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I kept the title simple because it may be easier to find.  These are notes from probably when I was recovering from a badly torn hamstring, not sure.  I got lots of  them, so here it goes.  I put my apple of my eye logo between each set of notes. 


American Freedom Defense Initiative – Islamaphobes (AFD)
ABC Senior Correspondent Claire Shipman – married to someone in Obama Administration
Amador County News – good resource
Dawn of destruction@Kooka54 – yuck
It’s Our America – on utube   www.realjoearmy.com  PRODUCED IN 2012 OBVIOUSLY
            There are also Suggestions under it
                        Innocent Behind Bars – Our America  with Lisa Ling
Azez Omar
Phillip Bivens – served three decades in prison and he was innocent
            Just one of 2,000 exonerees
            Some estimate there are 28,000 still waiting for rights
Sherry is preparing a funeral for her father, scheduled to be executed but she knew he was innocent          Thomas Arthur had a shady past, was abusive. But she had doubts about whether he actually committed the crime.
            Feb 1, 1982  Wicker’s wife killed her husband, Troy Wicker. Claimed the hired killer was Thomas Arthur….yet the daughter just says, “I don’t know if he did it or didn’t do it…”  this film is messed up!...this film shows overdramatization here.  Her father was an alcoholic….Thomas Arthur shot and killed his sister in law.  He got probation after five years!  (what the hell state is this?) They speak in southern talk.   Filmmaker claims “She is all he has”…Sherry’s home was elaborate! High society!...Father was on Heraldo…go figure.  Lisa Ling claims another man pleaded guilty but he obviously didn’t turn himself in.  And – she said nothing about that. 
                                    Atty Mark Godzy, Cincinnati, OH – testified on the DNA….he said the test on the wig was not sufficient.  I think it was Kansas that spent millions of dollars on the case.
                                    Lisa Ling Info
                                    Michael came from VA where he was living out of car…Darren also came…..
                                                Talk Show Host, journalist, managing editor
“Resurrection” – event  “convicted innocent get together”
                                    Apparently worked for Christine Turner, filmmaker in New York…
                                    Doug’s wife was murdered.  He had a quarter million life insurance policy.  Doug was convicted in Louisiana – sentenced to life imprisonment. Daughters did not believe their father killed her.  Proof was in his record all the time.  Supplemental police report. Forensic evidence of intruders. Intentionally kept out of the trial.  Nobody will hold the officer/lawyer accountable for perjury. Prosecutorial misconduct.  Lisa Ling claims PM is rare. (LIE!)
            Doug was released from jail.  Lives with his daughter.
            Family cook and is a grandfather to his grandson. He was in jail for 14 years. Sounds like he has a Massachusetts accent.
                        No mention of her father being compensated.
                        Daughter is a single mother but no mention what her situation is.
Thomas Arthur is scheduled to be executed and Sherry goes to the prison.  No other family goes to see her father in prison.  Filmmaker was following her, so they probably pulled strings. The courts love the attention oftentimes!  Her father was released.  Lisa just said he was wrongfully accused twice.

Philip Bivens.  Rape and murder in 1970’s. He was a truck driver.  They threatened he would get the death penalty so he pleaded guilty.  This was obviously more malicious and vexatious prosecution, but she doesn’t state this.
            INNOCENCE PROJECT  steps in and he is exonerated.
            Ethyl is his girlfriend and they live together and she helps him take GED tests/classes.
            Educational and vocational programs were not available to Philip because he was sentenced to life
            “Philip is one of the lucky ones…DNA evidence is stolen, lost, destroyed”
            3/29/2012 – stay of execution for Sherry’s father.  Due to lethal injection issue
            He had a total of 5 sched executions.
            Thomas Arthur has one more month to live.  “We Should Know if People are Guilty”
            Philip Bivens is entitled to $350,000 compensation
            “I can’t help but wonder how many more people are locked up in prison serving time for crimes they didn’t commit”
            HER FILM WAS FUNDED BY “OWN” – Oprah Winfrey Networks
I’d like to ask Lisa Ling about the bogus book “Are You There Alone” and why an abused wife was convicted and the husband got freedom – through the help of Oprah!
            Sex Offenders
Diane’s son, Travis – released after 16 years. Did the punishment fit the crime? Travis was sentenced to 20 years for touching a 10-yr old girl’s breast.  What state are they in? Roundrock, TX …he was parolled in Austin, TX….mother says her husband was compulsive…diag with obsessive compulsive, ADD, Hyper activity Disorder, Terets Syndrome (most likely caused by the damn meds! AND – he will probably get to apply for social security disability! )…now the mother says he actually had the 10-yr old on his lap. Mother said her son had maturity of a 12-yr old at 17. Two girls stated they did not see it happen. Travis waited 6 months for jail. Took a plea bargain and pleaded guilty.  Court framed him as a pedophile likely to offend again.  Mother seeks her son’s name cleared.  (Mother is an enabler, in my opinion. This film is probably another OPRAH film)
Travis is a cigarette smoker
While he is in the half-way house, Travis is let out 2 hrs.  Lisa Ling claims to “stumble” on him and says, “I think I see him at this bus stop”…..well, I think she likes to play the drama violin and I don’t feel confident she can be believed wholly.
They interview Travis’ therapist.  From his boyhood!  Claims “She has worked so hard ever since he was born to try to get him to live right” 
            Was this oversaturation of the mental health industry?  I see no Terets problem with the current him in the film, but when the play a video of his boyhood, he screws up his face and they claim he has terets.  There is no other repeated incidences to compare, so I consider it a façade. [someone just deleted this paragraph and I had to recover it]
            Victim’s mother claims that Travis did more but her daughter cannot speak of it.
Frankly, I think a child who sees a psychotherapist for many years all while they are growing up, will very likely be screwed up!
No mention of his father, that I have seen.
“The incident happened at Jamie’s house….” 
My point is, “What does Travis say?”  She doesn’t interview him on the film!
Lisa Ling said, “The records say it happened at your house”…Jamie said, “That’s friggin….” Jamie denied it was
            So my question is, WERE THE RECORDS ALTERED TO GET TRAVIS OFF FOR THE FILM? Only a document specialist can determine that.
Lisa asked to speak to “Mr. Bradley” but there is no indication who Mr. Bradley is..he obviously was not an attorney! Even clerks of the courts are attorneys.  She probably spoke to an intern or just an office clerk at the District Attorney’s office.
Now she interviews Travis…he said he never touched her.  His pleading guilty must have been his parents’ advice, he wasn’t of age!  But Lisa fails to indicate those facts.  Diane said she spent thousands of dollars to keep her son safe in prison, through extortion.  He has a metal plate in his head, broken collar bone, teeth kicked out. 
Officers have 1400 registered offenders under their watch – for compliance checks, etc.
School classmate wrote an affidavit 16 years ago and said Travis was not that type of kid.  She said she was even his alibi.  Travis spends every day looking for work.  (I wonder why he doesn’t seek a college degree. I wonder if he took any courses in prison.)
100 names added to the TX registry every week.
Martin was on the sex offender registry yet he married the alleged “victim”
Lisa Ling identifies herself with the Oprah Winfrey Network.  She worked with Bill Moyers, Stanley Nelson and others. Her short fiction films have filmed on Tribeca Film Festival, San Francisco AND on PBS.She was born and raised in San Fran and recvd a BA in Fine Arts on film and TV from the Tisch School of the Arts (probably named after CBS’s  Lawrence Tisch)  

Teenager was molested in the 1960s-80s by Fr. Thomas Shea in Massachusetts.  Church settled for $1million.  On NPR today, 3/23/2015
            This came from Philip Harker.  He became friends with Mark Bartley. I wonder if he was the one who wrote the info packed article on Yahoo. No, it was Patrick Markey

Grover Norquist
Initiated Islamic Free Market Institute
Known as “Islamic Institute” . Founded by Khaled Saffuri and Grover Norquist in 1998.
            Saffuri’s ties to terror suspects; is Khaled Saffuri, a prominent Palestinian activist with connections to terror suspects, exerting undue influence on the Bush Administration, or is he getting a bad rap? Kenneth R. Timmerman, insight on the News, March 1, 2004
Saffuri, where is he now? (2010) – page not found
Talat Othman, also on the board, born 4-27-36. Betuniaa, Palestine. Palestinian-American businessman, investor, and Republican fundraiser.  President of Grove Financial, Inc. Founding President of Arab-American Business and Professional Association in 1973, he founded the Midwest Chapter of the Forex Association of North America. He serves as Senior Advisor of the McKinley Reserve. On July 31, 2000, he opened the Republic Convention with a Muslim benediction.  First time a Muslim had addressed a major US political gathering. Illinois Gov Jim Edgar proclaimed Nov 1, 1997 Haj Talat M. Othman day in Illinois. In 2006, Othman received an honorary doctorate degree in humane letters from the Catholic Theological Union.

AMERICANS FOR TAX REFORM (ATR) . Formed 1985, 722 12th Street NW, Washington, DC www.atr.org
Taxpayer advocacy group whose stated goal is a system in which taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today.  According to ATR, “The govt’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.”  Taxpayer Protection Pledge – asks candidates for federal and state office to commit themselves in writing to oppose all tax increases.
TABOR – Taxpayer Bill of Rights legislation, transparency initiatives, opposing cap-and-trade legislation and Democratic efforts to overhaul health care.
At some point, ATR became a member of Cooler Heads Coalition, which takes the position in the global warming controversy, that the science of global warming is uncertain, but the negative impacts of global warming policies on consumers are all too real.
Supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. Continues to favor a comprehensive immigration reform bill
ATR called for cuts in the defense budget in order to reduce deficit spending
Supported the American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2014 (HR 4438, 113th Congress), a bill that would amend the IR Code to modify the calculation method and the rate for the tax credit for qualified research expenses that expired at the end of 2013 and would make that modified credit permanent. ATR argued that the bill would be permanent tax relief for American employers and pointed to the fact that the credit has been in existence since 1981, but businesses had not always faced uncertainty about it due to Congress being forced to renew it 14 times. 

Involvement with Jack Abramoff
Abramoff scandal in 2006.  ATR served as a conduit for funds that flowed from Abramoff’s clients to finance surreptitiously grass-roots lobbying campaigns. Records show that donations from the Choctaw and Kickapoo tribes to ATR were coordinated in part by Abramoff, and in some cases preceded meetings between the tribes and the White House

Shortly after Bill Clinton’s 1992 election, ATR HQ became the site of a weekly, off-the-record get together of conservatives to coordinate activities and strategy. The Wednesday Meeting o f the Leave US Alone Coalition soon became an important hub of conservative political organizing.  Participants

Tucker Carlson’s 1997 article in THE NEW REPUBLIC, what I sold at the revolution  © 2-11-2013
Editor-In-chief         Chris Hughes
Editor             Gabriel Snyder
Publisher      Chris Hughes
Circulation    50,000
First Issue     Nov 7, 1914
ISSN               0028-6583
This is a liberal American Magazine of commentary on politics and the arts published since 1914with a major influence on American political and cultural thinking.  Founded in 1914 by major leaders of the Progressive Movement it attempted to find a balance between a progressivism focused on humanitarianism and moral passion, and on the other hand sought a basis on scientific analysis of social issues.  It supported American entry into WWI, but discarded much of its naïve faith in the possibility of a scientific liberalism.  After the 1980s it incorporated elements of conservatism.  After undergoing a change of ownership and a crisis in 2014 that saw the resignation of many of its editors and writers, its publication was briefly suspended.

Born   11-26-1983 (31)
Educated:     HARVARD UNIV
Net Worth:   $850 million!!!!
Party:             Democrat
Spouse:                     Sean Eldridge (m 2012)

Wouldn’t this be an indicator of Obama’s efforts on starting a revolution – which would lead to a WWIII?  There is no need for one!  We have what is called DISCUSSION, ARGUMENT, WILLINGNESS TO LET BOTH PARTIES BE HEARD, CONSIDERATION OF BOTH PARTIES.  Bush’s administration cooperated.  Obama is a tyrant. 
American entrepreneur who co-founded and served as spokeman for the online social directory and networking site Facebook, with Harvard roommates Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Andrew McCollum.  He was briefly the publisher and editor-in-chief of the The New Republic, after purchasing the magazine in 2012.  As owner of the New Republic, he has drawn severe criticism from the journalistic community for firing the magazine’s top editors, only to have a vast majority of the magazine’s senior staff resign in protest.

No Thiefs Allowed – We are a large group that is built upon patriotic like-minded people that openly encourage opposing views.  We are a group of Anti-Occupy Americans. We carefully study protesters for analysis. We belive our country has strayed from the US Constitution. We expose the Occupy groups, domestic terrorists, and other groups and people that mean harm to our American Freedoms, and constitutional beliefs……

We archive live videos. We have a large databank of vido, documents, and audio files that have been saved from Ustream, Youtube, and LiveStream for the purpose and use as evidence and education. We collect this information not only within the U.S. of America, but from Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece,  Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and the Ukraine, as well as other parts of the world.
We are learning and teaching about new threats to our way of life every day.
Please share this link for those who are uneducated about Occupy and still asleep. 

This is not a place for cop-haters, anti-Semites, or anti-Americans.
God Bless 

Saved Pages

Security Increased after threat to Obama’s Niece – Yahoo
Woman’s case tossed after 22 years on death row – yahoo

3/22 notes – typed
Algerian Security analyst Khelifa Rekibi. “this will motivate other groups to imitate or attack. The terrorism is becoming more professional and the risk greater”
            Militants in Tunisia have mainly allied with Ansar al Sharia. The group Washington blames for the deadly 2012 attack on its diplomatic mission in Benghazi, eastern Lybia and Okba Ibn Nafaa, a group of al Qaeda affiliated fighters operating in the Chaamibi Mountains along Algerian border

Lybia – oil fields
Algeria Amenas gas plant
            40 oil workers killed 2 years ago
Andrew Lebovich, N. African security expert in NY
[Could Abu-Bakr-al Baghdadi have changed his name to fit Sonia Baghdadi @ WTNH? What would be the attracting connecting feature?
Baghdadi claimed a caliphate to rule all Muslims

Bardo gunmen were more affiliated with
Okba Ibn Nafaa – known more for its ties to ALGERIA and Mali
            Is this why Pope Francis took reign?
Ansar al Sharia Tunisia leader is Abou Lyed – vet of fighting Afghanistan. URGED militants to put aside differences. He is hiding out in Southern Lybia
Algerian Militant group leader Makhtar Belmokhtar
“Those who sign in blood” – splinter group
Source:  yahoo news  by Patrick Markey
“North Africa jihadi front spreads to Arab Spring Cradle Tunisia”
Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, autocrat in Tunisia who was toppled by a revolt
Rafik Chelli, senior interior ministry official
Algerian Security analyst Khelifa Rekibi
Andrew Lebovich, North African security expert
Islamic State called the two militants “knights”
            Most likely to appease their British members
(The two men who attacked the museum)
Militants have mainly allied with Ansar al Sharia
Additional reporting by Lamine Chilchi in algeirs, Tarek Amara in Tunis editing by Peter Graff

Alan comments
Criticism of Markey was most likely to attack his success. Apparently you are slow to the game. The Arab Spring began in Tunisia with the self-immolation of an underemployed youth with a university degree on the streets of Tunis.
            --doesn’t say when—

Collective Evolution, Facebook – gotta be an Obama Planner!
            Guy drops out of college and praises himself for leaving school on a whim.  Who paid for his school? That is irresponsible.  He emphasizes to people to go with the feeling you have.  Emphasizes human conscious. Protests, the rising of change…bla la bla! He claims the Gulf war happened when there was increased solar activity.  HE DOESN’T EVEN MENTION 911!!!
            Social engineering for Obama planners!

I think the Germantown plane was caused by a mechanic or cyber attacker.
Drudge Report on Twitter informs Japan deploys largest aircraft in the world
Michelle Malkin – reports with many name-calling words. I am going to block her.
Painrelief on twitter is where you can get pot. @guardian #legalcannibis #endprohibition #growhemp #hempbricks #hempcrete
            Anne Darr was promoting this on her facebook.  Here I had surprised her by mailing her high-cost air gun paint set and simply told her if she continues to promote pot on her website (here she promotes the military!) I woud remove her. And she just kept doing it living in her own little world believing I am a really rich!
Biden is running for President

Alysia Stern makes an attracting statement about
            Twitter:  Publicist and CEO in NYC, Social Media Guru. Branding Rockstar, Published Author, celebrity entertainment journalist. Support those who protect and serve every day
Her company:  TheRendezvousShow email kim@rvonair.com  simon@rvonair.com  City funds help pay for the show.
The Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia…
Indie Music Bus – another Indian company, which I bet is really funding by Obama planners
Dosti-Leicester Facebook
            …about homosexuality in British Asian Society on The Rendezvous Show, Brit Asia TV (October 2013) #SALGBTUK
Montana Historical Society ends partnership with The Rendezvous Show
            Self-funded group plans – saving employers 25% on current healthcare costs…
            The Rendezvous Show held in Montreal generally at the Place Bonaventure brought together 10,000+
            Mona Lisa was actually DaVinci’s boyfriend…..old theory yet they report it as if it is headline news
            Rendezvous Show in Indonesia
            Ripoff Report is in this search string

Appended 3/25/2015
NYSE : Get a view of our listed companies that you cannot get anywhere else
          The only view I got was a picture of a building

Look up this article:  Chicago Law Professor: Obama Was Unqualified, Lazy, and…. (blogger Doug Ross at Director Blue spent some time with the facility members who worked with Barack Obama in Chicago…)

Facebook offers 5 new products
Parse Blog
          From the F8 Developer Conference
Parse + React Library

WFSB Station is now streaming on my twitter account. I never followed them and their article is about “epilepsy awareness”. I blocked them because the app is giving them special privileges. I couldn’t even block them by selecting the three dots.  Option is not available.  So I typed it as a request.
Fox’s          claimed Bergdahl claimed Jihad for Islam: Mark Levin talks with Fox news “James Rosen” (Chief Correspondent for Washington, Fox News) : Bergdahl Declared Jihad in 2010, Secret Documents Show
Rosenthal claims Eclipse gave him the documents
Eclipse is a contractor for Obama administration!!  Dah!
          Claim Bergdahl was in a cage
          Claim Bergdahl converted to Islam
          Rosenthal emphasizes him as SGT Bergdahl – he was NOT a sergeant!
          Frigging liars!

DISRUPT NY 2015 -  MLB’s Bob Bowman Streaming Live at Disrupt NY
          NY is already Disrupt – Corrupt!  Because of Cuomo!
          This is MLB Advance Media – which is really MLBAM - no doubt more Obama shit!
          Bowman is the first and only CEO – plastering Amanda Bowman’s name all over is infamous attraction for Bowman CEO! Lots of marketing tricks which involve invading and abusing people’s lives!
          Who Funds MLBAM?

NOW, NPR claims Bergdahl will get up to nine years – if sentenced to life!

LWIB:  MLBAM Comes Under Criticism, Reaction to Cubs request for Public Funds in Wrigley Field   www.bizofbaseball.com/sgtest/Index.php%...

Ahead in the Count: MLB Team Values Escalate   April 2, 2013 – each team owns an equal share of MLBAM, which generated $650…BELP is the investment portfolio of MLB and is invested in hedge funds while the Central Fund distributes equally….
          Is this another Rupert Murdoch set-up?  Did Murdoch fund terrorism?

To-Do List begins with ‘A’ for arms Even with Andrew Miller in the…
          Is he related to the Miller who was ambassador to Iran?????
Mlb.com/news/article/103550138/Yankees-to-do-list-begins-with-a-for-arms…suites NN Yanks
Support LUNGevity in auctions To Help raise funds for LUNGevity fans can bid on….
          LUNGS?  Why do I get the feeling this organization had something to do with causing GHW Bush to almost die?  Or Prince Phillip’s pneumonia that could have killed him? 
          The fact their acronym ends with “bam” says a lot about what their intention may be!
          How much of the money are they snatching for terrorism?  Media = stealing identity, stealing personal and professional info, to spur data breaches!
          How many lawsuits does MLBAM have against them?
          DCA filed a lawsuit against MLBAM….2004…yet they claim to have been created much later than this!  I wonder what www.lead411 has on them!

          “After big distribution in 2007, MLBPA again saving up funds…May 4, 2009…That $17 million is due primarily from MLB Advanced Media and Topps, according to the MLBPA filing”…
          So, they go by MLBPA also!    m.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/I…

          Ten years later, MLBAM still evolving – Sports Business Daily

          MLBAM is not quite a $685 million company, but its record 2010 haul nearly hit $500 million…to consider a bid for governor as a Democrat and raise campaign funds, then ended the---
National Telecommunications and Information
          April 3, 2009
          MLBAM is Maj or League Baseball’s Internet and…Act of 2009 allocates significant public funds….www.ntia.doc.gov/…/780.B.pdf
MLBAM big hit for baseball – according to MSN.com 1/28/2015
MLBAM big hit for baseball, CNBC…half billion dollar fraud: Stolen funds, lavish life. CNBC 3:20…

Mastercard Brings Contactless Payment to the 2014…Reuters
Oct 20, 2014…Partners with MLBAM to integrate new mobile payment technology;…Managed Funds Association.  www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/20...
MLBAM Acquisition Corp – Company Insight Center – Bloomberg
Get MLBAM Acquisition Corp committee member information & profiles…J.P. Morgan Funds, J.P. Morgan Funds.
Mar 27, 2013…Another big contributor to team valuations is MLBAM..
Commissioner Bud Selig oversees the fund.   www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/20...

Baseball Prospectus – Chat with Maury Brown..June 21, 2006…”If Bud could get the owners to agree to fund MLBAM as a centralized fund, then they could get N. NJ….”
          There was  a lot more but I stopped here
REMINDER:  the article claims MLB’s streaming arm, MLB Advanced Media, was founded in 2000.  Disrupt NY 2015 event May 4-6 2015. Manhatten Center, NY.  Article by Matthew Panzarino (@panzer)..Tickets have a dollar-value..I don’t know how much they charge  sponsors@techcrunch.com   (who are they crunching? That’s what I would like to know!)  Maybe the “bam” concept came from Bam-bam with the Flinstones…and he used a bat-like instrument to bam the floor when he was mad.

Now, Public Radio is reporting about the Yankee’s worth….I get freaked out about how much people are snooping!  NSA needs more power, if you ask me, but not with this administration!  It is a mafia!

UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (founded 1945; Paris)
It did not emerge from a pragmatic need on the part of governments to …to 2013 is currently in advanced draft form, to be approved at the

US cuts UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership vote…Nov 1, 2011…”I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that UNESCO does not suffer unduly” she said…www.cnn.com/2011/10/31/world/meast/….
Ten UNESO chairs in Germany form part of an international network for inter-university cooperation (UNITWIN), which….
          Could there be a link to why the Germantown plane crashed?  Were there terrorists on board?
NPR just reported that the co-pilot of that plane was the cause of the crash. He locked out the pilot and crashed the plane. 
Were there certain people on the plane they wanted to kill?  They, being terrorists? And how did that co-pilot slip through the system? He was obviously a terrorist – or somehow a victim of severe mind control…
I’m exhausted and need to take a nap before I bring this to the courthouse to fax.

MARCH 26, 2015

UBER – is an application which has gained billions of sales apparently.
If the books aren’t cooked.  Travis Kalanick is founder/developer. His mother’s maiden name is Bonnie Renee Horwitz.  (I wonder if she is related to the Attorney Horwitz who has written law books)  He enrolled in UCLA (doesn’t say when) majoring in computer engineering.  1998 – dropped out of UCLA. He founded Scour, Inc. – a multimedia search engine. And Scour Exchange, a peer-to-peer-file-exchange service.
          The Motion Picture Association
          Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
          National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)
Brought a lawsuit against Scour, alleging copyright infringement. Scour filed for bankruptcy.
          Red Swoosh, 2001-another peer-to-peer-file-sharing. Transferers used large media files to transfer. In 2007, Akamai Technologies acquired the company for $19 million.
          Kalanick spoke at DLD 2015 in Muchich, Germany
                   (could he have helped hook this 28-yr-old German pilot to become part of terrorism? Or used him as a mind-control subject?)
In 2009, along with Garrett Camp, Kalanick founded Uber – connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. Faced controversy (apparently) in Washington, Chicago, Toronto, and New York City. In November 2014, Kalanick faced criticism for creating a
“win at all cost” culture – (so just how far would he go? Is he a terrorist, too?)
Relation problems the firm faced included Kalanick’s comments to GQ about how easy it is for him to attract women now, concern about his blasé attitude regarding safety issues for female customers, and his toleration of executive Emil Michael, who recommended a large budget to smear critics. While Kalanick apologized for Michael’s remarks, he did  not censure him severely enough to appease some critics.
He speaks at conferences and business events, including Tech Crunch Disrupt, Tech Cocktail, DLD, and LeWeb
MIT Review did an article on him: Under 35: Travis Kalanick, 25 1-17-2013
DCWeek also published an article on him
Wall Street Journal: Travis Kalanick: The Transportation Dustbuster by Andy Kessler   1-25-2013
Under new rules, Uber faces Chicago closure
Uber Toronto facing new licensing charges related to taxi business
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is going to keep up the Disruption At “Disrupt SF”
Travis Kalanick:  Whatever it is that you are afraid of, go after it
AllThingsD – raised $361 million at a $3.4 billion pre-money valuation.
Board members David Bonderman ,founder of TPG, and David Drummond, Google’s Chief Legal Officer and Sr VP of Corp Devt
Drummond joined the board of Rocket Lawyer, in 2008
…Menlo’s original deal was originally sourced by Shervin Pishevar, who had joined the firm just earlier that year (and who is very close with Kalanick), Pishevar and Menlo eventually had a falling out, causing him to form his own firm earlier this year (he officially remains an advisor to Menlo Ventures)  Menlo really wanted to put in new money at this price – existing shareholder Benchmark participated, but at nowhere near pro rata – but Pishevar isn’t necessarily Menlo’s advocate anymore with Kalanick.
Below is video fo Kalanick being interviewed last month at Fortune BrainstormTech in Aspen:…..

The New Potato Foundation – Nasdaq credits them for “disrupting the business landscape and changed their industries for the better”
….Head over to RM Edit to find what the sister had to say on fashion, food, and female empowerment
                   What is it?  Just more social engineering/media crap?
                   Just another cook show – “The world through the lens of Food”  dah.
Follow [Danielle and Laura Kosann*] of The New Potato as they blur the lines between food, fashion, design, and media
          (Gay couple?  Is this what Obama is doing? Destroying our country for the gay-way?)

DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN 11-13-2014?  I DOUBT IT, THAT’S FOR SURE On Wednesday evening, two Alaskan-based F-22 fighter jets intercepted two Russian IL-78 refueling tankers, two Russian Mig-31 fighter jets and two Russian Bear long-range bombers, ACCORDING TO CAPT JEFF DAVIS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN AEROSPACE DEFENSE COMMAND (NORAD)

March 27, 2015

UNH-Manchester to host national security series for 2016 hopefuls
By Dan Tuohy

          Former US Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers and former BAE Systems CEO Walt Havenstein are scheduled to discuss the event and unveil a New Hampshire Advisory Board for Americans for Peace, Prosperity, and Security. It is to move candidates behind beyond just rhetoric and talking points on issues of national security and foreign policy.  It also aims to inform and educate voters in early nominating states.   dtuohy@unionleader.com

Soulkin @kin2souls  MT@Karlkroshinsky: Did the #Bergdahl swap put American National Security At Risk?  #tcot #PJNET
WhoWhatWhy@whowhatwhy: Who is the individual named “Tima” who was heavily influencing Dzhokhar #Tsarnaev’s life?   [I am not following]
#RedMeatMonday@Red... Out of 100s of 1000s of Federal employees@HillaryClinton is the only employee who set up email server at her house?  Retweeted by @ittybittycrenshaw

#HillaryWantsADrink hic’
          Also Retweeted by @ittybittycrenshaw

UNICEF@UNICEF    It’s been 2 years since Solin, 10, left her home in #syria. She misses everything. Via @UNICEFiraq

Soulkin @kin2souls   MT@DIRT2GOLD: #Bergdahl desertion was a HIGH COST OF BLOOD FROM US MILITARY HEROS IN UNIFORM. #tcot #PJNET

LessGov.MoreFun@L...   The Right News Brought To You is out! Paper.li/LessGovMoreFun…
Don Kilmer@donkilmer  With help from Scrabble. A new phrase about #Hillary. #adroitcowpies @charlene_welch @KurtSchlichter

truthBfree retweeted NDW@gentlemanirish @AmyMek
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Carmine Zozzora retweeted  Katie Pavlich@katiePavlich  Vindicated: Bergdahl Platoon members react to desertion Charges, Obama Administration Smears  ow.ly/KT8x7
          March 27, 2015  on Townhall.com with Katie Pavlich
          Bergdahl’s platoon mates came forward quickly about Bergdahl’s desertion allegations. They were quickly dismissed and smeared by the Obama administration.  Now, they are speaking out.
          Former Army medic Josh Cornelison, served in Bergdahl’s platoon
          “The facts have been the same for five years, but yet you have soldiers that are missing limbs or paid the ultimate price over there and they don’t get a Rose Garden ceremony. They served honorably” -  Army Specialist Cody Full, who served in Bergdahl’s platoon.
          Army Team Leader Evan Buetow: “Charges represent a step toward closure…We came forward to let people know what really happened”
          Jen Psaki, State Dept doubled down on the Obama admin’s decision to trade Bergdahl…..
          Under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, a preliminary Article 32 hearing has been scheduled for Bergdahl and will be held at Ft Sam Houston, TX. When the hearing will take place will be announced at a later date.  Bergdahl faces up to life in prison for his actions if convicted.

TX4ConsumerFreedom – ad

Gordon Miller retweeted: Toni Capasso@ToniNoBol..
“The IRS: Corruption of a Partisan Government Agency”   March 26, 2015    by @buglecallorg on LinkedIn   linkedin.com/pulse/irs-corr…
          SOURCE AT TOP OF ARTICLE:  Pulse
          Govt Bias – We are in dangerous territory, not to mention being a disservice to millions
          Sharyl Atkinson reported in Sep 2014 computer crashes caused the IRS to lose emails from five more employees who happen to be under investigation by Congress in the caase involving the targeting of conservatives.  At this time, more than twenty IRS employees have allegedly had their computers crash which caused the deletion or the loss of their emails as well as hard drives….
          Two of the IRS agents involved worked in a Cincinnati office processing applications for tax-exempt status, and the most well-known computer crash victim is former IRS Exempt Organizations Division Director, Lois Lerner.
          …We now know some of the labels that were flagged by the IRS for special attention were those with “Tea Party”, “Patriots”, “Take Back the Country”, “We the People”, or “9/12” in their names.  During those two years, the IRS only approved four applications from conservative groups while giving a green light to those whose names included “Liberal”, “Progress”, “Progressive”, or “Equality”, to name a few
          By intimidating conservative groups and limiting their ability to freely campaign and mobilize for a cause or candidate, the IRS indirectly affected the outcomes of elections across the US. The impact of this illegal activity still has some residual effect on conservative organizations today.   Many fair minded citizens believe IRS activity had an invluence on the 2012 Presidential Election; we just don’t fully know to what degree.
          83% of the nonprofits flagged for IRS surveillance were conservative. The govt monitored the group’s activities, their websites, and other publicly available  information.  Moreover, other sources reported even citizens donating to tea party-affiliated groups were audited ten times more than average Americans.
……yet at the hearing, Lerner had many emails relating to the Tea Party deleted…and she was accused of aiding and abeting the TP, as I understand it.  Michelle Bachman was disclosed as helping them get nonprofit status and use as write-offs. 
…all of the groups the IRS selected for audit were conservative.  No liberals.
DAVE CAMP, (R-MI)  stated:  We now know that the IRS targeted not only right-leaning applicants, but also right-leaning groups that were already operating as 501(c)(4)s
Lois Lerner had discussed bringing criminal charges against the tea party groups for engaging in “political activity”  Lerner was targeting one particular person, yet this article fails to disclose who that is.
          Rep Darrell Issa (OH) tells this journalist that Lerner had a database of 1.1 million pages of tax exempt organizations sent to the FBI just before the 2010 midterm elections. “Obama’s DOJ, the IRS, and the FBI were working together to advance a scheme to criminally prosecute conservative organizations”….
          One of the most detailed and extensive timelines revealing the order of events relating to the IRS targeting of conservative groups is on the website of
                             Discover the Networks
          A resource you will most likely want to bookmark and research. Check out this extensive timeline and make up your mind.
          …the whole truth will never be fully known due to the successful cover-up …CBS was a day late covering the Lerner missing emails devt and rather than give air time to the fact the IRS lied about her hard drive crashing when it was actually just “scratched”, the story appeared only on the CBS News website.
                   Susan Rice’s husband is Ian Cameron, that’s why…
          “NBC was the least interested in keeping its viewers informed on the devts as they failed to mention the story for an entire month!”
          Geoffrey Dickens at Newsbusters reported
          “The saga of Lois Lerner’s missing emails took a bunch of twists and turns this past week, but you wouldn’t know that if you only got your news from the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks”
          What have we learned?  The IRS has operated as one of President Obama’s most powerful weapons to divert, intimidate, and punish his opposition.  This corrupt govt agency is no longer just collecting taxes and keeping records of revenue, nor is the IRS “serving” all Americans the way we would like to think
          Following is a lot of Christianity jargon, out of place here in my opinion…
COVERUP:  Subpoena Issued After Obama’s EPA Chief Caught in HUGE Violation of Federal Law
Cyber Security Conference with Top Government Officials From CIA, DHS, IDF and more…CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE
…Because of the ridiculous notion that only one text message was work-related, Rep Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, issued a subpoena for McCarthy’s cell phone records to determine if she was involved in a cover-up.
…much like Hillary Clinton…being subjected to the Federal Records Act, McCarthy made her own determination as well.
Paul M. Wester, Jr, chief records officer at the National Archives, also expressed his interest at a committee hearing in seeing McCarthy’s deleted text messages to determine if she was telling the truth.
…”I would question it and I would want to see the context before I reached a conclusion”was IG Kevin Christensen’s answer, ACCORDING TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES
Former EPA atty David Schnare fully backed the House committee’s subpoena of McCarthy’s records, saying “I think that level of texting is going to inevitably have something in it”

www.survivetheenddays.com....trying to convince which aids Obama crap!
“My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray” Jeremiah 50:6
Nathan Shepard – foretells a very sinister future for the US…train and prepare for the worst disaster in history….

[oh yeah!  NYC Attorney Feinberg tells NPR that everyone should be prepared for another attack like 911 today!  What that tells me is they want to rake in the dough and take people’s eyes off the ball!]
          [all crap, if you ask me!]
          “the author of this material wishes to keep his identity private, therefore Nathan Shepard is a pen name” – aka:  OBAMA PLANNERS!  MY OPINION!
March 28, 2015
Media Post:  Pro-Abortion Book For Children. “My Sister is a Happy Ghost”….too much sarcasm!!!         100percentfedup.com

Hillary Clinton’s attorney – David Kendall.  The attorney I had to represent me when I was almost killed was Frederick Kendall.  He botched up my case. He refused to investigate the fact my brakes didn’t even work. I was manipulated.  I felt unsafe.  I settled out of court.  And HE changed the at-fault case to a no-fault case!  His office said he died in 1994.  Told my father the same lie!  This may be why they wanted to get their paws on my three boxes – and why they had the USPS rout them to Albany, NY!

Rep Elijah Cummings of Maryland – helps Clinton. “the panel’s top democrat”
“They think they’re above the law, Mitchell said.  It’s just breathtaking. No one else in America could get away with the things they get away with. Breathtaking.”
          My question would be – why is he using the word “breathtaking”, which is contextually understood as attracting – appealing – even wonderful?  Is he switching things up like Obama – or was this more media tweaking?  - Newsmax article

Top White House advisor working to elect Muslim dictator who wants Shariah law  WND Radio: Shock Claim why Obama Refused to Help Fight Boko Haram
Allegations are mounting that the Obama administration withheld weapons and intelligence support from Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram in an effort to boost the chances of the Muslim candidate for president, who is a client of the political firm founded by key Obama strategist David Axelrod.
Nigerians this weekend are deciding a very competitive race between incumbent Christian President Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan and retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, who ruled as dictator there from 1983 until 1985, when he was removed through a coup.  Buhari has previously vowed to institute Shariah law in the Muslim-dominated parts of the country, if elected.
Boko Haram is a radical Islamist terrorist group that recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. In recent years, Boko Haram has slaughtered entire villages, burned countless churches and targeted Christians and moderate Muslims for death.  It received global attention last year for abducting nearly 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls.
 “Nigerians overwhelmingly believe that the U.S. deliberately withheld military aid to the Nigerian President because David Axelrod’s group, AKPD, is consulting his Muslim opponent in the upcoming elections, said Simpson.
According to Simpson, the Nigerians are most upset over their requests being denied for Cobra attack helicopters. 
“It seems the Obama administration has withheld intelligence…it isn’t hard to see a pattern developing in how this administration approaches foreign elections” said Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney.
**WND/Radio America interview with James Simpson**
_______printed for Congress to here-------
From Amy Mek – Paranoid & Sick >ISIS clamps down on women having ‘un#Islamic’ Caesarean births #tcot
Article By 124News
Saudi Arabia Restores Ambassador to Sweeden Following Diplomatic Dispute
Crisis in relations between Stockholm and Riyadh was cemented when Sweden ended an arms agreement with Riyadh
Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Sweden will soon return to Stockholm, Swedish officials said Saturday, more than two weeks after he was recalled home amid a diplomatic spat over human rights.
“We can…welcome the Saudi ambassador back to Sweden (and) we can clear up the misunderstanding that we have insulted the religion of Islam, Wallstroem added.
Sweden’s govt announced a feminist foreign policy when it took power in September.
Sweden ended an arms agreement with Riayadh, despite warnings by from business leaders about the potential impact on exports to the Gulf State, worth about $1.3 billion.
Wallstroem said her comments – including calling Saudi Arabia’s whipping of dissident blogger Raif Badawi in January “medieval” – were never directed against Islam for which she had “the greatest respect”
But Neuding said the minister was trying to boost Sweden’s image as a “moral superpower”
Daily Mail Online
Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al Uthaymeen has ruled that Muslim mothers shouldn’t need any decadent pain-relieving assistance in the delivery of their babies.
….IS took control of Raqqa more than one year ago, to become one of the group’s main strongholds in the region, imposing a so-called Islamic curriculum on educational facilities in the city. Last week it was reported that nine British medical students travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas.
Four women and five men entered the country, keeping their plans secret from relatives until shortly before they crossed the border from Turkey.

SoetoBarry showed up on my twitter account
Linkis.com – look up. Claim to share interesting links on Twitter in a special way – and they are blocking my twitter account and it pisses me off!

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
200 volumes. Revised at least once a year. Agency regulations
Added notes I hand-wrote
Incredible recover of Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times and STILL managed to pull out handgun and kill two enemy fighters by Anneta Konstantinides for Dailymail.com 29Mar2015
          Happened eight years ago.  11 shots hit his body armor. 16 wounded him. His name is Mike Day.  He is now training to run a triatholon in Dallas, TX.  Representing  Carrick Brain Centers
March 31, 2015

Clinton admin passed RFRA – which is anti discrim against Muslims in 1993. 
          More reason to suspect Clinton had helped 911 to occur!

Facebook:  Dan Taylor made some strange comments so I looked at his facebook.  I see a Battleboy Surplus Store 216-406-9245.  And I see “USNRM” with God-Family-America-Liberty-Freedom but no explanation of the abbreviated symbol.  There is “III %” in the middle.
James Ford shares a video on “What is coming Sept 2015? Pt 2”  and “What is coming Sept 2015? Pt 1”.  He shares a post from James Ford: “Deeper Christian Stuff in this one. I listen just in hopes of learning something” and it is called “Watchdog of Liberty” and this James Ford also shares “I’AM  A CHRISTIAN”  written just like that, with an attachment Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America – The Gate of Hell that has been….
He shares post by Dave Misci, “The Reasons Why Democrats Are the Party of Slavery and”…
          It’s a video
He shares another Dave Misci post, “Too interesting!....Must Read!  Please Copy, Paste and Share!
(Source: www.westernjournalism.com  After Reading, click Photo below!

UPDATE:  Republican Elites Are Plotting To Enshrine Barack Obama’s Dictatorial takeover

Then there is a picture of a crowd running.  Obviously in distress.
Under the picture is “Western Journalism – News For Freedom Lovers”.  I am not opening it from this facebook site.
Dan Taylor is a friend to my facebook friend, Beth Persinger Ball.  He Studied:  “School of Hard Knocks.  The University of Life.”  (If he was in the military, he should have put it there. I don’t know if he was in the military. He supports it on his facebook.  Supports gun rights.)  Married to Maine Albrecht. Born January 21, 1968

His odd messages on Beth’s facebook were:
          No message before that has any relevance
          Lois Freedom Nickell posted: miss my mom, never knew my dad but I had greatest step dad that ever lived…
He also posted:  Sorry Lois…? BUMMER
And also posted the Bugsy Dog, which I use a lot

And right after that, posted:   Lois You be you…And all is good….LOL…Ok…GOD BLESS YOU.
 And another he posted directed to Lois obviously:
AMEN SISTER…TRUE STORY..SAD BUT TRUE…my mom spent all here life trying to find the tree. They cut it down and so on. I just didn’t care about all that crap. Love ones are the one who love us? Simple…

          The word GRASSHOPPER and TREE were very oddly placed. I wrote a poem about the Grasshopper.  There was a guy named Nick who I worked with at Kamaan Aerospace who used the word grasshopper a lot.  It was unique to him.  Never heard anyone use that word.  But I thought what the heck.  I wrote a poem about it.  Couldn’t afford to do anything else, so I wrote poems, read. 
          I wonder if his facebook is hacked or if it shows on my phone only like this. 

It’s 4:47 p.m. I was typing on my android about unions and the structure and though they have good and bad things about them, the Kennedy Family put them on the map…and I was emphasizing the Kennedy family first made their millions from bootlegging, and just kept on going.  Before I could send it, my phone rang. I didn’t answer.  Fortunately, I turned my answering machine on.  Yet they did not leave a message and the phone number was not an actual phone number. The screen had numbers go across the whole thing, so there must have been 15-20 numbers.  No message. 
I presume if I had picked it up, they would have done something to my phone.

And my phone was all messed up.  It closed out of facebook.  I couldn’t find the post. 

And  I was FORCED to go to Proud Patriots of America which I disagree with because they claim all Muslims are terrorists and say the most abusive things!  Including killing them in the streets!  I removed the post that caused that.
I blocked “funny tweet”. It has vulgar tweets and no doubt wants to see my account to make fun of me.
EleganCrochets – following me. I blocked them. They follow me for marketing. All they sell are crocheted halter tops. I wonder if their clients are hookers!
Heinze Bear is following me  also – I blocked it.  Just for marketing “crafts” which are not appealing to me.
CDM@RWSurferGirl  is following me.  Yet I don’t like her facebook statement: If you are not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.  There is a fine line between social networking and wasting your life. Conservative. Newport Beach, CA.  I had relatives who lived in Newport Beach.  Their children and children’s children are still there and maybe CDM is one of them.
Then she says #Breaking Obama tells Egypt will lift hold on delivery of F-16s. White House
And shares video from inside Germanwings flight.

Article on Yahoo:  Let’s do this again: Optimism abound as Iran talks wrap up

This Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Miller, on NPR is profiling the Germantown pilot as suicidal, that he was not telling people his feelings…persuading the public a “we don’t know” image.  Yet this pilot had time off, they reported – to get psyche treatment for depression – also reported on NPR!  They aren’t even consistent with their lies!

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is related to William GREEN Miller.
Washiqur Rahman: Another secular blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh
By Saeed Ahmed, CNN….a video under their video claims he is a US blogger
          Now doubt the word “hacked” is crafted that way due to so much cyber hacking!
                   Washiqur worked at a travel agency – he wasn’t working for any news company
          Also, the article claims American writer Avijit Roy was hacked to death

What is this??? The International Humanist and Ethical Union…was in this article…do they claim governance over all humans????  I bet Obama planners had him martyered as being a US citizen AFTER they revved him up to keep blogging this abusive stuff.  Maybe that is what got him the travel agency job. 

NPR is trying to get the Boston Bomber off with their creative reporting.

B&S Equipment Services in CO – Bill Smith (on my FB) is consultant for them. Try to promote for him
          There is a B&S Equipmentos – probably a copycat

Typed notes of written notes from the past few days
Boston Show Trial: Even The Marathon Footage of the suspects was faked
          “Maret Tsarnae (aunt of Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev) claims images were fabrications. Explosive interview on ‘The Real Deal’”
Freebeacon.com:  Arab Media lashes out at Obama for Iran Negotiations
www.whatadoozy.com: On the Road With Steve Hartman, sound of tapps. Don Britton plays the trumpet every night on his balcony and the neighborhood enjoys it and pays respect.
I blocked BeforeItsNews
WND: Nation’s Top 100 Radio hosts
Find out who funds and founded DC Clothesline. I forgot. They suck.
www.odmp.org – 794 police have died on the job!
Trouble maker:  dita marsita Dfour@DitaMarsita
Avjit Roy
Wash….      Both killed for blaspheming Islam for a number of years on blogs, etc.  The issue is, I bet Obama planners set them up!  Martyring a US citizen for their “cause” of chaos and destruction!  They were young, so obviously started this blogging shortly after Obama took office, possibly just before!

“Incredible Aerial Tornado video at Moore, OK March 25, 2015”

John Bolton w/ NY Times claims: To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran
          Paid for by Bolton PAC   www.boltonpac.com – I unfollowed him.  Pathetic – ignorant!
Report: Israel Spied On US Nuclear Talks With Iran NPR
Dreams of My Real Father – Frank Marshall Davis
          Discoverthenetworks.org/individual prof…
          FMD’s wife was Valerie Bowman – no wonder they arrested Amanda Bowman!  They did it because her name sounded like FMD’s!!!
Unsubscribed to the FireWire from the Blaze
Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to U.S.

Robert Taylor was the first African American head of the Chicago Housing Authority – FATHER to Valerie Jarret
Mikeday71@hotmail.com   Brain Treatment Foundation  EIN: 46-4567004

April 1, 2015
Blocked:  Scott Barbour on Twitter



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