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The Truth About Syria With Truth Factory Cat. 🐈 Lecture No. 1 

Mini Lectures by Truth Factory Cat
Lecture No. 1
There is something really suspicious going on.
CNN: …in Damascus showing several people and activists who say they were attacked with a suspected chemical agent. ….(man): We begin tonight with a horrific attack overseas…MSNBC:  …where opposition activists and groups – a group – say at least 40 people were killed in a suspected chemical weapons attack over the weekend. NBC:  US accusing Russia and Syrian President Assad of the chemical attack…CNN: …Dozens have died and local doctors say those numbers could go up. CNN cannot independently verify these videos taken by anti-gun activists and doctors…ABC:  It may be impossible to verify who carried out this latest attack or what it was…MSNBC:  Both Syrian and Russian governments are denying involvement

Kitty:  Last week Trump said that he wanted to leave Syria
Trump:  I wanna bring our troops back home. I wanna start rebuilding our nation.
Kitty:  And while this made most Americans happy, not everyone was okay with this decision. On April 4th, Israeli media outlet Haretz reported, “Trump Wants Out Of Syria. Isreal Thinks That’s a Problem” And just days after President Trump says he wants to leave Syria, there’s a reported chemical
(article:  Trump harsh but unclear on ‘price’ Syria will pay for chemical attack)  attack on unarmed civilians. This attack is being blamed on the democratically-elected Syrian President, Bashar al Assad. Even though there is no evidence that proves he did this.
CNN:  Do you think it’s possible now for Trump to withdraw might have emboldened some bad actors here?
Sen Susan Collins:  No, I don’t. But I think the President’s going to have to reconsider his plan for an early withdrawal in light of what has happened.
Kitty:  And why would Assad use chemical weapons on his own people for seemingly no reason and while he’s on the cusp of victory? Syria’s almost 100% liberated. And really all this left is a small part of Guda, held by a rebel group called Jaish al Aslam.  And just last week, Russia had announced a deal with this rebel group which started an evacuation of 40,000 rebels from Duma.  This war was seemingly days from being over. Until now.  And if the story sounds familiar to you, it might be because almost exactly a year ago, on April 4, 2017, Assad was accused of doing this exact same thing (article:  Bashar al-Assad just gassed his own people,then bombed the clinic treating victims) Using a chemical attack on his own people which prompted the United States to launch 59 Tomahawk missles at his Syrian Airbase which gave war-hawks like John McCain a boner…
McCain:  So, recognize, this is only the beginning. This is the first step. If we wanna succeed, we’re gonna have to step by step do a lot more…
CNN: So what you’re saying is a lot more than just Tomahawk Cruise missles going in there, you want war planes to go in there with pilots. They have air defense systems.  They could be in danger.  But you’re also saying ground troops – US ground troops…
General Mattis:  I have personally reviewed the intelligence and there is no doubt the Syrian Regime is responsible for the decision to attack and for the attack itself.
Now, Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people
Kitty: There was absolutely no evidence to prove that Assad was guilty of this chemical weapons attack. Now if we go back to August 2013, the Washington Post reported that Assad killed 1400 Syrians in a chemical weapons attack.  (article:  Obama Seeks Approval by Congress for Strike in Syria) This is what prompted Obama to seek Congressional approval to strike in Syria.
Obama:  We know the Assad Regime was responsible.
TV reporter:  But the WhiteHouse admits it doesn’t have hard evidence on President Assad or the chemical weapons  attack. 
Kitty:  According to Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Seymour Hirsch, reports from the British Intelligence showed that the sarin gas used in this attack in Syria didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles.  And the --- also reports that the United States interpretation of the technical intelligence it gathered for the August Attack could not possibly be correct.  And that Obama was (article:  Seymour Hersh: US Lied About Syrian Chemical Attack Then Bombed Them Anyway) a liar, liar, pants on fire. Hersh also said that a secret agreement in 2012 was reached between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar – to set up a Syrian gas attack and blame Assad.  I note these are also the same countries that funded ISIS.  Seymour Hersh also implied that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, and DOUBLE SPY, had approved sending Lybia stockpiles of Sarin gas through Turkey for Syrian rebels to use to frame Assad.  In order to justify the United States invasion of Syria. Just as the United States had invaded Lybia to eliminate Ghadaffi, which has led to the immigrant crisis no plaguing Europe.  But at this point, What difference does it make?
Obama:  I am confident that Assad’s days are numbered.
HRC:  The world will not waiver. Assad must go.
Obama:  We both agree that Assad needs to go.
John Kerry: It is just further evidence that Assad has to go.
Obama:  He’s no longer legitimate. And that he needs to go.
HRC: For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for him to step aside.
Obama Whitehouse Staffer   : Assad is on his way out. We all know need to be thinking about the day after Assad.
CNN:  Assad has lost all legitimacy that his time has passed.
Obama:  President Ala Assad has lost his legitimacy, that he needs to step down.
John Kerry:  As I have said many times before, Assad has lost all legitimacy. And Assad must go. …(Face The Nation) and he has stated unequivocally that Assad has lost all legitimacy and cannot conceivably continue to govern…
Chuck Hagel:  Assad has lost all legitimacy to govern.
Mari Harf, State Dept Deputy Spokesperson:  We’ve also been clear that Assad has lost all legitimacy to lead.
Obama:  What we’ve done is organize the international community saying Assad has to go….and I’m confident that Assad will go. It’s not a question of if. It’s when.
Kitty:  In 2013, Barack Obama signed a secret order with the CIA to create a program reportedly costing $500 million (posted on screen:  The Pentagon Wasted $500 Million Training Syrian Rebels) to train and equip so-called moderate Syrian rebels in an attempt to overthrow Assad’s regime. And a side note, there is no such thing as a moderate rebel. In Obama’s program ended up being a colossal waste of resources.  Not surprisingly, continually sending deadly weapons to rebel fighters in the Middle East turned out to be a pretty bad idea – because now the majority of weapons (posted on screen:  The U.S. bought weapons for Syrian rebels – and some wound up in the hands of ISIS terrorists) ISIS has came as a result of Obama’s program. But maybe that wasn’t his intention…Why don’t you draw your own conclusions. And let’s fast-forward to May 2014 when former Secretary of State John Kerry says in an interview that the Obama Administration is justified bombing Syria in order to remove their chemical weapons.
John Kerry:  It was his decision to bomb, to help bring people together so we could cut the deal that got 100% of the declared chemical weapons out of Syria. And people nevertheless have been critical of one day of bombing verses the virtue of getting 100% of the chemical weapons out of Syria and I ask any of those critics today, “Where do you think you would be if ISOL today had access to those chemical weapons in Syria?  Because of what we did, we got 100% of the weapons out, and they don’t have access to those extraordinary weapons. 
Kitty: So the Syrian government is now 100% chemical weapons free, thanks to “Lurch”. How is it that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people in April of this year and of last year if those chemicals no longer exist?  Well, here’s Assad’s very rational response to last year’s accusations. 
Unk Official:  Does Syrian have chemical weapons today which have not been destroyed; and also would Syria be holding out to some chemical weapons or hiding it?  Your thoughts, Mr. President.
President Assad:  I announced several years ago that Syria is devoid of all chemical weapons. Even John Kerry now says Syria is free of chemical weapons. They wouldn’t have done so if they weren’t sure about this.  Now we don’t have and we don’t have the facilities now even if we wanted to….
Kitty:  So there’s no proof that Assad attacked his own people. There’s no proof that the Syrian government even has chemical weapons. And there is zero motive for Assad to commit these atrocities. So why are we buying this narrative? This is clearly an orchestrated false flag and it’s not fooling anyone.  Even Julian Assange doesn’t believe this, as Wikileaks is offering $100,000 reward for official information showing who’s actually responsible for the (Tweet from @WikiLeaks:  WikiLeaks issues a US$100,000 reward for confendential official information (intercepts, reports showing to who is responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria)
alleged attack in Syria. This is some real Deep State garbage and there are several other countries and organizations that would be motivated to frame Assad to keep this war going, including France, the UK, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.  But most of all, continued conflict in Syria that’s Isreal. By keeping Syria in a constant state of upheaval. Assad has his hands tied trying to keep the country stable and to stay in power.  This means Assad has no time politically influence Israeli, geo-political interests like Palestine or Lebanon. This is why Isreal has been firing missiles at Syria for months – including this week.  Why they are absolutely clamoring for the United States to act in Syria (posted on screen:  Russia outs Isreal, Says Two Isreali Fighter Jets Struck Iranian Base in Syria//Isreal has misjudged Russia in Syria. The consequences may be grave//A new storm is brewing in the Middle East as Israel and Iran face off in Syria) which in my opinion is a terrible idea.
NBC: Overnight action from Israel. Warplanes striking a Syrian airbase also used by Iran.  Israeli warplanes hit the same base two months ago. They launched this overnight – the attack from here inside Lebonese airspace firing eight guided missiles. MSNBC:  War monitoring groups said the airstrikes killed 14 people. Israel’s foreign ministry had no comment when asked about the accusations. 
Kitty:  United States doesn’t need to get more involved in another unjustifiable war in the Middle East. Based on false accusations, the WOMD, I think we’ve all learned our lesson there…
My note: There were WOMD found in Syria – guess who purchased them?  Syrian rebel forces!  Aka funded by USA, etc obviously!  Hon. Colin Powell was given a 5-min chance to interject this on PBS – that was all! – yet this is real!  This occurred in 2014, I believe.  And the US Navy confiscated tons of WOMD, confirmed to have been made by Saddam Hussein, and put them in a sealed container, sunk them in the ocean on a retired navy ship.  Colin Powell did not post this on his facebook because he was counsel to scumbag Obama.  This discovery no doubt made his serving USA worth it especially – for those who questioned the credibility of Colin Powell, which I never have.  I have met him.  Operation Mockingbird was keeping sealed beaks about this since after all, it did not fit the Obama Agenda – which had to fit the Criminal Secret Satanic Societies’ agenda! 
Search:  WOMD found in Syria made by Saddam Hussein 2014 sunk on retired navy ship  Result: - this article claims as far back as 2004 they knew. CIA lies like a rug, only admitting because they were backed in a corner, but after that I am sure hid them more. Ten years later, they were found and placed in a ship, sunk in an undisclosed part of the ocean.
By saying that we had no WOMD and it was failed intelligence, Bush strategically made shitloads of money on Wall Street, since it is based on scandal.  No kidding!  I wish I could provide you the resource for that info but am not sure where it is. I hope I posted it in Pitstop Of Information April 2018 in my blog – help yourself.  Just go up to the Table of Contents on this post and click on it. 
Shame on Bill Moyers for propagandizing the “failed Intelligence” story even AFTER they were found and sunk in the ocean!
Not even Wikipedia is reporting this – that is how pathetically dishonest our government has been!
When I find my notes, I will post them on here or in the comments section below.  I guarantee it is true!  I even met a former military in the navy, who was studying law at Quinnipiac University – he told me he knew where the undisclosed location was. 
….And according to Trump’s Tweets from 2013, he already knows this. (@realDonaldTrump:  So Obama wants to bomb ISIS in Iraq & arm them in Syria? What is he doing! // Also:  AGAIN, TO OUR VERY FOOLISH LIEADER, DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA – IF YOU DO MANY VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN & FROM THAT FIGHT THE U.S. GETS NOTHING!) Trump needs to listen to his own advice because he was right. There was nothing to gain for the United States being involved in a proxy war in Syria. Since Trump took over in 2016, suddenly the massive problem of ISIS, which Obama said would span generations, is almost completely defeated.  Russian and Syrian armies work together and Syria’s becoming stable – which many countries don’t want! This brings us to now, where everyone is looking to Trump to make a move.  But if Assad wasn’t the one who did this recent attack, did it even happen?  Or if it did, where did those chemicals come from? 
Assad:  So, who’s behind it. It was very simple:  The United States and Western Intelligence - - they staged this display just to have pretex to attack Syria. A few days later, when they attacked our rep---- and they supported ISIS who attacked the same day of the Americans attack on our “embassy” (not sure what he said there) 11:25 min
Kitty:  Let’s answer the first question by addressing the White Helmets, as they were the group that released clips of children dying and receiving oxygen through respirators following the alleged poison gas attack. This so far is the only incident that the world is using to blame Assad.  Now on the surface, the White Helmets operate as a volunteer humanitarian NGO organization. In parts of rebel-controlled Syria and Turkey to help with Search and Rescue and evacuation. But according to their own website, they also receive funding from the governments of the UK, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.  In fact, they receive millions and millions of dollars from these countries. 
Unk man, USA:  I can tell you, we provide USAID, about $23 million in assistance to them….
Unk man/UK:  and I am proud to say we are giving them 23 million pounds (yet on the video he now says 32 million pounds – could be a Technocratic trick) as part of a wider $65 million pound package..
          My note:  23 is a favored Satanic Number…it is used in many incidences
Kitty:  The White Helmets are presented as heroes by legacy – that are in countries (12:23) that are against Assad. 
MSNBC:  The White Helmets are Syrian first responders who risk their lives to save others in war-torn Aleppo CNN:  Small group of volunteers called the White Helmets run into smoldering rubble and rescue injured and trapped victims including infants and little children. They saved the life of this 5-year old boy named Omran earlier this summer – his bloodied shell shocked face becoming a stark reminder of the toll of this war.
If this was a boy really injured with a head injury, they should NOT be sitting him up!  Yet he is sitting up obviously wearing make-up. 
Kitty: Even having Netflix make a documentary which has won an Oscar.
Unk woman:  And the Oscar goes to – The White Helmets
President Assad: The White Helmet Story is very simple. It’s a facelift for ----- in Syria (13:17) just to shave their ugly face into more humanitarian….
Kitty:  In my investigation, I stumbled upon some pretty troubling information about them. Despite the White Helmet’s claim of a gas attack this week, according to the Washington Post, the Russian Reconciliation Center has spoken with doctors in Douma, who reported that they had not received any patient with signs of chemical poisoning.  Neither did the Syrian Red Crescent Society – the ---- (13:46) no traces of chemicals were found in that area where the alleged attack had taken place. Adding that the video spread by the White Helmets were fake, aimed at derailing the Syrian ceasefire.  Now I normally wouldn’t believe a Russian official about this, as they are Assad’s main ally, and they would have motivations to lie. But then I found this distressing video that the White Helmets posted with a hashtag #manakinchallenge where they filmed what looks like a real crisis with added sound effects for its social media post; which they soon after deleted.  It’s really disturbing how real this looks. Obviously that guy is just an actor.  But it makes you wonder if every video they shoot is staged.  I mean, they do have an Oscar.
On the screen: When the alarm sounds, the kids act like they have been it with Sarin gas.  Fake foam applied to face by terrorist.
Kitty: I also found these videos of – acting like unarmed and impartial White Helmets…acting like shady jihadists.  “Ala Snackbar” …so are the White Helmets real heroes or are they just propaganda front paid for by the West to get public support while attacking Syria?  Now I believe that chemical gas attacks have happened in Syria. (on screen:  Jaish al-Islam takes responsibility for chemical attack on Kurds in Aleppo) In fact, Jaish al-Islam, the so-called moderate rebel, who keep people in cages to use as human shields have admitted to using them.  And when the Syrian Army recently liberated parts of Eastern Gouda, they found that Jaish al-Islam had a chemical weapon on his lap with materials that are allegedly came from Saudi Arabia.  This is consistent with the findings of investigative journalist Christoff Lieman, who said that (screen:  It looks like that Saudi Arabia, some western countries and Turkey) that top US and Saudi officials were responsible for the chemical weapons being used in Syria. And to make matters more damning for the Obama Administration and for Hillary Clinton, two industries --- analyzed (screen:  New Study Refines View of Sarin Attack in Syria) this and said they were correct --- (16:14) topic may have made me swallow the Black Pill as I’m not sure if I can ever trust anyone ever again, but at this time of making this video, Trump hasn’t reacted to Syria at this point. And I hope it stays that way.  But this readout of Trump’s call with French Prime Minister Macron doesn’t seem that promising since they declared strong joint response.  That’s all I have to say for now. This video took forever to make because there’s so much research that went into it. If you like what I do and want to support me, there are links in the description to my Paypal and my Patreon. And I do wanna thank everyone who is currently supporting me. Thank you for letting me do what I love to do, which is be a sassy cat on the internet.  Thank you so much and have a great night.  Mew!

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   4/21/2018 The TRUTH About Syria Lecture 2 with Truth Factory Cat 

Mini Lectures by Truth Factory Cat
Lecture No. 2
Kitty:  Welcome back to the Truth Factory. In my last video, I made a case about why the Syrian gas attack was faked to blame President Assad.  The Deep State’s War Plans since 2007, when General Wesley Clark admitted that there was a secret plot to take out seven countries in the Middle East including Syria. 
Clark:  This is a memo that describes how we’re gonna take out seven countries in five years.  Starting with Iraq – and then Syria, and Lebanon, Lybia, Jamali, Sudan, and finishing off with Iran. 
Kitty: But if you’re still convinced that Assad gassed his own people, let me lay down ten major plotholes I found in the steaming pile of Deep State Garbage, that just don’t add up.
Plothole #1.  Why would Assad sabatoge himself? (on screen) Assad had basically won the war and the Western funded rebels were leaving.  (On Screen:  Over 40,000 militants and their families evacuated) Why would he then at the cusp of victory gas his own citizens knowing it would lead to immediate foreign intervention?  Who benefits from the chemical attack? It certainly isn’t Assad.  In fact it’s everyone against Assad. 
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University:  This is a US mistake that started seven years ago.  And we know how they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad – the CIA in Saudi Arabia.  Together in covert operations tried to overthrow Assad. It was a disaster. So we have been digging deeper and deeper and deeper. What we should do now, is get out. 
Kitty:  Politicians and the media are trying to gaslight this year – pushing the narrative that Assad purposely sabotaged himself -- just because he’s some sort of insane megaphore mediac villain? I don’t buy it. 
Barbara Walters:  What do you think is the biggest misconception that my country has of what’s happening here. Is there a misconception?
President Assad:  We don’t kill our people.  Nobody kills in the government in the world kills its people -------(2:06) I became President because of the public support. 
Barbara Walters: Do you feel guilty?
President Assad:  I did my best to protect the people. You do not feel guilty when you do your best.  You feel sorry for the lives that have been lost.  But you don’t feel guilty when you don’t kill people.
Kitty: But despite this, last week in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack, the United States plans in the UK (2:31) to bomb Two supposed chemical weapons plants in Syria, and a scientific research laboratory. And this brings us to
Plothole #2.  According to several arms control experts, if you bomb the sites that have chemical weapons, it could endanger civilians and eventually cause an environmental catastrophe  as you cause dispersing nerve gas into the air.  Since Sarin is odorless, this could be extremely dangerous.  And since the alleged reason for destroying these facilities was to stop the gassing of civilians, this would be counterproductive. If you bombed the facility that lead to the release of the nerve agent that harmed civilians, that could cause --- (3:17) a war crime in itself.
Secretary General Mattis:  There’s a tactical concern, Ma’am that civilian people – we don’t add any civilian deaths and do everything humanly possible to avoid that – and to stop the murdering of innocent people. 
Kitty:  This leads me to believe that there was no nerve gas in these facilities to begin with.  This also fits with the OPCW’s report from three weeks earlier that concluded that there was no chemical or biological weapons being developed or tested or produced at that site.  I believe that this was just a theatrical production in bombing these facilities was just to show power and effectively did nothing (on screen:  Combine that by the 59 missiles the US ordered to be fired off two warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and you’re looking at a bill of around $94 million.) but waste a lot of money and make Alex Jones really upset. 
Plot Hole #3.  This bombing also conveniently took place just house before the OPCW was set to arrive (on Screen:  OPCW inspectors set to investigate site of Douma chemical attack) to investigate the alleged chemical attack.  Why would you destroy evidence that could vindicate you if you actually believe that you were right?  They didn’t have proof in 2013 (On screen:  Syria chemical weapons attack blamed on Assad, but where’s the evidence?) – or last year when they bombed Syria  for the same allegations. (on screen:  Now Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people//Syria Chemical Weapons attack blamed on Assad, but where’s the evidence? //Mattis Admits No Evidence Of Assad Sarin Use) Yet every time footage of babies being (on screen: Dozens Reported Killed In suspected Syria Chemical Attack) poisoned appears on TV, We bombed Syria regardless of evidence! 
Plot Hole #4. It doesn’t look like they have any actual proof this time either.  Just hours before the bombing, Secretary of Defense James Mattis admitted that he wasn’t sure whether or not a chemical attack even happened and was just going off social media posts. 
Secretary Mattis:  I believe there was a chemical attack and we’re looking for the actual evidence. … You know we don’t have ---(5:00)  we’re not engaged on  the ground there, so I cannot tell that we had evidence even, though we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that chlorine or Sarin were used.  (on screen:  Russia Blames Britain/Accuses British Intelligence Of Fabricating Attack) meaning that government is using videos from Twitter filed by the WhiteHouse as their main source of evidence.  The same White Helmet that just happen to receive millions of dollars a year from countries that want Assad out. 
Plot Hole #5.  Despite Mattis admitting that he doesn’t know actually what’s going on, the United States claimed they had proof that there was a gas attack based on urine and blood samples.  Apparently US or foreign intelligence assets on the ground somehow retrieved these samples that showed the use of chemical weapons (on screen:  US officials:  Blood samples show nerve agent, chlorine in Syria gas attack) chlorine gas and a nerve agent. The officials said they were confident in intelligence though not 100% sure.  Now, if your doctor told you that they were fairly confident that you had a brain tumor, but they were not 100% sure, would you want a second opinion – or the very least,more testing before you went in for a dangerous surgery to remove a tumor that might not even be there? Nerve gas metabolizers are primarily excreted through urine. So if you actually have a urine sample from someone who had been exposed to a nerve agent, you should 100% know that.  I learned about how nerve agents affect the body in a college physiology class and I’ll spare you the gory details but (on screen:  Nerve Agents – Sarin Gas *Over-stimulates muscles and vital organs *Inhaled or absorbed *100mg can kill a person in a few minutes *500x toxic as cyanide *Expensive, unstable, and very dangerous) but it is an absolutely terrifying way to die, which brings us to:
Plot Hole #6.  If a nerve agent was actually used like they are claiming, people in this video would be dying rapidly . Wearing a surgical mask would literally do nothing in the event of a real chemical attack. And as you can see, most of those people are not even wearing gloves while touching alleged victims. You wouldn’t want cold water pouring gas on your skin because depending on the concentration, it could cause extreme blistering and possible death within minutes.  No real doctor or paramedic which would treat patients like this without using an emergency (on screen:  *Even a small drop of sarin on the skin can cause sweating and muscle twitching where sarin touched the skin *Exposure to large doses of sarin by any route may result in the following harmful health effects:  *Loss of consciousness *Convulsions *Paralysis *Respiratory failure possibly leading to death *showing these signs and symptoms does not necessarily mean that a person has been exposed to sarin) protocol and proper protection.  This leads us to:
Plot Hole # 7. Doctors from the hospital are disputing the claims in the White Helmet video.  According to Dr. Rahabani, who works at the Syrian Hospital shown in this video, he said on this night wind and huge dust clouds began to come in people’s basements and cellars where people lived. People began to arrive suffering from hypoxia – oxygen loss.  Then someone at the door – a White Helmet – shouted “Gas!” and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, this video was around here. It’s genuine but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning.  This also correlates with the accounts from One American Network’s Pierson Sharp, who was also interviewing doctors and civilians.
Pierson Sharp: Had he heard of anyone being injured by chemicals, does he know of anyone? 
Man:  No, he heard nothing about anyone injured.  But some normal cases, problems with sand or something, they treat them there.
Man:  In treatment, some person came in, I don’t know who that was, and said that it was a chemical attack.  We did not see any patients exhibiting symptoms of chemical poisoning.
Pierson Sharp:  We’ve talked to two doctors, a general surgeon, several of the nursing staff, a number of the patients who were in the hospital that day.  Not one person saw any sign of a chemical attack. 
Kitty:  Basically, it seems like the White Helmets were just spraying smoke and dust victims with hoses in order to make this so-called video evidence. 
Plot Hole #8.  A CNN reporter visited alledged victims of this chemical weapons attack and proceeded to smell their supposed contaminate clothes. 
CNN: There’s definitely something
Kitty:  You know, just the good old nerve gas sniff test! If chemical weapons really had been used, The protocol would be to (on screen:  *Decontamination is critically important – for both affected patients and rescuers / *Rapid decontamination is key to patient survival *Wear protective clothing, including a respirator, and use heavy rubber gloves for protection. If possible, decontaminate in an area away from where treatment will be given. *Decontaminate all protective clothing, respirator, and gloves after exposure to contaminated clothing *Equipment may have to be disposed of in sealed, impermeable plastic bags *Cut off clothes rather than pull them over the head to avoid further exposure to eyes, nose, and throat *Gently wash skin with 10cc bleach per liter of water (saline) *If available, use neutralizing preparations such as chloramine solutions or fuller’s earth) to remove and dispose of all clothing. You don’t take clothes home covered in chlorine gas or sarin and wash it in a blue bucket next to your house.  And you certainly wouldn’t want to take a big whiff of it.  If there really was a nerve agent on that porous material, then CNN reporter would be getting a fake news award.  Again, Sarin gas is odorless and very lethal. And a CNN reporter sniffing a back pack isn’t proof of anything. 
Plot Hole #9.  There are photos of the alleged canister that was supposedly carrying the chlorine and nerve gas.  It allegedly fell hundreds of meters from the sky making this big hole in the ceiling and then magically fell on the bed meters away from that hole without any visible damage to the canister or the bed or any of the mirrors that were directly underneath that hole.  Oh, and the canister is still closed. 
Plot Hole #10.  The night the Russians came to investigate these alledged attacks and reported (on screen:  Tweet from the White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef:  Important: video from 9 April, 7:02 pm showing presence of chemical gas canister in Douma. Same location as video of casualties. Also same location that Russia visited reporting ‘no sign of chemical weapons’.) no signs of chemical weapons. On April 10th, the day that the Russians visited, a second canister was magically found by the White Helmets and was posted to their Twitter.  This was just coincidentally the same group that filmed the video from the hospital. And again receives millions of dollars a year in funding from this war continuing.  This is the very definition of a false flag:  A political or military act, orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not, in fact, responsible. And I only see one person in the MSM pushing against this narrative.  And that’s Tucker Carlson. 
Tucker Carlson:  What is the American National Security interest that would be ---by regime change in Syria?
Man:  Well, it uh, if you care about Isreal, you’re uh, you have to be interested at least in what’s going on in Syria.

Kitty:  This is more than just a conspiracy theory at this point. And I’ll continue to cover the story if things change (on screen: US strikes Syria air base in retaliation for ‘chemical weapons attack’) or escalate. I hope Trump sticks to his initial instincts and get out of Syria because a war in the Middle East benefits the Deep State, Isreal, Saudi Arabia – not America. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for supporting me and have a great night.  Mew! 

Barbara Crowley finally gets to meet her dad!

 Mini lecture by Robert Demeter on this YouTube video:  
The word Satan comes from Saturn in the ancient astrological texts, which always represented the left-brain ego of duality of thoughts (illusions), thousands of years before any bible ever existed. Every religion says to " separate from thought " including the bible as thoughts are blind to truth as it can only label and blame at the surface of images and can never know infinite essences of Spirit. That's why churches tell you to blame a devil that doesn't exist for your misfortunes, because then you're gripped with countless illusions and self-deception in the illusions of blame in "victim consciousness", which is the lowest form of consciousness that exists in the Universe. Once you've been caught in victim consciousness it's over. Because then the ego-mind seeks control (illusions), beliefs, rage, narcissism and all sorts of blindness. Look at people with their silly need to prove only their God is the right one in the Universe. It's total insanity and blindness. So the devil is simply thoughts you need to separate from. Which is your ego. Because you cannot go within if you're thinking or believing anything, as all thoughts and beliefs are outwardly, not inwardly. All thoughts come from the left, that is why you see so many statues of ascended masters in different religions with their right hand up, like Shiva in hinduism, buddha etc, or they have their left hand to the side and upside down, they are surrendering all thoughts, surrender of the ego. And why jesus said- "if you want to catch fish cast your nets on the right side of the ship". As ship always meant mind in the scriptures, and fish means wisdom. The right side of the brain can only open up by sacred plants. Churches are nothing more than government mind-control mechanisms. As Christmas is a winter solstice (SOUL-stice) where the stars align in 7 stages upwards and to the right from December 22nd to 25th. Which is a yearly reminder from the Universe to activate all seven of your divine chakras along your spine within you, and to open up the right side of your brain by shutting down the left. Your spine, your nervous system is loaded with Spiritual information that Ayahuasca unlocks. Which every religion tells you to do, including the bible in Revelation 5:1 where it says- "He saw a Truth hidden within, and on the backside (Spine), sealed with 7 seals". Moreover in Genesis where Jacob said he saw God face to face and called the place "Pineal" , the 3rd eye chakra All of which Ayahuasca does and has been scientifically proven. A simple search for "Ayahuasca kirlian study" will show you Ayahuasca activates and aligns all 7 chakras which is your Spirit channel of Light within to Spiritually ascend. The talking snake in scriptures is the left-brain of thoughts, which is that voice in your head, your ego, your mind chatter, absolutely hates any idea of going deep within because who you think you are is a total lie. But you need to keep all your beliefs and pain because you brainwashed yourself that it's your identity. Devil is thoughts, your ego, beliefs, who you think you are. Your stories about yourself that are all lies. Your perceptions and opinions. And God in 5th dimension is Soul , that's who you really are. The 5th dimension of no Time, as at the speed of light time does not exist which is Soul and the eternity of the infinite NOW. Eternity is not in the future as the lies of the mind thinks. As the mind ( ego ) is blind to everything. ( hence why it's the devil ) The challenge is being able to face all your lies and shadows and darkness in the 4th dimension, you are in the 3rd dimension and you want to ascend to the fifth, but all your darkness is in the 4th dimension because that's where the teachings are. So with Ayahuasca time slows down VERY slowly, she is shutting down the left side of your brain (your ego and who you think you are disappearing over several hours). And your mind cannot pinpoint how time is slowing down or where its coming from, feels like the doors of the Universe are closing in on you, so you face all your fears and darkness naturally, not just this lifetime but through multiple lifetimes through the Universe, Ayahuasca is light bringing you to NO TIME of 5th dimension heavenly realms, but you must DIE and let go of all your beliefs (which is aggression as all beliefs are lies of the Self through the devil which is your thoughts), and let go of all who you think you are as in reality who you think you are is total illusion.. So you see how ridiculous people who follow religion are that go to war to fight for their God when they are always fighting themselves (DEVIL of the mind of beliefs), as you cannot WILL or fight your way to Spiritually ascend by silly beliefs, that is impossible, it is all about letting go and dying and dissolving into the heavenly realms. And this takes place in the 4th dimension in your darkness as Ayahuasca is totally dismantling you into nothingness. As everything can only be found in the total nothing, when there is nothing left of you. So anything you've heard from people speaking about how difficult it is to take Ayahuasca, this is what's happening. As you're fighting yourself in the countless lies of your mind, running and hiding afraid of the light, and as you see how terrified you really are of the light, how everything about you was a total lie all along, all your darkness deep within you overpowers you wave after wave of your masks and dark mirrors, sadness, self-deceptions and self-deceit is all revealed. Falling into the deep abyss of your self created darkness. All your labels of your mind being removed one by one as you run and hide in your deep shame. Falling falling , and falling deep into the Earth as Mother Earth devours you. While showing all your lies. As that is what light does, it reveals. Hence why Ayahuasca is 100% Light.. Ayahuasca is not dark, people are dark. She just reveals everything you need to face. As the 5th dimension light and beauty and the infinite love in the 5th dimension is so powerful, Your ego cannot survive that. Fear is not allowed in the 5th dimension heavens of light. So Ayahuasca is breaking you down making you face all your deepest fears that your mind cannot see, shows you all your demons that you created that you're afraid to face, that you must surrender and die to .. But your mind lies to you and tells you to fight demons, because you are thinking, when that is false, as you always become exactly what you fight. That is a perfect law in the Universe. ALLOW all your demons to devour you, which they can't do when you are in full surrender, and when you die with Ayahuasca, and let go of all control, then you ascend to the 5th dimension to meet God, which is who you really are all along, you just forgot, as you will be taken out of mind memory and into Soul memory with Ayahuasca Humans believe their Soul is within them, but that is false, for 99% of humans their Soul is outside them. Until they face all their darkness in the 4th dimension, only then can the 5th dimension Soul be re-integrated into the body. And infinite joy and Consciousness the rest of your days. And infinite healings and blessings and love and light. There is much more with Ayahuasca but that is a short summary. Half of the humans on Earth actually believe the 4-sided Pyramids of Egypt is some kind of evil icon LOL !! absolute lunacy. That's what churches do to people, it blinds them. As all superstitions are lies of the Ego mind, and everything is sacred in reality. Eye have news for you, all these symbols of all religions in the Universe (not just Earth) are all encoded deep within you far deeper than the mind can understand, as all religions mean the same thing, as they all say the Kingdom is within. The bottom of the Pyramid is square meaning thoughts, as all thoughts are either past or future and separated from Light of infinite Now of eternity/spirit. There are no 90-degree angles in Nature or boxes, that is because Nature is free, but thoughts (beliefs) are prisons.(squares), the ego is a total lie. The bottom square of the ego mind is facing downwards. As all beliefs of the mind are lies. Spiritual Consciousness cannot come from the mind. The 4 ascending sides of the Pyramid is your higher 4-chakras starting at the Heart chakra to the crown chakra, after the lies of the mind have been removed which is your ego (your ego is your lower 3 chakras). Once your lower 3 chakras have been faced with Ayahuasca, which is your darkness, then they will have a new foundation set of purity of "proper will" of the Universe of Truths, so the higher 4-chakras of your inner pyramids can rise within you to Cosmic Spiritual Ascension and Consciousness (God) The solar plexus chakra, your 3rd chakra, which is your transition point, is an extremely vital and often overlooked chakra. Too many people focus on the pineal gland chakra and that is a mistake, as it can create alot of confusion when your other chakras are unbalanced. You must work on your bottom 3 chakras FIRST, where Ayahuasca will take you over your first few ceremonies . The solar plexus is vital because so much learning takes place there before the Heart chakra (which is Earth , Nature Spirit) explodes and your higher 4 chakras.. Where the pyramid opens as a vortex energy flowing through you as the crown is blown off the Pyramid. And that's why the Pyra-mid is so beautiful, because Pyra means Fire , and Mid means middle = Fire in the middle The solar plexus chakra is right at the middle which is the transition point to your Spiritual Ascension and Resurrection ;-)

Physics of Disclosure 1. Informational Field Principle 
2. Cascade Effect  3. Polarized Resonant Envelope Effect  4. Infinity = 1  5. Dimensionality as a Kinetic Expression of White Light Depth & Time reciprocating dimensional toroid Crosses Length & Width reciprocating dimensional toroid creating Plane of Existence as Informational Field where localized energy moves & forms resonant structure that when amalgamated with all other values of Macro Axis Field of Locality & 2 other Macro Dimensional Axis Fields within Singularity Field over or under layed according to expressed energetic frequency separation from Unity/Silence at 3 Axis Plane Grid configuration within Singular Dimensional Field yielding inner structural development as Cascadence through Principle Set Gradient Flow established at outset of wavelength separation including Dimensionality is then developed as Variable interplay movement between vibrational forms of micro in context of macro field sets creating descent of perceived potentiality as physics in gradient flow pattern directly reflected in amplitudal decrease of local primary field energy expression creating infinite possibility of variation of principle expression within those sets whereby infinity always equals 1 in its complete reciprocation of additive, multiplicative, dividing & subtracting values always total the only Whole Numeric Value of 1. This balance of energy within fields as vibrational context is maintained by singularity field Energy descending in amplitude & increasing in wavelength separation as informational pathways of energy patterning of reality through cascadal harmonic variance emanation & return as perceived from vibrational frequency of residence plane as time cadence.
Singularity Is zero wavelength separation and infinite Amplitude. This white light is silent.
As soon as any
separation/vibration Amplitude is no longer infinite.  White Light is Source whereas Sound is Dimensionality. The True White Light of Singularity is Silent and is the Source of all Sound as Dimensionality itself as well as Sub-Dimensional vibrational kinetic energetic expressions or otherwise therein.  Energy Cascades projecting through field overlays from singularity as information, local energy transferrances and material form. Physical laws develop as Probability Architecture of Energetic Expression of Amplitude decreases during Cascadal Descent while transferring Information to the field and transferring Amplitude to Ascendant Conciousness via Perception Occuring Simultaneously on all Macro Axis Field Planes of Existence According to "Each" projection/return of White Light through subsets or fields of macro residence plane overlays with localized EG form of transference and projection as Context of Perception of movement toward balance of Whole. 
Energy goes from macro to micro not the other way around. Time is last of Dimensionality before initial white light has become of Zero Amplitude and Infinite Wavelength Separation having added Dynamic Information to the Fields of Locality as well as the field of Singularity by Inverse Amplitudal Compression after passing Finality of the Time Wake. Silence becomes Song of the Universe transferring power (Amplitude) to conciousness and information (Wavelength separation) to the field.
All material information is contained within the field. This toriod code can be recorded and projected then ionized by polarized resonant envelope access of the Cascade Effect bringing macro EG to micro format. This can be done with tubes of resonant compression in ether as utilization of harmonic carrier sound increases surface area of local Dimensionality as well as ascendant field in vibratory reference of Dimensionality including time. Local Energy expression is harmonized with compression/expansion of Local Dimensionality. This is done to "call" the energy of form in polarized tuning fork nodes in array funneling EG towards materialization. In same way reality is maintained EG seeks through informational pathways of field to take form.
Dimensional toriod continuum are fulfilled by spirated vibrational descent to circular vibration point variable function on probability approach to form. Resonant Vibrational Rings of Variability Cross defining Sphere of Locality as Informational Field Cycled as Toroidal movement of Consistent Energy Cascadence maintaining Field Information Spaciality and Material Projection as percieved within Amplitudal refrence to Time reflected as wavelength separation within local primary field of perception. Vibrational Ring interactions define dimensional continuum references as Energy Expression of Information and Power. Cascadence through 3 Macro Dimensional Axis as 3 Pairings of 6 Vibrational Rings within/around each other according to Percieved Separation within Unity. These Informational Expressions interact as Vibrational Ring Crossings centralizing reference of perceived separation within Singular Field maintaining values that combine to Silence according to relative Amplitude and Wavelength Separation overlay interactions in total. Equalities are Transcended by Wholeness Consecutively in accordance with Ascendancy of Energies and thier Expressions from outset of Principle Set Gradient Flow and inset of Return as White Light Simultaneously. Generation of local Toroidal Informational Field interactions project form of Energies to balance Infinitely as Whole in Expression and Distribution. Macro Dimensional Toroidal Axis Guide Cascadence through Informational Channels of Alignment of Field Overlay Sychronization between Vibrational Ring Cross as subfield interactions as events and transferrances as well as creating localized Toroidal fields and subfields themselves as Inner Projection maintaining Silence of Unity through variance of expotentiating Infinity according to
Will as informational transference combined with Awareness as Amplitudal Conciousness of Ascendant Energies balance Cascadence as Unity within percieved variation. Macro Field Dimensional Toroidal Axis Cross through subfields expressed as Cascadence of emanation/projection of field interactions as form, state and location of variabilities therein. Macro Contextual Dimensionality Energies of Ascendant Amplitudes Express as Probability Waves toward condensating vibrational descendant Field Actualizations from ascendant Macro Field Energies through subfields to balance the equality of undivided whole as local interactions develop in tandem with all macro fields of all values of vibrational expression within unity.  
Micro initiated reactions reflect randomness of PI (releasing energy upwards Dimensionally from void random function) whilst MACRO initiated envelopes reflect orderliness of PHI (Calling Ascendant Energy locally through harmonization as 1). Quantum Expressions are finalizations of Energy balancing of polarizations amongst Cascade Effect before crossing the finality of the time wake. Quantum Expression within Quantum informational fields can be influenced by informational field of observer. Transference of Vibratory Information called "will" is propelled by Awareness/Amplitude of Conciousness of observer(s). This Effect of Informational Expression of Ascendant Amplitude can be used for wireless interfacing. 
Two counter rotational plates N/S projecting information of field through Nano Skin/Screen/Channel then to be ionized via Plasmic Cascadence from Ascendant Macro Field. Sound increases dimensional surface area for harmonic EG. Access energy with energy. Supply plasmic flow to informational field projection (blueish glow).
Radio busts of entire elemental spectrum simultaneously and sweeps for accuracy during EM field recording in Toroidal configuration. Polarized Resonant Envelope via Tuning Fork Nodes: Sound increases surface area of Dimensionality allowing more energy into an "area" when EG is harmonized with sound wave during tandem parralleled Amplitudal increase upper Macro Field base EG may be accessed by local EG/Sound initiating Ionic Plasma Stream continuing on it's own if conditions are maintained.
Access is finalized when harmonized EG and Sound frequency's Amplitudal increases close local dimensionality with EG Zipper Chain when EG wave functions of adjacent sound curvatures meet tip to trough combining waves. Author's Note: No patent pending on applied "theory" as I give this "intellectual property" freely. Please pass this information Far and Wide for Humanitarian reasons. It is Not necessary to attach my name to this if leaving it out may prevent concern of "trolling". 
Basic theory can be used in medicine utilizing DNA lens to grow a specific organ or during ghost limb phenomenon as naturally induced field from Concious will of patient to regrow an arm for example may be utilized. Informational Field includes DNA EM projection.  Applied Theory can be used for materials, energy, medicine and transport for example or even  stabilization of furniture as an Informational Sub Field of an object may be generated whereby information projected as form, state and location cancels or redirects local gravitation of Informational Field magnetism allowing utilization of field interaction as gravitational drive transport or levitation as differentiated from propulsive techniques utilizing Ionic plasma flows.  awb

More lectures to come .......

This is not a lecture, but something I want to share of the similar length:

And here is a book review, if you do not want to check links out right now.

What they fail to tell you is how greatly lavished this criminal was treated afterwards. MIT gave him a professor position in the Computer IT program.  No doubt he quickly became a multimillionaire.  The “I want what you got” agenda was probably strong with CIA, too.  In other words, he was really awarded for this crime, which destroyed tens of thousands of computers in 1988 – in the military, at hospitals, at schools, at police stations, and so forth.

The Robert Morris Internet Worm

The book by Hafner and Markoff (noted here) gives an outstanding a history of the case.

Note! Operation Desert Shield was activated just a few months later, in 1989. This guy may have actually pulled this stunt for the New World Order globalists. He was rewarded - and FYI, Prescott Bush was Governor of Massachusetts. It seems to me that this was a false flag event, costing up to $100 million in damage to our country - for what? "Because We Can" - same reason that Hillary Clinton and John McCain got away with killing over 3,000 citizens and destroying WTC buildings. And Morris and the IT cabal which was created to help the Deep State have been enjoying damaging us - using their internet tricks to socially engineer - and more, including involvement in killing people.

The following short overview is taken from Zen and the Art of the Internet, by Brendan P. Kehoe:

On November 2, 1988, Robert Morris, Jr., a graduate student in Computer Science at Cornell, wrote an experimental, self-replicating, self-propagating program called a worm and injected it into the Internet. He chose to release it from MIT, to disguise the fact that the worm came from Cornell. Morris soon discovered that the program was replicating and reinfecting machines at a much faster rate than he had anticipated---there was a bug. Ultimately, many machines at locations around the country either crashed or became ``catatonic.'' When Morris realized what was happening, he contacted a friend at Harvard to discuss a solution. Eventually, they sent an anonymous message from Harvard over the network, instructing programmers how to kill the worm and prevent reinfection. However, because the network route was clogged, this message did not get through until it was too late. Computers were affected at many sites, including universities, military sites, and medical research facilities. The estimated cost of dealing with the worm at each installation ranged from $200 to more than $53,000.

The program took advantage of a hole in the debug mode of the Unix sendmail program, which runs on a system and waits for other systems to connect to it and give it email, and a hole in the finger daemon fingerd, which serves finger requests. People at the University of California at Berkeley and MIT had copies of the program and were actively disassembling it (returning the program back into its source form) to try to figure out how it worked.

Teams of programmers worked non-stop to come up with at least a temporary fix, to prevent the continued spread of the worm. After about twelve hours, the team at Berkeley came up with steps that would help retard the spread of the virus. Another method was also discovered at Purdue and widely published. The information didn't get out as quickly as it could have, however, since so many sites had completely disconnected themselves from the network.
Mark Zuckerberg

After a few days, things slowly began to return to normalcy and everyone wanted to know who had done it all. Morris was later named in The New York Times as the author (though this hadn't yet been officially proven, there was a substantial body of evidence pointing to Morris).

Robert T. Morris was convicted of violating the computer Fraud and Abuse Act (Title 18), and sentenced to three years of probation, 400 hours of community service, a fine of $10,050, and the costs of his supervision. His appeal, filed in December, 1990, was rejected the following March.

Most likely, Morris was given at least a million to pull off a false flag event. We must expose this internet army for what it is, the TECHNOCRACY - most or all who are in Silicon Valley unless they have dispersed by now. I hope this can be done.

Morris made himself famous for committing this crime - and he was allowed to teach others how to when, in my opinion, he should have been banned from ever using a computer again.

GHW Bush was President. They also make it seem like Operation Desert Shield did not exist until 1990, which is a lie. I just searched it and it will probably change to "prove" I am a lunatic. Is anyone else getting sick of their "proving" things?


AnneMarie said…
FYI, where I placed the time of the video was an area I did not quite catch what exactly was said. Hope this helps.
AnneMarie said…
Apparently they did not create a new law "computer fraud and abuse act" until AFTER that guy who hacked IBM and stole $1 million did that. AND - he went on to become a multimillionaire, including teaching others how to hack. And they all consider it legitamate because no law was created and the internet is a different world. Hogwash!

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