The Servant Queen

God Bless The Queen

There is no one else as Serene
as her Majesty, The Queen
She, in her labor
She, in her life
She never waivers
She cherishes being a wife.

Her remarkable example is woven
in all women
of the world
Who know of her
History – Her Majesty
took the Helm
as a Natural
rather than displaying force
The Course she
chose to lead her country
had nothing to do with love of money
and everything to do with love of citizenry.

She has naturally expected much of herself
and thus compels all who serve her
to want to please her,
Dear Queen Elizabeth, who
has ruled with her heart,
has ruled with magnificence,
has enjoyed her confidence
in those who serve the Throne
Placing their own wants as Second.

She has enjoyed restoration
She has enjoyed creation
when – even when – times were dismal.
Her family – her confidants became full
of Hope, dropping worry.
Her Majesty's opalescence lies in her wings.
Her Majesty's support diverses and rings
through the great country of England
In Comfort – in Despair – her Constant Care

Her constant faithfulness embraces
her inborn love for England
From beginning to end
She's the World's Friend
and blossoms for all mankind.

***anne bradley

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7/30/2018 - Time Magazine has issued a special edition - a real keeper!  Iwill share one of the stories from this magazine here.  Also, I shared the article on Prince Philip here: - if that doesn't work try his name with two l's - I may have spelled it wrong when I created the blog post.  I should check it now, but I need to get some rest.

7/15/2018 <insert> get the Special Edition from Time Magazine. Queen Elizabeth I, The World's Longest-Reigning Monarch

I will be sharing some portions of the magazine. It's beautiful. It costs $16 and I am glad I purchased it.

7/21/2018 - prayer request for Prince Philip! I am getting mixed messages on internet regarding his health. A devout leader and husband to Queen Elizabeth. My prayers and energies go to him today! I can't mail this card I have until tomorrow. I want to make sure it has the right postage.

This is very much a treasured book and I hope it is still available for you all to purchase through CPO - try the above link.

REMINDER:  This blog is not making money.  It is here to make a point.  Propaganda is very dangerous to society.

3/8/2018  Your mind matters.  Think for yourself.  Do not let the propaganda about Queen Elizabeth II is a loyal German who conspired with Hitler!  Prince Phillip fought in the military, against Hitler.  Do your own research. Be aware Google may be manipulating what your find. Use other search engines like Duck Duck Go.  I am watching "In The Hour Of Victory" about World War 2 on Amazon.

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