The President's Book Of Secrets

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These pictures are not in the same order as the film yet it is the best I can do.  I will make every effort to rearrange them so they make some sense according to what I share. 

The President’s Book of Secrets 
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                          Deal Making 

This same video I was on began with Edward Snowden going to CHINA and meeting with US officials secretly in a hotel. He had tens of thousands of files.  There was no mention of him officially turning them back over. This was a meeting about:  "See how dishonest this government is" so said the film.  Of course, they are most likely part of the Deep State and had no intention of turning them over but probably selling them, etc!

I went back to this video with the SAME link and it did NOT have Snowden at the beginning. The beginning was completely different and most likely this is a different video now.  Not the one which they attempt to center on Snowden as an intelligence hero.  No he is not!  He is a traitor, in my opinion.  He gave highly classified information to the enemy!  Though our country would like to be at peace with the world, communism is biting at our heals.  Both Bill Clinton and Barry Soetoro (who calls himself Barack Obama) studied Communism overseas as well in the USA.  What is worse, since their brains are very weak from drug use, are the connections and pledges of loyalty they made.

China got the files on all blueprints of the makings of a Stealth Bomber, so they could create a detector for them!  This was no mutual agreement. This was clearly a treasonous transaction!
The crap about Verizon text messages was just a cover for what they were really doing!.

I need to download my pictures and will proceed to write more information on this film, titled the same as the subject of this post. Share what you want.  I make this blog useful for researcbers to verify, enhance with more information.

Edward Snowden

NSA man Hayden says he had nothing to do with
causing Septermber 11 and this is how
he looks when he talks about it.


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