bet she was poisoned by a Saudi or radical Muslim Parisian before they ventured out, which could explain why they weren't wearing seatbelts. Both may have been poisoned before they got in the car. What caused the accident was a vehicle which cut them off. No mention of who that was. They had all the money they needed to secure themselves. No mention of whether they were accompanied by paid Security and it should have been normal, especially when Prince Harry and Prince William (who is heir to the throne) were with her. I expect British Intelligence knew that as a matter of practice, she would be  endangering the lives of herself and family members without enough security. Also, the Parisian Chief Of Police just said on this video, "It's over" - referring to Diana's time of death.

Immediately, Mohamad Fayed campaigned against the paparazzi. When seen in public, he was confident, not mourning. Even happy. Three paparazzi's settled a civil court case by pleading guilty, and only had to pay Fayed one Euro each. But Fayed got what he wanted: public sympathy and even trust. Directing attention to the paparazzi as to blame. You would think if he really believed they killed his son, that he would have demanded more money and take them to criminal court. Yet - I presume British Intelligence intervened, saying enough is enough. That's not what caused them to have the crash, and especially that's not what caused Diana to die. Yet the public was buying the fish story, and the fish kept getting bigger.

The film reports Diana's and Dodi's driver was excessively drunk. Wouldn't you think they would have made sure the driver was someone they were safe with? Of course, there is the issue of whether either Dodi or Diana were competent. You would think they would put the seatbelts on when paparazzi were closing in. How could a drunk man be able to drive so well, even at 65mph? It was not until he was intercepted by another vehicle that he lost control. Where's the information on the vehicle that probably broadsided him?

I was broadsided by a police chief's daughter - in his "turf" so he had complete control over the report of the accident. She was obviously under some kind of mind control. She hit me, denting my door so I couldn't get out. My tie rod was Broken, so my car had to be towed away. Yet all she said was, "Can I help you?" That was the summer of 1999. Forget about having decent legal representation. They cared more about serving wants of corrupted officials, even frauding my medical records. So I settled out of court. How many times has a strange accident circumstance happen that you know of?

France has proven it's no place for lovers anymore. Maybe that can be restored.

Meantime, George W Bush had affiliations with Saudis which go back to when his father owned Zapata Oil, to carry out CIA spying including the infamous Cuban Operation Norwood. Yet probably false information about GW Bush being related to Queen Elizabeth has spread to allude he was very close to the Monarchy - look at the way the Monarchy family was greatly challenged  through psy op and manipulative infiltration, with the help of - and probably originated with - The ROTHSCHILD's, whose desire has been for decades to collapse the Monarchy. Most likely the Rockefellers were participants. The "fashioned ideology" was attacking Britain for having a monarchy and claiming they were depriving everyong of their rights - they took away the large yacht which seemed to me to be a unique opportunity for diplomatic gatherings, etc.

 I am compelled to believe that the  Bushes have abused their power; including others such as  the family of the mayor who filed bankruptcy on NYC - Ed Koch of the well-known Koch Brothers, who have collectively spent billions on nonprofits and propaganda to politically manipulate the country.

We are Unravelling the info and reaching a Great Awakening.

Here's another film: Diana, Her True Story

My first question is, Who funded The Daily Star? ROTHSCHILD's?

And, was this leaking journalist on a pay to play scheme?

Was Diana picked to be part of the Illuminati and actually tricked Prince Charles as a mission?

I am watching more videos on this topic and will place my notes in a separate post, "Why Di?"

I ask researchers, investigators to take this into consideration, for whatever my impressions are, I can only share and they need to be verified.

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6/6/26/2018. I haven't seen this post in a while, for monitoring purposes. Yet it seems like it was altered since I recall providing a lot of Resources. FYI
My comment today:
Louise Swanson I disagree! I bet when the Saudis realized that Diana would have to revoke her title if Sunni Muslim Dodi Al Fayed married her, they martyred Dodi and murdered Diana - poisoning them and the driver. I doubt the body guard had anything to do with it. By not poisoning him also, they were able to get the public to believe it was the British Royals! Use your heads, people! Do you really think the Royal agents would be so stupid to make things so complex in killing them if they were determined as treasonists? They had access to the apartments they stayed in. They could have killed either one nd not complicate things. This was a Saudi hit, obviously. They martyred their own on a regular basis, including Palestinians (who Saudis SUPPORTED) shooting kids to make it seem like they were attacked by Isrealis. Yet what is complex is the fact Isreal is political allies with Saudi Arabia. Here are my comments, which I hope professional researchers/investigators will take into consideration: www.appleofmyeyes.org/2018/03/why-Di.html   https://youtu.be/rzy1TRZdotc  #WeNeedAnswers! But most importantly, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, And Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip should know the truth, and may know the truth now anyway. Another curiosity I have is, Did Trevor Reese Jones call for help when the car was was being tailgated, and seemingly speeding? Or was the speeding report a lie? The driver may have had a massive heart attach from being poisoned 💓 and Princess Di and Dodi may have been poisoned with the same thing - in their food or drinks. Maybe Diana did not finish hers. All died from attacks! I was poisoned by lead in my water and had a heart attack when I was in my 30's. Despite the fact it was proven I had poisonous levels of lead in my water, the city covered it up, got someone to steal things out of my apartment on a regular basis, and poisoned my cat and she died. So I know from a personal level what poisoning does. In fact, Let me add this: CIA was instituted soon enough to poison Queen Elizabeth's father, King George, while she and Prince Phillip were on their honeymoon in Africa! The Satanic NWO brings may have ritually used the same poison on Diana and Dodi, and the driver! https://youtu.be/rzy1TRZdotc


OMG, he claims that Diana became Elton John’s boyfriend. Diana went back to being a male. 


Decide for yoursef - I am pasting a lot of pictures but don't have time to place them in any particular order.  

Heavy emphasis on numerology which is a turn-off for me. Yet it may have some meaning, Circumstancial Evidence      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2USpYfnAtw

 Hello, Hello! 
I don't know why you say good-bye - I say Hello....

You say "Yes".....
I say "No"....



It would explain her "unique expressions" - wouldn't it?  How would you like to be Prince Charles, be a good Christian and wait til marriage and find out you married a tranny?  omg

At the 12 minute point, the 75 at the end of the license plate was how French licenses were at that time.  "75" means Paris.  It's the first two digits of the Paris postal code.  I have a couple of videos up on this event.  A neighbor here outside Paris came to visit me in '10 and we were chatting and he was showing me some of his photo collection, which sounds dumb but France is pretty old-fashioned and people still sit around and do that quite a bit, and he had quite a few photos of the day after this event.  He noticed a forensic weirdness straight on.  He got down into the tunnel, which is dangerous and he shouldn't have been there, and he noticed the physical surroundings were "not right."  It didn't add up.  He measured things, took photos comparing them to his mobile phone at that time (they were large back then) and really took a crazy chance by even being there at all.  In your clip here, I see photos of the front of the car, and it looks as though the pole went right into the middle of the front of it.  Okay, but as he pointed out, that is physically not possible.  For the indentation to be right in the middle like that, there isn't enough space there for a speeding car to have hit the 13th pole like that.  There was also no evidence of the accident on the pole or anywhere else.  They actually do scrub and clean streets and tunnels quite a lot here, but the few marks there were looked very old and very timeworn.  He's very troubled about this event and I must say we were all very shocked here in Paris when that happened or is alleged to have happened.  You might like my clips.  Bernard is talking in French but I add comments in English.  My clips are called, HE SAYS PRINCESS DI WAS MURDERED, I think.  If you type my name, Lisa Falour, next to that in your search box, they should turn up.

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