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Posted 3/22/2018
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Know Before You Go

Our Country is being attacked from within

                        or this link, which is shorter:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cch7Uik6GOk 





Posted on blog:  3/22/2018
My Comment:  This is a horrible film and completely verifies just how embedded Obama is with planners who want to take over this country by upsetting our very existence and purpose to exist!  They are liars, they are manipulators, and use social engineering to influence the innocent – children in schools first; then the secondary schools. I watched it through to almost the end and wasn’t taking notes.  Today, I took notes, but stopped after 27 minutes of it because it is pure bull shit!  It angers me to see how much Obamaland is converting our country – our country that has been known to have the most intelligent people in the world!

The movie centers on THE CHICAGO SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, which they claim to be the best business teacher in the country (BS!!)  It starts out with this claim:

“When people face difficulty, they make mistakes”
----The American Belief is “When people face difficulty, they have opportunity to prove their talents! That which does not destroy me makes me stronger!”

The film also refers to a “bias” many times
          1. When people say they will take the $100 today…rather than tomorrow…it is a bias
          2. “Students bid for a bottle of wine”
                   Experiment itself shows bias! I bet every student drank wine and there was no indication of the parameters of the experiment.
                   Moderator just says this:  “Rational economics applied, show they will carefully calculate what the wine is worth to them first…”
                             Does he explain what that even alludes to?  Personal worth? Social worth? Based on stats?  Did they use their computers?  This film is total BS!!  And it is supposed to be a teaching film!  I bet if the students were all questioned, they would all have DIFFERENT reasons for their determining the wine’s worth!  Additionally, he fails to indicate who the end user is intended to be!  Maybe end user is too big of a word for them!
After this, the film claims:     “The people who bid the highest for the wine had the highest social security numbers”    BS! BS! BS!!!!  Considering the fact that Obama has an illegal social security number, this is a bogus reason for him to have one!  So as not to interfere with his rationalizing???  BS!  He is a frigging puppet anyway!
Instructor claims this behavior (basing numbers on their own social security number) is “anchored”
          Claims they rely on a number in their mind, even when they are given – instructed at random – almost an irresistible force.
          I call this Numerology!! Based on beliefs!!

Obama is disrupting our country with chaotic thinking of drug users!  That’s it in a nutshell!  And they are the nuts!

Richard Rosenblatt, NY – he supports the ideology of this film.
          I wonder if anyone has investigated him!  He is supposed to have a job of trust! 

Traders bid for what makes more money for clients and themselves
          Then they can offer us cheaper mortgages and more mutual returns

          Result:  Matrix of money that “connects” us all
                   It’s obvious Obama uses Connecticut to build his made-up world for ISIS members or potential ISIS members to go “ah-ha!”  BS!!

                    It is built on a model of trust that traders and brokers behave rationally
                             I am sure, according to Obama, they should all be gay to be rational!
                   There is no definition of “this model” – anyone surprised? Even if there was, is it really one that has value?  I certainly don’t believe so!
Robert Shiller, Yale Univ Economist.  Claims “the boom” is a mirage
          Does anyone even refer to it as a boom – other than them????
1) Housing – rising up to 25%...grip of irrational mania…Shiller wrote a book titled, “Irrational Exuberance”  - I will try to check that out at the Milford library.  It isn’t worth buying, I expect.
But Yale has a wonderful way of making books sell that are not worth reading. 
“Rational Economists”
          John Cochrane
          Eugene Fama
“Rational Calculations Rise”
          Offer mortgages that were never seen before (yet the film fails to rationalize what the hell that even means!  No facts! No references!)
                   House price increases
Confidence is Based on Rational Economics
          The film just shows a bunch of formulas. Here are a few examples, maybe it is all one formula, but they don’t care to validate that and break it up on the screan – no doubt to confuse because CHAOS makes the teaching right!
Richard Thaler
          “Economists assumed….made all the relevant calculations”
Stanford University
“Their research has NOTHING to do with money”
          Yet they incorporate money into their research!  Power of internet, communications, quick feed back, ALL TO MAKE SOCIAL ENGINEERING MORE EFFECTIVE THAN EVER BEFORE!  That is how Al Jazeera became a negative effective tool for terrorism, yet Al Jazeera is not being like that anymore.  But it was, because the paper made a lot of money.

“…exploring the human mind, especially emotion…”  Brian Knudsen
                             I wonder if he has any relationship with Morrison-Knudsen. A huge architectural firm that does nationwide contracts.  They were hired by Ft Drum, NY when FDNY was getting millions of dollars a day to get restructured, prepare for Operation Desert Shied, which turned to Desert Storm.  Great opportunity to keep things secret and use current military tools and devices, in my opinion.
          …and as I type these notes, my Amazon Kindle makes a very loud, continuous noise to get me to turn it off! The Kindle was plugged in.  I had 10% memory, it notified me.  So I plugged it in and it was at 18% when this offensive noise, like the way it sounded when there was “snow” on the television years ago, to reflect something wrong.  I did not have the wifi on.  Yet AT&T most likely have their claws in my device.  No doubt!  They jipped me with the wifi service! They assured me the hotspot kept a CURRENT reading of my gigabytes used yet charged me three times consecutively $15 out of my bank account, without telling me.  Additionally, my hotspot did not indicate I was over.  They then said, “Well, your kindle does not work on the hotspot”.  I said, “I was told it did! I never used it for internet until my hotspot was on!  Later I said….Also, just because I was watching movies I had saved on my device, does not give AT&T the right to pull that data and charge me! …Thus was the reason for cancelling the service two weeks into the service, after I paid in advance for a bill not due until two weeks later.  I paid them over $100.  I also returned the modem AND another device that AT&T used for installation.  Both free and the modem was replaced from time to time with no asset management, no paperwork to show they replaced what I purchased – because I did not purchase it!  I gave them a refundable deposit of $150!  Then they billed me over $1,000 more!  Great business tactics according to the Obama’s way of doing business!  Puke!
Brian Knudsen goes on to say
          “Nucleous Seconan” – is what triggers for survival needs.  He defines the survival as:  sex and drugs only!  If he could hear me, I would have said, “Gee, you forgot murder and theft!”
          Knudsen tries to find what triggers the brain as far as sex and drugs…so he asks people who are about to receive money:
          K:  Once we found the use of money, we found very reliable activation in these circuits
-         It’s not just sex
-         It’s not just drugs
-         It’s money…also activates these circuits and it does so very powerfully
Gee, is that why Obama is trying to do away with all structure of our economy?  Including doing away with the Federal Reserve?  Face it, he is lying and doing all he can to help the planners!
Robert Shilling “explains”…they get excited…
          My question: So why is it that Yale University helped a black homeless woman with children she could not afford – become a millionaire overnight by flipping real estate in New Haven?  Yale GAVE her thousands of dollars to do this!  ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS?  Is this Yale’s idea of being generous to the community?
And of course, the current mayor (I don’t know if it is a man or woman – Toni NATHANIAL Harp – whose ‘husband’ conveniently died in 2011 when he was nailed for a multi million dollar fraud scheme and “it” did not want to have to give up a multi-million dollar luxury way of living – and of course, may have argued the marriage was illegal in Connecticut anyway since it is a gay marriage…probably…and most likely missioned to marry and martyr the spouse for the Obama Cause of Jihad and caliphate and chaos in our country) claims, as stated in the Yale Daily News:  “New Haven Is Going Nowhere”
As I search for this info on internet, I see where Yale Univ created a “Downtown Crossing Project”…for women who recover from heart attacks….HOW ABOUT FOR DERANGED WOMEN WHO HAD A HEART ATTACK FROM LEAD IN THEIR APARTMENT WATER AND WERE EVICTED RATHER THAN GIVEN THEIR RIGHTS IN COURT - WHO GIVE CROSSES TO PEOPLE AT CHURCH AND THEY LAND UP AS EVIDENCE IN COURT BY THE LYING SCUMS FROM THE CHURCH THAT WANT TO SERVE THE WANTS OF CORRUPTED POLITICIANS?  That, my friends, is just how pathetic and cowardly they are here!  There is no leadership!  It is all corruption!
                   “News Article-Yale University of Medicine”…medicineyale.edu…Downtown Crossing Project
          Give me a break!  All as a false face that they care about me, I am sure!  They want to kill me, that is how much they care about me.  I know that! 

I see this site also:  Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and….  Yale University Press.  New Haven & London…happiness/Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein…mal training in nutrition….
----I wonder what the other word is….Stealth, like Stealth attack??? Great combo, I am sure, whatever it is!  Maybe they write murder stories on the side too, like Amy Chuah’s husband, who is supposed to be an attorney teaching Constitutional Law. 
Well, now internet will not give me the information!  She is an African American, became a multi-mother by the time she was 18, no higher schooling and I don’t know if she even had her diploma…And Yale Economics Team made her a millionaire flipping houses – no doubt a precursor to help Toni NATHANIAL Harp become mayor! And they created a Harp mortgage lending plan as well!  Certainly nothing to harp about!

Knudsen in the film goes on to say:
Rising House Prices = Speculative Bubble
Yes, that happened during the Bush years! Bubble, bubble, toil and trubble!
Aka:  BS!!

I stopped rewatching the film here because they pissed me off!  How many minds are damaged from their rhetoric? Their propaganda?  This is just the kind of crap that convinced me to vote for Obama!  

“They further incorporate psyche forces” 
                   Pathetic! Obama incorporates psyche forces for everything because he can get a lot of nut cases in the business to manipulate society for him!
                                                               # # # # #

The Black  Hand

Glaziev Directive
Bilderberg Group
The Lost Interview
My curiosity was Inspired by Dr. Ben Carson
I printed this with a sizable left margin in case it may be convenient for someone to make their own notes, modify this document and make it better.
1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Australia – was murdered in 1914 through a secret operative called The Black Hand.  (“US Intelligence Advisor reports Covert Plan….”) “The Lost Interview”.  “The Glaziev Directive”.  (Six global giants[1] formed a 16.7 trillion dollar alliance) He also claims in 1939 the global monetary system collapsed again. Dr. Ben Carson relays that this incident is what triggered WWI.   I wonder if this is about the time the JP Morgan Chase Bldg was blown up by a horse-drawn cart filled with explosives. I wonder if there is any association with that.
·       I wonder if it was JP Morgan (who was from Britain and part of the Evil Secret Society Freemasons) caused the explosion, to kill some bank customers that had a lot of money and maybe it was a way to embezzle their money – if they had no family – or maybe they were angry customers who claimed they were cheated.  Otherwise, because the explosion went off so successfully, why would they deliberately do it BEFORE it would have killed many more people?

2. Research Jeff Yastine’s American Intelligence Report
3.      THE LOST INTERVIEW – my notes
          The Glaziev Directive …salient points on the shocking dossier….absolutely terrifying
          “The terrorists were not only looking to fund their operations from the deaths of innocent Americans, they were also trying to maximize the instability of a market crash to cause as much havoc as possible. It was a veritable one-two punch.”
          “…we found a way to predict terrorist attacks simply by studying the markets…”
                   Well, because he advertises this, they will obviously come up with other schemes!!!
          …”the entire operation shifted to the Pentagon as a part of its military intelligence apparatus.”

          He claims that in 1971, a secret group, Bilderberg Group, founded by a cabal of billionaire bankers – forced Nixon to abandon the gold standard. The US dollar lost 50% of its value, setting off The Great Inflation in the 1970’s. President Nixons Secretary of Treasury declared personal bankruptcy because of it. He claims Washington had to issue U.S. bonds denominated in Swiss franks, rather than USD.
          “Prof Richard Roberts, of Kings College, London, said the murder of Ferdinand was the most serious systemic financial crisis in the world…”
          “Followers of the Thule Society, Captain Gustav Kleikamp was ordered by berlin to fire on the Port of Danzig, sending the world to war for a second time”
          “Then, in 1971, actions by the secretive Bilderberg Group – founded by a cabal of billionaire bankers – forced Nixon to abandon the gold standard.”
          “When the Pentagon got wind of the shocking discoveries he made while working on a top-secret project for the CIA, they quickly militarized his findings in preparation for the financial chaos to come.”
                   “This urgent move by the military came from the fact that the last three monetary collapses all happened before the world’s financial systems were globalized.  They were all before the New York Stock Exchange merged with Euronext in Amsterdam….before the NASDAQ and the OMX of Sweden became one…and long before Tokyo and the Toronto Stock Exchanges stared sharing the same name.”
          THIS ARTICLE FURTHER RELAYS/PREDICTS: “Like the mysterious workings of the Black Hand in 1914, the Thule Society in 1939, and the Bilderberg Group in 1971, these financial assassins are about to decimate the dollar and destroy the U.S. economy.”
                   …”And now their covert actions are setting the stage for an epic shift in global power.”
                             “Their first step was outlined on June 10, under the Glaziev Directive.  A directive that spells out the first punch that will knock the U.S. economy to the mat. And while this first hit will shake the foundation of our financial system to the core, it’s the second punch that we will deal a deathblow to American wealth and everything you hold dear.”
                             “Unfortunately, Washington has only egged them on with their reckless ways…”
                             “Truth is, the only reason our nation’s leaders have been able to get away with their out-of-control spending and massive debt creation for so long is because the entire world relies on the U.S. dollar for global trade.”
                             “This new Secret Alliance won’t need a war…or massive political pressure from the ultra-wealthy to achieve its objective.  In fact, the entire monetary system will be ground to a halt with the simple flip of financial “switch” – a switch that will “reset” the value of the dollar instantly…and irreversibly.”
                                      “….It will be like going to bed with a $100,000 retirement account and waking up with $30,000….”
                   Books recommended by Jim Rickards [American Lawyer, Democrat/Republican??? Don’t know…Wikepedia has a lot of info about him…Juris obtained in PA…he has several money-related degrees.
                             Currency Wars – can be obtained on Amazon
                             Death of Money – can be obtained on Amazon
                                      Jim Rickards was called upon by Washington as part of a team who negotiated the release of 52 American hostages in Iran in 1981
                                      Jim Rickards negotiated a multibillion dollar bailout in 1998 – for failed hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management
                                      “After 911, the CIA asked him to investigate mysterious trades in airline stocks by terrorist sympathizers, trades that signaled someone knew the 911 attack was coming. “
                                      “In the past few years, he conducted the first-ever financial ‘war games’ at a top secret Pentagon facility where his analysis has helped the intelligence community assess the national security risks of financial chaos”
                                      Currently serves as advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the CIA, the NSA, and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies…
          He claims that the US economy is a target for financial warfare that will have the worst impact on our economy. He claims every $100,000 will crash to $30,000.
          He claims that a ruthless group of actors are at the heart of this operative
4. “The study of monetary questions is one of the great causes of insanity.” – U.S. Senator Nelson Aldrich[2]…. Mentioned in a Forbes article titled “Is James Rickards right About a Coming Monetary…” 4/28/2014… (access forbidden on my cell phone)
5. Foreign Policy Journal:  “Having just finished reading James Rickards’ Currency Wars, this…is on their side and is definitely not democratic…”
6. Finance.townhall.com
7. Rickards berates reactionary hysterics for claims such as that Fort Knox surreptitiously has been emptied of gold. 
          Understanding gold’s real role in the monetary system requires reliance on history, not histrionics.  Analysis should be based on demonstrable data and reasonable inference rather than accusation and speculation.  When a refined view is taken on the subject of gold, the truth turns out to be more interesting than either the gold haters or the gold bugs might lead one to believe.
          He goes on to strip the bark off some of the criticisms of, and polemics surrounding, the gold standard.  First he disposes of the myth that “there’s not enough gold”[3].
          The Great Depression from 1929 to 1940, was preceded by the adoption of the “gold-exchange standard”, which emerged in stages from 1922 to 1925 and functioned with great difficulty until 1939.
                   A pale imitation of a true gold standard and, at worst, a massive fraud.
                             It did not take gold’s free-market price into account..the gold exchange standard did contribute to the Great Depression
                   CENTRAL BANK DISCRETIONARY POLICIES are claimed to have caused the Great Depression…It was aq poorly designed hybrid, manipulated and mismanaged by discretionary monetary policy conducted by central banks, particularly in the U.K. and the U.S.
                   Ben Bernake: “I would like to say to Milton [Friedman, 90th birthday] and Anna:  Regarding the Great Depression.  You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry.  But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.”
                             …”a well-designed gold standard could work smoothly if the political will existed to enact it and to adhere to its noninflationary disciplines.  A gold standard is the ideal monetary system for those who create wealth through ingenuity, entrepeneurship, and hard work.  Gold standards are disfavored by those who do not create wealth but instead seek to extract wealth from others through inflation, inside information, and market manipulation.  This columnist, while in general agreement, has some quibbles with Rickards. The one that matters most is this:  resistance to the restoration of the classical gold standard does not come from a failure of ‘political will’, it comes from a lack of familiarity with it on Capitol Hill…”[4]
8.  The Brady-Cornyn Centennial Monetary Commission.  Proposed to study the data pertaining to six monetary regimes, including the gold standard….That resurrection[5] is a recipe for equitable prosperity, job creation, ending wage stagnation and restoring equitable income distribution, and curing our chronic federal deficit. Call it the Rebirth of Money.
          Ralph Benko@twitterapi
          Author of The Webster’s Dictionary:  How To Use The Web To Transform The World
          He serves as an advisor to and editor of the Lehrman Institute’s thegoldstandardnow.org and senior advisor to the American Principles Project.
                   Get the best of Townhall Finance Daily delivered straight to your inbox….

My notes could go on…I typed the above primarily from info I found on my Consumer Cellular phone.  I don’t have wifi internet at home anymore because AT&T sold their Uverse service – only in Connecticut – to Frontier and personally I believe it was a sham deal. I looked up Frontier on the Secretary of State’s website and they use a New Jersey address for their registration, not their supposedly corporate office in Stamford, CT.  They also have been sending me bills, despite the fact I literally mailed back my modem to AT&T.  They claimed that I owned it when I provided them my $150 refundable deposit to start the account.  I was angered they claimed I purchased the modem, since I had it changed three or four  times and there was no transaction shown to cover a replacement – for asset management.  It was obvious they were changing their scheme rather than just be compliant with the original agreement. 

Well, I am printing this and sharing it with TD Bank and will share it online if I think of it when I am on a public wifi.  Whoever gets this, please pass it on.  If you search on these specific words, you will find more of a wealth of info. 

          My opinion, for what it is worth.  Obama could be a part of the Glaziev Directive, being that Snowden is in Russia.  OR – Obama could be the reason that the Glaziev Directive is aggressively sought.  I believe the Malaysian plane was crashed by ISIS members, not Ukranian rebels.  I also believe that either ISIS members or other organized thugs such as the New Jersey Bloods – gunned down the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam Lanza was in a costume, to include his face and arms painted green.  This allowed others to be in the same costume and simultaneously gun down the place.  Over 250 rounds went off in less than 10 minutes! Obama is an agent for ISIS and these countries (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Korea has joined the Glaziev Directive) may figure if our country cannot get rid of what is ailing us right now, our country is losing worth at a fast pace.  This is my opinion/concern.  Obama has to go.  He is an illegal president not only by actions but has no right to be in the office.  His birth certificate is illegal. He never repatriated himself. He attended schools, INCLUDING HARVARD, as a foreign exchange student.  One lie covering up another lie covering up another lie.  That is all he does, including breaking the law in every capacity imaginable.


TD Bank Customer who is grateful for your service

[1] It appears what Mr. Richter is referring to comes from his Glaziev Directive project:  “is a single rallying cry for a silent but powerful, ruthless overhaul of the monetary system and the ultimate assassination of the U.S. Dollar. Pen was finally put to paper on June 10, when Vladimir Putin’s economic adviser, Sergey Glaziev, published a bold directive where he outlined the rationale behind an international alliance of countries that were ready to get rid of the dollar for international trade and also to top using it as their reserve currency. And taking it one step further, Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Russian Central Bank, recently stated that Russia is in discussions with China and their BRICS partners regarding the establishment of a new system for multilateral trade. …. Find more dialogue in The Lost Interview…just search by entering the title and a portion of the dialogue I have shared on this document.
[2] Senator Aldrich stated before the New York Economics Club in 1909, that “the study of monetary questions is one of the great causes of insanity.”
[3] This myth is even more persuasively demolished by George Mason Professor Lawrence White…further refutations are welcome until the culture fully assimilates just how asinine is the myth of ‘not enough gold’.
[4] He said that on behalf of American Principles In Action, for which he serves as senior advisor, has briefed well over 100 Congreassional legislative aides on the importance of good monetary policy for creating a climate of equitable prosperity.  ‘Political Will’ makes it sound as though adopting a gold standard is a painful counsel of rectitude rather than one of equitable prosperity.  Rather the opposite.  As Forbes.com’s Nathan Lewis has pointed out, in The Correlation Between The Gold Standard And Stupendous Growth Is Clear, possibly the most prosperous epoch in world history correlated titghtly with the era of the true gold standard in America.  Lewis teaches us that the real GDP grew almost sevenfold over around 40 years.  By contrast, over the 40+  years of fiduciary dollar management ushered in, on August 15, 1971, by Richard Nixon, industrial production grew by a paltry 159%.   Congresspeople universally favor equitable (especially Democrats) prosperity (especially Republicans), Adopting a policy – the classical gold standard – that has a plausible chance of dramatically increasing the rate of equitable economic growth does not require ‘political will’.  It merely requires more ‘demonstrable data and reasonable inference’.  The Death Of Money makes a valuable contribution to our economic discourse….
[5] Resurrection of The dollar as Gold Certificates, as apposed to the death of the federal reserve


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