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We face threats that have been unimaginable: are these Nature-made or Man-made? Weaponized weather has become the favorite toy of the globalist. I will create a string of pictures and add questions for consideration and also share a few comments from the film. I also need to create my Congress post. I need a break right now. Hopefully I can complete both today.

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I am having some trouble with getting my pictures here but I will type my notes.


This earthquake will be the worst ever, for the next event.  The Sumatra Fault is like Cascadia.  When Cascadia rips loose from Victoria, and Vancouver - to Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento - it will all be but at the same time.
I wonder if this is how the Red Sea was parted for Moses and his people to cross -
that is the only positive time I know of that a Shock Wave was a blessing. 

Eliptical Waves

West Coast
New Zealand

Lori Dengles, Geologist, Humbolt Univ

Chris Goldfinger, Marine Geologist, Oregon State Univ.
"Simultaneous Disaster Effect"


Indian Ocean - NOAA Pacific

Vicini Titoff was just making adjustments to his latest model of a Tsunami when the news began to trickle in about the Sumatra.

His colleague, Chris Monroe

Tsunami hits one island and hits the backside of another

Will turn corners around continents

You have to peel away the ocean in order to get a look of the earth's surface floor

There is a giant crack from Vancouver Island to Cape Mendacino, CA - where it connnect with the Sand Andreas Fault.

Ocean Floor spreads apart - tectonic plates scraping

Follow the subducting plate far enough below the continent and you discover that the rocks melt, and then boil back to the surface as a chain of volcanoes.  Eventually, after hundreds of years of stress, the brittle rocks along the LockZone of the fault, reach a breaking point to 9 - this is called a MEGA THRUST EARTHQUAKE.

People living along the fault have much to be concerned about.

1964: Subduction Zone

   9.3 earthquake occurred.  It nearly destroyed Alaska

Pt Albernie

"Joe Smith had a little store in Beaver Creek on River Rd.  and she lived across the street in a house and she had a habit of always having a cup of coffee on the go.  Their house went down River Road and into the field - three blocks or something - and the cup of coffee was still sitting on the stove with the coffee in it."

That's how calm - it just picked it up, took it along and sat it down.

1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Vancouver Island

Laser ranging device is used

Mt. Peaks were moving due to East Plate tectonics.
Early 90's
Forests of ancient trees were killed by salt water when  giant earth-paleoseizmic evidence was found.

The quake caused the Shoreline to slump

Trenches showed huge sheets of sand dumped - geo deposit.

3 centjuries ago- Cascadia Caused Japan to be victimized

1964. Dep / 1700 Tsunami deposit

Chris Goldfinger - went to air, land, sea

Exit of Columbia River - now under water

Coring device samples.
See floor - statigrophy

Terbudites = landslide deposits

11 earthquakes ; 39 in fast 10,000 years.

Cascadian Mai  Ti Triggered

San Andreas
Compare it to be Sumatra.

 -I need to resume this tomorrow, sorry, falling asleep.

“Now when I look at these cores, I see that giant breaking wave”

“It’s hard to go to the beach and not worry about the next earthquake”

Satellite tech could measure continental drift more. It would head East, then head West – with its drifting.
(seems like nature was trying to correct itself, my opinion)

Colleague Draggerts and Gary Rogers discovered an important precursor – a slight tremor – an episodic tremor and slip, aka ETS.  This triggered an earthquake.

“The Fault Slips With Amazing Regularity”

Hia Ching, China.  1975
This was the ONLY case of a successful prediction, followed by successful evacuation
4 shock sequence happens before the earthquake
Yet 18 months later, there were 240,000 deaths in the Tang Shang earthquake
(my question is, did globalists do this to reduce population?  As a genocide in a country which greatly struggled in commerce, due to its slave labor routines? And how many times would they be doing this, now that they have enjoyed this power?)

“Because of this, US congress created the Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment in 1977.” 

They fired lasers – which were used to measure geographical conditions, collect data, and analyze data for changes in mountain positions, etc.   
September 29, 2004.  Parkfield Earthquake did NOT occur for 15 years
BEYOND predicitions.
“Progress of Data” (does it actually reflect weaponized weather/geo? That is my concern, not the film’s.  Refer to “Kill Cities by Rothschilds and Rockefellers”   - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lXf-weM3zk )

Scientific vs Social concept is introduced by a scientist
To me, it is a clue that he questions whether these earthquakes are man-made or nature-made.
Staggering cost in research creates political gridlock

So they focus on EMERGENCY PLANS
Fletcher’s Cove, Bed and Breakfast – training takes place
Evacuation Routes developed

 “Keep Calm” agenda.  Panic causes heart attacks, death plan for the inevitable
Everyone’s house is on fire at the same time – what do you do? You’re on your own.
Emergency Planning, Fletcher’s Cove, Bead & Breakfast

Maybe Cascadia’s wave won’t be so bad when it hits.  Euculit’s local fishermen have known about a deep canyon offshore that could possibly break the force of an incoming Tsunami.

More reason to question:  Perfection in Nature vs
Evil Planning of weaponized Weather/geo attacks

They don’t worry – they keep developing emergency plans

Can computer models predict?

(or will technocracy deceptively fill in the blanks for criminal man-made attacks?...Reminder:  the first big hackers gained POPULARITY, even though what they did was criminal.  For instance, the Morris Worm.  Look it up. In fact, I will give you links right here.

And here is a book review, if you do not want to check links out right now.

I'm not saying "They all look alike" but they sure look alike

 What they fail to tell you is how greatly lavished this criminal was treated afterwards. MIT gave him a professor position in the Computer IT program.  No doubt he quickly became a multimillionaire.  The “I want what you got” agenda was probably strong with CIA, too.  In other words, he was really awarded for this crime, which destroyed tens of thousands of computers in 1988 – in the military, at hospitals, at schools, at police stations, and so forth.    

The Robert Morris Internet Worm

The book by Hafner and Markoff (noted here) gives an outstanding a history of the case.
The following short overview is taken from Zen and the Art of the Internet, by Brendan P. Kehoe:
On November 2, 1988, Robert Morris, Jr., a graduate student in Computer Science at Cornell, wrote an experimental, self-replicating, self-propagating program called a worm and injected it into the Internet. He chose to release it from MIT, to disguise the fact that the worm came from Cornell. Morris soon discovered that the program was replicating and reinfecting machines at a much faster rate than he had anticipated---there was a bug. Ultimately, many machines at locations around the country either crashed or became ``catatonic.'' When Morris realized what was happening, he contacted a friend at Harvard to discuss a solution. Eventually, they sent an anonymous message from Harvard over the network, instructing programmers how to kill the worm and prevent reinfection. However, because the network route was clogged, this message did not get through until it was too late. Computers were affected at many sites, including universities, military sites, and medical research facilities. The estimated cost of dealing with the worm at each installation ranged from $200 to more than $53,000.
The program took advantage of a hole in the debug mode of the Unix sendmail program, which runs on a system and waits for other systems to connect to it and give it email, and a hole in the finger daemon fingerd, which serves finger requests. People at the University of California at Berkeley and MIT had copies of the program and were actively disassembling it (returning the program back into its source form) to try to figure out how it worked.
Teams of programmers worked non-stop to come up with at least a temporary fix, to prevent the continued spread of the worm. After about twelve hours, the team at Berkeley came up with steps that would help retard the spread of the virus. Another method was also discovered at Purdue and widely published. The information didn't get out as quickly as it could have, however, since so many sites had completely disconnected themselves from the network.
After a few days, things slowly began to return to normalcy and everyone wanted to know who had done it all. Morris was later named in The New York Times as the author (though this hadn't yet been officially proven, there was a substantial body of evidence pointing to Morris).
Robert T. Morris was convicted of violating the computer Fraud and Abuse Act (Title 18), and sentenced to three years of probation, 400 hours of community service, a fine of $10,050, and the costs of his supervision. His appeal, filed in December, 1990, was rejected the following March.

Crescent City, CA
This city is a potential disaster due to its location and geological features.  $10 million in damage easily results from an earthquake/tsunami.

Port Albernie – created emergency plans

Are vertical evacuations a solution?  Can well-engineered concrete structures be used as shelters?
A computer model is generated from the physical model created. 

The idea of expecting federal government TO SAVE YOUR STATE doesn’t work!  Make your own emergency plans for your areas.  ###end of notes


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