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Update 11/9/2018  
  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
    Israel sees that China's economic power is on the ascent while that of the United States is in decline. The parasitic philosophy of Zionism knows that its current host is going to die and is seeing new blood.
     I love Jake's reporting, he is so scholarly, but my having about 15 years on him, I tend to be much more tired of the corruption and violence coming out of Washington!  
    Look at all the mass shootings!  They make money on mass shootings - snatching and grabbing and using it for nefarious purposes such as building more Transgender clinics!  WAKE UP! 
    Sandy Hook FAKE shooting was Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - Subscribe to GEMATRIA on YouTube!  GEMATRIA SHOULD BE HIRED AS A CONSULTANT BY FBI!  HE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE THAT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY SINCE IT IS 11/9/2018 - A Satanic symbolic number.
    In 2013 - MANY TRANSGENDER CLINICS WERE BUILT!  And I mean MANY!  See my blogpost on Tranny Watch, the notes about the Transgendering of children, a current video I watched.  
    My comment:  USA Foreign policy sucks right now. So if China and Russia and Iran and India want to pick up the slack to promote WORLD PEACE - I am all for it. US is known for being bullies and when our great honorable statesmen like Colin Powell, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions - and others - promote DIPLOMACY - they are SQUISHED. Something to consider. If they posture themselves as stronger than USA - Trump will have no standing, the military would only want to get involved if they want to commit suicide, so Trump will hit a WALL that THEY built and I say GOOD!!! 

  • We the GOOD people of United States want Peace and appose those leaders who incite war! 

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    5/9/2018:  As a firm reminder, I remind you that when Trump was   trying to fire Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson stood up to Trump and said he would quit right then if he did. Trump just couldn't handle the loss of Rex Tillerson because it was too fresh in everyone's minds that it was TRUMP that pleaded with Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary Of Stat.! I mentioned this before. I mentioned the made up, backdated news stories that surfaced  on Rex Tillerson and Mike Pence  were created by technocrats on internet. Both are very honorable people. Thank you for your consideration.

    3/22/2018:  also, please refer to this post:

    Update 3/26/2018:
      I shared this in my March Pitstop Post and will share it here:
    3/26/2018 <Insert>  Note, last night I watched David Zublick's video on a church that has been promoting pedophilia for decades. This was a really good report. David Zublick mentioned Rex Tillerson yet not Mike Pence - accused of Pedophilia. So Mike Pence was taken off the table and hopefully Rex Tillerson will be once his weak informants get out of the way. Let me cap the crap:

    1. Trump first claimed the reason he fired Rex Tillerson was because he wanted the Iran Deal to go through despite Trump saying it was revoked. Hon. Tillerson was on Africa, not Iran! I heard Hon. Tillerson say over and over, that what Trump wants, he honors. After this, excuses kept changing:

    2. Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron.

    3. Rex Tillerson is a pedophile.

    4. Rex Tillerson got drunk and slandered Trump.

    5. Rex Tillerson went to Afghanistan and did bad things. (Afghanistan's one of three major illuminat I locations)

    6. Rex Tillerson refused to spend $80million on counterpropaganda

    7. Of course, something to do with Russia, omg

    I think David Zublick will come around. He has not accused either Rex Tillerson or Mike Pence Of being traitors and he struggles with being deceived - being exposed to many contacts - I appreciate that. So I think he'll come around on this. ##end of insert 3/26/2018

    Update:  3/23/2018 - see the inserted paragraph, dated below
    Notice how Wikipedia skips over 2001? Everything is eliminated so nobody can know exactly what he was doing with his aircraft business in 2000 and 2001.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  If he was not doing anything wrong, why does he leave these years out of his career? it sure raises a red flag with me! He grew up in California - which is where the Deep State is rooted!  

    I am having more computer problems just to share anything, let alone get my own personal work done due to so much corruption in my life.  In fact, this blog is very difficult to manage because the layout is altered.  

                     Tea Party - or IT Party? (3/22/2018)

    The Tea Party are directly connected to the TECHNOCRACY: it is really the "IT Party" - my opinion.  If you piss off a Tea Party member, they zap your computer - just an example. And you don't need to say anything offensive.  It is about their agenda, which piggybacked Obama Agenda - to split up the Republican Party and feed the #IlluminatiAgenda Here is a current film on the Illuminati:

    Here is one which I recommend you watch first, since this was made 50 years ago and you can see how it is all unfolding as this film structured it.  Not a prediction, but a fact. 

    I have other references of Illuminati Videos in my post titled:  Pitstop of Information for March 2018

    I will be creating a Post titled "Illuminati" with notes from various films 

    People who tell you that Internet needs a Bill of Rights are trying to help them create a ONE WORLD ORDER

     I will keep searching on internet for info on Mike Pompeo - who was alluded to be a former General - which he never was - so keep that in mind due to propaganda by media! 
    3/24/2018 - I am emphasizing to you that Hon. Rex Tillerson, ret military General, was approached by Donald J. Trump - asked to be his Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson did not pursue it.  It appears now, that President Trump's people-scaping to win the election is unraveling.  So keep that in mind.  

    Also keep in mind that Blogger is getting their jollies changing the layout of my posts - to keep you from seeing info, make it hard to copy, etc.  

    Business career[edit]

    In 1998 Pompeo moved to Wichita when he and three other West Point graduate friends, Brian Bulatao, Ulrich Brechbuhl, and Michael Stradinger, acquired three aircraft part makers companies in Wichita (Aero Machine, Precision Profiling, B&B Machine) and one in St. Louis (Advance Tool & Die) and renamed it Thayer Aerospace (named for West Point founder Sylvanus Thayer).[15][16][17] Venture funding for the private organization came a 2% investment from Koch Industries[18][19] as well Dallas-based Cardinal Investment and Bain Capital (Pompeo's friend Brechbuhl worked for Bain at the time).[20][21] Brechbuhl and Stradinger left the company shortly after it was founded but Pompeo and Bulatao continued until 2006. In 2017, when Pompeo became head of the CIA, he named Bulatao as Chief Operating Officer (a position which Pompeo renamed from its earlier name of executive director).[22]
    Rex Tillerson Is Our Real
    Secretary Of State!
    3/16/2018:  Now Mike Pence is being attacked! President Trump's advisors/handlers are telling him to get him arrested on pedophilia when the fake news has been out there since way before President Trump appointed Mike Pence. Either Trump is attracted to pedophiles or he knew it was fake news. WTF  Do we have another President sabatoging us? 

    ***3/22/2018:   My notes regarding President Trump asking for the arrest of Rex Tillerson are missing.  So I mention it again and also remind whoever reads this what President Trump wants to do with pedophiles:  ****

    l don't always agree with Next News Reports. Gary Franchi reported that President Trump's firing Hon. Rex Tillerson  has been a long time coming (yet Trump has given many speeches saying Rex Tillerson was doing a great job and he's so glad to be surrounded by USMC) The CIA should be dismantled! USMC found a whole lot of crimes they committed over the years. They murder people, for. God's sake! Scrap CIA! Pay for the wall! It's a strange stretch to see the infamous CIA leader jump to Secretary of State, as if the real mission is to give him immunity. There’s no way that Pompeo is more competent than Hon 😂Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State – look what is going on with CIA!  The President’s Administration is being heavily pressured to dismantle CIA and President Trump wants to give Pompeo a job – let him be maintenance but don’t give him a supervisor position because obviously he was not cleaning up CIA – we needed the USMC to come in and raid their offices, bomb their opium manufacturing in Afghanistan!  I thought President Trump was on board with all that – but now, this is a real WTF moment!  Trump should have really scolded Pompeo for not giving a $hit about all the corruption in the CIA! Pompeo should probably be in the indictment list! 
    (I need to insert a picture of the “Gina Haspel” facebook page, which has President Trump’s picture on it – not hers! WTF)
    See this??? This is supposed to be Gina Haspel's Facebook page. What sense does this make? And yet she is taking over Pompeo's position. Her specialty is torturing people! And though she was running a facility in Thailand (btw, Obama has a mansion there) the real killer and molester of Jon Bonet Ramsey lived there AND molested girls there. He may have killed some too. Obama made a deal with the newly elected President that if he drops all charges on Karr, USA would prosecute him on Jon Benet Ramsey's molesting and murder. They did not! (You remember that story?  Where the MSM, especially Dian Sawyer, ripped apart the husband and wife’s marriage, alluding that they were the ones who did this to their little girl when all the while it was Karr, the school teacher in the neighborhood – and his fingerprint left was not even identified!!! The Colorado DA dropped the charges! She said his BUTT PRINT did not match!  BUTT!!  I printed what she told the press and gave it to authorities I trust – because internet scumbags are always changing news that has been reported! )  So this scum is at large, contributing to the 800,000 children missing every year!
    Rex Tillerson Climate Change Group?  Wtf, makes no sense and I believe set up as a distraction to Hon. Rex Tillerson.  

    Here's another fake Facebook on Rex Tillerson, reflecting defamation of character

    And here is yet ANOTHER fake Facebook on Hon. Rex Tillerson!

    Are any of these REAL Facebooks? Considering the fact that we all know CIA is the handle of facebook, and also helped scumbag Zuckerberg to become not only a millionaire but a billionaire, it is truly a disgrace that they create these defamatory pages on Hon. Rex Tillerson - who moved to Washington to serve our country!
    Zuckerberg is probably Robert T Morris - who destroyed tens of thousands of computers as VP Bush was making his way to be US President in 1988 - and activated Operation Desert Shield in 1989!
    All of these computer companies must have loved Bush for this brought them big bucks and made them richer than the manure that is spread over thousands of acres of farm fields!
    A whole lot of things are not making sense, when we have all these indictments lined up to make arrests and need real leaders - not a torture specialist from the Dark Ages, who is being made CIA Director! CIA is a criminal department and should be dismantled! Not rewarded for all their crimes!

    3/23/2018: I tried to share just the picture but Google Chrome won't let me save it and probably did damage to my computer for trying to.  My point was to emphasize it is common knowledge that the Press is a Lying Mess.  Whatever they say is most likely a lie!  Hon. Rex Tillerson is very tolerant and most likely did not even say anything to President Trump,  about the propaganda statement  "You called Trump a Moron a long time ago"  So here is the article, for emphasis what we think of the Press, which is obviously playing a game with Trump since they are not being held accountable and even inciting violence, chaos, destruction, death!    

    I, for one, cannot wrap my head around all this!
    I struggle so much, disabled from almost being murdered by a town truck driver - just after I told off a perverted man on the phone. He approached   me at a donut shop and acted friendly yet I didn't know him and he was my father's age. I was 18. When he told me his name was Roger Huck, I thought of things my father told me about his horrible childhood at that foster home where Roger Huck's father tortured my father and his two brothers, including making them sleep on straw under the porch in the winter!  They were slaves!  I got home and told my father about this man and asked if he could be the same man, since we had just moved near the town my father was abused in. He said yes, when I described him. Somehow Roger Huck got my father's number and as a predator does, called me. I told him very sternly I wanted nothing to do with him, so disgusted this married man was whispering on the phone, saying his wife was there. "Do not call me again!" I remember saying that and telling my father about this. Shortly after that, the town truck driver almost murdered me as I was going to work during my vacation - because they called me in to work because the other food preppers were very sick. I felt like I was set up - yet not even the multi millionaire attorney who represented me would request a thorough investigation from State police! And when I went to the first pre-trial hearing, Perry Hyde, the driver, was laughing! I was by myself. They could get away with it! I was angry and made very firm statements. My attorney told me to keep quiet, he would do the talking. I said back to him, "Well, you weren't saying anything, even though he deliberately slammed into my car going the wrong way on the highway, and now laughing about it!"
    So I know how evil people can be and what cowards are - hiding behind their stearing wheel of a 20-ton truck - or on a computer interfacing with other crooks and hacking into innocent people's devices and computers - all to destroy so they can have more power! Those days are over! Obama got away with murder, racketeering, drug-trafficking, embezzling, and so much more for eight years because unpatriotic politicians who only cared about lining their own pockets were in Washington!
    Here we have an administration of Patriots who have been fervently working on dismantling the irreparable agencies such as CIA -- and we have more than 19,000 indictments ready to be served -- and Rex Tillerson, our great patriot leader is fired! I surely cannot wrap my head around that one!
    And the same day he's fired, I receive a strange notification that I have been placed on the HONOR ROLL by President Trump. WTF? Thanks but no thanks. Tell Betsy Devos to do her job because I have sent literally thousands of papers to the Dept Of Ed (which btw, shifted a portion of them to crooked Gov Cuomo when I don't even live in NYS, and months later forwarded them all to me after the slimeball took all my personal information!) - and yet they fail to discharge the student loan due to permanent disability! And I showed them exactly how the school I attended and the one I transferred to charged me the Pell Grant I received! That's fraud, and there was more fraud in the billing methods, as these parasites soak money from the government!
    Here are more fake Facebooks named Rex Tillerson! 
    I found them all because when I searched on Facebook with his name, to see what my Facebook friends were saying about this untimely firing, all that came up were these fake Facebooks - no posts by one of my 500+ friends.

    Pay attention to your circumstances, people, because most of it is not
    coincidence - it is planned! Zuckface has spent his "career" teaching IT's how to be criminals and they spread the cheer also! Yet why are not the Washington politicians doing anything? Because they are deep into pay to play schemes, for one thing! Look at how much pedophilia there is!  Do you really think the non-profit



    organizations care? We need new ones or overhaul the ones that exist! Scandal brings them business!  None of them should be allowed freedoms Because they have raped our freedoms from us, as a trade-off! And if I share anything with politicians in my area, the consequence for me is to lose even more of my freedoms Because it's easier to get rid of the one exposing their corruption Because they enjoy being corrupted, for one thing!
    I expect I will be returning to this post. What's next??? Firing Jeff Sessions? Hon. Tillerson laid it on the line and said he would resign if Jeff Sessions was fired, and President Trump took it off the table, praise God. And we continued to make great achievements, forging ahead! They are all there, just check out
    NOTHING is making sense about the firing of Rex Tillerson! We need to create a petition!!!! Nothing personal, Mr. President, but

    Anne Bradley
    By the way, the “Reason” you see the left side of the blog margin illegible is so the scumbag court officials can make a lame statement about my having that format on my computer because I have submitted so many court documents – WHICH THEY FAIL TO ACT ON!  My margins on the document I type for this blog are appropriate and the same as the other posts I have entered.  This is a Google or Internet Service (Frontier is the service and they suck) trick, aka Social Engineering!  The TRUTH is bigger than they are – bigger than anyone here.  That is why it sets us free! 


    McCabe is Fired
    Pompeo finally releases the server information because he knows CIA is going down and he finally does his freaking job because he was thrown a bone - Steal Rex Tillerson's job! This guy won't report that part!
    President Trump could have fired bribe-taking McCabe


    Here is an example of what Rex Tillerson took part in - in AFRICA - undoing the CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE!  - and is Trump also mad about that?  Trump needs to step down quickly.  Our country is at great risk of unraveling now.  He is deceiving us.  He is gripped by the evil secret societies and cults that ravage our country!

    This leader should be put to Justice!

    The people rejoice finding out this 37-yr corrupted dictator resigns - THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

    Here is an article which has much info, links:


    Who is John Bolton, the new 'hawk' in the White House?

    The new National Security Adviser has had a long and controversial political career since the Reagan presidency. He is considered a 'neocon,' the extreme right-wing ideologues who took George W Bush to war in Iraq.
    Former Ambassador John Bolton waits backstage before speaking at the Conservative Principles Conference hosted by U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, Saturday, March 26, 2011, in Des Moines, Iowa. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall
    John Bolton, 69, is a hard-line conservative known for his controversial positions on foreign policy and his work as a analyst on Fox News.
    A harsh critic of the United Nations, Bolton is known for advocating a tougher policy towards Iran and North Korea, two countries who's nuclear programs are targeted by U.S. sanctions. His views are in line with Mike Pompeo, nominated to be President Donald Trump's new Secretary of State.
    - Career highlights: “the kind of man with whom I'd like to stand at Armageddon"
    This will be the fourth U.S. President that Bolton has served. He previously held posts under George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. He was also a foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.
    Bolton began his career working for the late North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms, a powerful member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and ardent critic of the United Nations. A passionate advocate of Reagan’s policy to defeat the communist threat in Central America in the 1980s, Helms once described Bolton as "the kind of man with whom I'd like to stand at Armageddon."
    - the United Nations: "could lose a few floors."
    Between August 2005 and December 2006 Bolton served as U.S. ambassador to the U.N., although he had previously expressed harsh criticism and questioned the usefulness of the international forum.

    Pic:  United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton lifts the U.S. name tag to signal that he would like to address a meeting at U.N. headquarters, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005 in New York. The Associated Press / Mary Altaffer

    Bolton once said that the U.N.'s New York-based headquarters "could lose a few floors floors" without affecting its functioning - a reference to its oft-criticized multi-national bureaucracy.
    - Florida's historic 2000 election
    In November 2000, Bolton was among a group of Republicans that burst into the offices of the Miami-Dade supervisor of elections on behalf of the George W Bush’s presidential campaign to stop a recount in the famously razor thin Florida election. He spent weeks objecting to 'hanging chads' in Miami and fighting issues over a notorious 'butterfly ballot' in Palm Beach county.
    Bush ended up winning Florida, and the presidency, by a mere 537 votes.
    Pic: Democratic attorney Dennis Newman (L), Judge Charles Burton (C), chairman if the Palm Beach County Canvassing board, and Republican attorney John Bolton (R) review ballots at the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, 20 November 2000. Ben Gray/AFP/Getty 
    Bolton recalled the 2000 recount when he spoke to Florida delegates at a breakfast during the Republican National Convention in 2016. “I spent 31 wonderful days in Florida in November and December of 2000. I can still draw a floor plan of the Emergency Operations Center in West Palm,” he said.
    - Bioterrorism and Cuba
    From 2001 to 2005 Bolton was Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security in the Bush administration.
    In 2005, Bolton was accused of using his State Department position to bully intelligence officials about Cuba's supposed bioterrorist threat. He famously visited CIA headquarters to personally demand the replacement of a senior analyst who downplayed Cuba's biological warfare capabilities.
    The allegation touched a raw nerve at the time as memories were still fresh that intelligence analysts working on Iraq may have been pressured to provide faulty assessments that fit the administration's case to go to war in 2003.
    In a May 2002 speech to the conservative heritage Foundation in which Bolton boldly declared U.S. intelligence indicated that Cuba "has at least a limited offensive biological warfare research and development effort."
    It was the first time any senior U.S. official had made such a serious allegation about Fidel Castro's government. Bolton also accused Cuba of sharing dual-use biotechnology with "rogue states."
    Top administration officials at the time failed to endorse his remarks. Secretary of State Colin Powell appeared to directly contradict Bolton. "We didn't say it (Cuba) actually had some weapons, but it has the capacity to conduct such research," he said.
    Bolton insisted he could back it up his assertions with intelligence data. "We are very confident about our data," he said.
    Later that year when the State Department put out its annual report on trends in global terrorism. A short section on Cuba made no mention of biological warfare research.
    - Cuba and Obama
    Bolton continues to have strong views on Cuba. Some analysts wonder if Bolton could turn up the pressure on the communist-run island which is on the verge of a historic political handover as Raul Castro is stepping down as president April 19.
    Bolton was critical of President Obama’s restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015. Trump has trimmed back some of Obama’s policy towards Cuba, and relations have cooled again, but the renewed diplomatic ties remain intact.
    Bolton enjoys the strong support of Florida’s Cuban American Senator Marco Rubio, an influential member of the Senate Foreign relations committee who has called for cutting diplomatic ties.
    “I know John Bolton well and believe he is an excellent choice who will do a great job as national security adviser,” Rubio said in a statement on Thursday.
    - Venezuela
    Bolton is expected to adopt a hard line on Nicolás Maduro’s government in Venezuela.
    Bolton raised concerns about Venezuela in 2013. During a hearing on Syria and Iran, Bolton said Iranians were operating in Caracas. “These are expert smugglers with—the largest Iranian diplomatic facility in the world is in Caracas, Venezuela,” Bolton said at the time. “Because of their close cultural ties? No, because they are laundering their money through the Venezuelan banks."
    Trump has already taken a hard line against the Venezuelan government, applying more than 20 individual and economic sanctions including restricting U.S. financial transactions involving its new digital currency.
    - Russia
    Bolton’s remarks to the Florida RNC delegates in 2016 also included criticism of Trump and his stance toward Russia.
    Bolton questioned comments by Trump in which the candidate was ambivalent about coming to the aid of NATO members in case of an attack by Russia. Bolton said: “When an American leader says ‘I’ll look at what the situation is after the Russians attack,’ that is an open invitation to Vladimir Putin…When he (Putin) reads this kind of statement, it’s an encouragement to him. We’re not deterring him, we’re in effect giving him a free hand. So I hope that whoever advised Mr. Trump on this rethinks it.”
    Trump is reportedly considering expelling Russian diplomats on Monday in solidarity with the U.K. after the March 4 'novichok' nerve agent poisoning of two Russians, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, in Salisbury. ####

    My facebook message:  Univision admits that Bolton was undersecretary of arms and international security when September 11 was caused by Americans.  Referring to him as a "hawk" is most likley a Satanic opportunity to cover up the Satanic murders of Jennifer Hawk Petit and her two daughters.  They imprisoned the obviously contracted murderers - but right after they were sentenced to death, piled money out to lobby against the death penalty!  The court was obviously so sure that Steven Hayes and (adopted American) Joshua Komisarjevsky would get off so they did NOT do anything until after the judge "had" to sentence them to death.  I went to every day of the trials. I wanted justice.  I took notes and believe me, the news was deliberatly altering the facts and hiding the facts!  The testiminonly of the psychologist they paid about $60,000 to for analysis of ONE of the cases (they should have been tried together but "what difference does it make" kicked in because money is expendable and professionalism is a figmant of imagination!

    My biggest point is - Bolton obviously conspired with the September 11 Attack, murdering 3,000 people immediately and only cares about one thing! Saving his ass!  He needs immunity!  And maybe Trump was black-mailed, extorted - since he has all these businesses that made him  a billionaire.

    Next---Who is Mike Pompeo?
         they show the Spanish version – where is the English? 

              The English version is not available. 

    Univision News | Blog JDJournal
    Univision news & Univision related post on JDJournal. × Join Over ... Trump Replaces Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo as Secretary o...
    Good luck opening the article – it will not open for me!
    This is what my search produced on the first screen: 

    1.   Mike Pompeo, el hombre que Trump designó como jefe …
    Mike Pompeo fue confirmado por el ... En un artículo de opinión publicado por Fox Newsen julio, Pompeo ... así como reportajes y contenido exclusivo de Univision ...

    2.   Mike Pompeo califica de hostil a WikiLeaks y de tener ...
    Mike Pompeo califica de hostil a WikiLeaks y de tener nexos con Rusia. Comparte. 0 Compartir. ... Univision Communications Inc. Todos Los Derechos Reservados.

    3.   Mike Pompeo's CIA Will Not Reflect America's Diversity ...
    Mike Pompeo's CIA Will Not Reflect America's Diversity. by John Kiriakou. ... An Independent Journal of News and Opinion. Publisher, Zuade Kaufman, ...

    4.   Trump to replace Tillerson with Mike Pompeo: Reports ...
    Trump to replace Tillerson with Mike Pompeo: Reports. US president declines to confirm or deny media reports saying Rex Tillerson may be replaced by CIA chief Mike Pompeo.

    5.   CIA shoots down 'ridiculous' reports of secret $100,000 ...
    CIA shoots down 'ridiculous' reports of secret $ ... CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Tuesday rejected two recent reports that ... Security Russia CIA Senate Congress News...

    6.   CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Osama Bin Laden's Porn Stash ...
    CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Osama Bin Laden's Porn Stash Won't Be Released. ... One man, the founder of online jock news site BroBible, ...

    7.   Christopher Wray, Mike Pompeo, Dan Coats ... - CBS News
    Feb 13, 2018 · Intelligence officials say U.S. "under attack," cybersecurity at risk in 2018. ... CIA Director Mike Pompeo, ... CBS News' Emily Tillett contributed to ...

    8.   CIA director Mike Pompeo met with Russian counterpart in
    CIA director Mike Pompeo met with Russian counterpart in U.S. ... The meeting between CIA Director Mike Pompeo and ... Reuters first reported the news of Pompeo

    9.   North Korea's Worst Nightmare? Mike Pompeo Rumored to …
    CIA director Mike Pompeo is tapped to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State as part of a White House plan reported in The New York Times on Thursday.

    10.                CIA Director Mike Pompeo on "crushing" foes ... - CBS News
    CIA Director Mike Pompeo on "crushing" foes amid shutdown, N. Korean nuclear threat. Share; ... anywhere with the new 24/7 digital news network.

    11.              Related searches for univision news mike …


    John Brennan was first appointed CIA Director, I believe, but not sure because Trump has had SEVERAL in just a year.  John Brennan stated that Pompeo has to report to the President just like Rex Tillerson did. He did not accuse Rex Tillerson of anything.

    This video claims 38 ambassadors not appointed – who fired them all?  President Trump!  Not Rex Tillerson – Trump caused the gap, not Rex Tillerson!  He should have replaced them all at the time he fired them.  That is what the media alluded to as happening.  Doing it this way was pulling the rug out from Rex Tillerson’s  feet.

    And the new NSA, replacing Pompeo – her claim to fame was torturing prisoners in Cuba!  Are they all members of certain SECRET SOCIETIES which should be criminalized? 

    This is a game of chess! 

    Our country’s security is at risk!

    Things are unraveling FAST!

    Qnanon was probably created by Pompeo morons - reflecting cult activity, psy op. Riddles are what cults do!  FreeMasons have used riddles and secret codes since their existance.  I have a few posts on Satanism, cults, which also includes Pedophilia since the cultists are perverted - watch the characteristics of these people and you will find they reflect cultists, I bet.  

    This pathetic politician just outright lied!  He said Rex Tillerson resigned!  Lying is rampant in Washington DC. Someone should have called him out right then for lying! 

    Decide for yourself!

    Posted on Rex Tillerson is our REAL Secretary Of State ------------

    March 31. 2018==========================================================


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    ***3/22/2018: My notes regarding President Trump asking for the arrest of Rex Tillerson are missing. So I mention it again and also remind whoever reads this what President Trump wants to do with pedophiles: ****

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