5/29/2018 <insert>   Note, the problem with this post is it is based on QAnon crap - created by psy ops, including pathetic Mike Pompeo who probably got contracted the CIA when he began Thayer Aerospace and made his millions as another parasite of the US Gov - while his company was probably murdering people all over the world and making planes crash, including JFK Jr's plane.  I created a post on QAnon here on this blog.  If you don't have time to read it and agree with me that it is psy op crap, you won't see anything different on that post anyway.  Mike Pompeo may have created QAnon himself - while he was busy not doing his job as CIA Director. Their offices were raided when he could have purged them himself.  Their opium factories were bombed when he could have taken them down himself!  A three-year old has good reason to ask their parent to wipe them after they "do their business".  See my point?  So why did Trump out of the clear blue fire Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, who is the next in line to be President after the Vice President?  And a week later say, by the way, Rex Tillerson and Mike Pence are pedophiles (after his Operation Mockingbird morons use Technocrats to infiltrate the internet with fake news which Trumps loves to hate! Trump contracts CNN at his hotels.)   Solution:  Trump should step down immediately and it will allow him a chance to leave with dignity.  He is blocking Justice whenever and however he can to save Clintons, Obamas, Soros and their Crime Syndicate!  That comprises of the Secret Societies and Cults!  Just how bad are they?  Look at the deadpools for each one - that is how bad they are!  Clintons even had the boys (one of them was Henry Ives)  who reported a drug drop from the state helicopter in Arkansas - brutally murdered MS-13 style, so obviously they have been using illegal alians for years to do brutally murder people!  This video is 15 min: 

We have an overwhelming amount of evidence to put Clintons to death!  So Trump keeps Comey on and uses mass shootings as deviations so they can get rid of records and nobody notices!  

Comey "worked" for the Clinton Foundation, which was located in Westport, CT - how the hell does that company remain in business?  Only nonprofit on paper, like what Bill Gates does; and like what JP Morgan did.  Many more did and do now also!  

Bill Clinton had the FBI files which were investigating him  - moved all the way to OK City to the Murrow bldg just so he could have the building blown up by CIA deliberately when the most people were around - just like September 11 attack was!   

Speaking of maggots, Trump obviously had my apartment attacked with them many times beginning summer of 2018 thru 2019 and my landlord was trying to evict me at that time also - illegally serving me but the court didn't care about ANY of the illegal preliminaries, falsifying "nonpayment of rent" when my rent was kept current -  which would justify throwing out the case!  They target me, they stalk me, they gangstalk me.  

 Feel free to copy and paste anything from here - whether you can see it or not - since Blogger or a hacking Frontier Internet Service employee (which they obviously do a lot of) has altered the background where I placed notes about the structure of Deep State and The Swamp

For links to almost all posts to this blog: 

Happy St Patrick's Day. Seems to me that QAnon is just testing the social waters, to see how we react to derermime what to do next. 

                      Citizen Patriot, YouTube

Fasten your seat belts folks - 3-11 is D-Day for the Criminal Cabal. This was to post on Sunday 3-4-2018. I am posting it one day early due to urgency. 3-11 is 7 days or just 1 week from 3-4-2018 1-5-10/2-6-11/3-7-12/4-8-13 as mentioned in video.
credit for this video goes to alphafaith. check him out and subscribe


Red Alert!

Fasten your seat belts folks - 3-11 is D-Day for the Criminal Cabal. This was to post on Sunday 3-4-2018. I am posting it one day early due to urgency. 3-11 is 7 days or just 1 week from 3-4-2018 1-5-10/2-6-11/3-7-12/4-8-13 as mentioned in video.

credit for this video goes to alphafaith. check him out and subscribe

This is their YouTube Account, main page :

And what are others saying about the Ten Days of Darkness?

Here are some other reliable sources to verify and get others’ perspectives:
***Net4TruthUSA – This is a very, very serious threat to review, please.
Here is a main video:

*** April LaJune

CrowdSourceTheTruth with Jason Goodman  @CSTheTruth

Check out the Truth Factory on YouTube  @TruthFactoryCat - he is a retired professor who taught medical students.  He may be a doctor.  He's not saying probably because doctors get sued alot just because they have money. My guess.  I will add links to this asap. 

Maybe Abel Danger has some information, I will check this @FieldMcc  and

Reminder:  Jeff Sessions, our US Attorney General,  is doing a great job, just as Dr. Sebastian Gorka has emphasized back in December – please do not believe the fake news.

This is an excellent video message by Dave T with Net4TruthUSA – though I wanted to share my comment because of what the automated news reporter said about Jeff Sessions, who was hired by President Trump.  When Jeff Sessions joined forces to take down Alpha Bay, that is when Hon. Sessions began feeling immense pressure about being incompetent.  A laughable campaign against him since the criminals resent having their crime toy taken away – and most likely he arrested a kitten-kaboodle.  So take that into consideration.

My comment:  Jeff Sessions is NOT part of the Deep State.  This is his chance to get justice for our country - no doubt when Sep 11 occurred, he was sickened, and probably lost friends, maybe family.  The only way to administer justice is to be backed by just people. As AG, this is his chance to administer justice.  Nothing personal, but he has a job to finish - ever since Bill Clinton fired him because Jeff Sessions was investigating Bill Clinton's life of crime.  And  Hillary Clinton  was obviously doing preliminary tasks, planning Sep 11 with her buddy, the Senator who was and probably still is chair of the committee which controls the purse on military spending through the Senate.  They also accessed the Executive Service, an office tactically opened while President Jimmy Carter was in office - yet not for the purpose they told Jimmy Carter it was there for.  He was deceived by the democrats.  And they were mad about Jimmy Carter supporting Iran's new leader and implementing Sharia Law - as opposed to the US-rigged government in Iran, which CIA manipulated for decades, including forming coups against its leader - even murdering one, I believe.  And why?  Because Irans was clearly a prosperous country with its own Constitution. How dare them.  After all, CIA wanted us all to believe that Iran was corrupt, evil, dangerous, etc.  I am very glad that TSHTF soon.  Today is supposed to be Day One of the Martial Law, the beginning of arrests.  And very likely more riots will break out. We need to be aware and stay safe.  And also be so ever glad that the ones who who are still alive and were involved with the assassination of JFK and thereafter - will face justice.  Jeff Sessions is simply doing his job.  And he should go down in history as the very best AG we have ever had.

Another one I can think of who has been reporting these blasts in the sky:  Dahboo7 and Dahboo77 on YouTube

I will remove the below as long as the lettering is viewable where I copied and pasted it above.  This Blogger somehow got their jollies by making both lettering and background dark, so nobody can read it.  

Shadow Government and Deep State



CIA - Was created without Congressional Approval

CFR - Counsel Of Foreign Relations "Crucial To The Creation Of CIA"

MSM - Main Stream Media (Operation Mockingbird)

NSA - "No Such Address" ---kidding! ...National Security Agency. Directly Connected to Silicon Valley

JSOC - Joint Special Operations Command. This is the President's 'Secret Army' which can use lethal force.
 (SO did Obama contract out MS13, ISIS,  and other terrorist groups?) 

DNI   - overseas 17 Agencies 

DHS - Dept of Homeland Securty, falls under State Department. Hillary Clinton used it to secretly run guns into Lybia (Benghazi) 

DOS - he skipped this one. If it's Dept Of State, that's BS. Dept Of State, DOJ are over them. No more creation of czars! 

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency 

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

NCTC - National Counterterrorism Center

NGA - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. "They gave us Google Maps" 

FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The System Behind Government
(He mentions Military Industrial Complex, MIC)

1. TREASURY - he doesn't say anything 
a. Wall Street - Finances Deep State. Many hide their money in offshore accounts (GHW Bush, Zapata Oil. Operation Zapata. Involved with the Bay Of Pigs operation, Cuba) 
b. Central Banks - Connect to an oligarchy, financial elites. "If you control the purse, you control the gov't"

2. Foreign lobbyists - National Council On Foreign Relations

3. MiC lobbyists - so influential, they should have a seat on Congress. ie, Saudi Arabia

4. IMF/World Bank. Global Economic System, NWO

5. Federal Reserve - not an agency. "They have no power to define National Security, but inappropriately refer to it." Their contractors make $billions. 

6. Defense. Contractors make $Billions

7. MICC Intelligence - nothing said

8. MIC - Military Industrial Complex. See next slide

9. CIA Secrecy Agreement with contractors means CIA now controls them. CIA controls media. 
   ..I need to resume this in a little later..10:10 am 5Feb2018 

Oops, I hope you have enough here to search and find the source to finish it.  3/11/2018 


You can search "Ten Days Of Darkness" right on YouTube and obtain a number of resources which may provide more information, though some are probably fake.  i am not sure.  I just know I was able to get a lot of "hits" when I searched. FYI

-- which some believe to be meteorites – yet others, like myself, consider them to be intercepted bomb-attacks – which would be reason to call for 


This Martial Law is predicted to last for about 2 weeks. 
Citizen Patriot has encouraged the career criminals to turn themselves in, but it may be too late for them at this point
US will fall
Asial will fall next
EU will fall next
Canada will fall

---it seems like the countries are helping eachother – taking turns.  Saudi Arabia has recently fallen and experienced a huge purge

I'll be back!  I want to provide sources in particular.  There are several who are borderline psy ops and/or CIA-paid psy ops.  I bet Alex Jones was one of them who was paid off by CIA. I have my reasons to say that but don't want to waste time here.  This blog is unmonitored. Not to make money.  So please understand - copy and paste the whole thing if you want to.  

My father was police chaplain after he retired as a small business owner - raising seven children. His death was a very traumatic circumstance.  If anything else, I do this in his memory.  He was in an orphanage from 4-14 and had to go to a foster home where he was greatly abused, even having to sleep on straw under the porch - during the Depression.  He enrolled in the USMC when he was 15, changing his birth certificate so it looked like he was 16. That was his birthday gift to himself. And he got a purple heart in Japan for saving the troops he was with.  He always walked with  a limp and was loved so much that the people he knew at the Blind Association in Buffalo recognized him because of his walk - 25 years later.  Please share the waring - this is the beginning of 

  due to arrests, Martial Law - that is what is 

predicted and I believe it. 

I shall pass this way but once...........if there is any good that I may do.......any kindness that I may show any person, any living thing......let me not defer from it ......for I shall pass this way through this world but once.  


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